Long Night
by Davids21
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters. I am merely taking them for a spin.
Spoilers: Season three.
Author's Notes: This story takes place after ‘Revelations’ and before ‘Lovers walk’. I am probably going to continue this for awhile because I’m kinda burnt out on the ‘Pictures’ universe. But I’ll finish it. I promise. Honest.
Thanks: The usual suspects Piper, Sway, Nikita. You guys give me so many ideas and continue to give me support no matter what I write. Nikita, this story is for you. And as always Dacia, thanks for reading my stuff and I love you for it.

It had been a long night for Buffy. Between the rather crappy day she had at school and the hours of slaying, she was beat. She walked up the path to her house then she heard movement in her bushes. The slayer sighed. At this point, she really didn’t want to put up with this crap.

“Ok, if there is a vampire in my bushes, could you come out of there and try to kill me already.” Buffy’s senses registered that there was someone now standing behind her. She dropped her shoulders and pretended to relax, hoping to lure the attacker in. Her ears picked up on a branch breaking and that was her chance.

Buffy spun on her heels and threw a punch in the direction of the sound. She didn’t put a lot of force into the punch. Just enough to stagger whoever it was. Of course she was a little surprised when she saw who she had hit.

“Fuck, B. Is this how you greet a visitor?”

Buffy looked and saw Faith sitting on the ground rubbing her forehead. Buffy reached her hand out to the brunette slayer.

“Y’know, most people try knocking on the door not, sneaking through the bushes.” Buffy pulled Faith up from the ground.

“Naah. Not my style girlfriend.” Faith brushed the dirt off of her jeans. “So, what’s up?”

Buffy sat down on the steps of her porch. “I don’t think you’d understand.”

Faith looked at Buffy. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail with a strands of hair hanging down in her face. She was wearing a knitted white sweater that was hung loosely on her. Her black flare jeans and matching black boots were covered with mud. The smaller slayer looked more beaten than Faith had ever seen.

Which is why she didn’t take Buffy’s comment too seriously. “Hey, I was just offering to listen.”

“I know. It’s not you. It just that things have been a little rough lately.” Buffy motioned for the other slayer to sit down beside her. Faith sat down nervously next to Buffy. Since, she came to Sunnydale this was the closest she had been to Buffy. At least this was the closest she had been with Buffy knowing.

Faith had been watching Buffy for the last two weeks. At first, it was just to watch her back. Looking out for her fellow slayer but something happened. One night during the first week, she was watching Buffy while she patrolling. The slayer was sitting on a bench in the park and Faith was mesmerized by her. She looked so peaceful. There was a calm about her that just drew her in.

All she wanted to from that moment on, was to be there for Buffy. To draw from her strength to make her stronger. In the course of those two weeks, Faith had fallen for Buffy. Was it love? Or was it because Buffy represented another good thing that she could never have.

“Things can’t be that bad.” Faith said as she turned to look at Buffy. The blonde slayer turned at same moment and looked into Faith’s eyes. It was weird. Buffy hadn’t noticed it before. How soft the raven haired slayer’s eyes were. Of course, she had been keeping Faith at arm’s length since the day she met her. It wasn’t fair but just like when Kendra showed up, Buffy felt threatened.

All of her friends seemed to like Faith more than her. Of course that was the shock of new and even after that had worn off, Buffy just couldn’t figure her out. Maybe it was because Faith was so confident and sure of herself. All of the things Buffy wanted to be.

Buffy’s eyes trailed over Faith’s outfit. She was wearing another, in what seemed to be a endless supply of tanktops. This one was red and hugged Faith’s chest and exposed her midriff. Her jacket was a dark denim and matched her pants.

“Easy for you to say.” Buffy said as she quickly looked away.

“I saw that.” Faith said smiling.

“Saw what?”

“You were staring.”

“At what?”

Faith pulled off her coat and grabbed her chest. “The twins.”

Buffy turned beet red. Her eyes did linger a bit on them but it felt like Faith was taunting her. Throwing out one of those sexual innuendos that were reserved for the opposite sex.

“And if I was?” Buffy asked trying to sound as sexy as possible. Almost daring Faith to keep the game going.

Faith couldn’t believe this. Buffy called her bluff. And as much as she cared for the girl next she didn’t want to get hurt. So, playing this game with Buffy wasn’t going to work. “Why would you? I’m not anything special.”

Buffy shook her head. Apparently this wasn’t a game for Faith. “You can’t possibly think that.”

“Why would you ever look at me?”

“Because you are cute.” Buffy’s mental alarm went off. *What the hell am I doing?*

“You think I’m cute?” Faith asked her while looking directly into Buffy’s eyes. *I can’t believe I’m asking her this.*

Buffy smiled at Faith. “Yeah. You are.”

Faith scooted closer to Buffy. She put her hand on the back of the blonde’s neck and pulled her close so that their foreheads were touching. *Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. I hope she doesn’t freak out. I hope I don’t freak out.*

Buffy flashed a goofy grin at the other slayer. “Faith? What are you doing?”

Faith closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Something I should have done a long time ago.”

Before Buffy could even register Faith’s remark, she felt the brunette’s lips on hers. Buffy kept her lips together. Not wanting the kiss to go any further.

“Faith, I can’t do this...” Buffy whispered. Her senses were screaming to let the kiss go on. She was so confused by Faith’s actions.

“B. I mean, Buffy. Tell me you didn’t like me kissing you. Say that one sentence and I’m gone. But I have feelings for you. Maybe it’s wrong, maybe it isn’t. But I’m not afraid to find out.” Faith never let go of Buffy’s neck. Her eyes were locked onto Buffy’s. She had spoke from her heart.

Buffy closed her eyes. Everything felt so right about this moment. So, why couldn’t she let herself relax and be in the moment. “I don’t think this would work...”

Faith slid her hand onto Buffy’s cheek. Faith knew that they should be together. Even Buffy knew it. She just needed a little more convincing. “Is it because we’re girls? Why should that even matter?”

“No that isn’t it at all.” Buffy answered with her eyes still closed. Her heart was beating so fast and every inch of her body was begging for Faith to kiss her, hold her, and give her everything she needed.

“Then, why won’t you look at me? What is it about me that makes you push me away?” Faith said. She was getting closer. All she had to do was kiss Buffy again and then everything would be ok. *I need for her to choose me on her own. I need for her to do this. C’mon, B. Choose.*

Buffy took a deep breath. She gently leaned back from Faith. Her eyes slowly opened and she looked at the dark slayer. Faith was a beautiful girl. Rough around the edges but had a heart of gold. Sure, the way she dressed and acted would make you think that she nothing but a walking, talking slut bomb.

But when Buffy looked into the younger girl’s brown eyes all she could see was someone who needed her. And whether she believed it or not, she needed Faith as well. “I am scared of you. I’m scared of how you are making me feel right now.”

“How do you feel?” Faith whispered.

Buffy put her hand on the back of Faith’s neck and pulled her close so their foreheads were touching again. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips onto Faith’s. At first both girls seemed a little scared of the kiss. But soon those feelings disappeared. Buffy moaned slightly as she felt Faith’s tongue slide between her lips forcing her mouth to open.

The brunette’s tongue gently went into her mouth. Each time their mouth’s opened, Faith sent her tongue into Buffy’s mouth. Buffy soon became more comfortable with the kiss and sent her tongue back into Faith’s mouth. The slayers’ tongues gently dueled with each other. Neither backing down but each knew when to back off and when to attack.

Buffy pulled back from Faith breaking the contact. A single strand of saliva was connected to their lips. They kissed one more time to get rid of it.

Faith smiled and turned beet red. “That was...”

Buffy stood up, unlocked her door and went inside. “Faith?”

The dark slayer stood up. “Right. I’ll guess I just be on my way.”

As she started to walk away, Buffy grabbed her hand. “No, you can’t leave. You are coming inside.”

Faith’s heart fluttered at the prospect of what was going to happen next. “What are we going to do?”

Buffy pulled her inside of the house. “It’s a surprise.”


They had barely gotten inside of Buffy’s room before the slayers were on each other. Buffy pushed Faith against the door of her room. She didn’t really know what she was doing and something inside of her was telling her that it was okay. Buffy nervously slid her hand up Faith’s tanktop. The brunette’s breathing became more shallow. As if she had never had anyone touch her breasts before.

The blonde’s hand went back down to the hem of the top. Buffy smiled at her counterpart as she pulled the top up towards Faith’s chest. The dark slayer raised her arms up and allowed Buffy to take her top completely off and reveal her black bra. Buffy bit her bottom lip as she looked at the raven haired slayer’s chest. Faith gasped once again as the blonde reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.

“Wow...” Buffy whispered as Faith’s chest bounced free from the bra. Buffy gently cupped Faith’s right breast in her hand. The dark slayer’s light brown nipple was growing hard from Buffy gently squeezing it.

“Buffy...” Faith whispered.

Buffy took a deep breath. She didn’t know what to do. All she could do was what she liked to have done to her. The slayer placed her lips onto Faith’s nipple. Faith’s body shuddered slightly as Buffy’s tongue circled her nipple. Buffy held up Faith’s breast and ran her tongue from the flesh underneath the nipple, back over her nipple again, circling it and then gently kissing it again.

Faith put her hand on Buffy’s shoulder and gripped it tightly. Buffy took her other hand and began rubbing it between Faith’s legs. The brunette began rocking along with Buffy’s hand. Buffy flickered her tongue across Faith’s caramel peak. Buffy brought her mouth back up to Faith’s and kissed deeply. The slayers moved towards Buffy’s bed.

Faith sat down on the bed. Buffy smiled as her eyes locked onto Faith’s. “God, you are beautiful.”

Faith blushed. “You say that to all the topless girls.”

Buffy pulled her sweater off and unhooked her bra. Buffy instinctively crossed her arms across her chest. Faith’s chest was a bit bigger than hers and it made her feel a tiny bit shy. Faith saw the embarrassment flash across the older slayer’s face. She reached up and uncrossed Buffy’s arms from in front of her breasts.

“They are just as beautiful as you.” Faith whispered as her fingers traced around Buffy’s nipple. The dark slayer scooted up and took Buffy’s left nipple into her mouth. She gently sucked on her breast. Faith slowly worked as much of it into her mouth. Buffy moaned softly as she felt her creamy globe go into Faith’s mouth.

Faith released Buffy’s left breast and slid her tongue across the petite slayer’s chest and locked onto the right breast. Buffy smiled and started running her fingers through the brunette’s hair. Then she felt something tugging at the button of her jeans. Buffy held her breath as she heard her zipper go down and felt a hand slide down to her crotch.


Buffy’s voice was filled with so much passion and desire that it sounded like she was purring. Faith smiled, stood up and pushed Buffy down onto the bed. The blonde kicked her boots off and pulled her pants down so they were around her ankles. Faith kneeled in front of Buffy. She could almost feel the heat coming from Buffy. Just seeing the blonde slayer laying there, her eyes begging her Faith to touch her, was enough to make the dark slayer unbutton her jeans and place her hand inside of them.

Faith slid her finger inside of herself. She groaned slightly and crept her face closer to Buffy’s pussy. She took her finger and rubbed it on Buffy’s clit. It was so wet down there that Faith’s finger was practically sliding around it. Buffy let out an almost primal groan. Buffy couldn’t believe that just Faith touching her like that was enough to make her make a noise like that. Faith quickly began licking the wet insides of Buffy’s crotch.

As she slowly began making out with Buffy’s clit, Faith was driving her fingers in and out of herself. She let a moan of her own as she felt herself getting hotter with each stroke of her hand. Buffy grabbed the back of the dark slayer’s head. She put her feet onto the bed so her thighs were on either side of Faith’s head. Buffy started grinding her pussy against Faith’s mouth. The brunette darted her tongue in and out of Buffy. Tasting the juices that she was releasing with each lick she took.

Faith felt that familiar tingle start from deep inside of her. She was going to reach her moment just from eating Buffy out. Buffy let out another deep moan from deep inside of herself. This was the single most incredible experience she had ever had. She tightly grabbed the sides of her mattress as her back arched. Every time Faith’s tongue slid inside of her, it brought her one step closer to what was shaping up to be her most mind blowing orgasm ever.

Faith took her mouth off Buffy’s pussy and began spearing the blonde with her fingers. Buffy sat up and pulled the dark slayer’s face to hers. Faith tried to pull her head away but Buffy held her face in place. Brown eyes looked into hazel. Buffy kissed Faith. Tasting herself on Faith’s mouth and tongue. Understanding why Faith was devouring her which such pleasure. In a strange sort of way it turned her on even more.

The girls moaned into each other’s mouth. Then for some strange reason, Faith could hear Buffy’s voice in her mind.

<Don’t stop Faith. Fuck me harder. Make me cum on your fingers baby.>

Faith shook off the creepy yet comfortable feeling of hearing Buffy’s voice and then took the voice’s advice. Meanwhile, Buffy was fast approaching her orgasm. Her body was shuddering from each stroke of Faith’s fingers. Then she heard Faith’s voice in her head.

<Buffy...please touch me. I want you so badly...>

Buffy grabbed Faith’s right arm and pulled her down onto the bed. Buffy grabbed the dark slayer’s jeans and tore them off of her. Buffy crawled on top so her face was above Faith’s incredibly wet pussy and her own wet spot hovered over her partner’s face. Faith grabbed Buffy’s hips and started driving her tongue into the elder slayer’s walls again. Buffy groaned and started almost riding Faith’s tongue.

Then, once again, Faith heard Buffy’s voice once again.

<Suck my clit for me...I need your mouth on it baby.>

This was starting to weird her out. But the voice hadn’t been wrong yet. Faith locked her lips around Buffy’s throbbing clit. Buffy almost cried out in sheer passion again. Faith knew exactly what she wanted. She had been driving her fingers in and out Faith’s box hoping to elicit the same response that Faith made her have. As Faith started to make Buffy reach her orgasm, the older slayer heard a familiar voice in her mind again.

<Put your mouth on me, B. I want to cum in your mouth...>

Buffy eagerly slammed her mouth onto Faith’s clit. Faith started rocking under the smaller girl. The slayers both started to approached their respective orgasms. Buffy, who had been on the brink of hers the whole time finally reached her peak. The blonde’s whole body shuddered and prepared to release her orgasm into the hungry mouth of the girl who had worked so hard to get her there. Buffy held it in. Scared to release it.

But Faith essentially saw Buffy standing on the edge of her orgasm. Then, Faith decided to push her over the edge. The brunette began driving her fingers in and out of Buffy. Forcing Buffy’s body to let go of that last bit resistance and allow herself to go where she needed to be. Buffy shot up and leaned onto Faith’s hand.

“Oh god...Faith...” She tried to finish her thought but it was too late. Her orgasm had taken over. Buffy fell back on top of Faith and began sucking on the dark slayer’s clit with a fury. Faith slowly started to trembling as she felt Buffy’s mouth sucking and licking her. She was so close then once again she heard Buffy’s voice in her mind again.

<That’s it, Faith. Cum for me...please...>

Faith’s body responded immediately. A powerful orgasm over came her she tried to let out a moan but it got caught in her throat. At this exact moment, during Faith’s voice echoed in Buffy’s head.

<Oh god...Buffy...I love you...>

Buffy slowly climbed off of Faith. The girls scooted up further onto the bed and rested on Buffy’s pillows. Buffy looked into Faith’s eyes and the dark slayer looked back at her. The afterglow was slowly fading away and the pair was left one question.

What the hell had just happen?

...continued in Doubts...