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Faith's First Day

by Davids21
Rating: R

Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters. I am merely taking them for a spin.
Spoilers: End of season 5 and what I have seen for season 6.
Author's Notes: Okay this is the second part of “Nothing to Do”. The idea came to me after my 20 minutes of working at the 24 hour supermarket. If you are just starting, please read my first two story arcs. Pictures and its untitled sequel. Both of which can be found on Slayer Pride and Wicked and Divine. < > = means that Buffy and Faith are using their connection. ** = means regular thoughts. >< = means flashback.
Thanks: Once again to Sasha for making Slayer Pride and writing 'A whole new Scene'. Without that story I never would have wrote this. Thanks to Sway for giving crazy support and being my biggest cheerleader. Thanks to Nikita for the detailed feedback and the support. Thanks to Piper for the love and support as well. And one more thanks to my lady love. Dacia, you rule.

After several weeks of job searching she finally found something. True, it was only part time but it was better than nothing at all. The store she worked was one of those huge everything under the roof places. Food, videos, clothes, and home improvement all in one great place.

Faith sighed as she climbed out of the car. Unfortunately, the only shift that had an opening was the night shift. Tonight was her first night on the job. The slayer took another drag off her cigarette and stared at the retail juggernaut in front of her. Even at this late hour the parking lot was fairly crowded. People who usually just wandered the streets had found a home. And this was it.

She reached back inside and grabbed her bag lunch and her work vest. The cool thing about the night shift was you could wear anything you wanted but you had to wear the store’s official bright orange vest with the smiley face on the back. Faith slung the vest over her shoulder and closed the car door. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail. She opted not to put on any makeup save the lipgloss she had borrowed from Dawn.

She was wearing a white baby tee which surprisingly didn’t show off her midriff. She’d figured it would be a lot easier to make it through the night if she stayed as low key as possible. Her faded blue jeans and trademark black boots completed her outfit. Faith took one last drag from her smoke before tossing it away.

“Gotta do this sooner or later.” Faith whispered as she strode off to the entrance.


Faith put her vest on and put the rest of her things in the locker. She was supposed to meet her trainer back here in the break room. She took a seat at the table and waited. Her eyes began surveying the room. It wasn’t that big. In fact for a store so damn huge you would figure that they would have a bigger lunch area.

The slayer rocked back and forth in her chair. The clock on the wall read 12:30am. Her trainer was supposed to meet her at 12:00.

Suddenly, she heard the door from behind open. She turned and saw the guy standing behind her. He was about the same height as Xander and about the same build as him. He had on a pair of Khaki pants and a short sleeve dress shirt that was tucked into his pants. The guy even had on a bright orange tie to match his bright orange vest.

Faith rolled her eyes. *You gotta be kiddin’ me.*

“Faith, is it?” He asked in a nasally voice.

Faith got up from her chair and nodded. “That’s me.”

The man put out his hand for Faith to shake. She then noticed that his eyes were focusing on her chest. So, when she took his hand, she gave it a extra squeeze that made that guy wince in pain. “Ow. That’s quite a grip you have there.”

Faith smiled. “What can I say? I workout.”

“Ok, then. My name is John with an ‘h’. And looks like I’ll be training you this evening because your original trainer, Randy, decided to no show.” John opened the door and motioned for Faith walk out.

“So, does this Randy guy call off a lot?” she asked.

John shook his head. “Nope. He’s usually here before me. I don’t know what happened to him.”


Sally walked out to her car. It had been a long day already for her. Between the flat tire and dealing with the stupid people at the phone company, she was in no mood to be working tonight. She got out of her car and started looking through her purse for her nametag. That was when she heard a voice.


Sally jumped and whipped out her mace from her purse. “Who the fuck are you?”

The guy held his hands up in the air. “Easy, Sal. It’s me Randy.”

Whoever he was, he still in the shadows. The area where Sally had parked her car was kind of far from the entrance so some of the lights didn’t work out there.

Sally looked closely and saw that the guy was wearing Randy’s work vest and had on Randy’s Everclear t-shirt. “Asshole, you fuckin’ scared me.”

Randy smiled. “I know.”

Sally shook her head and kept looking for her keys. “You know John is probably in there looking for you. You were supposed to be training some new girl tonight.”

Randy slowly made his way behind Sally. She was still looking for her keys so, she didn’t even notice him moving. “Really? Is she cute?”

“How the hell should I know?” Sally grumbled. “Are you going on the lunch run tonight?”

Randy shrugged his shoulders. “Sure. What do you want?”

Sally spun around grabbed Randy by his shoulders. He flashed a cocky smile and looked into Sally’s eyes.

“So, I guess you want me then.” He said jokingly.

Sally smiled as her eyes turned yellow and her pupils changed into thick black vertical lines. “Of course I do.”

Suddenly, Sally’s mouth opened and blue green slime shot from her mouth and began covering him from head to toe. He struggled as hard as he could as he felt the slime beginning to harden around him. Randy fell to the ground inside of a now blue cocoon. Sally wiped her lips, opened her trunk, and hoisted the cocoon inside.

“But I’ll save you for later.”


“...and this is were you will be working tonight.” John said.

Faith surveyed the aisle and raised an eyebrow. “The toy aisle?”

John nodded. “Yeah, Randy was going to help you with it but, looks like you are on your own.”

Faith kneeled down and picked up one of the many toys scattered up and the row. *No use complaining. I only have to be here for another...6 hours.*

“Now I’ll be back around to check on you in a little bit. If someone asks you a question...just point them towards information.” John gave her a thumbs up and walked off in the direction of frozen foods.

For the first 15 minutes, the slayer made an effort to put each toy in the right place. Then Faith looked around the corner and saw that the next aisle saw worse than the one she was already in. It looked like a hurricane went through there. She sighed. All this job was turning out to be was cleaning after a bunch of people who didn’t know how to put things away.

“God, I need a smoke,” she mumbled. Faith looked at her watch. According to her math she had been there for 3 hours. Which meant she was entitled to a break before she went on lunch. She quickly hung up the last few figures she had in her arms and made her way towards the lunch room.


John stood by the time clock. He usually waited until the clock was exactly on 3:00am before he punched out for his break. “10...9...8...7...”

“Counting down to 3 o’clock again Johnny-boy?” Sally said as she bumped John out of the way to punch herself out.

“Sally, I‘m your supervisor. Could you pretend to respect me a little bit?” John asked as punched himself out at 3:01am.

Sally smirked at him. She had been working here on the night shift for 3 months and each time, someone had gotten promoted over her. Which is why she ended up eating most those people. The best thing was that Management just thought the people would quit because people walked off the job all the time in retail.

Randy got promoted to trainer so, she was going to eat him. Now, John got promoted before her as well. So, he was going to be next.

“So, Sally, what did you bring for lunch today?” John asked as he opened up the fridge and grabbed his lunch.

As he turned around, Sally’s mouth opened and slime shot out of it. John leapt out of the way and picked a chair to block Sally’s attack.

“What are you? And why are you trying to kill me?” John stammer as he slowly backed away from the girl.

Sally laughed. “Ok. First off, I’m a fucking demon. I eat people. It’s what I do. Second, I worked here too long to see another chuckle head get promoted in front of me.”

John gave her a puzzled look. “So, you are a demon but you work a super mart? What the hell kinda sense does that make?”

“What can I say times are tough everywhere. Why the other day I saw a vampire flipping burgers at McDonald’s." Sally stated.

“Sorry to hear it.” John threw the chair at Sally ran over towards the other door. Sally slapped the chair out of the way and leapt across the room. She landed right in John’s path. John smiled sadly.

“I guess saying I’m sorry wouldn’t be an option, right?”

Sally shook her head and slapped John. He flew back and slammed against the wall. “You the best thing about a place like this? No one ever comes back here for lunch. Look likes someone’s going to die.”


Faith fumbled through her pockets for her lighter. She flicked a couple of times to see if it was still working. It sparked but no flame. *Son of a bitch.*

The slayer pushed the door to the break room open and a woman wear the same orange vest as hers spewing a blue green slime over John’s legs.

She put her hand over her face and shook her head. *It never fuckin’ fails.*

Sally stood and looked at her. “And who are you supposed to be?”

“Someone who is reconsidering her line of work.” Faith said. Sally spit some slime at her and it covered her right hand. She slammed her slime covered hand against the counter a few times. The goo had harden on contact.

Sally quickly slugged Faith in the face. The dark-haired girl staggered back from the shot. The demon drove her knee into Faith’s stomach and threw her into the break tables. Faith crashed into the tables and landed near the fire extinguisher.

“Faith, watch out!” John yelled.

Faith looked and saw that Sally was getting ready to throw the microwave at her. The slayer rolled out the way as the microwave crashed against the wall. She picked up the extinguisher with her left hand.

“Nimble thing aren’t you?” Sally giggled as the metal tank smashed her across the face. Faith got another 3 shots to the head before she noticed that Sally’s face was now hanging on the extinguisher.

“Eww.” Faith looked and saw the rather bug like appearance of Sally . In fact the only that even looked like her was the orange vest that she still had on.

“You bitch. Do you know how long it takes to grow one of those?” Sally growled.

“Actually, I think your demon look is a big improvement.” Faith said as she tossed Sally’s ‘face’ onto the floor.

“Me too.” John replied as he struggled to free his legs from the slime.

“Shut up!” Sally screamed.

*Ok. Time to finish her off.*

Faith’s eyes turned bright red. She planted her left foot and spin-kicked Sally’s head off. Suddenly the demon’s body melted down as did her head and slimed its way back together.

“Oh hell.” Faith muttered. But then a mental alarm went off. She switched on the tank and emptied the contents on the reforming pile. Now all that was left of Sally was a frozen pile of smile. The slayer grinned. She had managed to use the stuff in the tank slow Sally’s from coming back together.

Faith looked at her hand and broke apart the slime that covered her hand. She turned and did the same to the slime covering John’s legs. Her eyes changed back to their normal brown shade. Faith helped John up from the floor.

“What the hell just happened?” John asked.

“A demon tried to eat you. I stopped her.” Faith answered.

“Oh. Thanks. So, what about the smile pile?”

“I’ll take care of it after I eat lunch.”

“Good. I think I am going to go and quit my job now.” John took off his vest and tie. “This is so not worth 8.65 an hour.”

Faith got her lunch out of her locker. She sat down at the table and opened the bag inside. In it was a note from Buffy. Faith smiled and opened the letter.


	Have a good first day. I’ll be thinking about you until I see you again.
	And remember the night shift ain’t so bad.

Faith looked at the big frozen pile of smile and smirked. “I guess so.”


2 months ago...
The Texas-Mexico Border...

She had made it. It had taken her a month but she made it. Now all she had to do was get to the reservation. The shaman that lived there should be able to help her. As she strolled down the dark alley which led toward the main strip of the town, a man dressed in a biker outfit approached her.

The biker grinned and grabbed her by the shoulders. “Hey baby. You looking for a good time?”

The woman smiled and her face morphed into a more feral appearance. Her teeth had extended into what looked like fangs. “Of course, my dear boy.”

And with that she latched her onto his neck.

...continued in Cordy Hates Buffy...