Right Where I Want Her
by Dushku's Bitch
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Why do we need these it's not like Joss is going to read some Fuffy fanfiction on the web and be like "Buffy is mine did I say you can write her getting her pussy sucked by Faith" but okay I don't own anything, except myself "Anyone Want?"
Date: November 25,2004 7:45 p.m. PST
Author's Notes: Dedicated to all my favorites: Mac, FC, Sway. And a special dedication to my new obsession, Dylan, who's writing is always fuckin hot. She is so great, and wonderfully horny most of the time. Also to the yummy Huntress, and Electra, I love her style. Tidal Wave, Kelly Smith, her majesty: Queen Zula, and I could go on and on... I'm not really sure what a drabble is, so I am just going to say this is a brief look into the inner workings of my mind. All of my fellow Fuffers have been writing such incredible fic, that it made me want to take another stab at writing. Hopefully you girls, and few guys, will like it.
Feedback: Yes, please. I Love chocolatey-feedbacky-goodness.

Ooh, look at you.

Standing there attempting to look confident,

But we both know how you really feel.

You are aching for me...

To touch you, To caress you, To tease you.

To rub you, To taste you, To please you.

You want me to slam my fingers into your slit, rub your clit, and FUCK you with my 10 inch silicon dick.

We'll see, it depends on if you are a worth-my-wild chick.

Get on your knees.

Yeah, that's it.

Unzip my pants.

You know you want to.

Take them off.

I love how you stare at my slit,

Almost like it will open the longer you sit.

Look at how you flare your nose and breathe in deep.

I want you to suck me until I fall asleep.

God I love the way your nimble digits feel against my clit,

When you press it, and pull it, and blow on it a little bit.

Trail them down, and circle my shit.

Make me wet, and really want it.

Shove them up hard,



In my tight pussy.

Lick my clit around and around.

Alternate, go up and down.

God that's it, just like that,

I want you to tame this kitty cat.

Curl your fingers in deep and search for the infamous sweets.

Fuck me pussy, jam those fingers in while I rub against your face, your tongue. Flatten your firm tongue, when you flick my hard nub. I pant and gasp when you slide 3 long fingers inside, you always know just what it takes to make me open wide. Play with my ass, while you finger my slit, and suck my clit. Thrust in and out, again and again; Hit my G-spot. God damn I love this shit! Fuck, I'm dripping down my thigh. You hear my wetness? I know you like that sound. Lick me out, slip them in, AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN! I feel it in my stomach, I'm starting to get tight.

"FUCK...GOD..lick it, you cunt."

"Fuck my pussy."

"My clit...Ooh..Shit!"

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh, hummmm...ungh Fuck!"

I squirt my warm, thick, sticky cum in your throat as you continue to lap at my dripping hole and you love it. Just as I am about to gush again, you start to slow down.

"Did I say stop, Bitch?" I exclaim looking at you kneeling between my damp thighs.


The End