That Post-Apocalyptic Tension
by Dushku's Bitch
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Why do we need these it's not like Joss is going to read some Fuffy fanfiction on the web and be like "Buffy is mine did I say you can write her getting her pussy sucked by Faith" but okay I don't own anything, except myself "Anyone Want?"
Time: Set After "Chosen".
Authors Note: Thanx to Faithful Chickie, SwaySlayer, and hot and smutty Mac. She lights my fire everytime. Your incredible stories inspired me to try my hand, literally speaking, finally. *LOL* < > means thoughts Only my second fic. ENJOY.
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The Scoobs are staring at the huge crater, that used to be their home, formerly known as Sunnydale. All the memories, feelings, places, people flashed through their minds. They thought about the people they lost there: Jesse, Jenny, Joyce, Tara, Anya, even Spike. They thought about their love for those lost and how they would never forget them.

"You're not the one and only chosen, what are you going to do now?" Faith asked the relieved blonde.

"Get on the bus, relax, and get out of here." She cooly replied.

"You know what I mean B" said the younger brunette.

"Yeah, I don't know, we'll take it one step at a time. First let's go" Buffy said.

The original Scoobs, Willow, Buffy, and Xander took one last look into the crater as they joined each other in a group hug, they were almost sad to leave, ALMOST. Everybody piled back into the bus, and attempted to get as comfortable as possible until they could get a hospital. They didn't know what they were goin' to do now, but they figured heading to L.A. was a start.

"Hey B" Faith said hesitantly.

"Faith" Buffy answered.

"Do you mind if I sit with you?" She asked.

"Not at all, have a seat" B said.

"Thanks. So you're free B, how does it feel?" the Bostonian asked.

"I don't know, I'm not sure I want to be, I mean I have been a slayer for so long, I don't know how to do anything else. It has been my top priority for the last 8 years of my life." Buffy answered her sister slayer.

"I understand, but there's got to be something you want to do other than slaying?" Faith asked.

"I think I want to do some traveling, just relax. But right now I could go for some food, I'm Starved," the blonde replied.

"Isn't it funny, how slaying always makes you hungry and horny?" the sultry slayer asked.

"YES" Buffy replied absentmindedly "FAITH! No, no hornies" she quickly added.

"C'mon B, I know you could go for a little Uuuungh!" Faith stated with a knowing grin.

"Faith, haven't we covered the grunting?" Buffy said trying to change the subject.

"C'mon B, after a fight like that, I know you're probably dripping, Can I get you a clean pair of undies B?" the brunette asked with a wicked smirk.

"Oh My God, Faith you have not changed. I don't know what you are talking about. What about you? I'm sure you in no way resemble the Sahara Desert south of your border," the blonde allowed her eyes to trail down the dark slayer's body, until they rested on the crotch of Faith's jeans. Then, she quickly looked away, realizing what she was doing.

< What am I doing? I have no business looking at that. Maybe it's because I'm a little worked up. I hoped Faith didn't see what I was looking at? >

Buffy peeked up to see Faith's reaction and found her staring intently at her, with a seductice grin on her full lips. She quickly looked to the side and caught Willow turning her head away from them quickly, with a faint smile on her face.

"See something you like, B?" the brunette asked.

"What? I didn't know it was against the law to look at my friend, make sure they're okay?" Buffy replied slightly defensive.

"No, no look all you want, you know I don't care much for the law anyway" the younger girl said with a wink, as she trailed her hands for the top of her breast to her hips.

Buffy allowed herself to gaze from those wavy raven tresses, pass the deep chocolate eyes, the full, ruby red, those round breast, to the taught abdomen, and finally back to rest on the distracting, creamy globes of heaving flesh. Buffy felt herself flush, when she finally got caught in the dangerous beauty's knowing gaze.

"What do you think" Faith asked as she looked into the blonde's unfocused jade pools.

"Hot" the blonde replied in a deep voice, then she cleared her voice and sid, "I mean NOT, not a spot on you, you're okay."

"Thanx, let me check if you're five by five" Faith let herself unabashedly leer at all the petite blonde's body, "You look fine, Real fine." Faith said in a husky tone.

Buffy felt her pulse quicken, with the way Faith looked at her. "This is not good," she thought. For the next hour and a half 'The Chosen Two' talked, talked about all kind of things, from family, to the type of music they like, to Faith's time in Prison. They were exhausted and they finally fell asleep.

Faith awoke a few hours later to a warmth on her right side of her body. It wasn't the warmth that woke her up, but the motion did. Faith opened her eyes to find Buffy was slowly grinding her punani against Faith's thigh, while softly moaning in her sleep, with her head resting on Faith's shoulder (breathing softly in her ear). They were still on the road, and everyone else was pretty much conked out too. Faith watched tranfixed as the blonde sensually moved against her, setting her body on fire.

< Yeah B, and slaying doesn't make you horny? The wetness on my thigh tells a different story. Ms. Priss all worked up. GOD, she's so hot! >

Faith continued to watch her counterpart move up against her, feeling herself become wet. B's little whimpers and moans were turning her own so bad.

"Ummm Faith... so good" the older slayer moaned in her sleep.

The unexpected exclamation from Buffy, caused Faith to gasp in surprise, which in turn resulting in Buffy stiring from her slumber.

"Ummm Faith" Buffy said opening her eyes "Oh. Faith," she said when she realized where she was.

< God I'm So horny, my pussy is all wet with Buffy juice. GOD! That dream was hot, I hope Faith didn't hear me. >

"Hey B" the southie slayer said in a deep seductive tone, that caused the blonde to shudder "You have a good sleep?"

"Um yeah" the blonde said "it was okay."

"Have any good dreams?" Faith asked as she slowly began to run her nails up and down Buffy's thigh.

"Uh, Faith, What are..are you doin'?" Buffy asked as she felt a shiver go through her body at Faith's gentle touch.

"I want you B, I've always wanted, since the first night we met, and I think you want me too, otherwise you wouldn't be moaning my name in your sleep" she said as she moves to Buffy's inner thigh.

"Aaah, oh shouldn'" the blonde replied in a shaky whisper.

"Then, tell me to stop, or better yet stop me, Slayer" Faith continued as she raised her hand to the blonde's achingly hard nipple.

The blonde lets out a low hiss of pleasure as Faith caresses her aroused globe. Her head drops back onto the seat as Faith slides her hand across Buffy's sexy stomach.

", I.....God!" Buffy gasped.

"You look tense girlfriend, how about a non-fat yogurt? Hmmm?" Faith asked with a smirk

"Fuck... yogurt" Buffy exhales.

"Ah, B, watch the language. Now, does slaying make you horny?" the sexy brunette asked as she cupped B's soaking pussy over her pants.

"Yeeeessssssss." Buffy replied as Faith applied pressure to her sensitive clit.

"How do you feel, B" the brunette asked in a husky tone.

"HORNY." the hot blonde said, as Faith started to rub her clit in a circle.

"Don't worry, Faith will relieve that tension, I got cha B" the brunette groaned as she lifted Buffy's blouse, and pulled down her bra to reveal her smooth breast to Faith's hungry eyes.

Faith began to lick on Buffy's nipple. She sucked the pertruding flesh into her hot mouth, and flicked with her tongue as she bit down on it, sucking greedily, while Buffy writhe in her own juices.

"OH GOD...Faith..that good" the blonde exclaimed, "Please...please Faith..aaahhhh..god."

"Please what B?" Faith whispered in the blonde's ear.

"Touch me," the blonde replied.

"Touch you where?" the brunette shot back.

"You know where" Buffy whispered.

"Tell Me" Faith growled in her ear.

"" Buffy finally whispered." I want your fingers touching me, inside my pussy," Buffy gasped as her arousal began to overwhelm her.

Faith slides her hand into Buffy's pants as she goes back to sucking on her pink, hard nipple. Buffy bucks her hips up into Faith's hand as she rest it on top of her panties, as she slowly slides her finger down Buffy's slit, through the fabric.

"Ummm...oh...uh..please.." The blonde exhaled.

"You ready, B?" Buffy whispered huskily.

"Ye-EEESSSSSS!" Buffy breathed as Faith shoved two, long fingers swiftly into Buffy's swollen pussy. Faith brings her fingers to her lips and makes sure that the blonde is looking as she sticks them in her mouth and sucks every last drop of Buffy's secretions from her digits. Buffy moaned and pulled on her own nipple as she watched Faith lick her pussy juice from her hand. It was too much for her, she was so turned on, she wanted to cum.

"Ooohhh... Buffy, you taste delectable" she moans in the blonde's ear.

Now Buffy is sitting straight, against the back of the seat as Faith grinds her pelvis against Buffy's firm thigh. She dips back into Buffy's hole, and brings it up to spread over Buffy's nipple. She begins to lick and suck as her hand returns to Buffy's soaping cunt. She dips into her hole, and then brings her finger up to the slippery clit, and rubs the hard nub as Buffy struggles to keep her moans down. Faith runs her finger around and around Buffy's pink clit, until the blonde begins to whimper.

"Inside..please..I want you inside me, Faith" Buffy begs.

Faith thrusts her fingers into the blonde quivering cunt, as she continues to suck on Buffy's breast. She pushed deeply inside Buffy and the blonde gasped sharply.

"Aahh..yes..just like...that" the blonde moaned "Faith...Fuck Me...fuck my pussy."

Faith brought her fingers almost all the way out of the grasping flesh, and jammed three fingers inside, feeling Buffy's walls stretch to accomodate the extra digit. The young slayer thrusted her fingers agonisingly slow, into Buffy's pussy, and back out, deeply into Buffy's cunt, and flexed her fingers on the way out. IN, OUT, IN, OUT-B was dripping around Faith's fingers, as she moaned and groaned and whimpered.

"Unnhhhh...uuummmm...yeah...please pussy" the blonde groaned "FASTER Faith...hard...hard-er."

Buffy's pink twat swallowed Faith's fingers as she began to pick up the pace as she slammed them into the pulsing pussy. She brought her thumb up to Buffy's nub to apply pressure, as she started to grind her own clit againt Buffy's tanned thigh.

"Ohhh God,'re so...wet, so hot" the horny slayer moaned "I wanna eat your pussy, tongue fuck it. I'll wait until we have a bed for that." She quickly brought her fingers up to her mouth to get a taste and shoved them back into the older woman's convulsing cunt, and she began to rotate her fingers.

"AAaahhhh..Faith..Faith..Yes..Yes..unhh.. yes" the blonde groaned.

The dark slayer started to pound into Buffy's liquid heat, harder and faster, INSIDE, OUT, IN, OUT. All the years of longing, of wanting the blonde Goddess. She slide her hand against Buffy's smooth pussy walls, as they began to clutch at her fingers. Faith begin to frantically ride Buffy thigh, as Buffy moaned continuosly. Faith's tongue invaded Buffy's mouth as she hungrily possessed the blonde's mouth, moaning into it. Faith curled her finger's inside the blonde so she hit her G-Spot. Buffy begin to buck into Faith's hand, unable to control herself. Faith fucked her IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT- Buffy's pussy started to make a wet slurping sound, as the brunette pounded into her over and over, In and Out, and pressed on her clit.

"OH..God..uunnhhhhh..ooh...oh..uum..yea.. yea.. yes," the blonde slayer groaned.

"Fuck Buffy...yea, you like that. This is Faith fucking you, I'm fucking you like this. GOD you're so good" the brunette gasped "I want you to cum for.. you're going to cum for Faith long and hard. I know you like the Big Bad, this is Big Bad Faith...fucking you."

"Yes..Faith..big bad...oh god...your fingers..inside me."

"CUM B, right now" Faith growled as she sharply hooked her fingers inside Buffy's contracting pussy and brutally pressed down on the hard clit.

"Mmmmhrph Gawd...YES...YEA..FAith...Fai" Buffy moaned as she came hard around Faith's fingers, her cunt clenched impossible tight, as her back arched and she froze upright.

"B..B..Buffy...FUCCK" Faith groaned as she caught Buffy's moan in her mouth as she came as well.

Faith continued to thrust into Buffy and drew out the most intense orgasm of her lifetime, her pussy contracted over and over again, vibrated around Faith's skillful digits. She finally collapsed back against the seat as the endorphins flooded her body. Faith still had her fingers nestled inside Buffy's twitching twat.

"Ooh... Yes... Faith, God...Faith" the blonde praised "Hmmmm...yea."

Buffy whimpered pitifully as Faith withdrew her fingers from B's insides. She brought them to her mouth and licked greedily. Then, she kissed Buffy to let her taste herself.

"God,I love you Buffy" the Bostonian whispered as she tenderly kissed Buffy's soft lips.

"I love you too, Faith" the spent slayer replied.


Across from Buffy and Faith..

"Aaahhhhhh" Willow moans softly.

She tenses, and tightly grabs the seat, as Kennedy rubs her to climax. As they just watched Faith thoroughly fuck Buffy right across from them.

"That was so fuckin hot" Kennedy whispered into Will's ear.

< God they are so beautiful. I would love to have a threesome with them. I would suck my best friend dry. MMmmmmm. >

"Goddess, I hope we can see that again" Willow whispers back softly, as the Slayers snuggle up together. be continued...