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The Dance

by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only a pitiful fool paying homage to characters I love!
Notes: This may be crappy but it's my crap, let's respect each other's material ok.
Dedication: To Michele, Amanda and Faithful Chickie…I want to be like you when I grow up. Thanks to Malea, couldn't have done it without you M.
Feedback: I decided to test the waters with a little PWP; it's my first fanfic, so please be gentle.

She paraded herself around me in earnest, with her usual double entendres to my flirtations. I grew weary of the game playing, and wanted to out her right there by making her cum on the dance floor. I felt like a wild beast in the jungle, her scent of arousal driving me out of my mind.

Opportunity presented itself when she moved in, putting her hands on my hips pulling me closer to her in a timeless, sensual rhythm. I gave her control of my body, as I moved against her, whispering in her ear. "Ummhh, B, don't start something you can't finish."

Then I forced my tongue in her ear, ravishing it. I'm aware of the effect my voice had on her, as she shivered. I breathed hard into her ear and paused "Unless you intend on fucking me."

Buffy continued to gyrate against me, keeping up the pace. She backed up closer to me, rubbing her ass against the zipper of my jeans. My clit was throbbing from the pressure, and l had to focus on controlling myself.

When she turned to face me, I reached out drawing her tightly into my arms. I slowly licked her lips, teasing them with my tongue, pressing against her pelvis, tracing my hand fleetingly between the material covering her mound and my insistent thigh.

"Outside now, I demanded, or I'll take right you here!"

Buffy realized by the lust in my eyes, that I wouldn't be denied. She didn't take time for explanations to her friends. I had my hands clenched on her ass-cheeks as we left the club.

My voice wavered as I looked at the object of my desire. "B, I could take you right here!"

She faced me head on with a defiant look in her eye; the same look she gave a vampire. "I can't Faith, this isn't about you and me. You know, It's how we get after slaying!"

She gasped, feeling her back slammed against the first wall we came across, and the darkness reared in me. I loved my slayer and wanted our first time to be tender, but I wanted Buffy so bad I could taste her.

Placing my hands on either side of her head, I moved within inches of her mouth, delirious at this point (her lower lip was moist and so inviting) I took in her aroma, as I ran my tongue along the pulse points on her neck.

I didn't realize I was speaking out loud "Your choice, here or someplace softer, either way, you're mine."

She tried, half-heartedly, to appear like she was struggling against me, before she said "My room, but we have to be careful not to wake Dawnie."

We ran up her stairs with slayer stealth, careful not to sound any kind of alarm. I was mindful that Dawnie was awfully skittish, being the Key and all. Here I was, standing in Buffy Summers' bedroom.

Keeping eye contact with me, she began to undress. Every movement was deliberate and sensual, designed to make me hotter (if that was possible). That damned shirt she was wearing had too many buttons; I was trying hard not to rip it off of her. Then came the lacy, baby blue bra, I figured a classy chick like B would know Victoria's Secret.

My mouth went dry as she unveiled those lush, edible breasts that I had fantasized about a thousand times. Her eyes never left mine as she cupped them, tweaking the nipples until they became erect.

The Dark Slayer (that's what they call me, isn't it?) rose up in me and moved towards her with intent. She wasn't the least bit threatened as she continued a lusty look that made me draw a breath.

"Oooh, baby, gonna take me like the big bad?" She sucked two fingers into her mouth; licking them with a vengeance before letting them travel down below the waistband of her skin-tight jeans. She moved her fingers down into the heat between her thighs, moaning and sighing "Is this what you want, Faith?"

Her head reared back then, beautiful blonde ringlets flying through the air exposing that graceful, long neck. This wasn't the way I wanted this to go down, I thought (I) was in control, but there she was, with those slowly gyrating hips, moist lips, and please- fuck- me- now eyes, ruining my game plan.

I couldn't believe she was talking to me, as she stroked herself, she was so fuckable! She spoke to me in labored breaths between every stroke; I was dizzy watching her hand as it danced in those jeans.

"How could you think I was so innocent after all those nights of slaying?"

Oh my God, her hips were bucking in rhythm with those deeply penetrating fingers, I could see the fine sheen of sweat on her forehead and on her upper lip, as she drove herself closer to climax.

"You've dreamed about fucking me a hundred times, haven't you? You never would've guessed, I was so horny after every one of our patrols, that I had to touch myself, till I came shouting your name."

She beckoned to me with her free hand and I closed the distance between us in two steps. The rest of her clothes gone. Her body, want, take, have.

I swept her legs out from under her and she fell on the bed, taking me with her. Don't ask me how, but my face ended up directly over that luscious triangle, with both her legs wrapped around my shoulders.

I looked up at her just before taking her, "Beg." I was driven by lust, but still wanted little miss perfect to admit she'd wanted me all along. I knew this wouldn't go over well with her highness, no matter how turned on she was, but I was determined to make her submit, totally.

Buffy looked down at me, taking in the entirety of what was about to happen, I met her gaze with an arched eyebrow, and a very eager tongue hovering just above her glistening clit.

She started to chew on that sexy bottom lip, like she was considering her answer, when without warning; I captured one of her lips in my mouth and sucked gently.

Her taste was like no other I'd experienced before, sweet and almost hypnotic, the confident seductress was gone from the room as she whimpered for her release, "Now, please, ohhw, baby nowww!"

Her hot, wet, sex became my playground then, as I delved forcefully and deeply into her, my fingers clamping down harder on her thighs.

The room started to spin, and all sound ceased as she tightened her thighs around my shoulders and pushed my head down further into her pulsating need, I met her hips thrust for thrust with my tongue.

I tried to show all of my pent up lust for her with every thing I had. I knew that she was teetering on the edge when she stopped her gyrations and gazed down at me with those spectacular green eyes, made so lazy with desire.

She couldn't speak, but closed her eyes and focused, a look that only I knew from battle. I gently entered her molten wetness with three fingers, at the same time nibbling her sensitive clit.

It was then that Buffy Summers came all over my face, her juices running like a fountain. I couldn't get enough of her nectar as she rode my face to completion, entangling her fingers firmly in my hair to ensure that I didn't remove my mouth from her.

Her voice was low and erotic, "Yesss…Ohh fucking yesss….Faith.."

My body had remained strangely detached through it all, desire seething in the back of my mind like a caged animal, waiting to burst free. This was her moment, and she was all I cared about.

I gave her a crooked grin as I made my way up her sated body, still trembling with aftershocks. She gave me the tenderest smile as I kissed her forehead lovingly, and drew her into my arms.

Perhaps I was unrealistic about what she would say next, when she gently took my face in her hands, and rained butterfly kisses on me. The anticipation was killing me as she looked up lovingly into my eyes and asked, "Are you hungry? I'm starved."

The End