Birthday Licks
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

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Faith's POV

B's birthday party was a hoot, she was totally surprised and had a ball. Every year when she should be whooping it up, something nasty happens, and she never really gets to enjoy her birthday. Not this year, I made sure of it. I did extra long patrols, doubling back to certain hotspots to kick a little more vamp ass and send out a message.

"All right fuckers, listen up. This is how it's going to go,in exchange for me letting you go, you're going to spread the word to the rest of the creeps. Get this, no trouble on January 20th, take the goddamned night off, get your munchies and stay in for the evening, understood?"

They looked at me like I was speaking Japanese, so I grabbed the one closest to me, and staked em'. The remaining four stepped back a few paces.

"If I find that you didn't deliver this message, and there's trouble, well I'm going to find your little gang first and hell's gonna rain down, feel me?"

I patted my hands together for effect, sending what was left of their buddy drifting into the air, and they all scattered like field mice. Damn, it was nice being a slayer sometimes.


I'll never forget the way her face lit up when the scoobs jumped out of nowhere, giving her plenty of room of course. Believe me, ya don't want to be on the wrong end of a spooked slayer, bones get broken.

We all partied, sang, and danced. I even got the G-man to do a little limbo, and he was good at it, the rascal. I was having too much fun to realize that B really hadn't spent any one on one time with me all evening. Red brought it to my attention.

"Hey Faith, what's the story with you and Buffy, have a fight or something?"

"Nah red, everything was 5X5 last time I looked, why?"

"Oh, no reason really, I just hadn't seen you guys together all evening is all."

"We've just been hanging out, everything is cool, Red."

I smiled at her and shoved her good-naturedly on the shoulder, she kinda grew on me, and I had to admit that I liked her. The birthday cake was chocolate with whipped cream icing. I special ordered it complete with a Mr. Pointy made out of chocolate. The look in her eyes was thanks enough for me; she deserved a little happiness.

While no one was looking, I cut a large piece of the cake to save for later. B would get her best present in private; I was going to see to that. Now, all I had to do was hold my horses until the party was over.


It was quiet now, everyone had gone home and Dawnie had left with willow for the night. B and I were alone and I couldn't help her clean up the mess quick enough. She was in the kitchen washing the last of the dishes, when I moved in behind her, wrapping my arms around her slender waist and nuzzling her neck.

"Feel older B?"

She relaxed in my arms, laying her head against my shoulder. I loved it when she let herself go with me. There was nothing like the feel of her in my arms.

"No Faith, I just know that there will be more bills, more vamps and more headaches. Another whole year's worth, if I'm lucky. You and I have beat the odds you know, from past slayer history we're old."

She sighed and I could see it in her face, the weariness of what she had been called for, and the toll it took on her everyday. I pulled her hands out of the dishwater and handed her a hand towel. Once her hands were dry, I replaced the towel with a small, silver ring box.

"Faith, I wasn't expecting anything from you, I know you helped to pay for this party and that was enough."

I put my finger on her lips to shut her up, "Open it B."

She opened the box and found a gold signet ring with our initials entwined on the face. The ring was small and delicate like her hands, sized to wear on her pinky finger. I paid on that ring every week for three months, there was nothing too good for her, but it was the best I could afford.

"Faith, I… you…uh" that's when I saw the first tear drop.

"Just kiss me B."

Damn it, she got me every time with those eyes; my voice was leaving me. She grabbed me then and laid one on me, must have used her slayer power, coz I was dizzy. The ring box fell to the floor and I returned that sweet kiss, pressing myself into her, needing the heat I knew was just underneath the surface.


We ran up the steps like two children, barely getting our clothes off fast enough before we fell into bed. I had been looking forward to this all night, and she was finally mine. That soft skin felt like heaven under my hands, and she was ready for me.

I could see it in her face, and in the way she panted. Her lips were moist and parted, like she wanted to ask me a question. I let my tongue answer for me as I took that sexy assed mouth. She moaned as I kissed her, and I felt her legs going around my hips.

I broke the kiss to look at her, and what came back at me, made me even hotter. Her lips were swollen from my kisses, and her eyes were half closed like she was drunk.

"B, I don't know how it's done in your neck of the woods,but where I come from, we have a tradition for birthdays."

"Faith, whatever it is, I'm sure it will keep until after…kinda busy right now baby." She was straining up at me trying to kiss me.

"Whoa, hold your horses girly, I think you're going to like my little game. The way it works is you get paddled for every year you've been living, they're called Birthday licks."

"Faithhhh, c'mon…I need the other kind of licks." Her voice was seductive and playful, as that body starting to move slowly underneath me.

Geez she was making me wet, my clit was starting to tingle, feeling her mound sliding against mine; the way she was doing it. She was so warm and soft; the neatly trimmed hair of her bush was tickling my thigh.

My mouth was getting dry from the heat she was generating and I had to swallow before I said anything. Beads of sweat were breaking out on my forehead, as I felt her juices start to run down my thigh. B was on fire, and she was all mine.

"Don't worry baby, I can change the rules to fit the situation and still make sure you get your twenty three licks."

She moaned when I put my mouth to her skin, dragging my tongue in a trail. She squirmed underneath me as I made a path between her breast, stopping along the way, to take each one of those hard points in my mouth; showing them loving attention.

I had some of the cake I'd saved for the occasion, on her night table and planned on having a double treat. I dipped my finger into the icing, and smudged the sweetness into B's belly button. The icing tasted even more delicious, as I licked it from her stomach with relish.

"Mmmm, Faith, that feels wicked." I could hear the shudder in her voice.

I moved lower, tracing circles on that smooth skin with my tongue, until I came to the object of my desire, those beautiful full pussy lips, drenched in her juices; just waiting for me. I slid my tongue along the length of those lips, being sure to taste every drop of her, inhaling deeply to take in that sexy musk that always drove me crazy.

I dabbed my finger into the icing and rubbed it into that succulent mound, mixing the cream with her warm honey. The sight and smell of her was too much for me, and I plunged my face into that open, yearning place that I loved so much. She moved her legs over my shoulders and opened herself totally to me, surrendering up everything she had.

I moaned as I pushed my tongue deep inside her, sucking up her wetness and caressing her walls slowly. She started to thrust her hips toward me, taking my tongue even deeper, riding my face and groaning. My fingers fluttered across her clit like butterfly wings, grazing the insides of her thighs, teasing her.

"Faith please!" she cried out in desperation, wanting that sweet release.

I withdrew my tongue from her and she sighed heavily. I ran the tip of my finger lazily across her clit, looking at her, as it made her shiver.

My eyes caught her gaze as I started to lower my head again.

"Time to start counting licks, B."

Her hips began to buck wildly under my mouth, and my hands cupped her ass-cheeks, massaging them firmly as I licked and sucked on her clit until she screamed.


I drank every drop as she came, feeling spasm after spasm; loving the way her body convulsed and then laid still. The contented moan that escaped her lips made me wetter, eager for my turn.

She looked down at me with those eyes and that fucking sexy smile of hers, and ruffled my hair, kissing at my playfully.

"I'm sorry Faith, I lost count in all the excitement, looks like you'll have to start over."

The End