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Can You Hear Me Now?

by Desirata41
Rating: R

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only a pitiful fool paying homage to characters I love!
Notes: This may be crappy but it's my crap, let's respect each other's material ok.
Dedication: To Michele, Amanda and Faithful Chickie…I want to be like you when I grow up. Thanks to (my beta) Malea, couldn't have it done without you M.
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The atmosphere was tense and thick, as is the case whenever we train together like this. Some sessions are short and technical where we try out a new weapon or maneuver. Then there are those like tonight, where it's almost like some kind of intense ritual, and we can't get enough of the challenge. It's when we take each other as far as we dare go, stopping only when there's bloodshed.

She's definitely fuckable in the heat of the moment, when our bodies clash together, our muscles straining under the determination of not being bested by the other. I relish the contact. Sure, it's violent and often painful; but I'm touching her nonetheless. If I'm sweaty, flushed, and breathless, let's just say it ain’t because of exertion!

My temples begin to pulse and my mouth is getting drier by the second, all concentration is slipping from me. I'm not ready for the intense feeling washing over me. My clit is tingling and I can feel the wetness trailing down my thigh, and I can't believe it's all because of her.

Oh, what the fuck do I do! When our eyes meet, It's like I'm a babbling idiot and her beauty just stuns me. I wonder if slayers were ever decedents of kings and queens.

While my eyes drink in her sensual beauty, and the slayer's grace with which she carries herself, the primal side of me envisions her stripped naked with her hot tense body pressed against me with a need for release.

The need in her making her voice coarse, husky and crude, "Ohh Faith fuck me now…pleasse!"

My pulse quickens as I fantasize momentarily about that velvet voice, daring me to take her. It would be nice if we could get past the obligatory shoptalk that the G-man insists on having after every training session!

Can't help but respect the guy though, I know he would die for B, and it makes me feel good to know she'll always have someone in her corner, even if it can't be me.

"I could eat you B." The way she reacted to what I said amused me.

"I'm sorry Faith, what did you just say?" I focused on her face then, and noticed that her breathing was labored and she appeared to be flushed.

It wouldn't have been 5x5 if I didn't tease her a bit; hey, it's what I do. I said "I could eat a horse B, wanna get somethin' ta eat?" She couldn't hide the fact that she was fixated on my lower lip as I ran my tongue slowly back and forth over it.

Buffy quickly turned from my gaze, after I deliberately mouthed "I want to taste you" with a raised eyebrow that left no question, other than "now"? She was stuttering now, unable to complete a sentence.

"I-I think I'll just, uhh, grab a salad at home, Faith."

One last smoldering smile before I replied "Okay B, try to get some rest, you look uptight girlfriend."

She gave me a puzzled look, even though we both caught my meaning. I was no longer willing or able to suppress my feelings for her. Slaying isn't exactly the poster profession for longevity, and I didn't want to waste any more time.

The look in her eyes was part desire, part confusion. "We can hook up through Giles, he'll let us know when we train again."

Unwilling to let her leave me like this, I abruptly reached out for her arm, at once feeling the electricity as we touched. My voice wavered, when she looked at me with those eyes!

Could there be a better example of pure beauty than Buffy Anne Summers? That's right, I know almost everything about B. I've made it my business to find out about her childhood, her history with Red and Xander, even her reckoning and coming of age with her watcher.

She looked at my hand on her arm like I was trespassing on forbidden ground. "What is it Faith?" She questioned urgently as I pulled her face toward mine. Her intensity softened as I gently brushed her hair with my fingers.

"You had some sawdust in your hair from the training room B."

She swallowed deeply and took a shallow breath, as my hand softly trailed the inside of her arm, momentarily tracing a part of her breast, as I withdraw from her.

I whispered to B's back as she turned and walked away from me, "One day baby, want…. take…"

The longer I thought about it after she left me, the more I felt compelled to call her. The sound of her voice was intoxicating, and even more so when she realized it was me!


"Hi B, I just wasn't ready to let you go earlier."

Her voice softened as she sighed, "What is your major malfunction, Faith?"

My need speaks for me in a timbre of voice that shocks me. "I still smell your scent, and it's driving me crazy. Do you have any idea how much I want you B?"

There was a sharp intake of breath on the other end as she answered "Faith, don't confuse what we feel in the heat of training, as anything other than adrenaline pulsing through your veins."

Her denial had gone too far and I was no longer willing to be patient with my need. "B, I know you can't help but touch yourself, after the heat we just generated in that room." Was that my voice so deep and throaty with need?

She seemed to weigh her response carefully between measured breaths "I don't know what you're talking about."

It didn't matter what she was saying, her voice alone was driving me wild. "Tell me you don't feel it B, the heat all over that sexy body. Are you wet?"

Buffy moaned softly "Of course I'm wet Faith, I've been working up a sweat with you for the past two hours," she realized how it sounded, but it was way too late to take it back and she just sighed lightly.

I made sure my voice was extremely breathy in response. "C'mon B, aren't you curious what I'm doing to myself on the other end of this phone, what I'm wearing?"

She sputters quickly, "Look Faith, I have better things to do with my time."

I whispered "What things B? Do ya think of me all wet and quivering for you, when you touch yourself?"

I could sense her resolve weakening on the other end as her voice took on a sultry tone, "Faith, why are you saying these things?"

I speak through a moan "Because I gotta have ya B."

Her breathing is faster now as she says, "What do you want from me, Faith?"

I make sure she can hear the slick sounds of me licking my fingers. "Take your clothes off, B."

She gasped as she heard me groan in her ear "Hurry B…" I was stroking myself slowly with my fingers, imagining that it was her hand, her mouth, and her body on me.

Her voice is deep with desire and unfulfilled need "Faith, I…"

She falls silent as I climax in her ear, transferring all my love, all my need, and God, my desire for that wicked body into her ear "OOOOOHHHHHWWW, DAMN YOU B!!!!!! "

She listens intently while I cum long and hard in her ear, hanging on for every gasp, and every shout of emotion coming from me.

It seemed like hours before I came to my senses long enough to speak "You still there B?"

She answered tenderly "Yeah Faith, I'm here."

...continued in Can You Hear Me Too...