by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

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Notes: This my entry for the "All Hallows Eve" Fic Fest
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Buffy looked up from the forest floor through the thick covering of trees and was welcomed by the luminous Harvest moon. The silhouette looming in the backdrop of that moon chilled her to the bone. Strong, majestic wings flapped in the brisk night air keeping the thing aloft.

She was strangely mesmerized by the glowing eyes of the creature. The features of its face were slowing coming into focus as it moved closer to her. A square jaw line with sharp cheekbones, almost like that of a Greek statue. It leered at her when the moonlight finally revealed its full size and substance.

*Ok slayer, think...how are you going to take this thing down.*

"Look, I don't know what your plan is but I already saw Batman...didn't like it much." The small blonde puffed herself up with bravado she really wasn't feeling.

The creature smoothly touched down in front of her, standing upright on two solid legs blotting out the view of the moon. She could see that it was humanoid but for the sinuous wings that folded neatly in on themselves like some sort of umbrella. The appendages made it appear like he might have been wearing a cape.

"So the little one does have a voice even though it be puny." The voice was deep with an accent she couldn't place.

*The gotdamned thing sounds like Sean Connery, holy shit.*

She braced herself in a fighting stance waiting for what would come next and moved with the intruder as it circled her. They eyed each other thoroughly, partly out of curiosity. 'His' skin was a dark bronze, not like any human tone she had ever seen; but somehow complimentary to the muscular build.

He emitted a hypnotic odor, ancient and musky. If Buffy had ever smelled Myrrh before she would have recognized the fragrance. She was even more surprised to see that he had hair, course and black like a loin's mane.

He stopped in his tracks and gazed into Buffy eyes before gently touching her face with a hand the size of a bear claw, his talons retracted like a cat's as he caressed her.

"You are as beautiful as the legend that precedes you Goddess."

She couldn't explain why her body didn't react, or why she didn't sense danger from his action. The attraction between them was unmistakable and she flinched the moment she felt it.

*Get a grip girl, isn't there a limit to what turns you on? Vampires, women, olive drab fatigues...and now this?*

Just then a frantic and very winded Faith broke through the dense brush and instinctively pushed and then punched the apparent monster, standing between it and Buffy shielding her from what she thought was an attack.

"Back away from the babe you ugly fuck!" Faith grit her teeth like an animal, prepared to defend Buffy with her life.


Buffy was impressed at the way Faith instantly jumped on the defensive. Seeing her in fight mode was nothing new to the golden haired slayer. However, It was the ferocity with which the russet beauty drew an imaginary line protecting her that made Buffy watch in awe.

The dark slayer crouched low in her intensity, every muscle straining under goose-bump covered skin. This was when Buffy knew Faith was really afraid of the supposed menace standing before them both. Hot, furtive breathing confirmed Faith's fear as she momentarily allowed her body to acknowledge the searing pain pulsing through her arm from a savage, gaping wound on her hand.

There wasn't time to consider her own well being, this thing had threatened her love; and it was going to die for its trouble.

"Baby, stand down..." Buffy wrapped a comforting arm around the waist of her lover.

Faith's natural physical response to the situation began to calm as she heard Buffy's soothing voice close and intimate in her ear.

"No way I'm gonna let that...whatever it is; get a go at you B."

Buffy locked her fingers in the waistband of Faith's jeans and pulled her backward.

"You and I have literally been to Hell Faith, has there ever been a time when I lied to you?"

Faith gestured toward the hulk standing there, "Ok, so I won't kill you for now, but show some respect. This is my good side." Faith adjusted her tense body into a more relaxed posture, but her adversary knew she was still on alert.

The thing that most people would call horrible lowered his head in acknowledgement of the dark slayer's peaceable warning.

"And thus, the prophecy is fulfilled; for you stand before me in all your regal splendor. I bow in acquiescence." The thing sank to one knee and removed his eyes from their gaze.

"Uh...yeah...reverence us...we'll be right back." Buffy nervously pulled Faith off to the side.

"I'm not feelin' this B. My slayer antenna is telling me that I should smoke this bastard." She sighed heavily as the ache in her injured hand started to throb.

"You're hurt." Buffy tenderly lifted her hand into the moonlight for a closer look. "This is deep baby, you need stitches." Buffy affirmed with a concerned voice."

Faith pointed with her good arm, "News flash, Mr. Chivalry here is the one that ripped my friggin' hand open in the first place!"

"Yes, but he was only defending himself from a punch that you threw Faith." Buffy commented calmly.

"Tell ya what, how about I just wander off into the forest and bleed to death while you two chew the fat." Faith grimaced as she jerked her arm from Buffy's grip and starting walking towards the road where the Blazer sat waiting.

"Faith, wait...don't be that way." Buffy called out to her in a consoling tone.

"I've always been ready to bury you B, it comes with the territory. Nothing in the rule book says I have to stand by and watch your ass get waxed though, I'm out." Faith trudged through the heavy foliage, looking like she was feeling a creeping weariness in her bones.

"No Ma Lady, let her go. You both will understand my presence and the reasoning there of in short order." The creature spoke to Buffy in a baritone that seemed to vibrate as it left his lips.

"I can't let her go like this...you don't know what she...means...to me. Stay here, please. I'll be right back. If you have any honor in you, you will."

"Look upon me hence, and you will find me waiting; fair one." A stalwart arm pointed in the direction Faith had bounded off in, as if giving Buffy permission to depart.

As tired as she was, the brunette was moving at an accelerated pace. A pace that Buffy had to incorporate slayer speed to keep up with.

"Faith please, we need to talk about this." Buffy trailed behind her shouting.

"Why? You've got this shit under control and I've got a busted hand for my trouble, carry on boss." Faith gave Buffy a mock salute with her good arm.

"This...being... has information that we need to hear Faith. I want to convince him to talk to Giles."

"You don't know what that thing has in mind Buffy, his only intent could be to rip out your arrogant little throat. No one tells the "SLAYER" what to do though do they?" Her husky alto belied her concern.

Buffy finally gained on the determined Southie and kissed her...hard, Faith's hard exterior began to melt as her love for the Californian began to show through her anger.

"B...don't" Faith muttered.

"Why baby?" Buffy moaned before she pushed her tongue deeper into Faith's mouth.

"Don't wanna see you hurt." Faith whimpered through her growing desire for the woman she held possessively with only one arm.

Buffy held up Faith's injured hand, assessing the damage one last time. The advanced healing they were both blessed with was already taking hold, and Buffy knew the urgency of the situation was past them.

"Lover, we both know I won't be. There's nothing I like better than coming home to you sweetness. Go sit in the Blazer, I'll be right there." She smiled at her lover with an acknowledgment of what they meant to one another.

Faith returned her smile pensively as she opened the door to the black on black Blazer and sat inside. Buffy liked the color, but Faith had insisted on having the windows tinted so no one could see inside.

'It will come in handy on those occasions when I want to fuck you silly outdoors.' She had whispered in Buffy's ear while the Salesman droned on with his sales pitch.

The shared memory ran through Buffy's mind as she walked back to uncertainty. Faith was her all consuming incentive to live. The pretentious, uncouth upstart that everyone thought negatively about had surfaced with a heart of gold and a constitution to match.

No one knew about her vulnerability, only Buffy. Only Buffy knew that Faith had a soul that not only begged to be loved, but also deserved it. The self-proclaimed hard ass actually had put a man through a plate-glass window when she saw him collar his eight-year old daughter for some unseen offense.

The light of admiration in that child's eyes that day would always be perpetuated in Buffy's. Faith had turned out to be a reluctant, humble hero who only wanted the best for the child. The so-called eternal wild child went to court and testified in defense of the small girl.

Two things happened that day, the child gained a new life through the devotion of her newly appointed foster parents who quickly adopted her, and Buffy fell hopelessly in love with a rebel.

Fortified with the warmth and promise of what she had waiting for her, Buffy walked with a confident stride back to a diluted scenario that she now controlled.

{We've all seen that strut, does anyone do it better than our slayer? ---Val takes a little poetic license and winks at the reader-- --}

"Look, we need to settle a few things right now. First of all, that young woman that just stormed off wants to kill you. Secondly, she is more than capable of doing so on her worst day. Thirdly, I will let her, if you blink the wrong way. Give me answers."

"You have only to ask my Radiance." He stood to his full height, which probably dwarfed Angel, she thought in passing.

"What's your name?" she raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

"For the sake of clarity you can call me Galga, it would be a challenge for you to interpret or pronounce my name in its native tongue."

"Fair enough...um...Galga. So, what species are you exactly? Don't think I've ever run across anything or should I say 'anyone' quite like you."

"That would be fitting as my kind only surfaces once every fifty years in the most remote corners of the world, this is how we maintain peace and anonymity among my kind. I believe your reference books would classify me as a Gargoyle, but King Arthur called my kind friend."

"King Arthur at Camelot, Excalibur...all fairy tales." Buffy opinioned.

"On the contrary dear Madam, for the Slayer stands before me. Is not your very existence a thing of legend and myth?"

"So why now? What brings you to one of the most populated areas of the world?" Buffy crossed her arms and glared at the being.

"The Watcher's Council and the existence of the Slayer is known throughout all cognizant civilization. You and the fiery dark haired huntress are but current emissaries in a long line of warriors."

"I need to introduce you to my mentor, his name is..." she was cut off in mid sentence.

"Rupert Giles, of this I am most aware." He nodded in affirmation of her statement.

"And just how would you know his name?" she looked at him skeptically.

"Every one of your generations bears a "Slayer". In turn, my society bears a "Seer", not unlike your Willow."

The hair on the back of Buffy's neck stood at attention.

"Leave her out of this, do you understand? Whatever you know about her forget it. Any instructions you may have regarding her leave her ALONE."

"I can heed your words Mistress, but unfortunately others in my sanctum can not. It is foretold that the red-haired one will one day wield unbelievably powerful magic."

The slayer moved with lightning speed, placing a steel grip on his throat. "That maybe so Galga, but spread the word, she is not to be touched. Do you understand? Tell them I will hunt them to the ends of the earth if she is ever harmed." She released his neck, only at that moment noticing that he had been lifted off the ground by the force of her resolve.

Galga clutched his throat nodding in appreciation of the small woman's immense strength.

"Please forgive me my insolence, but may I ask why you did not make such haste to defend your raven-haired counterpart?" He asked in a raspy tone.

"Because she won't have the same mercy, never has." Buffy smirked as she thought about her hot tempered lover.


The noble beast had related as much to Buffy as he could in the time allotted to him. They were both very aware of an injured Faith waiting out on the road. He simply identified himself as an emissary of his people, on holiday. He was breaking every law and breaching every agreement ever spoken between himself and his elders, but he was smitten.

"It darkens my heart that tonight's events were caused by my hand. My childish arrogance has brought about this turmoil and I would die a thousand deaths to erase it."

"Ok Galga, I need to know where we go from here?" Buffy stared at his intense continence.

"I will take my leave of you and depart this place." His body turning abruptly rustling leaves on the forest floor.

Buffy didn't know why, but she reached out to him; touching his arm and stilling him. She wanted to know more about this...entity that intrigued her so. Somewhere deep inside there was an attraction, on the most primal of levels, which she wasn't ready to admit.

"No..wait...Galga; I would like to hear more about your people and your civilization, can you meet me here tomorrow?"

"I would be my most fervent wish fulfilled to see you again fair one."


"So not only are you being stalked by that gotdamned thing, now you're telling me it has a friggin' crush on you?" Faith paced back and forth waving her hands in the air.

"Well, that's kinda...sorta what he told me babe." Buffy flushed slightly at the memory of how she felt when he explained his presence there.

"OK, well try this one on and tell me how it fits, If I see the fucker again; he's dog food." Faith growled menacingly.

"How silly can you be, you're jealous of a creature?" Buffy snickered as she watched Faith walk around the room.

"Yeah? Read this and then tell me how silly I am." Faith picked up an ancient looking book off a nearby table and handed it to Buffy, opened to a particular passage.

"Since when have you ever used Giles' personal stash?" Buffy recognized the book as a reference tool used often by Giles when trouble was afoot.

"Since some beefy son of bitch decided to press up on my girlfriend." Faith glared at the blonde.

The book indicated the origins of Galga's species, and of special interest to Faith, the fact that his people were descendents of a union between Incubus, Succubus and humans.

According to the text, his kind was legendary seducers using their power of mesmerism on a spellbound victim. Buffy also learned that the creature possessed a sort of sexual telekinesis that allowed him to 'engage' anyone in his line of sight without actually touching them.

"I don't have that kind of interest in him Faith." Buffy knew she was telling her lover a half-truth.

"Nice day for a picnic B, that's why ya going back to the woods?" Faith turned on her heels and left the room.

Buffy heard the door slam with unnatural force...well...natural for a slayer; and knew the jamb would need repair.


"It can't be what you think it is Faith, you and I both know that Buffy isn't usually irrational. Besides that one time that she killed Angel and he came back, and she hid it from us and kept going to see him behind our backs and that time that she went underground with Riley's people and we didn't find out about it until weeks later, and..."

Willow had begun to defend Buffy from Faith's accusations, very enthusiastically.

"Red?" Faith touched Willow's shoulder.

"Huh?" Willow slowed her tirade momentarily.

"Take a breath." Faith quipped.

"Kay." Willow sat down and listened calmly, feeling slightly privileged that Faith had come to her in the first place.

"I need something witchy, and you're going to get it for me." Faith said commandingly to Willow.

"I'm not too sure about this Faith, things like this always end up back-firing."

"C'mon Red, there's nothing mean-spirited about this, and I promise not to hurt him."

"There is an object, supposedly cursed by the Greek Gods when a mortal dared to try stealing their powers through witchcraft. You would be taking a huge risk with it Faith."

"And the risk is mine to take Red, so blink that baby right here."

"Oh, it won't be that easy, you'll have to steal it, and you didn't hear any of this from me. It's called "The Tear Drop of Adonis" and you can find it at the new occult exhibit at the museum. It came to town just in time for Halloween."


Breaking and entering was easy for a slayer, especially one with Faith's finesse. The museum hadn't opened for the day, and was practically deserted except for a few incompetent guards, who would never be able to hold her even if they caught her. She slinked up to the display and broke the glass, grabbing the Tear and disappearing with slayer speed before her image was more than a blur on the camera and monitors.

She had to get close enough to the creature to scratch its skin with the 'Tear', which would then steal his powers and transfer them to her. In doing so, she ran the risk of being transformed into the very thing she coveted. Galga would have to offer her his sincere forgiveness in order for the curse not to take effect, or she would have to kill him.

They were there in the forest, in the same place where she had left them the previous night. The scene appeared harmless enough until Faith came within hearing distance of the conversation, and found that the charming beast was complimenting Buffy, and she was laughing like a smitten schoolgirl.

*What do they think this is, a date? This shit stops now.*

Faith walked purposefully towards them and made her presence known.

"Look, uh Gal, Buffy explained to me that you don't mean her any harm. So I thought it would be the right thing to come by and apologize to ya, no hard feelings?"

She slapped the creature on the back, dragging the 'Tear' against his course skin, there was no adverse reaction from him, and so Faith took for granted that he hadn't felt anything.

"Look B, I'll catch up with ya at the party later, K babe?" She gave Buffy a sassy wink and headed out of sight.

"Sometimes she amazes me." Buffy said, shaking her head in disbelief.

"As well she should, for she is nothing short of extraordinary." Galga remarked as he watched Faith walk away, and ran a rough hand across the scratch on his back.

Buffy had spent the better part of the afternoon talking to the wise being about his traditions and rich history. She knew when the sun began to set that it was time for her to leave, she couldn't be late for her own Halloween party.

It had occurred to her to invite Galga, after all; he was already sporting one hell of a costume. However, the imagined look on Faith's face discouraged the invitation, and she left him there in the forest, bowing in reverence as she left him.


Faith was late for the party. Buffy knew there was a dramatic entrance in her future, and the gorgeous brunette didn't disappoint. A hush came over the room as she entered, and the music seemed to stop.

She was dressed like a Native American Princess, complete with feathers in all the right places. The tan buckskin material accentuated her smooth skin and clung to her curves. It was a delectable two piece ensemble, the top half falling just short of her midriff, drawing attention to a concave stomach of rigid muscle complemented by the soft swell of her hips.

A low-slung mini skirt fell dangerously around those hips, promising everything; yet giving nothing away. The whole thing was accented with various decorative ivory carvings and turquoise jewelry. Her lustrous hair, crowned by a multi-colored headed headband, flowed freely around proud, broad shoulders strong enough to carry a 400 lb man easily.

"Wow, you look uh, who are you supposed to be?" Buffy's eyes roamed hungrily over Faith's body as she swallowed.

"Anybody you want me to be Buffy." The dark stunner blew a kiss from moist, full lips.

Buffy almost dropped her drink when she felt the warm wave spread over her body.

"Something wrong baby? You look like somebody just felt ya up." Faith murmured.

"No...I'm alright...it must be this punch, god only knows what's in it." Buffy shook her head trying to loose the effect of whatever the feeling was coming over her.

"That so? Then that's the stuff I need." Faith walked away from the dazed slayer towards the punchbowl, where Willow stood looking totally guilty.

"Well, didja?" The redhead asked with a sly smile.


"Tried it yet?" Willow asked moving closer to contain the conspiracy.

"I like your getup Red, it shows off that cute little ass." Faith licked her tongue at Willow.

"Mmmm...oh...HEY!" Willow jumped when invisible hands seemed to cup her ass cheeks and massage slowly.

"That answer your question?" Faith grinned mischievously.

Faith noticed Buffy climbing the stairs and followed discreetly behind her.

The small slayer looked flustered, sitting on the edge of their bed.

"Everything ok B?" Faith asked with feigned concern.

"Yeah, something hit me a minute ago, something really strange." Buffy looked confused.

"Did it feel like this?" Faith merely thought about caressing Buffy's breasts and the little blonde groaned out loud.

"How did you...Ohhh." Buffy looked up at Faith with bewildered eyes half-closed with pleasure.

"You want a beast? Well, I'm as wild as they come." Faith cut to the chase and started to mentally probe Buffy's growing wetness with imaginary fingers.

The dark slayer made use of her free hands, moving them under her short, tight skirt. She began to stroke herself in time to the mental thrusting she was giving Buffy.

Buffy's hips started to rise up off the bed, responding to an unseen force. The sight would've appeared strange to a clueless passerby, but to Faith, it was damned hot.

"You remember when you said I always look at you, like I could touch you from across the room? I am."

Faith couldn't stand not having her hands on Buffy any longer. She closed the door and stripped off her costume, chest heaving with want, as she moved towards the bed.

The Chosen two were oblivious to the shadow that hovered just outside the window.

"All is forgiven Dark Goddess, for I too would do anything for her." The regal, gentle beast flew off into the dark Halloween sky; heralded by the same bright moon he had first seen Buffy under, as her moans rang in his ears.

The End