My Knight
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only a pitiful fool paying homage to characters I love!
Notes: This may be crappy but it's my crap, let's respect each other's material ok.
Dedication: To Michele, Amanda and Faithful Chickie, I want to be like you when I grow up. Thanks to Malea (my beta) couldn't have done it without you M.
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I've watched her. Through several harrowing situations where I've had to trust she would watch my back. She has never once let me down. I’ve found myself spellbound by the strength of her loyalty and courage.

What a strong name. Faith depicted reliability and trust. She never once wavered in the face of certain death, and I noticed in the haze of battle, it always appeared that she was protecting me; and not particularly trying to slay.

She was a true force to be reckoned with in battle, I don't have the words to describe her terrible beauty as she slays. She has no idea how I feel about her, and I'm reluctant to share my feelings, because I'm sure she won't believe me.

She wouldn't believe how I've cried at the desolate expression on her face when she talks about her past. She won't believe how I longed to kiss every cut and scrape she incurred from battle. She won't believe how much I just want to take her in my arms and make love to her.

I couldn't possible divulge any of this and risk loosing the ground I've gained. Faith is a truly tortured soul, and she deserves my devotion, protection, and love. How can I possibly express to her that I'm ready and able to give her these things?

Confident and cocky as usual, "Hey B, what a fight, ya alright?"

I smiled at her. "Faith, I think you enjoy this slaying thingy way too much."

She winked at me and said, "Naw B, it's your tight little ass I enjoy watching in action."

I don't know how to casually brush off her flirtatious banter, because God, I want her. She looks at me with concern.

"Look B, I know Sometimes I go off limits; but I never meant to offend you."

I try to camouflage the desire in my eyes and the fact that I have no voice, because her beauty and sensuality have totally captivated me.

She took my silence as a sign of annoyance and touched my cheek, gently looking into my eyes.

"Seriously B, don't take to heart anything I said. I was just pokin' at ya."

I couldn't contain myself anymore with that succulent mouth inches from mine. I let go then, kissing Faith with everything I had been feeling.

She was bewildered and sighed as I took control of her mouth, and for once, she was speechless, responding to me with labored breath. All the longing, desire, compassion, and yes hate, expressed itself through my kiss.

It fueled my lust to feel her melt into me with a softness I had never seen before in her. It was all I could do to contain myself, when she whispered in that husky voice made even deeper by her need.

"Take me B, please?"

Finally, I locked my fingers into that dark, silky mane, looking into her sultry eyes breathlessly.

"Mmmm, yes, baby yes." I took her mouth again, not letting her answer.

Her skin tasted like strawberries, and her hair smelled like the ocean. Her submission to me was like heaven, this powerful creature exposing herself to me.

"B, I'm done with want, take, have."

I placed a hungry, possessive hand on her breast “Just one more, for old times sake?"

She inhaled sharply when I touched her, refusing to believe this was really happening. Her voice was barely above a whisper, as she bit her lower lip and said "B, stop playing with me."

I thought about everything I could answer that sentence with, and when I looked at that slayer body, with those dark eyes and that mouth beckoning, I forcefully grabbed at the waistband of her pants and violently jerked them downward, with a frustrated sigh.

When I think back now on that moment, I had to be frenzied from wanting her. I don't remember how we ended up on my bed, only that I ripped her clothes off at some point during our lovemaking.

"Now Faith. Tell me what you want."

I was panting like an animal from the desire she built in me. My clit had a mind of its own as I forcefully pressed my thigh between her legs and moved against her with a suggestiveness that made ME shudder.

Her tongue was hot and urgent as she spoke to me; trailing blazing kisses around my ear and down my neck.

"Always wanted you B, I.. I.. oh fuck!!!"

Her hips spoke for her in a slow, erotic gyration against my pelvic bone that took my breath away.

What could I do now? I was lost in her, that earthy smell; her toned soft body and that fuck- me smile on those full lips that could have broken the resolve of the strongest man.

I continued to swallow not able to speak. She pressed her body down on me, and I couldn't control the pulse that started to build deep inside. I grabbed one of her hands and sucked hungrily on her fingers, while looking into those dark eyes.

I spoke to her in a voice I didn't recognize.

"Faith, I'm done with the flirting and double entendres."

I grasped the small of her back while rubbing her mound with my free hand, slowly kissing her lips and inserting my tongue, at the same time entering her wetness with two of my fingers.

Her eyes opened wide as she looked directly into my lust-filled eyes. "Ooh, B."

My body was on fire as I told her what I was about to do to her. I was drowning in the lush sensuality that was Faith, with every fiber of her being; she encompassed me with her sex, lust, and yearning.

The Chosen One since barely more than a child, strong and powerful Buffy, reduced to this. God help me, I was a slave to her at this moment.

"You think you're always the one with all the answers, don't you Faith?" I asked imploringly as my fingers thrust deeply inside her.

"OOOh B, I always knew you were a wicked bitch underneath, ahhhhh…"

She started to grind in response to my hand, looking defiantly in my eyes. I withdrew my fingers, making sure she watched me as I licked all her juices from them, before I traveled down along her stomach with my tongue.

While intimately kissing her belly button, I pressed my hand firmly and possessively just above her clean-shaven mound. My tongue hovered lazily above her pulsating clit, as I looked up at her.

I drew in my breath seductively, and licked my lips. “You don't know how much I've been wanting you baby.” Faith looked down at me anticipating the feel of my smooth tongue, but I just smiled lasciviously at her.

She groaned low in her throat and muttered, "Please, kiss me there B."

Her unbridled need ignited my already burning lust out of control, and I plunged into her with abandon, and the world moved away.

There was nothing but the exotic taste of her juices engulfing my mouth, her scent permeating my nostrils and that sultry, low moan filling my ears as I took her.

Her hips built up a slow, undulating rhythm against my mouth, and I couldn't get enough of the way she was fucking my face.

I watched her as she took her pleasure from my tongue-lashing, and reveled in that graceful, muscular body wound so tight, straining for release.

It was then that her movements quickened and she cried out with a breathless whisper "Oh slayer…I'm gonna cum all over your face baby!!!"

I stroked her harder and deeper with my tongue, while firmly rubbing and fingering her clit. She reached down grabbing my head to keep it stationary, as she bucked wildly into my mouth flooding me with her juices.

Watching Faith cum was the most shockingly erotic sight I've ever witnessed, and I wasn't ready to let her come down just yet.

I gauged her peak by the tempo of her breathing, and just when she started to sigh with relief, I began ravaging her with my fingers.

"God, you're beautiful when you cum Faith, never stop."

Her eyes closed and her mouth took on the shape of an "O" as she rode the crest of another powerful orgasm. I was a slayer possessed as my arm escalated to a heightened speed, fucking her relentlessly.

She thrashed her head from side to side her body jerking uncontrollably, and she cried out in such a sexy way, that she brought me to climax without ever having touched me!

It was my turn to scream "Ooohhhh, what are you doing to me?"

Faith ran her fingers through my hair gently as she felt my body tense.

"That's it B, let it go."

I moved up to take her in my arms burying my face in her neck as the throes of my orgasm overtook me.

My knight in shining armor pulled me close and breathed into my ear "No one has every made me feel like that, but I knew YOU could, only you. Only you…"

She continued to murmur as she found my lips and kissed me with such tenderness, I began to cry.

The End