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I Never Thought

by Davids21
Rating: R

Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters. I am merely taking them for a spin.
Spoilers: End of season 5 and wild speculation.
Author's Notes: This is the sequel to my first story 'Pictures'. You should really read that first because this will make no sense. < > = means that Buffy and Faith are using their connection. ** = means regular thoughts.
Thanks: Once again to Sasha for making Slayer Pride and writing 'A whole new Scene'. Without that story I never would have wrote this. Thanks to Sway for giving crazy support and being my biggest cheerleader. Thanks to Nikita for the detailed feedback and the support.

Buffy groaned as the alarm from her clock blared into her ears from the nightstand beside her bed. She swung her hand in the direction of the noise. A second after she rested her arm beside her there was a crash and the alarm soon stopped.

The blonde turned over and reached out her lover. But she wasn't there.

"Mmm…Faith…" she whispered. Her eyes slowly opened and Buffy saw the empty spot where the dark slayer usually was. Buffy sat up and called for Faith again. Nothing. Sometimes Faith would get up and help Dawn get ready for school.

As the slayer climbed out of bed and tossed off the comforter she never even noticed the letter that was sitting on Faith's pillow. Nor did she notice it fall off the pillow and go under the bed.

When she got to Dawn's room, neither Faith or her sister were there. She looked at the clock on Dawn's shelf. It read 9:30.

*Probably on her way back from dropping Dawn off right now.* She thought as went back into her room.

Buffy grabbed her robe and wrapped it around herself. She sat down on the bed and closed her eyes.

<Faith?> No answer. This was weird Faith always answered when Buffy called her.

<Faith? Where are you?> Nothing again. Her heart started beating faster. Where was she? Why wasn't she answering Buffy's calls?

Buffy ran out of her room and downstairs. It was happening again. This time she didn't know why. She was getting more and frantic by the second. What did she do? As she went into the living room, she saw Dawn lying on the couch clutching a pillow. It looked like she had sitting there all night.

The slayer sat down next her sister. "Dawnie, what's wrong?"

Dawn sat up and leaned against her sister. Buffy quickly put her arm around.

"She left…" Dawn choked out between her tears.

Buffy left her heart drop. Not again.

"She said that she need to work some things out …and that she would be back…" Dawn buried her face into her sister's chest.

Buffy just held her sister tightly. There wasn't anything else she could do. Faith had left her. Instead of turning to Buffy for help, she ran away from her. Buffy felt the tears slowly rolling down her face. It wasn't fair. Why didn't Faith ask for her help? Did she think that Buffy wouldn't understand?

Dawn looked up at her sister. "She said she was coming back. I mean she will come back right?"

Buffy reassured her sister that Faith was coming back when, in truth, she didn't even know.


Faith stepped off the bus and looked around. No matter where she went, even in Sunnydale, LA still felt like home. Sure Sunnydale wasn't that bad but, LA was the place for her. It was like she would always gravitate there no matter where she was.

Faith walked out of the terminal. She really didn't know where to start so, she figured that the best place to start would be at Angel's. At first it seemed wrong to go and ask him for help. Every time something went wrong in her life she would run to Angel. Because for a long while Angel was the only person there for her. But what about Buffy?

Faith felt the tears rising. She didn't want to leave Buffy. But it was the only way that she could do this. But Buffy would stand by her. Be there for her. And if necessary, die for her.

She quickly wiped her eyes. There was no point in crying. The letter explained everything. Buffy would understand. Faith wasn't running away. The slayer ran her fingers through her hair. The sooner she figured this out, the sooner she could go back home to Buffy and Dawn.

Faith started walking again but was stopped by a growl from her stomach. *Okay lunch. Then I'll go see deadboy.*

The waitress stood in amazement as she watched the girl polish off her third Belly Buster burger.

"I have never seen anybody finish off three of those." The waitress mumbled.

The brunette smiled as she swallowed the last of the burger. "What can I say? I am somethin' special."

"I'll say." A voice said from behind her. Faith turned around to see who made the comment. To her surprise it was Cordelia.

"Hey, Queen C. How are you?" Faith said as Cordy sat down across from her.

"Not bad. I heard missed quite the adventure the other week."

Faith nodded as she took another sip from her milkshake. "Nothing I couldn't handle."

Cordelia laughed. Faith looked her over. She had changed a bit since the last time she saw her. Her hair had finally grown back down to her shoulders and she had dyed it back to its original dark brown shade. She was wearing a FUBU jersey that Gunn had given her. According to him it gave her 'street cred.'

"So, where were you when all that happened?" Faith asked.

"Angel gave me a few days off. The visions have been getting a little intense lately. I just needed to pull myself together."

She had changed so much since high school. Faith couldn't believe the fact that she was sitting at a diner talking to Cordelia. Faith smiled and shook her head. "I can't believe this."


"That I'm sitting here talking to Queen C."

"You know you are the only person that calls me that."

"Oh, like you still can't get your Queen on."

Cordelia quirked an eyebrow. "Is that a challenge?"

"Sure why not? Tell you what. Give me your best shot."

"Excuse me?"

"Come on. Just for old times' sake."

Cordelia shook her head. "No reason to. I don't think anything is wrong with you. You have come a long way since you got out of prison. And I am proud of you for it. It takes a lot of guts to do what you did."

She smiled at the slayer. "Besides I could go on for hours about your clothes."

Faith laughed hysterically. "I knew she was still in there."

"It's a gift."


"…and now I'm here. I don't know what happened to me but this I have to do on my own."

Cordelia sat in front of the slayer with her mouth hanging open. She couldn't believe it. Buffy and Faith were together. Not in a 'she's my best friend way' but in a 'Willow likes girls now' way.

"So you and Buffy are…"

Faith nodded.

"I swear you move away and the next thing you know everyone in Sunnydale goes all 'Slayer Pride' on me."

Faith laughed at Cordy again. "It's not like I knew it was going to happen. It just did. Sometimes life works out that way."

"I know what you mean. So, what are you gonna do now?"

"I figured that Angel or Wes could give me some help."

"Good idea, bad timing. They're both out of town. They went with Gunn somewhere. Angel didn't say much about it except that he'd be back soon."

Faith leaned back in her seat. So far this plan was going great. No Angel, no Wes, no Gunn for that matter.

Cordelia smiled and grabbed the slayer's hand. "Hey you still got me." She gently rubbed her thumb across the top of Faith's hand.

Faith sat up and put her hand over Cordy's. "I couldn't ask you…I mean…"

"What because I'm not Angel, you won't let me help?"

Faith shifted in her seat. Cordelia was right. "I don't know it just seems a little weird asking you."

"First of all, I am offering you help. Second, if it bothers you that much I am gone." Cordelia pulled her hand from Faith's and got up from the booth. No matter how much she had changed the rest of the world would always see her as Cordelia the super bitch from Sunnydale.

What hurt her most was that it was Faith that was saying no. Faith, The ex-con with a soul. She turned her down. She should be glad that her services were even offered. Earlier Faith had asked for her best shot. Now she was going to get both barrels from the Almighty Queen C.

Faith sat in the booth and watched Cordelia stop at the door and turn around. Her face had changed from a soft kind one into a full on bitch mode.

The slayer took a deep breath. She was pushing Cordelia away when all she wanted to do was help. It was wrong. Soon Cordelia was standing next with her hands on her hips.

"Listen here a little miss slayer I don't app.."

Faith grabbed Cordy's hand and spoke. "Look. I am sorry about before. I guess I am just used to only having Angel or Buffy there to help me. So if the offer still stands…"

The Queen stood silently. It wasn't often that someone silenced her and then said exactly what she wanted to hear. She had gotten her way without going back to her old self. It felt nice.

"Okay then. Just remember you asked me."

Faith nodded. It was funny. Even though Cordy had gotten her way she was still in bitch mode. "Of course your highness." Faith stood up, still holding her hand, and bowed in front of her majesty.

"Okay knock it off." Two girls laughed and sat back down at the booth.


Buffy sat on the front porch and watched the sun silently drift down behind the houses across the street. This had been the longest day of her life. She had no idea where Faith ran off to or why.

The thing that bothers her most was that Faith didn't even give her reason. None at all and that she didn't even say goodbye. It felt as if her heart had been torn completely out. Why did people always run away from her? What did she do?

"Nothing." She whispered. And at that moment there was only one thing going through her mind. Her father left because he wanted to, it had nothing to do with her. Angel left because he wanted to. He didn't have to leave but he did. Same with Riley. She spent months blaming herself for his departure.

Now Faith. Her 'soulmate' had run off and left her. That was it. No more. And with that Buffy said the one sentence that she never thought she would say.

"Fuck you, Faith."

...continued in Things Get Worse...