The "F" Principle
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only paying homage to characters I love!
Spoiler: Season 7 post Chosen, after the dust settles.
Dedication: Would it ever be anyone else?
Feedback: Give it to me baby…

Faith's POV

Damn, B really pulled out the stops tonight. Picked me up from work wearing some of that frilly shit she knows I love to see on her. Those green eyes just shined, and she knew I wanted to flip her into the back seat and have an appetizer before dinner. I swear every time with her was like the first, and I never got tired of hearing her call out my name. Fuck, I don't know if we're going to make it to the restaurant.

She smells like Jasmine, and I can see she shaved her legs. That means that something else is baby bald. My sugar is nothing if not thorough. I don't want to distract her while she's drivin', but I just gotta get a feel. I can't describe what her skin feels like under my hand, how soft. I trail it leisurely over her knee, pulling that frilly dress up an inch at a time, as my fingers run along the inside of her thighs.

Then she gives me that look, the one that says 'I would fuck you, but now's not the time'. She whispers at me like I'm a bad child.

"Faith, you're going to make us crash. Do you want our pictures plastered on the front of the evening paper being pulled from a fiery wreck with your hand up my snatch?"

"Well B, I figure everybody will know you came before you went."

She smacked my hand away like I was stealin' cookies that hadn't quite cooled yet. I settled down though, coz B can be relentless when she doesn't get her way. Say what ya want, yeah; I'm probably whipped. Try coming home to someone like B in your bed every night, trust me; you would be too.

Buffy's POV

Tonight is for my slayer; she's been working way too hard trying to give me what she thinks I want. I laugh at her when she tells me how she wants to fuck me on the white sands of Aruba. Faith could take me in the parking lot at Wal-Mart and I would cum like a champ. It's just something about her that's so animalistic.

There's no inhibition in her when she makes love to me, I feel like an instrument being expertly played.

I've been driving myself crazy all day thinking about her mouth on me, the way she looks into my eyes and smiles that sly half-grin; just before she buries her tongue deep in me. The first time I ever had a multiple was with her, and I knew then that all the boys just didn't have a clue. So, I had promised myself to educate Faith on the principles of the three F's. Her lesson began shortly after we arrived back at the house from dinner.

Faith's POV

I felt special, which was nothing new when it came to B, but there was something about tonight that stood out. She told me things, like how beautiful she thought I was, how happy she was to have me in her life. Sappy isn't my favorite tune, but I liked it tonight. She made a big deal out of pouring my champagne for me, and feeding me my dessert.

Her hand on my thigh under the table was the entertainment for the evening. She played with me, rubbing my clit through my leathers taking me to the edge, but never over. The nasty things that came out of that pretty little mouth were making me anxious, to say the least.

Talk about there's no place like home, I couldn't get her there quick enough, and the last thing on my mind when we stepped through the door was being delicate. B changed all that, she has a way about her. The voice that spoke to me was familiar, but then it wasn't. It occurred to me that B could've been possessed, not unlikely in our line of work, but when I watched her move, I knew what had taken her over.

Buffy's POV

There was no way I could describe how much I wanted her right now, the seconds that it took me to rip both our clothes off seemed like forever. The bed welcomed us as I slammed her down into it, falling on top of her. Even though it had been my intention to tease and tantalize her, that warm pussy had teased and haunted me all evening.

The different textures of the food moving back and forth in my mouth as I chewed reminded me of her. The sauce that trickled thickly over my lips before I caught it with my tongue made me flush it was so damned erotic. And she just sat back and watched the show as I ate and massaged her under that table.

It was the defiance in her eyes, and the way she licked her lips. It was almost like she was challenging me to see who the Alpha female was, and try as I might, we both knew it was her. There was no man on earth that could conquer me, but she knew all my secrets.

Her skin trembled when I ran the tips of my fingers between her breasts, not touching those perfect globes. I knew that's exactly what she wanted, and I would make her beg first. I did console her a bit when I reached down and licked the gooseflesh my stroking fingers had produced.

Ever had warm cognac? If I could describe her voice when it was like this that would be it. It was fluid, rich and deep. When it screamed my name into the air, it marked me. There was no other voice in control of me so totally. My tongue ran a wet, warm path from the valley in between her breasts, upward over that graceful neck, to rest on the tip of her chin.

I kissed and sucked that dimple lovingly; it was one of my favorite parts of her, among the many. I whispered to her as I covered her lips with mine, not really kissing, but brushing against them.

"Baby, ever heard of the three F's?"

"Mmmmm…so good B…uh…what?"

"You know me, I like to keep things interesting." Indeed I had, because my fingers found their way inside her, and I moved them slowly accentuating ever thing I said.

"First F, I fed you, did you like the meal?" My fingers continued in a steady circular motion.

"Yeah B, do it…ohhh."

"Second, I flattered you; and I meant it when told you I could get lost in your dark, beautiful eyes." I started to thrust harder and deeper into her sopping pussy; her juices were starting to coat my entire hand.

That husky moan, the more I heard it, the more my thick, warm arousal seeped out and ran down my thighs, fueling my need for her.

"Damn you B, want you so bad…uhg…sexy bitch…plsss…donnnn stop."

"Thirdly, baby cum for me…I'm fucking you just the way I've wanted to all night."

She rode my fingers, impaling herself so forcefully on me, that I would've worried had she not been a slayer, my slayer.

It was then that I moved swiftly, using slayer speed, and moved to that exotic treasure. I couldn't get enough of the taste of her in my mouth, she giggled lightly as she started to climb towards her climax. The giggle of a child on a thrill ride, loosing control and feeling free. My tongue stroked her walls tenderly, searching for that place only I held claim to.

My Faith came in the style accustomed to her, always sensual, needy, and vulnerable. There wasn't an abyss deep enough that I wouldn't jump into for her, and when she shared this part of herself with me, I felt whole.

Faith's POV

She took my to a place tonight, that I've never been. I felt the urge to kill, love, sing, and dance; all transmitted from her tongue in me. When I could manage to open my eyes, they focused on a sight that I planned on seeing forever, B loving me.

The End