I'm Precious
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only paying homage to characters I love!
Notes: Ok Kiddies, here we go again. I just thought I'd shake things up a little, enjoy.
Dedication: To my naughty inspiration, you know who you are.
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Buffy's POV

I knew I shouldn't have rented that damn DVD; Faith is an action movie fanatic. Where was my brain when I picked out "Tomb Raider", action with a hottie to boot? The rest of the scoobs had been given convenient reasons why I just wanted to stay home alone tonight. Dawnie was spending the night at a friend's house. It would've been perfect, if Faith could only tear herself away from Lara Croft's ass.

"Um, Faith; you haven't said a word to me in over a half hour."

She turned to look at me with annoyed indifference and a mouthful of popcorn. I did my usual thing, I sat back on the sofa; crossed my arms and pouted. This evening took a lot of trouble to arrange. We seldom had the chance to be alone together when we weren't patrolling.

Faith put down the popcorn and paused the movie, fixing those beautiful brown eyes on me, "B, I'm kinda at a loss here. You go rent the movie and then you don't want me to watch it, gettin' your period or something?"

"You're just like Xander with Anya; you just don't have a clue do you?"

She moved her hand down to her crotch and rubbed slowly, smiling that smile at me. "Oh, I think you like what I'm packing a little better than what he has to offer. How'd ya get so damned spoiled anyway B? Mrs. S never beat your ass when you were a kid?"

That made me pout even more, because I knew it was true. I was always the precious little darling, and the center of attention. It irked me that Faith acted like she could take me, or leave me. Slayers aren't used to being overlooked, for any reason. It didn't seem to bother her, because she was used to the loneliness.

"I'm not going to sit here and listen to this, I have other things I could be doing right now." I started to stand up, and go upstairs in one of my famous huffs. To my surprise, she pulled me down on her like a small child.

"Uh huh, if you want to act like a bad child; then I'll treat you like one."

She had the nerve to bring her hand down across my bottom. The more I struggled to get away from her, the firmer she held me. We were evenly matched in slayer strengh, but she had the advantage of me being off balance.

"SMACK, say you're sorry for being a bad girl B."

"Arghh, I will not, let go of me you bitch!"

"SMACK, oh yeah baby; I love it when you talk dirty."

My struggling just egged her on, and the squirming wasn't serving any other purpose but driving my mound deeper into her lap. The pressure changed from pain to pleasure, and I felt the flush moving from my ass around to my thighs. Her firm thighs were like steel under silk, and I was starting to enjoy the feel of her under me.

"I think you're starting to like this B, the heat coming from this sweet ass of yours is giving you away."

Desire crept into her voice, and it only served to make me wetter, but I still struggled against her. I think we both knew my motive wasn't freedom anymore. She was alternating between smacking and then rubbing my ass gently. Every time she rubbed, my clit shifted, causing friction from the material of my clothing, and the deliberate rocking motion of her knees.

She knew what she was doing to me, and fuck, I liked it. She grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face her, reaching for the zipper on my pants and pulling it down. Her strong hands yanked my clothes down around my knees, panties and all. The look on her face when she saw my neatly trimmed bush made me blush.

"Now that's one sight I never get tired of seeing." She said lustfully.

I gasped when she ran her index finger gingerly down my moist cleft, making my clit yearn for more attention. Her other hand massaged my breast, almost like an afterthought. The feelings she stirred in me were undeniable, and I could no longer hide the fact that I wanted this.

"Ah, know the kitten wants to purr, huh B? You're lovin' this, I can tell; want me to stop?"

Damn her for knowing, how much she was making me want her. I could only whimper, "No, please don't."

She licked her lips smugly, "That's what I thought, now turn back over like a good little girl."

My ass was eager for more contact, and it shocked me. The feel of her fingers when they slid into my wetness, was as surprising as it was pleasurable. The spanking continued more tenderly now, as she rubbed my red ass-cheeks between the smacks and thrust her fingers into me.

"I always knew you would like this, I should have done it a long time ago, you are so fucking hot. Yeah, tell me how you like it baby. Gonna make you cum B?"

I was pushing myself back against her fingers, driving them deeper inside me. She made me moan low in my throat, when I felt a finger tip tickle my asshole, threatening to plunge in. Her sensuous voice, the gentle smacks, the wet, clicking sounds of her fingers fucking me, and the rocking motion of her knees were too much for me.

"Now, yes baby…gonna make me…ooohhh!"

I lost my voice as I tumbled over the edge, wave after wave of satisfaction taking me higher, until I fell slowly back to earth. She chuckled at me sweetly, with the intimacy that only lovers share. She turned me to face her again, and pulled me towards her for a kiss.

"Can't get enough of you B."

I replied into the kiss "Don't ever try lover."

The End