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When Love Calls

by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only paying homage to characters I love!
Notes: The word for today is respect. I'll show you mine, If you'll show me yours. Thanks for all your wonderful feedback on my first Fanfic "Can You Hear Me Now", and the follow up "Can You Hear Me Too". I had no intention of turning this into a mini series. You all have been so kind with your positive feedback, that I just want to play. So lets have at it Piper, Cindy, Jia, Anna09, Jim BrandyBail, Tankgrr178 and so many others I didn't mention by name, I wrote this for all of you, enjoy.
Notes 2: It's that time kiddies, the slayers finally get to act on all that pent up lust. I think they'll prove talk is cheap, and satisfaction is in the action. Read carefully, the POV's switch regularly.
Dedication: FaithfulChickie, you are the woman. Also for M.
Feedback: Give it to me baby…don't make me beg!

She's on her way? Oh shit, what happens now? I wasn't expectin' in my wildest dreams, for B to call my friggin' bluff! My knees are still shaking, and my heart is hammering in my chest.

I have no idea what she'll say, or how she'll react. All I know is I'm done with the game playin'. If she wants to kick my ass, then we're gonna deal.

What do I say to her? That's right Faith; tell her how much you love her. So she can ridicule you and laugh at your ass.

How do I approach her? I can't just burst in there with my usual super bitch bravado. Hi, I'm determined, righteous Buffy. You were wrong for saying those naughty things to me on the phone.

Way too much sparkage, for me to deny anything; at this stage in the game. I need her, the dark mysterious secret that is Faith. Why has my world been turned upside down since I met her?

I cleaned up as best I can, no need in trying to impress her in this rattrap. I'm still on fire; just the thought of her is making me drip all over again. She's gonna be all hissy when she gets here too.

Little cute-ass perky nose; trying to act like I didn't turn her on. Fuck that, I know what I felt, and I know what I heard. Miss Summers is coming here for one reason, and one reason only.

She wants me to fuck her, oh yeah; she's definitely hot for me. Why else would she come here this time of night?

She's going to be on the offensive thinking I have something negative to say, with her teeth clenched and fist balled up. Baby, if you only knew that I'm coming to you.

I'm coming to you because I can't sleep; you haunt my dreams. All my waking moments are spent wanting you. This has to end. There isn't a part of my body that doesn't yearn for you Faith.

I'm getting anxious now; she's got to be just around the corner. It's been a half hour now, and fuck me; I can't wait to see her. Something's gotta happen, my whole body is tingling. I smell her first, the light scent of peach, and then she's here.

Her face is flushed, like she ran half way here. My god, she's glowing all over. Her hair is more blonde than I remember, from a few hours ago. It's like her whole body is pulsating and I have never seen her more beautiful, than she is; standing in front of me, right now.

It seemed like I would never get here, but here I am. There she is standing in the doorway, the outline of her body bathed in moonlight. I step into her presence, and immediately the heat coming off of her hits me.

I look at her, and I forget how to breathe for just a second. My body moves on total instinct, and I cup her chin with my hand. I'm running my finger over that cute little cleft that has bewitched me for months.

B's hand is demanding but gentle, I don't know what that look in her eyes means. I only know I like the feel of her hand on my face, it's comforting and it makes me feel safe.

I touch her hip lightly and bring her inside; my hand doesn't leave her as I push the door shut. She's lookin' at me with these yes, almost like she's about to bawl. I've never seen her like this before, and shit..now her lips are trembling.

My beautiful, tragic Faith. All the pain you try to hide comes out in your lovely face. You think you're not good enough for me, but the truth is, you define me. I can't share this feeling; with anyone else on the planet, we're unique.

You alone share my vision, and the knowledge of what is truly horrible in the world. No more lonely nights, no more personal spaces. I'm ending it, now.

I was going to say something to break the ice with B, but then she kissed me, just like that. Her lips were soft, and warm pressing against my mouth. Like she thought I was going to run away. I couldn't do anything but pull her to me; control didn't mean a damn thing to me now. All I know is her mouth, so sweet and wet; helping me to lose my mind.

The taste of her tongue is making me dizzy. The sexual energy seething from her envelops my entire body and I moan leaning into her. The arms that protected me in battle now encompass me in a loving embrace, and it's so unexpected from her. My feelings for Faith threaten to overwhelm me. The arousal that rose up in me during our earlier conversation has resurfaced, as I return her embrace.

I break away from the kiss to draw a breath, and to whisper to her, "B,..I..you.."

Doesn't Faith know that speech isn't necessary? We are about to become closer than we've ever been; I smile at her as I undo the robe she is wearing. Nothing left to the imagination now…no sexy come backs, or double entendres. She stands naked before me, and her beauty makes me gasp!

I've been naked in front of lovers before, but this is different. It's B, and my body is shaking all over from the way she's looking at me. She is turning me on, and she knows it. I can't hide my nipples; they are rock hard. I must be breathing like an animal, coz I sure feel like one.

"So Faith, gotta have me huh?" I circle around her, lightly touching her in places that leave no doubt; why I came here tonight. I can feel how wired she is, like an animal about to spring. This is all so delicious, and while I want to savor every taste, touch and sound, my driving need won't allow for restraint.

B is touching me, and she's not being timid about it either. I'm so tuned into her, it's like we're breathing the same breath. There's something else workin' here though. The look in her eyes is telling me, that I'm the one's gonna get fucked proper tonight. The air catches in my lungs, and I can't stand the anticipation of where those hands will go next.

I shock myself, as much as Faith, when I shove her face first against the wall. She is forced to assume the position, like I am frisking her. Just seeing her like this makes me pant, and I need contact with that body.

The only indication that I undressed is the sound of fabric ripping, and what is left of my clothing being thrown to the floor. Then I am on her, pressing my sopping mound against her firm ass.

I always thought it would be me taking control when it finally happened. B is like another person, she's grinding that delectable, wet, pussy into my ass, and talking dirty to me while she does it! Umm…yeah..It doesn't make sense for me to protest, because…God help me…ohh..I would lose.

There is nothing but the feel of Faith's skin and the sensual sounds of her moaning. Her breasts feel incredible, filling up my hands, as I continue to rub my clit into her with a seductive rhythm.

"All those sexy looks… and flip remarks…mmmm…how long have you been wanting this baby." I gently place one of my hands on her throat.

She has to know that I am running this. Yeah me, little Miss do right is fucking her. My other hand travels south to her heat. I eagerly plunge three fingers into her without hesitation. With boldness, I thrust harder against her; totally entranced by the feel of her smooth, drenched walls clutching at my fingers."

"Uggh…yes. how do you like it slayer, finally being fucked by me. Tell me how much you've been wanting me..you sexy bitch!" Faith moans as I bite into her neck, sucking hard to mark her as mine.

Who would have thought my wicked little slayer had it in her. I'll be damned if she isn't fucking me, and fucking me well. She is all over me, and there isn't a part of my body that Buffy Summers hasn't possessed. Her moist; demanding tongue in my ear, talkin' to me like that. The slippery slapping sounds she makes as she pounds into me, harder than any man could.

Those fingers buried so deep in me, I feel helpless. B's gonna take me there, I can feel it. Her breathing is so fuckin' hot in my ear, and the way she's moving her whole body against me.

My clit is starting to spasm, and I'm pushing back on her fingers as hard as I can. What she's saying to me is going to…ohhh…make me lose…aww..fuckin' yes.

"Aahh..please B, harder….Uuhm…fuck me harder!"

I place my free hand beside her head on the wall, trying to get some leverage. If it's possible I press my fingers deeper inside her, pulling her ass closer to my red-hot core, as she starts to scream.

"Umm, that's right Faith…come for me baby….so damned hot…give it all to me..now baby, now!"

Her dark hair mixes with my wheat, as we rock each other to completion. We move together in a dance so primal and erotic, that the beauty of it brings me to tears.

Several minutes later, after we've somehow managed to stop crying out, and just stand still, I pick Faith up and lay both our fatigued bodies on her bed.

She is draped across me, lazily running her fingers through the moist curls on my mound. It touches me, to hear and feel her purring into my neck. There can't be a voice more enticing on the planet, than my slayer's.

I'm watching B as she sleeps, so peaceful and damn she's getting me started all over again. It's like I can't get enough of her. The curiosity is killing me, so I dip my finger in for a little taste. She taste kinda salty, yet sweet at the same time.

That's a taste I need some more of, and I maneuver down her body, until I'm facing that honey pot. Her sexy little patch is covered with tawny brown ringlets, and those lips are swollen and begging for a kiss. Well I was never one to disappoint a lady, no need to start now.

I take one last look up at B, before I steal my kiss. She's going to wake up coming in my mouth and screaming my name. This isn't just sex to me, it means somethin', I don't realize how much until I kiss her.

The taste alone is making me ache. I begin to suck on her lips gently, one by one, and she moans. My hands reach under her to cup that beautiful ass. Gotta take it slow, coz I'm not ready for her to flow now, and I flatten out my tongue and press the tip into her sweet hole.

B's so sexy; the little fox is starting to fuck my face in her sleep. I guide her legs onto my shoulders, being mindful not to be rough about it. That would spoil my plan.

I'm losing myself in her, the more she opens up to me, the deeper my tongue goes. I massage her clit with my finger, matching the rhythm of my tongue.

She's cooing and moaning and her sugar walls are quivering. It won't be long now, before she gives me the gift I've been working so hard towards.

Oh yeah, B's almost there, she starts to cry out and her legs tighten across my back. I take her juicy, throbbing clit in my mouth and suck on it like it's candy. Her hips are jabbin' at me so hard; I have to brace myself.

I'm in the heat of this thing, almost feelin' like I'm gonna pop. It is then that I look up at B, and see she is very much awake. That's my cue to suck her until she can't stand it. I smile against her wet heat as she comes. Her back is arching as she digs her heels into me.


B finally offers up my gift, and I drown in her. The thought that I am making love, to the woman I love, carries me over the edge. She looks at me listening as I say, "I love you Buffy."

The End