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She Was Curious

by Dushku's Bitch
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All characters of BTVS and Angel don't belong to me, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Belong to Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon, you guys already know.
Timeline: Post Chosen.
Spoilers: Um, basically all seasons, should know the history of the characters. But in particular "Chosen".
Author's Note: This is my first fic, so be kind. Thanks to Faithful_Chickie, Mac, Sway Slayer, and Cheebs for writing great fic and inspiring me. Changes POV from B, Faith, and Narrator.
Feedback: If you want, always up for constructive criticism.



Well I guess it's over, for now at least, there's another in Cleveland. The Hellmouth (Boca de Inferno), formerly known as SunnyD, is no more, unless you consider a big canyon something (I never understood the interest in the Grand C). We made it, the world; some people did, some people didn't. We are still in the yellow school bus, on our way to L.A., Deadboy is the chief of fucking Wolfram & Hart, how wicked freaky is that. A Champion of the PTB, running an evil law firm, talking about ironic shit. I'm sitting in front with Woody; just making sure he is cool. He is trying to edge his way into talking about his lil promise/offer he made if we survived getting out of SunnyHell. I'm a get some, get gone kind of girl, well I used to be, not so much anymore. I mean give me a goddamn break, I just got out of prison, I was wicked horny, thought the world was goin to end. Now he is hearing wedding bells. RIIIIGHT. I'm not that type of chic. Even if I was looking for a relationship it wouldn't be with him.

"...So where are you headed after this ride is over?" The former Principal asked a disinterested Faith.

At my previous thought I turn and look to the back where SHE is. Look at her, still beautiful and hot as ever. Her hair is longer than the last time I seen her, she let it grow her natural Sandy Blonde, no bleach. Her petite little body, firm breast, slim waist, sexy button nose, and those luscious, juicy, pink lips. WHOA! Let's not go there, that's what fucked me up in the first place. She's resting against the back seat, with her eyes closed. I miss B's eyes, the sea-green pearls that could always captivate me. Listen to dis shit; I'm goin fuckin soft. An intense stare shakes me from my reverie. When my eyes regain their focus, I am aware that her eyes are locked on mine's. I swiftly snap my head back around (Owwww, that hurt).

"Faith, you okay?" Woody says.

"Five by Five. S'up?" Faith replies.

"I was wondering where you were headed, now that all this is over?"

"I'm headed where I'm goin, Woody. Why?" she said.

"I was wondering if you would "hang" with me after we get to L.A.?"

"By "Hang", you mean what?" Faith said, turning to look at him.

"I mean leave with me." He replied.

"Sorry Woody, just bcuz we got pelvic doesn't mean I going to follow you around. You're a nice guy and all, but I have plans and unfortunately they don't include you. I think I will chill in So Cal for a while, L.A. is my kind of city," the Southie Slayer says with an eyebrow raised.

"Oh, okay" he says dejectedly.

"No offense, Woody, but I prefer to drive automatic anywayz" Faith replies with a crooked grin.

"This decision wouldn't have anything to do with BUFFY would it?" Robin asks.

"WHAT ABOUT BUFFY?" She asks with a hard glint in her eyes.

"Well, I know you care about her. Is she why you're staying?" He asks pryingly, with a touch of malice.

"It's NONE of YOUR business. Have a nice life." Faith says as she gets up out of the seat and goes back to sit with Dawn. "Hey kiddo, how u doin?"...


Faith's POV

That was 2 weeks ago, and everything is rockem sockem. I'm chilling in sunny L.A., catchin some rays, relaxing. G-Man is back in England, trying to start a new Watcher's Council for all the Newbies, who are no longer P-Pods. Most of the Potentials have gone back to their families, except for Kennedy (of course), Vi, and a few others. B, Dawn, Red, Xander, and Andrew are all still here. I think I am happy, I'm slaying, eating, dancing, and hanging with B. She is really warming up to me, we have been kicking it tuff. We've talked a little about the past. I apologized, she apologized, it's all good. She is in talking to Angel, I love the big guy, but he's a threat.

"A threat, a threat to what? I don't have anything." Faith voices out loud.

Buffy's POV

I just got through talking to Angel; he just finished telling me about what has been going on these last few years. We haven't exactly chit chatted. It seems it has been hard in L.A., as well. But everything is good now; there has been no big evil, I'm relaxed. A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I'm no longer alone, well I was never alone, but you get what I mean. I am not THE Slayer anymore, there are Chosen thousands, not just the Chosen Two, thanks to Will. Powerful Much? She has changed a lot from the shy red headed computer whiz. I'm happy, but I'm also kind of sad, I'm not special anymore, and there are a lot of girls that are slayers now. Speaking of the Chosen Two, Faith. Things have been great with Faith, better than ever. I can't stop thinking about the look in her eyes that night, on the bus; she was staring at me, after we defeated the First. I felt the heat, even with my eyes close. It couldn't have been desire I saw there, well at least not directed at me? She was probably thinking about picking up some boy toy "use em, and abuse em" when we hit L.A. I glad she didn't leave with Robin, though I can't quite pinpoint why that is.

I wonder if she had a bitch in jail? Whoa, where did that thought come from? Does Faith even like women, I think she does. She's an extremely sexual being and I'm sure she's had her fair share of the female population. **BAD Buffy** Why am I thinking this? Okay, I'm a little sexual frustrated. It Happens. Plus, I haven't had the most luck with guys, like ever. Who could understand me, and my needs better than another slayer, better than Faith. STOP! I wonder what it's like with a woman, it must be something worth it. Willow switched and never looked back. Will must know what to do, Kennedy is not goin anywhere. Oooooo Faith and Willow, and Me.**NO NO NOOOOOO** Stop thinking this. I'm blushing and I feel all hot.

Buffy walks out the door, on her way up the stairs, she passes Willow, but doesn't make eye contact.

"Hey, Buffy, Faith was looking for you" Will says brightly.

"Hey Will, thanks. When you see her tell her I'll be in my room. Where are you going?" Buffy said.

"Sure. To lunch with Kennedy," the red head said with a smile.

"Unh Huh, LUNCH. Have fun eating." Buffy said smiling, as she realized what she said she turned beat read. "I, I mean eating lunch, lunch. Um, Will can I use your laptop?" The blonde said flustered.

"Sure, Buffy" Willow replied with a smirk.

"Thanks" Buffy said as she made her way up the stairs.

She went into the room and closed the door. Buffy hooked the modem to the laptop and turned the Mac Notebook on. As the computer booted up she thought about what she was about to do.

Okay, I am just a little curious, nothing wrong with that. Okay. What's this? Kazaa, let's click and see. Oh this is one of those downloading, sharing music thingies. What is My Kazaa, oh downloaded files. Evanescence, I like that song Bring Me To Life. Melissa Ethridge, Sarah McLachlan. Linkin Park, and BRITNEY SPEARS? I didn't know Will listened to her? OKAY, she doesn't it's a clip of her performing and kissing Madonna. Wow. What else is in here? What's this, Jenna Jameson and Candy? OH MY GOD! This is PORN, LESBIAN PORN! I shouldn't be watching this, exit, EXIT. Hand why aren't you moving? WHY ARE YOU TURNING UP THE VOLUME?! Oh, God look at her breast, they are so big. Where is her han..? Ooooooooh, there it is, doing that to her. She seems to like it. MMMMMM, she is LICKING her, Licking her in a very intimate place!

"Oooh yea, like that.... suck it...lick me.... OOOOOOHH!" says the blonde on the screen. "Put your tongue in my pussy, tongue fuck me...GOOOOODDD...you feel so good," the blonde continued.

Buffy felt a tingle in her stomach, she felt hot.

"You like that...your pussy is soo good...I want you to cum in my mouth" the sexy brunette said.

The brunette continues to eat the blonde girl out, sucking, licking, and nibbling. All the while why the blonde, Jenna moans, groans and whimpers. Buffy found herself feeling a wetness seeping out from between her legs, and that she was breathing hard. When Jenna finally came all down the brunette's chin, Buffy had her hands on her rapidly rising chest.

"Hey girlfriend!"


I quickly slammed the laptop closed and turned around. There was Faith. Faith with her face twisted into a naughty grin, and a twinkle in her eye. Oh No, she didn't! Please, she didn't see what I was watching.


"Hey B, what cha doin?" She asks me, grin still in place.

"What are you doing? God, you scared me. Am I going to have to get a bell for your neck too? Why didn't you knock?" Buffy said hoping to change the subject.

"No" Faith replied as she licked her lips provocatively "What do you want me to be doing?"

Oh god, look at her plump, full, ruby red lips. And that tongue, I can imagine it doing naughty things, as I follow its path across her top lip. What did she just say?

Faith's POV

Let's go see what B is up to. I get to the top of the stairs and notice that her door is closed, maybe she's sleep. I just go in instead of knocking, so I won't wake her. When I get two feet away from the door, I stop. IS THAT MOANING?! I move closer to the door. YES, that is moaning. Is B getting herself off? No that's not B's voice, but it is a female. IS B GAY NOW TOO? AND NO ONE TOLD ME? Let's take a peek. I quietly open the door and see B sitting in a chair at the desk. WHEW! Not with a girl. As I come fully into the room, I see what she is doing. She's watching LESBIAN PORN! And by the looks of it, she's enjoying what she's seeing. I can feel the heat coming off of her in waves. She is obviously very engrossed in the flip because her slayer senses she has let her know I was here. I stand there and watch her, watch them. When Jenna Jameson comes in Candy's mouth, she lets a moan out into the air and clenches her left hand that is on top of the desk, while the other lays on her heaving bosom.

"Hey girlfriend" I say with a grin on my face.

Buffy slams the PC down and quickly turns. She says my name and it sounds like a moan, and huskier than her voice usually is. We both notice at the same time and she clears her throat as my grin widens. I ask her what she's doin, she avoids the question and tries to change the subject.

"What are you doing? Do I have to get a bell for your neck too? Why didn't you knock?" B replies breathlessly.

As I tell her no, my nostrils flares, and I am hit with the scent of her arousal. I lick my lips like I do when I'm trying to get laid and ask:

"What do you want me to be doing?"

Works like a charm everytime. She's so busy following my tongue, she doesn't hear my question. Shit, maybe this is my lucky day. She's all red, and breathing hard. What the hell, go for it?

"B, are you okay? You are wicked red and out of breath?"

"Nooo, I'm not okay," B says.

"You're not. What were you doin?" I prod.

"No, I mean yes, um, I'm okay. I wasn't doing anything." She said hurriedly.

"I think you were B, I saw you watching that hot girl on girl action, on Red's PC. Did you like what you saw?" I whisper as I step closer.

"So what, I'm an adult I can do what I want. I was just curious." She replies on the defensive.

"That's right, you can. If you are curious get a girl, and let her have her way with you, not peep it out on the net" I tell her as I come and stand in front of her, as I lean forward I whisper "Or you could always ask me" in her ear.

As I lean back I notice her eyes have gone wide, and her breathing is once again out of control.

"What's the matta, B. Afraid you can't handle Big Sis, a slayer. I know you like the undead. What do u say?" I ask, "Give us a Kiss?"

I see the lust, determination, a bit of anger, and something else in her eyes. Then her lips are on mine, and she taste so good. I lick her lips, and take her bottom one between my teeth and nip and suck on it until I let it go and it snaps back. We lock eyes, and hers are dilated, and a deep green.

"Can I satisfy your curiosity?" I ask her with sincerity and lust shining through my eyes.

PART 3: Whose is It?

Disclaimer: Why do we need these it's not like Joss is going to read some Fuffy fanfiction on the web and be like "Buffy is mine did I say you can write her getting her pussy sucked by Faith" but okay I don't own the lyrics of "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, but I was listening to it half way through writing this part and I had to put it in, it's just so Faith. **LOL**
Author's Note: < > means thoughts.

< Oh God, did Faith just ask me that? What do I say? Think Buffy, THINK. Oh God I want this, but this is Faith, psycho slayer Faith, and evil Faith. Okay so she's not Psycho anymore, and she helped save the world and she has been in jail for the last 3 and a half years. I'm an adult, and I saved the world, I can fu.., um I mean, have naughty touches with Faith. FUCK I'm so wet. >


"Yea B?"

"I wanna know" Buffy says "What it's Like."

Faith steps back into Buffy's personal space until she leans up against Buffy, breast against breast, and supple thigh against supple thigh.

"You ready for this B?" the brunette says in a thick tone, laced with arousal, as she trails a slender finger from Buffy's neck to the top of her shorts. "Can you handle this, slayer?"

Buffy's mind is on sensory overload and all she can do is nod her head. Faith unbuckles her shorts and pulls down the blonde's zipper. Faith's hands quickly ascend and she grabs B's right breast roughly, and squeezes.

"Aaaaaaaaaah..........Faith!" Buffy gasps.

Faith is holding Buffy around the waist, with her hand on the small of her back, as she pushes her against the desk. Faith flicks her thumb back and forth over Buffy's nipple, as she licks Buffy from and base of the neck, up to her chin. Faith proceeds to kiss and nibble her neck until her nipple becomes a tight, hard peak in the palm of the taller girl's hand.

< Oh God, I can't believe I'm groping B's tit, and she's totally into it. HOLY SHIT. SHE IS FUCKING HOT! >

"B, you are so fucking hot." Faith says as she looks down at her hand caressing Buffy's breast, with an awed look on her face. Buffy's only response is a series of short exhalations.

The dark slayer makes her way back to Buffy's pink, pouty lips. She can't help but lick the perfect puckers. Faith moans deeply, and thrusts her hips as she tastes the salty skin that is Buffy. She gives her a chaste kiss, and then shoves her tongue into Buffy's wet warmth, and runs her tongue against the roof of Buffy's tasty mouth, swallowing the moan that burst from her throat at the sudden intrusion. Tentively at first, Buffy touches her tongue to the other girl's long oral muscle. Their tongues dueled sensually in the dark arena their mouths created. As the blonde got bold, she sucked on Faith's tongue, while flicking hers against the tip, extracting a long moan from the aggressive ex-con.

"MMMmmmmmmmmm.......FUCK, where did you learn that?" Faith panted.

"Natural talent," B says a couple octaves lower than normal.

Faith pulls back and takes off the petite slayer's shorts, followed by her red thong. Faith looked down towards Buffy's crotch. Buffy's almost bald pussy was soaked with her arousal. Faith gasps at the extremely stimulating site.

"You're about ready to pop, aren't cha B?"

Faith says in a voice full of 4 years of desperate longing. Faith lets loose a throaty chuckle that is so teasily erotic, Buffy's head drops back and slightly arches her back as she releases an almost primal moan, "Aaaaaaah...mmmmmm....FUCK," the blonde exclaims.

Buffy's labia was glistening with her sweet nectar as Faith dragged an index finger down her dripping slit. Buffy bucked her pussy violently towards the hot hand as an attempt to get more friction where she needed it.

< 'You let me violate you...You let me desecrate you...You let me penetrate you...' >

"Anxious much, B?" Faith asked saucily.

< 'You let me complicate you... Help Me...I've broke apart my insides,,,' >

"Your pussy is so fucking pretty B" the Southie pants out breathlessly, as she dip down into B's tight, pulsing cunt and brings the collected moisture back up to start a torturously slow, clockwise rubbing on her slippery clit.

< '...Help Me...I've got no soul to sell... Help Me' >

"Oooohhh Goood...Fuck" the squirming blonde gasp, while biting her bottom lip. "An..xious...much?" Buffy barely squeaked out through her dry throat.

< '...The only thing that works for me...Help me get away from myself' >

"B, I WANNA FUCK YOU LIKE AN ANIMAL," the horny Bostonian hoarsely voice her intense thoughts, as she added pressure on Buffy's hardened nub.

"Oooooooo...Faith...Fuck...touch...me," the hot slayer breathed heavily as her pussy clenched tight in response to her soon-to-be lover's statement and she rolled her pelvis against Faith's hand.

"I wanna feel you from the inside" the brunette whispered as she locked her gaze on her blonde counterparts. She saw the jade green orbs widen, she saw them dilate, and see something snap.

"Faith...fuck me. I want you to fuck my cunt, right now. Put your fingers inside my liquid heat and make me cum real hard, all over your hand!" the sopping slayer spit, nastily.

"Oooooooo...Fuck..I'm so fucking horny B" the leather chic groaned loudly and twisted Buffy's sensitized, petruding clit.

"AAAAAAHHHHH..OOOOO.F,F,FUUUUCCKKK!!" The screamed loudly, on the verge of exploding, as she shoved her thigh quickly up into Faith's heated cunt.

Suddenly, Faith turned Buffy toward the desk, and stepped back.

"Open the Laptop," Faith said in an authoritative tone.

Shaking with barely contained arousal, Buffy fumbled with the clasp to open the notebook. While Faith divested herself of her blue, nectar filled leather pants and black tank top. When the blonde successfully completed her task, she attempted to turn around, but Faith stopped her.

"DON'T turn around" she commanded "Put both your hands flat on the desk, and spread your legs you nasty bitch."

Buffy inhaled sharply at her sisterslayer's words. Faith pressed the full length of her body against Buffy, her watering sex against B's firm ass. Buffy whimpered when she felt her lover's warm pussy juice drip into her puckered asshole, unconsciously she pushed back against the warmth.

"DON'T move, KEEP your hands on the desk, and LOOK at the screen" growled tanned beauty, as she reach around B to start the video Faith found Buffy watching. Buffy could barely breath, she couldn't speak, and she just did as she was told.

As the couple on the monitor started kissing, Faith grabs Buffy's shirt and rips it off with a growl. Buffy bucks her hips hard against the desk needing Faith's touch, her face is flustered and her chest is heaving rapidly.

"You horny B? Ready to bust?" Faith breathes harshly in the blonde's ear, and then proceeds to lick and nibble.

Faith continues to go to work on her lover's clit as they watch the filmed couple finger each other slits. Faith is moving her pussy against Buffy's ass in sync with the motion of her hand.

"F,Faaiitthhh...Please...Fuck Me...I want you inside NOW" B exclaimed frustrated and needing release.

Faith licks her fingers and takes hold of Buffy's nipple and begins to twist and pull it cruelly, with her left hand, and moves her right hand to the older slayer's pussyhole and rubs around the surface of her channel. Buffy begins to groan and whimper and thrust her hips forward in attempt to get the release she sought. Faith swiftly jams three fingers deeply inside of Buffy's hot heat, her arousal seeps out around the brunette's long, questing digits.

"Aaaaah...Yes...Yes....uummmm......mmmmmm....fuck my pussy.... PLEASE...Don't stop" the aroused slayer moaned "Don't you dare stop...I'll kill you if you even AAAAaaaahhhh!"

Buffy's words turns into a high pitched scream as Faith suddenly simultaneously thrusts four fingers into Buffy's hungry cunt, roughly squeezes her breast, and bites her neck, sending her into the level where the line between pleasure and pain blur, and you can't see straight. The long slender fingers went in, almost all the way out, and then shoved impossibly deeper into the quivering mass of wet flesh. The loud wet clicking sound of fingers fucking her pussy made both girls' walls clench. Buffy raised her foot on top of the desk and instantly Faith was drilling her cunt deeper.

"Oooooooooh..YES...YEAH..Like that...FAITH...FAITH...FAITH" the dripping blond panted, overcome by lust "Just...like...that."

"Fuck, you're so fucking wet...so tight...take it all" Faith abandoned Buffy's breast and used her left hand to possessively grab her mound "Who's is this!? Who's JUICY, TIGHT, SWOLLEN PUSSY is this!?" Faith's commanded as she squeezed her mound, while continuing to relentless pound her slick, quivering hole and rubbing her own clit against Buffy's firm ass.

"YOURS, OH GOD...GOD...YOURS...ALWAYS BEEN...YOURS...BEAT MY PUSSY UP...PLEASE..MAKE ME CUM..HARD..ER..HARDER" Buffy exclaimed "Give it to me Slayer...Gimme some "ungh"..YES,Oh god your fingers!"

"Aaaaaah Fuck...BUFFY..BUFFY...B...Your cunt...God..YEAH..You like that...You like when I Fuck that Pussy" Faith grunted "OOooooooh...YEA..I'm right there...with you...Babe! Let it go."

They sped up the pace, they rocked at an unnatural spead, fingers in and out and in, out of Buffy's cunt. She was screaming with every thrust, her cunt was making this slurping noise she was so wet. Faith continued to slide against B's soaked pussy walls. Faith flicked her thumb against Buffy's clit while curling her fingers to smash the blonde's G-spot.

"Buffy Cum NOW!" the kinky slayer growled dangerously.



They both screamed as they exploded into a level of ecstasy unknown, and they rode out the spectacular orgasmic wave for several minutes, moaing all the while they did. Buffy's walls clutched Faith's fingers with enough strength to break any normal mortal's bones. They were a carnival of carnality, and a picture of pussy pleasing passion. Faith withdrew her fingers and sucked every ounce of Buffy secretions from her digits, turned B around dropped to her knees and buried her face in Buffy's cunt. She drunk all of her cum and tongue fucked her cunt. Then she took the older slayer's pointy nub into her mouth and sucked it like a baby looking for milk, while flicking the tip rapidly. Buffy came again.


"Wick..ed...Hot, damn...Buff" Faith exhaled out of breath.

Faith milked her for all she was worth, and then she gave Buffy a deep, passionate kiss, and let her taste herself, while she whimpered pitifully, sated beyond belief. Faith picked up Buffy and carried her to the bed, set her down and lay down beside her. She wrapped her in a tight post-coital embrace, as Buffy snuggled into her arms. Faith covered them up and they both fell into an extremely relaxing, much needed sleep.

Unknown to The Chosen Two, Dawn and Kennedy silently slipped the room door closed and descended the stairs.

"OH MY GOD!!!" They both exclaimed loudly.

...to be continued...