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Pictures: The Things You Know

by Davids21
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters. I am merely taking them for a spin.
Spoilers: End of season 5 and wild speculation.
Author's Notes: This part four of the Pictures story.
Thanks To: Sasha Chase, Pat Kelly, Kirsten and Swayslayer for the kick ass stories. And thanks to my girlfriend Dacia. Because of her I got the idea to bring back someone.

Buffy awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. She got up from the floor and answered it. "Hello?" she said into the receiver. Her head felt like someone had jammed all sorts of new information into it all at once. She remembered being on the Ghostroads with Faith and Lucy.

"Hey Buffster." It was Xander.

"Hi, Xander. What's up?" Buffy said as she tried to get her thoughts in order. Lucy had told something about an evil super slayer and an orb that they could use to track her down.

"Just letting you know that Dawnie got to the party and that I'm picking her up on Sunday morning." Xander answered. "Buffy, are ok you sound a little freaked?"

"Nothing's wrong. I was just taking a nap when you called. So, thank you for taking Dawnie and I'll talk with you later." Buffy replied.

"Ok, if you need me, I'm just a phone call away. Later."

Buffy hung up the phone and went upstairs to her room. As she walked up the stairs it all came back. She had to find the orb of Themscriya and use it to find this new slayer. Only problem is she didn't know where to find it.

Buffy walked into her room and pulled her shirt off. She went to her closet and pulled out a towel made her way into the bathroom. Buffy slid out of her Capri pants and remaining underwear and wrapped a towel around her. She turned the shower on and tested the water. It was still a little cold so, she sat down on her bed and waited for the shower to warm up.

She grabbed the picture of Faith that was lying beside her. Buffy remembered what she had told her and how good it felt to have Faith standing by her side. Suddenly, she felt a surge of energy channel into her and something inside of her nudging her to try something.

Buffy closed her eyes tightly and focused her thoughts on Faith. As she reopened them, her pupils were clouded over by a gray mist. She could see what Faith was doing. It was like before only much clearer. Buffy closed her eyes again and released herself from the energy that had filled her essence.

As she opened her eyes, Buffy smiled.


Faith stopped in the middle of sidewalk. What had just happened? It was she could feel Buffy all around her but she was nowhere to be found. It scared her a little bit until, she realized what it was that she was feeling.

Lucy had told her that she and Buffy had linked on another level. Faith continued walking down the street. Had Buffy found a way to access the link? Faith closed her eyes and tried to concentrate. If Buffy could access the link so could she, right?

After about 10 minutes of standing on the sidewalk with her eyes closed, Faith gave up.

*Tougher than I thought.* Faith finally got to Buffy's house and knocked on the front door. She jiggled the handle to see that the door was unlocked. Faith quietly slid inside of the house and closed the door behind her.

She heard the shower running upstairs, so she went to investigate. As she climbed the stairs, Faith felt her heart rate pick up. She was going to see Buffy again.

"I just hope she still wants to see me." Faith whispered.


Three weeks ago…

Sam Zabuto stood in the graveyard. It had been 3 years since she died but Sam wasn't going to break the tradition that they had started all those years ago.

He pulled a lighter and a single candle from his pocket. He stuck the candle into the cupcake, which he was holding in his other hand. Sam lit the candle and sat the cupcake on the ground.

"Happy birthday. You were the best friend I could ever have and I miss you each and everyday. I hope you are happy now. Goodbye Kendra." He whispered.

Sam wiped the tears from his eyes and turned to leave. He was her watcher and he had let her die. Kendra wouldn't want him to blame himself but he did. Maybe if he was so hard on her she would still be alive.

Suddenly, the skies darken overhead and lightening crackled across the sky. Sam turned around to see four hooded figures standing around Kendra's graveside. They were chanting and it was causing the grave to shake violently.

Sam ran towards the grave hoping to stop the men but was slammed to the ground by the movement of the earth beneath his feet. He watched in horror as he saw Kendra's corpse rise from the ground. It hung lifelessly in mid-air as the men continued chanting.

"NO! She deserves to rest! Leave her alone!!" Sam screamed from the ground. He tried to get up but some unseen force was holding him down.

The men slowly raised their hands, as Kendra's burial dress changed into the clothes she was wearing when Drusilla had killed her. The storm overhead intensified and the men began chanting louder.

Sam couldn't understand the chant but he couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. Kendra's skin was slowly becoming caramel brown again. Soon, Sam saw that his former slayer had been completely regenerated. Tears fell from his eyes. He wanted Kendra back but not like this.

Kendra floated up higher and suddenly red bolts of lightening began striking her. Kendra's eyes shot open and she began screaming. Bolt after bolt of lightening stuck Kendra's body.

"PLEASE JUST STOP! Leave her alone!" Sam screamed.

The hooded men looked at each other and nodded. They disappeared and the storm broke as Kendra fell to the ground.

Sam realized he could move again and ran over to Kendra. Smoke rising from her skin. He cautiously stepped closer to her.

"Kendra. I am so sorry this happened." He said not knowing if she could hear him.

"Sorry? Sorry about what? 'Sorry I took away your childhood?' 'Sorry I took you away from your parents when you were just a kid.' No. I know is it 'I am sorry that I sent you off to America to die'? No I don't blame you for it at all." Kendra said as she stood up from the ground.

Sam shook his head. "Kendra, I never want those things for you. It was your fate. Destiny chose you."

Kendra smiled wickedly at him. "Fate. Destiny. Sounds like a cop out to me."

Sam took another step back from her. "What are you saying?"

"You watchers always saying 'This is your destiny' or 'you are the only one who can stop them' I think it is all BULLSHIT!" Kendra said as she drove her fist through her own tombstone.

"No more destiny, no more fate. The slayers shall be no more." She continued as she dusted the rubble off her sleeve.

Sam turned and tried to run away. This wasn't Kendra. This was something very different from the girl he had raised.

Kendra's eyes flashed red as she quietly recited a verse of a voodoo curse that Sam had taught her when she was 12.

She calmly waved her and spoke. "Freeze."

Sam suddenly found that he was no longer moving forward. In the fact, he couldn't move at all. Kendra had cursed him. She slowly walked in front of her former watcher. Her eyes still glowing with power. Kendra slowly traced her index finger along the side of Sam's face.

"There is someone who will stop you, Kendra." Sam said.

She laughed hysterically. "Who Buffy? I kill her just as easily as I am going to kill Drusilla and as easily as I am going to kill you."

Sam smiled at her. "Sorry Kendra. But I died three years ago. Same as you."

"No. You died just now." Kendra backhanded Sam across the face and his head spun completely off of its body.

Kendra smiled to herself as she watched her mentor's headless body fall to the ground. She reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys. Kendra walked over to his head and kneeled next to it.

"Thanks for everything, Sam." She stood up and with all her might crushed his head beneath her boot. Kendra laughed again as she walked towards Sam's car.


Faith walked into Buffy's room. She sat down on the bed and noticed the letter she had written was sitting on the bed. Faith picked it up and started reading. It felt like she had wrote it ages ago.

"Thought that was my letter." She heard from behind her. It was Buffy. She had just gotten out of the shower and was wrapped in a towel. Faith smiled as Buffy took a seat next to her.

"Faith we need to talk." Buffy said as she slid her hand on top of hers.

Faith nodded. "Look about before, when I ran..."

Buffy smiled and squeezed Faith's hand. "You're here now right? Nothing else matters."

Faith did her best not to lean over kiss Buffy right then. So, instead she focused on business. "So, where do we start looking for the orb?"

"Lucy said something about our greatest battle and choosing light over darkness." Buffy said, "Maybe it's at your old apartment."

"Good enough place to start." Faith replied. She watched as Buffy got up from the bed and walked over to her closet. She pulled the doors open and stepped behind them.

Buffy pulled the towel off and began dressing. She quickly pulled on a pair of black panties and a pair of black jogging pants. Buffy stepped from behind the doors and reached into her dresser to grab a bra. She pulled it on, Buffy saw that Faith was covering her eyes.

"What's wrong, Faith?" Buffy asked as she walked back to closet to get a shirt.

"It's just…I don't want to see you like this." Faith replied as she continued looking down at her shoes. "I mean don't get me wrong I would love to see you naked but, I want to see it when…"

Buffy walked over to Faith and took her hand again. "I am sorry I shouldn't have done that in front of you." Faith half smiled while still looking at the floor. Buffy pulled Faith up from the bed and hugged the taller slayer. "Let's go get this stupid orb thing and then I promise we will work this all out, ok?"

Faith closed her eyes and nodded. It felt so good to be in Buffy's arms that she would have agreed to anything at that point.

Buffy broke the embrace and led Faith out of the room.


Two weeks ago…
New Orleans…

Drusilla sat in her chair bored. It had been weeks since she had any fun. Why she had let Darla convince her to come was anyone's guess. She went out and killed a few people every now and then but even that was growing boring. New Orleans just wasn't the same without Spike. Dru got up and began dancing around the room happily as memories of the terrible things she and Spike had done drifted back into her head.

Suddenly, Darla stepped from out of the shadows of the hotel room.

"Hello darling. Did you bring mommy something nice to play with?" Dru asked as she continued spinning around the hotel room. Darla didn't answer.

Drusilla made her way over to her. She knocked on her forehead. "Is anyone in there?"

"Dru…help me…" Darla said softly as she coughed up some blood.

Drusilla grinned. "Did you bring me a toy?"

Suddenly a wooden stake pierced Darla's heart from behind and Kendra stepped through the dust.

Kendra smiled as the red energy once again flashed in her eyes. "Yes. She brought me."

...continued in Forget About It...