My Lover's Voice
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property Of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm only paying homage to characters I love!
Notes: One more PWP for the road kiddies….
Dedication: For YOU.
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Buffy's POV

Here we are, drenched in sweat and loving. It's finally happening, after all this time. Faith and I are making love. She's everything I ever dreamed of having, so soft under me.

I can feel her so wet and willing to take me inside her. My fingers are deep inside her, exploring a place they've never been before. Those thighs, strong enough to snap me in half if she chose to; are wrapped around my hips.

Her breathing is shallow and labored, and she's moaning like it hurts. My mouth is against her ear, whispering to her as I take her. I rub my nose across the soft spot behind her ear, running my tongue along the lobe. As tough and aggressive as she is, she's relinquishing control to me and her surrender is delicious.

"Tell me how it feels Faith, I want to know, tell me."

She looks into my eyes, with something I've never seen before in them.

"Aw B, so fuckin' good…sssss…uhg."

It's her voice, so husky and intense; made even more so by what I'm making her feel. Her body is speaking too. It's telling me things that make me even more heated. She melts into me, and I try so hard not to loose control.

Trembling fingers knead my back the nails digging in my skin; my hand pumps inside of her, hard and fast. The tight, slick inner walls of her wetness tighten around my fingers. Those graceful shoulders start to shake, and I can feel the sweet tension building in her.

"I've wanted you for so long Faith, why did I wait?"

I have no choice but to kiss her, I want to take her breath from her. I feel it right away when it starts, a strange vibe-pulse sensation coming from her depths that make my knees weak. My face is buried in that beautiful, russet silk and she rides my fingers even harder, biting into my shoulder.

There is no way we could ever be closer than we are right now. My free arm snakes around her back giving me leverage; as I grind my tingling clit against her thigh. Our juices are mingling and I don't know where I end, and she begins. I only know that there could never be another moment more important in my life, than right now; here with her.


All of a sudden I have this insane urge to taste her, and I wrestle myself from that tight embrace. She looks at me with bewilderment, as I scamper feverishly down her body. The gentleness that had touched me earlier was gone, and all I wanted to do was ravish her with my mouth!

I bury my face in her wet, hot mound breathing in the musky, intoxicating scent of her yearning sex. The smooth skin of her pussy lips caresses my tongue as I start to slide it into her. I had never felt softness or warmth like that before in my life.

"OH my ggg….what are you trying to do to me!" Faith screams when she feels my mouth on her for the first time.

My face is drenched in that luscious honey coming from her. Her hips are grinding into my face with a slow, steady rhythm. She gasps when I finally take her clit into my mouth, sucking urgently. Her hands reach down and entangle themselves in my hair, holding my mouth securely against her throbbing button.

She tosses her head from side to side, as she rides out her passion, and I can't get my tongue deep enough inside her. She starts to shudder and call out my name, in between short intakes of breath.

"Oh yess…fuck me B, lick me lover…gonna make me come all over you baby!"

It is then that I hear a sound that will become familiar and endearing to me. In the midst of her climax, Faith's voice falters; and she lets out the most adorable little squeak. I was the only person in the world hearing that sound this night. We no longer had any secrets between us. I know everything I need to know about Faith at that moment; that I love her.

The End