Tell Me
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN.
Notes: You know how much I hate canon; so don't look for it here.
Dedication: To my Mary, who came up with this nasty, wicked idea. And changed my life forever with a whisper.
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Buffy's POV

I'm pacing, again with the pacing. Where is that damned Florist's truck? I ordered five dozen tulips in assorted colors for the five years we've been together. It was like pulling teeth to even get her to admit she liked flowers; determining her favorite was a case study in Faith. I could only take a wild guess at what made her face light up and those dimples deepen.

We went to a Botanical Garden one summer just to do something different and let off a little steam. Faith was spellbound by all the life surrounding her. This fertile earth was far removed from the dust of the graveyards we were used to.

Watching her walk from exhibit to exhibit, enjoying the assorted flora and fauna was more than worth the price of admission. That day while we walked and frolicked, I couldn't help but notice her grace and beauty. I pulled her away from the group we were walking with, long enough to touch her face, caress her lips with my fingers and give her a smile filled with unspoken love.

So from then on, whenever I wanted to make her embarrass herself in a deep blush, I bought her flowers.


Faith's POV

Five years and we're still going strong. I've learned a lot since that night B came to my motel room. She's taught me patience and the breaking of that patience, the finality of death and the infinity of life. Confusing isn't it? It was made clear to me when we both went out into the desert, and she guided me through my first Vision Quest.

As much as I hated to admit it, B had helped me to grow, and because of her I was a better slayer. Sure we had our ups and downs, the normal day to day bullshit that every couple goes through, but at the end of the day; she always curled up in my arms when we slept.


Buffy's POV

The truck finally arrived and I arranged the bulbs strategically around our bedroom. The teddy I wore accentuated the colors of the flowers, and candles flickered in the twilight, as I sat and waited for her.

Our history was a rich one and I cherished every moment, even the bad ones, because they all helped to define who we were. I didn't have anything elaborate planned for Faith tonight, just a quiet night of loving her. Through the years we had learned to appreciate normality, and what other people might have deemed boring.

The front door opened and closed and my heart leapt. There was no grand dinner waiting for her, not even champagne, just me. I ran down the steps two at a time and pounced on her.


Faith's POV

How could it get any better than this, an arm full of sexy, horny Buffy just begging for it? Tonight was special for us and I hadn't forgotten. She would be expecting a little acknowledgement, and I was way ahead of her.

"Hey sexiness, how ya doin'." I returned her bear hug and kissed my woman.

"Better now, I missed you." She snuggled her chin into me shoulder and squeezed me.

"Ok, B what did you buy?" I knew that would rile her up.

"I'm not trying to butter you up damn it, I was being sincere." My arm began to tingle where she landed a playful blow.

"I know baby, but around here; sincerity usually leads to another bill."

"Fine, you don't have to believe me then." My little blonde playmate pouted and bounded up the steps, slayer style.

"Aw B, c'mon now; didn't mean anything by it." I shouted upstairs while I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge. I downed it in three swallows, and then went to face the music.

A thick, lush scent hit my nose as soon as I turned the corner leading to our bedroom. Tulips, she remembered. My love for her traveled downward quicker than I thought possible, and my throat wasn't the only thing that was no longer dry.

There she was laying in the middle of our bed in that hot teddy.

"Come here." I said matter of factly as I stood in the doorway.

When she came within arms reach of me, I stopped her from coming any closer. I traced my fingers along her shoulders, smiling at the way she shuddered.

"Take," I pulled down one spaghetti strap, "This," then the other strap, "Off." She looked at me with a desire I had seen before; it made her skin blush, and her breathing hitch. My index fingers ran lightly across her collarbones on either side as I took two steps forward, closing the gap between us. I pressed my lips so lightly against hers that she could barely feel them, but I knew their presence was maddening.

"Get in bed, and wait for me." My hand trailed down her side and I grasped one of her hands with mine. As I opened my mouth on hers greeting her with my tongue, I put a small object in her hand and abruptly broke the kiss. I turned and left the room, closing the door on her bewilderment.


Buffy's Pov

I laughed when I saw what Faith had placed in my hand. It was a cell phone wrapped in a blindfold. Fascinated by her game, I went along with it. The cell phone chimed a few minutes later.

"Hello?" I answered with a little curiosity.

"Did you do what I asked?" It was Faith, speaking in a way that made me shiver.

"Yes, I'm laying in bed; naked."

"Put on the blindfold." She started to breathe harder in my ear.

"Faith, where are you?"

"Do it B." She wasn't asking me.

"Ok, it's on." I propped myself up on some pillows and waited.

"You're wet for me aren't you B? I could smell you."

"Yes." I could barely speak when Faith talked to me like this, it was erotic and predatory.

"Tell me what you want me to do to you?" Faith slurred into her phone.

"I...I...want..." it seemed like the ability to speak had left me.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you? Touch yourself for me." I could imagine her nostrils flaring as she spoke.

"Mmmm...yes...oh baby." I panted into the phone, ignited by the feel of my own hands on my body. In the darkness I imagined they were her's.

"You want me on top of you don't you, with my wet pussy rubbing against you?" The already sultry voice took on a new tone.

"Oh...ssss...yeah baby." I was moaning now, it was getting to be more than I could handle.

"Mmmm...feel my hard clit grinding into you B." Her breathing was becoming more urgent.

" make me...ohhhhh." White-hot sensation took over my body, and I lost control as her voice rocked me and stroked me over the edge.

Even in the throes of my climax I was cognizant that she had been holding back, waiting for me; Faith was that kind of lover.

Once I floated to earth and the fog cleared, I took control.


Faith's POV

I had gone into the guest bedroom next to our's and romanced my girl, just like that first night when we played on the phone before hooking up. B was so gotdamned luscious, I had a hard time holding it down.

It had been so sweet listening to her cum like that for me. I never got enough of hearing the deep release rise from her throat. My lady was nowhere near quiet when it came to that.

It amazed me the way my voice effected her, while we were into each other and she clung to me. She wanted to hear nasty things, and I'd learned just how far to take the kink with B. I had always had a healthy ego, but there's nothing like having a totally sexual woman under your control, dripping from every word you speak. She could tell that I was beyond close. Both my hands were busy, but only one was holding the phone to my ear. I almost threw myself off the edge of the bed with the force of my hips pumping against my hand.

"I hear you baby, it's the burning isn't it? Your clit is on fire and your fingers are deep inside." Her voice had always been softer than mine, but no less sensual.

"Tell me baby...tell me." I pleaded with her, she knew what I wanted to hear, the one thing that would drive me out of my mind.

'I love you Faith, more than anything." There was genuine sincerity in the words she crooned to me.

I felt my back start to arch with the build up of all my love for her. The pulse was starting and I pushed my probing fingers deeper as I closed my eyes tight, and visualized her with me, on me, in me.

"Aww please baby, tell me...tell me." I begged her to give me what only she could.

"You're mine lover, you belong to me, only for me." Her voice was like warm honey drenching my body. Every part of me seized in a violent orgasm driven by emotion, and I could hear how pleased she sounded on the other end of the phone.


Buffy's POV

I lay there secure in her love, letting the aftermath of her wash over me in a tranquil hush. We had lost the connection at some point, and the phone slipped from my hand in my lust-induced stupor.

The blindfold only added to the intimacy of the moment, and I began to appreciate Faith's creative effort even more.

Then I heard the bedroom door open softly and her scent filled my nostrils instantly. I knew she was naked even though I was blinded, and my desire peaked again. My arousal seeped out of me and down into the sheets, warm and slick.

My breathing quickened as I anticipated her touch, only to find that she was standing by the bedside with her swollen, aching sex inches from my mouth. I drew in a breath and sniffed the air.


Faith's POV

She was lying there, aware of me but still blindfolded. I watched the rapid rise and fall of her chest and the way it made her already hard nipples more pronounced. The beaded sweat on her flushed skin confirmed what I already knew, that she had climaxed, but not as hard as she was about to.

"B?" One word; to tempt her.

"Faith?" One answer to tease me.

I moved closer to her and took her hand, still slick with her cum, and licked her fingers clean. Her fingers went limp as I drew them in and out of my mouth savoring her taste. I grasped her lower arm just above the elbow and pulled it into me, parting my throbbing pussy lips slowly against her arm.

She could only sigh as she felt my rock hard nub. What could B possibly be thinking right now? I was sucking her fingers and propelling my clit into a part of her; that I'm sure she never expected or dreamed about.

I tensed from surprise when I felt her other arm snake around and grab one of my ass-cheeks, pulling me closer to her and massaging, while her fingertip strayed dangerously close to my other hole.

"Think you're the only one with a little, nasty trick?" Her light, velvet voice questioned me.

I could only stand still and wait. She knew how much I wanted her, and when I felt her pull me even closer to her face licking me that way, all of my control started to dance toward the window. Her tongue was insistent and hungry exploring every crack and crevice of me.

At one point I cried out, not being able to stand her tender assault on me, and she chose that moment to introduce that lone fingertip into my sensitive, puckered opening.

My hands clutched her head, weaving into the blonde tresses that made her such a 'looker'.

Heat, love, sex, lust...they all took control of me and I set my jaw like an animal, wanting her so much, that my mind had long since ceased to reason.

My sighs, moans, and groans filled the room as Buffy finally claimed me...all of me; with her want. I laughed and reveled in the feel of her so into me, the way her head moved back and forth, impaling me on her tongue, those demanding fingers sliding in and out behind me.

Her nose wiggled against my clit frantically, while she took me and I knew something was welling and building in me...something that I had never felt before.

"Mmmmm, c'mon you sexy bitch, fuck me." Buffy commanded, and I mean commanded. "Bring it to me...NOW."

She was forceful as her strong arms gripped me and pulled me onto her body. It was obscene the way she licked, sucked and nipped at me. The sounds of her ravishing me, her fingers plunging into me filled the room.

Her muffled moans made the most impact on me, because she was whimpering from the way I made her feel. My flesh, juices and love were driving her over the edge, as she laved at my clit and drove her tongue so far inside of me that I yelped in surprise.

There wasn't any part of me that wasn't under her control; B was fucking me, like I'd never been fucked anyone.

My hips began to buck and roll meeting her fingers and tongue with a pounding rhythm that matched her relentless need.

"Baby...please...oh...mmm." I finally crumbled and gave myself to her, filling her demanding mouth with everything I had.

Buffy gripped my ass spreading me even wider as she continued to devour me, and my body lurched in an uncontrollable spasm.

I felt her hold me even tighter, her muscles bulging with the effort, one slayer to another. She moved her mouth and tongue from me long enough to speak.

"No one loves you like I do baby, you are so mine." She whispered as she licked the last telltale signs of my release from me.

"Sure about that?" I winked at her as I flexed my inner muscles, knowing she would feel it.

"C'mon up here and I'll tell you again." I smiled with a sigh as those delicate, strong hands pulled me towards her.

The End