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Can You Hear Me Too

by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property Of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only a pitiful fool paying homage to characters I love!
Notes: This may be crappy but it's my crap, let's respect each other's material ok. I’m flattered by all the requests for a follow up to “Can You Hear Me Now”, enjoy.
Dedication: To Michele, Amanda and Faithful Chickie…I want to be like you when I grow up. Always, M.
Feedback: Oh baby, give it to me…

Faith and I are training, and as usual, She’s really trying to kick my ass. All of our sessions are rough, whether we’re sampling new weapons, or going over tactical strategies.

Then there are times like tonight, where she comes at me full tilt. It almost borders on some type of intense ritual. She refuses to be bested, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We take each other as far as we dare go, stopping only when there's bloodshed.

Whenever we make contact, there’s electricity between us. I’m trying my best not to be distracted. It’s just the way she looks at me, those deep, brown eyes are so… damn, I’m distracted.

She notices, and takes me down to the mat, exploiting my temporary lapse. “Bang, you’re dead, B.”

Believe me, I am flustered, but not for the reason you might think. She straddles me, every delectable inch of that body pressing against me. She is winded from taking me down, and I’m mesmerized by the quick respirations in her chest.

This isn’t going to work; I’ve got to move from under her. Oh God, her breasts are inches from my face, and her nipples are hard and protruding through that flimsy top, just begging me too…

She’s concerned now because I haven’t uttered a sound, she doesn’t immediately grasp why I can’t. Her forehead creases with concern, “Hey B, ya alright. Don’t go zonin’ on me girl.” She smiles tenderly at me while helping me to my feet.

She shifts her head to one side, gazing at me intently. My mind starts generating mental images. In a dark, warm room, there are two figures on a bed. The atmosphere is thick with the sounds and smells of lust being fulfilled, over and over.

My pulse is racing now, because I can hear the passionate moans, and wet slurping sounds emanating from the two of them. They are entwined tightly in a deep embrace. I have to move closer to satisfy my curiosity.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, because it’s showing me images of Faith and I in a sixty-nine position! I can feel my face flushing, as I shake off those images, trying to regain my composure.

I’m expecting Giles to come in, at any moment. He always critiques our sessions after we’re done. He is a comforting presence in my life, and I have no doubt that I can always count on him.

She was speaking to me, and I vaguely heard her say something about eating, but It couldn’t have been what I thought she said. I‘ve got to shake this; my mind is in the gutter.

I declined the offer, telling her I would grab a bite at home. It was obvious to me what kind of mood she was in. A sexual aura drifted off her body in waves, and I was having trouble restraining myself.

She glanced at me knowingly as she said, “Ok B, try to get some rest girlfriend, you look uptight.”

What would possibly make her say that? Okay, time for me to go. I say in passing as I turned to leave, “We can hook up through Giles, he’ll let us now when we train again.”

Then she reaches out, grabbing my arm, and my mouth is dry as I turn towards her. Her touch threatens to make my legs give out from under me. She’s pulling me towards her, I’m afraid she’ll see how much I want to possess those lips.

“What is it Faith?” I’m trying to sound annoyed; right now it’s my only defense. Then she brushes her hand through my hair, with the softness of a butterfly’s touch. “You had some sawdust in your hair, from the training room B.”

I leave the building, almost running, depending on the fresh night air to clear my head. I have never experienced these kinds of feelings before, for anyone, and it scares me.

I am so glad to get home and shower, but it still doesn’t relieve any of the tension. I barely have time to dry me hair, when the phone rings. Low and behold it’s Faith…I don’t need this right now.

“Hi B, I just wasn’t ready to let you go earlier.”

I would never tell her how much I didn’t want to leave, “What is your major malfunction, Faith?”

"I still smell your scent, and it's driving me crazy. Do you have any idea how much I want you B?"

There it is, that voice. I’m getting turned on just from hearing it. I’m unwilling to accept that she has this kind of effect on me, “Faith, don't confuse what we feel in the heat of training, as anything other than adrenaline pulsing through your veins."

Even as the words left my lips, I knew they were all lies. My knees begin to shake, and I have to sit down. Just the thought of that perfect body, hot and wet for me, makes me shiver.

"B, I know you can't help but touch yourself, after the heat we just generated in that room."

I am reluctant to answer her now, for fear the longing in my voice will give me away. My resolve is weakening, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

"Tell me you don't feel it B, the heat all over that sexy body. Are you wet?"

Almost hypnotically I could feel my arousal welling up and brimming over onto my thighs, and I couldn’t stifle a soft moan, “Of course I'm wet Faith, I've been working up a sweat with you for the past two hours.” I was on fire now, imaging a predatory smile playing across those full, sensuous lips. I know the suggestiveness of my statement wasn’t at all lost on her.

"C'mon B, aren't you curious what I'm doing to myself on the other end of this phone, what I'm wearing?"

My hand flew to cover the phone, to camouflage a sharp intake of breath escaping involuntarily from me. She is all I can think about right now. Those tightly muscled, silky thighs draped snugly around my hips as I drove my sex so deliciously into hers. Our clits touching, in the most intimate of lover’s kisses.

I had to get her off the phone, before I totally lost it, “Look Faith, I have better things to do with my time."

"What things B? Do ya think of me all wet and quivering for you, when you touch yourself?"

Ohh yes, I am touching myself, thinking about my fingers buried deep inside her smoldering mound. I can almost taste her. The sounds of her sighs and moans, as she becomes increasingly more aroused, only bringing me closer to the edge.

She has taken me past the point of concealing the desire in my voice, “Faith, why are you saying these things?"

Her voice is pleading and insistent, "Because I gotta have ya B."

My breath is almost coming in gasps, as I ask her, “What do you want from me, Faith?"

I heard slick sounds being made in the background, kind of like…no she wasn’t licking her fingers! "Take your clothes off, B."

The phone is straining under the pressure of my grip; it’s a miracle that it doesn’t snap in two. I can’t help but gasp, as she groans in my ear and says urgently, “Hurry B…"

Mmmm, I can almost feel my hands and mouth on that body, fucking her like there was no tomorrow, but the sheer thought is…. making me…murmur in her ear, “Faith, I…"

The power of speech has left me as I feel myself going over the edge into sweet release, and then my love moans the most excruciatingly sexy thing in my ear, “OOOOOHHHHHWWW, DAMN YOU B!!!!!! "

I listen intently while she cums long and hard in my ear, hanging on for every gasp, and every shout of emotion coming from her. My secret is safe; she’ll never know we came together, here, tonight.

It seems like hours before either one of us can speak. She speaks softly to me, her voice still trembling, "You still there B?"

In that moment I make a decision that will change my life forever.

“Yeah Faith, I'm here. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be there in twenty minutes."

...continued in When Love Calls...