Taking A Chance
by Dylan
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, unfortunately. They are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy and all that.
Timeline/Spoilers: Somewhere around season three. Faith hasn’t turned into psycho slayer. In fact you could say this is kind of an alternate timeline where life is a little less messed up for the chosen two, a little, but not a lot.
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Faith span around as she sensed the approaching vampire, he was trying his best to be quiet, but had no chance against the waiting Slayer. Not only could she hear him with her superior hearing, and smell him as he sweated inside his muddy pants, she could feel him. The tingles up her spine made her shudder with anticipation and ordered the hairs on the back of her neck to stand to attention. She loved that feeling. Knowing she was about to slay. Relishing the build up of tension inside her, it was all she lived for.

He jumped out at the grinning girl in front of him, he never had time to wonder just what it was she was grinning at. The dark haired Slayer leapt into action. Sure, she could have staked him almost instantly, but then, where would the fun in that be? She always liked to play a little before she wiped her unlucky vamps off the face of the Earth.

The Slayer let rip with a spectacular flying kick, the poor dead guy never had a chance as he was sent flying backwards “Awww, come on. You can do better than that grave boy. Don’t make it so easy for me. Come on, I’ll give ya a chance.”

She gave the vamp one of her sexiest grins, and her eyebrows suggested to him that just maybe the leather clad girl wanted to feel his teeth sinking into her neck, she sure looked liked she wanted something dressed like that. Tight black leather pants and an even tighter white tank top, which left not very much to the imagination.

He leapt toward her licking his lips, but instead of feeling her soft skin against his teeth he felt her hard fist slam into his head. She laughed at the confused look on his face, and just as he was deciding if maybe it was a better idea to leave the crazy bitch alone, it dawned on him, she was a Slayer.

Faith caught the realisation cross his face and lunged forward, stake in hand.

“Too late, sorry. It was a blast.” She turned away as he exploded into dust.

“Nice work, Faith.”

The dark haired girl lifted her gaze to find her blonde counterpart standing in the shadows with her hands on her hips. It almost took the breath right out of her…*Damn Buffy, you look good.* That’s what she wanted to say, but it never came out, in all the time she had known her, it never came out. What use would it do anyway? Buffy was Miss goody two shoes, Miss as straight as you could be, she had the boyfriend to prove it. So he was dead and all, what with being a vampire, but Angel and Buffy…well that’s just the thing, it’s always gonna be Angel and Buffy.

Faith pushed everything she was feeling for the smaller Slayer to the back of her mind and walked towards her.

“Hey B, what you doing out so late? Thought you’d done your patrol?”


Buffy unconsciously stepped further back into the shadows as the dark eyed Slayer approached. There was just something about the way the other girl moved, almost as if she were stalking something, like a predator. And right now Buffy felt like she was the prey. Then she realised how stupid that sounded and chastised herself for it.

Coming out from the darkness the older girl let go of the breath she had been holding. She was not entirely sure why she had been holding it, but then again, she was never entirely sure about anything when she was around Faith.

“I had an idea that you might be here. My Mom’s away for a few days and me and Willow are having a kind of sleepover, anyway, we wondered if you’d like to come along. I know you’ve probably got a thousand other things that you’d rather do but anyway, the offers there if you want, I mean, you don’t have to but…”

“Jesus, B. Take a breath why don’t ya.”

“Sorry. Anyway, we’ve got food. I-I know how you always get hungry and horny after a slay. We can fix the hungry at least.” Before she could stop it a wicked thought sprang into Buffy’s mind and refused to be ignored…*I’d love to help with the horny part too.* It flew almost out of nowhere and caused a thousand butterflies to do the conga in her stomach.

Yep, she was definitely unsure of a lot of things around the sexy Slayer. For one thing, Buffy had definitely come to think of Faith as sexy, and that’s not the kind of thing that sat easy with her, what with being straight and all.


Faith gave the invitation a seconds thought, but then came to the conclusion that passing up the chance to spend the night with Buffy would be insane, even if it was going to be in all innocence. It was better than nothing.

“As long as you’ve got food, I’ll be there. Like you said Slayer, I’m hungry.” She said nothing about being horny too. She liked pushing things with Buffy, but knew that pushing too far would do her no good.

She picked her jacket up off the floor and gestured for Buffy to go ahead of her out of the cemetery gates. As she watched the slim blonde ease past her and out into the street she allowed her eyes to wander to Buffy’s pert little backside. God knows how many fantasies she’d had about running her hands over that backside, as Buffy groaned with pleasure on top of her. Her mouth was practically watering at the very idea.

Just then Buffy turned to look at her, and it took all her strength to pull her gaze up from waist level to meet the other girl’s eyes. She hoped she hadn’t been caught out. Faith would have liked nothing more than to just pull the blonde Slayer to her and possess her lips with her own, she would love to possess her in all kinds of ways. But if the truth be told, she was afraid. The girl who likes to stick two fingers up at the world and say ‘fuck you, I don’t give a shit’, was afraid.

She hated to admit it, but right now her growing friendship with the fellow vamp duster was the most important thing in her life. She didn’t want to screw it up, even if she did want the exquisite girl before her more than anything she’d ever wanted before.


Buffy was almost certain when she had turned around that Faith had been staring at her rear end, with a look of, well it could only be described as lust. She hoped that the rising heat within her was not reaching her face and causing her to blush. She couldn’t stop herself also hoping that she had been right to identify the look as one of lust. As much as it freaked her out, she wanted the other Slayer to want her.

Buffy let that run through her mind for a second. *she wanted the other Slayer.* Yeah, it definitely freaked her out, but it also sent those butterflies into overdrive.

She knew quite a bit about Faith’s sexual history, it’s not like the younger girl was at all modest. But Buffy was sure the dark haired Slayer had never said anything about being interested in other girls. But then again, there was the flirting, not only with her, but with other girls at the Bronze too. Although most of Faith’s flirting did seem to be directed towards Buffy, she had thought that it was just to piss Angel off more than anything. But maybe…*Nah, don’t go there Buffy. I mean, what would you do if she went beyond flirting and actually came on to you?* Before she could think of an answer to that, Faith snapped her out of it.

“So, we gonna stand here catching cobwebs all night, or make a move B?”

“Right, yeah. Come on.” Faith strode up beside her as they made there way to Buffy’s house.

About half way Faith stopped to call in at a late night shop.

“Gotta get some supplies. This sleepover thing’ll be wicked cool.” She had a mischievous grin on her face, but Buffy thought better than to make anything of it. I mean, the girl must have been born with that grin on her lips… *And what nice lips they are, so soft looking…hmmm!* Buffy mentally slapped herself for thinking such a thing, but the smile it had brought about refused to budge.


Faith’s idea of supplies for their little sleepover was plenty of alcohol. She had no problem getting served without ID. The girl oozed confidence so nobody was going to stop her getting what she wanted. She left the shop with her arms full, and a lolly sticking out the side of her mouth.

“Guess the hunger’s kicking in.”

“You got that right, B. Here, wipe that grin off your face and take some of these.” Faith handed Buffy a bag full of booze.

“Jesus Faith, you planning to invite the neighbourhood?”

The younger Slayer rolled her eyes. *You are far too straight Buffy, in every way…Just keep telling yourself that Faithy, she’s straight, she’s straight, shit, she’s straight.* But no matter how many times she said it to herself, her mind just kept wandering to the fantasies she had been having about her little blonde friend. She knew she was going to have to keep her cool, especially tonight. Faith had never been to a sleepover, at least not this kind of sleepover. It would certainly be an experience.

They reached Buffy’s house and made their way in, past a wide eyed Willow and into the kitchen.

“Hey guys, what’s that you’ve got?”

Faith threw a can over to Willow, and looked directly at Buffy raising an eyebrow in a rather sexual manner.

“Something to get us in the party mood, Red.” *Shit Faith, stop being so damn flirty, do you want Buffy to run a mile?* She could kick herself sometimes, was this her idea of playing it cool?

She kept her eyes on Buffy to see if she had pushed a little too far. But to her surprise, Buffy was just looking at her with kind of a goofy grin.

Then all hell broke loose, or rather, half a can of lager decided to offload itself into Willow's face as she attempted to open it.

“Shit Red, sorry. I shouldn’t have thrown it.” Faith tried her best not to laugh, just in case it was the wrong thing to do. But then Buffy practically burst her sides howling at the sight of her soaking friend. It was all the invitation the dark haired slayer needed, as she joined Buffy in a full on laugh-o-rama.

Willow just stood there, one minute giggling, the next complaining about how she really didn’t like the idea of a lager shower.

“I’m going to get cleaned up. The popcorn needs popping if either one of you can pull yourselves off the floor to do it.” With that she stormed upstairs.

“Here, Faith. Put the rest of the booze in the fridge, while I do the popcorn.” Buffy wiped the tears from her eyes, continuing to chuckle now and then.

“It wasn’t that funny, B.”

“I know. It’s just a while since I’ve had something to laugh about.” Buffy's face took on a more solemn expression. Faith instantly felt bad for causing that beautiful smile to disappear. And to Faith it was the most beautiful smile she had ever known.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.”

“You didn’t Faith, it’s just stuff. You know.” Of coarse she didn’t know. How could she? Nobody knew that she had practically broken up with Angel. Nobody knew that night after night all she could think about was Faith. It was becoming too much for her. She couldn’t be in the same room as Faith without her body tingling, and not just in a Slayer perception kind of way. No, this ran much deeper. It had crept up on her like a hungry animal. No matter how much she pushed it to the back of her mind or ignored it, it was always there, waiting to be heard.

She wanted that sexual body pushed up against her, she wanted Faith’s hands running free over her. Her lips sliding against her own as the dark eyed beauty looked at her with desire in her eyes. Desire, need, love even. *Love?*

Buffy dropped the glass she was holding, but before it could hit the floor Faith sped forward and caught it.

“You ok, Buffy? You look kinda spaced.” Faith’s eyes were full of concern and Buffy couldn’t help but wish it were more than that.

“I’m ok…Take some drinks through to the living room, I’ll be in with some food in a minute.” She had to put a little space between her and the other Slayer while she regrouped.

As Faith made her way out of the room the confused blonde couldn’t help but let her gaze linger on the other girl’s retreating backside. *Must be catching.*

She eventually busied herself making the popcorn and emptying various bags of crisps and nuts into bowls, she was trying her best to keep her thoughts on what she was doing and not on the desirable girl in the other room. It was a lot harder than she ever imagined it would be.

When she had first begun to realise that her blossoming friendship with Faith was becoming more important to her than spending time with Angel, she knew she was in trouble. It didn’t take long for the feeling of enjoyment she got around the unruly Slayer to develop into something more. She began to appreciate the way the other girl looked a lot more than she did any of her other female friends. Her eyes, her skin, her more than ample chest and the way her leather pants hugged her delectable backside. And that perfectly toned stomach, just waiting for fingernails to be trailed over it. Buffy was powerless to stop these thoughts, no matter how hard she tried.

Her heart would beat a little faster around Faith, and her mind would refuse to function properly, especially when the younger girl was in one of her flirty moods, which was more often than not. More recently, Buffy had been having ever increasingly erotic dreams about Faith. She would wake up more and more confused, and more and more frustrated, and tempted. But things were becoming clearer every time she saw her, every time they slayed together, and every time Buffy’s stomach turned somersaults if Faith accidentally brushed against her. She wanted her, longed for her, and if she looked deep enough, past being shit scared about the whole thing, she was fairly sure she was falling for her.

It was a hard thing for Buffy to admit to herself. Never before would she have called herself anything other than straight. But here she was, thinking that she was falling for another girl, dreaming about all the ways she wanted to be touched by her, loved by her. And what she wanted to know more than anything right at this moment, was if Faith felt the same way or not.


Faith set the cans down on the table and proceeded to take a long hard drink. Willow was still mumbling to herself as she made her way down the stairs to join her, towel in hand.

“This time, can I have one that won’t explode in my face?”

“Sure. You gotta see the funny side though.” She handed the red head a drink and they both slouched down onto the couch together. Willow tentatively opened her can, then when she was sure it was safe, she downed half the contents in one go.

“Red, breathe much? There’s plenty in the fridge you know.”

“Must have been thirsty I guess.”

“Who’s thirsty?” Faith jumped up as Buffy entered the room. She rushed to help her with the snacks she was struggling to balance, almost knocking Willow's drink out of her hand in the process.

“Hey, I just got dry.” The two Slayers just looked at each other, grinning.

Faith wasn’t sure when it was that they had passed the point where they should have been doing something other than just look at each other. But it had definitely come and gone. Buffy’s dazzling hazel eyes transfixed the younger Slayer. They always did.

Everything about her sent her heart racing. It had been that way from the very first moment she had met the cute little blonde in front of her now. And try as she might, she just couldn’t help but want Buffy, in every way she knew that Buffy wouldn’t think was right.

*God B, if you don’t turn away, I know I’m gonna have to leap on you right here and now, and rip all your clothes off with my teeth.* Faith could only hope and pray that her eyes wouldn’t give away how much she needed the other girl. It was fast becoming an uncomfortable silence but then Willow came to the rescue, and as much as Faith was smitten with Buffy she could have kissed the ditzy red head.

“Earth to the Slayers, come in unnaturally strong and freaky vampire killing people.”

Faith broke the headlock Buffy’s eyes had her in and did her best to move some stuff around on the table, making way for the snacks. Strange how such a simple act became almost impossible, when all she could think about was what had seemed to be just a glimmer of something resembling her own desire in those beautiful hazel eyes. *You’re clutching at straws Faith, very, very short straws. Midget straws, that are slippy, and have legs so they can’t be caught. Jesus, I’m losing it.*

“Here Willow, sort this out will ya?” She handed the plate of snacks to the wide eyed girl.

“Faith, are you feeling ok? You just called me Willow. You like, never call me that.”

“Yeah, right.” Faith had lost the power of comprehensible speech so decided to shut up, sit down, and take a much needed drink. It was going to be a very long night.

She came to the conclusion that the only way to pacify the burning passion inside her was to get extremely, totally, and utterly drunk. Hopefully it would numb her senses just enough to ignore her need. All she had to do now was convince her two very moral friends to do the same.


Buffy tried her best to seem unfazed by the seductive dark eyes she had just found herself drowning in. She decided that it wouldn’t have gone down too well if she had just fainted on the spot, or would that be swooned? With a slightly trembling hand she grabbed a drink and used all the skills she had to calm the beating in her chest.

The chosen one was a little closer to knowing if the object of her infatuation did indeed feel the same. There was no mistaking the hunger behind the raven lashes of the other slayer. But Buffy wasn’t sure if that was just an after effect of her recent slaying. Faith had certainly looked hungry and horny.

She sat down, can in hand, as far away from Faith as she could, ensuring Willow was between them on the couch. *I just don’t trust myself right now, and I don’t want to blow this.*

She picked up the T.V remote and flicked on the music channel. Noise was good she decided, it would drown out the thumping of her heart.

Almost instantly Willow began to prattle on about how music was becoming too commercial and how everything was about money. Buffy was just glad of the excuse not to think too much, and concentrated on listening to the non stop convoy of words that rushed forth from the eager witch.

They sat like that for quite a while, drinking, watching the music videos and commenting on various performers. Things were going fine, but then Willow decided to move.

“More drink is needed guys. Don’t get up, I’ll get them. This is a job for super Willow.” She unsteadily made her way to the kitchen.

“Fuck, is she drunk already B?”

“Looks that way.” Buffy loved the way Faith called her B, it made the hairs on the back of her neck spring to attention. Yep, she was most definitely falling for the girl.

“Guess we’ll just have to catch up then.” Faith gave her a wicked wiggle of her eyebrows and downed the remainder of her can. *How the fuck can someone turn me to jelly with just their eyebrows? Jesus Buff, get a grip.*


Willow returned with an arm full of booze and plonked herself on the floor next to the T.V.

“Hope there’s some for us, Red. I don’t like the idea of sitting watching you get drunk, when I’m stone cold sober.” Faith reached out to grab a can at just the same moment Buffy did. You would have sworn they had just been electrocuted the way they both jumped as their arms brushed against each other. It was kind of obvious, even to willow.

“God, what are you trying to do, give me a heart attack? What’s with you guys? I nearly had a face full of this stuff again.”

“Sorry, must still be buzzing after the slay.” *Bite your tongue Faithy, don’t say it…* “Either that, or B just can’t handle my amazing sexual energy.” *Shit, I said it.*

She dare not turn to look at the girl to her right, Faith didn’t want to see an angry or disgusted Buffy right at this minute. What she did see though made her flirty comment pale in comparison.

As Buffy leaned back over for another drink, she made certain she did it in just a way that ensured Faith would get an eyeful of her cleavage. Faith for her part, had been trying her best all night not to look down Buffy’s very small and revealing top. But as Buffy took her time retrieving her can of lager from the table, she allowed her eyes to savour the soft curves of the blonde girl’s deliciously pert breasts.

The dark slayer’s lungs decided she needed more oxygen as her breathing quickened dramatically, and as Buffy raised her eyes to catch her looking down her top she realised she was being out flirted. *Damn B, you got me there.*

Faith took a swig from her can and attempted a change of subject before she did or said something they might both regret.

“So, who knows any good party games?”

Willow pulled her face away from the T.V and excitedly offered her idea of a good party game.

“Truth or Dare. Come on, It’ll be fun.” *Thanks a lot Willow, that was so what I did not want to play.*

Buffy looked unsure at first, but then agreed with her school buddy. It seemed the drink was getting to her too.

Faith didn’t think this was fair at all and so proceeded to down her drink and start on another. She really didn’t want to embark on such a game with the girl of her dreams, in an entirely too sober state. Her nerves were shot to bits. It was so unlike her to feel this intimidated by anyone, but Buffy had her on edge. She was caught between wanting to be her usual confident flirty self, or sitting back and keeping things safe.

The thing was though, Faith just hated playing things safe. She knew that sooner or later she would slip up. Hadn’t she already done that by so obviously looking down Buffy’s top? *What a sucker I am. Well, lets just see where this little game goes.*


Buffy was beginning to feel a little light headed. She wasn’t used to drinking, it’s just not something she did. But she was enjoying the feeling it gave her, she could feel the tension of the past few weeks lessen, and she knew she was letting her guard down. Certainly as far as Faith was concerned. She had just loved the look on the younger girl’s face as she had leaned in front of her, allowing her a clear view of the top of her chest.

She hadn’t expected quite the reaction she had got though, as Faith’s own chest had clearly begun to rise and fall much quicker than normal. It had unquestionably fanned the flames of Buffy’s rising hope. She was daring to actually believe that Faith was interested. In more than a strictly hetro, lets just be friends, kind of way.

She realised it was probably not a good idea to keep drinking, but then it probably wasn’t a good idea to fall for Faith either. She decided to just go with it. For now at least.

“Ok, who’s gonna start the game?” Willow never could just wait around for things to happen, the girl had way too much enthusiasm for a teenager.

Faith just shrugged her shoulders, it doubtless wasn’t going to be such a big deal for the shameless Slayer, but Buffy hated being asked about personal stuff. Not even Willow knew all the details of her life, the secret she was keeping from her about Faith was testament to that.

“Well, as it was your idea Willow, go ahead.” Buffy took another swig. *Yep, getting tipsy now. Tipsy is good. Less embarrassment.*

“Ok, I’ll spin a can and whoever the top end lands on has to answer my question, or do a dare.”

“Just remember not to drink out of that one for a while then, Red. Don’t want a repeat performance of your little shower scene.” Faith gave Willow a wink as she said it, and even though the comment had made Buffy snigger she was feeling a little jealous.

“Can we drop that now Slayers? It’s getting old.” She put the can on the table and gave it a spin. As it slowed to a stop Willow bit her lip in concentration, thinking of a question.

It landed on Faith, or at least slightly to the left of her, but both Buffy and Willow agreed not to bother with another spin.

“Right then, seeing as you’re both ganging up on me, I’ll take truth.” Faith shifted her position on the couch as she awaited the question, effectively bringing her much closer to Buffy. *Oh boy.* The tipsy blonde could literally feel the heat coming from the other Slayer.

“We’ll start easy I think, nothing too risky…Alright Faith, when did you have your first real kiss?”


“Christ Red, is that the best you can do?” *Ok, we’ll play it your way for awhile. At least until we are all suitably on the wrong side of sober.*

“I think I was about 11. My first boyfriend. Hey, don’t look so shocked, I’m not as bad as you all think you know.” Or maybe she was, but Faith hadn’t exactly had the greatest childhood, and it wasn’t really something she wanted to go into.

“Ok, my turn to spin.” As the dark haired Slayer leaned down to spin the can she grabbed the top of Buffy’s thigh for support. She felt the lean muscles under her touch quiver and tense, just the reaction she had wanted. She sat back again and removed her hand, but not before she had looked right into Buffy’s eyes, almost as a challenge. And the way Buffy had looked away, practically refusing to make eye contact with her, spoke volumes to the younger girl.

Buffy was interested all right, she was interested and it was confusing the fuck out of her. Faith had been there herself in the past.

The can landed on Willow and Faith asked her some inane question that wouldn’t require too much of an indecent answer, or embarrass them all too much, she was still trying to play it cool after all.

This went on between the three of them for a short while. Spin, ask a silly question that they pretty much knew the answer to anyway, and then take a drink. Nobody had yet dared to cross the line, that personal boundary of inappropriate curiosity. The well hidden secrets and desires hadn’t been tempted out into the open, or at least not until Willow had decided to raise the stakes.

The can had span its way around to Faith again, and now that the little red head had built up some courage, if that’s what you could call downing more cans of lager than she could remember, she hit the slayer with a great question. Great considering it would give Faith a chance to let the cute blonde next to her know a few home truths about herself.

“Remember Faith, you have to answer, or we’ll give you a really nasty dare to do.”

“Come on Red, out with the question.” Faith had been looking forward to a change in pace, and just maybe the other two girls had drunk enough to run with it now.

“Have you ever kissed another girl?” *How did I know you were going to ask me that?*

Faith took a slow drink, building the tension that she could practically feel emanating from the other Slayer. She allowed her trademark wicked grin to spread across her lips as she answered.

“Oh yeah, a couple.” She glanced over at Buffy before finishing off her can, and caught the fall of the older girl’s chest as the breath she had been holding quietly slipped from her lungs. It wasn’t obvious enough for Willow to notice, probably because she was too busy gaping like a fish, but it didn’t escape Faith’s attention.

“You mean, you’ve kissed more than one girl? How many? When? I mean, that’s like…I don’t know…cool.”

“Take a chill pill Red, it’s not that big a deal.”

“Maybe not for you Faith, but for some of us sex is a big deal.” *Excuse me Miss Prom Queen?*

“Who said anything about sex, B?” That stumped the virtuous little blonde. Or at least she thought it had as Buffy paused to look down at her hands for a second, but then she came right back with a question of her own.

“Have you? Had sex with a girl, I mean.” The tremble in her voice was slight, but a dead give away, and she had asked the question in such a soft and intimate way that even Willow seemed taken aback.

Faith took a breath to calm her racing heartbeat, not wanting to deafen anybody. She looked directly into the older girl’s demure eyes, and answered.

“Well…” Pause for dramatic effect. “The thing is B, it's not your turn yet, so you don’t get to ask me that.” She gave Buffy a slow and sexy smile before taking a drink, and leaning down to spin the can.

“She got you there, Buffy.”


*Shit Buffy, stop being so obvious.* The little Slayer was in danger of tripping herself up. But then, they were playing truth or dare, so surely personal questions were allowed. Plus she was feeling fairly drunk now. And that’s always a good excuse.

Buffy sat back waiting for the can to stop. Half not wanting it to land on her because she didn’t want to answer anything too private, and half wanting it to so she would hopefully get her chance to ask Faith her question again. It didn’t, which meant she would have to wait for her inquiry to be answered.

The can had landed on Willow. Faith shot her such a dirty grin it made the witch’s face flush redder than her hair. Buffy actually felt sorry for her, and she didn’t even have a clue what it was Faith was going to ask her.

“Have you ever used anything to masturbate with? I mean, other than your hand.” *Jesus, this girl is just too lewd, and dirty, and sexy…*

Willow looked pretty shocked at first, but then her inebriated state seemed to level her out and she actually grinned, almost as carnally as Faith had when she had asked the question.

“Well, this one time at band camp…” She recounted a particularly crude tale of her sexual frustration while she was away on camp, and how she managed to alleviate it, using her flute of all things.

Buffy just sat in shock. She had no idea Willow could be so uninhibited, let alone rude. Drunk wiccan-hacker was obviously a lot less shy than sober wiccan-hacker. Faith was just laughing her ass off. The blonde Slayer had seen the shock in Faith’s eyes when Willow had actually answered her question. She mustn’t have thought the red head would actually answer her, and certainly not so candidly.

“Fuck …That’s fucking funny. I didn’t even know you played the flute.”

“Yeah well, I don’t so much now.” Willow was chuckling to herself along with Faith.

“Yeah Red, I guess it tastes kinda funny now huh?” They both laughed even harder than before.

Buffy couldn’t help giggling with them, even though she was still as shocked as hell. Things had definitely taken a turn for the worse.

They asked each other a few more embarrassing questions, but nothing quite so bad as the whole Willow-flute story came out.

Then it landed on Buffy, and it was Faith’s question, thankfully the little Slayer had mostly avoided being asked things by the brunette. She wasn’t sure whether this was going to be good or bad.

Faith shuffled about, thinking of a question, and as she did so her thigh rested gently on Buffy’s. The little blonde thought about moving away from the contact, but then decided she liked it far too much. Suddenly it felt like all her nerve endings had leapt to that one place on her body that Faith was touching. It was like exquisite torture, just the thought of Faith’s well toned thigh brushing ever so lightly on her own, caused Buffy to heat up by several degrees.

“Right B, who do you think about when you do a little D.I.Y?”

Buffy nearly choked on her drink. *Shit, the girl is certainly bold. I mean it’s one thing asking Will something like that, but she knows how much of a prude I am.*

“I don’t know what you mean.” The little blonde thought it would be best to play dumb, and hopefully Faith would get the message that she really didn’t want to answer that particular question.

Mainly, because lately it was Faith that Buffy thought about when she touched herself. She should have guessed that the dark slayer wouldn’t just let it drop though.

“You know what I’m talking about, Twinkie. When you’re all alone and get a little horny…who do you think of?” The blush that settled itself firmly on Buffy’s face could have lit a small town.

“You have to answer, Buffy. Or do a dare, remember?”

“Thanks for the support, Will.” Buffy was caught between a rock and a hard place, no way out.

As the blonde contemplated the best way to escape this with her modesty and pride intact, she felt Faith increase the contact of their thighs. It was getting extremely hot, and Buffy had a mental image of sitting in the fridge in order to cool down. She really hoped that Willow hadn’t noticed how close the two of them were sitting to each other. It just felt too nice to move away from the brunette, far too nice.

“Ok, I give. I’m not answering that question.”

“Spoil sport.”

“Took the words right out of my mouth, Red.” The huge grin on Faith’s lips indicated just how pleased with herself she was for flustering the older girl. Either that or she was busy conceiving a cruel dare.

“Of course, now you have to pay for being a prude, B.” *Oh crap.*

Faith lazily savoured her drink as her ‘shit eating grin’ just got bigger. But it looked good on her, sexy and flirty. Buffy loved it. But then she loved all of Faith’s facial expressions, after all, the girl was certainly expressive. She was effortlessly attractive, and Buffy was completely sure now of her attraction to her. It wasn’t just a passing thing, or some kind of crush. It was raw, and needy. Even with her lack of experience, Buffy knew she wanted Faith in every way possible.

She wanted those soft looking lips on hers, she wanted to feel Faith’s hands on her skin, her body pressed against her. Most of all, Buffy wanted to touch Faith. She wanted to slip her fingers into Faith and feel how wet she was, how turned on for her she was. Just the thought of it alone sent little shock waves through her, emanating from in between her legs.

Faith was looking at Buffy, with what could only be described as a fascinated look in her deep dark eyes. The little blonde realised she must have been looking a tad strange, sat there licking her lips at the prospect of getting intimate with the brunette.

Willow hadn’t seemed to notice, probably because she was two sheets to the wind by now. But Faith was obviously getting some kind of insight or something, as her eyebrows almost disappeared into her hairline. *Shit, shit, shit…look away Buffy. Don’t just stare into her eyes, her gorgeous, chocolate brown, lustful eyes. Wait a minute…lustful? At me? She…definitely. Lustful.*

“I know what she should do for a dare, Faith. Buffy should have to kiss you.”


It was Faith’s turn to almost choke on her drink this time. She had completely forgotten about the dare after being witness to Buffy’s little space out moment. She was sure she knew what kinds of thoughts were going through the blonde’s head. The subtle grin on the older Slayer’s face, the licking of lips, increased breathing. It didn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

Faith was just hoping beyond all hope that the cute blonde had been thinking of her. The distinct look of desire in Buffy’s eyes didn’t retreat, when she had looked up to catch Faith watching her. In fact, it had increased as their eyes met. *Could just be the booze Faithy, don’t start jumping for joy.*

“Come on Buff, you got to kiss Faith.” Willow wasn’t going to let this one go.

The dark Slayer looked tentatively at Buffy. She was more than willing to partake in this dare, but didn’t believe Buffy would ever have the guts to, with alcohol running through her veins or not. The little blonde appeared to be really nervous, she couldn’t hide it.

“It’s ok princess, if you haven’t got the guts…”

“Shut up Faith, I so do have the guts, and I never back down from a dare. I can do this.” The nervous look in her eyes slowly gave way to a determined resolve. *She can’t be serious.*

Buffy turned slightly on the couch to face the brunette, her face a picture of concentration. Faith held her breath, feeling a little unsure herself now. She had thought about this moment countless times, but this particular scenario had never been one of those thoughts. She turned towards the older Slayer, trying her best not to smirk, or move, or do anything to frighten Buffy off.

Willow just sat on the floor with a goofy grin spread across her face. Faith was in two minds whether or not to want to kill the red head or kiss her too. *Fuck, what am I doing? Don’t worry Faith, she’ll just give you a quick peck. She’s not likely to…Oh, Fuck.*

Buffy lent forward slowly, her eyes closing just before her lips met Faith's. Her mouth moved delicately over the younger girl's, teasing Faith into reacting just as softly. Her own eyes closed as she sunk into the exquisite sensation of Buffy’s lips on hers. The kiss was certainly no chaste peck, especially now that Buffy’s tongue was gently asking permission to meet her own. Faith couldn’t exactly refuse, as her body took control of her mind.

The brunette slowly slid her tongue over and around Buffy’s, trying her best not to get too carried away on the wave of passion that was fast racing up from her groin. The kiss was so gentle, so sweet, and sexy as fuck. Faith was loving the way Buffy’s tongue felt on her own, it was taking her breath away. She could have stayed right there forever, just tasting the other girl. But all too soon Buffy was pulling away, leaving the dark Slayer's lips on fire. Hell, she was burning up all over.

Faith couldn’t open her eyes, she was trying her best to burn the sensations into her memory, to catch what she felt and lock it in her heart. Just in case she never got to kiss the little blonde again, and it was more probable than not that she wouldn’t.

Eventually, she did open her eyes. At the exact same time as Buffy, talk about a moment, it could have been made for a movie. Buffy gazed shyly up at Faith, and the brunette couldn’t mistake the fire in the older girl’s hazel pools for anything but desire. Buffy was breathing hard too, although it was obvious, she was trying her best not to.

Faith was attempting, but failing, to hide her own desire. *Got to stop looking into her eyes now. Got to do something. Willow is in the room…Come on Faith, get a grip.*

“Wow, guys. That was like, I don’t know…intense, or something. Must be a Slayer thing, cos I could feel the heat from here. Guys?” *Thank you Willow, once again.*

Faith pulled her eyes away from Buffy, grabbed her drink and downed it in one. She was suddenly extremely thirsty.

“Yeah, Red. A Slayer thing.” *Shit, is that the best I can do?*

Faith was reeling from the kiss. In all her experience, she had never been kissed quite like that before. Never with so much…feeling. It sealed the deal completely for her. She knew now without a shadow of a doubt that she was falling for the attractive blonde. In fact, she would have to admit, she was already head over heels in love with her.


The chosen one couldn’t quite believe what she had just done. *I kissed Faith. I kissed her. Lips, tongue. So didn’t mean for it to be that…full on.*

She was trying her best to pull herself together. She felt like she had just been run over by a steamroller. A Faith shaped steamroller, with deliciously kissable lips.

She thought she must be drunk, or going crazy or something. Buffy had just never imagined herself as being the kind of girl to do such a thing, especially as Willow was watching at the time. It dawned on her then that the witch must have been wondering what the hell was going on. But she hadn’t been able to stop herself. Faith had just tasted so nice, felt so tender. And her arousal had manifested itself between her legs, she was wet for the dark Slayer. It was by far the best kiss she could ever recall having.

The slim blonde gathered her wits just enough to slow her breathing, and spin the can. She thought it was probably best to move on as quickly as possible, hopefully before Willow could ask any embarrassing questions. And before she could begin to dwell too much on the fact that Faith obviously wanted her, just as much as she wanted the brunette. She did make a little promise to herself though, that she would taste those lips again. If not tonight, then soon…very soon.

“Oh look at that, F. I get to ask you a question now.” Buffy was grinning from ear to ear. It was the first time she had managed to get the can to land on Faith, since wanting to ask her if she’d ever slept with another girl.

“Lay it on me, girlfriend.” The tone between the two slayers had definitely entered into full on flirting now.

“Presuming that you have slept with a girl before. What was it like?” *You didn’t expect that, did you gorgeous?*

“That’sh clever Buffy. Really…shmart.” Willow was actually comedy slurring now. Buffy just hoped she wasn’t doing the same, cos that would really impress Faith, not.

“Why’d you wanna know, B?” Faith’s sultry grin was back, and her voice had taken on an even more husky sexiness than usual, making Buffy’s pimples look like geese…*Or something like that.*

“Goose pimples!” Buffy giggled.

“What?” Willow tried focusing on Buffy.

“Um…B? I think you should stop drinking now. You’ve gone wacko.”

“Sorry, private thought. Anyway, you have to answer my question, Faith.” The little blonde knew she was drunk now, even though she wasn’t slurring like Willow, her mind was all out of focus. She wanted Faith to answer her. Buffy’s normal slight prudishness about sex had suddenly gone out of the window, at the prospect of finding out if she had a chance with the younger girl. She surmised that if Faith said she had enjoyed the experience with a woman, she would be more inclined to want to do it again, hopefully with her.

“Alright. You were right to presume I’d had sex with another girl. And it was…” Buffy could feel her heart beating quicker, the hot moist feeling between her legs that the kiss had brought about just got worse.

“Go on.” Willow couldn’t curb her youthful curiosity.

“It was the best sex I’d ever had, even though it was really no more than just a quick fuck against a wall.” She looked directly at Buffy.

“Before you ask. She fucked me with her tongue, and I came all over her face, then I did the same to her.” *Well, I certainly asked for that.*

Both Willow and Buffy sat with their mouths open wide at just how graphic Faith had been. It wasn’t quite the answer the little blonde had expected. But then she mentally kicked herself as she remembered just how frank Faith could be. Sex had never really been an issue the younger girl shied away from, in fact she was much more likely to bring the subject up when they talked.

Faith had certainly beaten her at this game. The wayward Slayer positively screamed sex, in every way. Her look, the way she walked, the way she talked. After a good slaying the brunette was practically a ball of sexual tension. In fact she always seemed to be a ball of sexual tension. But then Buffy thought that maybe she just saw that because of the way she felt about the other girl. Whichever way she looked at it, she was still beat.

“W…Well, there was no need to give us the intimate details Faith.”

“But you did ask me what it was like, B. I was just telling it like it is, or was. It was just a one off with her.”


Faith thought it was best to add that bit of information, just in case Buffy thought she was still screwing the other girl or something. She so didn’t want the cute blonde to think she wasn’t free, available, willing to be with Buffy. Whether the older Slayer was looking to get into something with her or not, she wanted her to know she could.

“Gosh, Faith. E’ry time I think you can’t surprise me, hic, you…go and do it again. You’re like, bad.”

Faith and Buffy just looked at each other and burst out laughing. It was really quite a silly thing to say, considering Faith was the perfect example of a ‘bad girl’.

“Gosh? Since when the fuck do people still say gosh, Red?” The brunette managed to squeeze her question out between tears of laughter.

“Snot fair, I’m…I’m…going to be sick.” With that said Willow stumbled out of the room, running to the bathroom.

It just caused the two Slayers to laugh even harder. Buffy fell into Faith, clutching her sides as she giggled like a twelve year old. Faith tried her best to sit the blonde back up, but was laughing too much herself, so they just kind of clung to each other as the giggling subsided.

“Do you think I should go check how she is?”

“I’d prefer you to stay just where you are, B.” Buffy was currently in Faith’s arms, resting her head against her shoulder.

The brunette looked down into sparkling eyes, and before she could stop herself she had dipped her head and covered the other girl’s mouth with her own.

Faith lightly kissed the waiting lips, but then she came to her senses. *What the fuck am I doing?*

She was positive this was not the best thing for her to be doing right now. They were both fairly drunk, Buffy more so. And Willow was busy losing her stomach in the toilette. And Buffy might just slap her. And…

“Shit, I’m sorry.” Faith abruptly stood up, sending Buffy tumbling off the couch in a heap onto the floor.

As sure as the dark eyed girl was about Buffy wanting her, she realised that rushing her was not going to go down too well. Of course there was the whole Angel issue to consider too. Watching the Slayer pick herself up off the floor, she decided to beat a hasty retreat.

“I should go.” Faith had rushed straight into panic mode. She hated feeling out of control, and Buffy definitely made her feel like that. She wanted to run before the little Slayer could come up with the inevitable ‘I’m not ready for this, I’m with Angel. How dare you presume that I feel the same way you do’ shit.

Before Faith could reach the door however, Buffy jumped in front of her, standing on unsteady legs. The shorter girl searched Faith’s eyes for a few seconds then she lifted her hand to the dark Slayer’s cheek. Buffy looked terrified, doubtful, and determined all at the same time. Faith just stood there, not moving, totally unsure of what to do next, the little Slayer’s fingers burning her with their intimacy. Her instincts were telling her to flee, before things got way too complicated. But they were also telling her to stay, and find out what could happen next, she wanted the other girl so much.

Then, almost knocking her off her feet, Buffy practically leapt on Faith. The blonde girl’s lips were firmly letting the brunette know how much she had longed for them to be this close. The kiss was intense, nearly bruising in its need. Faith couldn’t hold back any longer, she reciprocated with just as much passion, letting her tongue take hold of Buffy’s. Her fingers tangling themselves into silky blonde tresses that cascaded over her hands. She was lost in Buffy’s kiss once again.

Just as Faith began pushing Buffy backward towards the wall behind her, Willow clumsily made her way down the stairs. The two Slayers jumped apart before the witch caught them.

“I feel better now…S’goin on?”

“We were just um, gonna come see how you were doing, Red.” The dark Slayer shifted nervously away from Buffy, trying her best not to make things obvious.

If Willow hadn’t been as drunk as she was, then there was no doubt in the brunette’s mind that she would have guessed what was just happening between the chosen two. Even though they had pulled apart just in time, both of them were breathing erratically and blushing slightly from the heat that had arisen between them.


Buffy tried to straighten herself out and stop feeling quite so flushed. She was glad she had been able to prevent Faith from leaving, but now she was hot for the girl more than ever. She knew she couldn’t hold out much longer, she was burning with need.

“Umm! I’m tired…I think we, I mean I, should go to bed. Will, you can sleep on the couch.” Buffy didn’t give her red haired friend time to protest, as she grabbed Faith by the hand and led her up the stairs. *Talk about being obvious.*

“I’ll bring you down some sheets and stuff.”

“Kay, hic!” Willow slumped down onto the couch.

Buffy pulled Faith into her bedroom and rushed back out of the door. She gathered some things out of the linen cupboard for Willow and took them downstairs. She found the witch already dozing so covered her, and turned the lights off.

The blonde Slayer paused at the bottom of the stairs, looking up towards the landing. She was still nervous. Hell, she was terrified, she had faced vamps, demons and death. This was something entirely new though, she had never felt longing and need like this before, it was intense.

But she was beyond trying to keep her feelings under control now. It was doing her no good, and in some ways it was being detrimental to her budding friendship with the dark girl. The alcohol in her body was ebbing away now, probably due to the adrenaline rushing through her, leaving Buffy more aware. As she walked slowly back up the stairs she was sure that this was the right thing to do. It didn’t stop her feeling so scared though.

Buffy tentatively opened the door to her room. Faith was lying on her back in the middle of the bed. Her boots had been kicked off and left scattered by the desk. Buffy bit her lip, feeling her heart skip a beat as she took in the sight of Faith, lying in wait, for her.

“You gonna get over here, or stand there all night?” Buffy jumped a little at the sound of the younger girl’s sultry voice.

Faith shifted on the bed and lay on her side, making room for the little blonde. She had one hell of a sexy smile on her lips, and Buffy almost melted right then and there. The chosen one removed her shoes and climbed up onto the bed. The resolve she had felt earlier had dissipated somewhat, due to extreme nervousness and the fact that Faith was actually here, on her bed, not just in her fantasies.

“You ok, B?” Faith was resting on her elbow, looking deep into Buffy’s eyes.

“Yeah, just…you know…freaking out here.” It was true, as much as she wanted this, it was still something entirely new to the blonde girl.

“Look, Buffy. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I really like you, I’m attracted to you, and yeah, I’d like nothing more than to…well, get you naked for a start. But I’m not about to let you do something you’re gonna regret. I know you and Angel, well, you know, but I don’t want to push you or, go too fast.” Buffy was taken aback by Faith’s little speech.

The Faith she knew, or thought she knew, wouldn’t be attempting to actually back down at the opportunity for sex. Buffy realised there was so much more to Faith than met the eye. Sure, she was drop dead gorgeous. She was flirty, wild and extremely sexual. But there was so much depth to the younger slayer and Buffy wanted more than anything to plumb those depths. She wanted to know everything about Faith, good and bad.

*God, I don’t just want to have sex with her…I want…I want to be her girlfriend or something.*

“Faith. About Angel.” Faith’s eyes clouded over at the mention of Buffy’s boyfriend.

The blonde girl knew she should put Faith’s mind at little at ease as far as Angel was concerned. Just from the downcast look now on the dark Slayer’s face, Buffy knew she was jealous, and upset at the mention of his name.

“The thing is Faith, I’m not really with Angel anymore. I mean. It’s not official yet. But it’s over.”

Faith’s eyes brightened at that little insight. “I can’t say I’m not happy about that B. I wanted to be with you so much, it kinda hurt to see you with him all the time.”


Faith was waiting now for some kind of reaction to what she had said to Buffy regarding not wanting to push the less experienced girl. She was kicking herself for giving Buffy a chance to back out, but she really didn’t want to blow things with her, especially since now it seemed Angel wasn’t a factor.

The brunette was so happy about that. He had always been in the way, effectively giving the two girls no real time together. She had been so jealous of their relationship, of how he got to touch the cute Slayer and kiss her whenever he liked. It really didn’t help that he was a vampire too.

“Hey, beautiful. You in there?” Buffy had on her spaced expression again, as cute as it was Faith really wanted to know what was going to happen next.

“Sorry, I was just…Faith?”

“Yeah?” *Fuck, she’s so attractive when she’s all nervous.*

Faith smiled down at the petite blonde, trying her best not to just lean towards her and kiss her. But she didn’t want to push too quickly, she knew she was going to have to leave it up to Buffy to decide the outcome of this night.

“I was…just wondering. I mean, I don’t want to pressure you or anything…and I’m pretty sure I’d do it any way right now, but I’m…I don’t know…its just that…”

“B, you’re making no sense to me right now whatsoever.” Faith was doing her best to stifle the laugh that wanted nothing more than to escape. She had seen Buffy flustered before, but this was just so sweet.

“Sorry, you must think I’m like, Miss naive, here on a trip from moron land…I know you’re not exactly the ‘stick around ‘till morning’ type, but…” Buffy looked down at her hands that were busy fiddling with the pink bedsheet.

“B?” Buffy raised her eyes, and looked up through her long lashes at the dark Slayer. *I love it when she looks at me like that.* “Are you trying to ask me if I’m just gonna fuck you and leave?” Faith couldn’t really blame Buffy for thinking that, it was after all, exactly what she normally did.

“I guess.” The brunette let out a sigh.

She hated that Buffy thought she would do that to her. But then again, she realised that the little blonde had no reason to believe otherwise. She had to let Buffy know she didn’t intend to do such a thing to her.

Faith sat up on the bed and looked down at the smaller Slayer. She had to do this right, get the words out right, or her chance with Buffy would have come and gone already. She wasn’t good with words though. At least, not with words that conveyed feelings, or anything other than flirting or profanity.

Before she could think of the best way to express herself however, something Buffy had said suddenly registered with her. Turning to face Buffy more fully, a knowing grin spread across her face. *Oh yeah, I know where you’re coming from, girlfriend.*

“Wait a minute Twinkie, did I hear you right? You said you’d have sex with me any way didn’t ya? Regardless of whether it would just be screwing and scramming or not.” Buffy couldn’t fight back the tell tale smile taking possession of her lips. “I knew it. Hussy.” Faith just couldn’t resist the urge to tease the girl lying next to her.

“Hey, is it my fault you’re so fucking irresistible?” The knowing grin turned to goofy grin upon hearing Buffy say that about her. And she laughed at how serious Buffy looked after revealing just what she really thought about the brunette.

But then Buffy giggled a little alongside her, breaking the tension, sexual and otherwise, that had built up between them. Faith realised she still had to put the blonde girl’s mind at ease, letting her know, she didn’t want this just to be a one night stand.

At first, when Faith had began lusting after the other slayer, that was all she really did want. But now, after getting to know her fellow Slayer, she wanted more than that. She didn’t know what it was Buffy wanted for sure, but knowing the girl, she was almost pretty certain that the little blonde would never just have sex with someone for the hell of it. Regardless of her earlier comment. That was something Faith did, not Buffy.

“B, Buffy. I’m not too good at things like this but…” Faith took hold of one of Buffy’s hands, ensuring she had her full attention. “I want this to be more than just a one night stand…If you don’t feel the same, then ok, just tell me to shut up and I’ll sleep with you anyway. I mean, I’m not totally dumb. I’ve wanted you for a long time now so…”



“Shut up and kiss me.” Faith didn’t need to be asked twice.

She lowered herself back down, leaning over the blonde girl, she softly brought their lips together.


Buffy had heard exactly what she wanted to know. Faith wanted this to be more than just an inebriated screw. She didn’t just want the blonde girl to be another notch on her bedpost. Buffy had been able to see as much in the other girl’s dark alluring eyes. She had been telling the truth. Either that or she was an even better liar than Buffy gave her credit for.

Right now though, with Faith resting gently on top of her, or partially at least, and being kissed so softly by the sexy brunette, she didn’t really care. She wanted this, had been dreaming about it almost constantly, and now it was actually happening. She didn’t care about anything other than how good Faith was making her feel. If that made her a bad person, so be it. She couldn’t stop now.

Buffy was being taken over by the intense pleasure washing over her. They were kissing less hesitantly now, the need for more of each other outweighing any hope of taking their time. They were truly losing themselves in each other. Faith’s tongue was twisting round Buffy’s in a passionate dance, tasting and teasing.

The taller slayer ran her right hand down to Buffy’s thigh, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. She lifted the blonde girl’s leg slightly as she placed herself between Buffy’s thighs, never once breaking the kiss the older girl was indulging in.

Buffy couldn’t help but let out a groan as she felt the weight of the other girl between her strong legs. She could feel her own wetness soaking her pants now. She was unbelievably turned on by Faith. She was an incredible kisser. And the fact that Faith’s deliciously hot body was pressed up against her was sending her senses haywire.

The blonde girl wrapped her arms around Faith’s back, tangling her fingers into soft dark hair, heightening the intensity of their kissing even more than she thought possible. And just when she thought things couldn’t get her any hotter, Faith moved her soft lips down to her throat. The dark haired girl left a wet trail down her neck, nipping and sucking gently at various points, causing Buffy to moan slightly. Faith stopped when she reached the strappy top Buffy was wearing.

“B? I want to feel you, I want to see you. I want you naked.” Faith’s voice was practically dripping in sexy huskiness.

There was no way on this Earth that Buffy was going to be able to refuse the younger Slayer now. She smiled up at Faith, licking her lips at the prospect of divesting the dark beauty of her clothes too. *I’m gonna love finally getting to see that gorgeous body.*

Buffy raised herself slightly in order to give Faith exactly what she wanted. The brunette moved from between her legs, pure desire darkening her eyes as she watched Buffy begin to remove her clothing.

“Wait, let me.” Buffy closed her eyes as waves of desire shot up her spine from just the sound of Faith’s sultry command.

The dark girl kissed Buffy gently on the mouth before moving to lift the blonde’s top. She slowly pulled the fabric up over Buffy’s breasts, obviously savouring the revelation of the older girl’s toned body. Buffy lifted her arms as Faith removed the small top entirely.

Faith ran a finger down over one of Buffy’s still covered breasts, and over her taut stomach. She bent forward and kissed just above her belly button, then kissed her way slowly up, avoiding Buffy’s aching nipples. She lifted her head and looked deep into Buffy’s eyes before sliding her right hand round to undo the bra Buffy was wearing, easily unclasping it and discarding it.

Then Buffy forgot how to breathe as Faith’s fingers connected with her left breast. The chosen one was just about getting over that thought when Faith lowered her mouth to her other exposed breast, and gently sucked the firm nipple in between her soft lips.

“Fuck, Faith…Take your clothes off. I want you.”


“Damn, B. I’m so fucking hot for you, I don’t know where to start.” She had never felt like this with anyone else.

Her previous conquests were solely about a quick release. Nothing more to it than getting what she wanted, and getting the hell away. This was an entirely different kettle of fish. She wanted Buffy so much, it almost went beyond sex altogether.

“Well, I think…if you don’t get naked with me right now Faith, I’m gonna explode or something.”

Faith quickly stripped her own top and bra off, no longer thinking going slow was such a good idea. She really didn’t think either one of them would survive it. Buffy watched practically open-mouthed as the rest of the brunette’s clothes followed suit. She grinned wickedly up at Buffy as she tugged at the older girl’s trousers, bringing them down along with her underwear, and tossing them to the floor. They were both in all their glory now. Unable to keep their eyes off each other.

“Faith, you’re gorgeous. I mean…come here.”

Faith eased the full length of her body down onto Buffy, causing both of them to groan at the intimate contact. Shifting slightly, Faith once again rested herself between Buffy’s thighs, only this time there was nothing between them, no barriers.

The dark Slayer kissed Buffy with abandon, it was passionate, intense and effortless, and hard and soft all at the same time. They were both pushing against each other now, getting as much contact between their bodies as they possibly could.

Faith couldn’t hold herself back and began rocking her hips into Buffy, causing her dripping sex to spread over the blonde girl’s own wetness. She could feel how aroused the older Slayer was, she could smell it. It was filling her lungs and she loved it. She knew right then that she would never be able to get enough of this girl, they were just going to have to have sex constantly.

The chosen two were moving in unison now, rhythmically pushing against each other. Buffy was moaning softly as Faith lowered her head to the blonde girl’s breasts. She gently licked and sucked on Buffy’s nipples enjoying every second of it.

“Faith…I need you…to touch me.” Buffy’s breathing was growing evermore erratic.

Faith smiled up at the delicious blonde. She wanted to taste just how delicious she was. The dark Slayer kissed Buffy one last time on the mouth before trailing her lips and tongue down the other girl's responsive body. She dipped her tongue into Buffy’s belly button eliciting a moan from the older girl.

She continued her slow descent down between Buffy’s legs, kissing along the inside of her thighs.

“God, Faith…” The younger girl decided not to make Buffy wait any longer. If truth be told she couldn’t wait any longer herself. She had to taste the other girl.

Buffy’s inner thighs were glistening already with her wetness and Faith made a point of licking her way up to Buffy’s centre. She blew gently over the cute Slayer’s clit, causing Buffy to arch her hips ever so slightly off the bed. Faith pushed Buffy’s thighs apart gently, giving her better access. Then she ran the tip of her tongue softly over her wet pussy.


“Ohhh! Faith.” Buffy couldn’t quite believe the sexy brunette was actually between her legs, lapping at her wet need, but it felt so good.

Faith gradually increased the pressure as she ran her tongue over and around Buffy’s clit, pleasuring the small blonde beyond her wildest dreams. Angel had certainly never done this to her before. She was glad it was Faith doing it now though, she wouldn’t want it any other way. Buffy groaned loudly as Faith pushed into the blonde’s dripping hole, thrusting her tongue in as far as it would go. Rhythmically fucking Buffy with it.

Buffy was moving with Faith now, groaning aloud at every thrust. She reached down with one hand, clutching at the dark girl’s hair. Her other hand grabbed on to the headboard as she felt herself granting total control to the younger Slayer. She was lost in the pleasure Faith was giving her.

The brunette licked her way back to Buffy’s clit and pulled it in gently between her teeth. She alternately sucked on it then flicked it with her tongue. Buffy’s moans were getting louder now, and it just seemed to drive Faith on.

Buffy was getting close, she had thought about this moment with Faith so many times, but the reality was so much better than she could have thought possible.

Sensing that Buffy was near to climax Faith increased her attention on the blonde’s clit, going faster and harder. Just as Buffy thought she couldn’t take any more Faith pushed two fingers inside her.

“Oh God…oh fuck, Faith…”

The brunette moaned into Buffy’s wet pussy as she expertly fucked the little Slayer. Buffy was writhing against her now, crying out in pleasure. She tried to hang on, not wanting it to be over too soon, but she had no hope.

“Oh, Faith.” Buffy suddenly tensed up as she felt the explosive orgasm rip through her.

She shook as she felt Faith licking away her hot juices, grazing her clit as she did so. She knew that if the younger girl didn’t stop she would come again. Faith didn’t stop, she replaced her fingers with her tongue. Ramming it into Buffy with abandon as her thumb danced over her sensitive clit.

“Fuck…That feels so…oh!…Faith.” She came all over Faith for the second time. Drenching the dark Slayer’s face.


Faith just couldn’t find it in her to leave Buffy’s dripping wet sex. She wanted to keep her tongue buried in the other girl, it just felt so fucking horny. But Buffy was pulling at her, forcing her to raise her head. The brunette reluctantly, made her way back up Buffy’s body, kissing various points as she went.

The blonde Slayer was fighting to get her breath back, little tremors still coursing through her body. Faith rested to the side of her, her leg thrown possessively over the chosen one. She rested her head on Buffy’s shoulder waiting for the other girl to come back to her.

“God, Faith. That was…fucking amazing.” Faith lifted her head, smiling at the beautiful blonde beneath her.

“You’re pretty amazing yourself.” Buffy pulled her down to a searing kiss.

They pulled apart, both knowing what they felt for each other in that kiss, love. The two Slayers looked deep into each other’s eyes. They didn’t need to say anything, at least not yet. But they both felt it, and they could both see it.

Buffy tenderly caressed Faith’s cheek with her hand causing the dark girl to close her eyes. This had turned into so much more than just sex. They both knew they were making love. Faith turned her lips to Buffy’s palm and kissed her there. Then she bent down the short distance and captured the blonde girl’s lips with her own.

The tenderness of the kiss soon turned to passion as the heat between the two Slayers began to rise again. Buffy pushed Faith over, bringing herself on top of the brunette. Her left leg rested between Faith’s thighs, and she pushed up with it coating her own thigh with Faith’s wetness. The sultry Slayer almost instantly began rubbing herself on the older girl, feeling the power and strength between her legs.

“Faith, do you have any idea how fucking sexy you are?” Faith just whimpered as Buffy pushed up a little harder. She knew it wasn’t going to take much, having been so turned on when she was going down on Buffy.

Faith wrapped her arms around the smaller girl, scratching her back slightly as she ran her hands over it. Buffy began raining kisses over her chest and sucking on her nipples as her left hand slowly made its way over Faith’s toned stomach. Faith was panting now with need.

Buffy eased her thigh away from Faith causing the younger girl to open her eyes in protest. She caught the satisfied smile on Buffy’s face as the blonde girl spread Faith’s wet pussy with her fingers.

Faith cried out at the contact of Buffy’s fingers on her clit. She pushed up into the other girl’s hand, feeling the fingers slipping over her, taking her to the edge.

“Fuck, B…Fuck…oh yeah!”

Buffy flicked her clit, teasing it then sliding against it harder and faster than before. Then she slipped two fingers down and entered Faith, pushing up into her. Stroking her inside, driving her fingers in and out of Faith. The tough brunette was actually whimpering.

She was getting closer now with each thrust, her hips bucking off the bed into Buffy’s hand. Moaning into the night.

“B…Fuck…clit…” Buffy brought her other hand between them and coated her fingers in Faith’s flowing wetness before sliding them over her clit. She fucked Faith with both her hands, two fingers buried deep inside her while she rubbed on her swollen clit with the other hand.

“God, yes…Buffy…Fuck me…Buffy, fuck…Yes.” Faith came even louder than Buffy had, her body arching off the bed as the blonde Slayer pressed her fingers to Faith’s G-spot, drawing out her orgasm as much as she could.

Buffy slowly removed her fingers and rested her body down on top of Faith. The younger girl wrapped her arms around her practically crushing Buffy to her before eventually releasing her a little.

They lay like that for some time, just revelling in the feeling of being so close. The smell of sex filling their nostrils, each other’s scent pulsing inside them. Buffy was softly kissing around Faith’s ear and down her neck. The dark Slayer had never had this before. She was usually up and out of the door by now. But it felt so good in Buffy’s embrace, just holding onto the intensity of it all.


Buffy lifted herself off the other Slayer slightly in order to pull the blanket up around them. She had never felt so contented before. It was just perfect. All of it. Faith grumbled as Buffy shifted.

“Just covering us up, gorgeous.”

“Hmmm! You’re incredible you know?” Buffy couldn’t help but blush a little. She had never expected to be able to make Faith come. She had never done anything like that before.

“Did I do ok?” Faith gave her a quizzical look.

“Did you not hear me, B?” It would be a miracle if most of the street hadn’t heard her.

Faith snuggled Buffy into her arms and kissed her gently. They were wrapped around each other basking in the afterglow. Buffy looked intently at Faith, wondering what was going on in her head right now as the brunette relaxed with a soft smile playing on her lips.

“Faith, What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that I’m in love with you, Buffy.” The younger girl seemed to tense up, waiting for a rebuff maybe.

Buffy couldn’t quite believe her ears, she had wanted the beautiful Slayer to say that to her so much. A silver tear slipped from her eye as she brought her lips to Faith's. Kissing her lightly before pulling back.

“Look at me, Faith.” It was apparent the younger girl just didn’t know what Buffy would say about her confession. As she looked into Faith’s dark brown eyes, Buffy could see how apprehensive the brunette was. Buffy wanted nothing more than to bring back that dazzling smile she loved. “Faith, I’m in love with you too.” The dark Slayer sighed before pulling Buffy into a breathtaking kiss. The dazzling smile was back. It joined Buffy’s in lighting up the room.


The two slayers snuggled back down into the covers, and each other. It wasn’t long before Buffy had drifted off to sleep. A mixture of alcohol and intense sex taking its toll on her. Faith just hoped this whole thing wasn’t a result of the alcohol.

But then Buffy had told her she was in love with her. Plus, by the time they’d reached the bedroom earlier, most of the alcohol in both their systems had begun to dissipate. Something to do with Slayer metabolism and adrenaline.

This was the start of something beautiful, intense and passionate. Faith’s heart felt like it could burst, just explode into dust like some vamp or something. She shook her head at how sickening she was being. It was certainly new to her character. But she knew she would cope with it, for Buffy she would cope.

Faith couldn’t quite believe how perfect the night had turned out. It was like a dream she just didn’t want to wake up from. Buffy was in her arms. They had confessed to being in love with each other. It was perfect.

Or at least, it had been…

“Buffy, Faith…Where are…oh…Oh!”

Faith hid her head under the blanket wishing Willow not to be there. She peeked out. Nope, she was there all right, standing in the doorway looking so beyond shocked it was actually funny. Or would have been if it didn’t mean a lot of explaining was going to be called for…

“Ummm! B?”

The End