by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

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Faith's POV

We had been thinking about going away for some alone time. B wanted to do something totally different from anything she'd ever done before. She left it up to me to surprise her. So Red and I put our heads together and came up with a kick-ass idea.

"Red, are you sure she'll like this? Not saying that B's dimwitted or anything, but I've never seen or heard her show any interest in a bunch of trees and grass."

"Faith, I've known Buffy since 8th grade, trust me. This is going to knock her socks off, and probably a few other things too." She blushed with embarrassment at the notion of what she'd just said.

It wasn't what you would think about when someone said vacation, but I knew B would love it. I wanted to show her that I loved and desired her just as much as the first time. You wouldn't normally think of me as romantic...but I had my moments. Time has a way of changing people, even me.

Buffy has a tendency to bounce around like she's on a sugar high normally, but there was no calming her down as we walked through the airport.

"Faith, give me a hint of where we're going and I'll shut up."

"Sorry B, but seeing as how you asked me to surprise ya, I can't do that, and I learned how to tune out your babbling a long time ago."

Red planned the whole trip on her laptop, and the tickets were waiting for us at the airport. I knew everything would run like clockwork, so I didn't worry. She pouted like a six year old and strutted with an attitude when we went to board the plane. Didn't make a difference to me, I loved to watch that tight little ass shake.

It came across the P.A system 'Now boarding, flight 133657 to Fairbanks Alaska, gate 12.' So she knew where we were going, she just didn't know why. I could see it written all over that cute little face, she was angry.

"How could you Faith? There's nothing in Alaska but ice and polar bears."

"Baby, do you love me?" I put on my puppy dog eyes like gangbusters.

"Yeah Faith, it's probably against my better judgment; but I do."

She bent over and kissed me just as the plane took off, and I wasn't sure if it was the rush of speed or her lips that made me dizzy. All I knew was, B had become my life.

We were both anxious as hell to be off the plane when we finally touched down at Fairbanks Intl Airport. I got to give it to Red; she planned everything to the letter. There was just enough time to pick up the rental car she had waiting for us, and drive over to a sightseeing tour she had booked, 20 minutes away from the airport.

B squealed when I pulled into a parking lot with an authentic Steamboat docked right next to us. It was painted bright yellow, red, white and green with three decks. It was scheduled to leave for a scenic trip down the Yukon River, and we only had 10 minutes to catch it.

The air was crisp and fresh with just the right bite of cold to make it pleasant traveling weather. I looked at B, and tried to figure out which was brighter, the sun shining in her golden hair, or the smile that lit up her whole face. The only thing more beautiful than the crystal blue of the Yukon River was the sparkle coming from her sultry green eyes.

She took my hand and led me onto the boat, and I felt proud she was mine. Comfortable seating surrounded the perimeter of the boat, and we found a cozy little corner off to ourselves. I held her against me and smelled her hair as the wind blew it into my face.


Buffy's Pov

I never would've thought Faith had it in her to plan something like this for me, and while I knew she had help doing it; I was still touched by her thoughtfulness. She never took her eyes off me as the boat sailed down the river. Everyone else was fascinated by the gorgeous scenery and sounds of nature around us, but her only concern was for me and my enjoyment.

The richness of the terrain was breathtaking, almost like a painting. Vegetation of different shapes, sizes and hues accented the riverbanks. Varying shades of green brushed against the azure blue of the midday sky, dotted with billowy white clouds. And then there was the smell of the river, almost like that fresh whiff you get just before it rains.

The steps she'd taken to surprise me; impressed me, but as the day turned into night; I found out she had much more in store for me. We checked into a nearby lodge a short distance from the airport, and had a fabulous dinner; everything was so convenient that all we had to do was concentrate on having a good time.

The suite was spacious and decked out with the most appealing decor I had ever seen. The bedroom alone was stunning, but then again; it would be. The view from our patio was spectacular; it looked out over the forest with a pristine night sky hovering just over the treetops.

There were stars everywhere and the glow from the full moon illuminated our bedroom. Candlelight would've spoiled it, and I was anxious to see Faith standing there naked, basking in it. So I don't need to tell you how shocked I was when she came and grabbed my hand, tugging me out of our lovely suite, and towards the elevator.

"Got somethin' I want to show ya B."

"That would make both of us Faith, but I wanted to show you back in the bedroom." I sighed with frustration.

"Save it for me baby, it'll be just as good a little later." She gave me that sexy wink I couldn't resist.


Faith's POV

I drove in the dark for a few minutes until we came to a glow in the dark marker. Once we walked closer, I shined my flashlight on what appeared to be a large sleeping area with a huge thermos and insulated basket. There was a kerosene lamp with a note attached, / / We hope this meets with your specifications, enjoy. The Management./ /

Buffy ran over and plopped down on what looked like a sleeping bag and opened the thermos while I lit the lamp.

"You devil, what have you done?" Her facial expression let me know whatever was in that thermos had to be strong, "Whew, don't get the lamp too close to THIS." She laughed as she poured us two steaming mugs full.

It was a brisk night, just cold enough to see our breath as the warmth evaporated in the air. There was some Irish coffee in our mugs, and believe me; there was a lot of extra Irish.

We had time enough to get a nice buzz from the coffee when it happened. I looked in B's eyes and something in me broke loose. A couple of inches away was too far, so I pulled her to me and kissed her.

I don't know if it was the darkness, the stars, or the coffee, but I had a serious craving for a certain slayer. Her tongue was so soft in my mouth and the way she moaned like I was hurting her...damn she was making me wet. My hands unzipped her jacket and tossed it to the side, then went straight for her sweater.

She was so warm beneath that material...I could feel her heart beating against my hand when I massaged her tits through her bra. I felt erect nipples spring up into my hands. The heat was coming over me in waves and all I wanted to do was taste her; now.

She giggled as I broke the kiss and pushed her down on the sleeping bag, almost ripping her zipper trying to get to what was driving me crazy. The waistband of her panties gave way when I shoved my hands down her pants roughly, pulling them just far enough off her hips to get at her.

I didn't worry about taking my time, which I usually did. B loved to be teased, but there would be no teasing under this moon. I buried my head just above her belly button and licked and sucked my way down past her patch. Her moist pussy seemed to steam in the cold air and I opened my mouth wide to take in as much of her as I could.

She cried out when my hungry, wet mouth pressed into her mound.

"Oh my God...Faith, it's so beautiful."

""Mmmmm, yeah baby...ahhhhh." I spoke into her crotch, refusing to move my mouth away from her.


Buffy's POV

Her mouth was so hot and demanding on me, that I felt like I was going to cum too soon. She had never taken me like this before, and I was almost embarrassed at how drenched and swollen I was.

Simply looking at Faith was enough to make me pant; she was so damned sexual. Everything about her screamed, "Do Me". Her body felt like steel encased in velvet, with a voice that could tame a tiger. There was something so carnal about her, maybe it was the fact that I knew she could be dangerous. After all, one always took a chance when stroking a panther.

To say she was amorous wouldn't describe the full intensity of her mood. I gasped when the force of her suction drew each one of my lower lips into her mouth. The slick forcefulness of her tongue...the gentle insistence of her teeth, nipping at me, all threatened to send me over the edge into an overwhelming release.

The muscles in my thighs started to constrict from the pleasure she was giving me. The bitch in me was fighting to get out, the part of me that I keep hidden. Nothing seemed too extreme or dirty; I just wanted to be fucked, thoroughly.

Erotic forces that I couldn't control engulfed me and, I threw my head back only to witness the most glorious sight I had ever seen. A shimmering light full of brilliant color that came from out of nowhere.

Blazing white with specks of violet, crimson and florescent green undulated above my head like a materializing ghost. I was no stranger to supernatural things, it came with the job, but this took my breath away.

"Faith, the light..."

"Tell me B," she managed to mumble with her mouth full.

I was trying to explain to her about the light, but she shoved her tongue deep inside me and began to lave my smooth walls in tight, circular flicks that made me convulse. She lapped at my juices as they poured from me, soaking her face.

I fought to keep my eyes open, not wanting to miss the spectacle overhead, but she was relentless. I had to give in to her and the trembling gathering such momentum from my stomach. Strong hands grasped my thighs holding them down, as she literally ate me, head thrashing back and forth with the effort of tasting me, drinking me.

My hands reached down to her bobbing head, and I tangled my fingers in her brunette silk, preparing to give myself leverage as I thrust myself against her face, driving her tongue farther down my quivering hole.

"Lo...mmmm...I love you, Oh Faith!"


Faith's POV

There was nothing like when she wrapped those legs around my shoulders and rocked her hips, pushing that sweet pussy further into my mouth. B loved every minute of me fucking her like this, and she wasn't shy about shouting it out either. I really got into it, taking her ass-cheeks in my hands and squeezing while I sucked away at her.

Her cum tasted like honey dripping into my mouth, running down my throat. It was like this all the time with her, she just kept me fucking wet. She made me want to climb inside her and live there. I was so gotdamned hot that I couldn't help rubbing my fly against the sleeping bag. I needed to...Oh shit!

My clit spasmed in my pants from the friction, gotta love denim. B was like a bitch in heat, saying things I'd never heard from her before.

"Suck my cunt you sexy bitch! Lick me...take me...fuck me!"

That made my pussy go into overdrive, and the slayer in me showed up. I tore at my clothes and hers, getting rid of whatever kept me from feeling her.

"I'm not done with you B, I'll never be done baby."

The sound of our bodies switching positions echoed around us, and I gave up my control of her turning over on my back. I moaned when her pussy slid across my face, covering me in more of her cum. She pressed down on me in a 69 position, shoving her clit in my mouth.

Tiny, strong fingers gripped my thighs. I closed my eyes when I felt her tongue teasing the entrance to my asshole. B didn't seem to be the type to go there, she never had before. Tonight was different; I knew that when her nails dug down into my ass. She spread my cheeks wide so I was open to her.

My slayer groaned and slid her tongue inside me. The idea of what B was doin' set me on fire, and I could feel my juices pooling and seeping out of my throbbing snatch. No one had ever done this to me before. B was rimming me; making those tight muscles back there relax. The more I gave in to her, the deeper she went; tongue- fucking me like a real pro.

She made sure my tongue was plenty busy too, riding my face slow and nasty. I was lying on my back with B draped across me. The weight of her body and contact of our skin made me light-headed. I loved the way her cute little ass waved in the air, complements of her humping against my mouth.

I shook my head because I thought I was seeing things. There they were, what I had brought her all this way to see. They were called the 'Northern Lights', some kind of natural light show. People came across the world to see them, and scientists were still studying them.

B was giving it to me but good, making my body react in all sorts of ways. Whatever it was that had a hold of her, had turned her into a real hellcat, and neither one of us could get enough.

My girl had finally shown her true nature, she was a freak to the bone. Proof positive came when she ran a finger along my slit and soaked it in my juices. It slid into my ass easily up to the knuckle and she stroked me hard and deep while her tongue darted lightly around it.

Yeah, there were lights in my eyes all right and they got even brighter when she maneuvered her head around and covered my clit with her mouth. I never knew a tongue could be so flexible. She played at the hood of my button and moved all around it, but she never touched it directly.

Then she started sucking gently at first and increased the pull steadily until I was whimpering and squirming. At some point I could even swear that I heard myself snorting; I was so hot for B. She was bringing out the animal in me; more than I ever knew was there.


Buffy's POV

We didn't feel the chilly night air; the heat from our bodies had formed some kind of barrier around us. I was latched onto Faith, letting the weight of my body hold her down. She was writhing and crying out in an almost guttural voice, bucking so hard that I had to anchor us both with my slayer strength.

All the love and lust I had ever felt for her was expressing itself with a freedom and wildness that scared me. I'm sure we would've looked like two animals rutting; to anyone who stumbled across us.

"Shit...yeah...fuck me gotdamn you, take it's all yours!" Faith shouted into the darkness.

I clamped my mouth down on her mound hard and used my tongue to push at her clit while I sucked it ravenously. Something was about to happen to us that never had before; Faith and I were about to cum...together.

We wrapped our arms around the other's hips and held on, letting the swell of ecstasy carry us. Faith's body under me, the beauty of the lights, our love and passion enveloping us; was so strong for me that tears began to fall from my eyes.

The lights seemed to pulsate in rhythm with us as we came together and Faith's love transfused my body. The only way for me to explain it is, I literally felt her soul.

"I love you Faith." I sighed in a breathless whisper.


Faith's POV

I felt the full weight of her body collapse on me and I held her like a child, knowing two things; there was no one else for me but Buffy, and there was a moose standing a few feet away watchin' us like he'd bought tickets.

"Fuck B!"

"I know, wasn't it mind blowing baby." She sighed and cuddled against me.

"It was a thick piece of heaven B, but I'm talking about our big friend over there." I pointed toward the trees where the moose was standing.

" had to be you and the grunting...always the grunting!" She whispered to me as she jumped up and snatched her clothes.

"Easy big fella, I know you probably liked what you saw; that was some of my best work; but I'm gonna leave ya now K?"

I tried to move slowly and speak to him real calm. B had spooked him big time by grabbin' her clothes and running towards the jeep. So much for lovin' my ass moose and she was breaking the record for the `200. Some Vampire Slayer, she was in the jeep with the windows rolled up and the doors locked pulling on her clothes.

He grunted and snorted a few times, then shook his antlers at me and disappeared into the trees.

"Open the door...lover." I yanked on the handle wanting to get into some heat; the cold was noticeable now that the action was over with. We laughed all the way back to the Lodge where a Jacuzzi full of hot scented water waited for us.


Faith's POV

We can't look at pictures from that vacation without falling in the floor splitting our sides laughing. There is a framed snapshot of the "Northern Lights" hanging in our living room with the caption: Night Of The Fairies: Aurora Borealis.

I didn't have the smarts to know what any of it meant, I've always been a practical sort of gal. Show me something that's killing or kicking someone's ass who doesn't deserve it and I'm there; problem solved.

I remembered mentioning to Red how much B liked fireworks. What she didn't know was the first time I'd ever made Buffy cum, was behind Sunnydale High on the bleachers. It happened the first year we met on the 4th of July.

You can call me a sap if ya want, because I have pictures of that time we spent in Alaska loving my girl, and because I have a mental picture that I couldn't take at the time. Bruce will always be a part of my heart. You know who Bruce is don't ya? The moose?

The End