Would You?
by Desirata41
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive property Of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN.
Notes: There are alternating points of view, so read carefully, no particular season involved here just mindless, smutty escape. I just love playing with these two, don't you?
Dedication: To Mary, who touches me like no one else does.
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Faith's POV

There she goes again, acting all prudish on me. I swear for the life of me, I'll never be able to figure B out. She's got this thing about showing affection in public, pisses me off to no end. Especially when I hardly get a chance to step my foot in the door at home, before her hands are down my pants.

Yeah, she's a little hellcat all right, but you would never know it. Things have been tense with us lately since I started working my part time job. B's the sort that likes a lot of attention, which I'm more than happy to give her, when I have the time.

A bud of mine was opening up this outdoor bar and grill set-up, and he needed some help. I recommended myself for the job, knowing I was strong as an ox. He took one look at me and laughed, until I pinned his ass in a headlock. Needless to say, he hired me on, so now I'm workin' for him when I'm not patrolling with B.

It's a sweet deal really, I'm getting paid while I help him get started and afterwards I'll still have a job working the bar. I want nice things for B, she swears it doesn't matter to her, but someone like that is definitely high maintenance.

Too many dicks in her life have treated her badly, and yeah; I intended the fuckin' pun. Those days are gone, and she's mine now. I know I'm damned lucky to have her. That bright smile she has only for me told me a long time ago how much she loves me, and I don't want her to regret one day we spend together.

Buffy's POV

I'm watching the way her hair shines in the sun, and those deep, kissable dimples that crease her face when she smiles at me. We seldom get any free quality time any more, since she took that job. We're walking through the park enjoying a nice summer breeze, when she decides to get frisky.

Faith is hard to resist any time, but when she's determined; there's no stopping her. She chases me across Haddison's field, a wide-open space in the middle of the park. It's perfect for kite flying and frisbee throwing but there's something else on her mind now.

She tackles me to the ground and falls on top of me, her thigh wedges tightly between my legs. I know that look, it's predatory and I'm the prey. My heart starts to race because I can smell her, the fresh scent of jasmine and grass. Her body presses onto mine and I'm fascinated by the rise and fall of her chest.

My stomach is quivering from the effects of her proximity to me, and I can feel the wetness as it forms and my mound begins to ache. The intensity of her stare as she looks into my eyes and brushes her lips with mine is unnerving. She knows what she's doing to me, right here; right now for the whole world to see.

Damn her, I can't help how my body responds to her touch as she traces her fingers over the front of my tank, grazing my nipples. Then I taste her tongue as she probes my mouth gently, and makes me dizzy. The purr that comes from low in her throat is enough to make my clit start to throb without any contact.

Once you've had her as a lover, there's no going back, and you belong to her. Smoldering memories of the way she took me our first night together will never fade. It's that voice, so sexual and needy; husky with her desire for me. I'm addicted to the way she groans so enticingly in my ear as we love.

*Oh B…mmmm…can't get enough of you baby.*

I'm brought back to reality when I feel greedy fingers tugging at my zipper, and I stop her then.

"No Faith, not out in the open like this." I snap at her self- consciously.

"Don't do this to me baby, feel how much I want you?" She pulls my hand down to her already open jeans and my fingers feel the nectar seeping from her warm core.

She wantonly removes my hand from her and brings it to my lips.

"Taste how much I want you."

I'm breathing harder now, because the carnal flavor of her essence is unsettling, and I lick her honey from my fingers wanting more. In the line of my peripheral vision I can see increasing numbers of people, strolling through the field, basking in the sun.

"Faith, get up, I can't." She propels herself off of me and walks ahead in a huff.

Usually it's me doing the huffy thing, but this time it's my lover who is stewing and brooding.

"You still don't feel comfortable with us do you? As close as we are, you've still got a stick up your ass about other people knowing!"

"Lover, don't be that way…" I tried to sound as seductive as possible but it wasn't any where near working.

"Heh, lover; sure you want me to be?" It took four of my steps to cover her two as she bounded across the field.

"Faith, you're being ridiculous, you know I love you."

"Do you? Well, tell you what; it's a case of mind over matter B. I don't mind and you certainly don't friggin' matter, so fuck off!" She ran from me then and I let her go, figuring it would be best to let her cool off.

Faith's POV

I know I blew my top, but what else could I do? It's not about the sex, it's about acceptance, and cocky as I am; I crave that from her. I've been fighting for that shit all my life, while some movie star gets kudos from the whole world. What the fuck do I get for saving it? Is it too much to ask for from my girl?

Absence makes the heart go fonder right? How's about I try a little o' that just as a test? I beat B back to the house and pack a bag. I'll stay with Greg for a couple of days until the project is finished. He won't mind and I don't have to worry about roaming hands. I told him about B and me when he hired me, besides; he's got a real gem of a lady himself.

B needs to decide once and for all, if it's really me she wants. I'm tired of giving a damn about who knows or sees us together. She's my everything, and I don't care who knows it, never did. We broke up a couple of times before because she was trippin' about US. As much as I love her, I'm not willing to keep going through it. I have to glue my heart back together like a gotdamned jigsaw puzzle every time I take her back, and it's not worth it, because I would die for her, and she knows that.


Buffy's POV

She's been gone for two days without so much as a phone call. I know I hurt her, I always do. We manage to get back together somehow, and that's all I want now. I need to bury my face in her shoulder and feel her arms around me again. My life is empty when she's not here.

Faith has made a difference in my life with her quiet strength, and I never realized there was a distinction between living and existing, until she proved it to me. The Scoobs were a little rattled when I told them about us, but it wasn't anything they hadn't expected. I thought that was enough for her, my closest friends knowing.

Hand holding and public displays of affection just aren't my style, never have been with anyone, but she takes it personally. There's no way I'm ashamed of what we have, or am I? Tonight will answer my question; I'm going to the opening of the new club and confront her.


Faith's POV

The place looked incredible and I was proud of the work I'd done. Everything was decorated in Sandalwood and Bamboo. There was real sand covering the floor and authentic Tiki torches at either end of the bar. The ceiling was thatched with palm leaves, that was my idea.

Greg bought wicker furniture to offset the island theme and it made the whole room stand out. The coolest thing of all was my bartender's uniform, a light blue sleeveless denim shirt tied in a knot and high cut tan khaki shorts. The outfit showed off my tan and I had more than a few eyes on me.

People came out to the grand opening in droves, and I had more business at the bar than I knew what to do with, not to mention a jar full of healthy tips. I kept things light sippin' on a little hard lemonade to give me a mellow buzz. A girl could get used to this and the money was great.

The joint really started to jump just around sunset and everyone was partying hard, but all I could think about was her. There wasn't a woman in the place that could hold a candle to my B, and the hotties were out in force.

My lemonade went down the wrong pipe when I saw her. The scene couldn't have been more perfect if someone had staged it. She stepped onto the deck of the club, with the last bits of sunset glimmering in her hair; she'd platted it into a French braid.

The cream-colored halter-top fit tightly in all the right places and seemed to bring out the bronze in her skin. Her midriff was muscular yet feminine complimenting the chocolate brown leather mini skirt hugging those dangerous hips. I knew she would be bangin' in that leather the day I bought it for her, and this is the first time she's ever worn it. Silky, toned thighs spilled out from under that skirt turning into shapely legs. Camel Mariachi sandals finished off the outfit that no one could take their eyes off of.

She milked it for all she was worth, swaying those delicious hips slowly back and forth as she walked towards the bar. A crisp clean aroma of summer musk trailed behind in her wake, tickling more than a few noses as she strolled leisurely up to a bar stool and sat down in front of me.

"I'd like a sex on the beach please, extra sex."

Normally I would've thought that line was cheesy, but the tone of her voice and the look in her eyes is dead serious. I mix the drink for her, and make a point of giving her extra cherries. Men and women alike start to buzz around the bar, to get a closer look, but all her attention is focused on me.

Man is she looking fine, I keep swiggin' on my drink but my throat is dry. I watch her fingers caress the glass as she drinks from it, and lick those lips that cry out for me to kiss them. She picks up one of the cherries, and sucks on it nice and slow, taking her time pulling it in and out.

The way she's playin' with that cherry makes sweat breakout on my forehead, coz I know personally; what other wicked things she can do with that mouth. The dude sitting next to her almost drops his beer when B takes the stem of the cherry and ties a knot in it with her tongue.

"Go get your own" I growl at him.

"Faith, he's harmless, and besides; wrong equipment."

Another cherry enters her mouth, and this time; she bites into it and lets the liquid spill out on her tongue, and I'll be damned if she doesn't moan when she swallows the juice. This is almost more than I can stand, and I have to fight the urge to jump her bones right there.

I'm surprised when she steps down from her seat and walks around to the opening in the bar and ducks under. The smell of her perfume tempts me even more when she slides past me playfully.

"You look swamped, let me help you." She says with a mischievous smile.

The next thing she does is bend over to reach some limes and lemons under the counter. There's nothing under that skirt but pure Buffy Summers, and I can see the outline of her pussy-lips as she stretches for effect. She looks over her shoulder at me and winks before she straightens up to her full height.

Buffy touches me whenever she gets the chance, whether it's pressing against me as we pass each other in the confines of that small space or letting a hard nipple graze my arm. She comes up behind me as I grip a bottle of Absolut on the top shelf of the bar, nuzzling my ear. The warmth of her breath teases me, as she talks to me in a low, quiet voice.

"If you could fuck me right now, behind this bar; would you?"

A wet tongue circles the shell of my ear and then lovingly nibbles the lobe as she runs her hands down my sides making me shiver. I open the bottle of vodka and deal with the matter at hand, trying not to get distracted.

Buffy's POV

Oh, she is definitely going to make me work for this, but I don't have a problem with that. I know how to get under her skin. Faith likes to act like she can take me or leave me, but we both know better. The electricity between us is evident to anyone looking at us right now. I can almost taste her lust, and the look she's giving me is smoldering.

Her eyes are dark with excitement as she enjoys the thrill of me chasing after her. Coy is not a word I would use to describe my dark beauty, but she has it mastered tonight. The warmth of her body tantalizes me whenever I steal a fleeting touch.

We've got more than a few curious eyes on us, which only heightens the anticipation of what I'm about to do. I never thought too long and hard about the prude label and what it meant, but I'll be what she wants, maybe to a fault.

Her nipples are giving her away; they're full and straining into the material of her top, looking painfully erect. I know just how to run my tongue across those fleshy bulbs to make her squirm. How strange would it be, if she were thinking the exact same thing right now?

"Kinda breezy tonight, huh baby?" My innuendo isn't lost on her, because her mouth opens and she stands perfectly still, watching me watch her.

People wouldn't believe I'm a terrible tease, but I can hold my own with the best of them. Looks like the lemon and lime slices are getting low, so I go to the corner of the bar with a small cutting board. She looks into my face as I suggestively rub a lemon between my hands softening it, the firmness of the citrus doing something to me and I squeeze harder than intended.

She laughs sensually at me as the fruit explodes in my hands, and I can't help but snicker along with her, those dimples are infectious. My heart jumps when she starts to walk towards me.

"Let me show you how it's done B."

The vixen is aware of the tingle crossing my skin as she puts her hand on my hip and turns me towards the counter. Then she comes up behind and reaches her arms through mine grabbing a lime. Her breathing is soft and hushed in my ear, and I can just feel the outline of her lips.

"Gotta do it gently B, so you don't bruise it, and if you do it just right, the juice will come out easy when you squeeze."

Alcohol is flowing freely, and the patrons in the bar have stopped paying attention to us. She spoons me, letting the lushness of her breasts spread out on my back. Even the thinnest clothing feels intrusive, robbing me of the full benefit of her warm mound pressing into my ass.

The contact is making me shudder, and I can't hide how wet she's making me. Those drinks are starting to kick in, and my inhibitions are soon forgotten. I've shared so many firsts with Faith, like the first time I dusted a vamp and reveled in the killing; she taught me that.

What good did it do me to deny myself pleasure? That's what she asked me on the night we made love for the first time. There was freedom in her wildness, something that I didn't realize I craved, until she showed me.

Now it has come to this, and she's ready to take me on another journey; and I'm not afraid anymore. Faith completes me, makes me so aware of the living I have to do, not the dying I have to face every day.

"Truth or Dare B, want my fingers in your pussy?"

Webster's doesn't have a word for the way her eyes devour my body. I feel like she could eat me alive, as that familiar weakness begins to creep into my knees.

Faith's POV

She's so turned on and hot for me, if any of these drunken bastards had been paying attention, they would've seen how much B wanted it. How naughty B was, laying back on me; waiting. That leather skirt giving me easy access to her soaked snatch, the neatly trimmed hair parting underneath my fingers when I run the tips over those swollen lips.


I move my honey-coated fingers down on either side of her thighs, spreading them. My hands tense on her delicate skin pulling her closer to me, against the crotch of my shorts. I'm already drenched and my clit doesn't need much attention before it starts to spasm. B is so fuckin' sexy, grinding that tight ass against me.

"Show me." I give Buffy my hand letting her be the one to play this out.

She guides my fingers inside her, tentatively at first, only using two. I love the welcome I'm gettin' from her slick, clinging walls. The fresh, clean smell of her hair envelopes me as I fuck her gently, sighing into that golden silk.

"Told you B, this is real freedom…mmmhhh." I groan thrusting into her.

The bar was built high enough to offer us a small amount of shelter from curious eyes, and no one has the crust to walk closer to actually see what's going on. We take in the moment, letting ourselves enjoy the wickedness of what we were doing.

I almost yelp out loud when B maneuvers a free arm behind her back, unzipping the fly of my shorts. It's like her hand has a mind of it's own sliding into my hungry cunt as far as she can go. She's panting now, short little bursts of air that make me drip when I hear them.

"Mmmm, you're like a horny bitch in heat aren't you B?"

The answer I get is unexpected, two of her own fingers placed on top of mine; stretching her pulsing hole to the limit. She braces herself and then rides our hands harder and deeper, throwing back her head onto my shoulder.

Buffy's POV

I'm fucking Faith like a wild beast, giving her all of me; wishing I could take her on the floor and lick up every drop of her cum until she screams. These people don't matter, and I don't care if they watch; because now she's all there is. Something has been unleashed in me, and I'll never be the same. Is this what it feels like to be her, unbridled sexuality overflowing and controlling everything else?

The first orgasm tears through me with so much force that I think I might faint; she senses this and bends her knees slightly supporting me. My hand falls limply at my side leaving only her fingers stroking me continuously until another white-hot wave shakes me.

"Love you…oh baby…so much."

"That's right B, give me what's mine."

Her arms constrict around me holding me tighter, keeping me safe in the throes of my climax.

You know us slayers; we recover fast from anything. I turn to face Faith putting my cream-covered fingers in her mouth while I kneel down in front of her. She cleans them thoroughly, mewling like a kitten when she tastes me.

I use that hand along with my other to peel her shorts down to her ankles leaving her nether-lips glistening and exposed inches from my mouth. My dark slayer looks down at me and nods her head playfully, before her eyes shut tightly and her mouth forms a silent "O".

Her clit is engorged with need and it trembles when I lave it, pushing down on it; exerting the pressure that I know would take my lover over the edge, the moisture from her building release filling my mouth as I take her nether-lips in a deep kiss, plunging my tongue down to the core of her. I groan into her flesh and sip her juices.

I hear her cry out when I cup her ass-cheeks in my hands massaging them harshly. My tongue goes on a mission, searching urgently within her for that special spot. Her hips start to buck uncontrollably when I find it, and she shamelessly grinds herself into my face, holding my head in place with strong, tender hands.

"Awww B…you're gonna make me…cum all over you!"

Hearing her say that, only gives me more incentive and I suck harder, delighting in the wonders of her body as she lets go. I kiss her clit soothingly as she floats back down to earth.


Faith's POV

She's risen to the challenge, just like she has with everything else in her life. I don't think I've ever cum so hard before. The monster I created came back from the ladies room and goosed my ass with a saucy look on her face. We didn't kid ourselves that no one had seen us, because a couple of thinks made that obviously clear. My tip jar had over $400 in cold, hard cash and Greg offered Buffy a job on the spot.

We laughed hysterically about it while we walked home that night. I was exhausted from the combination of raw nerves and hard work over the past few days and fell into bed after I showered. It happened like it always did, two seconds after my head hit the pillow, she was there snuggling into the curve of my shoulder.

I smiled as I listened to our breathing regulate and our hearts synchronize their beats, courtesy of our slayer connection. My eyes looked around the room in the darkness of our sanctuary, and the sheets created a comfortable security. I kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer to me, knowing I had never loved her more than at this moment.

Sleep overcame me as I drifted away, thinking that this was all I would ever really need, just the two of us.

The End