Pilgrim's Pride
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. Any references to and mention of Pilgrim's Pale Ale is simply a compliment to a fine product. There was no profit gained by me in the use of its name.
Notes: This was meant to be a simple PWP, but it took on a life of its own. I'm not sure if I should continue this or not. Let me know what you think, I do this for you.
Dedication: To All my friends in Hudson, MA.
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Buffy's Pov

So hear I am, still standing through all of it. A lot of vibrant, brave girls lost their lives here today. They were all a part of me and I am a better person for knowing them. Strangely enough though, all I could think about was her.

I couldn't accept that she wanted to be with "Him", no matter what all of us had just gone through. Damn if she wasn't mine, and no one else was going to walk away with her!

On that final day when I watched the result of so many memories sink into that pit, I buried my real fears with it. Spike had died valiantly, and part of me would always respect him. He had earned my honor from one warrior to another. Sadly, even before the end had come, we both realized that was all I could give him.

My mind allowed itself the luxury to daydream, and I reminisced about the past two weeks. While I hoped against hope that she would want me.

I hated the way she came back into my life, just like the first time, stirring things up and freaking people out. Faith didn't know how to do things any other way. Willow apologized profusely for what seemed like her betrayal of me.

Giles made me see the true method to her madness and I understood her motives. Two slayers were better than one when you were going up against an apocalypse. We strutted around each other like two big cats, sizing up the competition.

"So Will, which one's going to pee on the furniture first? My money's on Faith." Xander wisecracked.

"Keep it in your pants, I know how them facing off turns you on Xander; but this is serious." Willow remarked as she punched his shoulder.

"Damn, I going to die in a couple of days, fun boy here." Xander commented while waving his hand in the air.

"That hardly seems fair, everyone knows he masturbates thinking about the hot girl sex between those two." Anya volunteered gratingly.

"Tell me again why the wedding's off?" Xander asked as he sneered at the ex-vengeance demon.

"Hey B, still lookin' good I see."

"And you're still looking certifiable like you did the last time I saw you." I answered with disdain.

She walked up so near to me that I could smell her, no perfumes or outside aromas; just her. The heat jumping off her was real, almost like I could touch it. Then my body betrayed me, and I felt the longing and the wetness.

Strong rippling muscles on her shoulders and well-sculpted thighs only complimented the jeans that clung to them; telling me she had been keeping fit in jail.

Lips that looked so depraved of my kisses formed a snarl as she advanced toward me, trying to claim a small piece of this place. Finally having enough clarity to realize that she too, was a slayer. However, I asserted my dominance as "The" chosen one, looking in her eyes without flinching and she backed down.

We both knew now was not the time to square off, so we managed to steer clear of an altercation that probably would've torn my house to pieces and scared the already cowering potentials to death.

"This has been fun people, but I'm not amused anymore, so how about we just don't do this right now? Meeting in this room in one hour." I just wanted to sleep and get away from Faith.


Faith's Pov

Hey, I didn't sign on for the major tude action. I came here to help, not bend over and take it dry from B. The thought of that did give me a wicked tickle though, and I started thinking about how long it had been since I had a little quality. Red had come into her own and was looking like something tasty.

I was just about to make my move when I saw this sexy-assed brunette glide down the stairs. Everything about her said, "Bitch", even down to the way her hips swayed like she was threatening me somehow. Then I got it, Red was spoken for.

"So who's the Gap ad?" Kennedy wisecracked as she checked Faith out thoroughly.

"Red, I'm out…but you better get a muzzle for that." I didn't give her the respect of looking her in the eye; it was my way of avoiding confrontation. I had learned a little somethin' in the joint.

"Uh Faith, that's Kennedy, she's…"

"Willow's girlfriend." Kennedy replied cutting Willow off in mid- sentence.

"Pussy is pussy babe, no names inside…only pink." I said to no one in particular as I went out onto the porch to take a smoke.

"Kennedy, don't antagonize her; Faith doesn't need a reason. Do you understand?" This was Willow of the resolve face speaking and Kennedy knew she was serious.

"I could take her." Kennedy said through her bruised pride.

"Yeah and she could take you too, straight to the morgue."

Buffy said sternly as she walked back into the room. "Make no mistake Kennedy, Faith is more dangerous than any vampire you will ever run across."

"Buffy, I thought you were going to bed." Willow was happy to see and feel Buffy's presence.

"Oh, I knew it was coming with those two, they're too much alike. The last thing we need right now is cat fighting. We can't afford to waste one second of concentration or strength, with what we're about to face."

"Enough said Buffy, I feel you. Queen bitch is out on the porch." Kennedy gestured toward the front door.

"Let's turn in and leave them alone, Ken. Awful lot of baggage to be unpacked there." Willow put her arm around Kennedy's shoulder and led her upstairs.


Buffy's Pov

Our conversations never ended up with anything positive. The last time I saw her was on that roof in Los Angeles. What was it with roofs and us anyway? She looked battle weary, like the whole world was down on her. In a way, I guess it was.

I watched her square her shoulders as I approached, and I sighed heavily as I sat down next to her on the front steps.

"It's cool Faith, I'm not out here to ride you." She gave me that look, the one that said a million unspoken things.

"C'mon B, don't you miss old times?" she spoke softly, like she had been wounded.

"Faith the truth is…I've missed you." I wanted a truce between us, even if it was an uneasy one.

"Yeah B, it must be hard finding a sparring buddy who can take your punches. As I recall that's all you and I ever did, was kick each other's asses all over town." She sneered at me.

"There you go with the growling, I guess the grunting comes next."

She smiled at the reference and we revisited a pleasant memory about one of the few times we actually got along. It hadn't all been bad with Faith. I can remember when I couldn't wait to get out of school to see her. She told the most fascinating stories when we patrolled, and I didn't have to be "Buffy".

With her it felt like the most natural thing in the world to be a slayer. At times when I watched her fight, I even felt proud that we shared something so powerful and special. There was no one else on the planet like me, except her.

We sat on those steps that night and talked for hours. The sun came up and caught us by surprise, ending our closeness. It was so easy with her, I felt like I had been held all night.

"Damn B, you had to go and fuck it up didn't ya."

"What? I thought we were getting along pretty well."

"That's what I'm talking about, I think I actually like your sorry ass." She smiled at me locking her arm with mine as we stood up.

That touch was enough to make me wonder what her hands would feel like on other parts of me, and I shook off a momentary rush of arousal. The expression on her face changed and she gazed directly into my eyes.

"A dream is a wish your heart makes B." She brushed a stray lock of hair from my face and went inside, leaving me unsettled by her gentleness.


Faith's POV

She was never gonna be my best friend, but I was okay with that. B and I came to an understanding and put the bullshit aside. We didn't have a choice really; there was a bunch of scared girls, not much younger than ourselves who needed guidance. I wanted to tell them the truth, *grab your favorite guy or girl, a hefty bottle and fuck like bunnies, coz you're all gonna die*.

B had other plans, and when I listened to them, I started to look at her differently. Little resolute bitch that she was, there were only two settings for her motor, fast and faster. I listened to the stories the potentials told about what had happened before I showed up.

There was something in the dark that had been kicking Buffy's ass every night she went patrolling, and she always came back black-and- blue. See, that's the thing, she kept going back. She never backed down from the thing that was slowly killing her.

I knew when I came back here that it would probably be the end of the line. Red had been talking about some wicked mojo. It didn't matter, because I knew my place was here, and if I had to go down, I wanted it to be as a slayer. Somehow dying at her side seemed as natural to me as breathing, and that's when I really knew that I loved Buffy Summers.

Too bad there wasn't time to find out if we could've had somethin', but the First wasn't fuckin' around, and the world needed saving. Giles was the most uptight that I'd ever seen him, and that was saying something for a watcher. He looked tired, like he hadn't slept for days.

As the days went by, I got to know the potentials. They were just like Buffy and me, scared but brassy. I admit to having some fun during training, they were so green. All except for Kennedy, she had made herself a promise to kick my ass.

Whenever we practiced hand to hand, she was in my face. Foxy bitch too, Red had her hands full. The girls followed her, looking up to her spunk. So, being the good slayer that I am, it was my duty to demonstrate how spunk could get you killed.

Kennedy chose the quarterstaff as a weapon; but I put up my fist.

"Aren't you going to grab a stick Faith?"

"Don't wanna."

"C'mon this is an unfair advantage."

"You'll need it."

B folded her arms and shook her head; she knew what was coming. The move I was about to make had landed us both on our backs many times before we had perfected it.

She gave me that cocky look before she lunged at me with the staff, and telegraphed where she would strike. I stepped around her smoothly, using her momentum against her. My leg was straight and planted, placed just behind the leg she extended when she lunged, putting me in control of her balance. The next thing to go in a split second was the staff. It snapped in my hand like a toothpick as her arm was drawn painfully behind her back, rendering her helpless.

"Settle down baby. See, the way this works is, the more you struggle; the more you hurt yourself." I knew what I was doing to her body, in more ways than one.

"Let me go Faith!" Kennedy shouted having been bested in front of her friends.

I let her squirm; just standing there while her tight ass rubbed itself into my crotch.

"Gotcha all stirred up don't I sugar?" My rock hard nipples pressed through the cotton of my tank, brushing her back.

"Gotdamn you, turn me loose!"

"Ya sure? Mmhh, kay." I was having way too much fun.

Kennedy fell face first, getting a mouth full of grass and dirt in the process. She didn't realize that the whole time she struggled, her body leaned forward. I just let her throw herself to the ground.

You had to give it to the girl; she didn't stay down long. The others laughed at her, but she took it. I would never tell her that I thought she was the best one out of the bunch. She was my left arm when the battle finally came down, and is a good friend of mine to this day.

She walked back into the group dusting herself off, but she never once looked sorry for herself. We locked eyes and stared at each other, but before I turned away; I watched her tongue dart out licking the corner of her mouth, and she smiled at me.

Buffy must have noticed our little moment, coz she walked up front and took over.

"Faith, in all her eloquence; has just given you a valuable lesson. You won't have time for miscalculation or emotion; it will get you killed. All the friends you've made or will make here don't matter. It's all about the mission."

She gestured at me to bring two staffs and come back up front. The girls were watching so I had to play the role.

"Now, watch closely, this is the proper way to use a quarterstaff."

We faced off and they all got a taste of what it was really like. My body was on fire and so alive. Even when I fought off gangs in prison, it didn't feel like this.

"C'mon Faith bring it, jail turn you into a sissy?" she struck me with a glancing blow that dazed me.

"Aw yeah baby, give it to me." I gave as good as I got, connecting with her midsection and knocking the wind from her.

Willow started for the front with a concerned look furrowing her brow, but Giles stopped her.

"No Willow, these girls want to be slayers; then let them see."

"But you know how they get when they're like this."

"Indeed." Giles smiled smugly to himself as he found a vantage point to analyze the slayers in action. Before him stood the culmination of all his work, these two girls turned into fierce warriors.


Buffy's POV

My blood was churning and I ached to control her. There was something primeval between us, a wanting that I couldn't explain.

She looked almost feral as she postured around me, taunting and teasing with hair tussled and wild. Her full breasts heaved from the exertion of our standoff and she hissed through gritted teeth.

Seeing an opportunity to take her down, I threw a spin kick to her unguarded left flank, but she countered me with a block using those powerful arms. Sweat glistened off her body in the harsh light of the sun and my mind conjured carnal images. The beaded liquid trickled slowly down her midriff over taunt muscles that flexed under smooth skin, and I yearned to have that saltiness on my tongue.

She was distracted by my frank observation, and didn't see it coming when I swept her feet out from under her, throwing us both backward. That hard body broke my fall.

I held her arms, using my weight to pin her down; my pelvis flush against hers. Those inviting lips formed a knowing smile and I watched as the tip of her tongue lingered enticingly there, daring me to fall.

"You should learn to pick on someone your own size Faith." I said breathlessly.

"Punishing me for being a bad girl B?" the on-lookers didn't notice the subtle way she opened her legs slightly, giving my thigh nowhere else to go but deeper into her mound.

That familiar burning started low in my stomach and the air hitched in my throat. I never knew her eyes were so beautiful. They were a soulful brown with a tinge of green just around the iris, and tiny flecks of gold close to the pupil. If I continued to lay here like this, those potentials would get a show they never expected in their most vivid dreams.

I lifted myself off her and helped her up. Only she recognized how close I had come to showing my real feelings, and it bothered me that she knew I had them.

"That's enough for today, let's go get cleaned up Faith."

"Your shower or mine B?"

"I'm going to forget you even said that, considering we only have one shower." I walked toward the house, trying to evade her suggestive tone.

"We should shower together, water conservation and all." She moved in close behind me and every one of my nerve endings anticipated her touch, but it never came. She ran ahead of me up the stairs and out of sight.

"Snooze you lose B, I'm in the shower first."


Faith's POV

I met Woods a few days before we were set to go, and he was easy on the eyes. I liked the way he handled himself, like the shit didn't matter. He had big hands that he used to gesture when he talked. The whole size comparison thing wasn't lost on me. I had a craving for some chocolate in my diet, and didn't care who knew it.

A girl needs some attention now and then, and I was long over due. He was there, willing and just as pent up. So, I fucked him for the better part of a night. It didn't mean anything just some pleasurable pastime. We had that one night and never got a chance to see where it would lead. Woods looked at me with a question on his lips after that but I didn't have anything to offer him except a good time.

Buffy was no dummy; she knew what went on, because she knew me. The looks and the remarks died down after a while and I guess she got over it. She stopped me, letting the others go ahead on that last day, when we left the house.

"Faith, for all this is worth…I want you to know that I never hated you."

I couldn't speak right away; instead I caught a lone tear as it fell onto her cheek.

"I know B…I know." I turned and walked towards the bus giving up a possible last chance to tell her how I felt. I hoped and prayed to any God who would listen to bring us out of this.

That was it, and when it finally went down, it went down dirty. I watched them all around me, some carrying on the fight, some dying… but all of them were my sisters. I was changed on that day and wanted to appreciate the gift I'd been given.

When the wind settled and the dust cleared, there was only a dozen or so of us left, but it was over. Woods was hurt badly but he would live. I helped him onto the bus making him as comfortable as I could before I went back outside. Her golden hair was tossed by the wind and her tanned skin was battered and bloodied, but she was the most stunning thing I had ever seen.

"So B, what's next?"

"I don't know Faith, but I sure could use a shower."

She reached out to me and sank down into my arms. I rested my chin on the top of her head, and clung to her with the full force of a love, that I had held back for years. My hair fell in her face, shielding her from the sand. I would have gladly died for her again, if given the chance. We stood at the edge of that gaping hole, and I promised to never leave her.


One Year Later….

Buffy's POV

We had a few hot, romantic weeks where she couldn't keep her hands off me. She was insatiable just like I always imagined she would be. Anything that we couldn't do from or in bed wasn't worth doing. It was all so new, I kept waiting to wake up and find that I was really in some other dimension.

To say our romance was whirlwind would've been an understatement; there were rings on both our fingers within the first six months of us being together. I had given my dark beauty a choice, she could be mine forever or she could die a painful death.

She was so attentive in the beginning, roses on my pillow, ridiculously decadent days where she did nothing but pamper me with massages, foot rubs…you name it. I felt loved and cherished, like I was precious. Her appetite for me knew no bounds, she would take me at least five times a day and I loved every minute of it.

Even a slayer has to slow down, and reality reared its ugly head demanding that we both get real jobs. Angel had watched out for us very nicely, his connections stemming from Wolfram and Hart were far reaching.

He provided us well paying jobs in the private sector, which afforded us a comfortable life with a few extravagances thrown in for good measure. One of those luxuries was an indulgence that I just didn't understand.


Faith was anxiously awaiting a delivery, pacing back and forth in the living room until finally there was a knock at the door. She lifted three large cases off the deliveryman's hand truck with one arm, to his astonishment.

"It's the new vitamins I'm taking." She affirmed to him.

He was given a nice tip and sent on his way. I looked on with curiosity as Faith opened one of the boxes like a kid on Christmas morning.

"Oh hell yeah, that's it."

She held a beer bottle in her hand. It was a brown bottle with a purple label. Embossed on the front was a picture of a Pilgrim's hat and the words 'Pilgrims Pale Ale'. It was an import straight from a small town in Massachusetts.

"Strange brew, I've never heard of it before." I said, hoping she would offer more information.

"You wouldn't know it babe, unless you were a hardcore Southie, like I used to be."

"Faith, I think we have better things to spen..." she cut me off with a sweep of her hand.

"Wanted ya, got ya, and I love ya B, but don't fuck with who I am."

She scooped up a case of that infernal swill like it was nothing and sat down in front of the television. It was time to worship at another alter, the first one originally being my crotch. There seemed to be a different set of priorities in her head these days, and none of them included me; or sex.

Tell me, what would you do? Lost time was a commodity now, and she couldn't get enough of it. I was on the other side of the want, and I didn't like it at all. Now I knew what she felt like, craving me for so long, and me never noticing her or acknowledging her need.

It was otherworldly, her lips on me, and that smile she gave me looking up from my lap just before she devoured me effortlessly. Velvet and cognac came to mind when I thought about that voice, and it's urgent pleading...*Fuck me B, oh DAMN!*

You just don't get enough of someone like Faith; it's not possible. Even if she really didn't love you, when she was done with you; there was a lingering hope.

Our history and the ring on my finger afforded me a comfortable confidence. She couldn't walk anywhere without drawing stares of envy and something so carnal, I couldn't explain it. Sex on tap, oh yes...that was my lady to a fault.

Yet she was oblivious to her effect on others, or at least that's what she led me to believe. A panther running free among the natives, that's what she was.

My worst enemy wasn't a vampire anymore, I found myself struggling with a 54' inch plasma screen these days. *Hello, no penis...whatthe fuck?* I thought it was evident that stick just wasn't an option for me anymore, but instead I opted for a new breed, Nascar tits.

Victoria's secret was a tired rumor now, but I knew I was still the shit. C'mon, slayer here. There's no workout video for what I'm packin'. I started keeping track of the numbers interested people handed me on the sly. The neighborhood mailman even slipped me his.

None of it mattered, because I was her's completely. Love had overtaken me, and everyday I fell a little deeper; damn her. There wasn't a support group for what I craved. The sexy bitch pranced in front of me like a prize thoroughbred, and wasn't she?


Faith's POV

Don't know what's been up B's ass lately. I thought she had everything she ever wanted. No more slayer bullshit, just her and me 24/7. Lately she's been whining though, and sometimes I leave the house just to get away from it.

Nothing that I do now is right, how many ways can you take out the trash, or fix a fucking doorjamb? I laughed when I thought about shipping her spoiled ass off to Angel. She wouldn't have found that funny, I know.

At the times when I most wanted to leave her, I would look into her eyes and remember that day. I can still recall the exact moment when I knew there would never be anyone else for me.

She had taken a deep stab to the gut with a broad sword, and it floored her. None of us could stop to see about her, it was too thick. My heart broke, but I kept swingin' through the tears. I would do it for her, and fall down next to her if necessary.

The First didn't have a chance, because she rose, and even though Red had activated every potential, Buffy was the ONLY SLAYER standing in the heat of battle at that moment. How could I find the words to describe the glow coming off her?

It was terrible and beautiful, all at the same time. She moved like a Goddess, every move taking down a vamp. The shine in her eyes was out of this world, and her power had come full circle. Her hand touched me, and gave me a jolt. The Chosen Two were finally realized as we stood back to back and kicked everything's ass that jumped in our path.

Certain things were a blur and hard to recall after we stopped to take a breath. Once we cleared the dirt, and blood from our eyes and faces, it was a no-brainer. Sunnydale was history, and we stood together briefly to say goodbye to those parts of us that fell in that hole.

You don't go through something like that with someone, and forget them easily. It had always been my intention to make her mine one day, and I cried when she said yes.


Buffy's POV

Pacing back and forth wasn't the answer; she knew I was looking at her every time I passed the entrance to the doorway. Finally, I lost my patience and stomped into the living room, planting my feet squarely in front of her blocking the T.V.

"What the fuck ya doin' B? C'mon, the game's in overtime!"

"Uh uhn...I want to play another game." I reached for my blouse, ripping it off me, going for broke.

"Aw B, not the Lord & Taylor."

"Is this all that matters to you now?" The expensive coordinate skirt to the blouse she had bought for me fell to the floor in shreds. The Mahogany coffee table that I so loved, fell victim to my slayer strength before I knew what was really happening.

I must have looked like a fool standing there in my pink lace teddy, chest heaving with emotion.

"What can I do? You bastard, notice me!"

"Kinda hard not to B." Faith's eyebrow waggled and she smiled at me lasciviously.

"Is this the only thing that's important to you now?" I reached for a beer out of her cooler and threw it at the wall.

"Hey B, that's damned expensive."

"So, now I have your attention huh?" The next beer flooded down the front of me as I turned the bottle upside down, emptying it.

She sat back on the sofa, exasperated with her legs agape. The fluid motion of her knees swaying back and forth told me she was agitated.

"I don't know B, maybe we're not cut out for..." She exhaled quickly as the wind was knocked out of her from the weight of my body falling down on her and straddling her lap.

"Don't say it...never say it. Tell me I'm yours." I pulled down the edge of my beer-drenched teddy, exposing an erect nipple that seemed to strain closer to her mouth as I spoke.

"Baby...please." I sighed because I couldn't help it.

"You don't know how I feel about you Buffy?"

She never called me that unless she meant business, and it caused me to stare directly into her eyes. If she never told me again that she loved me, that look would've been enough.

"Don't you understand, or are you a fucking idiot?" Her hands entwined themselves in my hair, and she drew my face down towards her full, yearning lips.

"Remind me." I said breathlessly as I reached for another beer from the cooler. She seemed to take refuge in my mouth as she smiled into our kiss. The cold beer streamed down Faith's face and onto her chest making her breath ragged as she broke our union with a start.

The moans coming from her throat were barely audible as I licked every drop of trickling malt that I could find from her face and neck, traveling ever closer to her breasts.

"Tell me what you want B." She almost sighed.

"No, I want to make you cum...I always want to make you cum." I mumbled, sucking on that delectable crevice between her breasts that I so loved.

"OH FUCK." She panted into my hair as my head moved from side to side suckling her nipples.

"This is for you baby, I just want to show you how I feel...mmmm."

Faith's need wrapped itself around me.

Everyone had a name for her, the dark slayer, and the rogue. They would never believe that she was rendered speechless while in the throes of her desire for me.

She literally couldn't speak, but I understood her language, it was crystal clear to me. The panting and feverish moaning drove me harder, making me more determined to wring every last drop of cum from her. She was like a machine, and I sometimes wondered if her being a slayer had any bearing on the amount of climaxes I caused in her.

My ego soared and my heart melted knowing I had a certain wicked control over her. We writhed together naked, in a passionate dance. I straddling her lap, with my fingers deep inside of her, melded in a ball of hungry flesh, as her fingers did the same to me. Our hands brushed against each other, connecting us, as they sustained a carnal rhythm.

The beer mixed with our juices creating a sticky film that coated both of us as we rutted like two animals in heat.

Her hips took on a strong steady movement and I knew she was close.

"Cum for me Faith...let it go."

`I...want...wait...for...ohhhh..." the words escaped her mouth in a labored whisper.

"Waiting for me baby, want me to cum with you lover?" My hand increased its thrusting, making her cry out.

"Buffy...Buffy...ummmmgh!" I felt her convulse as she groaned her release, sounding like a feral animal.

There it was, that approaching storm; covering me with pleasure. I laid my forehead against her's as I came, shuddering from the intensity of it. Our voices filled the room with erotic electricity, and the sofa creaked from the force of our grinding.

My cum-soaked pussy gently rubbed into hers, slowing our gyrations until finally, we stopped moving altogether. I could think of no greater intimacy than having her swollen clit touching mine in a sexual embrace.

She kissed the tip of my nose, emitting that throaty laugh that let me know she was satisfied.

"Unbelievable B, just unfucking believable." Her face dropped the smile it harbored just seconds before, and I saw a tear come to her eye.

"You're getting that voice." I chided gently.

"That's love you hear baby...nothing but love."

I wiggled on her lap as I stretched toward the cooler.

"Want a beer lover?"

The End