My Christmas Heart
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

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Buffy's Pov

I'm holding the snow globe and staring into it, but what no one else really knows; is that I'm staring at Faith. Thinking about how much I want to throw all caution to the wind and just tell her how I feel and make her mine. She's so gotdamned beautiful, in every sense of the word. I doubt many people have ever told her that before. Maybe this Christmas, I'll have the privilege of being the first.

"B, whatcha thinking about baby? Whatever it is, take it from me; it ain't that serious."

She grinned at me with that scoundrel's smile and pinched at my backside. I dodged her advance, but not before giving her a sexy wink. We had fine-tuned the game playing of our's to a high art, and I really believed that Faith wondered sometimes whether I was really playing or not.

Holiday festivities were in full swing and you couldn't turn around without seeing some sign of the season. The department store we were shopping in was a veritable winter wonderland, complete with a live reindeer.

Faith was worse than a child, totally ignoring the instructions posted outside its pen. They clearly read 'Do not feed this animal, physical harm may result' but there she was sneaking the poor thing french fries; which it devoured with relish.

"There ya go little fella, no fool no fun huh?" She petted the appreciative animal on his head and chuckled.

"He'll feel that later tonight when he goes to work young lady."

We both turned towards the rich, deep voice that seemed to come from out of nowhere. Faith sized up the jolly old man dressed in red and giggled.

"Lemme guess, Mr. Claus right?" Faith took the hand he offered her and returned his firm handshake.

"Only if you believe, but surely there's room for more than one legend in this room." He leaned forward and whispered warmly, "Slayer."

"Now hold" Faith stammered at the large elf's revelation.

For all of my proven ability in the past to be quick with a witty reply, I found myself speechless. I had heard the entire conversation, compliments of my slayer hearing. This man had pretty much come out and stated; that he knew Faith and I were slayers. While it gave me a mild reason for pause, I found the whole situation to be quite amusing, especially Faith's reaction to the whole thing.

She pulled me off to the side and placed her mouth close to my ear, as if she thought he would read her lips or something. Those full, soft lips and the warm, sweet breath exhaling from them only served to distract me more than I cared to admit. I inched closer hoping for more contact.

"What the fuck...B, he knows about us!"

"Uh...yeah Faith it looks that way doesn't it. Wouldn't kill 'em though, might mess up some major cheerage."

"I wasn't gonna go that far B, but he's got to be some kind of demon or witch to even know about a slayer; let alone pick us out of a crowd."

"I beg your pardon Miss, but I've been a mystical being far longer than you, and besides; I know everything about you."

"Well, if you're talking about that 'naughty or nice thing'." Faith snorted and thumbed her nose with a cocky grin, "No wonder your cheeks are rosy."

"Doesn't take a person of my sort to know about your conquests, they are legendary." Santa (yes, I believe) looked Faith up and down like a disappointed father, "But, nonetheless you do provide mankind with a valuable service, thus I would like both of you to have these."

Two decorative, swollen stockings with our names on them seemed to materialize out of nowhere. We both squealed like children and accepted his gift, planting warm kisses on either side of his bearded cheeks.

"Oh my, what will the Missus say? Do behave ladies, at my age your type of excitement is a health hazard."

Just then a bossy younger man dressed in a colorful elf's costume; pointed to his watch breaking up the love fest.

"If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times Kris; you just can't do them all. We've got business to attend to, and the weather forecasts are a real bitch this year."

"Forgive me ladies, but I have to go. Dennis is a major prick but he's served me well over the years," Santa said as he glared at the younger man, "even though some might say he's let being head elf go to his head."

Faith and I turned to look at each other and laugh, but when we turned back; Santa, elf and reindeer were all gone.

Faith blinked and shook her head repeatedly, "Nahhhh, couldn't be, could it?"


Faith's POV

We finished our shopping and went back to B's to regroup. Man, I felt like staking some of those rude fuckers we ran into today. I kept trying to peak into my stocking the whole way back to the house, but B wasn't having it. We were the first ones back from that damned madness out there, and the house was quiet. B heated us up some rum punch she'd made the night before and we sat on the sofa in front of her fireplace and chilled.

"What a day huh B? Thought it would be easy; seeing as how we didn't have to patrol."

"It's harder going up against something you can't kill Faith, never get between a bargain hunter and that last sale item, viciousness ensues."

We laughed together while we sipped on that punch. It had to have been made with a little (151).

"Where did we put our stockings Faith? I'm dying to know what's in them."

"They're in the kitchen B, I'll go bring them in."

She stopped me as I walked just under the arch of the entrance into the living room and pointed up at the ceiling.

"Can't let you go just yet Faith."

I looked at the expression on her face and knew she was up to something.

"C'mon B, I'll be right back with our loot."

Then it came to me, we were standing directly under a sprig of Mistletoe. I'm not one to spoil tradition, so I treated myself to a little forbidden fruit.


Buffy's POV

The flirting had turned the corner, because; she was pulling me into her arms. I could match Faith's slayer strength easily, but this wasn't about a battle of wills. My breath caught in my chest as I watched those thick eyelashes flutter just before they closed, and her mouth open to me invitingly. Our lips grazed each other, acquainting themselves.

I was elated and scared all at once, because I felt like I was made for be kissing her. Her arms encircled my waist and pulled our lower halves together, thighs touching and exerting pressure on sensitive places. A throaty moan filled my ears when I took the very tip of her tongue into my mouth and sucked on it slowly. Strong, yet trembling hands reached up to tangle themselves in my hair as I explored her mouth.

I could feel and smell the intensity of her arousal, it rose off her in waves; enveloping us both. She returned my kiss with fierceness, and then stopped.

"Whoa baby, as much as I'm loving this, won't we have company soon?"

I tried to reason through a lust-induced haze.

" can at least kiss me Faith." I mumbled in a disappointed tone.

"Have a seat little miss hot-ass, I'll go get the stockings."

I watched as Faith walked toward the kitchen, shaking an ass that she knew I was most assuredly checking out.

By the time she came back with the stockings, I had composed myself. However, I knew the slightest gesture would set me off again. She had triggered something in me that had to be satisfied once and for all.


Faith's POV

I brought the stockings into the living room and handed B's to her. The way we tore into those things refreshed one of my few fondest memories of Christmas. That was before things went off the deep end and I actually had a little love and kindness coming my way. But everyone thinks that when they're five.

The aroma of tangerines, apples and walnuts filled my nose as I emptied my sock. He had known, those had been my favorites as a child. The last things out of the stocking were several large candy canes.

The heat from that kiss was still throbbing over my body and I won't deny a few nasty assed thoughts about how B's warm, delicious snatch would melt that candy in a heart beat, making an unexpected treat of candy and cum. I didn't care which would be sweeter; I wanted them both on my tongue; flooding my mouth.

I wanted to take one end of that stick in my teeth and plunge it into her hard and deep, keeping a firm grasp on it by the hook until I felt it start to disappear; mingling with her juices. Then I would lick her clean, laving every drop of peppermint from her, but not before I searched every inch of her creases for hidden flavor.

The savvy Old elf also left a little something for the adult me. A key attached to a numbered key chain from one of the swankiest hotels in town, wrapped in a note written on green parchment stationary.

{It would seem that you two need time alone,
this might be temporary, but it is your own
so love her Faith like no one before
give her all you have, and then give her more
for just one night, perhaps a start
Any fool can see the love in your Christmas heart}

Affectionately yours,


The End