Anything Can Happen
by Davids21
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Once again the almighty Joss Whedon owns each of the people I am playing with. If I was making any money off of it, I’d be working for Mutant Enemy :)
Spoilers: Season 3. Sort of a gloss of what happened in ‘Revelations’.
Author's Notes: I decided to take a shot at the holiday gimmick. I’d figured I’d redo Amends without the whole Angel going crazy stuff.
Thanks: I am going to thank my girlfriend, Dacia, first because she inspired me to write this when I thought I had no holiday cheer. Nikita, you once again have gotten me back into this fan fic game.
Feedback: Sure why not?

Faith stood nervously outside on the Summers' front porch. It was her first Christmas in Sunnydale and she was just getting used to the idea of not having snow for the holiday. At least in Boston, she could always count on snow. She looked down at the gift that she bought for Buffy. It had taken the better part of the day for to pick it out and wrap it. It had to be perfect. Everything had to be perfect. The gift, the way she looked, everything.

No one had ever invited her over for Christmas anything so, Faith was a little unsure about what she was supposed to do. The slayer adjusted her blue jean skirt and buttoned up another button on her white blouse. It wasn’t like she was afraid to show some cleavage but, this was her first Christmas dinner and Faith didn’t want to be sitting at the table with her tits hanging out. Faith slid the small rectangled box into her leather jackets coat pocket.

She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.


Buffy sat on the couch. She had gotten all dressed up for the dinner. Her hair was up in a french roll which had taken several hours for her to do. Her dress was long and black. There was a slight slit on one side of the skirt and if the light hit it just right you could see the dusting of glitter that covered it. Over it Buffy had chosen a white shawl to put over her shoulders. The straps of the dress were spaghetti thin and the front of it crept low enough to see a little of her cleavage.

Her shoes were black open toed high heels where the straps cris-crossed over her foot and tied just above her ankle. She folded her arms and sighed heavily. After all of the time she spent getting ready, she was spending this Christmas eve alone. Her mother had been called away to LA overnight due to a shipping mishap at the gallery. Giles had went back to England for a few days to visit a friend.

Willow and Oz were visiting with Oz’s family and said that they might stop by later but, that was just a polite way of saying they’re not coming. Xander had been dragged to his Grandparents’ house for the Harris dysfunctional family dinner and Cordelia was out of town as well.

There was Angel but, Buffy was pretty sure that he wasn’t a Christmas kind of guy so she left him alone. The only other she could think of was Faith. But her fellow slayer had said that she has plans when Buffy tried to invite her early in the week.

“So, this is Christmas.” Buffy grumbled. Next to the couch sat a rather large tree that she picked out and several boxes of decorations and lights that were nearby. She walked into the living room and pressed play on the CD player. Ever since she saw the Charlie Brown Christmas special she had been playing the soundtrack for it almost nonstop. It kind of got her in the spirit of the holiday.

So course when she pressed play the CD began skipping. Buffy laughed. It pretty much summed up her day. She tuned the radio until she found a station that was playing some light music and began to head back into the living room. Then she heard a knock on the door.


Faith saw the door swing open and saw her partner standing in the doorway. Her eyes roamed over Buffy’s ensemble. She looked incredible. In fact, she never looked better than she did at that moment. She caught herself staring at the blonde and spoke.

“Hey, B.”

Buffy smiled as if she just had prayers answered. “Hi, Faith. Come on in.”

Faith walked into the house and as she passed Buffy, her hyper-senses picked up on a hint of vanilla. It was coming from Buffy. Whatever it was she was wearing reminded her of vanilla. Faith quickly dismissed the idea and took off her coat.

“Where is everybody?” Faith asked as she sat her coat on the couch.

“My mom...and everyone else...had plans or something. So I was probably going to decorate the tree by myself and order a pizza or something.” Buffy said came into the family room.

“Sorry to hear it.” Faith walked over to boxes of decorations and started looking through them.

“It’s ok. What happen with your plans? I thought you were going to a party or something?” Buffy asked.

*Actually, I’m a liar because I never had anywhere to go.* “It was lame. I figured it would be cool if I just came over.”

“I’m glad you did. So, you wanna help me with the tree?” Buffy smiled as she walked over.

Faith looked at Buffy again. She was amazed at how stunning Buffy could be when she wanted to be. For some reason, she just could stop looking at the older girl. Her skin was even sparkling lightly like her dress. She couldn’t explain it but there about the way Buffy looked and was acting that made her very attractive to Faith.

“Sure thing, B. What do you want to start with?”


Buffy started to wrap the lights around the tree. She looked over at Faith who was trying to untangle another set of lights on the couch. Buffy giggled as she watched the younger girl struggle with the ball of lights and extension cords. It was nice to spend some with her fellow slayer. Since the thing with Mrs. Post, Faith had been distancing herself from the group. It was her fault.

The whole thing had been a trying ordeal for them all but it seemed to bother Faith the most. Buffy didn’t know too much about Faith’s life before she became a slayer but she knew that she had difficult time trusting people. And just when she started coming out of her shell, she retreated back into it. But her coming over was a big step and Buffy knew it. Her eyes stayed looking at the other slayer.

She had never seen Faith in a skirt before and it did look good on her. Her eyes then began studying Faith’s face. She was wearing a little make up tonight instead of her usual layers. Her lips were covered in cherry red lipstick and her eyes had dusting of eyeshadow on them. Buffy then saw that Faith’s blouse was open a little and that she could see inside. Faith was wearing a lacy red bra.

Buffy felt a warmth growing between her legs. No matter how much she wanted to, she couldn’t stop looking at Faith’s bra. *It’s just a bra. Like I haven’t seen one before.* What was wrong with her?


The slayer suddenly came back to reality. “Yeah, Faith.” Her voice sounded like she was trying out to be phone sex operator.

“These lights are a lost cause. Do you think you have enough to get all the way around the tree?” Faith said as she tossed the ball to her side.

“Let me check this box.” Buffy said. *I’m ok. So, I checked out Faith. Big deal. Girls check out girls. Just sizing up the competition.* The golden haired slayer leaned over and began going through the box. *As long as I keep saying that I should at some point believe it.*


Faith was about get up when she saw Buffy lean over and began going through the box. She could see down Buffy’s top. And like before, she couldn’t stop herself from looking. Faith’s eyes slowly looked at the slayer’s chest. Faith started to get a familiar tingle in her lower region. This was starting to turn her on. Her mind began to wander. Think about what it would be like to take those tits of Buffy’s in her hands and play with them. What it would be like to have them in her mouth.

*What the hell?* Faith thought. Then, she noticed that Buffy had saw her.

The girls blushed at each other. Faith was just going to apologize when Buffy stopped her.

“Um...I gotta go to the bathroom. Can you finish with the lights?”

Faith nodded. *That was embarrassing. Why can’t I stop looking at her?* Faith watched Buffy quickly go up the stairs and out of sight. “Why do I want her so bad?” The raven haired slayer sighed to herself. Her mind wasn’t going to let her think about anything else. She so aroused from just looking down Buffy’s dress that she need a release or she was going to explode. Faith crept to the stairway and listened for the bathroom door to close.

When she heard it shut, Faith leapt onto the couch. She figured she’d have a few minutes before Buffy would come back. Faith slid her skirt up around her waist revealing her neatly trimmed brown curls. *Panties. Always leave home with out ‘em.* The slayer was already wet before she even began touching herself. She wanted Buffy. She wanted Buffy bad. She didn’t know why but it didn’t matter to her. *Cum now, ask questions later.*

Faith purred as her hand slid over her clit and her middle and forefinger plunged inside of her walls. She groaned as she pushed her fingers in and out of herself with more and more speed. Faith thought about her fingers being Buffy’s. Driving in and out of her box. Soaking Buffy’s hand with her orgasm. Feeling Buffy’s mouth and tongue on her clit. Faith let out another groan as she felt her moment quickly coming upon her.

She pictured Buffy driving her fingers inside of her. Faith covered mouth as her fingers and imagination delivered the fiercest orgasm her body ever felt. She shuddered as her body held onto the last bit of her orgasm and then, Faith once again groaned the name of the person who inspired this little session.



Buffy looked at herself in the mirror. What was happening to her? She had never thought of any girl the way she was think of Faith at the moment. The slayer leaned against the bathroom door and sighed.

“This doesn’t make any sense.”

Why after all this time did she find the dark slayer attractive? She thought back to the first night when she saw her. All attitude and sex drive. A free spirit with not a care in the world. Buffy couldn’t explain it but maybe that was the point. Sometimes you can’t help who you are attracted to. Sometimes it’s people who have been right under your nose the whole time.

Buffy walked out of the bathroom and made her way down the hall. The whole idea of her liking Faith in anything more than a sisterly way was kind of flipping her out. As she approached the stairway she heard a slight moaning coming from the living room. Buffy got on her tiptoes and lightly walked down the stairs.

She stopped when could see around the corner. And what she saw make her heart skip several beats in a row. On her couch sat Faith with her skirt rolled up around her waist and her right hand diving between her legs. Buffy watched as the brunette stroked herself and squeeze her chest tightly. But that was the part that amazed her the most. The fact that Faith was moaning her name was the most amazing thing she ever heard.

If Buffy wasn’t confused before, she was now. *Faith was playing with herself thinking about me.* But instead of being freaked out by this display, the blonde found it to be arousing to her. The girl who had always preached ‘Want. Take. Have.’ now wanted her. For a second, Buffy thought that Faith just wanted to make her another notch in the belt. But then she heard her partner whisper something. Something so low that only slayer ears could hear.

“Buffy...oh my god...I want you...I need...unnh...”

She couldn’t make out the last part but she had heard enough. Buffy slowly went back up the stairs and into her room. Her mind was racing. What was she supposed to do? Could she and the dark slayer become something more than friends? Buffy once again forced the thoughts back down. *Besides, she probably doesn’t want the same thing I do. I mean if I want what I think I want. I think I said that right.* Buffy came back out of her room and closed the door loudly as signal she was coming back downstairs.


Faith finished and rolled her skirt back down. She stood up and that her knees quickly buckled. The slayer fell back down onto the couch. *Guess I over did it a little.* Faith slowly stood and tried to keep her leg from quivering. Which was a sign of a good orgasm. But instead of making her thoughts of Buffy quiet down they actually got worse. She picked up another strand of lights from the box Buffy was looking in.

As she went around the tree with more lights, Faith’s mind started to wander. She thought about spending time with Buffy. Talking with her, holding her at night and kissing her deeply. Walking down a beach at sunset with her and looking at the stars.

Then a mental alarm went off for Faith. She had all the signs. The staring, the daydreams, all of it. She was falling for Buffy. Which presented a new set of problems for her. The main one being did Buffy even think of Faith in that way and would the blonde ever give her the time of day? Faith sighed. There was no way Buffy would care about her in that way.

It was sad. She usually found it easier to just get some and get gone. Easier to not have ties with a person. That way she couldn’t get hurt. It was one of the first things she told Buffy. She had said that she didn’t trust guys. When saying that she didn’t trust anyone. Because when she did, she got burned. Mrs. Post proved that. And after that she put her walls back up. No one seemed to mind except Buffy.

In fact after the whole deal was over, Buffy was the first to come and see if she was okay. Buffy was the only one. But why would Buffy ever want to be with her? What could she give the slayer that she didn’t already have? And sadly, the only thing Faith could think of was


She heard Buffy close her bedroom door. Faith fought the sadness she was feeling and smiled as Buffy came back into the living room.

“Starting to look good.” The elder slayer said as she walked past Faith.

“Thanks.” Faith said forgetting that she might sound a little sad.

Buffy walked up to Faith and placed her hand on the dark slayer’s shoulder. Faith felt a tingle shoot through her entire body when Buffy touched her.

“You ok, Faith?”

Faith smiled weakly. “I’m five by five, B.”

Buffy slowly nodded. “I understand.”

Buffy grabbed another box of decorations and the two girls continued decorating in silence.


Buffy and Faith sat on the couch. They had finished trimming the tree and had eaten the pizza that they had ordered. The silence was comfortable between them. Each girl had a lot on their minds. But the quiet was broken when Buffy finally spoke.

“Did you want your present? I mean..I got you something.”

Faith’s face lit up instantly when she heard the word present. “You got me something, B? Aww, I feel so special.”

Buffy rolled her eyes and reached behind the couch. “You know an attitude like that gets you a lump of coal in your halter top.”

“Oh, come on, B. A naughty girl like me is used to getting coal.”

Buffy put her hand on Faith’s shoulder. “You know you are wrong.”


“Being naughty. If there is one person who deserve to get what she wants, it’s you.”

Faith blushed. As did Buffy. Apparently, their bodies were acknowledging the attraction between the two.

The blonde pulled out a neatly wrapped small square box. She stared intently at box as she started to speak.

“Faith, I know that things between us have been weird because of all that has happened in the last few weeks. And I know that something very important between us has been damaged. Your trust in me. I just hope you realize that no matter what happens I will always be there when you need me. I hope that this gift will help you remember that.”

Buffy smiled and handed Faith the present to her. She had managed to tell Faith everything she was feeling without actually saying what she was really feeling. In the two hours she spent with her, Buffy saw a side of Faith that not too many people ever got the chance to see. Her soft side. The girl whose face lit up when they plugged in the lights on the tree. The girl who was struggling to find a balance between her light and dark. And most importantly, a girl who Buffy wanted call her own.

Buffy watched as Faith tore through the wrapping paper and opened the box. Inside of box was a necklace with a heart charm on it. Faith picked up the charm and flipped it over and saw the inscription on the back of it. It read: ‘Chosen Two 4-ever’.

Faith smiled brightly and hugged Buffy tightly. “I love it, B. Thank you.”

Buffy held Faith in her arms for the first time. The younger girl just seemed to fit right there. Buffy could feel Faith’s heart beating against hers. Her scent reminded her of sex and strawberries. And because of her slayer senses she could still feel Faith on her even after she broke the hug.

It scared her but, all of her feelings for Faith were confirmed with that one hug.


Faith reached into her leather jacket pocket and pulled out a small rectangled box. She looked at the floor and spoke.

“B. I just wanted to thank you for letting me into your life and being there for me when I thought that no one wanted me around. I’m not good at this speech thing so, here.”

Faith passed the box to her partner and held her breath. Buffy opened the box to reveal a diamond tennis bracelet. Faith smiled as Buffy’s mouth hung open at the sight of the gift.

“Do you like it?” Faith asked nervously.

Buffy pulled Faith into another embrace. “It’s beautiful.”

The slayers found that they were looking into each other’s eyes.

“Thank you, Faith.”

“Thanks for inviting me Buffy.”

Buffy shook her head. “You called me Buffy? You never call me Buffy.”

Faith got up from her spot. “That’s your name ain’t it?”

“Faith...can I ask you something?” Buffy asked sounding a little nervous.

*Knowing my luck she’ll probably think I stole it or something* “Sure.”

The petite slayer got up and walked behind Faith. “Have you ever...liked someone and not been too sure if you are supposed to like them?”

Faith turned and the girls stood face to face. “Once.”

Buffy took a step closer to her. “What happened?”

Faith’s eyes began looking down at the floor. This was it. She knew that once she said what she was thinking there was no taking it back. She would be exposed. Her weakness revealed. Faith took a deep breath and looked straight into Buffy’s eyes.

“You see I came to this town a few months back and I met this girl. This amazing girl who had this ability to make me feel Like I belonged. Then something happened between us. We ended up being friends. And then I started to see her in a different way. How she cared for people and how she loved people. For awhile I thought I wanted to be more like her but then when I came over her house one night, I figured out that I wanted to be with her.”

Faith smiled as a tear slid down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away. “But then I figured something else out. I could never have her. No matter how badly I wanted her. How badly I needed her. So I guess that I am saying is that I like you, Buffy. I never thought that it would happen but, I really feel this way. And it’s killing to feel this way and know that I c...”

The dark slayer turned back around and began crying. She did it. Told her how she felt. “Because, all my life I have...I have been waiting for something good to come along. And for a long time I thought becoming a slayer was it but, meeting you...was the best thing to happen to me.”

Faith struggled to hold the rest of it in. The pain that she carried. The loneliness. But it was just too much. Faith dropped to her knees and the tears continued. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder.


Buffy had never seen Faith like this. Sharing her feelings. Crying. Her eyes closed. Buffy’s hand began making a circle pattern on Faith’s back. She whispered out a ‘Sssh’.

“Faith. The reason I asked you that question because...I am scared of what I am starting to feel for you.”

Faith stood and turned to face Buffy once again. “And what are you starting to feel, B?”

“I feel like there is something there between us. Something that I never thought about until today. I saw you earlier. On the couch.”

Faith nodded. “I knew.”

“Guess you can’t sneak up a slayer...I just wanted to say that I never seen anyone get that worked up over me. It made me feel wanted. Not like a dangerous thing that can’t be touch. I couldn’t stop watching you. You were so beautiful. I wanted to touch you...”

Faith walked up and was standing chest to chest with the blonde. “Why would you wanted to?”

Buffy took a breath and the scent of Faith filled her lungs again. She felt the dark slayer’s breasts rubbing against hers. She felt a tingle once again in her crotch. Her eyes slid closed again. Buffy took a step back from Faith. Her hand slowly raised and gently touched her left breast. She felt the younger slayer tremble from the contact.

“Because...I want you, Faith.”

Faith held her breath as the blonde’s arms slid around her waist and her hands interlocked at the small of her back. “Are you...are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes.” Buffy whispered into the younger girl’s ear. Buffy leaned in slowly towards Faith. Her lips were slightly parted and her eyes were closed. She wasn’t too sure about how this would turn out but she had to do it. Just to see if all feelings swirling around inside of her were real.

Her lips gently touched Faith’s. It wasn’t that bad so, Buffy deepened kiss and opened her mouth a bit. At first Faith seemed in shock that the kiss was happening but then she responded to it. Her hands slowly dragging over Buffy’s back.

Buffy slid her tongue into Faith’s mouth and the tip of her tongue touched Faith’s. Faith closed her lips around Buffy’s tongue and gently sucked it. The blonde moaned slightly as Faith’s tongue pushed its way into her mouth. She mimicked Faith’s action from early and gently sucked the dark slayer’s tongue. Then their mouth’s opened wide against each other and their tongues dueled inside of the darkened arena.

Soon the need for air caused the girls to break momentarily. Buffy stood shell-shocked with the arms of her partner around her. She smiled lazily.

“That was incredible Faith.”

The raven haired slayer blushed. “So, were you.”

“It can’t possibly get any better than that.” Buffy said as she kissed Faith again.


“Oh god....” Buffy’s body arched towards the ceiling as Faith’s fingers drove into her damp box. Her dress was lying on top of a box of decorations and her panties were currently resting by her right ankle. Faith’s free hand violently squeezed the petite girl’s right breast. Her nipple was captured between her fingers and got tweaked as well.

Faith looked up and watched as Buffy began breathing faster. She smiled and started attacking the girl’s clit with her mouth. Her lips tugged on Buffy’s bud and her fingers were spearing the slayer’s pussy. Buffy gripped the couch pillows tightly as she felt Faith sucking her clit. She tried to tell the young slayer that her orgasm fast approaching but it seemed that Faith was well aware of what was going on.

Faith put Buffy’s legs over her shoulders. Buffy balanced herself by reaching back and holding onto the back of the couch. Faith pushed her face into the slayer’s pussy lips. She viciously sucked the girl’s clit and slid her tongue around the general area of it. Buffy began gasping and moaning loudly as Faith’s hands were squeezing her backside.

“God...damn...Fuck! Faith!” Buffy managed to scream as her orgasm blasted into Faith’s mouth.

Faith greedily continued slurping up all the juices Buffy’s box released and as she did that Buffy was quickly approaching yet another orgasm. The blonde’s body started quivering. The elder slayer desperately begged for Faith to stop for a second to give a chance to breathe but, it was too late.

Buffy screamed as Faith’s tongue drove itself deeply into her walls and licked her inner folds. Faith couldn’t stop herself. She loving every second of doing this to the girl. And as Buffy came in her mouth again, she smiled. This was everything she wanted.


“Fuck, B!” Faith groaned as Buffy’s tongue flickered against her clit.

They had moved upstairs into Buffy’s room. A pile of Faith’s clothes sat in the corner. Faith groaned as Buffy’s hand kneaded her breast. Buffy’s tongue darted in and out of Faith’s wet spot. Teasing the dark slayer with each penetration. Buffy seemed to be enjoying the idea of toying with Faith.

Buffy giggled lightly when Faith groaned from the blonde pulling away from her pussy again. Faith let out a growl and grabbed Buffy’s head and held it in place. Forcing Buffy to stop playing. Buffy’s mouth quickly responded and began attacking Faith’s pussy with everything she could think of. Her middle and fore finger dove into the dark slayer’s walls.

Faith’s breathing increased and her partner’s actions intensified. Buffy swirled her tongue around Faith’s inner lips and dipped back inside of her. She moved her hands onto Faith’s chest. Cupping the swell of her right breast and playfully twisting her left nipple.

The brunette moaned loudly as she felt her climax fast approaching. Her muscles contracted around Buffy’s tongue as it drove into her inner walls. She couldn’t believe this was happening. A few hours ago she was dreaming that Buffy would do this to her and now it was happening.

“Buffy!” Faith screamed as a powerful orgasm forced every muscle inside of her clench momentarily.

The dark slayer fell back onto Buffy’s bed. Her heart was jumping out of her chest and Buffy was trying to make her cum yet again. She tried to protest the idea but Buffy had made up her mind. Soon the tiny girl’s fingers were spearing into Faith.

Faith rocked her hips as the fingers inside of her were bringing her closer to that second orgasm. Buffy looked at her friend groaned in ecstacy from her touch. It was getting her hot just from watching Faith get off. She bit her bottom lip as she felt Faith’s inner muscle clench around her fingers.

Faith couldn’t manage any words this. The only sound her body could produce was a loud cry of passion. After the orgasm passed, Buffy slid her fingers out of her lover’s box and licked them. She then got on top of Faith and sat on her thigh were on either side of Faith’s waist.

Buffy looked down at Faith and saw a lazy smile on her face. “What are you smiling about?”

“You.” Faith sat up and put her arms around Buffy. She rested her head on Buffy’s chest.

“I’m glad I made you smile. I mean it is because of what I did...right? I mean did do..not that I did this before...”

Faith laughed. “You’re babbling.”

“Guess you have that effect on me.” Buffy rested her arms on Faith’s shoulders and leaned forward so their foreheads touched.

They kissed once again. The taste of Faith’s heat still fresh on Buffy’s lips and Buffy’s heat still on Faith’s lips. The kiss deepened as each girl was turned once again from essentially tasting themselves.

Faith broke the kiss. “Can I ask you something?”

Buffy nodded. “Okay.”

Faith blushed. “It might sound a little silly.”

“Well we won't know until you ask.”

“Can we go back downstairs and just look at the tree while you hold me?”

Buffy smiled. “Nothing else I’d rather do.”

Faith raised an eyebrow.

“I mean beside that.”


The slayers came back downstairs hand in hand. Faith had on a pair of grey sweatpants and tanktop that she had borrowed from Buffy. While the eldest slayer had on an oversized t-shirt. They walked back into the living room and Buffy turned off the lights. The Christmas tree lit up the room with a rainbow of colors.

Buffy sat on the couch and Faith rested her head on Buffy’s lap. She watched as the lights blinked on and off in front of her. The light reflecting off the decorations and bouncing all over living room. The blonde ran her fingers through Faith’s hair.

It was perfect.

“Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?” Buffy whispered.

Faith turned and looked up into those hazel eyes. “Did you?”

“Yeah. I think I did.”

“Me too.”

Buffy leaned down and gently kissed Faith. “Merry Christmas, Faith.”

“Merry Christmas, Buffy.”

The two girls sat and watched until they both drifted off to sleep. When they wake up in the morning the world would be very different place. Different because they had each other. And that would make anything else seem that much easier to deal with.

The End