Last Night By The Lake
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only paying homage to characters I love!
Spoiler: Season 7 post Chosen, after the dust settles.
Notes: This is intended for "Buffy's Love Fest" held on The Faithful Chickies list.
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Buffy's POV

We were taking a drive in my black blazer, like we sometimes did on a nice summers evening. There was time to do it now that we weren't the only ones responsible for saving the whole damned world. It was rough going for a while, but somehow I knew Faith and I would end up together.


Once the potentials were activated, there was a chance for a normal life; and I jumped at it. Giles wanted me to help him head up a new Watcher's Council he was organizing. He even asked Faith to stay on in a teaching capacity; somebody had to train those babies how to be slayers.

She would have none of it; she planned on getting on a Harley and traveling cross-country. The untamed spirit in her would never be totally under control and she had to indulge it. That sinful, dangerous side of Faith had always fascinated and aroused me, more than I cared to admit. I tried to hide my relief when she told me it wasn't going to work out between her and Wood.

He was a nice enough guy with a good heart, but I figured that little tryst of theirs was due to the heat of the moment. I would never let her know she should've been with me when the world ended. They parted good friends, like we all did. Everyone who was there that day shared a bond that could never be broken.

Giles knew I loved him like a father, and there wasn't anything I wouldn't do for him but I turned him down. The opportunity had presented itself for me to be just plain Buffy. I clung to him for dear life at the airport, not wanting to let this man that had meant so much to me go.

Faith went with me, she didn't make a big deal of it; but I knew she cared about Giles. They had built and shared a history over the years, and he was the closest thing to a real father she had ever known.

It tickled me to see her tear up when his flight was called to board. To his surprise she walked over to him and gave him a chaste peck on the cheek, and he returned her show of affection with a tight hug.

"Now then Faith, no time for that tough exterior now. I'll miss you both terribly, take care of each other."

She could've jumped out of her skin, because she knew I was watching when she returned that hug, laying her head on his shoulder like a little girl.

"Don't go all sappy on me G-man, it's been a wild ride and I appreciate everything you ever did for me, you've been decent."

He flashed that winning smile over his shoulder, the one that always brightened his features and showed a glimpse of the "Ripper". So, he was off to a new life and we were left here to pick up the pieces of ours.

"Well, B I guess that's it, walk me to my bike?"

How could I tell her not to leave, that I loved her? All the things that happened between us previously made for a hesitant friendship at best. Looking at her now I realized it would devastate me if she left. I was tortured by the silence during the short walk to the parking lot where her bike was parked.

"So Faith, where will you go?"

"That's just it B, don't know, don't care."

"Will you at least keep in touch with me?"

"Didn't think ya wanted me to, B."

"I know you hate to admit it Faith, but we've been through a lot together, surely more than most people do in a life time."

The emotions started to well up in my chest, and I couldn't keep the tears from spilling over.

She reached over gently and wiped them away with her hand whispering, "B."

I felt her arms reach out for me, and she pulled me into a tight embrace that said more than she could ever verbalize. I let myself melt against her body, feeling like I was home. She held me like a child, her chin resting on the top of my head, stroking my hair softly.

Everything else ceased to exist in her arms, and I never wanted to leave; but I knew she would never stay. I broke away from her and ran while I still had some dignity left. It was all I could do to keep from begging her.

The blazer lurched to a halt at the traffic light leading out of the airport, and then a detailed Harley with a picture of a tearstained angel holding a stake pulled up next to me. It was Faith's bike.

"B, I've never known you to give up that easy."

She flashed that smile, it made me fall in love every time I saw it, and I knew everything would be 5x5. We drove off together that day, and have never been apart since. We've been having the time of our lives for the past three months, never looking back.


I reminisce like this often when we're cruising along, just being. It's easy with us; we finish each other's sentences and practically know each other's thoughts. She puts her hand in my hair absentmindedly twirling it around her fingers. I can tell what she wants, and I'm more than ready to give it to her.

Out of all the things newly awkward with us, sex wasn't one of them. We went at each other so hard most nights, the love bites and bruises made it appear as if we had been slaying. Oh yeah, my baby was a hellcat in bed, and every place else she decided to take me.

Her appetite was voracious, like she couldn't get enough of me and I'd never felt as sexually alive in my life. Were there certain perks to being a slayer? Yes, stamina. There wasn't a night gone by, where I didn't look across our bed at her and think how lucky I was.

Just looking at her now, the way her erect nipples strained through her tank top was enough to make me drive faster. She always had this effect on me, and when it hit I had to have her right then. My anticipation grew as I looked at the curve of her shapely thighs, put on full display from her feet being propped up on the dash.

Today she just happened to be wearing a scrap of leather masquerading as a skirt. I tried to keep my mind on the road ahead of me, but all I could think about was pushing that skirt up around her hips and cupping that firm ass in my hands.

We pulled up by the lake and found a secluded spot. It was a perfect night, the air was warm and still. The lake was gorgeous with the moonlight shimmering off the water. When you looked up all you could see were stars that looked like they went on forever.

The sound of our favorite music drifted from the truck, and the mood was set. Our eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness, and I could see her clearly as she leaned against the blazer. I could see the activity of her jugular vein on that neck that I loved to kiss so much.

She turned to look at me, already knowing what was on my mind. Sex for us was a contact sport, and she liked it rough. My heart started to beat faster at the prospect of those legs wrapping around my hips, as I buried my fingers inside her.

"Whatcha' lookin' at hotness?"

My eyes answered her question by looking down at her hand, leisurely draped across one of her breasts. Faith had always been a tease, and I couldn't see that changing in fifty years, or how ever long the future held for us.

I moved towards her, and did exactly what I had wanted to do earlier. She groaned into my ear when my hands lifted up her skirt and massaged her ass roughly.

"Hold on B, not like this."

Reluctantly, I pulled my mouth away from her neck and looked into her eyes.

"Baby, don't you want me?"

"You know I do B, but sometimes I want you to…"

"Tell me Faith, want me to what?"

"Love me soft B, like a woman."

The fragileness in her voice touched me, and I immediately felt like an idiot. Had I never once considered in this whirlwind we were caught up in, that she might need tenderness?

My dark haired firecracker was asking me to make love to her, in the only way she knew how. I grabbed a blanket out of the Blazer and reached for her hand. We headed towards a large raft tied to the dock by the water's edge.

I untied the rope and pushed us off, setting us adrift. Faith spread the blanket out and laid down patting the space next to her.

"Taking too long B, you gotta see this from down here, it's awesome."

"From where I stand, it's breathtaking."

She giggled in that husky voice, and I couldn't get near her quick enough. I inhaled deeply, sampling the smells offered up by the lake. There was the smell of Jasmine blossoms, wet grass, and the freshness of the lake water, it reminded me of spring rain. Then there was her, a scent unique from all the others that made my pulse race.

I moved closer to my dark beauty, and took her face in my hands, covering it lightly with butterfly kisses. She sighed softly, covering one of my hands with her own. I pressed my body to her side, shivering from the feel of her breast on my arm and her leg touching my sensitive mound.

My fingers traced the contours of her face as I finally surrounded her mouth with my own. Faith's tongue met mine in a gentle dance, kissing me so passionately it felt like time stopped. There was no place deeper in her I could've gone. How could a kiss have me throbbing?

She came up for air, breaking the kiss and I could see how flustered she was. I moved my hand over her heart, and the beat was steady, frenzied and strong.

"Damn, B."

That hand sought out another area of interest and began to massage her breast firmly. She shuddered at the teasing sensation of my fingers through the material of her blouse.

"Please B, take it off."

My passion obliged Faith as I took off her blouse, and lowered my head to worship the bare nipples begging for my attention. I circled the tip of my tongue around her areole lovingly provoking a response and she groaned with urgency.

Impatient hands tugged at my top yanking it over my head, and suddenly I too was naked down to my waist.

"Equal opportunity B, gotta love it."

The skirt was the next thing to go, but I made a point of leaving on her panties. Playtime wasn't quite over yet, as I ran my index finger down the cleft of her soaked mound, stopping just short of that silky entrance. Her back arched with anticipation.

"Mmmm, don't tease me B."

I replied seductively as I slowly inched my finger into the material entering her, "I won't tease you any more than you teased me during the years we patrolled together."

She began to pant as the material of her panties gave way gradually, and my finger went deeper. I began to talk to her then, while I stroked her gently.

"I couldn't tell you that day at the airport lover…mmmm, I've always been too proud. Couldn't tell you how much I needed you to stay with me."

The raft began to sway back and forth from the motions of Faith's writhing body as she pushed back against my fingers. Her pussy was so wet and accommodating that I knew she was close.

"All…uhm…I ever wanted was you to love me B."

"Like this baby?"

I added another finger and started to open and close them stimulating her walls as I began to thrust harder and deeper inside her. I needed more of her, so I made my way down her body until my face hovered just below her bikini line. How deliciously wicked it was to bury my face in that material, rubbing my nose into her clit.

"Ahh, yesss…right there…fuck me B!"

I pinched the remaining material between my fingers and pulled it free. The glistening folds of her sex opened wide to welcome me, as my tongue disappeared inside her. Faith had finally given herself to someone for the first time in her life, and it was me.

"OHHH…love you…so much B!"

She climaxed, coating my face in her juices, and I couldn't remember ever being as content as I was at that moment. I laid beside her catching my breath and taking in the splendor of this special night. After we had lain there for a time, I moved on top of her, and saw the magnificence of the stars reflected in those dark sensual eyes.

Faith would show me just how much she loved me, a year later to the day, at the lake. That's where we held our joining ceremony. The ring she placed on my finger was a brilliant diamond arrangement. It resembled a cluster of stars.


Notes: This is sickly sweet and terribly romantic, read at your own risk. It's not about canon; just let it make you feel.
Dedication: For My Heart...

Faith's POV

So, this is finally it and my hands are sweating. I've been talking to my stomach since 5 am. All I keep hoping is for this to be real. Did she actually say yes, to me? Today, she'll be mine; somewhere...somehow at least one of my prayers must have been answered.

Willow and Kennedy helped me with all the details I didn't know shit about, like the cut of my gown (they refused to let me wear a tux) the color scheme and my hair. The only thing that mattered most to me is when she walked up to me; she would know she made the right choice.

Everyone had been running around me for weeks with pieces of different colored material they called "Swatches", flower samples and little diagrams of seating arrangements. I heard more than one heated argument between the G-Man and some professional looking tight- assed dudes; who looked like they charged an arm and a leg for whatever it was they were doing.

Xander, of all people; helped me pick out her ring. I couldn't help but feel that even though he had loved Anya, Buffy would always have a piece of his heart.


"See Faith, we both know Buffy isn't your average girl." He looked at me and blinked, realizing how silly he sounded.

"Uh Xand, slayer here." I raised my hand and waved in his direction.

"Pulling my foot out of my ass and moving on. I think Buffy is a gemstone kinda gal myself." He pointed to an emerald the color of her eyes.

"Nope, gotta be diamonds." I said flatly.

"Faith, I know you love her," his voice lowered to a whisper and he moved in closer to me, "But diamonds can get pretty pricey."

I pulled a fat wad out of my pocket and slapped it into his hand. "I'm still thanking that demon I killed about a month ago, turns out that some coins he stole were authentic gold pieces from old Chris's Maiden Voyage."

Xander did a double take and stepped back from me, "You mean, Christopher Columbus?"

"Yeah, I'll have to remember to drink a beer on his holiday."

"There must be more than..." He looked down at my hand when I clamped it over his mouth.

"Just let it be our little secret ok? No need to get the natives restless, alright?"

"Gotcha. So, why diamonds?" He asked me.

"Gotdamn it Xander, I'm only telling you this because you and me had a...thing once. If you repeat this to anyone I'll rip your balls off and feed 'em to you."

"Think I won't take you at your word, most able Mistress who can rip my head off?" I laughed at his wide-eyed expression.

"You know the lake, where the ceremony's being held? That's where I proposed to B. It's always been our special place."

"Awww...nice gooey slayer love," He smirked, "OW!" and then he grabbed his arm after I tapped him. Well, it seemed like a tap, to me.

"Try to keep a straight face and I'll finish the story." I glared at him.

"K, I'm here." He held up his index finger and made sure I focused on it, so that our eyes met in agreement.

"There couldn't have been a more perfect night, the weather was just right and the sky was full of stars. I swear to you, I don't think I could ever love B more than I did that night."

I watched Xander's eyes glaze over, and I knew just what he was thinking; which wasn't too far off the mark. She and I had fucked liked bunnies that night.

"Get your mind out of the gutter, geez you had a taste...still craving the mystic?" I shook him out of his daze.

"No Faith, it's just that what you said was beautiful. All of us finally get're the one." This was one of the few times I had ever looked in his face and saw the 'Man' Xander had become.

"I want to see that one" I signaled to the jeweler; pointing through the glass display case."

The little prick looked at me like I had just said a dirty word.

"Miss, that particular setting is valued at $2,700.00." He gave me a look like I had trailer trash written across my forehead.

"Show the lady the ring, that is...if you value your ass." I never knew Xander was that strong, but he managed to hold me back for a second while he threw the wad I had given him on the counter.

It couldn't hold a candle to my B, but it came damned close. A cluster of diamonds that seemed to be scattered and set onto a platinum band in just the right the stars in her eyes that night. I would've paid for that ring with my blood.

"What do you think, too bulky?" Xander took the ring from me and held it up in the light. A prism of color flowed through when the sun hit it just right.

"No, it's perfect." He could only speak in a breathless tone, guess he got a little choked up.

"I'll take it, but how about you send that pretty little sales girl you been treating like shit up here to ring me up, I want her to get the commission."


Buffy's POV

I felt like I did the first time Merrick approached me and told me I was the Chosen One, like this couldn't possibly be happening. Memories of everything we had been through told me differently. I loved her the day I almost killed her. It took me several fruitless relationships, the loss of my mother, a battle with a God, and realize it.

That was our history and now we had the chance to add something wonderful to it. That night at the lake had been filled with lust and passion, certainly we both said things that maybe we didn't mean. I had expected a retrieval of that heart-felt proposal, whispered urgently in the throes of her orgasm. But Faith was serious, and for one of the first times in my life; I was truly afraid.

I was surprised to hear the thud of pebbles against my bedroom window and lowered my stake quickly when I saw that grin beaming at me from the Oak tree in our back yard.

"Hey baby, once more for old times sake." She purred while hoisting herself through the window.

"Faith, you know what they say about seeing the bride before the ceremony." I batted at her roaming hands, knowing it wouldn't belong before she had me writhing on the bed.

"C'mon B, there ain't a damned thing traditional about US." She grabbed me and pulled me towards her.

"Can't wait slayer?" I murmured as I nipped playfully at her lower lip.

"You were always mine B, tomorrow's just making it legal. Besides, we both need to release a little tension." She peeled my clothes off me with a familiar, confident touch. "Just a little baby?" Her voice had changed, and it was no longer asking, it was telling me how badly she wanted me.

"Ssssss...ohhh...yes." I sank down into her arms reacting to the fingers I felt slip gently into the wetness between my shaking thighs.

"This was waiting for us B, this is why we could never be happy with anyone else." She covered my mouth with a hungry kiss that made us both whimper our need out loud.

She laid me down softly on our bed and touched me like a porcelain doll, I had never known her to be so sensual. When I tried to remove her clothing, she refused.

'No baby, this is all about you." And she made me believe her when she buried her face in my mound, licking me lovingly, deeply, like it would be her last taste of me.

Insistent, demanding fingers caressed me, stroking my trembling walls slick with the arousal she summoned in me. My inner-muscles responded to her delving fingers, grasping them and returning their rhythm. She raised her head up and looked intently into my eyes before she clamped her mouth down over my aching clit, sending pulses of sensation through my body.

"I love you, I've always loved you!" I groaned at the peak of my climax.

"I know sexiness...I know." Her husky voice answered in a low, sultry sigh, full of emotion.


Faith's POV

I'm standing by this altar; it's covered in flowing white satin. There are candles and incense and a sacred book on loan from the Council's Library. Willow is presiding over the ceremony, assuming her rightful place as a High Priestess.

For all the brightness of the sun, this place is shrouded in a comforting shade. I appreciate the cool breeze that's coming up off the lake, and blowing through my hair. The crowd of our friends and family sit patiently, although expectant of what's to come next. Then I hear the heavenly sound of a flute carried by the wind, and finally; I see her.

Her gown is the delicate color of Sea foam draped just so, showing off her strong, graceful shoulders and that elegant neck that I've to kiss. Blonde ringlets of silk fall down around her face, tumbling from a jewel encrusted clasp, that holds the rest of her spun gold; upswept into a swirl on the crown of her head.

Giles is every bit the proud father in his black tux, chest braced with pride as he leads my love to me. What can I say about her face, when her eyes find mine. A poet could describe it better, because right now; I just don't have the words.


Buffy POV

I could have never been prepared in a thousand years, for my Faith and the way she looked standing there, waiting for me. Her hair was pulled back off her face, complementing those irresistible dimples on a face filled with burning love for me. The cream-colored Brocade gown hugged every curve of that luscious body, bringing out the rich tan of her skin and the lustrous brown of her eyes.

My legs faltered at one point and Giles pulled my arm tighter in his, supporting me, as we walked. He whispered to me just before he gave me away.

"Be happy my darling daughter."

I felt my Mom in his words, and even though I missed her terribly; today he was a fitting substitute. Faith took my hand from him and squeezed it reassuringly.

"I got ya baby." She mouthed silently to me as we both turned to face Willow.

Willow recited from the sacred book in a booming, majestic voice "Slayers in life, slayers in death, bound together by the mystical forces that drive and nourish all things. Let these rings be a symbol of their never-ending devotion to each other, and may the bond they share never be broken."

Xander stepped forward with the rings as Dawn looked on from her place as Matron of Honor.

"Take this ring from me Buffy, you already have my heart." Faith slid the diamond cluster onto Buffy's finger and christened it with a tear as she kissed her hand.

Buffy in turn placed an ornate platinum band etched with a replica of Faith's tattoo on her mate's finger. "Beyond death my love."

"As you have joined your souls, so I declare this day that your lives also be joined!" Willow chimed a bell three times and mouthed an incantation of blessing.

"Always knew you had the hots for me B."

"You haven't seen hot yet baby." They embraced in a gentle kiss under the sun, in front of the gleaming water, by The Lake.

The End