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Pictures: Sometimes You Lose

by Davids21
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters. I am merely taking them for a spin.
Spoilers: End of season 5 and wild speculation.
Author's Notes: This part seven of the Pictures story.
Thanks To: Sasha Chase, Pat Kelly, Kirsten and Swayslayer for the kick ass stories. And thanks to my girlfriend Dacia. No matter how much you want me to I am not going to kill them off. It isn't my place.

Buffy gently placed Faith on the ground and stood to face Kendra. "I never thought that it was you."

Kendra glared at her former partner. "They would've picked you but you just wouldn't stay dead long enough."

"Look who's talking." Buffy shot back as she stepped in front of Faith. "I won't let you her again."

"Somehow I doubt that."

Buffy focused on Kendra's right hand and saw that she had the orb in her possession. The energy that pulsated seemed to be calling out to the blonde slayer. It was almost hypnotic. "How did you know about the orb?"

The evil slayer smiled as she lifted the orb to her eye level. "Did you ever study anything about your heritage? The existence of the orb of Themscriya was closely guarded secret among the watchers of this period. According to their diaries the orb could greatly augmented the slayer's power to near god-like levels."

*Maybe that's why Lucy sent us after it. Because if the evil slayer got to it first, this would happen.* Buffy thought as she carefully glanced back to check on Faith. She wasn't there. She turned her focus back to Kendra as to not overplay her hand. "But you are as strong as I am, why do you even need the orb?"

Kendra smiled at Buffy as she calmly pointed the orb at Buffy. "Because not only does the orb enhance our kind, it can utterly destroy us as well."

Suddenly, Faith jumped out of the shadows and was flying at Kendra full force. Kendra turned on her heels and the orb was pointing at Faith.

"See, I told you Faith was dead." The orb crackled as the evil slayer charged it with as much power as she could. Buffy leapt at Kendra but it was too late.

Faith calmly closed her eyes and whispered "I love you, Buffy." The orb's blast struck and the raven-haired slayer exploded leaving no trace of her.

Kendra dropped to her knees breathing heavily. She had done it. One slayer down, One to go. "Now…I think it's your turn, Blondie." She pointed the orb at Buffy.

The slayer stared at ground with her fist clenched tightly. It had happened again. As soon as she found love it was torn away from her again. It wasn't fair. She had just gotten Faith back and now she lost her again. This time forever. First it was her dad, then it was Angel, then Riley and her mother. Now Faith. She closed her fist even tighter than before. Her heart began racing and tears slowly fell from her eyes. Buffy didn't feel any sadness. Just rage. Rage that was begging for her to release it.

"Never again." She whispered as Kendra's blast hurtled towards her. Buffy caught the blast in her hand and tossed it back at the girl who had sent it.

Kendra rolled out of the way as her blast came flying back at her. She got to her feet and saw the blonde girl floating a couple of feet above the floor. Grey lightning crackled around her. Buffy opened her eyes. Her pupils had turned red and rest of her eye was clouded over. She looked at Kendra and pointed at her.

"You are the one doesn't belong. You shall pay for what you have done." Her voice had become hollow and lightning intensified around her.

Kendra stalked towards Buffy. She was trying to call on the orb's power but nothing was happening. Kendra had exhausted a great deal of energy over the last few days and it had finally caught up with her. It didn't matter. She killed one slayer and she would kill one more. "Fancy tricks and words mean nothing. Let your actions speak for you."

Buffy smiled and causally lifted her hand upwards. The ground beneath Kendra opened up and she fell inside. The blonde then waved her hand back and forth and closed the ground once again.

Suddenly there was a scream from underground and the caramel skinned slayer burst from the ground. She stood hunched over as she watched Buffy float towards her.

"I am glad you survived that Kendra. Because I am going to make you suffer for your crimes." Buffy landed in front of the other slayer.

Kendra growled and threw a punch at Buffy. But the force of the energy pushed Kendra back outside to wreckage of Buffy's jeep. "You won't beat me. I killed my watcher, Darla, Drusilla and my replacement. There is no way you can stop me."

"Her name is Faith!" Buffy shouted as she fired an energy blast at the girl.

Kendra did her best to get out of the way but the blast tore through the ground and struck her. She slammed to the ground and suddenly realized what was going on.

*It was never supposed to be me. It was going to be Buffy all along. And I just killed the one thing that was keeping her in check.* She thought as rolled to dodge another blast from Buffy. Kendra closed her eyes channeled all the power she could summon into another blast. *I have to figure out how to stop her and the only person who would know I killed.*

"Fuck!" Kendra screamed as she fired at Buffy. Was it really that hopeless?


The last thing she saw before the blast was Buffy. The look in her eyes said it all. 'Don't do it' they pleaded. But it had to be done. If she could weaken Kendra by making her put all she had into one shot, maybe then Buffy would have a chance.

She closed her eyes and waited for death to embrace her. She tried to scream as her very essence was ripped apart but no sound came out. Suddenly she was floating. She didn't know she was or how she gotten there but she was sure that this wasn't death. Then she slammed against something. Her eyes blinked open and looked to see where she was.

Fog. As far as she could see nothing but fog. Then she heard someone crying out for help. She looked over edge of the road to see a familiar person hanging there.

She reached out her hand towards the person and hauled them onto the road with her.

The woman stood up. "Thank you, Faith. I thought I would never get back here."

Faith smiled sadly at her. "Anytime Lucy. So is this the part where you take me to my final resting place."

Lucy shook her head. "No. Your 'death' has set in motion a chain of events that we never foresaw happening."

"What do you mean? Any minute now Buffy will finish off Kendra and send her so I can spend the rest of eternity kicking her ass."

"Faith, your death has sent Buffy over the edge. Apparently, this was the plan along. Kendra was to kill you and Buffy would in turn unleash her true power and destroy all of existence."

Faith couldn't help but smile. Buffy loved her so much that she would destroy life as we know it just to make things right. "So, what are we supposed to do?"

Lucy smiled at the raven-haired slayer. "The only thing that will make Buffy stop is you. The love between you two is strong enough to break the rage that is consuming her."

"Ok, just send me back and I'll save all existence." Faith said when suddenly four men in red robes appeared in front of her and Lucy.

One man stepped forward and spoke. "I am sorry Faith but that will not be allowed."


Angel, Gunn, and Wesley made their way over to Angel's car.

"At least your car's here." Gunn as he popped the trunk and began pulling out the stash of weapons that they kept in the trunk. He tossed a battle-axe to Wesley.

Wesley caught it and gave it a few practice swings. "So, Angel, what is our plan of attack?"

"I know. We run up on her and beat her ass for beating our asses. Did that sound right?"

"Gunn that is hardly a plan."

"So then what's your idea. Read her some old British poem until she falls asleep and then beat her ass."

Angel ignored his friends bickering as he caught the scent of someone he knew very well. Even though it felt kind of different he knew it was her. "Buffy." Angel ran off into the shadows.

Gunn and Wesley watched as the vampire run off.

Gunn shook his head. "Where the hell is he going? He better not be going crazy again." Wesley was just about to respond when an explosion erupted from over where Angel went. Two men looked at each other and nodded.

They hobbled off after their friend.


Kendra was going all out to dodge Buffy's blasts. The only thing that was keeping her ahead of them was the fact that the orb was boosting her natural agility. She looked at her former friend and saw that she looked nothing like herself.

Her skin had turned a pale gray and her eyes had changed from being mist colored to full on red. The lightening around her had changed as well. In fact the only thing that even looked like her old self was her blonde hair. Now the power that was once Kendra's had become Buffy's. And the way she was wielding it appeared like it was meant to be hers all along.

Kendra shook her head as she flipped out of the way of another blast. She had been used again. She played like the thing she proclaimed she wasn't. A pawn. Kendra screamed. Her voice was full of rage and anger. She called on her the last of her reserves and channeled her very life force through the orb causing it to shatter into a million pieces.

Her energy slammed into Buffy. The blonde staggered slightly and continued to move in on Kendra.

The black slayer stood there and watched as Buffy walked towards her. The orb was gone and she had given all that she had to right what she had done wrong. Kendra's vision slowly blurred as her heartbeat began to slow. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"I'm sorry, Sam. I hope you can forgive me." And with that she fell to the ground.

Buffy walked over to her and lifted her up by the collar. She shook the girl but nothing happened. She was dead. Buffy dropped the lifeless body to the ground. Kendra was dead but not by her hands. She was cheated of her revenge.

"IF I CANNOT HAVE MY REVENGE ON KENDRA THEN THIS WHOLE PLANET WILL SUFFER!" Buffy yelled as a shockwave crashed through every window in a three-mile radius.

Then, Angel slowly walked from the shadows. "I don't think so."


Faith staggered back the man in the robe punched her again. She couldn't take him all at once. Every time she punched one, another was there to punch or kick her. Normally, four on one didn't bother her but this time things weren't going her way.

Lucy did her best to help but she was still too weak to do any damage. So, it was all up to Faith. The brunette slammed another kick into one of her opponents but was promptly kicked by the three behind her.

*This is getting stupid.* She thought as she flipped to her feet again.

Lucy sat up from her spot on the ground. She saw that Faith was being overwhelmed and that there was only one person who could help her.

"FUCK!" Faith crashed to the ground again. That was when she saw another figure step out of the mist. Faith stood and wiped the blood from her forehead.

It was Kendra. "I do believe that you are fighting a telekinetic with telepathic abilities."

Faith looked at the other slayer. "What the hell are you talking?"

"Did you dizzy women ever study? He's kicking your ass with his mind. So, kill one and you kill them all."

The two grinned as they rushed at the hooded men. The pair stopped and spin kicked two of them off the road. Kendra grabbed the one of the two that were left and tossed him off as well.

Faith grabbed the last one by his head and violently twisted his neck. "That's what you get for fucking with the slayers." The two turned and gave each other a high five.

"Good job, Faith." Kendra smiled at Faith. At least she was good at the job. Then Faith slugged Kendra as hard as she could. Kendra spun to ground in a heap.

"If you ever fuck with Lucy, B, or me again, I'll do a lot more than just break your jaw."

Lucy took Faith by the hand led her up the road. "It's time. By the way nice shot."


No matter how hard they tried they just couldn't get through Buffy's energy shield. Her power was building at a phenomenal rate.

"My word." Wesley said as he stumbled to the ground again.

"This reminds there's something I have been meaning to ask you." Gunn said as he helped Wesley to his feet.

"What is it?"

"Why the hell do I hang around with y'all?"

The two went tumbling to ground again. Angel had managed to get within yelling distance of Buffy.

"This isn't the way Buffy. I know you are hurting but you can't let the rage overtake you. Destroying the world won't bring Faith back! You must know that!"

Buffy grimly looked at Angel. Her skin had turned stone gray and two burning red flames had replaced her eyes. "SHUT UP! I HAVE LOST MORE THAN ANYONE AND NOW I AM TAKING BACK WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE!"

Angel was flung back again. He was just about to try again when he heard a voice say "Chill, deadboy. I got this."

Faith walked through Buffy's energy field. She was shimmering with a blend of silver and gold. She gently placed her hand on Buffy's shoulder. "Buffy. I am right here. I want you to know that I am not afraid anymore. I know that my reason for being here is to be with you. I will love you everyday for the rest of my life."

Buffy turned to see Faith standing there almost shimmering. "I can't stop it Faith. The power it's too much."

Faith took Buffy's hands into hers. "Don't worry B. It's five by five."

And then there was an explosion.

...continued in Girlfriends...