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Never Saw It Coming

by Davids21
Rating: R

Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters. I am merely taking them for a spin.
Spoilers: End of season 5 and wild speculation.
Author's Notes: This is the sequel to my first story 'Pictures'. You should really read that first because this will make no sense. < > = means that Buffy and Faith are using their connection. ** = means regular thoughts.
Thanks: Once again to Sasha for making Slayer Pride and writing 'A whole new Scene'. Without that story I never would have wrote this. Thanks to Sway for giving crazy support and being my biggest cheerleader. Thanks to Nikita for the detailed feedback and the support. Dacia, sorry I left your name out. You have helped in ways you can't imagine.

Buffy had been roaming the streets of LA since leaving the hotel. Not really sad or upset just confused. This whole 'falling in love then getting her heart torn out of her chest' routine was getting old. She looked up at the night sky. It had clouded over signaling yet another storm.

"Figures." She sighed and continued walking. It didn't make any sense. Why did Faith do that to her? Did she not care about her anymore? Why wasn't she good enough for Faith? Why did it seem like she wasn't good enough for anyone? The tears began forming in her eyes as the rain slowly began to fall.

This sucked. Everything in her life either left her or was taken away from her. It wasn't fair. As hard as her life had been, you figure that fate would cut her a break. But it never ever did. Things just kept on piling up higher and higher. Things she had to deal with would drive anyone else crazy but somehow she always found a way.

No matter how bad it got Buffy always did what necessary. Even if it meant losing something or someone that was important to her, she would do it. It was her job. She was the slayer. The needs of the many outweighed the needs of her.

When did she ever get to put herself before everyone else? When would she ever get to have something that was just hers? Buffy fell to her knees on the sidewalk and whispered the answer to her question.


Just then she felt a hand touch her on the shoulder. Her hand reached for it and held it tightly. Buffy knew who it was.

"Hey, Angel."


Faith sat rolled up in a ball on the bed. She had done it again. After all her promises to herself that she had changed, she had still found a way to fuck things up with Buffy. Hell, she could still hear Buffy's words echoing in her soul.

'If you ever say that to me again, I swear to God, I will beat you to death.'

Faith knew that Buffy had chose those words for a reason. It was what she said the last she tried to apologize to the blonde. The words hurt her deeply. She had brought on all this pain. There was no one to blame it on.

The slayer got up and looked out the window. The window was about four floors up from the ground. And in her diminished capacity, a fall from this high would surely kill her.

Faith laughed sadly to herself. This was it. The only way to fix everything. She had tried to do things the right way. Angel had told her the path to redemption wasn't easy but now she was going to do this her way. Maybe the way it should have been done years ago.

She unlocked the windows and stepped out on the ledge. The rain had picked up a bit and the wind was blowing hard. Faith braced herself. There was no way she could ever get things between her and Buffy back to the way they used to be. Life wouldn't be the same without her in it.

She closed her eyes.

"Shoulda been here, B. Hell of a ride."

"What the hell are you doing?"

Faith fell back inside the room and saw Cordelia standing over her.

"Well I'm waiting."


"She didn't know how to tell you. She honestly couldn't remember until she saw you."

Buffy took another sip of tea. After Angel had found her, he took her to a nearby diner. It was there that Buffy found out everything that had been going on with Faith. It was a lot to digest.

Angel looked at the slayer and took her hand in his. "She wasn't trying to hurt you."

"Then why she do it? Did she explain that? I loved her."

"So you won't forgive her?"

"Why should I? I mean she slept with Cordelia. She betrayed me. If she loved me so much then how could she does this to me?"

"You're not being reasonable."

"Am I? Why should I forgive her? Why should I even care?"

"Because you forgave me and I did something far worse."

"You can't compare that to what happened to you. That was out of your control."

The vampire shook his head. "I am not asking you to forget what happened. Buffy, you and Faith need each other."

"She doesn't need me. Whenever she gets in trouble, she goes running off to find you. What about me, Angel? I was there. I wanted to help. I really did. But apparently, Buffy Summers isn't enough for her. I wasn't enough for Riley and I wasn't enough for you."

"You know that's not true."

"Then how come I am sitting here heartbroken while Faith gets to go and fuck Cordelia. I am not enough. I am not what she needs. I'm not what anybody needs."

"She needs you. And if you let her go this time, there's no guarantee she will be there when decide that she has been through enough."

Buffy started crying. "I loved her so much. I gave her everything and she took it and threw it away because she thought that I wouldn't understand."

"I'm not saying she was right but at least give her a chance to explain herself. The chance you never gave her before. You don't have to forgive her. Just listen. Then it's up to you."

Buffy looked at her former boyfriend. He was right. She wanted to know and the only person that could tell her was Faith.

Angel stood up from the booth and held his hand out to Buffy. "Just so you know, I never wanted to leave you."

The slayer smiled as she got up. "I know."


Faith sat on the bed and listened to Cordelia rant about how suicide was the way and how Buffy wasn't so great. After awhile she tuned Cordelia out. She felt something from inside nudging her. Telling her to try something.

She closed her eyes and reached inside herself and found her power. The power that connected her to Buffy. Suddenly, she fell over on the bed unconscious.


Outside of the diner, Buffy began to get a familiar dizzy feeling as she stood there with Angel. She leaned against her ex-boyfriend.

"What's wrong?" He asked as Buffy fell into his arms.

"Just get me to Faith. Please…just…trust…"

Before she could finish, she passed out. Angel picked her up in his arms and began running towards the hotel.


Faith pulled herself up from the ground and looked around. She was back on the Ghostroads. She slowly walked down the path. As far as she could tell, there was no one there with her. No Lucy or Kendra. It was actually kinda creepy.


She turned to see Buffy standing behind her. The blonde had her arms folded in front of her.

"Why did you bring us here?" Buffy asked.

Faith shook her head. "Me? I am not strong enough for this trick. It wasn't you?"

"No. Where's Lucy?"

"I haven't seen her anywhere."

"Then who the hell brought us here?" The slayers suddenly felt a very familiar presence there on the road with them.

A figure stepped out of the fog. Buffy's eyes widened as she realized who it was standing there. Faith saw the look on Buffy's face and turned to see who Buffy was looking at.

"Faith, it's…"

The girl in front of them had on a pair of black leather pants and a white top that rested above her belly button. Over her top she had on a black leather jacket. She took a drag off of a cigarette and blew the smoke out. Her brown hair came down to her shoulder. Her eyes traced in thick black eyeliner and her lips were as red as cherries.

"It's me."

The 'other' Faith smiled at the slayers. "Oh like you didn't see this coming?"

...continued in They Always Come Back...