The Land Down Under
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property Of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only paying homage to characters I love!
Notes: If you don't like gratuitous PWP, designed strictly to tantalize you, you're not reading it right!
Dedication: I wrote this especially for Faithful Chickie, just a little gift from me to you, thanks for your encouragement. To M, always.
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They had been skirting around their mutual attraction for weeks. Buffy being concerned about 'The whole gay thing', and Faith not wanting to make a move that would scare her off.

It was obvious to anyone who stayed in their presence for more than five minutes, that there was definite sparkage between them. Buffy played the part of the virginal tight-ass, to Faith's dark temptress.

They were sitting in on a particularly boring Scooby meeting. Giles was going on and on about being vigilant, even in times of relative peace in Sunnydale. There had been very little supernatural activity. It was almost like the vamps were on vacation.

Giles noticed half the gang was nodding off, with the exception of Willow, who was listening intently. He threw an ancient, and very heavy Demonic Cryptography Key on the table to startle them.

"Obviously, for some of you, this inactivity around the Hellmouth, is an excuse to get lackadaisical. But I beg to differ, I believe it's the calm before the coming storm."

Willow sank down in her chair and looked at Xander, "Told ya."

Xander seemed kind of annoyed, "Oh, I'm sorry Giles, some of us were actually thinking about getting a few beers, and having a life; before we got dismembered."

Faith chuckled under her breath, pulling her gum out of her mouth and twirling it around her finger. An action she knew would only draw Buffy's attention to her lips.

"C'mon guys lighten up, Buffy and I are still patrolling every night, we'll keep our eyes open."

Buffy watched Faith play with her gum, mesmerized. She didn't respond to Faith's comment. Faith smiled at her seductively, before putting the gum back in her mouth and kissing at Buffy.

"Ain't that right B?"

She flushed realizing she had been staring at Faith, and everyone in the room knew it. "Umh, yeah we'll keep an eye out."

Faith stood up and walked over to Buffy, lightly laying a hand on her shoulder, "Let's get it done B."

Buffy acknowledged Giles, who gestured his consent for them to leave, and then followed Faith out of the library.

They were quiet, as they patrolled, neither one needing affirmation from the other of the comfort they derived from just being together. Buffy's mind was awash in thoughts having nothing to do with slaying. She couldn't help the occasional glance over at Faith.

Faith saw every glance from the corner of her eye, and at some point, caught Buffy dead on as their eyes locked. A knowing half-smile and a wiggled brow accented, "Whatcha thinkin' about B?"

It was too late, for Buffy to turn away, she was busted. "Faith, have you had a lot of ….uh…partners?"

Faith smirked "What kinda partners B?"

Buffy knew there was no way to present the topic delicately, least of all with Faith smiling like some maniacal Cheshire cat. Buffy swallowed to wet her parched throat, "Lovers."

The humor left Faith's voice as she appeared to ponder the answer before speaking, "Well B, I wouldn't exactly call them lovers…more like fuck buddies. Not a lot of hearts and flowers there, ya know?"

Buffy stopped walking completely for a moment. Her eyes avoided the dark slayer's as she asked in a childlike voice, "Ever…with…a girl?"

The light bulb went on in Faith's head then. Buffy was curious, and it was making her bold. "Why, wanna join the club B?"

The blonde's face flushed at the question, and the intimate tone, in which it was asked, "I didn't mean it like that Faith, I was just wondering."

"What's the what B, I'm not getting any younger."

Buffy looked up at her hesitantly, "I know women do it with women all the time, I'm not naïve. I just don't see, well, where all the pleasure would come from."

Faith moved her face close to Buffy's, and looked deeply into her eyes, saying in a hushed tone, "Ohh, I see, dead-boy never went down on ya, hunh B?"

Buffy was visibly shaken and felt a babble-fest coming on, "Well..he…we…it wasn't like we had a lot of time together, Faith."

"Yeah, that's right, boyfriend got a happy and turned all terminator on ya. That's gotta be some rough shit B. So, with all the excitement going on, didja get yours?"

The older girl looked puzzled, "did I get my… mean did I uh..have one of those."

Faith was certain Buffy had never climaxed, at least not in the real sense of the word. From her experience, it rarely ever happened for a girl the first time. Unless, it was her talented tongue at the helm, of course.

'No wonder B was so friggin' uptight all the time, after years of slaying with no release afterward.' Faith mentally started to hatch a plan. She wanted to be the first one at home plate.

Faith playfully tapped the other slayer's arm, "Look B, you can't even say the word, read my lips, o-r-g-a-s-m." She lightly traced Buffy's jaw line; her voice lowering like she was about to share a secret.

"B, I know just where to touch a woman, because I know how I like to be touched. That's were all the pleasure comes from, the raw power of it when I make her scream. It's kinda mind blowin' being able to make someone shiver like that, ya know."

Buffy's mind was reeling from the mental images conjured by Faith's inviting voice. Her mouth had gone dry, and she was embarrassed by the fierce arousal coursing through her body.

Faith abruptly gave Buffy a signal then, indicating that they weren't alone. The Chosen two braced for combat, and when the approaching fang gang attacked, they were at the ready.

A wondrous sight to behold, the slayers dusted one vampire after another. Anyone witnessing the battle would have thought it was a well-choreographed routine.

The precision of the two women was courtesy of hours spent in vigorous, severe training. Overseen by Giles, who had proven himself to be an unforgiving taskmaster.

Faith had just retrieved her stake from a huge vampire, who must have been a wrestler in his former life. Buffy's left flank was exposed, and she didn't see the two male fiends cutting her off, almost cornering her before striking from both sides.

A guttural scream escaped Faith as she sprung into action, "Nooo, Buffyyy!" Her slayer strength went into overdrive, as she literally ripped the heads from the fiends, with her bare hands!

Faith reached urgently through the dissipating dust cloud, and drew Buffy to her chest. She cradled her head gently in the crook of her neck, and rocked her silently.

Everything happened so quickly; Buffy only had time to relish the warm comfort and protection of Faith's arms. She returned the tight embrace as she felt Faith's lips lightly brush her forehead.

It would have been incredibly romantic, the two of them standing there under a gorgeous harvest moon, experiencing feelings never brought to the surface. The scenario was paid for with a terrible price, knowing things could never be normal for either one of them.

Faith looked down into the beautiful face of the one person on earth that mattered to her and said tenderly, "C'mon B, let's get you home."

It seemed like Faith was intentionally staying away from her for some reason. Buffy visited some of her known haunts, but there was no sign of her. The last night they saw each other had been awkward, leaving a lot of unanswered questions.

Faith had simply made sure to stay two steps ahead of Buffy. She knew the blonde was seeking her out, but she didn't have any of the answers right now.

She sensed the older slayer's sexual curiosity starting to assert itself. And try as she might, to convince herself, this wasn't her ultimate fantasy.

Buffy could never be a one-off, she was the one. Faith knew if she were ever intimate with Buffy, all of her secret feelings would be exposed. She spent the better part of a day asking herself, why that would be so tragic.

Seven days passed with no contact from Faith. Buffy was almost beside herself with worry, when she found a note mixed in with her Mail. "B, I know you have lots of questions. Meet me at this address tonight around eight. And B, no interruptions."

Buffy was excited but also pensive at the same time, she felt like this was a first date. She was frantic, ransacking her closet for the perfect outfit.

She didn't want to give the impression that she expected anything, by dressing sexy. However, it was important for her to be beautiful for Faith.

The penthouse apartment was posh, complete with a Jacuzzi and Fireplace. Sometimes being a slayer had definite advantages, like saving a successful businessman from the fangs of a vamp. He had been extremely grateful to Faith, telling her to call him, if she ever needed anything.

Once she had made up her mind about Buffy, she found the grateful patron's business card, and called in a favor. The gentleman made sure he paid her back in spades. A gourmet meal was catered, complete with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

Faith had decided, if she were going to crash and burn tonight, it would be done in style. Even with the lush surroundings and romantic atmosphere the truth of the matter remained.

She didn't know how Buffy would react to her seduction. If she assumed incorrectly and Buffy was offended by her overture, she stood the risk of losing their friendship.

Buffy was shocked as the cab pulled up to the address Faith had given her. She couldn't believe it when she went inside the building and found that not only was she expected by the Doorman, she was ushered to the penthouse suite.

She was almost afraid to knock and get the evening started. Anticipation hung over her like a cloud, but she was still apprehensive of what waited for her on the other side of that door.

Faith opened the door to the suite, smiling automatically at Buffy's response to what she was wearing, "I tell ya B, it must be hard always being on time. C'mon in and take a load off."

Buffy entered the apartment and took her eyes off Faith, long enough to survey her surroundings, which were quite impressive. Though the most impressive sight in the apartment was Faith, hands down.

She wore a golden brocade robe resembling a man's smoking jacket. Her hair had been brushed until the russet tresses were luminous, and the lingering scent of cucumber melon trailed behind her where ever she walked.

Faith's usual swaggering demeanor was replaced with the predatory grace of a magnificent feline, and the way that robe clung to her body left very little to the imagination.

Cut just low enough in front to show the curve of her breast, with a split on the side showing just the right amount of thigh.

The dark slayer passed Buffy a glass of champagne, and sat down next to her in front of a roaring fire. She made a point of not sitting too close as she asked, "Hungry B?"

Buffy took a small sip of the champagne and replied, "All this and you cooked too, I'm really impressed Faith."

"B, I didn't save your ass last time to kill you with my cookin, it's catered."

They shared a chuckle while walking to the dining room. The bubbly goodness of the champagne was helping to take the edge off, and the two slayers actually started to relax.

"Gotta tell ya B, that red you're wearin' tonight is bangin'. Did you dress up for me?" She batted her eyes slightly for effect.

Buffy snickered as she looked towards the ceiling, "Yeah,like that slap me/hurt me robe you're wearing isn't for my benefit."

'Whoa Buff, slow your roll there, champagne's going to your head.'

Faith looked over at Buffy, and reached down to open the clasp on the robe. Which was the only thing holding it together besides the matching belt, "I can take it off, if you like."

The blonde gasped right in the middle of sipping her drink, almost choking herself, she could have sworn there was nothing between her and that nubile body but that robe. "I thought we were having dinner."

Faith walked towards the kitchen, "Coming right up."

The meal consisted of a flavorful Fettuccini Alfredo and small dinner salad. It served to sate the appetite, but fell easily on the stomach, Faith didn't want a sluggish slayer on her hands.

Buffy was fascinated watching Faith eat, 'How can she make eating a damned noodle look so sexy' the dark beauty was making a show of delicately sucking the noodles from her fork in an exaggerated motion, being careful to lick any lingering sauce from her lips, with a tongue that couldn't possibly have been that long and flexible.

Faith was enjoying goading the flushed slayer, she could see the tension rising off her in waves. They had finished dinner, and it was time to move on to more interesting festivities. "Can I get you anything else B?"

Buffy wondered if the younger woman really knew every word leaving her mouth sounded like an open invitation, how could she keep that up? Now that dinner was over, she was anxious to hear the real reason for all of this ceremony. In the back of her mind, she was almost certain of tonight's outcome, whether it was intended or not.

She waited patiently in the living room, while Faith took care of something in the back of the apartment. Being here with her like this, felt natural and right.

She recalled the way Faith had held her tightly after their last encounter in the graveyard. A wave of emotion rose in her, moving from her very core to the tender points of her nipples.

As if on cue, Faith entered with another bottle of champagne. Buffy tilted her head to the side and remarked, "If I didn't know any better, I would think you were trying to get me drunk, and take advantage of me."

Faith's reply was punctuated with a loud POP of the champagne cork, "You would be right about the first part B, but nothing is gonna happen here tonight, that you don't beg for." The look on her face was nothing if not challenging, as she handed Buffy her glass.

'Of all the arrogance, what does she mean about me begging?'

Faith turned to face Buffy, keeping eye contact with the blonde, speaking in a calm even tone, "B, I asked you here because…I'm tired of wasting time. There's something between us, and I can't honestly tell ya what it is."

She lowered her eyes and slowly shook her head, "The other night in that graveyard, when I thought I might lose you."

Buffy reached over and softly lifted up her chin, "I felt it too, and it scares me. I can't explain it, but you make me feel so alive."

Faith's eyes welled up with tears, threatening to spill over, as she studied the beautiful contours of her love's face, hearing the sincerity in her voice.

There was no holding back now, and she felt a weight lift from her shoulders, "You know I want you B, I have since the first time I laid eyes on you. I know you're attracted to me, and more than a little curious."

Buffy's tone was somber, "That may be true, but I can't go around jumping everyone I'm curious about."

Faith grasped her face in both hands, and kissed her possessively. The heat surging between them was undeniable. Buffy broke the kiss, putting a hand to her chest trying to catch her breath. Faith asked her a question then, "Does everyone make you feel like that?"

Her head was still buzzing from the kiss, chest heaving with a different kind of emotion; no male had ever made her feel. She was still reluctant, when she thought of all the reasons why they shouldn't.

Faith moved closer to her almost pleading, "B, tomorrow isn't promised, to either one of us. Let me have tonight, no strings or trips." She moved her hand just barely, along Buffy's thigh.

"You can get the answers to all your questions, with me." Her voice was like butter now, "C'mon B, let me?"

The blonde's resolve faded then, and she took Faith's hand, allowing herself to be lead into one of the most beautiful bedrooms she had ever seen. The interior was decorated in rich colors of Hunter green, Burgundy and Cream, offset by candlelight shimmering all around the room.

Faith approached her, slowly running fingers through her hair, tracing the curve of her jaw, and then her neck. She wet her lips as she said, "All for you, baby..all for you." She began unbuttoning Buffy's blouse, while her eyes devoured her body.

She was surprised when Buffy looked at her with smoldering eyes, and threw her bra to the floor, placing Faith's hands on her breasts. "Touch me Faith." Buffy heard her exhale as she gently squeezed the sumptuous offering.

Faith's mind was racing as she moved one arm around the blonde's back, pulling her close; while she bent down to take a swollen nipple in her mouth, circling it wetly with her tongue. She kept in mind, that she had to control her own maddening desire, she was the teacher tonight.

Buffy blushed as she started to feel the slow burn, her increasingly wet mound yearning for contact. Small hands pushed Faith up to face level, as she moaned a request, "Take this off, I want to see you."

The sultry brunette grazed her lips with her tongue, "Umm, you take it off baby…"

Emboldened, Buffy undid the belt and watched the robe fall to the floor with a shrug of Faith's shoulders. She wasn't prepared for the sight of her, tight muscular curves, covered by skin as soft and supple as a baby's. She could feel the moisture spilling out onto her thighs, as her hand explored another woman's body for the first time.

Faith's breasts, so like hers, but different filled her hands with their warm, heady weight. She marveled that this incredibly sensuous young woman wanted her.

Curiosity demanded she taste those eager nipples, just straining for contact. Faith's body trembled involuntarily as she groaned.

"Aww, that feels so good, B. I've been wanting you for so long."

She reached down and removed the rest of Buffy's clothing, leaving them standing naked, and shaken before each other.

Buffy whispered with confidence, "Then..take me Faith."

She lowered her love gently to the bed, and crawled up her body, until she was straddling her stomach, her eyes filled with promise of the delights to come.

"I just wanna make love to you B, if you change your mind, you can tell me to stop."

Buffy's breathing was labored now, as she observed the vision of lust above her, bringing to mind every carnal thought, she ever dared to think. Whatever Faith had in store for her, she was ready for the journey.

Faith pulled one of the blonde's hands toward her wet sex, "Don't be afraid, you can touch me."

She gasped as the smaller slayer ran a fingertip across her lips, feeling the juices she had caused to flow. Faith then raised the same hand, back towards Buffy's mouth, "Taste me."

All sorts of tactile stimulation overran Buffy, the liquid heat of Faith was smooth and creamy, and the taste was beyond any of her fantasies.

The sexy brunette sat back on her lover, grinding her soaking mound onto her stomach leisurely, as if the movements she made were an everyday occurrence, "Mmm, see what you do to me B?"

Faith continued to grind against her as she twisted Buffy's nipples until she cried out. The brunette questioned her in a throaty sigh; "Making you hot, baby?"

She ground into Buffy harder, "Tell me you like it B. Ohh, I… can't ..Ssss…hold it…!"

Faith felt ecstasy and anger at the same time, as a powerful unexpected orgasm washed over her.

Buffy didn't know how to react as Faith rode her, harder, all manner of grunts and moans filling the air. She followed her natural instinct, and grabbed Faith's hips, supporting her as the climax took hold!

Her clit was melting into mush, and she had long since lost the power of speech, as that orgasm took her, the one she had always known was reserved for her.

"Awww..Yesss, Fuuuck Buufffyy!"

She was reaching the crest of it now, and she didn't think about the slayer strength pounding through her hips, that could only be taken by another slayer.

An animalistic groan escaped her lips, as all her sexual tension and pent up need filled the room along with her last desperate thrusts. She hadn't intended to lose control like this. When she looked down at her love, and realized it wasn't a dream, she smiled, despite her loss of control.

In her bewilderment and wonder watching Faith climax, Buffy had ignored her own demanding libido, her body strangely removed from the sensations of wetness and thrusting she had just experienced. What she had just witnessed, was sexuality in its purest form, and she was awestruck.

Faith felt the need to apologize profusely; she hadn't intended to lose control. She also hadn't expected Buffy to surrender so easily, which in itself was a turn on. However, it all worked out for the best. With her lust in check, she could focus all her attention on the sexy blonde.

It was evident by looking at her that Buffy was filled with anticipation of what would happen next, but she was strangely silent.

The truth of the matter was, she didn't want to say the wrong thing and embarrass the vulnerable brunette, because she knew Faith viewed her own loss of control as weakness, it was the slayer way.

Faith lay beside her, letting her breathing even out before speaking in a hushed tone, "Sorry sweetness, that one snuck up on me big time, and I couldn't hold it, I've been wanting this for a long time."

Buffy moved over on top of her, kissing her passionately. Their mouths embraced like they were saying goodbye forever, and Faith muttered against the kiss, lost in the arms of her love. When she finally did break free, she looked down at the dark beauty, at those kiss bruised lips, so ripe and succulent, "Second wind?"

Faith moved from under Buffy and reached for more champagne, this time they shared the same glass, just enough to wet their throats. There was that feral grin, the one that captivated anything with a heartbeat. Even Giles was susceptible, when it came to something she wanted.

She bent over the smaller slayer, gently kissing her nose, eyelids and chin. She breathed into her ear, "Close your eyes and trust me, B."

Watching the blonde comply with her request, she reached over for the nearest candle. She spoke reassuringly to her before tipping the candle over one nipple releasing the wax.

"Just go with what you're feeling, I'm gonna make your body sing, B."

Buffy wasn't prepared for the sharp bite of the hot wax on her delicate nipple, and cried out, "Oow Faith, what are you doing?"

She wasn't prepared for the next sensation that followed, cool champagne soothing the tingling heat, followed by Faith's warm, wet mouth suckling her.

"OHH, my GOD…"

Making sure Buffy was unharmed, and definitely into it, she followed suit with the other nipple. Which caused Buffy to arch her back with such force; she lifted them both slightly off the bed.

Faith looked down at Buffy writhing, her body beseeching release. 'Not yet B, when I'm done with you, no one else will compare to me.'

She brushed a sweat soaked lock of hair from the blonde's forehead, asking softly, "You okay, B?" Buffy could only communicate with a positive nod of her head.

Faith spoke to her in a soothing whisper as she trailed kisses down her body until she reached her ultimate destination, Buffy's wet, glistening sex. She put a menthol cough drop in her mouth, allowing it to mix with her saliva.

Pressing her mouth to the blonde's swollen, trembling sex, she slowly licked along the outer lips. She softly took each one of Buffy'slips into her mouth with a gentle sucking pressure, running her tongue around the tender flesh.

Buffy's eyes opened wide as she reacted to the warming effect of the menthol on her skin. She looked down, wanting to watch what the sexy brunette was doing to her. What she gazed upon only escalated her intense yearning. Faith was licking her, slowly, lavishly, with abandon.

Her rough, flat tongue stroked the blonde's increasingly wet core, with purpose. It was as if she were trying to lick her dry, only to find, there was no end to Buffy's copious juices.

Faith met her gaze with lust-filled eyes, and moaned huskily for effect, as she focused on the older slayer's clit.

"Mmmm B, gonna suck your sweet little pussy dry." She used the very tip of her tongue to stimulate the hood, bidding the sensitive nub to come out and play from its hiding place.

The ministrations from her talented tongue were rewarded. Buffy's clit finally presented itself, full and erect, begging for attention.

The dark slayer never broke eye contact with her love as she enveloped the throbbing flesh button with her mouth, sucking with increasing pressure and inundating it with the essence of menthol.

Buffy felt like she was ready to burst, her entire body crying out for blessed relief. Which seemed to be ever further away, as Faith abruptly withdrew her mouth. The blonde cried out in frustration and disappointment, her sweat drenched body moving sensually on the bed.

'B has no idea I'm about to raise the bar on pussy lickin'. She'll never be the same again.' She then reached for the nightstand, replacing the remnants of the cough drop with an ice cube.

Placing her head once more between Buffy's legs, she retraced her steps, applying the cold ice cube to warm, menthol-laden flesh. Faith continued until the ice cube had melted down significantly, and then pushed it inside her love's searing heat.

Buffy's hips began to buck uncontrollably as a violent tingling began in the pit of her stomach. Her head felt like it was immersed in some kind of fog, and all her senses were diverted to her pulsing center. She began to mutter incoherently, thrashing her head back and forth.

"Ummm…my.. God..ahhh."

Faith's fierce arousal started to express itself, in a voice dripping with lust, "Open up to me B, let me have you. I'm going to tongue-fuck you into oblivion."

It was then that Faith clamped down on her thighs firmly, to hold her in place. With reverence, she entered Buffy with her tongue, kissing her thoroughly and deeply. Her tongue swirled and flattened against the blonde's delicate, slick walls, flicking in a brisk circular motion.

Faith gathered some of Buffy's juices on her pinky finger, and reaching downward, gently inserted the tip in her puckered opening. Buffy moaned out loud, her hips gyrating at a feverish pace. Her entire upper body was flushed in a reddish hue, blushing from the erotic attention showered upon it.

Buffy tensed then, her inner muscles starting to undulate and quiver. She dug her fingers into the material of the mattress, and her toes began to curl involuntarily.

That beautiful face was a mask of concentration, the graceful set of her jaw slackened. Wave upon wave of excruciating pleasure radiating outward from her tunnel. Faith continued that delirious in and out motion with both her tongue and pinky finger.

She was convulsing now in a sensual dance, her body totally free of inhibition and restraint. The very thought of what was being done to her, and who was doing it, pushed her there; and she came like a slayer.


Faith looked at Buffy, savoring the moment, secure in the fact she had pleasured her lover, well. "Ahh, you are fuckin' unbelievable B, that's right, give it all to me."

Her mouth drank in Buffy's juices as quickly as she produced them, her sensitive clit still quivering with the aftermath of orgasm.

The blonde lay there almost comatose, for several minutes, holding Faith's head leisurely against her mound. Where the brunette continued to place small, tender kisses. She had no doubt that Buffy was her's now.

Buffy laughed sexily, "Mmm baby, are you ever going to come up from there?"

Faith gave one last teasing farewell kiss, to her clit; and moved up into her arms. She looked at Buffy and smiled sleepily, "You fuck like a slayer."

Buffy pulled her closer, melting into her hot, moist mouth. She was setting a replay of the past few hours in motion, and Faith was the wide receiver, "Sexy, you don't know the half of it."

Faith lay back totally exhausted, with the reassurance that she had just rocked Buffy Anne summers world. Buffy smiled over at her lover mischievously, "So, ever tried a strap-on?"

The End