Stellar Thoughts
by Davids21
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters. I am merely taking them for a spin.
Spoilers: Season 3 . . . sort of. Oh yeah and pretend that Angel never came back from Hell.
Notes/Thanks: The song is 'Stellar' by Incubus. I guess the main inspiration for this came from the wonderful and talented Michele who continues remind that I don't suck as much I think I do and that sometime the best stories come from nothing. Piper, you just keep on posting my stuff and I love you for it. Faithful Chickie for reminding me of the fun of smut. And to Nikita and Sway, I hope you both have a happy new year. * * = contains thoughts
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//Meet me in outer space/We could spend the night/watch the earth come up...//I've grown tired of that place/ won't you come with me?/We could start again...

It was a little past sundown and Buffy had already done a sweep of a couple of cemeteries. It had been a pretty slow night. Not that she was complaining, no vampires meant that there was no chance of her messing up her new outfit. She couldn't really explain why she would go through the hassle of getting dressed up for fighting the forces of evil. You would figure that she was going out to club the night away. Tonight's outfit featured her black leather jacket and a slinky black top that tied behind her neck. In the front, the center of her chest was exposed and a silver cross dangled between her breasts. The back of the top exposed her shoulder blades and dipped just below the small of her back. The material could be called silk because of how it felt against her skin. Her skin tight red leather pants hugged her hips so tightly that it was just more comfortable to not wear any panties. And rounding out the look, Buffy had pulled her hair back into a loose ponytail and a glossy red lipstick on her lips. Her high heeled boots crunched across the gravel pathway that led into the graveyard.

Although, you couldn't get her to admit it, she was looking for Faith. She hadn't seen the dark slayer in a few days and well, Buffy was starting to miss her. She had wanted to make up for not going to the homecoming dance with her partner and promised that next time they had the chance they would get to have their night out. The following night, Buffy spent hours getting ready to go out with her fellow slayer. And she went looking for Faith that night she wasn't there. Maybe Faith had gotten occupied with something and would catch up with her later. But she didn't. And the next few nights, Buffy would do this routine. Get dressed up, look for Faith, not see her. A few times she would go by her hotel to see if she had checked out. But she hadn't. It was kinda weird. And even when Mr. Trick and Ethan Rayne had shown up with their 'Band Candy', Faith hadn't shown. But that mess had finally gotten care of so, Buffy went back to her routine.

*Kinda of getting a little obsessive,* Buffy thought as she walked past couple more grave sites. She knew that Faith could take care of herself but it had begun to take over her thoughts. Where was she was okay? Would she ever see her again? Would she ever see Faith's sexy smile again?

Buffy groaned loudly. And there was this recent development. After the first couple of nights of looking for Faith, Buffy began dreaming about her. At first, it was the standard 'spending time with Faith' dream which didn't really scare her. Then came the 'Dancing with Faith' dream. It was a little strange but, girls dance with other girls all the time no big deal. But the last couple of nights had been 'Spending time, dancing with, and having sex with Faith' dreams and that was driving Buffy crazy. She couldn't explain it. How could have this happened? Her and Faith? Having sex? With each other? At first it really bothered her but, as of late, she was starting to be more and more comfortable with the idea. And that was giving her major league wiggins.

*Faith wouldn't be into that anyway. Ohmigod, do I want her to be into that? Ohmigod, am I into that?* Buffy rubbed the bridge of her nose.

"What the hell is going on with me?"

Suddenly, the blonde slayer found herself being driven into a nearby headstone. Buffy slammed into the concrete slab almost ass first shattering it on impact. Before she even had a chance to shake it off the attacker was on top of her. Buffy looked up and saw that her attacker was the one thing she wasn't really looking for. A rather hungry and dirty (because of the whole rising from the dead thing) looking vampire who had the slayer at quite the disadvantage. His legs were on either side of her and squeezing the air out her. He also had her arms above her head and his hands had also pinned her wrists to the ground. Buffy squirmed and bucked her hips trying to get the vamp off of her to no avail. She just couldn't the leverage to lift him off. The vamp smiled evilly at Buffy who continued struggling underneath him.

"Don't worry, little girl. Daddy knows what you need." He smirked. He bared his fangs and slowly lowered his face towards her neck. Buffy strained with all her might, hoping that she would be able to get him off of her but she was still dizzy from almost breaking her ass. This couldn't be the way it was going to end.

Then, she heard the crack of a fist slamming into the skull of her would be killer and a voice that she hadn't heard a very long time.

"Hey, B. Miss me?"

Buffy watched as the vampire flew off of her and landed a couple of feet away. Then in strode Faith. Her walk exuding every ounce of the confidence that seemed to always radiate from somewhere deep inside of her. Faith's leather clad hips swayed to a natural rhythm all their own. Her arms swinging at her sides, dark brown hair that seemed to be flowing through the night air just added to the bad girl image Faith had perfected. She flashed Buffy that badass smile that was hers and hers alone.

/How do you do it?/ Make me feel like you do./How do you do it?...

"Chill for a sec, B. I got him." Faith continued her stride towards the fallen vampire. The vampire flipped back up to his feet and growled loudly. Faith slowly slid tongue over her lips. In smooth motion, the brunette slayer pulled her stake from the inside pocket of her black leather jacket, spun on her heels and drove the stake straight into the vamp's heart.

Buffy, who had been watching the whole time, suddenly felt a weird tingle go down her spine, through her arms and legs, and end up settling in her crotch. Watching Faith had turned her on. In fact it had gotten her excited. More excited than any dream had gotten her. Her cheeks had turned bright red and her eyes were locked onto her fellow slayer walked back towards her.

"That was fun. So how's it goin', girlfriend?" Faith reached out her hand to Buffy.

Buffy's eyes lingered there. Drinking in the beautiful sight in front of her. After all the waiting and disappointment that had come before, Faith was finally here. And Buffy was just dumbstruck by what she saw. Even in her dreams, Buffy couldn't imagine just incredible Faith looked. Her lips were cherry red and her chocolate brown eyes filled with so much fire and strength that she was lost in them.

"B, are you going to let me help you up or should I keep doing my statue impression?"

And her voice was just so smooth and sexy. Just hearing Faith say anything made her whole body tingle. Buffy slowly reached out for the younger slayer's hand and pulled herself up.

"Thanks, Faith." Buffy smiled as she pulled herself up.

"Looking good tonight, girlfriend. What's the special occasion?" Faith asked as the girls began walking towards the exit of cemetery.

"Can't a girl get dressed up for a night of slayage?"

Faith smirked. "Whatever you say."

A comfortable silence passed between the two girls. It wasn't because they didn't have anything to say to each other, it's more because they just seemed to know when to talk and when to be quiet. But Buffy wanted to talk. She wanted to tell Faith everything she was feeling right now, which would be a little difficult to explain to be honest, and everything she had felt leading up to this moment. But how do you tell someone, who has been nothing more than a close friend, that you want something more than that. But she wasn't even sure what she even wanted from Faith. Of course she had gotten turned on by watching the other slayer but, that could be just apart of the whole 'hungry and horny' thing Faith was always preaching about. But what about the dreams?

"Somethin' on your mind tonight, B?" Faith asked as they walked out of the cemetery.

"Naah. It's nothing." The blonde had almost convinced herself that time. It was something. And the more she tried to beat it down and deny it, the harder it would be to deal with. She shoved her hands into her pockets nervously and sighed. What should she do? Should she let it go and chalk it up to high hormones or take chance and try to figure these feelings? Or should she go kill something and forget about the whole thing?

Faith nodded and pulled out her pack of cigarettes and her trusty Zippo lighter. "Well, it was fun hanging with you but I am gonna split." She turned on her heels and started walking towards the shitty motel. And for a second, she paused. At first it looked like she was just trying to light up but if you saw the expression on her face, you would think something completely different. It was as if she was waiting for Buffy to say something. Anything.

In that one moment Buffy stood there watching Faith fumble with her lighter, she wanted to speak. She wanted to say to Faith 'stay' or `can we talk' but with all the emotions going through just then the doubt, the lust and even quite possibly the love, one feeling took over all those things. Fear. Fear that Faith would laugh at her or even reject her or every horrible situation that could happen would happen if she asked Faith to stay.

"Ok then. I'll see you around then." Buffy said trying her best to cover up the disappointment in herself.

Then she saw Faith take a drag from her cigarette and her shoulders drooped a little from the confident height they usually had. "Sure thing B."

Buffy watched as the brunette walked down the street she felt her heart literally sink to the bottom of her boots. How lame was that? She was the slayer. Fighter of evils. Killer of demons. And other shit like that. But she couldn't tell someone that she was starting to get feelings for them. *I guess not.*

She kept watching Faith until she was out of sight. What was it that was holding her back? Was it the same thing that held her back from giving Scott a chance? Of course him being a jerk had something to do with that. But what was holding her back just now? She knew what it was. The truth was she afraid. Afraid letting someone get close to her. Letting someone get as close as Angel did. Losing him destroyed her. And even though she told everyone around her that she was okay and that she was over Angel. She wasn't. And as long as she held onto that part of herself that still loved him, he wasn't really gone.

She looked up towards the clear night sky and saw the stars shining above her. "But you are gone. And I'm scared Angel. I don't want to let go of what we had..." Her voice was like a whisper. Tears slid down her cheek and Buffy looked towards the ground shaking her head. She would never stop loving Angel. Never. But she didn't want to be afraid of allowing herself to care about someone else. Even if the someone else turned out to be a slayer.

Buffy looked up at sky again with tears in her eyes. "Tell me what I should do. Because I don't know."

Then a star streaked across the sky leaving a sparkle across the darkness brighter than anything in the sky that night. Buffy smiled as she saw it go off into infinity. And as she turned to walk towards Faith's motel, she looked up at the night sky and whispered.

"Goodbye. I'll always love you..."


Buffy stood outside of the door to Faith's room. This was it. Of course it would be helpful if she could get the nerve to knock on the door. She took a deep breath trying desperately to calm her nerves. She felt that familiar doubt begin to creep its way into her thoughts. But before she had a chance to entertain those thoughts, the door to Faith's room opened. And there she was. Faith. Her dark brown hair surrounding her face and draping wildly over her shoulders. Her white tanktop clung to her frame and showed off her midriff slightly. She had one hand in her pocket and the other held her cigarette.

"Hey, B."

"Hey. Can we talk?" Buffy looked into Faith's eyes. Trying to tell the other slayer just how important this conversation was to her. Faith stepped aside and let Buffy walk inside. *No turning back now.* Buffy took her coat off and sat on the bed.

The brunette tossed her now finished smoke out the door and closed it behind her. "What is it? Is the world ending again?"

Buffy smiled. "No such luck."

"Then tell me what's on your mind." Faith sat down on the dresser across from the elder slayer.

Buffy rubbed her palms on her pants nervously. In all the thinking and weighing the options, she had no idea what to say to Faith. But then she realized, what she should've said a long time ago. She stopped looking at the floor and looked straight into Faith's eyes once again. "You are."

//It's better than I ever knew./Meet me in outer space./I will hold you close, if you're afraid of heights...

Faith didn't say anything. She just continued staring at Buffy as if she couldn't believe what she had heard.

"Remember after Homecoming, we had said we were going to hang out?"

Faith shook her head.

"Well, I was really looking forward to it. I went out looking for you the next night and you weren't around. And then the next night I went out and you never turned up. And for the next couple of nights, I kept on looking. I just wanted to know that you were ok."

"I was coming back. You had to know that right." Faith said lightly.

"I knew. But every night that went by...every time I didn't see just made what I was starting to....I mean...what I do feel... stronger." Buffy paused. The words were coming to her and as she said them, the confidence in what she was feeling grew.

"B...what are you...I..." Faith still looking at Buffy in disbelief.

Buffy stood and walked up to Faith. She reached out for the dark slayer's hand. Faith gently slid her hand into Buffy's. The blonde smiled from the touch. She was excited and at the same time, very calm. There was a balance to her emotions, finally. Angel was her past. He taught her to love with her heart and for that she would be forever grateful to him. But in that simple little touch of Faith's hand she felt like there was no else who would ever get her like Faith would. If she would just give her the chance.

"I have been having....these dreams about you... and me....and..."

But before she could finish say what was on her mind, Faith had leaned in and gently kissed her. Buffy's lips closed onto Faith's top lip and released it. The blonde shyly dipped her tongue in between Faith's lips as they continued. The brunette's tongue met Buffy's and slid against it. Then they pressed their lips together once again and pulled apart smiling.

"Faith...I..." Buffy started but was silenced as Faith's hand reached up and let her blonde hair free from its ponytail. Her eyes closed as the dark slayer's fingers slid through her hair and rest at the back of her neck. And then her forehead gently came forward until it touched Faith's.

"Buffy, I know. `Cause I feel it too. I have felt it from the moment I asked to you to the dance... Maybe even before then.... I just wasn't sure if what I was feeling was real..."

Buffy smiled. "You called me Buffy. You never call me Buffy."

Faith laughed. "I guess I finally learned how to pronounce the 'uffy' part...."

Then, for the second time that night, a silence came over the slayers. And as before the pair weren't quiet for lack of things to say but because it just felt right. Buffy pulled Faith into an embrace. The older slayer rested her head on Faith's chest and listened to her heartbeat. She smiled.

"I never thought we would ever get here." Buffy whispered still hypnotized by the sound of her partner's heart pounding away. God, this felt so right.

"Me either..." Faith tilted the smaller slayer's head up a bit and began kissing her deeply. Buffy felt herself melting into the other slayer's arms. Opening her mouth more allowing Faith's tongue to further explore her mouth. Their tongues' continue flicking and sliding against each other. At first Buffy's hands stayed on Faith's hips but soon they began exploring the small of the dark slayer's back.

Buffy moaned into Faith's mouth as the brunette's hands began roaming her back. Then Faith untied her shirt from the back of her neck. The blonde gasped as she felt the top come down and reveal her breasts to Faith who immediately made herself familiar with them. Her strong hands began kneading at Buffy's chest. A deep growl of desire made its way out of Buffy from somewhere deep inside her. Any doubt she was having was gone. All that was felt was a strong fire burning through her entire body.

"Faith..." Buffy gasped unable to describe what was racing through her. Faith looked into Buffy's hazel eyes and knew what her partner wanted. Faith lifted Buffy onto the dresser and kissed her fiercely. Buffy felt a tug at the top of her pants. She leaned back against the mirror that was behind her and watched Faith pull her pants down to the tops of her boots. Faith ducked down and rose up between Buffy's legs so that her calves rested on her shoulders. The dark slayer hesitated for a moment and looked up at the naked woman that she was about to pleasure.

//I need you to see this place, it might be the only way/That I can show you how...

"B..." Faith's face was flushed with so much lust, passion and something that Buffy hadn't really noticed until just at that moment. Buffy ran her fingers through Faith's dark brown hair and placed her hand on the back of her head. She pulled Faith's face closer to her crotch almost daring her to do something to it. Faith stuck her tongue out and slid it between the blonde slayer's lips. Buffy groaned as she felt the skillful tongue of the dark slayer make its way up to her hyper-sensitive clit. At this point, Faith could just breathe on it and she would explode. Buffy started grinding against Faith's mouth, mashing her clit against the brunette's tongue. The blonde's hand tightly held her partner's head in place as the young girl continued to stroke away at her core.

Faith smiled to herself as her nose rubbed into Buffy's pubic hair. She sensed the building tension inside of the slayer and began focus her mouth onto Buffy's clit. Her lips gently tugged at it and her tongue switched back and forth from flicking at it with the tip of it to big long licks which made Buffy's entire body shudder.

//It feels to be inside of you...

"Oh shit...Faith..please..." Buffy gasped repeatedly. She couldn't hold it in any longer. At first she was a little shy about cumming while Faith's mouth was so firmly clamped onto her but, there was only so much that she could take. Buffy felt a tremor run up her spine and began making a sort of a panting sound. She was there, she had to be there. It wasn't possible for every inch of her body to be tingling and not be there.

"Ohmigod...I don't ...think ...I can take ..too much...more..." Faith had started sliding two of her fingers into Buffy's pussy while she continued her assault on the blonde's clit. Buffy practically screamed as she felt the fingers driving deeply into her. Faith had brought her right to the verge of her orgasm but instead of letting her climax, she held her there. For what seemed like forever. The dark slayer continued working Buffy. Wanting to be sure that this was the single most memorable orgasm that Buffy had ever had.

The pace of Faith's fingers increased, as did the pace of her tongue which never seemed to tire. Buffy began to writhe around from Faith's actions, praying that this was finally the moment she would fall over the edge. The slayer felt another jolt of electricity shoot through her body and rest in her crotch. Her hand, which had been bracing her against the wall, slammed into the dresser she was sitting on.

"God! I am gonna ....Oh Fuck! Faith!" Buffy practically howled as she exploded on the face of the brunette slayer. Faith, not missing a beat, continued her attack. Licking Buffy faster and harder, slamming her soaked fingers in and out the blonde's core, swallowing every drop that was being released into her mouth. Buffy's right leg started to quiver as she felt a second orgasm drive itself through her body. This was bordering on insane. As the second climax ran its course, Buffy felt a third orgasm course through her. Faith raised her eyes as Buffy found herself in a fourth orgasmic spasm and smiled wickedly.

The brunette slid her fingers out of Buffy and licked them. She slid her head under the blonde's legs. Faith tenderly pulled off the blonde's boots and pants and lifted her off of the dresser and cradled the elder slayer in her arms.

" still with me?" Faith gently placed the girl on the bed and lied down beside her.

"That was...amazin'..." She was still trying to catch her breath and slow her heart down because it felt like it was going to burst out of her chest. Buffy just couldn't believe what had happened. Just a few hours ago, she was lying in her bed dreaming about being with Faith in this way. And now she in bed with Faith recovering from sex she never thought possible.

An impish grin appeared on Buffy's face as she rolled onto her side and looked into Faith's brown eyes. She could see so much in them at that moment. The love, the passion, the fire that burned so strongly between them. And the only thing that she could think of saying to her at that moment was

"I love you, Faith."

The dark slayer smiled like she had never heard those words before. The smile on her face warmed Buffy's soul. Faith leaned in close to her and gently pressed her lips against to Buffy's forehead.

"I love you too, B. Always have."

Buffy gently traced her fingers along Faith's face and thanked the powers that be for allowing her to be here at this moment because there was no where else she wanted to be.

//How do you it?/Make me feel like you do./ How do you it?/ It's better than I ever knew / You are Stellar.

The End