Hot Buttered Rum
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only paying homage to characters I love!
Author's Notes: You know me and my total disregard for Canon so don't look for it here. Let's just say it's post S7. I always wondered what the slayers would do and just how they would do it in a situation like this. Since I love ski trips, hot buttered rum and other in-door sports, thought I'd take us for a spin.
Dedication: To Lynio, whose courage to step out there for the first time has awakened my muse. Thank you.
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Faith's POV

I'm so friggin' tired of all this snow and we're not even there yet. Seems B thinks I would be a natch at skiing; since I'm so good at other athletic stuff but there's a big difference between rocking her world and going down the side of a fuckin' mountain like my hair is on fire.

We've been driving around this mountain for three hours now and everything looks the same, white. Being a slayer doesn't mean my bones don't ache, not gettin' any younger here. The only reason I'm not really bitching is the layout of the room we'll be staying in.

Big fat Jacuzzi, king-sized bed, fireplace and my B. Who gives a shit about skiing?

Should've known what was coming when those damned brochures started showing up in the mail. She would grab them as soon as the mailman put them in the box. Then she'd be on the phone chattering with Red like no tomorrow, those two are always scheming on me with one thing or another.

B knew how to work me too, she waited until I'd popped off a really good one and brought up the subject. Those small, soft fingers of hers trailed their way over my stomach slowly as she nibbled on my ear. I can't resist her when she does that.

"Baby, I've been thinking…it's been a long time since we did anything fun."

"I d'know B, I just had a boatload of fun myself." I licked my tongue out at her.

"Mmmm, and I'm sure the whole neighborhood knows Faith. I'm talking about getting away for a few days; just you and me. It's not like there are vampires kicking down our door anymore. We can afford to relax a little, we've earned it."

"Well baby, kinda hard for me to say no when you're ridin' my leg like that; what do I get if I hold out a little longer?"


Buffy's POV

I'm so excited about all this, the resort is fabulous. Faith and I checked in with no trouble and we're relaxing in our suite before going to check out the sights.

"B, ya gotta come have a look at this!" Faith shouted from the bedroom.

I put down the Bailey's I was about to pour into our Irish coffees and went to the bedroom. She stood by an enormous black marble Jacuzzi tub with beautiful gold fixtures and plush, comfortable looking headrests.

"You could soak an army in this thing, and what a bed!"

She only had to take a few steps crossways to the most luxurious bed I had ever seen. The blanket was made out of a material that felt like fur, Silver Fox to be exact; warm and inviting to the touch. I pulled back the comforter to reveal black satin sheets that begged to be laid on.

Of course it didn't take Faith anytime at all to pull off her boots and plump a few pillows.

"C'mon B, let's give this baby a test drive." Her voice was low and dangerous as she seductively rubbed the spot next to her with a lazy index finger; gazing at me with impish brown eyes just looking for trouble.

My body wanted to answer that invitation and I felt myself getting wet just looking at her; splayed across the bed daring me to take her.

"Oh no, I'm not taking that bait baby. We have other things to do this evening, and I have a feeling we wouldn't leave the room if I did."

"Gotdamned tease." Faith jumped from the bed and pinched my ass good- naturedly, I could tell she was a little pissed but she knew I was right. After all; I always was.

The coffee relaxed us and before long we were curious about our surroundings and decided to leave the suite.

"Here Faith, take your card key in case we get separated." She grabbed my ass with both hands.

"Not gonna happen B, you have something I want."

"Don't you ever think about anything else?"

"If I did, would you find me so fascinating and cute?" Playful eyebrows wiggled at me and she threw her arm around my shoulders and led us down the hall to the elevators.

Everything was set up to make you spend money, gift shops lined every corridor we walked down. They even had a spa on the premises where you could go to be pampered for a day. It didn't go over big when I suggested it to Faith.

"What? You want me to pay money to wash in mud? Get serious B, I've rolled in enough dirt to last me a lifetime and it didn't cost me a cent."

"This is special, therapeutic mud Faith. They don't just go outside and scoop some into a bucket, it's imported from Sweden."

"Yeah, and all that means is some bastard over there in Sweden gets that shit for free, same difference."

"I give up Faith, you're a pig."

"B, I don't think you're with me coz I graduated from Charm school. Fact of the matter is you like it rough, and who's rougher than me?"

She opened her arms wide and posed herself in that cocky way she has about her, and I couldn't argue with that flat, muscular stomach, well-defined thighs, tight ass, and breasts that fit into my hands like I'd ordered them. Sorry, getting carried away here.

The rest of the evening went smoothly enough until we walked into the "All Night Pajama Party" advertised on our itinerary.

Unbeknownst to Faith I had bought matching silk pajama sets for us; in different colors of course. Mine was a gorgeous champagne colored ensemble, and I chose a deep, rich burgundy for Faith.

It was perfect for her; caressing her curves in all the right places. Her silky, russet hair fell over broad, strong shoulders. She didn't fuss when I asked permission to apply a light amount of makeup to her already alluring face.

Passion red lipstick only accentuated her full, pouty lips and showcased perfect white teeth and dimples to die for. If I start talking about her eyes, we'll be here for the rest of the evening. Needless to say, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when we walked into the club and everyone turned to look at my Faith.

"Wow B, guess this ain't so bad after all. People are really scoping your lady."

"Let them scope Faith, you're leaving with me."

"Sure about that Ms. Summers?"

"I'll stake the first SOB who touches you."

"Whoa slayer; slow your roll. It's all good B."

I had assumed the position without even thinking twice. I'm sure I don't have to tell you which one, but I uncrossed my arms and unset my jaw when Faith handed me a drink. It was something fruity with an umbrella stuck in it.

She gave me just enough time to wet my throat and then she pulled me out into the writhing crowd. I followed her becoming lost in a pulsing dance beat that seemed to shake the whole room. She circled me, touching slightly and moving away; making me want her.

I felt her heat through the kinetic material of her pajamas. They seemed to be some kind of conductor for the heat radiating from her body. My breathing changed to an erratic hitch when she stepped between my legs pressing her crotch against me; crouching slightly before beginning a relentless, deliberate grind.

We moved together in a dirty dance that put any movie to shame. Faith had no problem palming my cheeks in her hands and pulling me closer, shameless seductress that she was. Moist lips brushed mine as she kissed me lightly with just the tip of her tongue.

The music was too loud for her to speak; even with my slayer hearing. That didn't matter because her powerful thighs and swaying hips were telling me everything I needed to know.

Not wanting to lose complete control I broke from her and headed towards the Ladies room. It was a short walk down a corridor that led to an opening with two doors, but there was an obstacle standing there.

I know that superman never goes on vacation but give me a break, a vamp…here of all places. He didn't think I knew what he was until something innate in him must have signaled that he was in trouble. Game face on, he snarled and lunged at me with fangs sharp and dripping.

"Go low B!"

I followed Faith's lead and ducked as she barreled towards the fiend. One of her outstretched arms caught him in the throat with such force that she effectively clothes-lined him taking his head off. She reached for me protectively, brushing the vamp's remains from my hair.

"You would think after all this time the fuckers would know not to mess with my girl."

"I didn't know you were behind me Faith."

"That's my job B." She smiled at me wiping a smudge from my face.


Faith's POV

It only crossed my mind for a second what would've happened if I hadn't been there when that vamp charged B. Yeah, she's a slayer just like me, but she's my girl too. She probably would've kicked my ass harder than that vamp's if I let her know I worry about her sometimes.

Hard-asses like me don't worry right? Then why was my heart hammering in my chest? I looked into B's eyes and wiped a smudge from that sweet face. My hand stayed there for a second longer than I wanted. Fuck, tenderness isn't my niche ya know? The Willow's and Riley's of the world can have that shit. Bottom line is; B was taking care of herself just fine before I ever came on the scene.

There it was; that electric charge. It started on the insides of my thighs and worked its way north until I was breathless and twirling her hair in one of my hands and sampling the feel of those pajamas over the silken softness of her shoulder with the other.

As much as I loved B, I hated loosing control to her. My insides were slowly turning to jelly and I watched my hand as it moved from her shoulder to the opening in her pajama top. I smiled at her while she followed two of my fingers down to that sensitive spot between her breasts.

"Gonna take me in the hallway Faith?"

"No, because once I start, not stopping B. Let's go back to the room and find out how deep that Jacuzzi is."

When we opened the door to the room there was a bucket filled with ice chilling a bottle of champagne and two glasses. I opened the note tied to the bottle thinking it was probably a complimentary gift that came with the suite.

The note read/ IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED…/ stained with what looked like one tear-drop of blood.

"The bastards left us a calling card B."

Buffy walked over to the champagne bottled and picked it up to read the label.

"Hmmm, damn good year. Stand back; wouldn't want you to lose an eye."

She popped the cork on the bubbly and poured it into the glasses. I refused when she offered me a glass.

"No thanks B; poisoning isn't exactly how I planned on going out."

B smirked as she look a long swallow of the stuff and put down the glass.

"Trust me Faith, who ever sent this intended for us to enjoy it. They wouldn't do something as obvious and trivial as poison, it would be somehow…rude to them; stooping to that level."

I looked around the room expecting the G-man to come out of a closet or somethin', I'll be damned if that didn't sound just like him.

"Might as well drink up baby, get a little buzz before we start."

Now that's what I'm talking about, bring on the starting. I swigged a couple of glasses down while B went into the bedroom. I was shocked at what she had on when she came out.

"Here," she threw some clothes at me, "Get dressed, we need to patrol."

"I'm sorry B, but that ain't what ole Sally here is tellin' me." I looked down at my crotch and shot a couple of thrusts her way. "Sally says she wants to uummpph…ummmpphh."

"We can deal with Sally later; right now you need to make with the stealthy black clothing. I'm not going to wait to see what the next little surprise has in store."

There was no talking to B when she got like this. She was intent on going all 'James Bond' on me. I pouted while I got dressed.


Buffy's POV

I am pissed now. Faith has been looking tasty all evening, and just when I was about to try the appetizer…these toothy fucks show up. Yeah, Buffy said a curse word. It seems like I can't remember a time without 'them' on my heels; always in the shadows.

When mom was alive I feared for her safety everyday, and if it hadn't have been for the Scoobs; I don't know how I could have managed it all. Tonight I was through trying to juggle being a slayer and having a personal life. Tonight I would show every last one of them that; even though the world was full of potentials, gotdamn it… I was still THE one.

There was night-skiing tonight and Faith and I went outside to take a look around. The setting was surreal and pristine, almost like one of the postcards available in the gift shop. The night air was brisk with an extra added snap because of the gentle wind creasing the trees. It was snowing lightly and the mist drifted down in thin icy pellets, glistening on our clothes.

We didn't bother with the usual ski equipment; it would've only slowed us both down. The training area just below the bunny slope had a parting in the dense woods, and that's where we chose to sneak in. As many times as I cursed being a slayer, right now treading uphill in deep snow, I welcomed it.

Faith took point going up the mountain a little ahead of me. I know we were on a mission, but I couldn't help but appreciate the way her powerful body moved through the snow with relative ease. The incline was incredibly steep but she made it look like a walk in the park. Since our eyes adjusted to night vision perfectly I could see every sinew that flexed with the effort she made, gliding up that hill like she owned it.

She would look back occasionally, not doubting that I was there; but just to give me a little smile that said *I'm, with you B*. I wanted to warm my fingers in the hair that spilled out from under her wool skull cap draping her shoulders in russet.

I watched as she suddenly signaled to me, and we both dropped to the forest floor, blending in with the darkness. These signals had become second nature to us over time; they bound us together in a language no one else could speak.

"Look at that piece of shit B, showboating for the natives."

Faith whispered to me and pointed at a very unnatural sight. A vamp was coming down the mountain expertly maneuvering all the jumps and small hills that comprised the advanced slope. Anyone who saw her would've agreed on one thing, she was poetry in motion, but for the lack of skis and poles.

The vamp overwhelmed one skier who stopped in amazement to stare at her.


"Gotcha B, on it."

I sprinted to the poor unsuspecting sap about to be bitten and wrestled him to ground. The way Faith grabbed the vamp even made me wince. The unmistakable sound of bones snapping filled the night silence.

"Thought that was pretty clever didn't you? Just out for a little snack, huh bitch?"

The thing had long since gone into game face, and was moaning in agony; the moonlight reflecting off its fangs. Faith was relentless and brutal, taking a moment's pleasure in the torture she inflicted.

"Don't kill her baby, at least not yet, we need some answers."

"You're lucky my girl's a lot nicer than me, fuckin' piece of scum." Faith threw the vamp into the snow and planted her foot squarely on its chest.

I helped the dazed man to his feet and made sure he was all right before letting him descend the rest of the way down the mountain. It was then I noticed one of the flares the skiers used to light their way, laying in the snow still burning.

I picked it up and walked over to our prisoner, who had already begun to cringe before I even got close to her.

"Now, you're going to tell me why you're here; and who you're with. If you don't, the term hot ass is going to take on a totally different meaning for you, feel me?"

Faith's POV

I watched B with the vamp, how she seemed to enjoy torturing it. This just wasn't like her to get off on that kind of thing. What surprised me most is I didn't want to watch. What she was doing sort of took away from who I knew she was.

Buffy was too good for this, down on her knees at their level. Suddenly I didn't want this anymore, or what it was doing to B. Guess she had become kinda used to vamps not kicking in her door as much since Red flipped the switch and woke up every slayer.

There was something about this she was flashing back to a terrible place, one that made her damned angry. All I wanted to do was help her in any way I could. Here we were, surrounded by all this beauty, but there was nothing but definite ugly coming from her now. I made up my mind this shit was going to end, in a hurry. B and I had some serious kicking back to do and I just wasn't feelin' it on this mountain.

"Tell me who sent you...NOW!"

The vamp wailed in pain when Buffy lit its hair on fire. I grabbed a sturdy branch from a nearby tree and ended it.

"Why did you do that Faith? How are we supposed to find out anything now?"

I lifted her off the pile of dust and pointed toward the top of the hill.

"We go up."

She stopped questioning me and followed me back into the forest, walking closely behind while we scaled the rest of the slope. Once we reached the top we used the trees for cover and tiptoed right up on them. They were standing there just as cocky as you please, about four or five of them.

"Which one of you bastards has the manners in the bunch?" I asked matter of factly.

The group seemed to make a semi-circle around an older looking vamp, protecting him.

"That's the one Faith, gramps in the middle...we need to take him out."

"Yeah, I want this over; it's messin' with my tub time."

I winked at B and ran forward leading the charge. Either these vamps were high on something or just ten karat dumb because we dusted them all like it was a training exercise. We saved the leader for last. Buffy had a little message for him.

"I've decided not to kill you because I'm going to make an example of you."

I laughed out loud when she made him bend over and drop his pants. She reached under her turtleneck sweater and fished out the cross I had given her when we found out our asses were still intact from Sunnydale. It had meant the world to me, the only thing I had left of my watcher after that bastard Kakistos had murdered her.

He cried out in pain the likes of which I had never heard before, but B just kept going. She was standing over him carving something directly into his ass with the edge of the cross. Once she was done, she waved me over.

"What do you think babe?"

She framed the bloody line between her two hands and we both looked down on the inscription 'Property of Buffy Summers'.

I winced as I looked at the way it was already swelling up, "that's gonna leave a nasty scar B."

"Now run along, and don't forget to show off your little souvenir to all your boys." she kicked the same cheek she had scribbled on and he went sprawling into the snow, "Oh and by the way, the only thing that'll remove it is holy water."

She didn't even look back as she strutted down the hill towards the lodge. Fuck she was sexy when she got all riled up like this. Now that was what you called a 'Slayer'.

I wanted her, and watching that tight, pert ass jiggle wasn't helping my sitch one bit. Horny wasn't the word for what I was by the time we got back to the room. She wouldn't let me shower with her and that just made things worse, but I was willing to see what she had up her sleeve.

So I went along with it when she handed me a thick, warm terrycloth robe that had been left in the room compliments of the Management for (solving their problem discreetly) as they put it. I allowed her to lead me as she grabbed my hand and the biggest bottle of champagne I had ever seen. We left the room and went down a back staircase at the end of the hall.

"I noticed this when I cased the place earlier, it's probably a well kept secret."

Buffy opened the door to a huge Jacuzzi perched on top of a Cherry wood deck. Someone had prepped it because it was ready and steaming in the frosty night air. Small kerosene lanterns lined the whole thing giving off a soft glow along with the moonlight.

"The Hotel Manager was more than happy to accommodate us. This is usually reserved for VIPs."

I walked over to my lady and untied the belt to her robe, sliding my hands inside across her warm skin.

"Oh, I'm about to make you feel very important B."

Buffy's POV

Faith moved her hands from my waist long enough to push the robe off my shoulders. I shivered in the cold winter air, but that wasn't the only reason why my nipples were painfully erect. It was the look she gave me...the one that spoke of carnal things, that made me instantly wet whenever I saw it.

I never tired of her lust for me; the way she displayed her raw need, and she didn't care who knew it. Her public demonstrations of affection toward me never ceased to amaze me or anyone else who happened to be around us.

She reached for me slowly putting her hands on either side of my neck as she drew me nearer to her.

"What have you done to me baby?" she whispered in a voice that made my knees weak, "The more I get of you...the more I want." I licked her bottom lip as she nuzzled my nose and turned her head to the side slightly, preparing to kiss me senseless.

"You have all of me Faith, for as long as you want me."

"Forever isn't long enough B." She took my mouth then transferring all her emotions to me and leaving me breathless and dazed.

The rest of our clothing was shed in silence, as we enjoying the electricity our lust for each other generated. We held on to each to other's arms for support and stepped down into the swirling warmth of the Jacuzzi.

"Nothing like sliding into something wet and warm ...huh B?"

I grinned at her and lowered my eyes a little, playing a role I knew she loved. It always turned Faith on if I acted a little coy before I fucked her brains out. She liked to think she was in control of things, and my acting innocent only made her wilder.

She leaned back into a corner of the tub and stretched her hand out to me. I took her hand and let her pull me into her arms with my back facing her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and we settled into the relaxing massage provided by the powerful jet nozzles churning away at different angles around us.

"Comfortable baby?" She purred more than asked of me.

We both looked up at the sky and noticed there was a light snowfall. It was quiet in the darkness with just a little lighting making this romantic and surreal. Twinkling stars blanketing the sky made the perfect backdrop for a crystal clear moon, and appeared to be so close to us; we could reach out and touch them.

I was bombarded by so many sensations at once, the natural beauty of our surroundings, the intoxicating warmth of the tub, the even warmer shelter I found in Faith's arms; sharply contrasted by the cold, icy snowflakes that fell on us reminding us of their presence before melting away.

To add to my already flustered senses she opened the champagne and poured some for us both.

"Oops, damn...look at that B, I spilled a little of this damned expensive beer on you. Oh...look at the way it's running down your neck like that. Don't want to waste any...know what I mean?" I felt her warm tongue work its way down my cheek, over my neck and finally my shoulder in one nasty, continuous motion.

She moaned at my reaction and continued her amorous attention with her free hand, while the other held her champagne up high. I was immersed in wetness, but could still feel the moisture running between my thighs, before it became lost in a sea of scented water.

"Faith..." I said in a barely managed whisper.

"Anything." She answered me hoarsely.

"Champagne I...can't wait anymore."

Our elegant glasses crashed to the ground as we turned on each other with all the need we had suppressed since we got here. Strong arms lifted me and turned me around until I faced her. She groaned as my pussy lips parted and claimed her thigh. My clit was so swollen by this time it gave me a lecherous thrill to know she had to feel it soft yet hard, caressing her skin.

"Feel that lover, how wet I am for you?" I murmured.


Faith's Pov

B was so gotdamned sexy. Even though she was physically smaller than me, she took control. She knew she would never get an argument from me about being straddled. Everything seemed to run together and I couldn't think straight. I draped my arms around her back; supporting her weight as her hips began a vicious rocking motion against me.

"Put your fingers in me...fuck me Faith." She pleaded in a high- pitched voice.

"Say it again...tell me what you want baby." I said listening to the raspy sound of my own voice.

"Damn you!" She moaned and pouted as she grabbed one of my hands and moved it down below the surface of the water to her engorged lips, "Don't play with me, do it now!"

My fingers glided inside of her and she sat back on them, Taking me in to the knuckles easily. I felt her labored breathing as her chest rubbed into mine, the sensitivity of our nipples creating the most delicious friction. The harder I drove my fingers into her, the more her walls gripped at them until I thought my hand would disappear.

I shifted my weight and turned us again until B was positioned directly over a powerful stream of water (those damn jets were good for moving more than H20) and pulled my fingers out of her. My hands reached down to B's ass and spread her cheeks wide giving that pulsating water access to every nook and cranny.

She gasped out loud as I moved my leg between hers and sat her down on my bent knee. I put my arms around her back again supporting her and pulling her closer to me. Her head fell against my shoulder as I held her.

She pressed her lips to my ear and said, "I can't hold this baby...oh...I'm..."

We started to move in a tight, strong rhythm. Everything seemed to stop then; there was nothing but she and I. The bond between us had always been strong, but this was somehow different.

It was like her heartbeat was my heartbeat, and our pulses thumped in the same veins locking us in more than an embrace. The love I felt for her welled up in my chest for a second and terrified me. The force of my feelings hit me all at once and I went over the edge. And B went with me.

Our voices didn't come back to us for a few minutes, but that was ok. We listened to the winter wind blowing and watched the stars through the snow that continue to fall around us, warm and safe covered in our love.

The End