You Can Leave Your Hat On
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only paying homage to characters I love!
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Faith's POV

*The weather is starting to get wicked out here, hasn't snowed in The Dale for years. B's such a sap when it comes to the holidays, bet she'll be prancing around in a friggin' Santa cap, or some shit.*

This time of year was hardest for Faith; she was never particularly full of good cheer. Her patience was especially short during the Christmas season.

The sight of storefronts festively decorated with bright lights and wreathes didn't lighten her mood. Children excitedly pulling their parents along to look in the next shop window full of toys only served to annoy her.

*Hyper little buggers, what they really need for Christmas is Ritalin.*

She carried the weight of the world around on her hunched shoulders, wondering what all the fuss was about. In her eyes, the milk of human kindness had curdled a long time ago. The world no longer held any fascination for her, once she'd found out what was beyond the veil.

One bright spot in her memory was the first Christmas she shared with Buffy and her mom. Even though precious little affected her, Faith had to admit that she missed Joyce. The woman had gone out of her way to make her feel welcome in her home.

She'd never had anything decent to make a comparison to when it came to parentage, but she was sure Joyce was a good mother to Buffy. It was true that time had a way of dulling all pain, but she had shed a silent tear upon hearing of Joyce's passing. She thought the world sucked just a little bit more with her absence from it.

*Jeez, I need to get a grip before I punch a Salvation Army Santa. I know what'll do the trick, nothing like a little nog to take the edge off.*

She stopped at the local liquor store and bought a large bottle of her favorite, old number seven. What better way to drown your sorrows than with some fine Tennessee whiskey? She made her way through the building snowstorm to her motel room.


Buffy's POV

*Why does she have to be so difficult? I'm not feeling the love from Faith these days, talk about humbug. It's not like I expected her to sit on Santa's lap and pose for a picture. Well, I've got to do something to cheer her up.*

Buffy complied a list of things she knew were certain to change Faith's mood. She laughed wickedly to herself as she set about collecting the items on the list. There was one sure way to the sultry brunette's heart, and food wasn't an option.

She had everything she needed for her bag of tricks, which was a literal Santa's sack filled with goodies. It was just turning dark, and she hoped there was no need for some slayage in the snow, before she reached Faith's. Those vamps would have hell to pay, if they made her ruin her outfit.

The thought of what she was about to do set her pulse racing. She didn't feel the winter night's chill as she set out on her mission.

Everyone deserved a little happiness, and the dark slayer was no different. It was sad the way she chose to isolate herself from the people who really cared about her.

Will, the sweetheart that she was; suggested they throw a little gathering to make Faith the center of attention. While the idea was a kind and heartfelt one, Buffy didn't see it going over big. She knew she had to pull out the big guns for her scrooge.

Faith heard a knock at her door, and a faint voice saying something she couldn't quite make out. She had downed a few hefty shots of Jack Daniels, and really wasn't feeling any pain at the moment. The last thing she needed was some bullshit interruption.

She was ready to let whoever it was standing on the other side of that door, have a nice big piece of her mind.

"Whatever it is you're sellin', I don't want any; even if you're giving it away."

Faith's eyes widened as Buffy barged through the doorway, brushing past her in a wisp of cold, winter air. The brunette shook her head and wiped her eyes, thinking it was all from the effects of the alcohol.

"Baby, I think you're gonna want every ounce of this." Buffy purred.

Buffy stood before her in a long red coat trimmed in white fur, with a matching Santa's hat. There was just a hint of shapely leg traveling down into black spiked heels.

She sat her sack on the bed and rummaged inside it. She retrieved a small cd player from the very bottom, setting it on a chest of drawers near by.

There was also a miniature Christmas tree inside, fully decorated. She placed the tree next to the CD player and plugged both in. She turned off the bedroom light, and suddenly the entire room was bathed in a warm shimmering glow beaming outward from the fiber optic tree.

She gestured for Faith to get comfortable on the bed, "Lay back and relax, while I unwrap your Christmas gift." She said seductively.

Faith was too shocked and curious to offer any protests, she didn't take her eyes off the blonde; as she reclined on the bed. She lay back on her side, giving her an unobstructed view of the proceedings.

Sure that she had Faith's undivided attention, Buffy walked over and switched on the CD player. The sassy intro from Joe Cocker's 'You Can Leave Your Hat On' echoed throughout the room.

/baby take off your coat…(real slow)/

Buffy unbuttoned the coat and let it drop to the floor, what it concealed underneath should have been illegal in three states. A skin-tight red velvet mini dress, trimmed in the same white fur as the coat fell mid thigh.

The bustier bodice plunged in a deep V, the fur trim hugging the sensuous curves of her breasts. The promised show of shapely legs only hinted at earlier, were clad in black fishnet stockings and on full display. There was a green satin choker in the shape of a bow around her neck, topping off the gift.

Faith couldn't think, surely she was loosing her mind. Had Buffy's legs ever been that long? What about the rest of her, everything was packaged perfectly. The heat in the room was surging, and she began to sweat. Her heartbeat couldn't keep up with the respirations in her chest.

/baby take off your shoes…(here, I'll take your shoes)

/baby take off your dress/

/yes, yes, yes/

Buffy looked directly at Faith, licking her lips; as she began unzipping the dress in perfect time with the music. Her hips swayed back and forth hypnotically, entrancing Faith.

The dress unzipped in several places, making for a more interesting show. Off came the top half revealing, pert, upturned breasts, with just the slightest blush around erect nipples.

The blonde gyrated in a complete circle before facing Faith again, cupping both her breasts and massaging gently, "How's your mood baby, feeling the spirit yet?"

/you can leave your hat on/

Those hands were busy pulling down yet another zipper, just above the tightly muscled concave of her stomach. Her body was proof positive that she was a slayer. Perfection presented itself in the turn of her limbs, and the sheer agile grace of her movements.

Another red velvet section was added to the growing pile as she ran her hands along her ribs, and down over her stomach. Skin the consistency of butter smoothed under her fingers, moving downward to the last delectable section. It clung to Buffy's hips, just below the enticing junction where pelvis blended into thigh.

Finally, in a move that seemed executed in slow motion, she removed the last part of the dress. The fishnet thigh highs were held on by black lace garters, which intermingled with a vivid red g-string boasting a single piece of mistletoe in the front.

"Oh fuck me!" Faith said in amazement, her erotic senses threatening to overload.

"That comes a little later." Buffy said lustfully.

/go on over there and turn on the light…no, all the lights/

/now come back here and stand on this chair…that's right/

She walked over to a chair she had placed in the middle of the room for dramatic license, and placing one leg on the seat, bent over with her back to Faith. Her ass was round and firm, and the swell of her nether lips were visible just underneath the thin crotch of the G- string.

Her hands caressed her thighs as she removed the garters one by one, followed by the stockings, leaving her standing in nothing but the G-string, and choker. She turned and strutted toward Faith, who sat up on the bed abruptly, as though startled.

Making sure her mound was level with the flushed brunette's face, Buffy gently tangled her fingers in the soft russet mane.

"It's traditional that whoever sees a piece of mistletoe, has to kiss the person underneath it." She sighed, as she drew Faith's face closer to her mound.

Faith raised her head to look at Buffy, as if in worship. She could smell the musky aroma of arousal compelling her to open her gift. Hesitantly, the dark slayer placed her hands on the blonde's hips. She pressed her face against the silky material of the G- string, and experienced the heat emanating from the fragrant flesh underneath.

"B, I…I don't know what to say." She murmured in a throaty voice.

Buffy gasped at the intimate contact with Faith, "Don't say anything, just open your present."

The dark beauty gingerly tweaked the small mistletoe branch, enjoying the sharp intake of breath it prompted from her seducer. She showered butterfly kisses in and around Buffy's navel, reveling in the flavor and texture of her soon to be lover's skin.

Using hands strong enough to bend steel, she delicately knotted her fingers in the G-string. With a slight tug every indecent thought she had ever harbored about the older slayer was justified.

Buffy was indeed a natural blonde, as Faith had wondered on many occasions. Her flaxen patch was neatly clipped and shaped to accentuate the lushness of her labia, now swollen with need.

Faith fell to her knees licking and sucking those full lips with total abandon. Her tongue was slick and searching as she ravished the object of so much pent-up yearning.

She groaned as a feeling of bliss overcame her body. There were strong emotions caught up in this lust, and all she wanted to do was please her lover.

Buffy swooned from the onslaught of Faith's frenzied tongue, her knees beginning to buckle from the approaching climax building so deliciously in her core. She held onto to her dark lover's shoulders for balance, as she reciprocated her intensity with every thrust of her hips.

"Oh yes…no need…ahhh…you…alone." Buffy tried to convey her emotions through her passion, but the two would not coincide.

Knowing Buffy was on the edge, Faith clutched her ass-cheeks and massaged them with a vengeance. Juices from the blonde's pulsing clit; streamed into her mouth from the onslaught of her vigorous tongue.

Feeling the pull of her orgasm overwhelming her, Buffy threw her head back and screamed her release. "Yes…ohmygggguh…coming!!!"

Faith continued sucking the little slayer's quivering clit until her breathing slowed. She reluctantly removed her mouth from her prize and scooped up her love, laying her on the bed. Settling in beside her, Faith drew Buffy into her arms relishing the feel of their bodies together.

"Faith, you are seriously overdressed for this party."

She laughed softly to herself, "Always wanted to get you naked B, wasn't too pressed bout me. You're a sneaky little fox aren't ya? I had no idea you were plannin' this, I didn't get ya anything."

Buffy moved on top of Faith and started unbuttoning her shirt, "It's the thought that counts."

You Can Leave Your Hat On
By Randy Newman

Baby, take off your coat...(real slow)
Baby, take off your shoes...(here, I'll take your shoes)
Baby, take off your dress
Yes, yes, yes
You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on

Go on over there and turn on the, all the lights
Now come back here and stand on this chair...that's right
Raise your arms up in to the air...shake 'em
You give me a reason to live
You give me a reason to live
You give me a reason to live

Suspicious minds are talking
Trying to tear us apart
They say that my love is wrong
They don't know what love is
They don't know what love is
They don't know what love is
They don't know what love is
I know what love is

The End