Nothing More Than The Slayer Bond
by Dylan
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, unfortunately. They are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy and whoever the hell else owns em.
Timeline: Season three, just after the episode Helpless.
Notes: Written for the delectable Electra….Hope you like…once it gets going a little more *wiggles eyebrows*



"Damnit, Faith, stop beating him up already and stake him. I could use some help over here." Buffy dodged her attacking Vampire as best she could, stumbling to the ground as she did so. The soggy earth from the nights rain clinging to her pants like glue. "Faith!" She yelled. "I'm not at full strength yet, remember?"

As soon as Buffy's voice sliced through Faith's apparent slaying bubble, the brunette staked her foe and span, just in time to see the blonde girl get a hefty kick to the back as she struggled to untangle herself from the mess of mud and leaves on the ground.

Buffy yelped with the pain shooting down her spine as the Vampire took another swipe with his large boot. She fell in her attempt to stand despite the force of the blow, landing with a squelch, face first into a puddle, just as Faith reached the attacking Vampire about to leap on what he was thinking was his meal for the night.

"Hey…ugly fuck, pick on someone your own size." Faith snarled as she grabbed the Vampire by his collar, hauling him backwards as Buffy splashed, turning over in the muddy water.

The Vampire gave a grunt, about to point out the fact that Faith was far from his size no doubt, but before he got a word out, he was dust…all over Buffy.

"Yuck. Faith, couldn't you have pulled him further away?" Buffy sploshed to her feet out of the puddle, covered in Vampire grime and feeling more than pissed off.

She was getting tired of not having her strength back yet after Giles had administered the council's injection. She was feeling stronger, but had struggled for three days so far with needing Faith to bail her out of trouble whilst patrolling. She was doing her best not to let it get to her, but it was hard.

She had thought of herself as the stronger Slayer between them. The more mature one, with so much more experience and poise, but she had to concede that Faith had done a good job with protecting her, without so much as a wise crack about it.

If truth were told, Faith's attitude had surprised her through the whole thing. Once she'd gotten back from her little walkabout, she had been fully in support of Buffy, despite the tension that had developed a little between them since their fight over Angel.

Her view on the whole thing was obvious in the way she now seemed to glare at Giles, and abstain from making Buffy feel bad about not being up to full Slayer strength and speed. Buffy fully expected ridicule from the younger girl, but it didn't happen. Faith was far too busy making sure the Vamps didn't chow down on her.

It made Buffy feel less self conscious about being somewhat frail and unable to defend herself. She couldn't feel mad or uncomfortable with Faith being her knight in shining armour when she was doing it so gallantly and without question.

The realisation made her retract her previous gripe as she stood, covered in mud and ex Vampire. "Sorry, Faith…I didn't mean to…"

"Hey, it's ok. Next time I'll let one bite you, and then you can moan at me about that with your new pointy teeth showing," Faith practically mumbled, as she tucked her stake into the back of her pants.

The flat tone caught Buffy's attention, and she felt bad for always getting on the younger girl's case. It wasn't Faith's fault she was in the predicament she was, but she had done her fair share of grumbling about it to the brunette, even with Faith holding back on rising to the bait.

She felt bad that she had been less than nice to Faith, right from the start. It wasn't that she had anything against the girl really; it was just more of a shock to have her there, sharing her destiny… sharing the load.

Buffy practically felt the penny drop as she finally got that Faith wasn't there to make her life harder, even if at times it felt that way. She was there to help out, and because she had nobody else to turn to but her.

Brushing her now dirty hands down her sodden coat, Buffy looked at the younger girl as she walked away a few steps, glancing around the cemetery, looking everywhere but at the blonde girl.

Buffy couldn't blame Faith for having less than warm fuzzy feelings towards her after the way she'd treated her, but she had been there for her, keeping Buffy safe on way more than a few occasions recently.

And Buffy realised, that she would do the same for Faith, if their positions were reversed. She would do her best to protect the other girl, to keep her safe. To keep her from harm, more than she felt she would for anybody else she had known for such a short time. She felt it within herself. The sensation of wanting to protect her even if Faith rejected her help, like she knew she would, or even if Faith didn't need her help.

She tried to put it down to their Slayer bond, as they really hadn't bonded as friends yet, but Buffy wasn't sure how deep that went, or if it went at all, as she had never really felt anything for Kendra.

Watching the feisty brunette as she ran a hand through her unruly locks, her dark eyes scanning the night for danger, Buffy found herself becoming entranced.

She had avoided staring too much at Faith since her arrival, as she didn't want the younger girl to misinterpret her interest, knowing the sarcastic comments it would stir, but right now, she couldn't keep her eyes from her. Faith was in no doubt a very attractive girl, but there was something about her that seemed to demand that people fall over their tongues when she walked into a room. An air. A manner, that drew people in. And Buffy felt drawn.

She didn't think that she was attracted to Faith because, well, she wasn't like that. But now that she had seen the less sarcastic and brusque side to Faith, she couldn't help but feel more for her than maybe just their Slayer bond allowed for. She was really beginning to like Faith, despite the walls she had up around herself.

In fact, Buffy very much wanted to break through some of those walls so she could see the real Faith, the girl inside the casing of tight clothes and too much dark makeup. She wanted to see her stripped… Buffy frowned slightly and shook her head before continuing with her thoughts…Stripped of her defences.

That was it. She wanted to know the real Faith, and over the past few days, with Faith being so willing to protect her, she felt she was beginning to get to know the real Faith. It made her smile.

So she stood staring at Faith with what must have been a goofy grin on her lips as the dark girl turned to face her, her expressive eyebrow raised in question.

"You ok, B? You err, look wicked spazzed out there." Faith began to walk back towards Buffy, her hips swaying slightly as she strolled with effortless sex appeal towards the older girl.

Buffy found herself blushing, but wasn't aware of quite why she was blushing. Lifting a hand to fiddle with a stray strand of her blonde hair that had worked loose from her ponytail, she chuckled nervously, a strange feeling washing over her that she couldn't place.

"I'm just…tired I guess, and wet." Buffy blushed even more, her brain backtracking quickly before Faith picked up on the slight uncertainty in her voice at why saying she was wet with Faith in the same vicinity as her, had made her stomach flip like a gymnast. "From the rain, I mean. Muddy, and…" Buffy stalled on the word, with her stomach making it clear it was about to flop back again.

"Wet," Faith stated huskily, finishing Buffy`s sentence. Her Boston drawl wrapping itself around the word as she breathed it out into the quiet cemetery.

She had a slight grin playing on her dark red lips. Her eyes shining in the moonlight, deep and dangerous and gazing far into Buffy, who was unable to move from the spot she was busy glued to as her entire body began to tingle in a way she really wasn't familiar with.

Buffy took a breath and tried to speak, but there was nothing she could think of to say. All that filled her head was how stunning the younger girl looked bathed in moonlight, her lush hair falling in waves about her striking features as she slowly swept her dusky brown eyes over Buffy.

Then Faith stepped a little closer to Buffy, her footing sure in the squelch of the mud as she parted her full lips to lick them, taking her time to dip her soft pink tongue into the small cleft in the centre of her lower lip.

Buffy followed Faith's tongue with great interest with her eyes, wondering why the hell she felt the extreme urge to slip her own tongue over it. To feel its warm wetness in her mouth.

She was freaking herself out suddenly with thoughts she was sure she hadn't had before. Her brain on overload as the brunette stood before her, her slight height advantage giving her even more of a knight in shining leather look that made Buffy swallow hard, and panic between wanting to move closer to Faith, into her personal space, and leap backwards, away from whatever the hell was busy going on that she didn't understand.

Buffy felt like she had lost complete control of what she was thinking and feeling, and she wanted it back. Wanted to be sure that there was no way in hell Faith was actually causing her to feel like she…wanted her or something.

It must be the Slayer bond, and the post slayage hornies, Buffy mused, unable to find a clear and understandable explanation as to why she felt so compelled to reach out and brush her fingertips over the perfect arch of Faith's slightly cocked eyebrow.

"Umm…" Buffy faltered, completely unaware why Faith wasn't being her usual flighty self right now instead of just standing close to her, looking almost seductively at her. "I should get home. Mom'll probably be worried." Buffy chuckled, feeling uncommonly nervous around the dark girl.

Faith looked a little disappointed at Buffy`s retreat from whatever the situation was, upset even, much to Buffy's surprise, but her mask quickly slid back over her face, her smirk in place as she gestured grandly for Buffy to walk past her towards the gates.

"After you, princess." Faith grinned, her athletic body poised in its confine of leather and the tight tank top showing far more cleavage than was probably legal, as she waited for Buffy to step past her.

But as Buffy stepped forwards she felt a sharp pain in her back where the heavy booted Vampire had kicked her. She winced and instantly bent forwards, her hand flying to her lower back.

"Shit," she hissed, feeling like her entire spine had been ripped out and replaced upside down.

Faith was by her side in an instant, her hands touching gently as she steadied the smaller girl as she swayed. "Careful, B, that Vamp gave you some major fucking damage possibilities." She encouraged Buffy to lean against her as she stood, wrapping an arm around Buffy's back, but not squeezing too hard.

"Thanks." Buffy took a deep breath and bit down the pain, regretting doing so straight away as she drowned in the scent of the other girl.

Unnerved by the sensation of smelling pure Faith, hot skin and tight leather, Buffy tried to push herself away a little, but again the pain in her back had her groaning with its sharp reminder that she wasn't in Slayer shape. Looking down at the state of herself, muddy and soaked, she couldn't get away from the fact she wasn't in Slayer shape.

"Here, lean on me," Faith suggested, pulling Buffy's left arm around her as she stood on that side, moving her own arm up to the shorter girl's upper back, once again pulling her a little closer against her dark leather jacket.

Buffy really had no choice but to accept the help. She was in pain, and she wanted to get home and warm. She had been feeling so low after being betrayed by Giles, and so vulnerable without the gifts of her calling, and she couldn't deny that having Faith take charge a little, take more responsibility once again because of her weakened state, was nice.

Even though she really didn't know in which capacity it was nice, Buffy couldn't ignore the fact that it was…nice.

Both Slayers began making their way slowly towards the cemetery gates, Buffy leaning more and more into Faith as they went. She was really beginning to feel the cold from her wet coat now, and the warmth of the other girl was more enticing than she dared care to admit.

"You're really in pain there huh, girlfriend." It wasn't a question as the slow and wincing steps of the blonde girl clearly indicated that Faith was right.

There was no sign of mocking in Faith's tone however, so Buffy really didn't feel the need to shrug off the younger girl's help in her usual stubborn manner. Instead, she just nodded and wrapped her arm a little tighter around the slim waist of the other Slayer.

She really had never thought of Faith as the kind of person to be comfortable with being so close to another in a way that wasn't sexual, or inferring some kind of intimate act. They had never hugged, or even done so much as shake hands. All their contact had been during sparring, or fighting, but Faith didn't seem to mind Buffy being practically buried into the side of her at all.

Buffy glanced up at Faith's face from her slightly crouched position, as they walked through the battered iron gates, her green eyes floating over soft skin and small crevices where cute dimples often showed.

She frowned to herself slightly, trying to decipher at what point she had come to think of anything about Faith as cute. She really couldn't fool herself into thinking she hadn't thought that the brunette had cute dimples right from the start though. Or that she had thought that Faith was probably the hottest chick she'd ever met.

The small Slayer stumbled a little as she was caught gazing up at Faith by her, her brown eyes snagging hers as she smiled a little, the dimples Buffy had unwittingly come to like so much sneaking up her cheeks, enhancing her natural beauty under all the makeup.

Buffy found herself blushing again, and it was clearly a lot more obvious with her close proximity to Faith. The dark girl looked a tad puzzled but covered it well as she quickly looked away, the smile still gracing her lips.

Buffy wasn't sure what the hell was going on between them, but there was something… Something she really didn't know if she could begin to grasp the meaning of. She was sure…was positive she didn't feel anything for Faith other than their Slayer bond. That was why she felt comfortable being so close to her. That explained the tingles she felt.

She didn't think Faith was attractive because she was attracted to her. She just had taste…

Once again Buffy had to question the words in her mind that she was choosing to use when it came to Faith. Thankfully she wasn't given any time to come up with any conclusions as to why she was acting and thinking the way she suddenly, or not so suddenly she realised, was thinking.

"Hey…you're shiverin, B. You need to get outta your wet stuff," Faith pointed out, as she turned more towards the blonde girl, her expression a picture of concern that Buffy was fairly sure she'd never seen directed at her quite so blatantly from the other girl.

"I do feel kinda cold." Buffy's teeth had begun to chatter slightly as she lost some of the warmth from Faith with her turning from her side a little. She missed the contact immediately and was again unsure quite what that meant.

The slight sensation she always got around the dark girl was undeniably a nice feeling. One she couldn't recall getting from Kendra, one she now wanted to immerse herself in for some reason.

Without asking Faith first, Buffy once again snuggled herself closer to the younger girl, a coy smile laying claim to her lips as she felt Faith hold her tight against her once again as the night grew colder. She shivered at the new flow of tingles coursing through her, and had trouble just putting it down to the Slayer thing, as much as she tried.

"Damn, B, you'd better come to mine and get a little warmer first before going home. The motel's just down the street, if you can stand to be in the crap hole," Faith said, her lips close to Buffy's forehead, the heat of her breath warming Buffy up almost as much as the strong arm wrapped around her.

As the small Slayer felt the words drift into her mind, she also felt herself warm up in far more places than she thought necessary. But Faith asking her to go to her motel room, when she was feeling kind of confused about the way she was thinking about the dark Slayer, had her heating up enough to almost dry her clothes from the inside out.

Whatever it was she was feeling for Faith, it was growing, and it was forcing Buffy to take notice, regardless of how much she wanted to suppress anything that didn't sit well with her normal view of the world and where she fit in it, as a straight high school student with 'kind of a boyfriend'.

"B?" Faith's low and sultry voice rolled over Buffy, requiring her to lift her head a little from its desire to creep down into the soft looking cleavage of the other girl.

"Yeah…take me to yours, Faith." Buffy spoke softly, quietly, her heart beating faster and beginning to betray the grip on her adamant plea of not being attracted to Faith.

She couldn't deny that being in the brunette's arms felt incredibly safe though. Incredibly right, even if it was wrong. Even if she didn't know, or didn't want to admit that she did indeed feel more for Faith than just their Slayer bond explained away. She was far too wrapped up in the feeling of Faith being there for her, being the one now leading her towards the bright lights of her motel.

Buffy gave up on her need to explain the confusion for now, and allowed herself to be led, safe at least in the knowledge, or at least the overwhelming feeling, that she was completely safe from the ever present evil, and from people that betrayed her, with her leather clad knight beside her.


Faith pushed the door to her motel room open, helping Buffy through the small gap, being careful not to allow the smaller girl to hurt herself in any way. Buffy sighed a little, knowing full well that she was over playing the girly and feeble card, but she couldn't stop herself. Not when Faith was being so nice to her, so sweet even.

She had been feeling particularly shitty lately too, with losing her strength, being betrayed by somebody she looked up to as a father, and with the way things with Angel seemed to be falling apart. Her strength had gone in more than just the physical sense, and she was so glad to have her fellow Slayer's support, in every way.

"You should strip," Faith said nonchalantly, as she turned to face Buffy, her hands still holding onto her, just above her waist.

Buffy was momentarily stunned, both by Faith's words, and her present position in front of her. If anybody were to walk in on them, it would almost look like they were about to kiss she supposed. Not that the thought had crossed her mind…well, not more than for a brief second anyway, which left her once again confusingly thinking of Faith's tongue slipping into her mouth.

"Buffy? Have you been taking drugs or something? You keep spazzing out," Faith remarked curiously.

Faith's puzzled expression almost had Buffy laughing. She just looked so cute and kind of worried at the same time. It really wasn't an expression she was used to seeing grace Faith's usually compassionless face. Even over the last few days, she had never seen Faith look quite this concerned.

The feeling it gave her had a small light flickering in the back of Buffy's head, but she ignored it and passed it off as a headache, also doing her utmost to stand a little straighter so Faith didn't have to have her hands attached to her waist so comfortably. It was beginning to make that flickering light a little brighter.

"Of course not, I'm just…cold, and thinking that pain is just not my favourite pastime. I may have to give this hobby up and think about collecting stamps instead," Buffy quipped, whilst trying not to notice that Faith had an enchanting little mole just above the plunge of her tight tee shirt, over her left breast.

She forced her eyes away from the mole, pleading with herself to look up and not into the unashamed cleavage on display so close to her.

"Sure." Faith raised her eyebrow. "Now strip." Her eyes were glinting with mischief she obviously had no control over.

"Huh?" Buffy tried her hardest to figure out where things had gone from Faith being helpful, to Faith wanting to get her naked.

"Take your coat and pants off, B, they're soaked." Faith waved her hand at Buffy, gesturing at her coat as she moved away a little, taking her jacket off as Buffy closed her mouth as soon as it hit her what the younger girl actually meant.

"Oh, right. Of course." Buffy shook her head a little, trying to regain some clarity, and some sense of who the hell she was and what she was doing jumping all kinds of ahead, to less than innocent thoughts, with Faith telling her to strip.

She ignored the amused look Faith passed over her for acting so dense, as she struggled out of her damp coat, shrugging it from her shoulders, trying not to move the muscles in her back around too much. She didn't feel quite as much in pain as she did at the cemetery, a little of her Slayer healing coming into play, but she was still very sore and stiff.

"Here, let me help." Faith strode forwards, helping Buffy pull her arms from her coat, throwing it over the chair on top of her leather jacket, in a way that really wasn't going to help it dry.

The brunette then glanced down at Buffy's sodden pants, then back up to the other Slayer`s face, obviously waiting for her to undo her belt and just slip right out of them. Buffy wasn't exactly the kind of girl who was used to being pantless around people though.

"Umm, maybe I should sit down first. So I can…take them off." Buffy practically stammered, wondering what she was going to wear, do, say… She was at a loss as to what was really happening.

But the thing was, she didn't want to run away from the situation like she had done on previous occasions when Faith had confused her, or had her thinking in ways she wasn't used to. She liked being with her right now too much to want to back away without maybe finding out what the hell the flashing light in the back of her head, and the tingles, were saying.

"Here." Faith took Buffy by the arm, leading her to the bottom of her bed in the shabby motel room.

As Buffy sat herself on the end, feeling more nervous than she really thought necessary given the fact that they were just friends. And both female at that.

Maybe noticing that Buffy wasn't exactly making a move to take her pants off, Faith grinned slightly before suggesting that Buffy could borrow a pair of her jeans. "They might be a little long on ya, but they gotta be better than goin home in those." She pointed to the muddy pants Buffy was beginning to undo.

"Thanks," Buffy said quietly, thinking to herself that Xander would die to be in her position right now, with the prospect of 'getting into' Faith's pants. Even if it was only in a wearing them capacity.

Buffy tried not to dwell on the thought of getting into Faith's pants, but couldn't help herself. She smiled a little to herself without realising, as Faith turned round to fish the jeans out of a drawer.

Pulling her sticky pants down, peeling them off her legs, Buffy shivered slightly, unsure of whether it was only from the cold air hitting her legs.

Perched on the edge of the bottom of Faith's bed, now wearing only her thin sweatshirt and her panties, Buffy had never felt quite so uncertain about what she was doing and why. Every time her mind drifted towards thoughts of more than a friendly nature towards Faith, she slapped them down, eager to put the strange sensations down to their Slayer bond.

After all, she had never thought such things about any of her other female friends, not even Cordelia, and she was a very attractive girl. The fact that she had no reason to really believe that Faith was in any way likely to find her attractive at all either, also helped with the slapping.

Buffy slipped her hands between her thighs, trying to keep warm as she sat feeling weird about having only her girly pink panties covering her modesty. The weird feeling turned on its head into something else at the look Faith gave her upon turning round however.

Holding a pair of dark blue denim jeans in her hand, Faith stopped stock still, her eyes dark and devouring, nostrils flared slightly like she was fighting something within as she looked down at the small blonde.

As she gazed up at her, Buffy could almost feel the tension coming from Faith…In fact, there was no almost about it. The tingles she had been getting from the younger girl seemed to intensify ten fold, and Buffy was busy trying to ignore the fact that Faith looked like she wanted to pounce on her and eat her.

She screamed at herself in her own head that Faith was straight, Faith was into guys, Faith didn't like her in that way, that Faith looked so hot right now she could leap at her, push her against the dresser behind her and finally get to know just how soft her perfect lips were, just how warm and wet her tongue was.

The screaming thoughts had quickly turned from no way, no how, to yes please I want you so much right now, so quickly, that it left Buffy's head spinning slightly. She could feel her lung's desire for air increasing, her heart beginning to pound. Her reasoning leaping up to do all kinds of fighting back the feeling.

She blinked, begging herself to look away from the dark intensity of Faith's deep brown eyes. Thankfully Faith looked away first, but she didn't take her eyes from Buffy, instead allowing her gaze to travel to the older girl's bare legs.

Faith looked to be fighting an inner battle with herself as she stiffened her jaw, eventually snapping herself out of her daze, flicking her eyes back up to Buffy's face as she sat in semi shock, not knowing whether she appreciated the fact that Faith looked like she wanted to jump on her, or felt like running because of it.

"Pink panties, B? I shoulda guessed." Faith grinned, obviously trying to get control of herself in some way. The cockiness Buffy now knew she hid behind, doing its utmost to conceal what she was thinking, and feeling maybe.

Buffy couldn't find her voice for a come back, finding it incredibly difficult to attach excuses this time to the way Faith had looked at her. Desire had been there in her eyes, but she had briefly looked just as scared of it as Buffy felt for feeling caught up in it.

Faith seemed to be doing a much better job, however, at changing the intensity of the moment into nothing more than what it should be between two friends.

So Faith was a friend that sent shivers up and down her spine, Buffy thought, but that didn't mean anything. The fact she had briefly wanted to push Faith up onto the messy dresser and kiss her silly… didn't mean anything.

She was just caught up in the Slayer thing. Faith was just caught up too, Buffy assured herself, and didn't want her. Hadn't looked at her like she was thinking of all the ways she could make her come.

Buffy was once again shocking herself with her thoughts, and stopped herself thinking altogether, choosing instead to focus on a bare patch of carpet in front of her, shivering slightly as Faith approached.

A throaty chuckle broke her stare from the floor and up to the brunette, who was now smiling at her with probably the gentlest smile she had ever seen Faith give her. It was so beautiful. So open. And Buffy completely missed whatever it was that Faith had just said to her.

"What?" Buffy asked, her voice a mere squeak compared to Faith's.

"I said you should take a shower, girlfriend. You're looking wicked grimy there, and the warm water might stop that shivering." The chuckle to Faith's voice only added to its appeal.

An appeal Buffy was beginning to succumb to no matter how hard she fought. Hell…it's not like she had the strength to fight right then anyway. She was weak. Vulnerable. More and more unable to stop the new sensations washing over her where Faith was concerned.

Buffy allowed herself a second to think about bolting and leaving the strange sensations behind, but she didn't want to leave Faith right now. She liked the way the other girl was showing her the caring side to her, even if she knew mentioning that Faith was doing that would get her a cocky shake of Faith's head as she denied her actions were bordering on sweet.

She did feel really grimy too, sat with Vampire dust in her hair and on her face, and muddy water sticking to her legs. And the thought of hot clean water running over her body did make her feel like there was a chance she would feel warm again before she broke her teeth with the chattering.

"Would you mind? If I took a shower?" Buffy asked, looking up at Faith.

"Not at all. There's plenty hot water in this place, despite the fact it's a rat hole," Faith answered, throwing the jeans down onto the bed next to Buffy, turning to walk towards the small bathroom to turn the water on.

Buffy pushed herself up off the bed, instantly feeling a muscle in her back twang like a string, knowing she was making matters worse by being so tense because of the cold, and also the unfamiliar feelings Faith seemed to be instilling in her even more so than usual.

She let out a heavy pain filled sigh and held still.

"Hey, you ok?" Faith came rushing back from the bathroom, followed by a small amount of steam, her eyes darting over the small blonde, as she no doubt tried to work out what was wrong.

"Yeah, it's just…back…sore." She winced, taking a step towards the bathroom, doing her best to forget the fact that she was standing in front of Faith, a girl known for mocking, with just her girly panties and sweatshirt on.

Faith didn't say a thing though as she moved quickly towards Buffy and glided her arm around her, once again encouraging the smaller girl to rely on her. To lean on her.

Buffy's nude skin brushed up against the cool leather of Faith's pants, sending a small chill through her. She put it down to the cold. Her heart began to beat a little more as they walked slowly into the tight squeeze of the bathroom. She put it down to the pain. As Faith sat her down on the toilet seat, her eyes a soft brown, not hiding their captivating charm behind hardness and defences, butterflies barraged Buffy's stomach.

She put it down to the fact that she didn't think she had ever been more attracted to anybody's beauty as much in her life before. She was overwhelmed by it. By Faith. Every gorgeous bit of her.

Every look she gave her, every touch Faith scorched her skin with, every scent that seemed to bathe her in a desire that she had tried to ignore. Every tingle, that was so much more than just the Slayer bond.

It washed over her, through her. Sweeping her up in confirmation of her attraction.

Buffy felt so compelled to kiss Faith that she found herself leaning forwards, breath held, towards the slightly parted lips so close to her. But Faith tore her eyes away and stood, her pupils large and devouring, hands not looking like they knew where to rest.

She was obviously as unsure as Buffy was about whatever it was going on between them. She seemed no older than her 16 years right then. No more experienced with such feelings, than Buffy was herself.

Faith eventually looked Buffy back in the eye, acting uncharacteristically coyly, everything pretty much on show without the veil of her defences. "Um, do you need help…Getting in I mean," she asked.

Buffy blushed slightly, and Faith glanced away, looking like she was trying to find the expression that told the world she was unflusterable. That she was tough, and hard…and had seen it all and done it all. But now Buffy could see that wasn't the case.

"I won't look or anything," Faith continued, confirming to Buffy that most of Faith's attitude to life was just bravado.

That underneath the leather and the tough 'bad ass' girl act, she was almost as nervous as Buffy was right then. Probably just as unsure about the tingles and the obvious desire that sparked just below the surface between them.

Buffy knew for sure now, that what she felt for Faith could be construed as a crush…or to be more precise, something more than that. Something less frivolous, and more sexual. Deeper than attraction. Deeper than being able to just ignore it.

She knew she couldn't risk scaring Faith off by accepting her help into the shower though, because she knew she wouldn't be able to hide the fact that she wanted Faith in a way that maybe the younger girl just wasn`t ready to deal with.

She could tell there was an attraction for her coming from Faith, but in no way was she going to blow the advances they had made in their friendship over the last few days by blatantly melting under her touch if she helped her into the shower, or coming onto her in the need to taste her luscious lips against her own.

"It's ok…I'll manage." Buffy practically whispered, her body flaming with need as much as her mind was telling her to cool it.

Faith looked from the bathroom door to Buffy, her face losing its vulnerable guise a little as she seemed to dig deep for some of the bravado that kept up her image.

"Ok...your call. Just don't slip over and make a mess of the bathroom with your blood." She smirked, her eyebrows their usual expressive self, covering the fact she seemed to be stuck somewhere between leaping on Buffy, and leaping out of the window.

Buffy could completely empathise. She felt exactly the same.


Buffy struggled out of the shower, feeling better for having the hot water wash the mud and yuck away, and soothing her back a little as her Slayer healing did its best to repair whatever damage had been done there.

She stiffly wrapped a white towel around her, which ended just above her knees, noting that it wasn't your usual stringy motel type towel. She guessed that Faith must have bought it herself, then wondered how she got the money to.

It wasn't like there was anybody around to give her an allowance. The council certainly didn't hand out money, and Faith had never said anything about a job. The thought worried Buffy; not daring to imagine what Faith did for money, but feeling very concerned suddenly at how she managed to survive.

She wanted to rush back into the other room and make sure Faith was eating right. Ask her if she got by ok, or if she needed anything. Wrap her up in a hug and apologise for not thinking about it sooner.

Of course, Buffy realised that Faith would freak out on her if she did such a thing, having no doubt that the independent girl would keep stuck behind her wall of pride and obstinacy.

Stopping short of making a fool of herself, Buffy took a second to make sure she was completely covered. Faith hadn't placed any spare clothes in the bathroom, so she had to slowly make her way into the other room with only the towel around her.

She was still feeling kind of dizzy with a head full of new ideas about Faith, and the relationship they could have, as more than just friends. And still thinking she should try her best not to let Faith know, or realise how she felt about her, in order not to make some kind of huge mistake.

But then she guessed that if she could see that Faith had an attraction to her, then the brunette would probably have seen the way she was reacting too. Could see the fire inside she had for her.

The realisation that Faith, the self assured sex addict, probably knew just how wanted she was by her, had Buffy standing with her hand resting on the doorknob, her chest straining to allow her to breathe as she gripped the towel tight at the front.

She wasn't sure if she could handle being in the same room with Faith right now with the way things seemed to be developing between them. In fact, she was pretty sure she couldn't handle the whole thing. Being there, liking Faith in that way. Losing interest in Angel for her. It was all so much. Maybe too much to deal with.

Swallowing down the uncomfortable lump in her throat, Buffy opened the door, her back still causing her to wince a little as she left the heat of the bathroom.

Faith was up and off the bed before Buffy could even process the fact that she had changed into a very short pair of shorts, and a tee shirt that left some of her midriff exposed.

She stopped moving, her stomach flipping again as it had done earlier, the pounding in her chest clearly telling her that she could no longer deny that she was indeed 'into' Faith, in much more than the kind of way she would normally be for one of her female friends.

There was just something about the younger girl. A temptation she couldn't seem to resist, or at least certainly not any longer anyway.

Buffy allowed her eyes to wander over the other girl's athletic frame, knowing it must have been obvious what she was thinking, but unable to make her eyes obey her demand for them to look elsewhere.

It didn't seem to matter though, as Faith shifted towards her, just the smallest of smiles gracing her lips. Her brown eyes looking unexpectedly warm in the soft glow from the bedside lamp, as it lay a soft sheen of light around them.

"You wanna put these on?" Faith asked, picking up a pair of jeans, and a tee shirt from her bed.

It took Buffy a moment to speak with the way the quiet tone of the other girl's voice seemed to have her shivering with its seductive burr. "Umm, yeah, thanks."

Buffy removed a hand from the death grip it had on her towel and reached out for the clothes. Her fingers brushed against Faith's as she took them, causing them both to look up from the items and into one another's eyes. If there had been gas in the room, they would have both been blown sky-high the sparks between them were that intense.

It was blatant, obvious, and unmistakeable. The tension between them palpable as they stood in the centre of the sparsely lit room, their fingers touching softly under the offered clothing, eyes locked in defiance of the certain fear and unfamiliarity of such feelings.

Buffy knew she had to break the eye contact. Had to move so it didn't become silly and awkward. She was fast falling into the dark gaze of the other Slayer. Feeling herself pulled forwards by some kind of invisible force she had never felt before.

It was like something was whispering to her to step that bit closer. To drop the clothes. Drop the towel even, as her body seemed to suddenly ache to be touched. To be touched by Faith's strong hands. Have her fingers possessing her, and lips blazing trails over her sun kissed skin.

A car passing close by outside, its headlamps bathing them both in a glittering dazzle of light before it swept past, shook them from their places. Buffy looking down to the jeans and tee shirt, finally pulling them away. Faith letting go and running what Buffy now knew as a nervous hand through her hair.

They both stood in awkward silence again. Not a sound risking to interrupt the tension in the room. Looking from the clothes to Faith, Buffy then placed the garments onto the bed, her heart thumping through her chest, hands shaking slightly from more than just the chill in the air.

She knew there was no doubt now that Faith wanted her. That Faith hadn't been joking when she had flirted or risked some playful teasing during sparring. There was pure desire in the deep defenceless depths of her eyes. A wanton lust in the way she licked her lips whilst watching Buffy.

Daring to defy her own better judgment, feeling unusually willing to lay down her self-righteousness in the face of something that could be so good, Buffy began to unwrap the towel from around her bruised body.

She didn't stop to question whether or not she was crazy, or suffering some side affect to the drug Giles had given her. She didn't want to acknowledge the fact that she was feeling emotionally as well as physically weak right now, and all kinds of vulnerable and likely to make huge errors in judgment.

She was sure she wasn't misjudging the way Faith seemed to be stalking her with her eyes, waiting for the towel to drop, for all barriers between them to be kicked down. It was starkly obvious that Faith wanted her as her gaze lingered on Buffy's hands as she pulled apart the now damp towel.

But then, just as Buffy was about to be standing naked in front of Faith, the younger girl turned her eyes from her, her body following suit as she presented her back to Buffy. "Sorry, I'll look away. Just umm, let me know if you need a hand getting into those."

Buffy was shocked. Once again taken aback by the way Faith was acting towards her. It was so unlike her. So…adorable.

With her towel now shrugged down to her waist as she held onto it, Buffy let out a soft breath she hadn't realised she'd been holding. Her whole body wanted Faith to turn around, to take her, and to show her what it felt like to be truly touched. She could feel herself becoming wet with the thought alone, but clearly Faith wasn't ready for that. Or maybe she was just unsure about what was happening, Buffy thought.

It was easy to forget how young Faith was with all the stories she told. All the bravado that held her apart from everybody else. But that bravado was gone right now, and she was just a pretty sixteen year old…with a great body, Buffy had to acknowledge in her head.

In fact, she had to acknowledge a damn sight more than just calling Faith pretty too, but she was beginning to get too cold to be arguing with herself over pedantic little things like how hot and irresistible Faith was.

She looked down to the carpet for a second, instantly regretting doing so as she realised she was barefoot, and the short pile was probably crawling with all kinds of nasty things. Shaking the thought of slimy green ick pustules appearing on her feet because of the grotty carpet, she moved to the bed, sitting down heavily as she rattled her brain for ways to get what she wanted, ways to get Faith, and not screw up their friendship in the process.

She had to have a backup plan worked out just in case she had got things incredibly wrong. Or maybe just in case Faith wasn't interested in being with her even if she was attracted to her.

Maybe just dropping her towel in front of Faith had been a little extreme, Buffy realised, her mind ticking through everything she could do to keep the dark Slayer from throwing up all her walls again. She didn't know how they had fallen in the first place, but was immensely glad they had. She liked seeing the soft side to Faith that she clearly kept hidden to most people.

Pulling on the long dark red tee shirt Faith had placed on top of the jeans for her, Buffy looked over at the younger girl as she stood with her arms folded patiently by the dresser in front of the wide window.

She could see the defined muscles in her back at the bottom of her cut off top, and she instantly wanted to know just how soft the skin there was. It looked like silk, and her fingers were practically itching to know its texture. To know how Faith would react to the touch.

Buffy knew right then that she couldn't just let whatever it was between them slip back to the way it had been before the council's little test. She had to have more than just the tension and the subtle teasing. She wanted more, and was pretty used to getting what she wanted.

"Umm, Faith? I was just thinking." Buffy kept her eyes locked on Faith's back, waiting for flinches, or any kind of reaction to let her know she had asked the wrong thing. "Could I maybe stay here tonight? I mean…it's late and I don't wanna get my mom out of bed, or…" She didn't get to finish her sentence before Faith turned around.

"Sure…I guess. As long as you don't snore or nothing," she said, her gestures all 'icy Faith', yet her walls still not able to hide that she was at least just a tad pleased at Buffy's request.

"Thanks." Buffy watched Faith for a second, as she seemed to struggle for what to do with her arms and hands.

Once again, Buffy was surprised to be thinking of Faith as sweet and cute rather than hot and sexy…but she couldn't help it as she witnessed the display of sheer self-consciousness from the usually overtly self assured girl.

There was just so much right now that she wanted to know about Faith too. Like everything she had been holding back from thinking, was flooding her mind. Questions about her, about her past, about how she got by, how she felt about them, as Slayers, as friends…as more.

They were questions she knew she couldn't ask right out though, because she knew enough about Faith to know she would leap out of the nearest window. No, in fact…she'd probably throw her out of the window, Buffy supposed.

So she held her tongue and yawned a little before a shiver ran down her spine with the breeze blowing through the nearby door.

"You wanna, err, get into bed?" Faith asked, fiddling slightly with the hem of her shorts. "You'd be warmer in there."

"Yeah, thanks. I think I'm pretty beat too, what with all the being rescued and stuff." Buffy chuckled a little, as she tried to make light of just how bad she felt about being so weak.

"You want some shorts or something?" Faith turned to her dresser drawer quicker than Buffy could answer her, producing a similar small pair of cotton shorts to her own.

Buffy stood from the bed, still a little unsteady, and took a pace toward Faith, knowing exactly what Faith would be thinking if she was indeed interested in her in a sexual way. She had no panties on, so it would be so easy for Faith just to move forward to her, to slide her hand up the inside of her thigh to feel the wet sheen now beginning to coat her folds.

Buffy was thinking it, so supposed that Faith would think the very same thing.

She felt the cool air hit her bare pussy just under the bottom of the tee shirt and noted Faith's eyes as they flicked down. Her pupils flared wide, giving away that Buffy had supposed correctly.

And as Buffy stopped in front of the dark girl, she caught the scent of her own arousal in the air, tainting the heated atmosphere between them. She could smell her own wet pussy, now practically dripping with the thought of Faith sliding her fingers over it. And if Faith's sudden need to breath a little harder, a little quicker, was any indication, she could smell Buffy too.

It all terrified the blonde Slayer still, but the need was stronger. The haze of attraction and lust between them was too strong to ignore. And she needed this. Buffy needed to feel hot skin against her own. Warm hands touching her in intimate places, arousing her, and lifting her to heights she had never truly been to.

Buffy knew right then, for sure, that she wanted it to be Faith to make her feel the way she so desperately needed to.

And the small flicker she could see in the deep depths of the other girl's eyes, pretty much told her that Faith wanted the exact same thing, despite the fact she seemed to be fighting it more than Buffy would ever have guessed she would.

"Here," Faith said, holding out the shorts for Buffy, who noticed a slight quiver to the younger girl's voice. Faith must have noticed it too, though, and instantly tried to stand taller, to replace her lost arrogance and confidence. "Just err, don't go doing any squat thrusts in those and ruining em. I mean…your last roll in the hay guy is like…dead. Fuck knows what kinda diseases he could have. His dick could be green and mouldy for all I know. Rotting to pieces with some kinda extinct killer sexual thing."

Buffy sighed a little. "Faith, that's gross. And I so do not have any kind of sexual disease thank you very much, and neither does Angel, I hope…No, I mean, I know…he isn't rotting, anywhere."

"Whatever you say, girlfriend. I just know that I wouldn't touch it with, well, anything of mine that's for sure." Faith laughed into the stillness of the room, cutting the sexual tension between them in two and replacing it with their usual banter, much to Buffy's dismay.

Buffy rolled her eyes, pouting because she had lost nice and kind Faith to nice and vulgar Faith somewhere along the line.

"I'm gonna take a shower, princess. Feel free to find the pea." Faith waved toward the bed as she retreated to the bathroom, her bad ass persona fully in tact and obviously attempting to work overtime for some reason.

"Find the what?" Buffy muttered, but realised almost straight away that Faith had meant for her to get into bed.

Standing with her hand clutching the small pair of shorts Faith had given her, with her aching body being denied its right for salvation, the stubborn blonde felt like stomping, just a little at least. She knew Faith wanted her…or at least was fairly certain, and even though she was scared to death of the implications, and the consequences of doing 'anything' with Faith, she just couldn't back off from the way she felt.

And besides all of that, she liked sweet Faith right now more than bolshy Faith. She needed that side of the other girl in her own emotionally wrought state, to help her through some of the crap that had just been slung at her.

Buffy realised she would have to do something. Would have to find Faith's buttons, and push them mercilessly. In every kind of way she could.


Deciding that she definitely wanted some more of nice Faith without all the defences, Buffy quickly attempted to struggle into the shorts the other Slayer had given her. Too quickly in fact, causing her to lose her balance and fall backwards.

Making sure she did nothing to stop herself, Buffy landed with a hard crash on the floor, yelping in pain like she was up for an Oscar. Her thoughts on nothing but getting Faith to falter in her retreat back behind her walls.

It worked well to get the younger girl racing over to her, holding out her hand to pull Buffy up. But Buffy wasn't planning on being yanked up and tossed around. She wanted Faith close to her again, so she kept her hands down, one firmly planted on her lower back as she whimpered little almost-sobs, pretending she was trying to be strong.

"Fuck, B…maybe we should take you to the hospital or something," Faith said, moving to Buffy's side on the floor.

Instantly watering down her stellar performance for fear of being carted off in an ambulance, Buffy brushed away the few tears she had squeezed out and shook her head, her damp hair sending little droplets of water over Faith. "No…no hospital. I just need…" She didn't finish her sentence, as all she could think of that she needed was Faith, in various positions on the bed. Her mind filtering through them all and making her dizzy with lust.

"You're kinda freaking me out, Twinkie, but I guess you know best." Faith shrugged, placing her arm around Buffy's back in order to lift her from the floor.

Buffy didn't attempt to stop Faith as she then scooped her other arm under her legs and stood, lifting her up with her. Buffy bit her lip, one hand flying up around Faith's shoulders whilst the other kept tight hold of the shorts she had failed to put on due to her dramatic tumble backwards.

Feeling kind of ridiculous but also pleased, Buffy allowed herself to be carried to the bed, her heart pounding in her ears as she felt more than a flutter in her stomach. The flutter was creeping up, and hitting her in the chest as she looked up into the concentrated face of the other girl.

She tried to fight down the feeling of an overwhelming snug sensation washing over her. But she failed. It was there and waiting for her to acknowledge it, so she ignored it for the time being, concentrating instead on the way Faith's strong arms were holding her. The warmth of her body soft and close.

Setting Buffy down on the end of the bed, Faith stepped back, her fingers leaving a hot trail across the underside of Buffy's bare thighs. "Your hair is soaking yunno," Faith muttered, looking down at her now damp top where Buffy's head had just been briefly resting.

"Oops, sorry." Buffy wrinkled her nose cutely as she tried not to look happy at the fact Faith's top had just become even more clingy.

Faith just shook her head, a small chuckle creeping out of her as she picked up the discarded towel next to the blonde girl. "You should dry it so you don't…yunno, get a cold." Faith seemed to realise that she was actually sounding like she gave a damn and attempted to look all nonchalant halfway through. It didn't work, however.

Smiling up at the younger girl, Buffy nodded, her mind reminding her that she was meant to be reeling Faith in. Her body reminding her that she had no panties on, and was barely covered by the tee shirt she was wearing.

She tried to ignore the need she felt welling inside her, cautious of making an idiot of herself by leaping on Faith.

The brunette needed approaching carefully; like a caged tiger in a pen much too small. Buffy wasn't about to rush in and have her head bitten off.

Pushing the shorts to the side in case the brunette pointed out that she should be wearing them, then taking the towel from Faith, Buffy slowly began rubbing it over her hair, attempting to free it of water. She winced as Faith turned to make her way back to the bathroom. Then again, louder until the young Slayer turned on her heel.

"You need a hand with that?" Faith asked quietly, hovering between the bed and the relative safety of the bathroom.

"Um, yeah," Buffy answered coyly, practically fluttering her eyelashes at the other Slayer.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, Faith moved back over to the bed, looking somewhat confused. Maybe not knowing why she was acting the way she was with Buffy herself.

It certainly seemed that way, and made Buffy feel just a little guilty with her plan to get Faith coddling her even more. Of course, it didn't stop her. She wasn't one to be perturbed by such a thing as guilt when it came to something she wanted.

Passing the towel back to Faith, Buffy only expected the other girl to maybe stand before her and towel dry her hair a little. She quickly realised that wasn't going to be the case, as she sat watching Faith stride over to the dresser to pick up a comb, then jump behind her on the bed.

Almost flying head long off the end with the way the exuberant Slayer bounced onto the mattress, Buffy gripped the comforter, then let out a slightly shocked little gasp as hands pulled her backwards by the waist.

She found herself sat between Faith's legs as she knelt behind her on the bed, feeling a little breathless with being so close, and still so exposed in the crotch area.

Without saying a word Faith began to softly rub the towel over Buffy's hair, pulling wet strands off the back of her neck. Her fingers brushing against Buffy's skin in a way that made her shiver from the inside out.

The blonde girl bent her head forwards slightly, just enjoying the sensations the younger girl was silently causing. Her hands were clasped between her crossed legs, keeping the tee shirt covering her modesty. Keeping herself from touching the strong thighs either side of her.

She was quickly becoming lost in the soft caressing of her hair by Faith. Lost to the warmth trickling through her. To the way she could feel small touches to her skin, teasing her body into a place that required more.

More from Faith. And more from herself.

Clearing her throat a little as she found her voice to be much more husky than normal, Buffy forced herself to take hold of the fact she wanted Faith right now as much more than her friend. She didn't want to scare her away however so thought she'd better test the water a little. "Faith?" Buffy's voice was low and soft in the quiet of the room.

"Yeah, B," Faith mumbled, as she replaced the towel in her hand for her comb, going about gently easing it through Buffy's hair.

Buffy barely restrained a sigh with the feel of Faith's fingers doing just as much brushing as the comb, as she gently worked out tangles from her damp hair. She couldn't believe Faith was being so gentle with her, but it felt so nice. A simple act made intimate by the fact that Faith was now virtually pressed against her. The warmth from her body heating Buffy up and begging for her to lean back into the other girl.

Certain that Faith wasn't tense in a way that suggested she might bolt for the door, Buffy continued. "Faith, why are you doing this?" She paused, not so much waiting for an answer as much as trying to work out what she wanted to say. And where she was headed.

Faith's hands also paused for a second. "What do ya mean, B? You want me to stop brushing your hair?" Faith's tone sounded unlike her. Like she was trembling inside. Worried about making a wrong move maybe.

"No," Buffy practically whispered, and Faith resumed brushing, the comb discarded altogether as she stroked her fingers affectionately through damp locks. "I mean, why are you helping me out like this? Without teasing me, or…I dunno, just…" She stalled, losing her train of thought as caring fingers swept back her hair from her temples, trailing down until they stopped at the top of her shoulders, not resting there, but moving to timidly rub over tired muscles.

Buffy relaxed instantly despite the tension of the situation. Faith's hands gently kneading her shoulders. Her scent enveloping Buffy in its intoxicating allure. Her thumbs pressing into just the right areas, with just the right amount of pressure to cause a soft moan of approval before the younger Slayer rattled her out of her haze of pleasure.

"Just what, B?" Faith asked.

Buffy felt tingles all over her shoulders where the other girl was busy touching her with dextrous fingers, massaging away any doubt about going further with Faith. Eliciting a soft sigh before she answered the other girl.

"It's just that you're not usually so bothered about me getting hurt, and you're not using this whole lack of Buffy-strength thing to your advantage," Buffy said, without thinking Faith would react too badly to the question.

She was wrong.

Faith halted in the teasing of Buffy's shoulders, resting her warm hands either side of her neck. "Is that what you think of me? That I'd kick you when you're down? Fuck, B."

She sounded hurt, making Buffy frown and worry that the younger girl would run right back behind her walls. Some definite damage limitation was needed, along with some more attention to her shoulders. "I didn't mean…"

"No, B…I know exactly what you meant." There was no softness to Faith's voice now. She was angry, and moving her hands away from Buffy, her body shifting on the bed in order to get up.

Buffy didn't want her to get up and move away though. She didn't want the hesitant steps forward they'd made to be forgotten, or retracted.

Unclasping her hands, moving one round to gently lay on Faith's thigh, Buffy turned enough to catch the brunette's eye. "Wait, don't stop." It wasn't quite the right thing to say she realised, as it sounded like she was being her usual demanding and spoilt self. "Faith, I'm sorry. I've just…I've never seen this side to you before."

Faith's mask of indifference crept back over her face, her eyes flicking down to where Buffy had her hand resting on her naked thigh. Her own hands limp at her side.

"If you want me to treat you like shit, B, I can do that. If you get off on it, I'm game for anything," Faith said, her brow furrowing as she must have realised that she'd given herself away a little.

"Anything?" Buffy asked rather flirtatiously, a sly smile sneaking over her lips.

Faith blinked, looking kind of puzzled. Maybe a little wary. But she didn't move further away, and that was a good thing as far as Buffy was concerned.

"Umm, I…" Faith faltered, looking like she was desperate for a way out of whatever trap Buffy was laying. But she still didn't move off the bed, much to Buffy's delight.

"Faith." The dark haired Slayer looked into Buffy's eyes, nervousness clear in her pupils as they glinted with the low light of the bedside lamp. "Could you…maybe rub my shoulders a little more? It was nice," She said breathily, not wanting to give herself away completely as she found herself falling into the alluring brown eyes of the other girl.

Faith's features softened in an instant. Her slightly clenched jaw relaxing at Buffy's words of encouragement. Her body back to settle directly behind the smaller girl. She shook her head a little wryly, a grin lifting the corners of her mouth as she placed her hands once again on Buffy's, causing Buffy to turn back to sitting between her legs.

Buffy was wearing her own little grin, even as Faith tried her damnedest to find some snarl to her tone as she told her, "you owe me one though, B."

There was no malice or conviction to her words though, and the way that Faith seemed to have gone from angry-and-about-to-bolt, to calm- and-rubbing-her-shoulders, made Buffy want to giggle aloud. Not because she wanted to laugh at Faith, but just because she felt giddy with the prospect of badass Faith relinquishing that title, for her. Even if it was just in a small way, with subtle gestures.

It was better than nothing, and gave Buffy hope.

Enjoying the closeness between them, she sat sighing into the dusty atmosphere of the faded grey room, counting the breaths that Faith took as she softly massaged her shoulder muscles. Her fingers glancing over her neck now and then and sending little lighting bolts of pleasure through her, tingling over her nipples, and coursing in rivulets of desire down to her bare pussy, where she knew for sure she was getting wet for Faith. Where she knew for definite now, that she wanted Faith's attentions more than anything she could remember wanting.

Buffy's nipples were hard and scraping over the rough cotton of her tee shirt as she attempted to keep her breathing under control. Every inch of her skin begging for her to take it off and lean into the soft, enticing body behind her.

It seemed like doing it would be the most natural thing in the world to her right then, but she didn't dare take that further step just yet.

It appeared that Faith was getting lost in the flirtation with boundaries herself, however, as she completely relaxed, causing her thighs to fall open a tad more, and her body to squeeze closer to Buffy.

The blonde girl had to bite her lip as soft full breasts nudged her back. The heat of the other Slayer burning into her everywhere they touched. Everywhere Faith's hands blazed trails of fire as they danced over her. Sharp points, like daggers of undeniable desire pressing into her from behind.

She knew, and could feel that Faith's nipples were hard. Solid against her, and teasing her with every lungful of air the younger girl took.

Wanting to turn and stroke her fingers over them, and suck them softly into her mouth, Buffy leant back just a little. Just in time to feel the swell of Faith's breasts pushed back into her more, as the brunette edged closer too. Her hands slowing in their gentle massaging motion. Just her fingers stroking softly either side of Buffy's throat.

A small and shuddering breath drifted over Buffy's left ear, indicating clearly that she wasn't the only one taking pleasure in the situation. That she wasn't alone in being quietly wooed into the soft rocking motion beginning to develop between them in an attempt to feel more of the other. To rub against each other.

Buffy could imagine that Faith was getting just as wet as her in the intensity of their closeness. She could picture the other girl's pussy swollen with need, dripping onto her tongue as she spread her folds open. The desire to taste Faith overwhelming any doubt, hesitation, or apprehension.

She wanted the other girl. Badly. And it was obvious Faith was feeling it too. Her thighs brushing against Buffy's knees as she got as close as she could without literally humping her.

Without thinking, Buffy shifted her hand back to where it had been before, on Faith's thigh. Her grip meant to reassure Faith that she wanted her there. Wanted more. It didn't have the desired affect, however, and almost straight away, Faith virtually leapt back. Her hands flying from Buffy as she retreated.

"Yunno, I should get a shower. I'm feeling kinda…sticky," Faith just about stuttered out as she shuffled off the bed, leaving Buffy a mess of want and need. "Sticky from the vamp dusting I mean. Not that I was…for anything else."

Faith was fighting to find her words, her don't-give-a-fuck attitude, and her balance as she stumbled over the shorts Buffy had shoved to the floor.

She tripped, all Slayer stealth and poise going out of the window as her foot got trapped in the discarded article of clothing. Cursing like a sailor, her arms flailing, Faith left her dignity at the door and partially tumbled into Buffy's arms as she shot from her position on the bed.

"Jesus, Buffy, are you some kinda fucking peep show act? Leaving your clothes lying about and prancing around in…" Realisation seemed to hit Faith that she was now on one knee in front of Buffy, gripping onto her arms, as the older girl stood inches away from her nose with no panties on.

She closed her eyes and took an indignant breath, and Buffy watched an entire showcase of conflicting emotions cross the younger girl's face as she stood up abruptly, attempting to straighten herself out without looking foolish.

It was clear from Faith's expression that there was desire there. That she wanted Buffy. That her mouth was practically watering from the deep inhalation of her scent she must have gotten. But it was also clear that she was panicking. Clutching onto her resolve to have the upper hand. To be stronger than laying herself open to making a mistake that could cost her more dearly than she probably cared to admit.

So she shot Buffy a look that almost said please don't play with me, and strode off towards the bathroom.

Buffy could do nothing but watch. Couldn't think of the right words or actions this time to bring Faith back. Her mind and body so much in a place of wanting Faith that she was unable to shake herself out of the daze she had been led into by Faith's compassionate attention.

Buffy sighed. Shoulders slumping, as water clunked through the pipes in the bathroom, and the breeze from under the door reminded her that she was apparently peep show material on the clothing front.

Slyly kicking the shorts she was meant to be wearing completely under the bed, however, the ever cunning Slayer formed another plan of attack.


Creeping over to the bed, ensuring her bare feet didn't step in anything on the icky side, Buffy pulled back the light covers, hoping Faith hadn't had some random guy within them without washing them afterwards.

Shaking her head as she persuaded herself that Faith really wasn't as gross as that, she climbed in, slipping under the cotton sheets, pulling on her tee shirt so it wasn't riding up around her stomach somewhere.

She couldn't really think of a plan to get Faith opening up to her so she could move them past friendship, but she was fairly sure it wouldn't really take too much anyhow. It would just take patience and subtlety so that neither of them panicked.

Buffy wasn't sure if she could do the not-panicking thing, but she knew now for certain that she could no longer just pretend that there was nothing more than the Slayer bond between her and Faith. It ran much deeper. Maybe even deeper than just attraction.

Not wanting to baffle her way out of it, Buffy snuggled down into the double bed, pulling the covers up to her chin, making sure she was close to the centre of the bed. She buried her head into the pillow and instantly became immersed in Faith's scent. It was all around her, wrapping her up in its exotic temptation.

There wasn't a place she would rather be right then than there…lying in Faith's bed, waiting for the other girl to join her from the shower. Their bond pulling them close together. Closer than she had ever felt to anybody.

At least, that's what she hoped for. That Faith wouldn't shove her to the edge of the bed, so that she could do a little Slayer sized sprawl and not give Buffy a chance to get close to her.

She laid immersed in Faith's scent for about 10 minutes, listening to the splashes in the shower and the squeezing of various bottles of shampoo and shower gel. Wishing she could be stood right alongside Faith, soaping her down and learning every curve of strong and sexy body.

Closing her eyes, Buffy felt herself relaxing completely. Feeling so much more comfortable with the situation than she thought was probably normal. It all felt right though.

Right that they should be heading towards where she hoped they were.

As she felt her muscles unwind and her worries disperse, Buffy smiled a soft little smile as the door to the bathroom quietly opened. She fluttered her eyes open just enough to watch as Faith sauntered back into the room, only wearing a towel around her slender frame.

Pretending to be asleep, Buffy kept her gaze on Faith. Watching as the other Slayer used a smaller towel to dry her hair, as she stood turned from her near the dresser. She wanted to get out of bed and stand behind Faith so she could wrap her arms around her. So she could kiss her shoulders and feel the warmth of her body again.

But she didn't move. Staying silent and still, laying on her side a little, Buffy looked on in complete appreciation and awe at how effortlessly beautiful Faith was when she stripped away the make-up and the slutty clothes.

She felt her body, her heart…aching to be near the younger girl, but as Faith turned her head to look over at Buffy, she slammed her eyes shut, not yet wanting Faith to know she was awake.

Then, as if she was feeling completely relaxed and comfortable now with Buffy in the same room as her, Faith dropped her towel. Her flawless skin shimmering in the low light as she kept her back to the bed. Every dip and curve and muscle an embodiment of perfection to Buffy, as she opened her eyes to watch, her breath catching in the throat.

Hoping that Faith wouldn't notice that she was awake and yell, and call her a pervert for watching, Buffy continued to peek from the covers, mouth almost watering as she drank in the sight of a very naked Faith. Her taut backside within reach almost as she bent to open a drawer.

A groan almost escaped the older girl as she caught a glimpse of Faith's pussy as she bent to pick out something to put on. The room was too dark to see much, and her half-closed eyes restricted the view, but Buffy got instantly wet. She wanted to touch Faith so much. She wanted to feel the soft pink flesh on her fingertips as she coated them in the other girl's wetness.

There was no hope in even pretending now that she wasn't completely lusting after Faith. The slick feeling between her own legs proved that point.

Faith stood again, slipping on a tee shirt over her head, flicking her hair out of the back like a pro seductress. As if she knew she had an audience. Buffy was pretty sure she was doing a good job of feigning sleep though, so she kept her eyes on Faith.

Slipping into a pair of very small panties, Faith then walked around to the other side of the bed, her hand brushing through her dark locks as she practically crept along. Of course, Buffy was saddened by the fact Faith had concealed herself under her panties, but she was still feeling giddy inside, now that Faith was about to get into bed with her.

And although Faith had done a good job at being quiet and creeping around, she shattered any hope of Buffy staying asleep, or pretending to sleep, by jumping under the covers and shaking the whole bed.

Buffy let out a little yelp, in shock more than pain…but hoping to take advantage of the situation, she soon turned it into a whimper and a grumble about her back.

"What's the matter with you?" Faith asked rather harshly, as she wriggled around in order to get covered and comfortable, further away from Buffy than she had hoped for.

Buffy was about to snap at Faith for being so clumsy but decided to work the sympathy angle some more, and hope that Faith hadn't really meant to be so inconsiderate. She pouted. A hurt look in her eyes as she watched Faith crumble before her. The walls clearly dissolving again for the cute blonde.

"I'm sorry, B. Didn't mean to ruffle ya," Faith said, her voice taking on a night-time huskiness, accent laid on thick, as she furrowed her brow.

"It's ok, I just feel kinda crappy too I guess. With everything…" Buffy trailed off, a little sigh parting her lips as she worked it as much as she could. "Faith?" she whispered quietly, stilling Faith as she looked into Buffy's eyes. "Can you hold me?"

It was a risk. A huge risk. Faith just wasn't that kinda girl, and Buffy knew it. But she wanted her close.

Faith didn't reply at first, her eyes showing a little fear. A little anxiety about the unknown maybe. Then Buffy detected an unsteady breath from the other girl as she shifted her weight, moving closer.

"Umm, sure…ok," Faith said, mumbling as she wrapped her arm stiffly over Buffy as they lay on their sides facing each other. "This ok?"

She was clearly uncomfortable, but that wasn't going to deter Buffy as she snuggled a little closer, getting her body to mold into Faith's as much as she could, as she moved the younger girl's other arm under her neck.

"Better," Buffy said, laying her head on Faith's shoulder as they both relaxed a little.

After a few seconds Faith moved on to her back a little more, causing Buffy to be resting on her slightly, one arm under herself as the other lay draped over Faith.

"You ok?" Faith asked.

"Yeah. I just wanted to be held," Buffy admitted, her eyes closed, as she melted with the warmth emanating from Faith. Every inch of her where they touched alive with the tingles of their Slayer bond and the tangible yearning between them.

"Do you want me to get Will or somebody? I mean…I'm not real good at this kinda thing." Faith was barely audible. Like she didn't really want to move.

"Nope, this is good," Buffy reassured, feeling little shapes being placed on her back by Faith's fingers. The touch was so soft. Gentle and calming, and so unlike how Faith tried to act most of the time. Buffy only wished the material of the tee shirt she was wearing wasn't in the way. "This is nice," she added, wanting to make sure Faith didn't get scared off.

She didn't. Her hold tightening a little more instead, ensuring that Buffy was well and truly snuggled into her. Ensuring that Buffy could feel every breath that the younger girl took.

The moment seemed so perfect. The setting just right, like they almost belonged this way together.

After a few minutes passed, Faith broke the silence again. Obviously still uneasy.

"You sure you're ok though, B?" she muttered.

Buffy smiled, Faith's scent almost making her dizzy with lust, stripping away her concerns and wrapping her up in a comforting feeling of safety. She lifted her head from its place upon Faith's shoulder, looking into the other girl's still open eyes.

"Faith, are you still all concerned about me?" she asked with a little chuckle to her voice.

"No," Faith answered a little too loudly and quick. "I just, yunno…" She looked away to a spot of something none too pleasant looking on the wall nearby.

Buffy smiled bigger, knowing that Faith hated any chinks in her armor appearing, but it was too late, Buffy could see right through to Faith's soft centre.

She moved her hand to Faith's hip, resting it lightly on the bunched up material of Faith's top that allowed just a little peek of her soft warm skin to be felt. "Yunno, Faith…you're allowed to show that you care for somebody. If it makes you feel any better, I care about you."

Buffy looked down for a heartbeat, hoping that Faith didn't freak out on her. As she raised her eyes to meet Faith's again however, she saw deep into the beautiful brown and there was nothing of the hard tough-girl look that she was used to seeing.

There seemed to be an air of acceptance now around them, and they both noticeably relaxed in each other's arms.

Snuggling back down onto Faith, Buffy let out a happy little sigh. Her nose was pressed a little against the other girl's neck. Her hand gently resting on more skin than before. Her body so close to Faith's she could feel every breath, every twitch. Everything so perfect to make a move.

Buffy couldn't resist any longer, and her lips softly brushed over the delicate skin of Faith's neck.

She felt Faith stiffen underneath her, but she didn't jump headlong out of the bed. So Buffy kissed again. Her lips moving soft and slow. Just teasing and tasting the skin beneath them. Just soaking in the feeling of letting go.

She wasn't sure at all if she was doing the right thing, but she couldn't stop now. Especially when she heard a soft and telling sigh escape from Faith's lips.

It was all she needed. The green light for her actions and her feelings.


Buffy parted her lips, taking in more flesh as she kissed. Her hot breath causing a slight shudder beneath her as Faith lifted her chin a little way, giving Buffy more room to kiss.

She doubted anybody had kissed Faith quite so timidly, but she was sure that was a good thing. It had to be…because she wanted to offer Faith more than anybody had offered her before. She wanted to be more than just another person who wanted to fuck her, or be fucked by her.

Any plan to break down Faith's walls, to force the other girl to recognize and accept what could be between them, and what was already between them, went out of the window.

It wasn't about being sure. It wasn't about lust. It wasn't about anything other than two people, who were linked in more ways than they themselves probably knew, finding each other…and finally letting go.

As Buffy brushed her lips over the soft skin of Faith's neck, she became almost dizzy with the taste. With the scent filling her nostrils. With the way her own hand subtly slipped under the material of Faith's tee shirt. Her fingers touching gently. Stroking meaningless patterns over the other girl's taut stomach, as Faith's short fingernails echoed the gesture on her lower back.

The added touch to Faith's skin, as well as the gentle kissing of her neck, was obviously unraveling the girl. Faith gripped tighter with the arm wrapped around Buffy, pulling the smaller girl more onto her so that her leg slipped between Faith's thighs.

The warmth that Buffy found there was mind-blowing, and it burnt into her. She moaned a little. Barely audible amongst the rustle of the covers as their weight shifted.

Buffy's shirt lifted with the movement, sliding up to her stomach to expose her nakedness. The feel of skin on skin where their legs mingled, and where Buffy's already moist pussy rested cautiously on Faith's leg, caught them both in a trance.

All movement paused. Buffy's lips resting just under Faith's earlobe, not moving but still tasting as her breath blew hot and revealingly hard over the girl beneath her. Faith's chest rose to meet Buffy's with every breath. Hard nipples jarring each other with unmistakable arousal.

The moment was a little awkward. It was stop or go. Now or never. Hit or miss.

Buffy didn't want it to be a miss. She didn't want to 'come to her senses' and leap off Faith, and do her best to make excuses. She couldn't excuse her soaked slit as it spread over Faith as the brunette raised her leg.

Faith didn't seem to be looking for excuses though. Her fingernails dug into Buffy, and she could only respond by pushing down, a shameless whimper escaping her parted lips as her clit bumped against hard muscle.

She had never felt so aroused. So ready. So hungry to touch and be touched. But there was nothing in her head telling her how things should go. No quick reference manual in which she could discover just how to proceed.

Buffy knew she would be flying blind here, and just hoping that she didn't make a wrong move, or do something to scare the younger girl away, or make her laugh out loud at her.

But Faith was far from laughing. She was hot and tense under her. Her cheek now softly nuzzling against Buffy's, as they lay impossibly close.

It was a perfect moment.

A brief slice of calm. Faultless in its naivety and purity. In the raw unfulfilled need emanating from them both as tiny movements became more obvious and meaningful. There was no need for words right now. Buffy could sense that allowing her thoughts and intentions to race out of her mouth, would be entirely the wrong thing to do.

She knew it would be clear to Faith how much she wanted her. Wanted more. So she kissed over the younger Slayer's ear as her pussy coated the leg between hers with arousal.

Unsure on how to move forward. Not knowing what should or could happen, Buffy decided to just go with what felt good, and with what caused the sexy little sighs to sneak their way out of Faith.

The kissing was good. She could tell that much, because every kiss came with an erratic breath in reply. So Buffy kept her lips moving over Faith…slowly brushing over her jaw. Up over the adorable dimple. Creeping towards the corner of Faith's lips with anticipation building up inside her.

Buffy was waiting to be flipped. She fully expected Faith to want to take the reins now, but it wasn't happening. There was no indication that Faith was about to take control of the situation. And as unsure as Buffy was, she was actually glad that they were both just slowly melting into each other, rather than rushing headlong into something she was certain would terrify them both.

Their mouths met finally. Buffy placing soft, teasing kisses over Faith's mouth as her hips instinctively rolled forwards, causing her wet folds to open and spread more of herself over the strong thigh underneath her.

She knew she couldn't hold back now. And as Faith moved her hand down her back to glide over the bare skin of her ass, Buffy kissed Faith harder. Their lips pressing against each other, almost bruising in the evident need, although Faith wasn't actively kissing back. As if she was holding onto some part of herself that she was scared to give up to Buffy.

It didn't deter the older Slayer. She could feel the unmistakable yearning and need coming in waves from Faith. And she could feel a damp patch on her leg where she was pressed against Faith's panties.

She groaned and pushed into Faith. Their bodies now searching for more as they moved in a subtle motion against each other.

Buffy parted her lips, kissing more freely as Faith gave in and kissed back. Mouths tasting each other, and hands disappearing under shirts that had no right to be getting in the way.

The wet patch now on Buffy's leg was enticing her to want to feel more. She needed to feel more of Faith. It wasn't a question of desire. It was burning, hot, and all consuming, and if she didn't have Faith against her soon she knew she would either cry or explode.

Still kissing the other girl, their lips jousting and sucking, Buffy moved her hand from where she had been touching Faith just under her breast. She slid her fingers downwards, her nails scraping over the skimpy material at the side of Faith's panties.

She wanted to rip them off, despite her nervousness, but decided anything too extreme would freak them both out. So Buffy snagged the side of the material and pulled, holding her breath as she slowly teased the panties down.

Faith offered no resistance, lifting up to help Buffy in her task.

They fumbled a little to get them off, and Faith kicked her leg out of the covers to send the panties flying across the room. Buffy couldn't help but giggle a little as she watched them perch incredulously upon the door handle. Anybody peeking in through that particular keyhole would have no chance to feast their eyes on the two Slayers as they finally looked at one another.

Buffy couldn't mistake the signals she was getting from Faith now. She could see how much she was wanted, in the depth of Faith's dark eyes. She could see the searing desire, but she could also detect fear. Hidden in the lustrous brown there was an innocence she hadn't noticed before.

To say it was endearing would have been an understatement.

It was positively an aphrodisiac, and Buffy let go of her own feeble grasp of her remaining fears and reservations, as she slipped between Faith's legs, her body slowly pressing down into the hot flesh beneath her.

They both took a sharp breath as their wet centers came together under the covers. The warmth and wetness unforgiving in its spilling of their secrets.

Buffy wanted to speak. Wanted to ask if Faith felt as high on the feeling as she did. But she didn't utter a word. She kept quiet for once and allowed her body to do the talking. Her hands to gently push the material of both their shirts further up, so their stomachs brushed against each other.

Clearly becoming more and more aroused, Faith raised her knees a little, spreading her legs wider for Buffy. Opening herself up to the blonde Slayer as her hands did their best to chart every inch of Buffy's back and sides.

They were kissing again. Soft and deep. Their tongues slipping over each other as they became lost in the embrace.

Buffy felt like every inch of her was buzzing, and not just from the Slayer connection they shared. It was powerful and overwhelming. Her senses were working over time, tasting, touching, and smelling. Her wet pussy dripping all over Faith's as she moved in a way to cause them to slip and slide over each other.

Both girls moaned into one another's mouths. Buffy gripped the pillow next to the brunette's lush hair as she moved her other hand further under Faith's top, her fingers searching shyly until she found a hard little nipple under them.

She teased around and over the erect nipple, sending noticeable shudders through Faith, causing her to thrust up into Buffy.

Not knowing what was right and what was wrong when it came to sex with another girl didn't seem to be such a problem now, because Buffy had never felt so good. She didn't want to analyze anymore, she just wanted to feel, and give Faith something special. She wanted to make Faith feel special.

Feeling her folds spread open for Faith as she moved in a more determined manner, Buffy began slipping her pussy all over the other girl's. Their clits were slick against each other. Hard and swollen, as they found a rhythm. Their bodies pressed close. Their lips hungrily feasting.

Buffy played a little rougher with the nipple she was toying with. Her juices flowing over Faith's spread pussy as they breathed hard and fast into the air that had become scented with their desire.

Breaking their lips from one another, soft moans and groans began to escape from them with every thrust. With every sticky wet sound. With every connection of their clits as they both began to shake and grasp.

Faith pulled Buffy harder against her pussy with a hand on her ass. One leg now thrown over the smaller girl possessively as her dripping cunt covered Buffy.

As determined as Buffy was not to fuck anything up by speaking, she couldn't help but start to whimper out Faith's name into the crook of her neck, as they clung to each other greedily.

It only seemed to spur Faith on however.

Faith held tighter, her voice rasping out over Buffy as they fought for air "Buffy…I'm gonna come."

Buffy felt her insides flip, her heart swell, and her pussy convulsing as she herself began to come at the words breathed into her ear.

"Oh God, Faith" she groaned, her moans much louder now as she tensed up and felt her juices gush out all over the gorgeous girl's dripping hole.

Faith gasped and bucked up into Buffy, letting out a string of expletives as she shook and came too. Her fingernails digging into Buffy as her come covered them both.

Buffy felt herself tense again at just the feel of Faith's come all over her pussy. She came a second time, her face buried in Faith's hair as she squeezed her eyes shut, completely overwhelmed with sensation.

They were both shaking and breathing hard. Buffy could feel the thud of Faith's heart beneath her own. Their sticky wet pussies still seeping out over each other in the almost unbearable heat between them.

She felt like crying. Like jumping up and down and praising them both for not being too scared. She felt like kissing. Like feeling more. Like slipping her fingers over the sodden folds of the other girl. Like tasting Faith's hot come as it dripped freely from her.

She didn't move, however. She didn't think she could. Her arms were gripping onto Faith and Faith was gripping right back.

The buzz of their Slayer bond seemed different. It was soothing and reassuring now, instead of confusing and strange. It felt so good.

It felt amazing to be held so tight and not pushed off by Faith.

Buffy wanted to thank the younger girl. She wanted to ask if what she was feeling was mutual. If the way her heart was now flipping in her chest was just a one sided thing. It felt too strong to be one sided. It felt too real. Beyond anything she had felt before.

But what if? What if this was nothing to Faith? What if it had just been tolerated by Faith in a misguided way to console her?

Buffy didn't get the chance to voice her questions, as Faith seemed to sense a shift and softly kissed the older girl on her forehead, in such an un-Faith-like manner.

"Go to sleep, princess" she whispered, not letting go of Buffy for a second. "I wanted this as much as you."

Buffy smiled, her heart almost exploding as she settled into Faith completely.

Talking could be left until the morning. And more touching and tasting would hopefully follow, Buffy decided as she grinned, silently congratulating herself at how well she had played her game and wriggled her way through Faith's defenses.

As she felt sleep overtake her weary body, however…Buffy heard and felt a little chuckle.

"But don't go thinking I didn't know exactly what you were up to, B. You're not the only one who knows how to tease" Faith said, as she scraped her nails over Buffy's backside, causing the blonde Slayer to shudder.

The words "that's my girl" crossed Buffy's mind, and even though she didn't know it for sure…she felt it was true.

She felt it all over.

What they had was so much more than just the Slayer bond.

The End