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Nothing To Do

by Davids21
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters. I am merely taking them for a spin.
Spoilers: End of season 5 and what I have seen for season 6.
Author's Notes: Welcome to smutland! This is my first (posted) NC-17 story. I just thought it would be fun to write a sex scene. If you are just starting, please read my first two story arcs. Pictures and its untitled sequel. Both of which can be found on Slayer Pride and Wicked and Divine. < > = means that Buffy and Faith are using their connection. ** = means regular thoughts. >< = means flashback.
Thanks: Once again to Sasha for making Slayer Pride and writing 'A whole new Scene'. Without that story I never would have wrote this. Thanks to Sway for giving crazy support and being my biggest cheerleader. Thanks to Nikita for the detailed feedback and the support. Thanks to Piper for the love and support as well. And one more thanks to my lady love. Dacia, you rule.

Faith sat up from her spot on the bed. She looked over at the clock. It was 10:30. *Time for day 89 of the job search* she thought. Faith pulled on a pair of sweatpants and went downstairs. She turned on the coffee pot and sat at the kitchen table. There was a note sitting on the table with her name on it.

Faith opened it and started reading.

	Hi baby,

	Dawn is going over Willow and Tara’s after school so you don’t have to
	pick her up. I’ll be home around 6:30 with dinner. I know you have been
	feeling down lately but don’t give up on finding a job. Either way I will
	always be here to support you. I love you,


Faith folded the letter back up. At least Buffy thought she could get a job. Every morning there was a note from her telling Faith that she could do it and not to worry. Only trouble was she didn’t think she could do it and it did make her worry. Every day she would get up and go out there.

Into the real world. At first, she was very excited about the whole thing. Her and Buffy side by side looking for work. Only thing was Buffy found a job before she did. Then, it was like the motivation to do anything was taken from her.

Instead of going to 6 places a day, she would only go to 3 or 4. And some days she would just wonder around Sunnydale until the late evening. Just so it would seem like she had been busy all day. She had gotten jobs before but none of them seemed to work for her. Sometimes it was the work. Other times it was the people.

Faith got up and poured herself a cup of coffee. She took it and went upstairs. Today was her favorite part of the job search process. The follow up. This was the part where she would have all of the places she filled out applications at tell her that they weren’t hiring at moment. Her personal favorite was that they would put the application on file.

The dark slayer pulled her hair into a ponytail. She stared at her reflection. “You can do this. You can.”

Funny part was she almost believed herself this time.


Buffy stared blankly at the computer screen. This was the part in the day where she got done with her assignments and had nothing to do. The slayer sighed and sat back in her chair. Her eyes trailed across her desk to the framed photo that was sitting to her right. It was a picture of her, Faith and Dawn. Buffy traced Faith’s face with her finger.

She had been worried about the dark slayer. Faith had been trying so hard and nothing was going her way. Every day when she and Dawn came home, they would find Faith sitting on the couch just staring at the ceiling. Sometimes, Buffy even thought that Faith did actually go out and look for work but just ended up wondering around town until the afternoon. Occasionally, Buffy would try and make up things for Faith to do during the day. Like picking up Dawn from school.

She didn’t want to come off like she was trying to be Faith’s mom. She just wanted her to be happy. That was the most important thing to do to her. Faith being happy. She deserved it. With all that had happened to her over the last few weeks, it was owed to her. Everyone knew it. Everyone except Faith.

Buffy silently whispered an ‘I love you’ to the picture and went back to staring at the screen.


Faith walked through the sewer. The ‘follow up’ portion of the day went as she predicted. She had her filled of ‘sorry, we have a full staff’ and ‘we’ll keep your application on file’. So what’s the best way to unwind after being rejected all day?

“What I was built for...” Faith whispered as she crept down the waterway. Suddenly she heard the sound of a fight from around the corner. “Looks like I’m gonna have some fun after all.” Her heart was racing. Ready for whatever was around there.

But before she got a chance to make her move, a rather nasty looking demon floated past her with an axe jammed into its skull. Faith walked over to it and gave it a nudge with her foot. Then she heard a voice.

“Well, that was a bloody disappointment.” Spike said as he pulled the axe out of the demon. He turned and saw Faith standing there.

“What are you doing here?” Faith asked.

The vampire grinned and pulled out his cigarettes. “Same as you, I’d imagine..”

Faith shook her head. “No, I don’t go around picking fights.”

“Oh come come slayer. I know you. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re a fight junkie. It’s the first step you know.” Spike leaned on a nearby ladder.

“Yeah.” Faith sat on the walkway. For some strange reason, out of all of the scoobies, she felt the most comfortable around Spike. It kind of reminded her of when she would spend time with Angel. He didn’t pry about what was going on with her and was willing to listen. The others meant well but they would always act like she was on the verge of another breakdown.

“Well, if you’re up for it, I heard about another bunch of nasties lurking down here.” Spike got off the ladder and began walking down the waterway.

“What kind of ‘nasty’?” Faith asked.

Spike turned around and smiled at the slayer. “Does it really matter?”

Faith smiled and ran to catch up with him.


Buffy stepped out of the office building and walked towards her car. It had been a long day but now finally she was on her time. The sun was slowly going down and she was itching to get some slaying in. She had been taking it easy the last few weeks while she got adjusted to her job.

Plus it would be a good chance for her and Faith to spend some quality time. Which was always a good thing. As Buffy pulled her keys out of her purse she heard the sound of a manhole opening off in the distance.

*Or I could get some slaying in now* she thought. Then she looked down at the cashmere sweater and the long black skirt she was wearing. *Why do the forces of evil always attack when I’m wearing a new outfit?*

Buffy followed the sound to a dark corner of the parking lot. She saw two figures climbing out of the manhole. One of them she knew right away. “Faith?”

The raven haired girl came out of the shadows. It looked as if she had been in a car wreck. Her black jeans were ripped up and splattered with purple and green stains. Her tanktop had tear across her chest so her sports bra could be seen. Faith’s hair was still in a ponytail which made the gash above her eyebrow look worse than it actually was.

Buffy could almost feel Faith’s heart beating from where she was standing. And the blonde would have told her how sexy she looked. If Faith didn’t reek of sewer.

“Hey, B.” Faith said as she practically skipped over towards her girlfriend.

“Hello slayer.” Spike stepped out of the shadow. He also looked like he was in the same car wreck that Faith was in. Plus his shoulder looked as if it was dislocated.

“Guys. What happened to you?” Buffy asked.

“There were a pair of Polgara demons down in the sewers.” Faith answered.

Buffy raised an eyebrow. “And you were in the sewer because...”

“And I know it doesn’t look like it, but we kicked their asses.” Spike laughed as he gave Faith a pat on the back. “Well then, thanks for the lovely afternoon, Faith. Be seeing you.” And with that the vampire walked off.

Buffy stood there and looked her girlfriend over. “And to think I was going to invite you to come out on patrol with me tonight.”

Faith smiled. “If it makes you feel any better, I am in a better mood.”

Buffy nodded. “Well I got some sweats in the car and you are changing before you get in this car.”

“Why is that?”

“No offense, honey, but you aren't getting polgara blood on the interior of the car. Not when it still has the new car smell.”

The slayers walked over to car and Buffy opened the trunk. She pulled out a gym bag and tossed to Faith.

“You want me to change out here?” Faith smirked.

“No silly. You are going to put these on over your clothes and then I’m going to take you home so you can hose off.” Buffy laughed.

“Like you never got into a sewer fight before.”


Buffy came into the bedroom to hear the sound of the shower running. She had changed out her work clothes and had on a pair of black sweatpants and was currently trying to find a shirt to put on. She tapped on the bathroom door to get Faith’s attention.

The door slowly drifted open and Buffy saw her counterpart in the shower. The shower curtain wasn’t closed all the way so she could still see Faith. The blonde watched as the water washed over the brunette’s body. Her eyes locked onto Faith’s chest. Faith ran her washcloth over her breasts. Circling them over and over.

Buffy continued watching as the washcloth went down the dark slayer’s thigh, down to her calf and back up to her shaven pussy. Faith put down the cloth and turned to let the water run through her hair.

Then Buffy heard a familiar voice in her head.

<Are you getting in here or what?>

Buffy smiled. <How did you know I was out here?>

<I heard you come in. Enhanced hearing has its perks.> Faith pulled the curtain back and revealed herself to Buffy. Her entire body was on fire. Screaming for the other slayer to touch her. Faith bit her lip as she watched Buffy pull down her sweatpants and her panties. The elder slayer was also trimmed and her pubic hair was a nice brown triangle above her pussy.

Buffy held her breath as she unhooked her bra. Every time she and Faith got ready to make love it always felt like her first time. Because each time felt as intimate as the first they did it. Buffy’s petite breasts bounced slightly as they were freed from their prison. Buffy’s eyes locked onto Faith’s. The brunette reached her hand out to her. Buffy took the girl’s hand and stepped into the shower.

The hot water splashed onto Buffy’s back. The blonde jumped as the stream of water hit the small of her back. Faith turned her around and let the shower splash across Buffy’s breasts. Faith’s hands ran across Buffy’s stomach. Her fingers traced down onto the smaller girl’s hips. Buffy leaned back onto Faith.

The raven haired girl rested her chin on Buffy’s shoulder and ran her hands back up onto her breasts. Faith cupped Buffy’s tits and gently squeezed them. Her thumb and forefinger captured Buffy’s right nipple and began sliding back and forth. The blonde let out a little moan as she felt her partner’s lips tug at her left earlobe.

<I missed you...> Buffy lifted Faith’s leg so her thigh was against her hip. Her right hand was sliding up to Faith’s ass. Buffy squeezed it gently and put her other hand on the back of the dark slayer’s head. Her fingers tangled themselves in the brown hair.

Faith opened her mouth and gently placed her lips onto Buffy’s collarbone. She gently ran her mouth back and forth from Buffy’s neck down to her shoulder. The older slayer groaned once again as Faith gave her tits a firm squeeze. Buffy turned around and pushed Faith against the back of the shower.

Buffy stood in front of Faith. She opened her legs slightly. Faith instinctively shifted so her thigh would rest between Buffy’s legs. The blonde slowly rocked so Faith’s thigh would rub against her clit. Faith grinned as she felt Buffy’s warmth on her leg. Buffy smiled back at her and began massaging Faith’s tits. Buffy felt her girlfriend’s nipples grow erect from her touch.

It was now Faith’s turn to moan but before she could Buffy’s mouth was covering hers. The slayers’ tongues flickered into each others mouth. Buffy increased her rocking on Faith’s thigh. Her clit was on fire. Begging to be touched. Faith broke the kiss and pushed Buffy back so she was under the shower head.

The water ran down Buffy’s chest. Faith kneeled in front of her girlfriend. She lifted Buffy’s leg and put it over her shoulder. Buffy leaned back against the wall and arched her back. Faith gently ran her finger back and forth across Buffy’s swollen clit. Opening her pussy just enough so that the water would splash on her pussy.

The blonde shuddered as the hot water ran over her clit. “Oh baby...”

Faith’s eyes looked up at Buffy. “You enjoying yourself?”

“Y-you could say...mmm...that...” Buffy groaned. She wasn’t too sure how much more she could take. Just the fact that Faith had her finger on her pleasure center was enough to send her over the edge. That was the thing though. Faith always knew exactly how to bring Buffy to that point to where she would almost be ready to climax and make the moment last as long as possible.

Faith smiled. She loved the control that she had over Buffy. <Are you ready, B?>

The blonde slayer nodded. Faith moved her finger down to Buffy’s entrance and dipped it inside. At the same time, she locked her lips onto Buffy’s clit. The dark slayer circled it with her tongue. Swallowing all the juices that Buffy was releasing into her mouth. Faith increased the speed of her finger that was sliding in and out of Buffy.

Buffy grabbed the back of Faith’s head. Her entire body was tingling with pleasure. Her muscles tensed as her body prepared for its release. Faith sensed Buffy’s moment was approaching. She slid another finger inside of the blonde and began sucking her clit as if it were a third nipple.

Buffy groaned loudly. This was it. She became as ridged as a plank. Her hand grabbed Faith’s head and held it in place as she exploded into her girlfriend’s mouth. Faith continued working Buffy’s pussy until she was sure that the slayer had nothing else to give.

The blonde smiled and slid down into the tub. Faith picked up Buffy and cradled her in her arms. She sat the smaller slayer on the bed and went back into the bathroom to get a pair of towels. When Faith returned, she saw that Buffy was sitting up and hiding something behind her back.

<Whatcha got there?> Faith asked as she walked in.

Buffy smiled and revealed that she had a strap on behind her back. <I thought that I could try this out on you.>

Faith raised an eyebrow. Looks like tonight was going to be entertaining. And to think she was worried about not having anything to do.


New Orleans...
3 months ago...

Bill wheeled the bodybag down the hallway towards the morgue. This body had been found burned badly in a nearby hotel. As far as anyone could tell, the body had been there for a couple of days.

Bill parked the cart. He looked at his watch. 12:30. It was lunchtime. But as Bill moved to leave the morgue, he heard a whimpering from inside of one the bags.

“What the..” he grumbled. Bill unzipped the bag he had just brought down. Inside of it was a woman who was burned beyond any recognition.

“Eww.” Bill began to zip the bag up when suddenly the body jumped at him and latched onto his neck. He felt his heart slow as the blood was pulled from his veins. Soon, the morgue attendant was dropped to the floor dead. The body then started whirling around Bill’s corpse. It smiled and whispered into Bill’s ear:

“I am coming for you slayer.”

...continued in Faith's First Day...