The Diary
by Dylan
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy. And probably a whole load of other important people. But not me. I’m just borrowing them.
Timeline: Season three, with small spoilers. Runs around the time of Revelations, only without the fact that Angel is back. I didn’t want him to come back and stuff things up, again.



Buffy’s pov……..

“Faith, I am not joking, now give it back.” Buffy skipped over the small gravestone, trying to catch hold of her fellow Slayer.

“Come on, I’m just gonna take a peak, Anne Frank.” The dark haired girl successfully side stepped the lunging blonde, who was doing her best to retrieve the diary she had been busy scribbling in.

It was a nice, warm, and heavily lunar lit night, and Buffy had decided to take time out in her slaying schedule to sit down amongst the headstones and graves, and order some of her thoughts into the small black diary she had recently taken to jotting in.

She hadn’t planned on Faith rounding the corner and spotting her. Of course, they had planned to meet up, but Buffy thought she had at least ten minutes or so before Faith was due to show. Unfortunately, and unusually for Faith, the younger Slayer had actually arrived early.

Buffy knew, the instant she was caught writing in a diary, Faith was going to laugh, mock, and grab. She was hoping she could evade that last one, but Faith had been quick. As soon as the laughing had stopped, the hand had shot out, and her diary was gone. In the clutches of the one person, ok, not the one person…but the main person she did not under any circumstance want it in the clutches of.

“Now lets see what we have…” Faith flicked to the last page, as Buffy darted this way and that, unproductive in her attempts to get her very secret diary back.

She hadn’t been writing in it long, but there were things in there she most certainly didn’t want anybody reading. She didn’t want anyone, Faith especially, knowing her private thoughts right now. They were private…And they were mainly about the girl being uncannily slippery.

“Please…don’t.” Buffy couldn’t plead enough, she knew it was futile.

Faith was not the kind of girl who would think twice about reading somebody’s diary. She was a bad girl, who didn’t care about what other people thought, or how she might hurt their feelings. And yes, feelings were involved. Feelings that Buffy was unsure of how to deal with, hence the writing things down to try to make sense of them.

Jumping up onto a tomb, far out of reach of her blonde little friend, Faith read aloud the last passage in the tiny book.

“She has hair that looks like it could wrap me up and keep me warm. Soft and waiting for me to bury my face in it and breathe her in. Her scent…I want to bottle it and spray it all over myself so it feels like she’s with me all the time, instead of being God knows where, with hell knows who.” The brunette leaped from tomb to tomb, constantly out of reach. “I want to feel her skin against me. Hot against me…Jesus Buffy, what is this?” Faith called out to the mortified Slayer.

“Just give me it back, or I swear…” She couldn’t believe what was happening.

Buffy wanted to turn and run, and wish she’d never started writing in the damn thing. Wish she’d never met Faith and started thinking about her in ways she shouldn’t have been about another girl. A girl like Faith.

“…touching me everywhere, like when I dream of her. I dreamt of her last night, and she was beautiful, as ever. She was all flame and danger and I wanted her.” Faith’s normally husky tone lowered even further, her voice beginning to lose its mocking lilt. “I wanted to touch and kiss, like I do when I see her. When she smiles at me with those perfect lips that just seem to be begging for my tongue to taste them. When she laughs, and I know she’s making fun of me but I get weak at the knees, and my whole body wants her against it.” The cemetery grew quiet but for Faith’s sultry voice cutting the warm air, stopping Buffy in her tracks as she was captivated by its raw sexual sound.

“Faith…” The small blonde could feel tears welling in her eyes, as she stood at the foot of the tomb Faith was standing on, unable to move now and stop the inevitable.

“I hate that I want her. I hate that I feel so weak around her.” Buffy could see that Faith was trying to work out who the passage was about, her forehead was creased a little in concentration, and the older Slayer was frozen. Afraid…because any minute, Faith would know. “But right now, most of all, I hate that I never got to go to Homecoming with her properly. I never even got to find out if it was meant to be…a date or something. I know I wanted it to be. I know I…” There was nothing more for Faith to read, and trickles of salt made their way down Buffy’s cheeks.

The blonde girl stood, horrified, ashamed that she had been caught having thoughts she didn’t want Faith knowing about. She didn’t want to be ridiculed or labelled as something she was sure she wasn’t…She didn’t want to lose the hope of real friendship she might have with the younger Slayer.

Looking up to see Faith gazing down at her, her dark eyes pools of mystery and now confusion, Buffy couldn’t stand to be part of what happened next, sure that Faith would tease her, and make her feel small and ugly and stupid for feeling the way she did. So she turned and ran. She pushed branches aside, her rationality, her sense, her small hope that maybe Faith felt the same about her, and had the same thoughts as she did. Wanted the same thing. She pushed it all aside in her haste to escape.

Buffy was too afraid to wait and find out if Faith did indeed feel the same, she was too confused in her own emotions to imagine that Faith would do anything other than grin that tough girl grin, and laugh.

It was far from funny for Buffy though, as she had been agonising over her more than friendly feelings for Faith for weeks, hating that her life couldn’t just be simple for once. She didn’t want to lust after somebody else she wasn’t meant to want. She was just getting over Angel, her running away debacle, her mother’s constant worry.

Dealing with Faith was another thing that she just didn’t know how to handle.


Faith’s pov……..

Faith stood stunned, as Buffy ran off into the night. Her legs were stuck to the spot, or more correctly, they were numb and really in no fit state to carry the dark girl on. She hadn’t expected…Couldn’t have expected that reading Buffy’s little diary would have her unable to organise her thoughts.

The brunette had started out reading in jest, until what she was reading actually began to reach her brain, then she had been unable to stop herself. As the words had dripped huskily from her lips, Faith realised that she should have stopped, that what she was reading wasn’t something she should be mocking. It was obviously a very personal account of something. There was something deep within the words.

But then her brain actually registered the words, and it was telling her to find out who exactly Buffy had been writing about in the way she had. As soon as realisation hit, she was dumbstruck.

Despite all her cockiness and her self-confident air, Faith had never dreamed that Buffy would be interested in her. Of course, she’d flirted with the older girl, and risked a few slightly inappropriate touches during sparring, but she had done it more in jest than anything else. In an attempt to get a reaction out of the girl she thought could do with injecting a little bad into her good.

Faith had never imagined that what she was doing would actually have Buffy wanting more. It wasn’t something the dark girl had really thought about too much because of how sure she was of Buffy’s unwillingness to dare to be different, to dare to look beyond what she thought of as wrong and right. Of what most people thought of as wrong and right.

The troubled Slayer was well aware that they were not just most people however. They were different, and they had a link between them, much stronger than the petty judgments and fake morals of those who would sneer at any deeper relationship between them. The blonde girl seemed to be judging herself however, and it was obviously raising questions.

From what little Faith had read, she could clearly see that Buffy was attracted to her, but was drowning in the sea of possibilities and expected recriminations that she was obviously sure would follow.

Faith wasn’t so worried about what other people thought, and now that she knew Buffy was definitely interested, she was determined not to let the chance slip by. She had wanted the older girl from the moment she’d first laid eyes on her, hopefully, now things could get interesting.

Before she rushed off after Buffy, jumping in with both feet, Faith thought it would be best to make sure Buffy really was interested. She flicked back a page in the small diary she still had gripped in her hand. Running a finger over the attractive writing, the dark girl read the recent thoughts of her slaying partner. She knew she shouldn’t, but it was just too tempting, and the easiest way to discover how she could play things when it came down to getting Buffy to actually open up to her face to face.

She browsed over an entry dated the day Faith had asked Buffy to the homecoming dance. She read the account quietly to herself.

*I’m stunned. Faith asked me to the dance…Or at least I think she did. That’s the way it sounded, but then all she really said was that we may as well go together, because of the whole Scott thing…What I was thinking when I agreed to date him, I have no idea. Anyway, I can’t wait for Homecoming. I don’t care if I come last, as long as Faith doesn’t run off with some guy, I’ll be happy. God, I’d be even happier if she were to dance with me, maybe get real close, so I can feel her heat. It drives me crazy when we spar and she’s right up against me, pushing against me. It gets me so wet. I worry that she can smell how aroused I get, so I end up acting like a bitch and pissing her off so I can get away. I wish it were simpler.

I had the dream again last night. The one where she takes me back to her motel and…God, it makes me blush just thinking about it. I’ve never even thought of a guy in such a graphic way before. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t stop thinking about her, fantasising about her, I can’t stop wanting her. No matter how hard I try. And the really annoying thing is, I really don‘t know how she feels about me. I can‘t tell, even with the flirting, because she flirts with everyone. I‘d love to know if she sees me as more than just someone to slay with. I hope she does. I want her to want me too.*

Faith ran a hand through her luscious dark hair, wondering what was in Buffy’s dream exactly. She could practically feel the desire scorched into the page, and she was wracking her brain to try to recall any obvious signs that Buffy had been fantasising about her. She could only remember shy smiles and over the top reactions to her flirting.

She read on, thumbing back a few pages, hoping to find any mention of the dream again. This entry was around the time they thought Oz had gone a little too grrr.

*I’m finding it harder and harder to stop thinking about Faith. In a sexual way. Every time she touches me, or just stands a little too close, I wanna kiss her, I wanna feel those sexy lips against mine. Her hands in my hair, on my body. I get so hot around her, I’m sure she must be able to tell, so I’ve been trying to be as indifferent as I can. I hope she doesn’t think that I don’t like her, I’m just scared of how she makes me feel. I’ve never thought about another girl like this.

I had a dream last night that blew me away on so many levels. It started with us on patrol, the usual Vamp dust fest that slaying with Faith is. Then I got hurt, and she was instantly by my side, not unlike the way she actually does react when I’m injured. Bless her. Anyway, she helped me back to her motel room, cos it was closer, and she sat me on her bed. It felt so real, like I was actually there. Her smell surrounded me and I wanted more of it. I wanted to smell her…Jesus, I’m blushing just thinking about it, but I wanted to smell her getting wet for me. I wanted to have sex with her, and as she walked towards me, her usual swagger entrancing me, I knew she felt something too.

She sat beside me on the bed, looking into my eyes like nobody had ever done before, kinda like I feel she does even when I’m not dreaming or fantasising. I’d never, I have never, felt so captivated by someone. She outdoes Angel in heating me up…by a long shot (sorry Angel). She lifted her hand to my cheek, and I knew she could see the desire in my eyes, but instead of feeling embarrassed about it, like I really do, I felt confident, sure that she was feeling the same. I reached out and touched her face too, trailing my thumb over one of those beautiful and sexy dimples. Her skin was so soft and her eyes closed for a second.

Then things began to change. I could feel the heat, like fire, pulsing from Faith. Her eyes were so dark and I fell right into them. She moved towards me so quick, I wasn’t sure what was happening until she was on top of me, kissing me. God, those lips. I could write a novel about them…Unfortunately this journal isn’t big enough to describe everything, exactly the way it felt in my dream, so I’ll have to water it down, hopefully the small amount of description will be enough to jog my memory when I look back on this. When Faith has left town, without knowing how I feel, leaving me lost again without her.*

Faith stopped for a minute to take a breather. She was heating up with Buffy’s account of her dream already. and the last part, of her being left behind by Faith, almost brought a tear to the troubled Slayer’s eyes with the depth of emotion there. She’d had no idea that Buffy felt so strongly about their connection, on any level. She continued once she had reprimanded herself for thinking too much about what Buffy’s words implied.

*I could feel her body against mine, so intimate even with our clothes still on. Faith’s leg fell between my thighs and I shuddered as she pushed down. I was so wet already. I snuck my fingers into her long dark hair, drowning in the feel of her kissing me, tonguing my lips and mouth. I could taste her, and even though it was just a dream, it was amazing. Faith started hungrily kissing my ears and neck, moving down, sweeping me up in the overwhelming sensation of her hurriedly removing my clothes, ripping her own off to join them on the floor. She was going to take me, and I’d never felt so aroused in my entire, all be it fairly short, life. I wanted her to, I wanted it, I want it right now, so much.

She lay back down on top of me once she’d removed our clothes, and I moaned out loud when her naked body hit mine. She moved between my legs and I thought I was gonna die with how much of her I could feel pressing into me. Her beautiful breasts, her flat stomach resting on mine, her…her pussy (blushing again). I could feel her arousal, dripping onto me, into me, as I was lying with her between my legs. There is no way I can even begin to describe the feeling. God, I can honestly say, if I ever get the chance to feel her against me like that in reality. I might actually die. It was perfect.

We rubbed against each other, kissing and touching everywhere we could. It felt wonderful, like I’d found something so special. Discovered something so intimate that only we could share. And in a way, because of the depth of our Slayer connection, that was completely true. It wasn’t long before she had kissed me all over, sucking on my nipples until I was crying out for more, loving the feel of her hot wet mouth on me, pleasuring only me.

Faith looked at me, a slightly cocky grin playing across her lips, the grin that I secretly love. She slowly moved her hand down from the nipple she was teasing, down across my stomach, and I could already feel myself shuddering with anticipation. We both groaned as her fingers slipped over my pussy, dipping into the abundance of arousal. I was so turned on, I didn’t even think about the fact I’d only ever had sex once before. I just wanted her so much.

“I’m gonna fuck you, B. I’m gonna take you just the way you want me to. Make your pussy all mine.” Is what she said to me. Jesus, it makes me shiver just thinking about the sound of her husky voice saying that. Telling me exactly what I wanted to hear.

She slipped around in my soaked pussy, rubbing against me, fingering my clit and making me whimper for her, moan for her, call her name out for anybody that might have been in a five mile radius to hear. She was so good, and I’d never felt so ready to just burst. Then she slipped her fingers lower, teased my opening, causing me to spread my legs further open for her, and she plunged her fingers into me. Right up inside my pussy, fucking me deeper and harder than I would have thought I could take, but I was loving it, because it was Faith doing it. She had her fingers inside me and it felt so good.

I can almost feel it just thinking about it. How her fingers rubbed up inside me, pushed in, as far as she could get them as I fucked them, rolling my hips in time with her thrusts. I was so wet, it’s all I could hear above my moaning and Faith’s groaning. I could feel myself right on the edge. I was so ready to come for her. I wanted to come all over her hand, all over her bed so she had to sleep with my cum soaking into her sheets. She leant down and whispered in my ear, “You’re so fucking sexy, I want your cum all over me, then I’m gonna sit on your face so you can lick my wet little pussy out.” That was it…I was coming so hard just imagining her pussy dripping into my mouth. I screamed her name and clung to her, shuddering beneath her strong body, but then the dream faded…She was gone before I could tell her how much I…I’d enjoyed it, and how much I wanted to make her come for me too.

I woke up in a mess, metaphorically and literally. I was wet and horny as hell. And I had to get up and go and train with Faith. That day had to be one of the hardest of my entire life, trying not to look at Faith and just melt at the memory of my dream. I ran out of there so fast after we’d done training, I think she may have thought I couldn’t wait to get away from her, but the exact opposite was true. I couldn’t risk her discovering how much she effected me. God…what am I gonna do?*

“Fuck…Little minx.” Faith sounded off into the quiet of the cemetery.

She couldn’t believe Buffy was having dreams as graphic as that about her. She had just never thought of the small Slayer to be the type. As far as she was concerned, Buffy was a prude who wouldn’t know a good fuck if it came up…well, came up and fucked her. But the dark girl’s opinion was definitely changing. There was real potential there if Buffy was willing to let go and just take a chance with her.

There was one more entry in the diary, and Faith saw no reason now not to go ahead and read it, even though she wanted to jump up and run after the little blonde. She looked at the date of the entry and shrugged, it wouldn’t hurt to find out what Buffy’s first impressions of her were.

*Faith…where do I start? Well, I may as well start by explaining why I have taken to writing in this damn thing. It’s the fault of non other than my new little ‘best friend’ Faith. I really didn’t know what to make of her after that first meeting. She was certainly…different. Kinda mysterious…of course, it wasn’t long before a few truths came out about her, but we sorted them out, and I was proud of her. I had no idea why I would be proud of somebody I didn’t really know, but I was.

I didn’t know how to take Faith at first, I mean, as far as her openness and obvious flirting went. That was pretty much two weeks ago now though, and I think I’m just about beginning to get her. Her flirting still unnerves me a little though, unfortunately for me, it’s not for the reasons it should be. It doesn’t creep me out…in fact, I like it. She’s…she’s so attractive and I can't take my eyes off her sometimes. I’m thinking about her, a lot. It’s confusing. Which is why I’m writing in here, to try to make some sense out of how she’s starting to make me feel, because I daren’t tell Will or Xander. I don’t want them knowing I keep thinking about Faith naked. God, I can’t believe I’m thinking this way. She’s something else though, that’s for sure.

I’ll just be walking along not thinking of anything, then up pops Faith into my head, all hot and barely dressed and I become a gibbering wreck. It’s even worse when she’s actually there, in the flesh with me somewhere, which is why I’m kinda avoiding spending too much time with her. I don’t want to have her hotness right there in my face. Ok, I’m not gonna even go there with that thought, Faith, in my face…stopping now. I need to quit thinking this way. I’m straight. And Faith is…she’s a tough girl from a completely different background to me, she has no manners, she’s rude and obnoxious and crude, and not even that good looking, with all that leather…she’s so not…Crap, who am I kidding? She’s absolutely gorgeous, and funny, and can be really adorable sometimes when she doesn’t think anybody’s looking.

Oh God, I’m really in trouble.*

Faith sat back on the tomb she was perched on, taking a deep breath to steady herself. It was all there in black and white. Buffy wanted her, just as much, if not more than Faith wanted Buffy. There was no escaping it, for either of them.

The sultry brunette was certainly not just going to let this drop. She knew from the way Buffy had described how much she had been avoiding her, to avoid thinking about her desire, that the small blonde would never make the first move…Or any move for that matter. Like in the dream, it was going to have to be Faith who took charge. She would confront Buffy, then they could deal with what was between them.

She couldn’t allow things to be buried to the point that nothing would ever happen. Faith would never forgive herself for not trying if she just walked away at the prospect of facing an irate little Slayer, who wanted to do nothing more than fantasies without acting on what she desired.

Faith stood up, and grasping hold of the revealing book she took a deep breath, fixed her predatory grin in place, and strode off towards Buffy’s house.

Things were going to change, and Buffy was going get exactly what she had been dreaming about.


Faith’s pov……..

Faith made her way through the deserted cemetery as quick as she could, keeping a look out for her fellow Slayer at the same time. She couldn’t feel her near by however, so she was under the impression Buffy had stormed off in an embarrassed rage. Hopefully, she thought, she would find her safely at home, boiling in her usual pissed off state with the younger girl.

The night was young, and Faith knew she should really wait around for a while to keep the local Vamp population down. But she had a feeling it would be a slow night, and Buffy was her main priority right now. There were no impending apocalypses or big nasty demons doing their business in Sunnydale, so the dark Slayer wasn’t too worried about not getting a proper patrol in. Giles didn’t have to find out anyhow, so she was five by five with just skimming the horizon for anything nasty.

As fleeting clouds spread meekly across the bright night sky, patching shadows across the wide streets of the suburbs of Sunnydale, Faith mused over what she was going to say to the small blonde whose house she was nearing.

She hadn’t yet stopped to think about what would happen next. Of course, she knew Buffy would rant at her for reading her diary. She wouldn’t expect anything less, as it had been a pretty shitty thing to do, even for her.

But in some ways, Faith just couldn’t help but do the wrong thing around Buffy, because she was always trying to keep up an act, to hide anything deeper that she felt for the cute blonde. It was easier, or at least, that’s what she convinced herself.

Faith stood at the bottom of the short path up to Buffy’s home, looking up into the small window of what she knew to be the other girl’s bedroom. She sighed, wishing she was more like the kind of friend Buffy would invite around for sleepovers and stuff, now and again. Sometimes, always acting the bad ass sucked. Faith never got to…well, just act her age now and then.

Nothing was coming to her mind to say to Buffy as she watched for shadows in the window, nothing beyond telling her she was sorry for reading her diary. She would just have to play things by ear. React to whatever mood Buffy was in. React to whatever signals she received.

She knew what she wanted, and she had known right from the start. Faith wanted to be close to Buffy…Not just in a sexual way, but in ways she had never wanted to be close to anybody else. It was hard for her to show that though, or to even feel it within herself. But now was the time for taking chances, or at least she hoped it was. In the end, it would all depend on if Buffy could be honest with herself, and deal with her attraction to the boisterous brunette.

Striding forward to the house ahead of her, Faith ran a tidying hand through her hair, and held her shoulders in her usual confident pose. There was no way the prim blonde was going to get away with thinking, dreaming, and writing what she had, without expecting to discover she had an extremely interested, and horny Slayer on her doorstep.

With a good hard knock, Faith announced her arrival to the Summers’ house. She waited for bounding Buffy feet down the stairs, but instead received a timid “who is it?” from behind the flimsy wood of the door.

“Hey, Mrs S…It’s Faith.” The teenager answered.

The door opened cautiously, and Joyce Summers made sure Faith wasn’t some bold Vampire hoping to find a snack on his travels.

“I thought Buffy was meeting you, dear. Did you miss each other? Is she ok?” The thought that Buffy was in trouble evidently suddenly hit the blonde girl’s mother.

“No…we met, she’s fine. But err, isn’t she here now?” Faith asked, looking up the stairs directly in front of her.

The question was fairly pointless, as she could plainly tell that Buffy wasn’t close by. She didn’t have those faint but incredibly distinct tingles, shivering up and down her spine.

“No, I thought she was still on patrol with you…Did something happen?” Panic was beginning to take root in the concerned mind of the older woman.

“No, nothing happened, we just got split up. No big, I just wanted to…to, never mind.” Faith didn’t want Joyce thinking anything was wrong, as she was pretty sure Buffy was probably just walking around in a stew somewhere. “I’ll see her tomorrow or something. It wasn’t important, see ya later.” Before Joyce could ask any more questions, Faith jumped down the steps and strode off into the night.

She wasn’t too concerned about Buffy getting into something she couldn’t handle. The older Slayer had been looking after herself just fine before Faith had arrived on the scene. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she wanted to go and find Buffy though, just to make sure she was safe.

As she walked along in silence, attempting to decide whether or not she should just go home, or if she ought to go and find Buffy, a car honked from behind her. The dark girl turned around as Cordelia cruised along slowly beside her in her flashy vehicle.

The cheerleader rolled down her window. “You do realise it’s not safe walking around out here, don’t you?”

Faith stopped dead in her tracks, trying to work out where the sarcasm was in what Cordelia had just said. She wasn’t sure exactly how to respond. It wasn’t everyday that Cordelia actually deemed Faith worthy of talking to.

“It must have escaped your notice, but I’m the person big bad ugly things are scared of, so I’m not really too worried about strolling along here in suburbville. In fact, I could do with the entertainment of a nice hungry Vamp to play with.” She smirked at the over confident cheerleader.

“Well then, I guess offering you a lift would be a waste of my time. Kinda like the waste of time I just encountered attempting the same thing with the other crazy Slayer in this town.” Cordelia looked away, mumbling to herself. “I don’t know, try to do the nice thing and people think you’re an evil demon dressed in a Cordelia suit, or they just plain be…ignorant.” She aimed her last remark straight at Faith, who was busy looking down the street where Cordelia had come from, wondering how far back the tall brunette had come across Buffy.

“Huh? Yeah, sorry. Look, you said you passed Buffy…where is she?” Faith placed her hand on the top of the car as she leant down a little to talk to the girl within.

“Hey, stop with the aggressive ‘tude, it doesn’t make me drool like it does the others. I don’t know where she is, I passed her a while ago. She insulted me, then took off. Now, do you want a lift, or shall I remember that I really don’t like you and leave?” Cordelia awaited an answer.

Faith scowled a little at the abruptness of the other girl, straightened herself up, then jogged around the car to jump into the passenger seat. She was intrigued to find out exactly what Cordelia had meant with the drooling comment, with regards to the other people. She knew if she didn’t ask the leggy cheerleader about it now, then she’d forget it was ever said.

“You know where I live, right?” Faith buckled herself in.

“Of course I do…Not that I know for any reason, I mean, other than because it’s important to know where all the tough, strong…powerful, err, good guys are.” Cordelia frowned and took off from the curb, headed for Faith’s motel.

“Sure…Now, stop pretending like you don’t stalk me,” she didn’t give Cordelia time to protest “and tell me where you saw Buffy. What did she say? Anything about me? About where she was going?” She was trying her best not to sound desperate to know what Buffy’s mood was, but she was failing miserably.

“Jesus…Obsessed much? You’re both the same. Crazy.” The older brunette pointed to her head, making circles with her finger. “As far as I know she was still patrolling. She said something about you pissing her off when I asked where you were, and then she took off, it was dark, I didn’t see where she went, and no, I didn’t think to take after her and find out where she was going…. She did ask if I’d seen you though. So…what’s going on?” Cordelia asked brusquely.

Faith tried her best to pick out actual meaning in the torrent of words. She didn’t miss the fact that Buffy had asked about her however.

“How did she seem when she asked about me? I mean, did she ask like she was thinking of feeding me to the hungriest Vamp she could find? Or was she…I dunno, just wanting to know…” Faith asked.

“I say again…What’s going on? Buffy was all spazzed out too. Don’t tell me you finally made a move on her? Or maybe she made a move on you and scared herself.” Cordelia said, without batting an eyelid.

“Huh? Are you trying to fuck with my head? What the hell are you goin on about?” Faith was thinking maybe she had completely missed out on an entire chunk of time, where Buffy was obvious in her interest in her, and where maybe, pigs flew or something.

“I’m on about the obvious sexual tension between the two of you. Come on, Faith, don’t tell me you don’t know Buffy makes moon eyes at you when you’re back is turned.” The tall brunette scoffed.

“Yeah, cos I have eyes in the back of my fucking head. Now tell me about it. What do you know?” The young Slayer wanted to know exactly what Cordelia had picked up on.

“Sorry, I thought you were more than aware of how hot you are…I mean, not that I personally think that, but you must know the rest of them drool every time you walk into the room, Buffy especially. I thought that was what all the flirting was about between the two of you…I mean, she’s into you, and you’re practically the poster girl for being bi. So tonight, I thought maybe something had finally cracked.” The older girl pulled up outside Faith’s motel room.

“Cracked…” Faith’s mind was elsewhere entirely. “No…We just…Is it that obvious that she likes me?” Faith couldn’t hide the slightly goofy grin threatening to ruin her tough girl image.

“Well, it’s obvious to me. Not that I pay that much attention, but I’m good at things like that. She hides it well actually, but she was devastated to miss out on Homecoming with you. She didn’t say so, but I could tell.” Cordelia seemed proud of her own observation skills. “If you ask me though, she’ll never pull the stick out of her ass and come on to you…So I’d suggest you make the move, give her no doubt that you’re interested, then see how she reacts. Of course, at first she’ll be all ‘oh no, I can’t do that, I’m Buffy the Vampire lover. The good girl, who pouts, a lot’. But she’ll get over that. Trust me…she’s not as pure and chaste as she’d like us all to believe.” Cordelia was pretty convincing, and given what Faith had read in the blonde girl’s diary, she had to agree.

“So…” Faith thought about playing it off for a second, pretending that she didn’t know what the hell Cordelia was talking about, but then she didn’t really care if Cordelia knew about her interest in Buffy. “I should just let her know what I want, see what she does.” She had pretty much decided for herself.

It seemed like a good plan, she just had to think of a way to set it in motion without ending up with egg on her face, or bruises, if Buffy was still firmly in the land of denial.

“Glad to know you’re not as stupid as you look, Faith. Now move your little butt, I need to get home.” She tapped her fingernails on the steering wheel.

“Thanks, for the lift.” Faith unbuckled her seat belt and opened the door, stepping out into the cool night air. “And thanks for noticing my little butt.” She winked and slammed the door shut, ignoring whatever it was that the tall brunette replied.

She bounded up the stairs, thinking of ways to get Buffy to stop writing down her thoughts of her, and actually act on them instead.


Buffy’s pov……..

Buffy had no idea what time it was. Her watch had stopped and she was cursing the fact that she had wanted a nice, pretty watch, rather than one that would actually last. She was beginning to get a little hungry too. For some reason though, she hadn’t felt like just going home.

There was the possibility of Faith being there of course, waiting for her, to do or say who knew what. Buffy certainly didn’t know. She couldn’t work out how Faith would react to knowing how she felt about her. There wasn’t enough proof in the flirting alone to be sure of the dark girl’s interest, or prospect of total disgust.

She didn’t know exactly why she was trying to convince herself that Faith would react negatively, but conceded that maybe it was a defence mechanism, so she wouldn’t get her feelings hurt if Faith did indeed go nuts about it. But really, she knew that Faith was more likely to lap it up and brag about the fact Buffy had a crush on her.

The small blonde laughed to herself at the thought that what she felt for her fellow Slayer was just a crush. Crushes were what she had when she was much younger. What she felt for Faith was pure desire, and something even deeper, that she daren’t look too closely at.

Walking slowly through the quiet streets of Sunnydale, Buffy realised that maybe what she was most afraid of, was not Faith reacting in a negative way, but in a positive way. She was terrified of how she felt about Faith, and really wasn’t sure if she could deal with the prospect of becoming involved with another girl, in a sexual way. It was way out of her normal parameters of functioning, as the goody-two-shoes that she tried to be.

Faith had thrown all of that out of the window, however. Her mind, her dreams, her thoughts, were full of the distinctive Slayer, and just how incredible it would feel to be the sole point of focus for Faith’s boundless enthusiasm and extensive sexual energy. The thought got her hot, which meant she would turn up at her own home horny, and completely unsure about whether or not she wanted Faith to be there waiting for her.

The blonde Slayer steadily turned the handle to her home, holding her breath in an effort to focus on her Slayer senses, willing herself to feel out the other girl. There were non of the tingles that she loved, so she pushed open the door, to be greeted by her over zealous mother grabbing her into a hug.

“Buffy, why are you so late? Faith was here earlier, she wasn’t making much sense, I was worried something had happened.” Her mother held her at arms length, checking for injuries and such.

“Mom…I’m ok.” She whined, and brushed off her mother’s attention, removing her jacket and planning to go to bed. “Wait, Faith was here? When? What did she say? Wha…” She stood at the bottom of the stairs, past worried at what Faith might have said to Joyce.

“She didn’t say much. Buffy, I was worried about you.”

It was, to be fair, a lot later than Buffy had planned on getting back home.

“I know, I’m sorry. I just…I’m tired, mom, I’m gonna head straight to bed.” She took a few steps then stopped and turned around. “Did Faith look ok? I mean, did she look angry or anything?” Buffy asked.

“No, she didn’t look angry. Is everything ok, Buffy? Did the two of you have an argument?” Joyce looked concerned that the new friendship was already on the rocks.

“No…We just, got split up.” Buffy turned to head up the stairs.

“Well ok, as that’s what Faith said too.” Joyce stated.

“Really?” Buffy asked, stopping to look down at her mom at the foot of the stairs, smiling at the thought that Faith had come up with the same thing she just had. “I mean, yeah, that’s what happened. Did she say anything else?”

“Just that she’d see you tomorrow. Now go to bed dear, you look drained.” Buffy’s mother smiled at her daughter and made her way around the house to turn all the lights off, and lock up.

“Yeah, night.” Buffy made her way up to her room.

Now she was thinking about the probability of seeing Faith the following day. It filled her stomach with butterflies, but her head with worries. At least her mom had mentioned that Faith hadn’t been angry or pissed off. Faith was useless at hiding when she was in a bad mood, so it was a good sign, she hoped.

As she wandered around, getting showered and ready for bed, rifling through her closet to find her favourite night shirt, Buffy remembered exactly what else was in her diary. She had been thinking mostly just about the section Faith had read out, but if she had read the entire thing…Buffy reddened as she recalled writing down her dream.

She groaned as her head hit the soft pillow on her bed, knowing that Faith would have, without a doubt, read her diary, in it‘s entirety. Feeling both angry and embarrassed, the blonde girl promised herself that, no matter what, Faith was going to find out exactly how cross she was at the fact she had read her diary. The other stuff could come later, after Faith was feeling suitably sorry for what she’d done.

Contemplating Faith being reprimanded for something, instantly caused Buffy to think about how the dark girl would just grin that wicked grin, looking like the little trouble maker she was. Buffy loved it when Giles would do his best to get Faith to listen to him, and the dynamic Slayer would shrug and look disinterested, sexy, in her normal casual way.

Buffy liked acting all holier than thou with Faith, just to get that reaction. The grin, the suggestive eyebrow raising in challenge, the confident blasé attitude. All aspects of Faith that turned her on, and got her juices flowing for the brunette.

Faith was sexy, but didn’t force it. It was just there, constantly prickling Buffy’s skin as she walked next to the brunette, urging her to act on what it did to her. Urging her to act, and not doubt that the dark Slayer would be more than likely to accept her interest, with unreserved desire of her own.

Rolling over on to her back, under the light covers keeping her snug, Buffy recalled the very dream that she had written in her diary. She’d had another one since, and Buffy had been planning to write it into her little journal, had it not been snatched.

She sighed, facing a day ahead with too many questions and uncertainties. There were so many possible outcomes that could change things between her and the other Slayer, that could change everything. She wasn’t even sure if she wanted things to change. It would be a huge step if Faith were to want them to, well, be more to each other. If they were to have sex, and…Buffy couldn’t get past that thought.

It often stumped her, stopped her dead, no matter what she was doing. Sex with Faith, was certainly a hot prospect. Buffy’s dreams alone left her incredibly horny, and wet. Even with her own lack of experience with sex, she knew there were things she wanted to do with Faith that would make her blush if she were to say them out loud.

The diary had helped to get the thoughts out of Buffy’s head, so she could read it back and not feel so completely uncomfortable with what she was thinking, so that she wasn’t constantly embarrassed. It had been helping, but now Faith knew what was in her head too.

She hoped Faith could look her in the eye after reading how much she was desired by another girl. Even though, somewhere in the reasonable portion of her brain, Buffy was well aware that Faith probably wouldn’t be bothered, if she wasn’t interested. The anxiousness was still there. Well, that and the fact thinking about the new dream she had recently had of the beautiful brunette, was getting her more than a little moist.

Looking to check that she had completely shut her door, Buffy slipped her right hand under the covers. Biting her lip, knowing it was probably a little disturbing to want to masturbate when her social life was in the balance, she pushed her hand into her panties.

Buffy immediately felt her arousal coat her fingertips. She couldn’t help but be aroused when she thought of Faith, it wasn’t even something she was entirely aware of some of the time. She would just suddenly realise she was wet and horny, maybe after just sitting next to the sultry Slayer, or talking to her, letting the Bostonian’s sexy drawl roll over her.

The huskiness of Faith’s voice was in her head now, whispering in a dangerous tone as the blonde girl slipped her fingers through her soft folds, spreading her own juices over her closely shaved pussy.

She rolled her hips into her own touch, wishing it was Faith’s hand inside her panties, fingering her clit. Buffy slid over her hard little nub, slowly teasing herself as she imagined the dark Slayer stripping for her. Standing in front of her, revealing the powerful tone of muscle under silky soft skin.

Faith’s body had drawn the small Slayer’s attention right from the start. Buffy not only had a fascination with the younger girl’s lips, she also had one with Faith’s breasts. They just looked so delicious to her. The first time she had thought it, Buffy had nearly fallen off her stool.

Faith had strolled into the Bronze, looking for the gang, in the most revealing top Buffy had seen her wear yet. It was red, pushing up in all the right places, leaving most of her back exposed. Faith had looked stunning, and Buffy had spent most of the night dribbling into her drink, whilst doing her best not to be noticed noticing Faith.

Buffy arched her back, moaning as she brought her other hand down to slip two fingers inside her pussy. She spread her legs wider, tearing the cotton panties from herself, as they were getting in the way. Pushing the covers down to cool her heated skin, and abandoning herself to her fantasy, she indulged her pussy with her unwavering attention. Fucking herself with her fingers, and thinking about Faith.

The visions of Faith ran rampant through her mind, fuelling her arousal. Her pussy hungrily pulled her fingers in deeper as she slid them in and out, rubbing up into her G spot as she neared climax. The harder she rubbed on her clit with her other hand, the more she wanted Faith to be there, to be pressing against her, fucking her. Filling her pussy with her dextrous fingers, and causing the slick wet sounds now emanating from her.

The little Slayer breathed hard into the silence of the room, her body rushing to the verge of orgasm with the irresistible brunette firmly in mind.

She thought about Faith’s breasts against hers, hanging temptingly over her, in her mouth, so she could suck on their full round softness. Her long dark hair softly sweeping over her. The strong legs entwined with her own as Faith fingered her, fucked her, and deftly slid her own pussy into Buffy’s thigh, spreading her desire onto it. Buffy could almost feel the hard little clit of her fellow Slayer, rubbing up against her skin, slipping around on her in her abundance of pussy juice.

She wished it was really happening. More than anything. She wanted Faith to be the one now burying her fingers deep inside her, feeling the warm, sticky cum gushing out.

“Oh God…Faith.” Buffy breathed out, shaking as her orgasm spilled out of her.

The last image, that pushed her over the edge, was of Faith, that night at the Bronze in her tight red top, sauntering over to Buffy from across the dance floor, in her usual effortlessly seductive way. She had looked dazzling, as her eyes lit up, and her smile took the older girl’s breath away with its unreserved sensuality.

That night, she had danced with Faith for the first time. The gorgeous brunette had asked her, whispering into her ear, blowing hot air across it, to join her on the dance floor, and Buffy had been utterly unable to decline the request.

As she slid her now sticky hands out of her pussy, Buffy realised, that during night at the Bronze, Faith had swept her away. She had turned what was the confusing beginnings of a crush, into a full blown desire to be as intimate with Faith as it was possible to be.

Buffy closed her eyes as she became totally aware that Faith had in fact, done much more than just turn her head. She was falling for the stunning Slayer, and had been since that first dance, when Faith had seduced her with her overt sexuality, sweeping her up into the dizzy heights of lust and yearning that she had never even experienced with Angel.

Buffy truly hoped Faith was now at home, doing nothing but think about how much she wanted to be with her, just as much as the little blonde wanted to be with Faith. She had to believe there was a chance.

She felt sleep carry her off into the realm of dreams as she hoped the following day would offer her more than just derision, and the possible break up of her friendship with the enigmatic dark Slayer.

Buffy turned onto her front, and didn’t hear the soft shuffle of feet on the roof outside her window. It was no more than a distant sliver of sound, as she fell into a deep sleep, looking forward to a night filled with dreams of the brunette she was incapable of not wanting.


Buffy’s pov……..

As the blackness of sleep enveloped her, Buffy felt a faint tingle dance down her spine. But it wasn’t the tingle telling her there was a Vampire or a demon about. It was more like the sensation she felt around the other Slayer. But she knew Faith wasn’t near by, so she passed it off as nothing more than her desire for the dark girl.

She was asleep and dreaming in no time.

With a soft smile playing on her lips, Buffy woke the following morning, feeling refreshed, until she felt the warning of impending doom wash over her, recalling how today could be one big disaster if Faith decided to have some fun at her expense. There was a lot of damage the tough girl could do. Not only to Buffy’s reputation.

She had to attempt to believe though, that her fellow Slayer wouldn’t do anything rash, or hurtful. Even though Faith was less than insightful and caring, Buffy could at times see the better side to her. She knew there was more to Faith than met the eye. The little blonde just hoped that, with her hands on Buffy’s extremely private diary, she would show that depth to her character, and prove to Buffy that she was not all bad.

The worried Slayer threw back the covers to her bed and set to work getting ready for school, stopping any doom laden thoughts before they had a chance to take hold. She showered and dressed and met her mother downstairs for a quick breakfast.

Joyce didn’t ask why Buffy looked a little glum, and poured extra syrup on her pancakes instead. They made small talk, then Buffy snatched her bag from the floor and jumped into her mom’s jeep, as she was giving Buffy a lift.

As they approached the school the diminutive Slayer sighed, checking herself in the mirror to make sure she didn’t look quite as nervous as she felt. Faith could be there right now, waiting for her. The gang could be there, waiting for her, having heard all about her perversion from Faith. Nobody could be there, having run off for fear of Buffy pouncing on them and having her wicked Slayer way.

Buffy’s mind was a muddle of possibilities.

“Are you ok, dear? You seem a little distant today.” Joyce said, as they pulled up for Buffy to get out.

“I’m ok, just…thinking about tests, and…exams, and things.” She stumbled, trying to hide her anxiousness.

“Now I am worried, Buffy. You don’t usually stop smiling and chattering for tests.” Joyce frowned a little as she pointed out that indeed, Buffy had never been know to be anxious about her school work.

“Really, I’m fine. So, no need to worry, see? Smiling.” Buffy pointed to her face as she smiled ineffectively.

“Ok, but remember, I’m not just your mother, I’m your friend.” She waited patiently for Buffy to slowly make her way out of the car.

Buffy hated it when her mother pulled the ‘I’m your friend’ thing. She didn’t want to think of her mother as a friend. She had friends, and didn’t think of them as her mother. She wrinkled her brow, recalling she had better, or worse, things to worry about other than her mother trying to be all new age.

“I’ll see you later, mom.” She closed the door to the jeep and turned to face the school. “Well, here goes noth…”

“Hey, Buffster.”

A goofy hand slapped Buffy on the back. A goofy, Xander shaped hand.

“Hey, you.” Buffy smiled at her friend.

“Here nice and early, huh? To get some Slayer business done, with Faith.” He grinned at his own mention of the brunette’s name.

“With Faith? Have you seen her? I mean, what do you mean?” Buffy looked around a little panicked, thinking Faith might have already told her friends about her erotic fantasies of the younger girl.

“Whoa…Have you been eating orange things again, Buff? I meant your daily patrolling reports for Giles. Gee, and people think I’m strange.” He looked down at the small Slayer, conveying his opinion with his eyebrows.

“Right…I knew that.” She tried to laugh but only managed to sound like she was about to have her teeth pulled.

Thankfully Xander didn’t notice as they passed a group of girls on their way into school.

They made their way into the library without passing any large notices exclaiming that Buffy was a raving lesbian who had a thing for sixteen year old girls. She sighed inwardly and did her best to relax in the familiar surroundings of the stuffy room.

Giles bustled out of his office backwards, almost knocking into Buffy as she made her way to sit down. He had an armful of books, and his glasses were two seconds away from falling from his nose to the ground.

“You ok there, Giles? You seem a little…handsfully.” She took some books from his pile and placed them on the counter.

“Ah, thank you, Buffy. I was just trying to get these in their rightful place before you all turned up. Where’s Willow?” He asked, not bothering to mention Faith, as she was always the last to show.

“I’m sure she’ll be along…right…now.” Buffy pointed to the door as it swung open and Willow blustered through.

“Hey, that was a cool trick, Buff. How’d you know?” Xander questioned from his seat at the table.

“Slayer hearing. It comes in handy, for locating mumbling witches…who have their cardigans buttoned up wrong.” Buffy looked down at the disarray of Willow’s buttons. “Will, did you get dressed in the dark?” The blonde girl chuckled at her friend.

“Oh, I didn’t realise. That’s why people were staring, huh? I thought I must have had toothpaste on my chin again.” She amended her button disaster and both girls went to sit down.

Buffy was feeling a little less stressed, amongst her good friends. They always managed to calm her down, unless they were in a fight and she was busy worrying about them. But that happened less these days, as they had become better at protecting themselves. And of course, now there was Faith to help out too.

As Buffy thought about Faith, helping out. The girl herself strolled through the door, a lot earlier than was normal, but just as blissfully unaware of how everybody in the room took note of her arrival. Buffy more than noted it this morning, she practically froze with anticipation, and more than a hint of embarrassment.

“Good morning, Faith. It’s unusual for you to be here this early.” Giles said, whilst arranging his books into piles.

“Yeah well, I didn’t sleep too well. I had something on my mind.” She looked directly at Buffy as she explained.

“Well, now that we’re all here, how about telling me about last night’s patrol.” Giles took his pen from his pocket and stood by the table they were all now sat at, holding his notepad eagerly.

“Um, we…err.” Buffy did her best to come up with something, that didn’t entail telling the truth, or anything near it.

She hadn’t really bothered patrolling after the incident with Faith. She had been far too busy chewing her nails and stressing.

“We dusted two vamps…nothing special. They were just out looking for a bite and we stopped em.” Faith reported, slumped down in her chair opposite Buffy, saving her from even attempting to come up with something.

“So they didn’t appear to be from any sect or anything?” Giles seemed almost disappointed.

“Nah, just regular vamps getting regularly slayed by us.” The brunette drawled, and then winked at Buffy, who did her best not to notice the way the other girl was sitting.

Faith had her feet up on the table, one leg bent more than the other. She was practically displaying herself for Buffy. Or at least, that’s the way it would have been if Faith had on a skirt. Or nothing.

“Buffy? I asked if you had anything to add.” Giles removed his glasses, raising his voice a little to get the small blonde’s attention.

“Huh? Oh…no, nothing to add. Vamps came, we slayed. Just like Faith said.” The dark girl’s name rolled off Buffy’s tongue a little slow, causing Faith to raise an eyebrow and grin a little.

“Good, then there are no impending apocalypses or…threats of world domination.” Giles appeared lost in his thoughts. “You may as well kill a little time before going to class then. I’ll just, rearrange some books.” He shuffled back into his office looking more than a tad forlorn.

“I swear, that guy would like nothing more than us to burst in here every morning telling him the world’s about to end. I bet he creams himself at the thought.” Faith crudely remarked, gaining a hearty snigger from Xander, a quiet chuckle from Willow, and nothing from Buffy as she was too busy worrying about Faith filling their time before class with tales of how Buffy’s diary had entertained her.

“So, Will…How’s things with Oz?” Buffy asked, hoping to halt any mention of the mortifying loss of her journal and its contents.

The red head looked a little surprised by the question. “Oz? Um, fine…why?” She sounded a little surprised too, like there was something going on there.

“I was just wondering, ya know, how friends do about things like their, err, friend’s lives…and all.” Buffy’s point had been lost somewhere along the way, as Faith had stood to stretch her legs.

The blonde Slayer watched as the dark girl sauntered over to the counter, running her finger along its length like she was about to show it a good time. That’s when Buffy noticed the protrusion from Faith’s back pocket. It was her little black diary, sticking mockingly out of the tight leather pants the brunette had squeezed into that morning.

Buffy froze, ignoring whatever it was that Willow had just said about her and Oz. Her eyes were fixed on Faith’s backside, and not for the usual reason.


Faith’s pov……..

“So…what are we gonna do to kill time? I didn’t drag myself outta bed for nothing.” Faith turned to face the others, catching Buffy in the act of eyeing up her butt.

“Well, I have some books to look up, so, I’ll be doing that.” Willow left her seat to make her way up into the stacks, a small list in hand.

“And I’m pretty much not with the seeking of books, so I’m off to…tidy my locker, or something. See ya later.” Xander picked his bag off the floor and made his way out.

“Say hi to Cordy, and thank her for me.” Faith said, as he got to the door.

“What makes you think I’m going to see Cordelia?” He waited for more of an answer than Faith’s smirk and Buffy’s humph. “Ok, busted. But why do I have to thank her for you?”

“She’ll know why. Just tell her I got it figured out.” She winked at Xander then made her way back to the table situated over the hellmouth.

Buffy didn’t seem to know where to look as Faith neared her. The younger girl couldn’t blame Buffy for acting nervous though. If someone had taken her diary, with nothing more than lascivious thoughts about another girl written in it, she knew she’d be worried too. But she’d also be pissed off, and somewhere under the façade of attempting to look cool, Buffy did appear pissed off.

“Look, B…I…” Faith’s attempted apology was interrupted.

“Oooh, look what I found. The joy of…plants. I think I might take this out.” Willow popped her head back behind the shelf she was busy drooling over.

Both Buffy and Faith chuckled, looking at each other with gentle smiles breaking some of the ice. Their eyes locked for a brief moment, holding them both captive. Faith didn’t want to turn away, but she was afraid to keep drowning in green innocence. She didn’t want to start feeling things that would take away some of her control, that wasn’t what this was about as far as she was concerned.

“I err, here…” Faith handed Buffy back her journal. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t of taken it.” She looked away, feeling unusually sorry for doing something she wouldn’t have thought twice about if it had been somebody else’s diary.

“Thank you.” Buffy said in a small voice as she placed the book into her bag.

Both Slayers avoided eye contact for a while, Faith moving round to the other side of the desk to sit down. She thought she should probably go, and leave the strained atmosphere until after Buffy had read what she had written following the blonde Slayer’s last entry.

She had been compelled to go back to Buffy’s house after Cordelia had dropped her off at her motel, so Faith had followed her instinct and arrived there not long after Buffy had. She had fully intended to tap on the girl’s window so they could talk things over, but then she had witnessed Buffy masturbating.

She had watched as Buffy had slipped her fingers inside herself, filling and stroking her pussy with Faith’s name on her lips.

The sight had aroused her so much, she was afraid that if Buffy had let her in, she would smell it on her and know she had been watching. Faith didn’t want to jeopardise any chance with the other girl, so she had stealthily snuck away and thought of another plan to get Buffy to loosen up and consider more than just writing about having sex with her.

She had looked again at the small black book, and figured out how to let Buffy know a few things without the stubborn Slayer shooting her down.

It had taken Faith a while to decide to write anything at all. Then forever to come up with something appropriate. But she hoped it would let Buffy know how she felt, even if it just served to put them on an equal footing. It had to be better than the awkwardness surrounding them now.

“It’s awfully quiet in here.” Giles re-entered the room with a small cup of tea in his grasp. Nobody spoke in answer. “Ok, have I slipped into some kind of warped dimension where you all actually do believe this is in fact a library, and the notices on the wall calling for silence, are indeed meant to be adhered to?” He looked from one Slayer to the other.

“We were just mentally plotting the next move in our plan to get you out of those lame suits, G.” Faith broke the tension.

“Ha bloody ha…I’ll have you know, this is the height of fashion in librarian circles.” The self-mocking tone didn’t escape either girl, and they laughed at his small but clearly indignant huffing sound.

“I can just see it now. Catwalks busy with tweed suited librarians, shuffling up and down, shushing the audience, and indexing the designer labels.” Buffy pulled her serious face, trying not to giggle as she spoke.

“Yes well, we can’t all be fashion victims, Buffy. Or the sole reason for the growth in the cattle market.” He looked down at Faith in her patented black leather pants.

“Hey, I just wear what I look good in. Which, I gotta say, is pretty much anything, but the leather? Gets them every time.” She wiggled her eyebrows, not missing the slightly disgruntled look that crossed Buffy’s face.

She knew now of course why Buffy was so against her little sexual dalliances. The little Slayer was jealous. She didn’t want to share, even if she was too scared to confront Faith with her feelings, her attraction to her. It was kinda sweet, Faith had to admit. She didn’t want to be anybody’s property, but if she had to choose, then Buffy was the only one she would even consider going down the monogamy road with.

“Hmm, well, I won’t comment on your err, private life, Faith. Although, I do have to say, a girl your age should respect her body a lot more than you obviously do. You should…show a little more restraint.” He finished with a sip of his tea.

“I thought you weren’t going to comment? I just do what comes naturally. I slay, I get horny, I have to deal with it or get real antsy. It‘s a Slayer thing…Right, B?” She lifted a booted foot up onto the desk and grinned at Buffy, knowing the prim girl would never admit to feeling the whole hungry and horny vibe in front of her Watcher.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Faith. And you’re ‘antsy’ most of the time.” Buffy crossed her arms as if to quell the conversation, or steer it firmly away from the subject of sex, or at least, Faith and sex.

“Maybe I’m not getting enough to cure my hornies then. I’ll have to work on that.” Faith looked right into the sparkling green of Buffy’s eyes, trying to see if she got the double meaning to her words.

Buffy’s slight blush told her she had. Giles just grumbled to himself and returned to his office, leaving the two slayers sat facing each other in a staring contest. They both refused to look away, stubborn in their need to feel like they had the upper hand. Faith loved the game, as it always ended in her winning.

She licked her lips sensually, flicking her tongue over the cleft in her full lower lip, taking her time to draw Buffy’s attention to what she was doing.

Buffy lowered her eyes to Faith’s mouth and the brunette smirked in victory. It was more than just a victory for their little staring showdown however, it was also pretty good proof that Buffy was busy thinking lustful thoughts about her.

Before either girl could dwell on it though, Willow skipped down from the bookshelves, an array of books in her arms. She plonked herself down next to Buffy and then frowned slightly, looking between the other two in the room. She was probably sensing some kind of tension. Faith certainly was, and it had everything to do with the cute blonde in front of her.

“Get what you wanted, Will?” Buffy asked.

“Mostly…Um, is everything alright?” She was looking between Faith and Buffy again.

“Sure, why wouldn’t it be?” Buffy assured, then sneakily looked up through her eyelashes at Faith, as if to ask if everything was alright between them.

The dark Slayer just smiled, letting a soft chuckle of air out of her lungs at how worried Buffy must have been about the things she had written in her diary. She had reason to be worried though, because Faith wasn’t about to let it slide.

She half expected Buffy to think she would just tease her about it for a while, then forget about it. But that wasn’t going to happen. There was no way the spirited Slayer was going to back down from what Buffy had clearly stated she wanted, in her own words, and dreams.

Faith knew what she wanted too, she wanted Buffy, and now that she was certain the feeling was mutual, nothing was going to stand in her way.

Faith stood up whilst Willow was busy at the counter having Giles stamp her books, she rounded the table to the side Buffy was seated, then leaned down sexily, right in front of the stunned girl. Capturing her eyes with her own deep dark pools of desire, feeling the heat coming in waves from the currently dazed Slayer, she leant in as close as she could.

Placing her mouth next to Buffy’s delicate ear, Faith whispered huskily. “Go somewhere private and turn to the last entry in your diary. You’ll find out what I meant when I asked you to the Homecoming dance.” She stood back up and flashed a dimpled smile at Buffy, who couldn’t seem to take her eyes off the brunette, nor speak.

She just nodded slowly, as Faith backed away, then turned to leave the library.

“Later, guys.” Faith pushed open the door, and left Buffy to find out exactly what she thought about the idea of them being more than just friends.


Buffy’s pov……..

“Buffy…Anyone in there?” Willow swept her hand up and down in front of the blonde girl’s eyes, eventually catching her attention.

“What? I’m here…I was just, thinking.” Buffy pouted, and stood, realising that Willow was ready to go to class.

The little Slayer had sat, too stunned to reach into her bag and dive for her diary, for almost ten minutes without so much as breathing too heavily. She was afraid that if she had opened her mouth, the words, take me now, would have fallen out.

“Must have been something nice you were thinking about…You were grinning like a Cheshire cat.” Willow told her, as they began to leave the quiet of the library, waving to Giles as he prepared for the day.

“Will, I have no idea why a Cheshire cat would be any different to any other cat, and really? Not caring so much. So lets go to class and you can practice not asking me anything for the next…Oh crap, Cordelia.” Buffy pointed down the corridor, and the two friends did their best to turn around and slip away before being caught.

Even though she had become kind of a friend, or as near as damn it, because of Xander’s involvement with her, Buffy and Willow were still a little wary of Cordelia. She could be quite scary when it came down to it, and Buffy certainly didn’t want her blurting out anything about finding her wandering around like a lost pup, when she should have been patrolling with Faith.

“Buffy…” Cordelia called as she caught up with the pair.

“Cordelia, nice to see you, cos I haven’t seen you for at least…hmm, a day or two. I certainly didn’t see you last night, did I?” Buffy tried her best to make the cheerleader, not known for her brightness, understand that she didn’t want Willow knowing about their little run in.

“What are you going on about? I just thought we could walk to class together, the three of us, but if that’s too much trouble…” She huffed, then more to herself said, “Jesus, I’m getting tired of people acting weird around me. It’s like I have a magnet for attracting strangeness.” She turned again to Buffy. “I thought some things might have changed since seeing Faith last night…but no, you have to continue to confuse and irritate me. Why do I bother?” Cordelia was about to walk off and enter their class on her own, but Buffy stopped her, lightly catching the girl by the elbow.

“You saw Faith? Last night?” A hint of jealousy was more than evident as she held Cordelia back, leaving Willow to meander into class.

Buffy wondered just why Faith and Cordelia were having secret meetings on their own, without her. It didn’t sound good.

“Yes I saw her…And hello? Being manhandled, isn’t really high on my list of things I like to do.” She shrugged away from Buffy’s hand.

“Sorry.” Buffy had the courtesy to be a little bashful at her own eagerness to find out why Faith had been seeing Cordelia, at night. “So, you saw her after you saw me? Did she say anything…about, a book?” Buffy suddenly realised that Cordelia could be the proud owner of her dirty little secret.

“No, she didn’t say anything about a book, Buffy, it was Faith I was talking to…Why would she be telling me about a book?” Cordelia looked at her nails briefly, then smiled in a sadistic way. “She did mention you though.” The cheerleader was about to make her way into the classroom, but again, Buffy held her back, wanting to know what Cordelia had meant.

“Tell me what she said. Tell me what you two did.” Buffy had her Slaying eyes trained on the now understandably slightly worried tall brunette.

“We didn’t…do…anything. Buffy, get a grip of your love life, I’m not gonna play go between or agony aunt for you too.” Cordelia sighed.

“Love life? What does Faith have to do with my love life?” Buffy put on her best baffled look, keeping her voice as low as she could, as she contemplated just exactly what the girl edging away knew.

“I’m not getting into this. It’s pathetic, and now I’m going to go into class, cos frankly, this is even less fun than a date with Xander.” This time, unhindered, Cordelia made her way into the room.

Buffy just stood for a second, attempting to work out what had just happened. She didn’t know if Cordelia was aware of her interest in Faith, but it seemed pretty likely. She followed the rest of the students into the dusty atmosphere of the classroom, and sat down at her desk, one along from Willow, closest to the window.

The teacher started talking excitedly about poetry, it being an English class, and Buffy instantly tuned out. She was too busy wondering about what the possibilities were for her and Faith, if there were any at all, or if she was brave enough to dare to pursue what she wanted with Faith.

She was also still angry with the girl for taking her diary in the first place, although, she had been completely unable to say anything in Faith’s presence. She had been too busy hoping Faith wouldn’t say something to the others, and too busy doing her best not to imagine the slim brunette naked.

Her brain was making less and less sense the more she thought. It was getting her nowhere. Then Buffy remembered what Faith had said in the library, the words having been mostly forgotten and replaced by the feeling of the dark beauty being so close, so touchable, and so damn sexy.

She looked around to make sure nobody was watching, then bent down to retrieve her diary from her bag. The rest of the class were busy starting the assignment they had been given to do, but Buffy was much more interested in finding out just what Faith had meant when she had asked her to the dance.

Placing the small diary in front of her, hiding it in the confines of her large poetry book so the teacher busy nodding off at the front wouldn’t see, Buffy took a deep breath. She was exited and scared all at once.

What Faith had written could either bring about a whole load of pleasurable possibilities, that would in turn bring about problems. Or, it could crush her, leaving her in no doubt that Faith just wasn’t interested. She didn’t really know what to expect. Her stomach tied into a tight knot as she looked over at her friend, scribbling away, and not paying any attention to anything other than the stark white paper in front of her, like most of the other students.

The blonde girl looked down at the black cover of the journal. Buffy had never been one to back down from anything, and she knew she would cope with whatever was waiting for her on the pages. She frowned, she pouted, she chewed her lip. Then she opened the book, turning to the page after the last one she herself had written.

First, Buffy took in the cursive writing of the dark Slayer. She had never seen Faith’s writing before, but found it just as energetic and charismatic as the girl herself. She traced the lines of text with her finger, chastising herself internally for being so obvious in her smitten state.

Looking again to her right, to make sure Willow hadn’t noticed what she was doing, Buffy read what Faith wanted her to know.

*First, I just wanna say sorry for reading your diary, B. I didn’t…I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I shouldn’t have done it, but…I’m kinda glad I did. Cos now some things are falling into place. Hell, everything is. And the answer to your question, whether I was basically asking you out on a date, for Homecoming…It’s yes. I was. But I never thought you’d ever see it that way, so I tried not to make it wicked obvious.

Now, go find somewhere that you’re on your own, and then turn the page.*

Buffy could feel her smile just about cause her head to fall off. Faith had wanted it to be a date, so that meant she wanted to date Buffy, which meant…The blonde girl’s heart started pounding in her chest, the prospect of the dark beauty that haunted her dreams wanting her, thinking about her in a, well, more than friendly way. It was certainly making her all kinds of hot and eager.

Buffy thought about doing what Faith had said, and leave reading the rest of what she had written until she was alone. But the butterflies, nervous and exited, in her stomach, weren’t going to allow her to just put the diary away now.

Imagining Faith’s voice in her head, reading to her the words she had written, Buffy continued.

*Ok, seriously, you need to be alone when you read this. Now go on, get your cute ass somewhere else.*

Buffy chuckled quietly at just at how much Faith had come to know her. Reading the cute ass comment again, bristling with happiness that the spirited Slayer had noticed her ass at all, Buffy read on, ignoring the warnings.

*I hope you’re somewhere private, B, cos I’m about to tell you some things I’ve thought about you, and me. About us together. I read your dream, Buffy, and…it got me so fucking wet. It made me think of all the dreams I’ve had about you too. The nights I’ve woken up wanting you to be there so I could turn over and show you how horny you get me. Cos let me tell ya, Twinkie, you do get me horny. I love slaying with you, sparring with you…hell, I just love being around you so I can feel just how much I want you. Did you guess that I want you? Judging by your diary, you didn’t. But I gotta say, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anyone so much. And that’s a big deal for me to admit, and I’m sure you get that. But fuck, you’re hot.

I have this one dream, that never fails to get me worked up and wanting to call you or something, just to hear your voice so I can maybe finger myself whilst you talk, imagining you’re touching me, making me cum for ya. Shit, where was I? My dream…I’m not too good at the whole writing deal, B, so bear with me.

We’d be out patrolling, strolling along with each other, me trying to make you blush, and you telling me to behave and concentrate, just a regular night of doing things the way we do. Then we’d get into this wicked tough fight, like there’d be so many fucking Vamps we would think that was it, for both of us. I usually dream a lot of the fight, and it takes a while, so I won’t get right into it here. But…it’s rough, hard, and sexy as fuck.

I can’t help but watch your body as you stretch out the fight after we’re done. I’m so hungry and horny from the slaying I could eat you in more ways than one. And I notice, you’re looking at me differently. Or not so much differently, but just more intense than normal. I can feel your eyes all over me, like you’re seeing me for the first time and realising that I’m hot, and horny, and right there for ya to have. I feel like this is my chance, to finally show you how great we could be together. How great it would be to let off all the steam with each other. To feel. To touch and taste…and all the things I wanna do to you.*

Buffy looked up suddenly, a noise to her right pulling her from the web Faith had weaved around her with her words. Willow was whispering to her, looking concerned.

“Are you ok, Buffy? You…don’t look so good.” The red head pointed out.

Buffy didn’t doubt that she appeared a little strange, as she was on fire, wanting to read more. Needing to know what Faith wanted to do to her. Had dreamt about doing to her. She strained a smile at her friend and tried to reassure her. “I’m fine. Just, concentrating on the err, poetry.” Buffy lied, turning back to her diary as Willow creased her brow, but thankfully got back to her own work.

*I walk over to you, and you kinda move towards me too, like you’re thinking about giving in to temptation. Then you look up at me through your eyelashes, doing that sexy little smile you do, and I snap. I have to have you. Can’t wait another minute. I rush towards you, picking you up and sitting you on top of a tomb about waist height, all in one move. Then we’re kissing and it feels like a bomb just went off inside me cos it’s so fucking good. Your lips on mine, your tongue, the taste of your saliva, the feel of it in my mouth. It gets me drippin for ya. My pussy wanting nothing but you. Me wanting nothing but your pussy.

You don’t argue as I pull your pants down, ripping them off so I can get to you. I know I wanna be slow, be smooth and gentle, but I’m thinking that can wait ‘till we get back to mine. Right now, I wanna be inside you. I want your cum sliding down my throat as I drink from your pink little pussy. You start moaning as I kiss you, slipping my finger over your dripping cunt at the same time. I feel your hot wet need for me all over my fingers. All over you, as I spread you open, fingering your clit ‘till you’re leaning back a little and groaning for me. I almost cum myself when I slide my fingers up into your hole, feeling it give for me, stretch for me as I start to fuck you deep inside.*

Buffy stopped and ran a hand through her hair, noticing how damp her panties were. How her breathing had altered, but thankfully not enough for anybody to notice. She decided she really should have taken the book somewhere far more private. She wanted to touch herself. Do what Faith was describing so she could feel more than the ink sending shivers through her.

Nobody was looking her way, so Buffy moved forwards in her seat slightly, feeling the friction catch the attention of her aroused clit. A little whimper escaped and she quickly covered it up with a cough, causing Willow to look worried again.

“Are you sure you’re…?” Willow began.

“Class, be quiet. I’m trying to sleep…I mean, read. Just do your assignment.” The disgruntled teacher settled back into his chair again.

Buffy pretended to be doing nothing more than what she was meant to be doing, avoiding Willow’s eyes as she stifled the desire to rub her pussy into the hard wood of her chair.

The blonde Slayer steadied her breathing a little, demanding her body to obey her, and indulged herself in Faith’s thoughts once again.

*I suck a little on your neck as I slip in and out of you. You feel so good inside and your legs are open wide for me, letting me take you. Letting me fuck you harder and faster. The sound of your wet pussy drives me insane though, with wondering what you taste like, so I kneel down in front of you. I take my fingers out of your hole, watching as your pussy juice drips out, running down to your ass and the cold stone of the tomb. I lean forward and lick it up, right from your ass to your clit, drinking from your cunt. Man, I know I’ve just found the most delicious thing on the planet, and I plunge right in, sticking my tongue up into you and hearing you calling out my name. Fuck, I want you to call out my name, B. I want you to call it out whilst I’m tongue fucking you as hard and as deep as I can.

In the dream, I start to feel you shake cos you’re so wound up. I don’t want it to end too soon, but I know I have a nice big bed waiting for us at my place for us to go all night. So I move my tongue up to your hard clit, flicking over it and sensing you thrusting against me. I give you something to thrust onto as I push two fingers back into you, filling your pussy hole and rubbing your G spot deep inside. It doesn’t take long until you’re cumming all over me, screaming out into the dark as I keep fucking you ‘till you’re shaking like crazy and spurting cum into my mouth. I drink every last drop, cleaning it off my chin and fingers as you pull me up to you and tell me what you’re gonna do to me…

This is the part that gets me wanting you in the biggest way.

You tell me that you’re gonna take me back to the motel and do everything you‘ve always wanted to me. That you’re gonna rub your wet little pussy all over me. Ride me. Suck on my cunt ’till I pop. Use the strap on you find in my drawer to fuck my brains out. Bend me over and lick me out from behind…Shit, by then I’m about to cum from just listening to you. Then I usually wake up, before we get to mine. Before we really get down to it. I hate waking up and knowing you’re not there for me to fuck, to kiss…damn, just to hold. And you know I’m not the snuggling type of girl, so I don’t know what you’re doing to me, B. but now that I know you want me too…I’m gonna make sure you can’t resist me any longer. So we can finally get down to what we both want.

If you’re not thinking along the same lines, or you‘re too worried about what people will think, or if you‘ve just changed your mind, you need to tell me, cos I wanna be with you.


Buffy sat stunned, not only in an aroused state, but also at how Faith had basically, without quite saying it, told her that what she wanted wasn’t just a one night stand, or a one time fuck. There was something more to it. Something deeper. She smiled to herself, feeling the beat of her heart slow from the desire fuelled pounding it had just raced to.

She had a lot to think about, and she didn’t want to keep Faith waiting with her decision.


Faith’s pov……..

Faith strolled away from Sunnydale high with a swagger in her hips. She knew Buffy would be reading her entry into the diary as soon as she could. The thought made her hot, thinking of the little blonde getting turned on, maybe going somewhere to relieve a little tension.

She just hoped her plan worked, and brought them together, rather than got Buffy angry so it all blew up in her face. Her confident stride spoke volumes though, confirming that she had made the right choice to do what she had. There couldn’t be anything but a good outcome. She just didn’t know when Buffy would let her know what came next.

The brunette wandered into town to kill some time before lunch. Planning to go back to the school then, maybe under the pretext of doing some training, but really just hoping to see Buffy. She didn’t, couldn’t wait until their nightly patrol to see the cute little blonde.

“Hey, Oz.” Faith smiled her genuine smile as she spotted Oz across the street. She jogged over to catch up with him. “How’s it hanging?” She asked, not really intending it to be an innuendo, but finding her uncanny ability to turn anything into one, popping up at any opportunity.

“It’s hanging good.” Oz answered, looking like he had been taking the sleepy pills again.

“So…whatcha doin?” Faith knew attempting a conversation with Oz would be like pulling teeth, but she had nothing better to do, and had to take her mind off Buffy.

“I was getting strings.” He nodded, as if confirming to himself that that was indeed what he had been doing “…For my guitar.” He added, and Faith nodded too.

The brunette looked around, noting that their was a bar at the end of the street. She wondered if she could get the little guy to hang out with her for a while, aiding her killing of time.

“You wanna get a drink?” Faith gestured with her head to the bar.

“Sure.” Oz replied, and it took Faith a second to realise that he had just agreed to spend some time with her. She really hadn’t expected him to want to.

“Cool.” Faith grinned, getting the feeling that monosyllabic speech was contagious, and she had caught it.

They made there way silently over to the bar and ordered drinks befitting of both their images. Faith had a beer, and Oz had a beer. The bartender hadn’t asked for ID, probably guessing that the two were at least college students. Neither certainly looked like High school kids.

“Ya know…I could get away with pretty much anything in this town. Nobody ever questions me. I mean, I’m sixteen for fuck’s sake, but here I am, drinking beer and smokin, in a bar. Man, people are so dumb.” Faith took a swig of her beer and ignored the funny look from the guy sat near to them.

“You don’t look sixteen.” Oz stated in his gentle tone.

“Are you saying I look old?” She furrowed her brow a little, not too sure if the statement had been a compliment or an insult.

“Not old, just older.” He drank from his bottle, then looking pensive went on to say. “You’re young inside though. You should let that out sometimes.” He looked away, his attention caught by a drunk in the corner.

Faith didn’t know quite how to respond. She knew she was far from innocent, especially on the inside. But sometimes, she did feel like she just wanted to be sixteen again, with no worries, and no haunting memories that had made her grow up way too quick.

Maybe it was why she liked being around Buffy so much sometimes. She felt younger around the other Slayer, younger than she did around anybody else, maybe because Buffy was always quick to be the responsible one, the girl in charge and ready to be all, grown up. Of course, Faith also knew Buffy had a playful side too, it just took some time to get out of her. Tickling during sparring usually did it though. The dark girl smiled at the memory of their last tickle match, which had ended with them both trapped under the table in the library. She still had no clue how they had managed it.

“You really like her don’t you?” Oz said, making it sound like more of a statement of fact rather than a question.

“Huh?” Faith blinked out of her memory of her time under the table with Buffy. “Who?” As if she didn’t know.

“Buffy. You always smile when you think of her.” The usually quiet boy downed some more of his beer, as more people traipsed into the bar looking for a liquid lunch.

“How did you know I was thinking about Buffy? Am I that damned obvious?” She shook her head, wondering how she had given herself away.

“Faith, you’re always flirting with her. And there’s tension. I can feel it…Werewolf thing.” He concluded, as if that explained everything.

Well, she had to admit to the flirting, and the tension thing had been obvious to her, so she grinned and swigged away on her bottle.

“You’re right. I really do like her.” There was an emotion in her words that Faith didn’t want to think about too much, so she finished her drink, looked at her watch and suggested they go meet the gang for lunch.

She really wanted to see Buffy, just to make sure she didn’t feel anything other than lust for her fellow Slayer. Even though she wanted more than just a quick fuck with the blonde girl, Faith didn’t want to begin to contemplate anything involving feelings. That was just too damn scary.


Faith’s pov……..

Oz and Faith arrived back at the school just as the others were heading to their seats in the canteen. They made their way over to join them, grateful for the lack of school security. Faith would never get over how easy it was to wander in and out. She thought she could probably risk taking a class or two without anybody noticing, but then realised, going back to taking classes in any shape or form just wasn’t for her. Not even to test the teachers powers of observation.

As they walked closer to the table the small group, consisting of Buffy, Willow, Xander, and a disgruntled looking Cordelia, were now sat at, Faith couldn’t help but notice that the petite blonde she liked so much couldn’t take her eyes off her.

If it was something that Buffy had done before, as Cordelia had suggested, then Faith was pissed that she had missed it in the past. The way the other Slayer was looking at her now was sending thrills up and down her spine, entwining with the tingles of the Slayer variety she got from Buffy.

“Hey guys, come and join the party. We have jello, and some other food like substances that I really wouldn’t recommend you eating, if you’re not accustomed to spending your evenings stuck in the toilet.” Xander said, and grinned in his usual quirky way, pulling up two chairs for the new arrivals.

“Hey.” Both Oz and Faith replied flatly, earning them expectant looks.

“My God, Oz, you’ve tamed the wild beast…And I don’t mean your werewolf deal. I mean, Faith.” Cordelia snorted at her own attempt at a joke. Only Xander half heartedly laughed with her.

Neither Faith nor Oz reacted. The part time werewolf sat down next to Willow, and Faith took her place between Buffy and Xander, doing her best not to look too much at the older girl just yet, for fear of blurting out her eagerness to know if she’d read the little something she had left in her diary.

The others started their usual babble of chit chat, with the exception of Cordelia, who was too busy snatching glances the Slayers way, almost completely ignoring Xander’s foray into the conversational equivalent of what would indeed happen if too much of the canteen food were eaten.

Tensions were high between Buffy and Faith. The brunette could feel her hairs standing up all along her right side, closest to Buffy. They hadn’t spoken to one another yet, too busy pretending to listen to what was going on around them. Faith wanted to turn and grab the small blonde, pulling her into a kiss she’d never forget, but she doubted very much the gesture would be appreciated, no matter how hot for her Buffy was.

“So, Faith…I hear you picked up some poor boy after the Homecoming dance. Is that true?” Cordelia was stirring in her usual manner, looking for reactions and getting one instantly as Buffy choked on her drink.

Faith reached out and patted Buffy on the back, which only seemed to cause the little Slayer more distress. “No, it isn’t fucking true, and you know it.” Faith stated. Buffy’s eyes went wider beside her as she continued to battle against the juice she had inhaled.

Faith got right away that Buffy probably now thought one of two things. That she had either gone home with a guy, or from what she had just said, had been with Cordelia. Before she could rescind her foot in mouth blunder however, the cheerleader scoffed, pointing her nose in the air.

“You wish, gypsy girl.” The words had no sooner left Cordelia’s mouth than Buffy had stood abruptly from her seat, scraping it across the floor.

“Hey…take that back, and quit calling Faith things like that.” The small group all looked up at Buffy’s little outburst, everyone of them fairly surprised that she had acted in such an overt manner.

Faith was more surprised than the lot of them put together. Buffy had never stood up for her in quite that way before. Sure, they tried to look out for each other when they were out slaying, but Cordelia’s nasty remarks were something else. Something most of them just let go without thinking too much about.

“Thanks, B, but it’s ok. She just wishes she had what it takes to be more than just another annoying cheerleader to me.” Faith placed her hand on Buffy’s arm, coaxing her back into her seat. The touch lingered, but thankfully, it wasn’t even noticed by the Hawk eyed bitch of the group.

Buffy did seem to notice though, and caught Faith’s dark eyes with her own as she smiled coyly, before looking away to appear like she was listening to the new turn in conversation. Faith noticed that the blonde Slayer wasn’t exactly paying attention to anything other than her, however. It was encouraging, but still Faith had no idea if Buffy had read what she had written, and if she had, what would possibly happen next.

There was little in the way of anything interesting being said at the table that Faith wanted to listen to, and on any other occasion she would have left sooner. But on this occasion, she was too busy enjoying the feeling of being sat next to Buffy, knowing that the cute blonde was, in all probability, thinking things about her that would even make her blush.

The two girls nodded here and there with the conversation. Buffy picking at her lunch as she shuffled about in her chair. Faith shuffling around just as much as she felt more than tingles coming from the older Slayer. Nervous laughter was the order of the day for Buffy it seemed, and Faith became almost as quiet as Oz, as she did her best not to blurt out anything inappropriate. The brunette felt so much more uncomfortable than she thought she should have, given her normal confidence and poise.

But every time they caught each other’s eye, the room faded away for Faith. Like they were the only two there. Like it wouldn’t matter if she were to reach out and run her fingers across the delicate collarbone on display, up into the silky hair that whispered around Buffy’s slender neck. Faith was lost to images of kissing her way down that very neck, tasting the beat of the other girl’s pulse. She couldn’t take her eyes from the spot. Her mind running rampant with what she knew Buffy wanted.

“Faith….Faith?” Buffy was trying to catch her attention.

She snapped out of it, realising she had been staring at the blonde Slayer for more than an appropriate amount of time. The other’s had stood and were joking with each other as they slowly made their way out of the canteen. Buffy also began to rise, keeping her eyes locked on the dark girls.

“I have to go, to class…” Buffy sounded almost apologetic.

“Right.” Faith stood, ready to leave without knowing if Buffy had taken the time to read her input to the journal.

But then Buffy slid the small book across the table towards her, looking over to make sure non of the gang had spotted her. She leaned close to Faith, just a kiss away, resting a gentle hand on the dark girl’s waist. “Read the next part.” She whispered.

That’s all Buffy said as she pulled away and hurried to catch up with her friends, the majority of them turning to wave Faith goodbye as she emerged from the daze the older girl had just put her in. She picked up the diary, watching the short Slayer leave the canteen, her cute little ass mesmerizing Faith, until Buffy turned slightly, just before disappearing out of view.

Faith hadn’t moved from the spot, the few remaining students ignored as they began to filter past her. She kept her eyes on Buffy as the blonde girl smiled sweetly at her, then licked her lips enticingly, as if teasing Faith, before eventually turning to leave.

The brunette sighed quietly, not knowing how long she could keep from just pouncing on Buffy without warning. Surely it wouldn’t be an unacceptable action, Faith thought, not when Buffy was all kinds of horny for her. Even masturbating to thoughts of her. She grinned at the idea and slipped the diary into her back pocket once again, resisting the urge to sit amongst the remnants of the inedible lunches, and read the next part, just like Buffy had asked her to.

Faith rushed out of the school, wanting to find out exactly what was coming next in Buffy’s little story. Her motel was too far away, but the coffee shop was closer, and she had enough change in her pocket to afford herself something to drink as she sat in the corner, as far away from prying eyes as she could get, readying herself for what was on the pages, scrawled in Buffy’s small print.

The sexy Slayer took a second just to look at the words without reading what they said, imagining Buffy writing them, having just finished discovering what Faith wanted from their relationship. She found Buffy’s writing to be just as small and cute as the girl herself, it made her smile, then frown at how soppy she had just sounded to herself.

“Jesus…I gotta stop that.” Faith said to herself, paying no attention to the woman sat close by, who looked down her nose at her.

Faith raised a challenging eyebrow, then flicked her eyes back to the top of the page and began to read.

*Ok…I guess this is kind of a cop out. I should really talk to you. But, I’m still completely floored by what you wrote. Not only did you manage to have me sat in class getting incredibly turned on (naughty you), but you shocked me by not turning this into a joke. At least I hope this isn’t a joke. See, I’m still afraid that I’m gonna end up looking like a fool here. I just never quite know where you’re coming from sometimes, but I guess maybe with what you wrote, and the fact it really wasn’t funny, I feel a little reassured. Anyway, I have to bite the bullet, or whatever, because now…I want you more than ever.

What you described doing to me in the graveyard…I could picture you doing it, Faith. Us doing it. I want that. I want you to take me, and I want to do things to you that I’ve never even thought about before. I’d like nothing more than to spread myself all over you, to fuck you in any way you wanted. To eat your pussy ‘till your cum is running into my mouth, Faith. Jesus, listen to me, I can’t even feel embarrassed about this now because it’s all I can think about. Of course it doesn’t help that you just got me all hot and wet without even touching me. But then, that’s nothing new. Just looking at you gets me that way.

You’re gonna get a big head with all this…But you, you blow me away with how funny, how charming, deep, fascinating and gorgeous you are. Every time you look my way, every time you smile at me, I get butterflies. I’m still a little freaked out by the whole fact you’re a girl, and I’m a girl, and we’d be two girls getting hot and sweaty and wet together and…Ok, so I’m worrying less about it and just dreaming about what your lips feel like. What you would feel like, your skin pressed against mine. I don’t doubt that you’d continue to blow me away. Everything about you does, and I don‘t only mean in a sexual way. This isn‘t just about sex for me…I hope you know that.*

Faith raised her eyes from the book, catching herself grinning almost goofily with how Buffy was making her feel inside. Like more than just a hot chick worth a fuck. More than what most people saw when they looked at her.

She had the feeling Buffy saw deeper than most, and knew there was more to her than the crudeness, the abruptness and the tough image. She didn’t like admitting to herself that she was more sensitive than she portrayed to others, but Faith was beginning to think that maybe allowing the blonde Slayer to see a little bit of that part of her, wasn’t such a bad thing.

*I know…I’m getting too gushy. But I have the feeling that maybe you’re seeing things like I am, things between us, being more than just a possible fuck. I hope so, but if you’re not…then right now, I’d settle for just about anything. I need to have you. I wanna touch you so much. I’ve been longing to do that. Just touch you. All over, with my hands and my body. With my lips, tasting your skin, tasting you. God, that sounds so bad, I mean…you’re only sixteen. I shouldn’t be thinking this way. I’m not that much older, and you shouldn’t be encouraging me…bad Faith (bad, bad, but really sexy Faith). I’m totally out of my depth here, but I can’t help feeling how I do about you. I don’t think I could stop wanting you now if I tried, and it’s still kinda weird for me.

This is all pretty new to me, wanting someone this much. I guess with Angel I never really thought about it until we were, well, doing it. But even then, it doesn’t compare to just the dreams I’ve been having about you.

Last night was a good one, that I‘ve had before. We were sparring. We were hot and sweaty. Then we were in the gym showers, where I pushed you into the wall, my hands on yours against it, pressing up against your back, rubbing against you with the water rushing down over us. I spread my pussy over your tiny backside as you leaned forward. God, I love your ass, Faith. I walked us backwards a little so you could bend over for me, your hands still on the wall, spreading your legs for me as I kissed down your back, loving the way your muscles jumped for me at every touch.

I kneeled down behind you, just looking at your pussy. I could see how wet you were. Your pussy hole right there waiting for me, dripping with your juice. You looked and smelled delicious, and I didn’t care who the hell might walk in on us. Didn’t care how wrong it was. Don’t care that I sound like I should be in a fucking porn movie right now. That’s just what you do to me. Anyway, I leaned forward, pushing my face into your little pussy, breathing you in. Then I snuck my tongue out, dipping it straight into you, feeling your wet hole take me inside. God, you tasted amazing. And you were so warm and soft. I wanna know what that feels like. To do that to you and find out just how soft you are and how great you taste.

I pushed into you, hearing your moans above the spray of the shower, lapping at you, wiggling my tongue inside you. You started rubbing your fingers over one of your beautiful breasts, fingering the nipple, and I moved my tongue down to flick it over your clit. It was so hard and swollen, and covered in your sweet arousal. I started rubbing over it with my tongue, your body reacting to me and making me hungrier for you. I always feel like I’m hungry for you, Faith. I felt you coming when I pushed back inside you. Your thick cum running out of you into my mouth, causing me to slip deeper into you, as far as I could get my tongue. I wanna be inside you so much, Faith. It’s driving me crazy. You, your body, the thought of being with you in that way. Deep inside your wet pussy with my tongue.*

“Fuck…” Faith ran a hand through her hair, her body reacting as if Buffy was actually doing exactly what she was describing.

A handful of other patrons looked Faith’s way at her crude outburst, and a large, unpleasant looking waitress came over, appearing like she’d been sent by the boss to do his dirty work.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave. We can’t have language like that here when there are children about.” The waitress stated, trying to do her best to intimidate Faith with her large frame.

“I don’t see no kids.” The dark Slayer looked around her, really not wanting to get up and leave without finishing her coffee, or more importantly, the rest of what Buffy had written.

“That’s beside the point, some might come in and you’re…Well, you’re just not the type of clientele we want in our establishment.” The waitress was getting snooty now, looking down at Faith with distaste. “If you’re going to sit around swearing for no reason, then I suggest you do it elsewhere…somewhere better suited to a person like you.” She scoffed.

“Like me? What the fuck is that meant to mean?” Faith stood up, her shorter height doing nothing to diminish the confidence she exuded. She didn’t really feel like getting into a fight that could land her ass in jail, however, Buffy certainly wouldn’t have been overjoyed if that were to happen, so Faith uncharacteristically backed down. “Ya know what? Never mind…But let me just point out, I didn’t swear for no reason. I was swearing cos a cute blonde chick just told me exactly how far up my cunt she wants to stick her tongue. Maybe if you got out your cage once in a while to try something like that out, you might not be so fucking uptight.” With that said, Faith picked up the diary and strode out of the coffee shop, pleased with herself at the shocked expressions of the other customers.

She walked far enough away for the waitress not to bother calling the cops on her or anything, found a bench, and sat down. She had to finish reading. She had to find out if Buffy wanted things to really happen between them, beyond the words and pages of her diary.

*So I guess now we have to actually talk about this, right? If we both want this. Want to be together in that way. I know that’s what I want Faith, and you can probably get that with all the talk of wanting you…Ok, just to make sure you get it…I can’t resist you any longer, and I wanna be with you.

Meet me for patrol, usual place, usual time. See you then, gorgeous.”

Faith closed the little book, grinning as the sun shone down on her like she had just had a divine revelation. In a way, she had. Buffy had told her, finally, that she wanted more between them. Faith just hoped the cute blonde wouldn’t back down once they were actually face to face.


Buffy’s pov……..

Buffy rushed home after school, resisting the urge to drop by Faith’s motel room and forget about her homework, chores, and patrol. She was burning inside for her fellow Slayer, and the only thing that she could think about, was moving their friendship into something more. Something she was pretty definite about now, that they both wanted.

She rushed through her homework and helped her mom clean up after dinner, ignoring her questions as to why she seemed so highly strung. The little blonde couldn’t very well turn around and say that she felt that way because she had an itch, a very big, burning, out of control kind of itch, that only Faith could scratch.

Buffy doubted her mother would be anywhere near to approving. Things had been bad enough when she’d found out about Angel. Amongst all the confusion, fear, and complete annoyance at being left out of Buffy’s life, Joyce had also been pretty angry at the young blonde leaping into bed with a guy so much older than her he should have been dead more than a hundred years earlier.

No, Buffy most definitely couldn’t tell her mom about her feelings for Faith. Or the fact that she had sexual feelings as powerful as she was having about another girl. She didn’t want to destabilise the tentative mother daughter relationship they were building back up again, after her little ‘time out‘ in LA.

“I’m gonna go get ready for patrol, mom.” Buffy called, as she was about to ascend the stairs.

“Already, dear? You don’t usually go until later.” Her mother looked up from the soap opera she was staring blankly at on the TV.

“Yeah, well…I err, I’m going out to the Bronze for a little while afterwards. I won’t be late though.” Buffy smiled, hoping to get away with the mention that she was going out on a school night.

Willow had talked her into it. Pleading that she accompany her, Oz and Xander to the club. For some reason, Buffy felt like there was some kind of tension between those three, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She hadn’t planned on going anywhere after patrol, hoping to get things out in the open with Faith. But now she was obligated, and had to show. She just hoped that Faith wouldn’t mind tagging along.

“Ok, Buffy, but I’ll expect you back at a reasonable time. I know you’re nearly eighteen, but I’m still your mother.” Joyce stated, as Buffy bounded up the stairs.

“Ok, mom.” The small Slayer shook her head. Her mother couldn’t make up her mind between wanting to be all new age and ‘I’m your friend too’ mom, and ‘I’m in charge’ mom.

Buffy wasn’t really bothered though. She had other things to think about, like what she was going to wear for her meeting with Faith. She wanted to look a little more…grown up maybe. So she didn’t feel quite so intimidated by Faith’s confidence, and more than advertised wealth of experience when it came to all things pertaining to sex.

She threw most of her clothes out of her closet, not missing the whole ‘closet’ concept. She frowned, then smiled, still unsure how to deal with her changing feelings. Her feelings of desire for somebody of the same sex.

Recalling again what Faith had wrote about them, getting frisky in the graveyard, Buffy decided not to think too much, and just start acting more like a girl who’s life was not destined to be all that long. She knew she shouldn’t worry about things too much. The need was just too strong to deny anyway.

Having finally decided what she was going to wear, Buffy ran a nice hot bubble bath and climbed in. She sighed as her body melted under the warm caress of the water. The soothing smell of Lavender floating up with the steam, easing her tension, but doing nothing to stop how she burned inside now for Faith.

Running the sponge over her skin, Buffy could almost imagine the delectable brunette sitting in the bath with her, soaping her up, sliding against her skin in the steamy atmosphere of the bathroom. She brought the sponge up to her breasts and rubbed over them, cascading water down her flat stomach, fantasising that Faith was leaning over her, between her legs, sucking on her neck as her fit young body moulded into hers.

She could almost smell the familiar scent of the other Slayer. She could picture the strong and stunning body with water running in trickles down it, over Faith’s breasts, down over her toned belly. Buffy closed her eyes and immersed herself in the visualization she had in her head of the sensual Slayer. The image of Faith crawling between her thighs in the confines of the bath.

She moved her other hand down into the warmth of the water, aiming for her aching sex. Needing to relieve herself, just a little, of the overpowering urge inside herself. She stroked her fingers down to the waiting slickness between her legs, sliding two between her folds, wanting it to be Faith’s fingers, Faith’s body heating her skin…

“Buffy?” Her mom shouted from downstairs, causing the blonde girl to be jerked from her fantasy. “Willow’s on the phone.”

Buffy slowed her breathing, having got herself a little worked up, and groaned, moving her hands back out of the water, shaking her head to clear it of the image of a wet and naked Faith between her legs. The haze cleared, leaving her irritated at the interruption.

“I’ll be right down.” Buffy answered, stepping from the tub and wrapping a towel around herself.

She made her way downstairs, trying to ignore the slick, moist feeling still between her legs. Buffy picked up the phone.

“Hey, Will. Everything ok?” She asked.

“Yeah…everything’s ok.” She didn’t sound too sure. “I err, I was just wondering if you minded if I came on patrol with you and Faith though, ya know, something to do, then go to the Bronze with Xander, and…Oz, of course. Cos, me and Oz…there together.” Willow didn’t sound quite with it.

“Are you sure you’re ok? You sound kinda…more muddley than usual.” Buffy was groaning inside, knowing she could never come up with a sufficient excuse to put Willow off joining her and Faith on their patrol, and by the sounds of it, Willow needed to tell her something.

“Yep, I’m fine.” Willow was obviously trying to convince the blonde Slayer. “So…do you mind me tagging along?”

There was a pause before Buffy realised she should answer in the positive, rather than tell Willow she had been kinda hoping to at least get more familiar with Faith’s lips on patrol that night.

“Sure. I’ll stop by yours first, then we’ll…go meet Faith.” She sounded less than enthusiastic but thankfully the red head didn’t pick up on it.

“I’ll see you soon then, bye.” Willow hung up.

“Yeah.” The blonde girl sighed, then trudged back upstairs to finish her bath.

She didn’t get back to her fantasy, and got dressed in her chosen outfit a little less enthusiastically than when she had chosen it. Some things were just never meant to be easy, she mused.

Buffy headed out to pick Willow up, on her way to hook up with the beguiling brunette she couldn’t get out of her mind. She was still looking forward to meeting Faith of course, but having an over excitable Willow tagging along, was not going to make for a productive evening.

She hoped she could get through it without giving away her desire for Faith. The last thing Buffy wanted right now, was the rest of the gang interfering, until she had chance to work things out with Faith. Or to put it another way…get a whole lot closer to the dark Slayer.


Buffy’s pov……..

Willow and Buffy made their way towards the cemetery that the small Slayer knew Faith would be waiting at. She had wanted to try to discourage Willow from coming, but the red head obviously had something on her mind, and Buffy would have felt a little guilty brushing her off. Even if it meant another day would go by without her and Faith getting together.

They chattered about nothing much as they neared the graveyard, Willow mentioning more than once that Buffy looked all dressed up. Or certainly, more so than usual. Buffy had just laughed it off, saying it’s all she had to wear, as everything else she owned was in the wash. Of course Willow hadn’t looked like she quite believed her, but didn’t say anything else.

Maybe the red leather trousers and tight black halter top were a little unusual for her, but Buffy wanted Faith to notice her more than usual. Want her as much as she wanted Faith. As the gates to the cemetery came into sight however, Buffy doubted that would ever happen, because Faith was looking hotter than ever.

She had on the sexiest black leather pants that Buffy had ever seen Faith wear, they were slung low on her hips and blacker than the night. On her feet were boots, also black, with a slight heel, they looked tough yet sexy, making the younger Slayer look able to kick some serious ass, as well as have anybody with or without a heartbeat drooling after her. Her top half was barely covered at all under her leather jacket, the tight red top pushing her cleavage up and leaving her toned stomach exposed.

Some people might have called what Faith was wearing trashy, people like Cordelia maybe, but Buffy was barely able to walk for tripping over her tongue. As she got closer, she noticed Faith had straightened her hair, making her look older, and even sexier than usual. All in all, Buffy was on the verge of coming in her pants.

“Did I miss the invitation to whatever party you two are going to?” Willow asked, her voice a little high as she tried to look everywhere but at Faith.

Neither Slayer answered, as they were far too busy eyeing each other up. Buffy tried to speak, to act cool in front of Willow, but her mouth had gone dry as all her body fluids rushed south from the raised eyebrow she was receiving from the brunette.

“Looking good, B. You taking tips from me?” She drawled lustily.

“No…I…There…” Words, learned at an early age and used often, completely escaped the blonde Slayer.

“Everything else was in the wash, apparently. But I’m still thinking there’s a party somewhere I’m not invited to.” Willow said, looking from one Slayer to the other with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Don’t worry, Red. The only party going on around here right now is in my pants …lets go.” She swept into the cemetery before either Willow or Buffy could comment on the…well, comment.

Buffy had an idea what Faith had meant, but was hoping that it had escaped the red head’s grasp. The thought of Faith feeling something stirring in her panties made her grin uncharacteristically however, and Willow certainly picked up on that.

“Did I just miss something?” Willow trudged behind Faith as Buffy urged her on, wanting to get their patrol over with as quickly as possible.

She needed to be alone with Faith, and pretty damn soon.

They wandered around the long buried and the fresh graves, talking about things Buffy had no interest in. Her only interest right now was the dark beauty busy twirling her stake beside her. Faith looked a little annoyed that Willow was with them, but she was covering it well, and even talking to the trainee witch more than she usually would. Buffy wondered if maybe Faith was doing that because of her almost complete inability to say anything to her right now without it coming out as an innuendo. More so than usual.

She was glad that Willow had something on her mind right now, and wasn’t picking up on the tension and the obvious overt checking out of each other that was going on between her and Faith. It was like something subtle was happening just under the surface of every look, every brush against each other, every comment or quip. And the moment Willow turned her back on the chosen two, walking a little ahead of them to sit upon a tomb, the two Slayers smiled lustily at each other.

Buffy hadn’t meant for it to be a lusty grin, but something about the way Faith had looked over at her, licking her lips before grinning herself, had lifted her own lips mischievously. The excitement of knowing that Faith knew she wanted her, and knowing that Faith wanted her too, sent a thrill through Buffy like no other she had felt before. It was like they had a little secret between themselves. A dirty little secret.

“So…like I was saying, it’s not really bad to have secrets is it? I mean, they can be good, and I’m sure we all have them, right?” Willow continued in the babble fest that had been the entire evening so far.

The remark was a little too close to home for Buffy’s liking, and she stared wide eyed at Willow for a second, not really knowing what the red head had been going on about, as she had been far too busy trying to walk straight and check Faith out at the same time.

“I uh…what?” Buffy came to a halt along with Faith, in front of Willow, facing her and trying to work out if maybe her friend knew something about her and the other Slayer.

“It’s err, nothing really, I was just…I may have…and please don’t judge me on this, but I want you to know…there’s a demon behind you.” Willow pointed in the general direction, behind the two Slayers.

Without batting an eyelid Faith launched an attack on the unfortunate demon that Giles had warned them about a few days earlier. Apparently he was not one of a few demons who just wanted to get along in the world. He was there for one purpose, to feed on unwary humans.

He didn’t have time to react before Faith was pummeling him, and doing every thing within her power to stop him from even attempting to hurt someone.

The demon was big, and beyond pissed at being foiled in his hunt for prey, and Faith punched and kicked, but he didn’t seem to get the message that he was supposed to die, so Buffy charged in as soon as an opportunity arose. She aimed a kick straight at the big guys head, knocking him into Faith’s fist. They battled together for a short time, both taking turns to beat the fight out of their foe, and even though it was taking longer than Buffy would have hoped for, they were winning.

Buffy almost felt sorry for the guy, because she knew, her and Faith together, were unbeatable. And she loved it when they got close, fighting side by side. Taking turns, combining their strengths, helping each other out with their weaknesses. It was perfect unity, and no matter what anybody was going to make of them being more than just fellow Slayers, or friends, Buffy knew it was right. They were right, together.

“Damn, this guy’s more stubborn than you, Twinkie.” Faith smirked as she rolled out of the way of his heavy hand.

“Yeah well, obviously it’s a good trait to have. I mean, it’s working for him.” Buffy said back to Faith as she landed a good hard kick on the demons torso, just to have him look at her like she was an irritation.

“Ok, now I’m just getting bored, dude.” The brunette picked up a nearby fallen branch that was more the size of a small tree, she swung and knocked the demon down. “Guess ya don’t wanna play fetch now, huh.” Faith rammed the branch into his head before he could get back up.

Buffy looked away as the crunch rang out around the graveyard. Although she was more than used to killing demons and having all kinds of nasty goo and blood spurting at her for a living, it was never nice to watch anything get its head squished.

“Ok, I don’t feel so good.” Willow said from her spot behind a gravestone. “And that’s the kind of thing that’s going to give me nightmares, or just make it really hard to eat over the next twenty four hours.” She turned more pale than green as Buffy encouraged her to come from behind her hiding place.

“Sorry. Had to be done though. Giles did say this guy was pretty mean.” Buffy patted her friend on the shoulder, then turned her attention to the brunette, who threw the branch over the demon’s quickly disintegrating body.

“Yeah, we couldn’t just leave him running around town. I mean, fuck, that guy smelled worse than shit.” Faith chuckled, rubbing her hands down her leather jacket, then running them through her sleek dark hair.

Buffy watched as Faith straightened herself out from the fight, feeling more than the urge to tell her not to bother, because she wanted nothing more than to rip all her clothes off and fuck her right then and there. Buffy reddened at her own thoughts and caught Faith’s raised eyebrow, before turning her attention to Willow.

“Um, anyway…what were you saying, Will?” Buffy asked, as Faith sauntered up beside her.

Buffy felt a small rush of excitement course through her as the dark girl stood close to her left shoulder, Faith’s toned, athletic body practically humming as she stood fidgeting in her post slaying buzz. Buffy knew all about the buzz. She had her own experiences of needing to cope with that, and she knew, from Faith’s own accounts, and just watching the dark girl after she slayed, that Faith suffered more than her with that particular trait.

The blonde girl could feel just how on edge Faith was now. Her own body reacted to the electricity sparking from the younger girl, and she had to hold herself still, back, from wanting to reach out to Faith and feel the energy bursting from her. To link to it, experience it coursing through her, fall into it, into Faith.

She had to force herself not to look at Faith, and she could sense that the other Slayer was doing the same. Not looking, trying her best not to forget that Willow was there with them. That maybe it was best for them both to talk about the way they felt, rather than just jump into something that could completely turn their lives upside down. Well, Buffy’s at least.

“Why don’t we just go to the Bronze? I’m thirsty, are you thirsty? I am, so we should go.” Willow said as she began walking hurriedly away, towards the cemetery gates.

Buffy shrugged at her friend’s more than strange behaviour, too busy dealing with her hormones, that were currently racing around her body with the knowledge of what Faith had told her, had described to her in her diary, the things that she wanted to do to Buffy. The hot, delicious, tempting pull of Faith’s words. The promise of them. Buffy shook her head to attempt to clear her mind, thinking maybe it was best to follow Willow out of the graveyard, rather than have her snacked on by a random vampire.

She glanced over at Faith, noticing that the taller girl was frowning, looking like she was trying her best not to explode, or move, or do something that they both now knew they wanted.

Faith caught her eye then, and Buffy shivered under the intense gleam of desire glinting like gold in the brunette’s brown pools. She was lost for a moment in the beauty of Faith. In her overwhelming sexuality. In her own need, all consuming, to be with Faith. Right now, she didn’t want to be standing in a drafty cemetery, she didn’t want to be headed to a club where there were too many people. She wanted to be at home. She wanted to be in bed with Faith above her, the sultry Slayer heating her body with her soft skin, learning the curves and secrets of her with strong hands.

“Guess we’re goin to the Bronze then.” Faith smiled at Buffy, her dimples showing no sign of a grin, just a sign that she wasn’t going to complain about them not being able to be alone just yet, that she was willing to hang around with Buffy’s friends for the small Slayer.

Buffy felt a twinge in her heart from Faith‘s stunning smile, it’s pounding rushing into her ears as she watched the retreating backside, her mind playing a loop of images of running her hands over it, digging her nails into the tight creamy flesh as Faith thrust her pussy into her, between her thighs.

The smile on Buffy’s face was unabashed as she followed her friend, and the sexy Slayer out to the quiet street.


Faith’s pov……..

Faith caught up with the red head, fully aware of what Buffy was doing sauntering slowly behind her. She was checking out her ass. Faith could feel green eyes almost devouring her, and it wasn’t doing anything to halt the flow of the hornies currently crawling through her body.

She wanted to turn around and grab hold of the small blonde, push her up against the nearest wall and just lick her all over. Taste every inch of her salty skin. Claim her with her tongue. The slay had upped Faith’s need for Buffy to a level she was doubting she could keep control of. It had been a tough little fight, and with all the teasing of reading Buffy’s diary, she was ready to explode.

“Come on, Twinkie. Move your cute butt, I need to dance.” She wanted to say she needed to fuck, but Willow would probably have passed out, and she didn’t want Buffy to think the only reason she wanted her was to scratch the post slaying itch.

There was much more to her desire for Buffy, even though she didn’t want to quite look into exactly at what that meant. What it would mean to want somebody for more than just a one nighter, a means to get off, a couple of hours of skin on skin hot, wet fucking.

Sure she wanted that last part with Buffy more than anything right now, but she wanted it more than once. She wanted it soft and slow, hard and fast, dirty, sweet, quick, and long. She was looking at something more than what she was used to, or particularly keen on. Faith was looking at the possibility of embarking on some kind of relationship with the older girl. If, that was, Buffy was interested in that too.

Her remarks in the diary pointed to that, but Faith still wanted to be sure. She was still not as confident as she knew she should be given the things that Buffy had written. But she wanted to hear the words, feel the touch, the confirmation of what Buffy wanted.

“Hey, wait up, I’ve got shorter legs than you two.” Buffy caught up, choosing to walk beside Faith rather than her closest friend.

It was a small act that anybody else probably would have missed the meaning of, and thankfully, in her daze of whatever was bothering her, Willow missed the sentiment. But Faith knew it meant Buffy wanted to be close. She didn’t want anybody between them. It made the jaded Slayer smile to herself, her heart warming just a touch, without warning.

It didn’t take them long to get to the Bronze. Willow kept quieter than usual, and so did Faith, but Buffy couldn’t keep from covering her nervousness with her chatter. Faith found it endearing though, and the thought that the small Slayer was nervous, only made Faith wet with the awareness that she would be only the second person Buffy had ever slept with. That she would be the only girl Buffy had touched in such a way. That she was going to show Buffy just what it was like to be totally and completely worshipped, pleasured, and fucked until she couldn’t take any more.

“Are you planning on waiting out here all night? Or are you coming in with us?” Buffy asked softly, as Faith zoned out, waiting in the short queue to the club.

“Lead the way, girlfriend.” Faith gestured for Buffy to go ahead of her, catching the shy smile dancing on the cute Slayer’s lips.

She walked into the heat of the club, instantly feeling the need to get up on the dance floor and experience the raw beat of the dance music currently being thundered through the speakers. Faith was glad there wasn’t a band on. She wanted to lose her self to the pounding rhythms for a while. She wanted to work out some of her frustration, just in case tonight wasn’t the night that she got as close to Buffy as she wanted. Just in case she wasn’t going to get a helping hand with her itch.

“Look, the guys are over there.” Willow pointed out the rest of the Scoobs, sat near the bar, looking out for the three of them.

They made their way over to the table, Faith sliding up behind Buffy, as the crowd pushed them into a tight squeeze within the small area the rest of the gang had found themselves in.

“Well, this is cosy.” Buffy pointed out sardonically, as Xander pushed over two bottles of coke for the Slayers.

Faith filtered out the various ramblings of questions about their patrol, and things that didn‘t interest her, preferring to concentrate on the sensation of being so close to the other Slayer. Buffy hadn’t tried to move away at all, in fact Faith was sure the little blonde had actually pushed back into her a little, increasing their contact.

Oz smiled over at the dark girl, a twinkle in his eye as he obviously saw what was happening between the two Slayers. The rest of the gang seemed oblivious, and the brunette was grateful for that for now. They didn’t need complications like the Scoobies freaking out. Not yet anyway.

Buffy reached forwards for their drinks, her rear sliding against the already horny Slayer behind her. Faith did all she could not to react and slide her crotch over the red leathers of the other girl. She was beginning to think that maybe moving to the opposite side of the table would be a good idea, as Buffy clutched the drinks, turning round slightly in order to hand one to the taller girl, brushing her arm against Faith’s breasts.

Faith looked deep into Buffy’s green eyes, her nipples now hard from the contact of the small girl still against her. The dark girl’s breathing was shallow, her arousal obvious at such close range. She wanted to do something, but she knew she couldn’t. She took the bottle from Buffy, and proceeded to take a long swig.

Buffy’s now free left hand, out of sight from the others, found its way to the younger Slayer’s thigh, resting there gently. A small act of hope for more contact, more intimacy, more than what they were going to get stuck in the Bronze with all their friends.

The Slayer connection and the tingles they shared because of it, seemed to be more intense. Seemed to be growing with the knowledge that the chosen two wanted to take their friendship, their bond, to a higher level. To consummate their need for one another.

Faith grinned a little as she placed her bottle on the table, keeping her arm stretched out and round Buffy, effectively enveloping her, her jacket falling open to almost hide the small Slayer within it, against her. Close enough to smell her scent, feel her heat, crave so much more.

Her breasts brushed up against Buffy with every breath, her nipples aching for the older girl’s skin to make contact with them. She was so turned on, and completely unable to do anything about it.

“Are you ok, Faith?” Buffy practically whispered up at her, her petite body now almost flush against Faith’s as some more people crowded close to them.

She must have detected the tension coming from Faith. The sheer need to take the little blonde in her arms and hold her next to her skin. It was getting too much, and now with Buffy looking intently at her, Faith felt the urge to move. To put a temporary halt to what was unraveling between them.

She knew now that Buffy wanted her. She could see as much in the blonde girl’s eyes, and sense as much in the body language and electricity coming from Buffy. It was no longer a question of if, but when, and where. It wasn’t going to be here and now though. They needed to be alone, to work up to the caresses, the kisses, the union of their bodies.

Faith lowered her hand to the one on her thigh, squeezing it a little as she bent her head down to whisper into the other girl’s ear.

“I’m ok, B. But I’d feel a whole lot better if I was somewhere alone with you.” Her husky voice breezed into Buffy’s ear, visibly causing the blonde Slayer to tremble a little. “You know what I wanna do to you, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t wait to touch you.” She finished by brushing her lips over Buffy’s delicate ear, making sure she didn’t attract attention to them, but doing enough to cause another tremble.

The dark Slayer smiled before pulling back a little way, instantly missing the heat and the contact she had now deprived herself of from the smaller girl. She felt a little jolt of pleasure at Buffy’s dazed look, took another swig from her drink, before lightly patting the petite girl on the ass as she excused herself from the group.

“I‘ll catch you all later. No having fun without me.” Winking at Buffy, Faith made her way over to the bar.

She knew the sweet Slayer would be wondering where she was going, and what she was doing, but Faith just couldn’t stand around pretending to not want the little blonde in the biggest way. She didn’t even think she could deal with getting up on the dance floor right now without wanting to wrap Buffy up in her arms, and sway their hips together until neither of them could take it any longer. She had to get some air.

But first, she made a trip to the bathroom, after acquiring a pen from the bartender. She didn’t want Buffy thinking she had just bailed after all.


Buffy’s pov……..

Buffy watched as Faith left the crowded table, instantly missing her. She had been enjoying the close contact. The secret contact between them. Loving the warmth emanating from the younger girl, and the tingles of their connection. She had been basking in the sensations Faith was causing in her, and she hadn’t expected the brunette to leave her side so suddenly.

The blonde girl tried to take notice of whatever it was that Xander was saying, but she was far too busy worrying that Faith was leaving without saying goodbye. Without talking to her properly. Without really letting her get as close to Faith as she wanted.

“Look, there’s Scott. Want me to go kick his ass? Or spill his drink? Yeah, that’ll annoy the little, annoying…guy that dumped you before Homecoming.” Xander puffed up his chest, looking like he wanted to say something to Scott, but not moving from his seat.

His small act of attempted manliness caught Buffy’s attention for a second, causing her to lose sight of the dark Slayer in the crowd.

“No…It’s ok, Xander.” She answered, looking back to the last place she had seen the beautiful brunette, by the bar.

Whatever it was that Xander continued on to say, Buffy missed. She felt the need to run after her fellow Slayer, but she didn’t. Instead, choosing to gaze into the crowd of teens, feeling like she really didn’t want to be left behind by Faith like she was just another one of the gang.

Buffy wanted to at least be special enough to Faith to warrant a private goodbye. One that would happen much later, or maybe in the morning, if things got that far between them. But it seemed that, maybe, she wasn’t special enough, as the shivers from their connection subsided to a dull tingle.

She contemplated going after Faith. She certainly wanted to, but she didn’t want her friends to grow suspicious, and she didn’t want to run after the brunette, just to find out she had only gone to the toilet, or for a drink. Buffy was well aware of how needy she would appear, and she didn’t want to be that way. But she was feeling that needy right now as far as being with Faith was concerned.

Buffy was slowly becoming just as pissed off as needy however, as it looked more and more likely that Faith had indeed, just left. She didn’t like being snubbed, or played for a fool. She tapped her fingernails on the cold glass of the bottle in her hand, gripping almost tight enough to shatter it.

It was just like Faith to tease her and then turn the tables and laugh at her. Buffy knew she should have expected it, but she had been so sure of how the other Slayer felt. Her words, her desire on the pages of her journal, had caused her to believe that Faith, without a doubt, wanted her, and wanted them to get together.

Doubts were more than surfacing now though, with Faith’s disappearance. She was sure that the dark girl had left, as she could no longer feel their connection at all. Or at least, she was positive it had gone, along with Faith.

What Buffy didn’t quite get however, was why Faith had dressed up more than usual. Why she had been almost coy around her whilst they had patrolled, and why she had said what she had, just before she’d ran out.

Buffy could still feel the thrill she had gotten from having Faith whisper so sexily and enticingly in her ear. The small blonde had felt her entire body react, especially to the dark girl’s lips brushing against her. She had wanted to turn in the enigmatic Slayer’s arms and feel the full lips against her own.

She had always wondered just how soft they would be. Most of Faith, her attitude included, seemed hard and less than pliable, but her lips, they looked like plush pillows of sensual delight, and Buffy wanted to have them kiss her all over.

Of course, Faith’s breasts were also another part of her that Buffy wanted to discover the softness of, but until she had indulged herself with the brunette’s lips first, she daren’t even begin to imagine what they would feel like against her. On her lips, in her mouth…The chosen one stopped her thought process before her fantasies got out of hand. She was meant to be feeling a little mad. More than a little.

She wanted to chastise herself for thinking that Faith had been having the same thoughts about her. The dark Slayer had been gone for well over ten minutes now.

“Are you ok, Buffy? You seem…quiet. Like you’re not quite with us.” Willow caught Buffy’s eye, looking worried for her friend. “Is it because Scott’s here?”

“No, I’m ok.” Buffy lied, about being ok, not Scott. Because if there was one thing she didn’t give a crap about, it was Scott. “I’m just wondering where Faith went.” She hadn’t really meant to admit to that, but it had slipped out as it was the only thing she could think about.

Before Willow could change her look of confusion about why Buffy would be so bothered about the confident Slayer’s whereabouts into words, Oz interjected.

“Maybe she just needed some air. It’s crowded in here. I don’t think Faith likes crowds much.” He came as close to cracking a smile as he was going to get, and Buffy appreciated his attempt at putting her mind at ease.

For some reason, she had an idea that Oz might have picked up on some of the tension between her and Faith. She knew he’d keep it to himself though, so Buffy wasn’t too worried.

She smiled warmly at Willow’s boyfriend. “Yeah…maybe.” Buffy took one last glance around the club before deciding to turn her attentions back to her friends. Promising herself that she would have more than a word with Faith the next day, about her early departure.

Buffy wasn’t going to allow Faith to just run out on her after the things they had told each other. She wasn’t afraid of letting the brunette know just how mad, and upset it had made her.

As Buffy took a drink from her bottle, finally forcing herself to deal with her feelings about Faith later, and getting into the flow of the conversation, she was distracted once again. This time by an uneasy looking guy making his way towards the gang’s table.

His dark eyes flicked from one Scoob to the other, eventually settling on Buffy. He smiled, running a nervous hand through his short, dark hair. Buffy frowned, really hoping he wasn’t planning on hitting on her. It wasn’t that he was unattractive, because, were it not for her feelings for Faith, Buffy would have been happy to have him chatting her up. But now was not the right time, despite the tall, dark and handsome thing working in his favour.

He reached the small blonde and looked down at her anxiously. “Um…are you Buffy?” He asked, his voice soft and unsure.

“That depends on who wants to know.” Buffy had learned to be cautious as a Slayer, and somewhat intimidating when she wanted to be.

“Well I, err…” he shuffled about a little, “some hot chick wanted me to give this to her.” He held out a small black book that looked suspiciously like Buffy’s diary. “She said she’d break my legs if I didn’t, or if I opened it. So, are you Buffy?” He asked again.

“Of course I am.” She snatched the book from his hands, moving away from the table a little as he spoke again.

“Good, cos I didn’t wanna hang on to that. The chick was pretty convincing. Hot, but intimidating.” He looked nervously around, probably checking that the brunette he was talking about wasn’t near enough to hear him.

“Yeah, she’s certainly both of those.” Buffy agreed, smiling at the boy, hoping for his sake that he hadn’t looked in the diary. “Thanx.” She held tightly to her book, thinking the guy would leave now.

“So err, do you want a drink?” He fiddled with his ear, waiting for a reply.

The blonde girl almost felt sorry for him. She liked the look of him, and he was kind of cute, the way he was nervously fidgeting. But she only had eyes for Faith right now, even if it looked like the other girl was playing some kind of game. With that in mind, Buffy took a second to decide whether or not she should take up the offer. There wasn’t really any doubt in her mind however.

“No, thanx.” She said, thinking now, he would go back to his friends. He didn’t.

“You sure? Cos ya know, I err, I’d really like to get to know you. I’m new here, haven’t really gotten to know that many people, and I noticed you come in so, maybe we can…” He was attempting to convince her to be interested, but it wasn’t going to work.

Buffy sighed, not wanting to hurt the guy’s feelings, but he was quickly becoming annoying . The fidgeting less than cute, more creepy, now that he was doing his best to get in the way of the table and her, effectively using his larger frame to attempt to intimidate her, and give her no choice but to talk to him.

She leant towards him a little bit, her smile hiding her annoyance. She was glad he didn’t know any of her friends, or anybody that he could spread things about her to, because she wanted to make sure he knew she wasn’t interested.

“Look, I’m sorry, but…” Buffy made sure nobody else would hear her, “the intimidating girl who told you she would break your legs, that’s my girlfriend, so…it’s probably best you don’t get caught hitting on me.” Her smile never left her lips, but from the look in her eyes, he would be left in no doubt that it was best to move on.

“Right…” He stood upright, his face flushing a little. “Sorry, I’ll go…I kinda like my legs. Just one thing though. She said you have to read it…the book. I err, see ya.” He said no more as he hurried away, his eyes darting left and right, and trying his best to melt back into the crowd.

Buffy chuckled a little at his reaction, wondering just what it was Faith had said to him for that amount of anxiousness. Whatever it was, she knew first hand how dangerous the dark girl could look when she wanted.

“Who was that, Buffy?” Willow questioned, as Buffy stood by the table once more.

“Just some guy.” Buffy answered, thinking of a way to read whatever it was that Faith wanted her to, without it seeming suspicious. “I’m just gonna go to the bathroom.” Without waiting for the gang to say anything more to her, Buffy made her way through the crowd to the toilet.

She huddled into one of the small stalls as soon as one became free. Buffy realised her hands were shaking slightly, and she wasn’t sure of the reason. Maybe it was because she was worried that Faith had changed her mind, and she wasn’t brave enough to face Buffy with it, deciding to tell her in writing, like the way they had been communicating lately.

Opening to the last page with words scrawled across it, Buffy read Faith’s note.

*Sorry, B, didn’t mean to make it look like I bailed, but…you were getting me so fucking hot. So turned on, when you weren’t even doing anything. I didn’t wanna react, and do something, and make it obvious to the others. I figured you wouldn’t want them knowing. Not that there’s anything to know, yet.

Jesus, you look so fucking good tonight. If Willow hadn’t have tagged along, we wouldn’t have made it outta the cemetery without me knowing you a whole lot more intimately. I wanted to grab hold of you and kiss you silly in the club too. I had to get out of there, cos I was so close to doing something like that with you all pressed up against me, and smelling fucking amazing. I know I shouldn’t have just left, but I knew you’d get it. And I knew I’d get some mug to hand you this. I’m outside, waiting for ya. If you don’t wanna see me I’ll know by 10:30.*

Buffy looked at her watch. She had five minutes to get outside, to Faith. There was a little more to read though, so before she made a move, she finished reading the note.

*I guess it’s up to you. I want you to come outside. I want you to want me as much as I want you. Fuck, did that make sense? Anyway, if you wanna explore and find out what all the tension between us, all the words we’ve written in your diary, is about, then I’ll be in the alley to the right of the club. Get your ass out here sexy, cos I for one, am so ready to explore some things. Faith.*

Buffy reddened at the thought of what exactly Faith wanted to explore. There was no doubt in her mind that she had to go, and meet Faith outside. That they had to get beyond the written word. She had been flirting with the possibility for too long, and there was no way she was going to let the opportunity slip by.

She dashed out of the toilet and headed for the gang.

“Guys, I have to go…I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Buffy said no more in answer to their shocked expressions, as she rushed from the table.


Faith’s pov……..

Faith was leaning against the cold stone of the wall that separated her from the club, from Buffy. She had been waiting about ten minutes, or more, she wasn’t quite sure as she didn’t have a watch. She decided she’d give Buffy another ten minutes, then call the night a bust, guessing that by then it would be well past ten thirty.

She glanced down at her black painted fingernails, really hoping that she hadn’t made the wrong decision. Faith had had to get out of there though. She had been so close to planting a passionate kiss on the blonde girl’s lips. And she knew Buffy would have flipped. Faith didn’t want their first kiss to be halted by a smack around the head from the small Slayer.

The brunette ran a hand through her long, straightened hair, squinting down the dark end of the alley as she heard a rat scurry across the bins. It wasn’t the most pleasant place to stop for air, but it had cleared her mind a little, her body easing down slightly from the buzz she had been feeling. Suddenly though, the buzz was back, and Faith didn’t even need to look up to discover that Buffy was making her way towards her. Her whole body tingled in recognition of the short Slayer’s arrival.

Soft, slow steps made their way over to where Faith was still leaning against the wall, no other sound disturbing the serenity of the moment. Apart from the pounding of the dark Slayer’s heart of course, and the faint thud of music, drifting through the thick brick to join it.

Faith languidly lifted her head, as the footsteps stopped in front of her.

Her chocolate dark eyes travelled their way up the slender form of her fellow Slayer, stopping here and there to take in the sights. She smiled as their eyes met in the dim light of the alley. Faith could feel her blood rushing though her veins. Her body screaming for her to step forwards, to bridge the small gap between them, to reach out and touch Buffy in the way she had been wanting to do all night. In the way she had wanted to do since first laying eyes on the blonde girl.

Since first bearing witness to the sweet smile, the shy yet flirty expression she would give to Faith whenever one of them walked into a room. Faith had been hooked from the start, and was glad to know now, that Buffy had pretty much felt the same right from the start too. It made her smile even wider, causing her saucy dimples to greet the other Slayer.

Buffy smiled back at Faith, a slight blush to her cheeks, as she moved closer to the brunette. The air was tinged with tension, purely sexual, with a slight hint of nervousness. Faith daren’t move. She had been waiting for this moment for so long she had frozen. There was something in the older girl’s green eyes telling her, she’d better leave her cocky attitude behind right now, because this was for real.

The night seemed to close around them, enveloping them in its dark embrace. The soft rumbling of the music from the club vibrated through to Faith’s spine, mixing with the ache inside her for Buffy.

Neither girl spoke as the blonde moved her body close to Faith’s, her silken hair whispering across her face as a slight breeze flowed through the small space. She pressed up against the brunette without saying a word, looking deep into the penetrating darkness of her eyes. Faith held her breath, she held every part of herself still, uncharacteristically allowing Buffy to take the initiative.

Faith could now feel the heat spreading through her entire body, as Buffy fit herself into every dip and curve. Their breaths quickened, and Faith felt a flurry of arousal as Buffy’s breasts pushed up just under hers. She fell completely under the blonde Slayer’s spell. Unable to break from it to do what she wanted. To react, and take control.

Instead, she let Buffy slip her hands up under her leather jacket, sighing a little as they slowly glided up over her sides, stopping under her shoulder blades as Faith eased her legs apart slightly to allow Buffy’s small frame between them. She kept her own arms limp, afraid that she would push too far with them, with her hands, and spoil the moment. She didn’t want anything to spoil the moment, because it was perfect. Something she had never experienced.

She had always been about the raw sexual need she was sometimes slave to. But Buffy was crawling under it, into it, taking command of it.

It was nothing like she had imagined they would be once they submitted to each other, but it had her on the edge of something immense. Her skin was aching under the confines of her clothes, aching to be freed, and touched by Buffy. Every inch of her that was in contact with the small Slayer was on fire.

Faith closed her desire heavy eyes, as Buffy moved even closer, but not to kiss the brunette, instead sliding her cheek over Faith’s. Soft skin caressing. Hot breath whispering lightly over her ear.

“I’m glad you didn’t go.” Buffy breathed, her voice deeper and sexier than Faith had ever heard it before.

They remained as close as they could get, with Buffy nuzzling Faith’s soft dark hair as the younger girl brought her hands up to rest on the tops of Buffy’s arms, not yet allowing herself to place them anywhere else. The waiting, the tension filled balance on the precipice of more, was just too delicious to want to tip them both over yet. So Faith took a minute to enjoy the warmth of the other girl against her in the stark gloom of the alley.

Buffy pulled her tighter into her body, removing the smallest glimmer of light between them, probably sensing, or feeling the same need to just take a minute to bask in the warmth between them, the tingles. They had never been so close. No sparring session had ever brought their powerful bodies as close to one another. As intimately pressed together.

Faith could feel herself becoming wet with anticipation. Her hips resting against Buffy’s, unmoving, as the brunette kept herself under control. She wanted to rub up against the other Slayer. She wanted to feel the rock of Buffy’s hips back into her, but she was still on the knife edge of the moment.

“B, I’m really worked up. So hot for you.” Her voice escaped in a dusky drawl, giving away her arousal as she breathed in the scent of the small Slayer, wanting to moan with the effects it was having on her.

“I know, I feel it too. I want you.” Buffy said shakily, finally admitting to her feelings verbally.

Faith could take no more after the admission. She pushed her hands up into Buffy’s golden locks, looked deep into the sparkling green before her, then brought their lips together in an almost violent kiss. Their lips instantly parted, tongues eager to taste and explore. It was hot, wet, and needy. Not the chaste kiss Faith would have expected their first one to be.

It was far from chaste. Their mouths were hungry for one another. Their hands gripping onto each other as the air around them crackled with their lust. Faith wanted to devour Buffy. She had her taste in her mouth, soaking into her, slithering against her tongue and lips, and she was lost in it.

She could feel her heart pounding against the inside of her chest, as if it were attempting to send signals to Buffy’s. It must have been working, because she could also feel the blonde girl’s heart, beating powerfully against her own chest.

Faith moved a hand down to the other girl’s backside, pulling her hips tight against her. They began to gently move in rhythm, unable to stop the need and lust that was consuming them both. The brunette was ready to be consumed. Wanting to be consumed by Buffy.

She groaned as Buffy proved to be bolder than she expected the girl to be, by slipping her hands under Faith’s tight top, pushing them up, blazing a trail over the soft skin of her back. Their tongues swept around each other’s mouths. Faith tasted pure Buffy, warm saliva and recently consumed cola, and she knew she‘d never get enough.

The blonde girl’s tongue was soft, probing, slipping around her own, with their lips bruising each other in the fury of the moment. Faith sucked on the offering in her mouth, causing Buffy to moan deep down from within. The younger girl just knew Buffy would be growing wet with arousal. She felt it between her own legs, so was fairly sure the other Slayer would be feeling the same.

She trailed her right hand down, tracing her fingertips over the silky skin of Buffy’s neck, down to her collar bone. She explored there for a minute, their mouths and tongues continuing to taste and tease. A slight moan escaped the blonde girl, as Faith’s fingers reached further, down, tripping over the light material of her top, to the swell of her breast.

Faith’s palm brushed over the other girl’s nipple first, instantly feeling it firm to the touch. Both Slayer’s sighed, their breathing jolting with every sensation. Hips unconsciously moving, arousal soaked bodies searching for relief.

The brunette pulled back from the kiss, gasping in the damp air around them, as her fingers finally reached their destination. She looked into caverns of green desire, knowing she saw a yearning, matched only by her own. Feeling what they were telling her. She had never wanted to fuck Buffy as much before as she did right then.

Never before had she experienced such a desire to feel her fingers glide over Buffy’s body, into her pussy, teasing her, then pushing them inside her. She needed, as much as wanted, to do it. To do it with Buffy. To Buffy.

Faith’s fingertips circled feather light touches over Buffy’s nipple, her gaze drawn to the small, erect pin point under the material. She couldn’t help herself and bent her head to pull the firm nipple between her lips. She gently sucked, the fabric growing damp. Buffy softly moaning as she gripped onto Faith in the dark alley.

“Faith…Faith, we should, do you wanna…?” Buffy gasped rather than finished her sentence when Faith bit softly on her nipple.

The brunette smiled around the soft flesh and fabric between her lips, loving the reactions she was causing in the blonde girl she had been craving so much. She had a pretty good idea what Buffy had been trying to say. After all, Buffy wasn’t the type of girl to fuck in a side street.

“You wanna come back to mine?” Faith kissed her way up, tickling the other Slayer’s collarbone and neck with her lips. “Maybe…talk about this?” Faith kissed the older girl more gently this time, spreading her full lips over Buffy’s, dominating them, teasing them open and sliding her tongue back into the welcoming wetness.

Buffy groaned into her mouth, sending a thrill right through the dark Slayer, her hand back on the sensitive breast she had been so close to tasting fully.

“No.” Buffy released her lips from Faith’s, continuing before the brunette could process the mood killing word no. “I don’t wanna talk.” She kissed along Faith’s jaw, up to her ear, nibbling on the soft flesh she found there. “I wanna…do everything but talk.”

The hot breath blowing over Faith’s ear had her pussy dripping. She could feel her panties sticking to her, screaming to be ripped from her by Buffy, so she could plunge her fingers inside her.

“Tell me, B. What do ya wanna do when we get there?” She asked huskily, knowing now that her voice had an uncanny ability to make the small Slayer quiver. “You gonna show me some of the things you’ve been thinking about?” Faith brought her left hand up so now she was toying with both breasts.

She grinned when the blonde girl closed her eyes a little, her lips parted as if waiting for Faith’s tongue to slide in, to fill her mouth, to keep pulling the soft moans from her. Faith was far too busy just watching the other Slayer however. Too busy enjoying the swell of her breasts in her hands.

Finally able to know what they felt like. Know how they fit in her strong grasp. Know how every slight squeeze brought Buffy’s hips up to meet her own as she attempted to grind their fuck ready pussies together.

Faith resisted the urge to push back though, still wanting to hold back, to wait until they could both take the plunge fully, unclothed, all barriers down. It went against her nature, against everything she stood for, but she didn’t want Buffy just to be another notch. She was itching all over to feel Buffy against her, to feel her dripping over her fingers. Pushing up against her as she reached into her panties to fuck her, but she had waited, and could wait further, for at least the time it would take to get to her motel.

Looking into the shorter Slayer’s eyes, trying to show her quiet encouragement, Faith leant back, moving her hands down to hold the other girl’s waist, calming herself enough to breath without panting, eager for Buffy to tell her what she wanted them to do. She wasn’t expecting Buffy to go into detail, so found herself surprised.

With a wicked little flirty grin gracing her lips, Buffy let Faith know some of what she was expecting. “I want you to take me to your room, Faith. I want to take your clothes off.” She trailed a finger down the dark Slayer’s chest, between her full breasts, ending up with the digit hooked in the top of the younger girl’s waistband. “And I wanna take my clothes off…and rub my pussy all over you.” She whispered, before stealing a quick kiss.

Faith was fast running down the road of ready to explode, and fast forgetting that she wanted to wait until they got back to her room, but Buffy apparently hadn’t finished yet.

“Then…” she leant in close to Faith again, one hand placed on the wall beside the taller girl, the other now making its way to her aching breasts, “I want to kiss you, here.” Her finger tips swept over Faith’s nipples, circling one at a time, wickedly soft so the brunette was arching from the wall for more. “Then…” Buffy’s fingers trailed down once again, “here.” She cupped the brunette’s pussy through her leathers, enticing a groan from Faith that she had no hope in restraining.

Her body instantly responded to the touch. Warm, wet arousal flooding her panties. Her clit throbbing for contact. Her hips moving, rubbing her crotch into the strong hand between her thighs. Somehow, Buffy had taken complete control of the situation. She was shocking Faith with how bold, and how sexual she was being. But then she remembered something somebody had said to her once. That the quiet ones were always the kinky ones, the ones liable to shock.

Not that Buffy was quiet, but she was what Faith would class as more of an innocent. She was seriously beginning to question that assumption however. Especially as Buffy kept her hand pressed firmly against her pussy, beginning to rub up and down with the younger Slayer’s movements, the green of her eyes, lost in lust.

The dynamic Slayer felt her muscles tightening in anticipation. Her hands gripping onto Buffy. “Shit…” She practically whimpered.

Faith was in no doubt, if Buffy kept rubbing her hand over her, if she whispered anything more, she’d come in her pants. As much as she wanted to come, to come for Buffy, Faith didn’t want to do it this way.

“Fuck, B. Lets go.” She took a deep breath, and plucked the now pouting blonde’s hand from between her legs, entwined their fingers, and began leading her out into the street, towards her motel room.

She didn’t give Buffy a chance to protest, but didn’t think it would be necessary. The smile now planted firmly on the cute Slayer’s lips was enough to tell her, things were only set to get better. There was no way the night was going to pass them by without them getting seriously naked together.

The time for talking, or writing, was over. Faith wanted to get back to basics. To what she knew best… The action.


Faith’s pov……..

Faith fumbled with the key in her motel room door, doing her best to seem cool and calm, and not on the verge of just throwing Buffy against the wall and doing her right then and there. She was so worked up though, with the slay, the closeness of Buffy to her throughout the night, all the thoughts about what Buffy had written about her, fantasised about her. Faith was wondering just how they’d managed to make it all the way to hers.

It certainly hadn’t been easy to keep her hands off Buffy, but the streets were still a little busy, and they were both pretty much concentrating on walking fast, but not fast enough to draw attention to them. And they’d made it.

Neither girl had spoken throughout the entire journey. Faith wasn’t worried though. She knew Buffy felt the same way about her as she did about the blonde girl, so really, the lack of words only made things hotter, because she could only presume that Buffy was thinking the same things she was. And Faith was busy thinking about hot, naked Slayer flesh pressed all over hers.

“Do ya wanna hand?” Buffy asked from over Faith’s shoulder.

Before Faith could reply, the smaller girl stepped close to her, trailing her hand down the powerful brunette’s arm until she reached her hand and helped Faith turn the key in the lock. With a satisfying click, the door swung open, and Faith turned in the other girl’s arms.

“You sure about this, B?” Faith questioned, her lips close to Buffy’s and her hands threatening to slide under her flimsy top.

“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t sure, Faith. But I am…a little nervous.” Buffy looked away, her eyes shy, and her expression clearly allowing Faith to see that she meant it.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I may have slept around a little more than you, and done the girl thing once, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna…make you feel bad if you change your mind.” Faith had no idea why she was saying what she was.

If truth be told, she knew she’d be livid if Buffy backed out now. But then, she also knew, she wouldn’t let Buffy see that, and she’d deal with it. She’d get over it, because Buffy was worth the wait.

“I’m not gonna change my mind, but I…I know I got all descriptive in my Diary and stuff.” Buffy was blushing profusely now, which only caused Faith to smile gently at her, finding the little Slayer’s worrying adorable. “But…I’m not very. I mean, I haven’t done…”

Faith placed her hand on the anxious girl’s cheek, brushing her lips softly over Buffy’s. Softer than any previous kiss between them. It surprised them both, but Faith wasn’t about to let on. She just took a second to enjoy the tenderness of the other Slayer.

She had only ever had sex with one other girl before, and it was by no means something mind blowing, or life changing, or tender. More a drunken fuck in a toilet. That’s why she hadn’t wanted to go further with Buffy in the dark and dirty alley, because it wouldn’t have been special enough.

There was no doubt in her mind now that she wanted Buffy as more than a fuck. More than somebody to screw when she felt like it, when they were both horny from slaying, or just in need of some fun. Although those options sounded pretty good, it wasn’t enough. She wanted something she’d never had with anybody. And that was, somebody to call her own. To know that Buffy was there because she wanted to be with her, and not just because she was in need of a good fuck.

Knowing Buffy, even as little as she did, Faith was more than aware that the blonde Slayer didn’t just fall into bed with people. She’d seen the amount of offers Buffy got, but not once had she taken anybody up on them. Until now. Until her. And Faith felt incredibly honoured. It was also doing wonders for her libido. The dark Slayer was hornier than she could ever remember being.

That became obvious as their kiss deepened, tongues entwining in a heated embrace. Faith felt Buffy’s hands slide up under her jacket, heating the skin under her tight top, and she wanted more. She wanted the inexperienced hands all over her.

“B, we should get inside before the manager comes out and asks to join in or something equally as sick.” She once again, grabbed hold of Buffy’s hand, and then lead her inside, closing the door behind them both.

Buffy stood fiddling with the TV aerial nervously, as Faith took her jacket off and threw it on a chair in the corner of her run down motel room. She placed her keys on the sideboard under the window, switched the lamp beside her bed on, then turned to watch Buffy attempting to replace the now broken aerial.

“You gonna play with that all night, or get over here?” She smirked as Buffy looked up, her brow a little furrowed, probably thinking Faith would be pissed off that she had just wrecked the already shitty reception she got from her TV.

“Sorry…” Buffy put down the aerial and slowly made her way over to where Faith was stood, by the bed. “Ya know, I didn’t tell you earlier but…you look amazing. I love when you straighten you hair. It makes you look…really hot.” A slight flush reached Buffy’s cheeks as she came to a halt in front of the stunning brunette.

“Yeah? Well you look pretty fucking hot too, B. I like that look on you. It’s sexy.” She ran her eyes over Buffy, noticing how the blonde girl shuddered a little.

She loved the way Buffy reacted to her, it got her hot in the biggest way, to have somebody so cute, so unsullied, so beyond what she had ever thought she would deserve, so into her that they trembled at just a look. She felt her heart speed up, her skin heat up, and she just knew her eyes would be darker than the night outside with desire.

“God, Faith, you look like you’re about to eat me.” Buffy said, obviously without realising quite what it was she had eluded to, until Faith grinned her trademark grin. “I mean, the way you look…all, predatory, not…that you would…Cos I wouldn’t just expect you to…” Buffy didn’t finish her sentence as Faith pounced.

She pulled Buffy towards her, and crushed her lips to the older girl’s, thrusting her tongue into her mouth, encouraged by the groan she had received. Faith wrapped Buffy up in her arms, wanting her impossibly close. She was on the verge of exploding for the other Slayer, and could hold back no longer.

She wanted, she had been given permission to take, and she was definitely going to have Buffy.

“I’d fucking love to eat you, B. For real, I’ve thought about nothing else for weeks.” Faith stated, as she began to place hungry kisses along Buffy’s jaw and down her neck. “I wanna taste every bit of you.” Her hands tugged on the older girl’s top, and she was glad there was no resistance.

Faith pulled Buffy’s top off over her head, throwing it over to the chair that her jacket now occupied. She looked down at Buffy, her eyes almost black with desire as she realised that the blonde Slayer hadn’t been wearing a bra. Her pert young breasts were just begging for Faith to touch them, and she wasn’t going to disappoint.

Glancing up to look in Buffy’s eyes to make sure she wasn’t going too fast for the less experienced girl, Faith smiled warmly, doing her best to keep Buffy relaxed. She needn’t have worried, because the small blonde looked just about as hungry as Faith felt.

Buffy cupped Faith’s face then, running her thumb over her dimpled cheek, melting Faith with the gentleness, the unusual tenderness that she just wasn’t used to when it came to sex. She knew, without a doubt, if it had been any body else in her motel room right now, they’d already be naked and fucking, hard and fast. But Faith didn’t want to rush through this. She wanted to savour every tiny detail.

She moved into the circle of Buffy’s arms again, bringing their lips together in a passionate kiss. Her right hand found its way between them, softly stroking the blonde Slayer’s stomach, enjoying the jump of the muscles just under the surface of the flushed skin. Faith couldn’t quite believe she had Buffy in her room, her top off, and awaiting her hands and mouth on her breasts, but that’s exactly what was happening.

She once again moved her kisses to Buffy’s neck, her lips sucking, teeth nibbling, heart pounding with the rapid exhalations of the blonde girl. Her fingers danced a soft dance over Buffy’s skin as she moved her hand up to the place where it wanted to be.

The swell of Buffy’s breast came into reach, and Faith took a second just to look down at the hardening little pink nipple. Her mouth was watering, wanting to take the puckered flesh in her mouth, but her fingers were persistent.

She tickled her digits over Buffy’s nipple, sucking a little harder on the small Slayer’s neck as they both sighed. This time there was no material in the way, and Faith could feel the cute nub firming even more to her touch, the insistent circling of her fingers, then her thumb, as she trailed kisses down to the other breast.

Faith glanced up to see Buffy watching her intently, her green eyes dark, Slayer like, in the dull light of the room. The frisky brunette smiled before placing her lips over the pert nipple in front of her.

She closed her mouth around the offering, tugging gently with her lips, causing Buffy to bring a hand up into her hair, encouraging Faith to keep doing what she was. There was no way she was about to stop anyway, she could taste the heat of the other girl’s skin on her tongue as she flicked it over the sensitive nipple, and she wanted more.

Sucking more flesh into her mouth, Faith grinned at the little whimper that emanated just above the tousle of her thick dark hair. She pulled on Buffy’s breast with her lips, and toyed with the other nipple with her fingers. She was heating up in the biggest way, needing to have more contact. To have Buffy laid out on her bed moaning for her.

The dark Slayer pulled back, kissing the pout that graced Buffy’s lips. She needed to coax Buffy into the whole getting naked and sweaty deal, and even though she was sure that’s exactly what the other girl wanted, she wasn’t about to just ask her to get butt naked, lie down, and spread her legs for her.

“Buffy…” She kissed her way towards Buffy’s ear. “Do you maybe wanna, get on the bed? Take some more clothes off?” Ok, so she had pretty much asked what she was trying not to. It wasn’t quite as subtle a request as she’d hoped for, but she just wasn’t familiar with subtle.

Thankfully though, Buffy only seemed to react positively, probably due to her ear being assaulted by enticing, husky Faith drawl. She groaned before pulling Faith back into a fierce kiss, their tongues battling for dominance.

“God, do you have any idea what your voice does to me?” Buffy didn’t wait for a reply, instead choosing to tug at Faith’s tight top, ripping it off over her head and mashing their mouths, and bodies, back together before Faith had chance to breathe.

She was coherent enough though, to edge them both towards the bed, as they reached the mattress Buffy was already doing her best to get Faith out of her bra. She gave the older girl a quick hand, then continued with the fascination she now had with Buffy’s mouth. Twirling her tongue around the other Slayer’s, sucking and biting as she fell back onto the bed with Buffy on top of her.

The smaller girl fell into Faith, their breasts sliding against each other as the younger Slayer pulled Buffy into a comfortable position between her legs. She let out an audible moan into the other girl’s mouth, her pussy slick with arousal, as Buffy pressed up close to her, her crotch nestled intimately, but not quite intimately enough on Faith’s.

The dark Slayer wanted more, she wanted flesh and sweet sticky juices. Buffy all over her. Her all over Buffy. And just as she was about to wriggle the cute blonde out of her pants, Buffy’s head shot up.

“Mom!” Buffy exclaimed loudly.

“What? Where?” Faith hurried out from under the smaller Slayer, looking towards the door. She hadn’t heard anyone coming in.

“No, silly. I need to call her…if I’m gonna be late?” Buffy’s voice lilted in a question towards the end, and Faith got exactly what she was asking.

“Of course you’re gonna be late, Twinkie, in fact, why don’t ya just tell her you’re staying over.” Faith suggested, with the smallest glimmer of uncertainty…that she hated because it made her sound as if she’d never done this kind of thing before.

Well, she had never done the having people stay over thing, that wasn’t what she was about. But sex, she knew a fair bit about that, and was wondering just why she was feeling almost as uneasy as Buffy looked.

“You want me to stay over?” Buffy’s face had lit up, glowing with shy wonder as she rested on her side beside Faith, her bare upper body doing its best to distract the younger girl.

Faith stopped herself from reaching out to touch anything other than the blonde girl’s waist, and tried to concentrate on what she had said. She didn’t blame Buffy for being a little shocked at being asked to stay over. She wasn’t shy in hiding the fact that she was all about sex with no snuggling involved, so really, she was asking Buffy to break a habit she had been stuck in. She was asking her to be more than her night’s fuck, and Buffy knew it, without a doubt.

“Yeah, I want you to stay over. Stay with me tonight, Buffy.” She said, brushing her finger tips up Buffy’s side, leaning in for a kiss before Buffy pulled back again.

“Ok, I’d love to stay over. I’ll call my mom. She’ll be ok with it, I hope. Even though it’s a school night, and…what am I gonna say?” Buffy was beginning to panic a little, and Faith didn’t like the idea of her running out on her now.

“Tell her you’re looking after me or something. That I’ve been injured.” Faith advised.

“Did you just come up with that? Or have you been thinking about this little scenario for some time?” Her green eyes twinkled knowingly in the lamp light.

“You know me, B. I always come prepared.” Faith winked, scooting closer to Buffy so their breasts were touching again, causing little goose bumps to stray over her flesh.

“Now you’re just trying to distract me, and I have to say, I don’t mind one bit.” The small Slayer pulled Faith towards her lips, but Faith moved her head back, smirking at the huge pout directed her way.

“Call your mom, B, then we can…get comfortable.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively whilst pulling down her tight leather pants.


Buffy’s pov……..

Buffy watched as the other girl’s strong legs escaped their confines. She licked her lips as she imagined them wrapped around her, their strength holding her close, keeping her held within them. Her eyes then travelled up, along the fine display of toned flesh, up to the black silk of Faith’s panties. She was practically drooling at this point, and ignoring the fact that Faith was grinning profusely at her. The older Slayer just couldn’t seem to take her eyes off Faith though.

Buffy shook her head, recalling that she had to let her mom know that she was going to be staying out for the night. She sat up, and turned away from the alluring sight of Faith reclining in just her underwear, looking like some kind of horny little devil in the disguise of a hot, young, seductively sexy Slayer.

She took a calming breath, with her back now towards Faith, as she perched on the edge of the bed, picking up the phone. Faith didn’t waste the opportunity to get acquainted with Buffy’s shapely back, running her left hand over it as she propped her head up with the other, lying on her side about as close to the other girl as she could get. Buffy did her best to concentrate and rang home.

“Mom? Yeah, it’s me…No, I’m fine, but Faith…well, she…” The dainty Slayer’s breathing hitched as Faith moved her hand round to the front of her body, teasing little circles over her stomach. “She’s not feeling well, I mean, she’s injured. No, I haven’t been drinking.” She tried to swat Faith’s hand away, but found it impossible to do so when she was busy playing with her nipple, sending tiny shock waves of desire to her groin.

She stopped to listen, or attempt to listen to her mother on the other end of the phone, but her mind was elsewhere entirely. She wanted to slam the phone down and crawl back on top of Faith. She had been all too briefly between the enigmatic Slayer’s legs, but she had quickly decided that she liked it there very much.

With a sigh, mainly caused out of arousal with the gentle teasing of her naked flesh, and the fact that Faith was now unbuttoning her pants, encouraging the blonde girl to slip out of them, which she did without thinking, Buffy placated her mother just enough to ensure her that she would be fine at Faith’s, and that the brunette didn’t need taking to hospital, and that she would be up and out early in the morning.

“Ok, mom, I will. Night.” Buffy hung up the phone and ran a hand through her hair, placing the other one over the one that Faith now had resting on her stomach.

She was beginning to get really nervous. She was sat with only her panties on, now that Faith had managed to help tug her leather pants off, and regardless of her bravado in the alley, she was feeling completely unsure of how to proceed. It was one thing to think about going all the way with someone, but someone as experienced as Faith, and the whole fact that she was a girl, had Buffy wondering just what the hell she had got herself into.

“Hey, you ok?” Faith asked, sitting up to hold Buffy from behind, her lithe legs still stretched out on the bed.

“Yeah…” There was a little quake in her voice that she couldn’t hide.

“B, we don’t need to do this ya know. I mean, not right now. If you don’t want…” Faith sounded disappointed, and she also sounded slightly vulnerable, causing Buffy to smile sweetly.

She turned around in Faith’s arms, catching the younger girl’s eyes in her own. There was no way she was going to back out now. She wanted Faith too much. Needed her too much. She knew her nerves would recede, and even if they didn’t it was kind of thrilling to feel all tingly and nervous. It almost felt like her first time. With anybody, let alone with a girl, with Faith.

“I do want this, now. You know I do.” Buffy moved to lay back down, pushing Faith down slightly to lie next to her, feeling the dark Slayer’s arms around her straight away.

It was nice, warm and comforting, and she realised Faith was trying to put her at ease with the gesture. She knew that Faith wasn’t normally the type of girl to be so gentle and…caring, but she was being exactly that with Buffy.

The cute blonde felt a little tug at her heart and closed her eyes, knowing what that meant, and not wanting to feel it, because it would only hurt more if she ended up as just another conquest of Faith’s, even though, deep inside, she couldn’t see that happening. She trusted Faith, and trusted that she wanted more too.

“You ok?” Faith questioned softly.

“Never better, now where were we?” Buffy brought Faith’s lips to hers, kissing her more gently than before, but conveying her desire for the other girl.

She swept her tongue over Faith’s, moving their bodies close, so they were touching. Their skin hot against each other, hands wandering over backs and sides as their legs entwined. Buffy finally knew just how soft Faith’s breasts were, and she loved the sensation, but now all she could think about was running her fingers over the hard nipples now brushing against her with every breath the sultry Slayer was taking.

Buffy moved her right hand between them, gathering courage to do what she so wanted to do, stroking the tight plane of muscle beneath her fingers, feeling Faith reacting to her, her hips already twitching towards Buffy. She brushed her fingers upwards whilst kissing small patterns over the brunette’s jaw and neck.

“That’s it, B, touch me.” Faith breathed huskily, as she shifted herself in anticipation.

Buffy, though still completely unsure of what she was doing, allowed her fingers to glide over the round swell of Faith’s breast, almost unravelling at the silky texture. She tenderly circled her fingers around the puckered nipple, erect and needing her.

Faith’s nipples were darker than her own, and looked far too tempting not to taste. So she dipped her head lower, placing kisses over the tops of her breasts, the action caused Faith to move more onto her back, Buffy hovering over her. The little Slayer whispered her lips down, smiling at Faith’s soft sighing as she neared the firm nipple.

Looking down at the offering before her, Buffy began to shake a little, she halted in her desire to suckle on the incredibly pert nipple, swallowing hard as a rush of anxiety hit her. She didn’t want to do it wrong. She didn’t want to look like a fool and not be able to make Faith feel good. She wanted to make Faith feel good, more than anything. Faith was like an enigma of pure sexual energy, and Buffy felt completely inadequate.

“You don’t need to do anything that you don’t want to, B. You know that.” Faith said in a breathy burr, softly stroking the blonde girl’s cheek with her thumb.

“But I do want to, Faith. And you know that. I want to show you how much I…I wanna make you feel good, but I don’t know how.” She rested back on her side, her hand trailing over Faith’s tiny waist to her lower back as the younger girl turned to face her.

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t doubt that you will make me feel good. Just relax, and tell me to stop if you want me to, ok?” Faith lifted herself up, encouraging Buffy to lay back.

She looked deep into Buffy’s eyes, her hair falling around them both in the quiet of the room as she moved over the blonde, waiting for any sign that she should stop, but Buffy didn’t want her to stop. With no negative feedback, Faith kissed Buffy, using her full lips to tease the slim Slayer into relaxing, and it was working. She was still shaking a little, and wasn’t sure if she could stop, but now that Faith was taking charge, she was certain that nothing more would interrupt them.

The dark Slayer slipped her left leg between Buffy’s thighs, and the older girl instinctively opened them further, allowing Faith the assurance that she did indeed want to go as far as she could with her. Her whole body wanted it, and she could feel it charging up, firing up at the brunette’s touch. She needed Faith to quench her desire. She couldn’t imagine that there would be another person able to do it.

Buffy sighed as the dark beauty placed kisses down her throat, then over her breasts, flicking her tongue out over the hardness of her nipples, then sucking on her, nibbling and teasing soft whimpers from her. The slender Slayer wrapped the fingers of her right hand into Faith’s dark locks, the usual soft curls gone for sleek brown silk.

She shivered as the brunette’s hair tickled over her, tantalising her skin, her breasts, along with the stunning girl’s mouth and fingers that were now seeking other parts of her. She was shaking again, the leg resting between her thighs now moving ever so cautiously against her, rubbing over her panties, but not forcing Buffy to react. She couldn’t believe that Faith was being the way she was. It was almost too good.

The thoughts of her first time once again came to Buffy’s mind, and she couldn’t help but wish this had been it. As much as she had thought she had loved Angel, her one sexual encounter with him had left her completely under whelmed. Had left her wondering what the fuss was about. Faith was surpassing him on so many levels, and she wanted Faith to know, hoping that it wouldn’t kill the mood. Wouldn’t scare Faith off. Buffy just had to honest with the girl now kissing her stomach just as erotically as she had done her breasts. She had to let her know what it meant to her.

“Faith…” Her breath hitched as Faith dipped her tongue into her belly button. “Faith, I wish this was my first time.” She spoke softly, unsure whether Faith had heard, until the brunette lifted her head, looking a little confused.

“What do ya mean, baby? You saying you’ve been with another girl before?” She asked, her hand still blazing trails and swirling patterns over Buffy’s torso.

“No, I’ve never been with anybody but Angel, that one time.” She confessed.

“So what do ya mean, Buffy?” She kissed back up the slender form of Buffy’s body, placing feather light caresses with her lips, everywhere she could reach. “It’s ok, you can tell me.” She smiled genuinely at the still shaking Slayer.

“I mean, it was never really like this with Angel. He kinda…I don’t think I was ready. He didn’t kiss me like you are. Didn’t touch me like you. I never felt so…It feels like this is my first time. God, I can’t stop shaking.” She blushed, laughing a little at her own predicament, wishing she were more experienced, more used to being open about things.

Even though her diary entries had been graphic, her dreams and fantasies about Faith even more so, she had never felt overwhelming passion and need like this.

“Hey, I kinda like the shaking. And I like that this feels like your first time, Buffy. I wish it were too. I’d make it so special. I wanna make it special.” Faith was blushing a little herself now, appearing surprised at her own words.

It was a rare sight, Faith blushing, but Buffy didn’t want to point it out. She could tell that Faith meant every word. That she was feeling the enormity of the moment too. And the fact that Faith could tell how important to her this was, only served to increase the little tug on her heart again.

“Faith…” Buffy bit her lip slightly, unsure whether she should push it further and risk freaking Faith out. “Can we just pretend that this is my first time? I want it with you.” Her eyes were threatening to spill tears, and she wasn’t really sure why.

Buffy was sure she wasn’t already in love with Faith, or maybe she had just convinced herself of that fact to save herself from heart ache. No matter, nothing else existed right now except the huge smile gracing Faith’s full lips.

“If that’s what you want.” She placed a chaste kiss on Buffy’s lips. “Then that’s what it’ll be.” Faith rested her weight back down on Buffy.

Her lips parted as Faith slid her tongue slowly between them, kissing her fully, totally engulfing the blonde Slayer in desire and need. She needed Faith to touch her now. She wanted it more than anything she had every come close to wanting. Faith seemed to sense it, and once again trailed her lips down over her trembling body.

Buffy lay back, enjoying the sensation of Faith’s hot body brushing against hers. Her skin heating her up, the weight of her, feel of her, knowing that it was the stunning Slayer’s panties she could now feel sliding down her leg. The blonde girl wanted to ask Faith to take off her underwear so she could experience all of her against her burning skin, so she could feel if she was as wet as she was, but she was still feeling a little too shy to ask. Too caught up in Faith’s kisses.

Buffy was lost in sensation as Faith reached the small Slayer’s belly button with her tongue, kissing it, flicking her tongue into it. Buffy couldn’t help but giggle. She had never had somebody licking her and kissing her the way Faith was. It tickled at the same time as turning her on.

Faith lifted her head and winked at Buffy, the effortlessly sexy smile reassuring the inexperienced girl that it was ok to giggle if she wanted. In that moment, Buffy knew she had never felt anything as powerful as what she felt for Faith. In a rush, all her emotions flooded her heart and she knew, looking into impossibly dark pools of lust, that she was madly in love with Faith.

It scared the hell out of her, along with the whole prospect of what she was about to experience with Faith, but it didn’t in any way make her want to stop. It only served to encourage her in the knowledge that she was about to have the world suspended in time for her. That Faith was there, to kiss away her fears, to take her in ways that she had only dreamt about.

“Faith, I need you. I need you to…” Buffy’s voice was trembling along with the rest of her, and she was glad she didn’t need to explain further as Faith kissed further down.

The dark girl continued her descent, and Buffy could feel her panties growing ever wetter with desire. She was dripping. She was so ready for the other Slayer. So ready to be hers.

Her thighs fell apart, spreading for the slim body of the brunette to fit between them. Buffy’s eyes closed as she realised what it was Faith was about to do. Nobody had ever kissed her there. Angel hadn’t bothered, and of course, there had been nobody else.

“Oh, Faith.” Buffy moaned, as Faith kissed over the top of her panties.

She was trembling worse than ever as the beautiful brunette placed wet kisses on her pussy, through her flimsy underwear, tickling her swollen cunt lips with her caresses. Her body was aching for more. Aching for Faith’s tongue on her, inside her. She could feel her clit throbbing for attention, and her dripping pussy hole begging for Faith to fill it.

“You smell so good, B. I wanna taste you. I wanna go down on you.” She looked up between Buffy’s open legs, her eyes almost pleading with Buffy.

“I want you to.” Buffy could hardly speak, her throat dry, her mind focused solely on what it felt like to have Faith between her thighs, wanting to do things to her she had never experienced. “I’ve never had…” She didn’t need to finish her sentence.

Faith smiled broadly, teeth bright in the glow of the lamp light. “So this will be a first time. I’m your first?” She asked, probably just to make sure.

“Yeah…You are my first.” Buffy hoped Faith got the depth of what she had said, but then completely forgot what it was she had said herself, just about remembering how to breathe as Faith placed her mouth over her covered pussy and sucked. “Jesus.” Buffy gripped onto the blanket underneath her, sure she was about to come without Faith hardly even touching her.

Her hips pressed up towards Faith’s lips, and the younger Slayer took the opportunity to tug at her panties, pulling them down slowly, kissing her legs on the way back up once she had flung the silk garment God knows where.

Buffy looked down, watching as Faith practically ravished her with her eyes. She felt completely exposed, but yet, despite her nervousness, didn’t feel the need to hide from Faith. She could tell her pussy was leaking all over the insides of her thighs, but it was the dark Slayer’s doing, so it didn’t embarrass her. There was something in the unreserved expression of desire and longing in Faith’s eyes too, that had Buffy feeling more relaxed. Ready to give herself to Faith in a way she had never done with Angel. Had never thought about doing with anybody else.

“Your pussy’s so pretty. Just like the rest of you.” Faith‘s sensual tone rolled over Buffy, as she lowered her head.

Buffy’s eyes closed, and she moaned loudly at the first touch of the dynamic Slayer’s tongue on her wet sex. She had never felt anything like it. Faith softly stroked up and down the length of her slit between her folds, sliding it around in the abundance of juice emanating from Buffy, flicking over her clit, stiffening her tongue out as she did so, causing the blonde girl to whimper for the Slayer softly but surely fucking her.

“Fuck…that feel so good.” Buffy had tears in her eyes, her hips twitching with every flick on her hard little clit.

The only sounds she could hear were her own moans, the slick slide of Faith’s tongue over her, and the odd groan coming from between her legs as her dark Slayer enjoyed eating her pussy.

She quivered every time Faith circled her clit with the tip of her tongue, expertly toying with it, getting it almost unbearably hard and sensitive.

Instinctively, Buffy brought a hand down to wrap her fingers in Faith’s long hair, feeling the bob of her head as she pushed her tongue lower until it was on the brink of Buffy’s soft wet entrance. She held her breath, trembling as Faith swirled her tongue around her opening, sensing her sucking up her flow of arousal.

“Oh God, Faith…take me.” She wanted Faith inside her, needed it.

Her pussy was throbbing for Faith now, her hips moving in time to the younger Slayer’s teasing dips into her. Not quite deep enough, not quite giving her enough of her stiff tongue. She was about to ask for more, but found no need, crying out instead as Faith buried her tongue up inside her pussy. Deeper than she thought it would have been possible for a tongue to go.

“Yes…baby. So good.” Buffy cooed.

Her hips bucked up against Faith’s face as the brunette fucked her with her tongue, sliding it as far inside her as she could obviously get it. The stiff probing muscle plunged into her, and Buffy could feel herself getting close to the edge. All the waiting, the fantasies, they were unravelling her along with the probing of Faith in her tight hole. She could feel the flood of cum just ready to explode over Faith, but then the dark girl changed tack. She moved her tongue back out of Buffy, plunging two fingers straight into her in its place.

Buffy let go of Faith, gripping the sheets tightly as she squealed into the heady atmosphere of the motel room, her legs spreading further for Faith, thrusting up to meet the fingers being pushed in and out of her. She was aware that she was calling Faith’s name. Aware that she was being louder than she ever imagined she could be, but her body was on fire for Faith.

Buffy’s pussy hungrily sucked on the sexy Slayer’s fingers as Faith pushed deeper and harder inside her with every thrust, sliding in and out of the sticky hole. Fucking it. Watching herself fucking it with that lusty grin on her lips and golden flecks of fire in her eyes.

Buffy watched too, caught up in the pure eroticism of the moment.

Faith’s fingers inside her, her sleek dark hair flowing around her shoulders and down her back as she concentrated on what she was doing to the small Slayer. She looked up then, and their eyes locked, freezing the moment. They smiled at each other, more than just desire and need in their gazes. Then Faith curled her fingers up inside Buffy, and she nearly shot off the bed. Her whole body quaked as she felt the edges of her world blur.

The dark Slayer was again between her legs, flicking her tongue over Buffy’s clit at a maddening speed. She gripped the sheets tighter, feeling them tear. Her already soaked pussy ran like a river for Faith, she was about to come. Had never felt so high on the feeling of it. Never had this feeling of being filled and fucked until the world was spinning.

“Oh God…Oh God…Faith.” Buffy screamed.

Her pussy clamped down on Faith’s fingers, pulling them deeper into her, feeling them swirling small circles up inside the smooth walls. Filling her tight cunt. Slipping around in the flow of cum. She was practically screaming, from the assault of that, and the lips now suckling on her over sensitive clit.

Buffy’s whole body went tense, small explosions causing her to shake uncontrollably. She was sure that what she was experiencing couldn’t be normal, but Faith didn’t stop. She was groaning almost as loud as Buffy was calling out her name, her fingers still buried deep inside her tight pussy, spreading her open, thrusting now in small, hard and fast movements. The sound of wet slapping noises joining the cacophony of both their vocalisations of pleasure.

“Fuck yes…” Buffy was coming again, without so much as a breather. Her cry broke free of her throat, her sticky flow of cum gushed out over Faith, soaking her and the sheets below, then her body collapsed to the bed.

She could hardly breathe, her lungs sucking in air, but not feeding her spent body still twitching with the convulsions deep inside her. Buffy had never come so hard. She had never even thought it was possible to come that hard. Her heart was racing, and all she could think, was that it wasn’t only racing because of what Faith had done. It was racing for her. To be hers.

Buffy felt tears prick her eyes, and held back the need to tell Faith how she felt, as she noticed the brunette now laying herself beside her, gently brushing her finger tips over the soft short curls of her now well fucked pussy. She turned her head and smiled at Faith, hoping the dark beauty wasn’t expecting her to talk yet. There was nothing she could say right now but that she loved her, and she didn’t think Faith would want to hear that.

Choosing to forgo words for now, Buffy pulled Faith into a tight embrace, her hot skin memorising every sensation, every drop of sweat they shared, every feeling that she couldn’t yet put words to.

For now, this would do. Well, this…and what she planned on now doing to Faith in order to pay her back for the sensational orgasm she had just been treated to. She had no clue how she was going to go about it, but she was sure, it would be a hell of a lot of fun discovering just how to pleasure the stunning girl in her arms.

The prospect alone was enough to refuel the ache she had for Faith. She just hoped their Slayer stamina could live up to expectations. After all, she wanted to know just what the thing in Faith’s bedside table drawer would do to the brunette.


Faith’s pov……..

Buffy released her grip on Faith a little, allowing the younger girl to settle her gently into her arms as she lay back on the bed, listening to the heavy breaths coming from Buffy, and from herself, a huge grin plastered across her face to match the one also gracing the cute blonde’s lips.

She couldn’t help but smile. The usually sexually aggressive Slayer had found herself being far more gentle with Buffy than she thought it was possible for her to be. There had just been something so sweet, and so innocent about the less experienced girl’s trembling however, that had got to her. Slowed her down, and made her see things in a whole new light.

It hadn’t been about getting some, or fucking, or just finally having the infamous Slayer spread out on her bed. It had been deeper than that. Especially when Buffy had said she had wished it were her first time.

The world had stopped spinning for a second as soon as those words had hit Faith’s ears. She couldn’t believe that Buffy, who she had been sure was still hung up on the lost and tragic love of her very own Vampire, had said that. Her first time.

It baffled Faith, and she was still struggling to make sense of it, but whatever the reason, it had made her heart beat that little bit stronger, that little bit harder. The dark Slayer, from the rough parts of a city she’d rather not see again, had never felt love. The love for her worthless parents had been instinctual, and she’d had no choice in the matter. But right now, all she knew was that there was a warm, ever so slightly painful sensation in her chest.

Without a doubt, she was completely enthralled by the small Slayer, wanted her more than anything or anybody she had known. She could envision herself heroically endangering her own life just to ensure Buffy’s safety, and felt from deep within, that she would do it without blinking, in a heartbeat.

But love. Being in love, if that’s what she was, was unknown territory. She was young, even though her hard image belied that truth, so it was scary and thrilling at the same time, and Faith had no clue what to do with her feelings, where to place them, because she was fairly certain Buffy would never, or could never feel something like that for her.

Never in her wildest dreams had Faith ever believed that Buffy had been having lascivious, down right pornographic thoughts about her, but she had been wrong about that. Wrong to assume that the cute blonde was more interested even in Xander than she was in her. So maybe, maybe, with all the talk of her wanting it to be her first time, with Faith, there was hope that her feelings wouldn’t be left floundering alone.

Lost in her own thoughts, Faith had failed to notice that the little Slayer was leaning on her right hand looking down at her, studying her it felt like. Her green eyes all sex heavy and alluring.

Faith smiled up at the adoring look she was being given. “What?”

“You’re beautiful.” Buffy beamed down. “And amazing. And I am never going to be able to leave your bed.” The cute smile turned almost shy as Buffy looked coyly over Faith.

The brunette couldn’t catch her breath. She felt the warmth in her heart burning out of control. Yep, Faith was in love. She had to accept defeat at the hands of the smaller Slayer, and relinquish her previously tightly held control of her emotions. Buffy had stormed her walls and conquered her, and she pulled the grinning girl down to her lips before she could say anything stupid to her about it.

Their tongues instantly met, and Buffy instantly pulled back. She looked down at Faith with a strange expression on her face. The dark girl realised that Buffy must have tasted herself on her mouth. She wondered whether she should apologise and go rinse her mouth out, not wanting Buffy to get freaked out by anything, but before she could speak, the other girl began hungrily kissing her again.

She pulled herself closer to Faith, her breasts rubbing up against the younger girl, causing her skin to tingle everywhere Buffy’s hard little nipples caressed her. The brief respite from her lust for the other girl was quickly washed away on another wave of arousal, Faith’s body beginning to hum again for Buffy to touch it.

The brunette sighed, and relented to Buffy’s soft wet kisses down her throat. The older girl kissed her so softly, yet so sensually, and Faith was in no doubt she was completely under Buffy’s spell. Especially now the blonde Slayer had found her weak spot, the most sensitive part of her neck, just under and behind her ear.

It was one of her most favourite places to be kissed. Of course, there were others. One major place being obvious, and that thought brought back the recent memory of the taste of the other Slayer. It had been the most erotic and addictive taste. Having Buffy’s musky scent filling her nostrils, and her thick cum gushing onto her tongue, had Faith in pieces for the girl. The whole experience had overwhelmed every sense.

And Buffy was overwhelming her again now with the soft sucking on her neck and wandering hands over her stomach, and finally, up to her chest. Faith almost hissed out her gratitude at having the small blonde’s fingers dancing in circles over the nipple of her right breast. She shifted on the bed, her body straining for more contact, for more of Buffy.

Faith was so wet, the heady scent of it filled the air. They were both draped in the aroma of both their arousal, their fresh perspiration, the pure unadulterated need oozing from them both. It cloaked them almost protectively, twirling Faith up in its captivating embrace.

She could feel herself aching with a burning passion for Buffy, but Faith didn’t want to break the tantalising softness of the moment with cries of fuck me now. It was worth more than that, but her body was still reacting to every touch and caress like it was her only salvation. Her escape from all demons, inside and out.

Buffy must have sensed Faith’s growing desire as her left hand toyed with her a little harder, more sure in its power to pleasure. She kissed Faith again, full on the lips, sure and complete in its craving. Then her soft lips sent shivers through Faith, as she moved down towards her breasts.

As the blonde girl slid down the younger Slayer’s body, Faith could feel the wet trail of arousal slip over her thigh, the slick cum still dripping from Buffy on to her. She had a need to feel it against her pussy. To know what it felt like to have the small Slayer pushed up against her in that way. But Faith held back her request, as she sighed slightly with the mouth now gently sucking on her nipple.

Faith pushed a hand into Buffy’s hair, sweeping it to the side so she could see what the blonde girl was doing to her. The sight of Buffy sucking on her painfully erect nipple sending bolts of delight right to her centre. She grinned lasciviously as the less experienced girl bit gently, maybe more aware of what Faith needed than the dark beauty had hoped possible.

“That’s it, baby.” Faith arched her slender back, her full breasts pushing up towards Buffy, who groaned as she swept her tongue from one to the other. Licking, sucking, biting, taking her time to enjoy the delicious creamy mounds on offer to her.

With the exploratory assault on her breasts, Faith couldn’t help but move her hips, looking for relief, for Buffy to give her what she needed so desperately now. Her panties were soaked. Her body slick with a thin sheen of perspiration, mixing with the aroma of pure Buffy. She was on the verge of wanting to get back the control, like she normally would, and just take what she needed from Buffy, but she didn’t want it to go that way. She was enjoying being practically worshipped by the other girl, even if it was driving her mad.

Buffy seemed to be growing more confident, with Faith’s reactions, her sucking more insistent, her hands sliding over the dark girl’s body in smooth, arousing ways that had Faith practically whimpering with need.

The smaller girl then began to kiss further down. Brushing delicately over the tense muscles of the brunette’s stomach, teasing the skin there with soft nibbles that left small marks of ownership. Faith didn’t usually like being marked, but it felt so good, and when it came down to it, being marked by Buffy was actually pretty fucking hot.

Buffy reached the edge of Faith’s panties with her mouth, once she had become more familiar with her belly button, and stopped. She looked up at Faith, a little trepidation in her eyes. Faith smiled warmly, not expecting Buffy to be quite ready to go down that particular path with her kisses. She didn’t mind. She knew they’d get to that at some point and could practically feel her clit jumping for joy at the thought.

She sat up, pushing Buffy gently back on her haunches, kissing the older girl with everything she had, sweeping the strong girl up in her arms. Pulling Buffy back down to lay on top of her, Faith shifted her legs so the little Slayer was now lying between them.

Both girls groaned as Buffy’s weight rested between Faith’s thighs, their heated bodies coming together in a rush of unmistakable craving for one another’s skin. As soon as the blonde girl’s lips were in reach again, Faith locked on to them, swirling her tongue into the hungry mouth of the other girl. Her hands ran the length of the slim back above her, her legs open for Buffy to move against her.

They both got caught up in the motion of their hips against one another. The pressure, the engulfing neediness of their lust. Faith could feel her panties growing damper with Buffy’s arousal soaking into them. She slid her hands to Buffy’s firm backside and lifted herself to feel the spread of the other Slayer’s pussy over her panties.

“Fuck, B. I gotta have you on me.” Faith sighed, her body craving the soft touch of the other girl against it.

Buffy pulled back, looking into Faith’s desire filled eyes, her breasts heaving over the prone Slayer, body flushed and pressed close. Without saying anything, Buffy raised herself up a little way, and squeezed her hand down between them. Sliding it over the hot skin of Faith’s solid belly, down to the waistband of her panties.

She hesitated for a second, Faith not making a move in case she made the wrong one, their eyes linked in a connection neither one of them understood, unwavering in its intensity. Buffy dipped her hand lower, over the top of Faith’s soaked underwear. The brunette moaned without meaning to, unable to stop her thighs opening wider in invitation, her pussy pleading for Buffy’s fingers inside it.

“Baby, you gotta touch me. I want your pussy on me.” Faith didn’t know quite what she wanted first. Buffy’s fingers, or her hot, wet sex slipping over hers.

Buffy just smiled coyly and ran her hand slowly over the moist panties, teasing Faith’s pussy, pressing just hard enough for her to feel it on her clit. Faith was at the point of virtually shaking with how much she needed to have some kind of pressure, some kind of release. Her whole body was charged and waiting for more.

“God, you’re so wet.” Buffy pointed out, without needing to.

“Ya think?” Faith couldn’t help but chuckle, so completely at Buffy’s mercy she felt. So unlike her when it came to sex, to be the submissive one, lying back and being teased until she felt like crying.

Pausing the teasing, sitting back on her heels, Buffy bit her lower lip. It looked so girly and cute, sending butterflies on the rampage inside Faith. She watched as the small blonde brushed the tips of her fingers over her inner thighs, bringing them up to the waistband of the completely drenched panties. With a nervous smile, Buffy began peeling them from Faith, who lifted her backside up to assist, feeling liberated once the cool air hit her intimate folds.

The black silk was soon sliding down her legs and landing on the floor, and Buffy’s eyes moved over her, travelling over every dip and curve, eventually reaching the juncture between Faith’s legs. She licked her pouty lips, taking in the sight of the dark girl’s almost completely shaved pussy. The fire in the older Slayer’s eyes could have ignited ice, and Faith had never felt more desirable, more alive.

She held her hand out to Buffy, wanting her close again. Missing the heat of her skin, the beat of her heart against her. The blonde girl took it, lowering herself back towards Faith, between her legs, but not all the way on top of her.

She stopped just above the dark beauty, her breasts hanging enticingly over Faith, who took one in each hand, circling the hard nubs of Buffy’s nipples with her strong thumbs until the smaller Slayer removed them, placing Faith’s arms above her head.

The brunette instantly grinned, liking the way Buffy seemed to be enjoying being the one on top. Having Faith moaning for her, clearly needing her touch, and her touch alone.

“You’re so sexy.” Buffy breathed, still holding onto Faith’s wrists with one hand as she trailed the right one back down between them. “I don’t know where to start, I wanna do so much to you. I wanna try everything with you.” Her fingers tripped over the short pubic hair just lining the dark girl’s pussy. “I hope I can make you feel good.” One of Buffy’s fingers slipped into the dripping folds of Faith’s wet sex.

The younger Slayer groaned deep in the back of her throat, beyond turned on, and finally feeling the cute blonde’s fingers spreading her glistening lips, exploring her pussy in the excessive amounts of sticky fluid emanating from her. Faith couldn’t hold back any longer. The teasing was too much. The soft, sensitive finger now slipping around in her pussy was driving Faith crazy.

“Fuck me, baby. I need you to fuck me so much.” Her voice trembled huskily as she moved her hands out from Buffy’s grip, leaving the blonde girl to rest on her now free hand.

She placed hers on the blonde girl’s shoulders, twisting her fingers into the golden locks that flowed over them, her hips jerking for more contact.

Buffy’s tentative movements with her fingers grew bolder to ease Faith‘s need, circling the hard swell of Faith’s pink clit, then sliding back and forth over it as Faith’s moans rushed out with every touch. Slipping the hood of her clit back with each stroke, flicking with teasing caresses, working the dark Slayer up into a frenzy, Buffy leant down and kissed Faith passionately.

As her tongue entwined with the blonde girl’s, Faith could feel herself approaching the edge, ready to come for the Slayer she had fallen for. For the girl she could never imagine just being friends with again. Her body began to shake, but Buffy obviously didn’t want her coming just yet. Her finger slipped off the erect nub, dipped lower, entered her before she could process the movement .

“Oh, yeah…” Faith raised her hips to feel the slide of Buffy’s finger deep inside her, closing her fathomless dark eyes as the blonde Slayer slowly slipped in and out of her. “More, baby.” Faith moaned, feeling Buffy push another finger inside her pussy hole.

“I love making you do that.” Buffy smiled above Faith, her eyes bright with wonder.

“What, B?”

“The noises you’re making. I love you moaning for me.” The little Slayer lowered herself just enough for Faith to feel her breasts against her, her soft mouth sucking on her neck, on her earlobe.

Faith couldn’t quite believe she had Buffy’s fingers inside her, She had thought about it so many times, in so many dreams and fantasies, but to actually have the sweet blonde’s fingers sliding in and out of her sopping cunt, it was almost too much. Buffy sped up her fingers, thrusting them deeper and harder into Faith as she obviously got over the idea she might hurt her.


Buffy’s pov……..

“That’s it, Buffy. Put em deep inside me.” Faith’s hips rose for every thrust, the fluid of her pussy filling the air with an intoxicating aroma and sound, sweeping Buffy up in its erotic enchantment.

She had never imagined it would feel so good to give pleasure to somebody else, but Buffy was lost in wanting to keep the sensual sounds coming from Faith. Her mind was flooded with all the things she wanted to do to Faith, and as much as she loved the feel of her fingers inside the dark beauty’s dripping pussy, there was something else she just couldn’t get out of her head.

The thought had been there from the minute she had read it in one of the messages Faith had left her in her diary. And now, with Faith writhing underneath her, looking sexier than she had ever seen her, so wet, so worked up, needing her so much, Buffy just had to ask. Had to hope that Faith would want it too. Hope that she had plenty of opportunity to do everything else that she wanted with Faith, so not risk making the dark Slayer think that she didn’t want her fingers deep inside her, or her tongue, or her pussy rubbing up against the brunette.

The fact was, right now, she wanted to fuck Faith’s brains out. She wanted to do it with the strap-on that the brunette had mentioned. Buffy slowed down her thrusting into Faith, looking deep into the dark eyes she could find herself falling in forever, she licked her lips nervously and took a chance.

“Faith? Baby, I wanna…” She didn’t know what to say. Had no idea how to ask Faith if she could fuck her in such a way, and she was still unsure if the younger Slayer would take it the wrong way or not.

“What is it, B? Do ya wanna stop?” Faith’s breathing was hard and fast, her whole body poised, waiting for whatever Buffy was going to say, and the look of worry in her eyes was almost heartbreaking.

Buffy didn’t detect any sign of anger though, and she couldn’t help but feel that twinge in her heart that went hand in hand with the way Faith made her feel all over. She smiled down at Faith, reluctantly removing her fingers from her pussy, the soft slick feel of it making her wonder if maybe what she was about to ask, could wait until later. But now Faith appeared like she was about to sit up, about to pull away as if she’d done something wrong.

“Faith…” Buffy stroked the dark Slayer’s face with the hand that wasn‘t currently sticky from her juices, encouraging her to stay where she was. “I don’t wanna stop, I really, really don’t wanna stop. I just…there’s just something, something I really wanna do with you. I’ll understand if you don’t, or if you want to do it another time, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Can’t stop thinking about doing that to you.” Buffy was stuck between feeling the need to blush profusely, slap herself for maybe ruining the moment, running, or crying.

But now Faith was chuckling softly at her, so Buffy relaxed a little. Or as much as she could, given the fact she was about to get herself into something that she wasn’t sure that she could handle, at all. She had been nervous enough just touching Faith the way she had, so now, with the prospect of using something on her that she had never even come across before…well, her heart was about thumping out of her chest.

“Buffy, just tell me. What is it?” Faith’s voice was soft, reassuring, and sending tingles all over Buffy, almost causing her to just come right out and say that she was in love with Faith.

Biting her tongue and going with the less likely producer of prospective shock and horror from Faith, Buffy took a deep breath and went for it. “If you really have one, I wanna use the strap-on on you, but it’s ok if you don’t, or if you don’t want to I’ll…” Buffy was going to continue her verbal assault on Faith, but the dark girl stopped her.

“Whoa, Buffy, slow down.” She brought her hands up to cup Buffy’s face, focusing the older girl on her, as she hadn’t really been looking in Faith’s eyes. “Are you sure, that you wanna do that?” Faith’s voice was back to its husky, tremble inducing tone.

“Yeah…” Buffy looked deep into the chocolate pools she had always found unbelievably hard not to tumble into. “I really do.” She was shaking a little again, her need and nervousness mixing and causing delicious feelings of excitement to flush through her body.

“Fuck, B. Only if you’re positive.” Faith shifted herself a little, sitting up against the headboard as Buffy sat back on her heels once again. “I know I said something about it in your diary, but you don’t have to…I mean, I was about to come just then, so it isn‘t necessary, ya know?” Faith ran her fingers down Buffy’s arms, stopping at her hands and taking them in her own.

“I know. I just want to…If you do.” Buffy looked away shyly, but kept her fingers entwined with the naked girl in front of her.

Faith didn’t answer, she just grinned, a twinkle in her eyes as she leant forwards and kissed Buffy. She then leant over to the drawer on her bedside table, opening it slowly and pulling out a small plastic bag.

“I’ve never used one of these before, B. So we’ll both be having a first time tonight.” She smiled unreservedly at Buffy, and the blonde girl’s insides turned to mush.

She was going to be Faith’s first time at something. The sensation she felt from that was indescribable. “Really?” She gushed.

“Yeah, really. This is virgin pussy to plastic.” Faith pointed down to her wet pussy, completely on display to Buffy in the dim light of the room.

The blonde girl almost forgot all about her plan, as she felt the overwhelming urge to dive into Faith, tongue first. But she knew there would be plenty of time for that later. She had the opportunity to be the first to fuck Faith with a strap-on, and she was more than eager to do it.

Taking the bag from Faith, Buffy opened it and removed its contents. It smelt new. Kind of rubbery, but not bad. She was glad to notice that the dildo wasn’t huge too, as she didn’t want to hurt the younger girl in any way. Plus, she wasn’t at all confident in what she was doing. Throwing caution to the wind however, Buffy slipped off the bed and stepped into the soft leather of the harness.

They both giggled as she adjusted the fake cock to fit just over her clit. With her slim waist and delicate looking body, the phallus certainly looked strange on her. Faith helped tighten the straps, then taking the small Slayer’s hand, lead her back to the bed.

Faith lay back down again, propping herself up on her elbows as she watched Buffy once again kneel between her legs. The blonde Slayer felt a little silly at first, but the look of lust and need in Faith’s eyes, and her own desire to fuck the stunning girl this way, obliterated any feeling that might have stood in the way of them.

Buffy moved forwards, closing the gap between them, noticing Faith’s eyes growing ever darker as she approached her. But then Faith held out her hand, stopping Buffy.

“Wait a minute, B.” Faith knelt in front of Buffy, who wasn’t sure what exactly the dark girl was doing, until she turned around, facing away from the older girl. “I like it better this way. Is that ok?” Faith asked over her shoulder.

Buffy couldn’t find her voice for a second, the sight of Faith bent over in front of her, taking her breath away. She had always thought the brunette had a gorgeous ass. It was small and sexy, and there it was, there Faith was, waiting for Buffy to fuck her from behind.

She closed the gap between them, forgetting her nerves and any notions of apprehension with the delicious pose Faith was in. Buffy reached out her hand, softly running it up over the curve of Faith’s backside, up to the small of her back, following the path of her spine with her fingers, tangling them in soft waves of brown hair, then brushing it to the side so she could see Faith’s alluring neck.

She was in awe of Faith. Completely lost in her desire for her. Her love for her. She allowed her gaze to fall to the spread of the younger girl’s pussy as Faith opened her legs for her. The blonde’s mouth was watering at the glisten of arousal oozing from Faith’s pretty pink hole.

Buffy once again thought about using her tongue, tasting the musky scented flow of desire, but she pushed the thought away, promising she would keep that treat for later. That she would indulge in that treat for the rest of the night, all night, until she could no longer keep herself awake.

Faith looked over her shoulder, a sly grin spread across her face. “You enjoying the view, Twinkie?”

“Without a doubt.” Buffy sighed, her whole body, her entire being, so hot for the girl in front of her she thought that it was probably bordering on illegal. “I want you so much.” Buffy breathed raggedly, her hand back down on the gentle curve of the dark girl’s lower back.

“So take me, girlfriend.” Faith pushed back a little, her pussy nudging up against the fake cock.

Buffy didn’t need asking twice, her heart pounding with the passion Faith instilled in her. She held the gorgeous Slayer by the waist with her left hand, and took the strap-on in her right. Trying her best to steady her breathing, Buffy slipped the hard erection over Faith’s pussy, slicking it in the dark girl’s abundance of fluids.

Faith moaned at the contact, with the slight pressure on her clit, as Buffy slid slowly back and forth a few times, keeping it from entering the other girl, who gripped onto the headboard with one hand whilst the other held her up in front of Buffy.

“Oh yeah. Tease me, baby.” Faith sighed, her head forwards, long dark hair thrown to one side.

Buffy obliged, circling the dark Slayer’s clit with the tip of the dildo. Stroking it over her from front to back, but not allowing it yet to dip inside the enticing passage on display for her. She knew she couldn’t tease for long though. She wanted to see the fake cock slipping into Faith. Watch it fill her wet pussy hole.

Listening to the brunette’s now whimpering moans, Buffy decided to give her some relief. She guided the tip of the erection up to Faith’s dripping entrance and slipped it in a little way, just an inch, then back out. Faith groaned, her back arched, cunt flowing with need.

She pushed back into Buffy, obviously wanting more, needing more, but Buffy was loving the control she now had over the usually wilful girl. She hadn’t thought of Faith as being the type to take being teased. Had an idea that maybe Faith had never been this way with anybody else before. Something in the way the other girl was shaking with need certainly encouraged that thought.

Feeling the need herself to take Faith, Buffy inched forwards again, dipping in a little further, watching the tip of the dildo disappear inside Faith, watching the younger Slayer’s pussy spread for the thickness of it.

“Fuck, B, put it inside me.” Faith practically pleaded, her hand gripping the headboard tight enough for it to creak under the pressure.

Buffy just smiled and pulled back out. She couldn’t hold back for long though, her own pussy spilling its need to fuck Faith, down the insides of her thighs. She stroked the fake cock once more over Faith’s clit, then positioned it at her slick pink opening, waiting…

“Buffy…fuck me.”

Buffy shifted her position slightly so she was kneeling on just the one knee, holding onto the slender Slayer’s waist with her hands. Then, without warning, she pushed her hips forwards and plunged the erection into Faith’s pussy. Both girls groaned loudly as it slid up inside her tight hole, stretching Faith open, filling her fully as the blonde Slayer pushed it in deep.

The sight of the thick phallus entering Faith, spreading her open from behind, was the most erotic thing Buffy had ever seen. She could imagine porn film makers selling their souls to have the gorgeous brunette’s cunt being filled the way it was now, on screen. They’d make a fortune, because for Buffy, it was beyond beautiful, beyond turning her on. It was sending bolts of lust up and down her spine, exploding at the point her clit now rubbed against the hard erection.

She pulled out and pushed back in, slowly fucking Faith’s dripping pussy, thrusting in and out of the wet cavern as they both began to move in rhythm on the bed. She watched as the fake cock slipped in and out of the dark girl’s hole, her eyes wide with wonder at the amount of pussy juice that glistened on the dildo, her body on fire with desire.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, baby. Fuck me harder.” Faith even sounded like a porn star, with that exquisitely sexy drawl dripping from her throat almost as slickly as the fluid from her wet cunt.

Buffy sped up her movements slightly, bolder now than she thought she would have been, slamming the dildo harder into Faith, and gripping onto the dark girl’s hips, groaning at the sound of the younger girl’s tunnel swallowing all of the fake cock. The wet slurping noise filled the air, along with the moans from the girl being fucked by her.

She slid in and out, harder and faster. Faith’s breasts swaying as she pushed back into Buffy with every thrust. Her lush brown hair flung to one side, sweeping over the pillow as she lowered herself slightly, her ass still up in the air, being held by Buffy as she filled her pussy with each plunge.

Buffy leant forwards slightly, wanting to taste the salt of Faith’s hot skin. She kissed Faith’s strong back, feeling the muscles tense with every movement. Every thrust into her tight cunt.

She licked and kissed as she fucked Faith with the strap-on, burying the shaft deep inside the moaning girl, somehow just knowing what Faith needed. Feeling exactly what her pussy wanted. She knelt back again and flicked the fake cock up against the walls inside the dark Slayer, and Faith cried out a little at the depth of the object inside her, tickling her G spot.

Just as she began to shake a little, her oncoming orgasm obviously welling up inside her, Buffy pulled out, nearly all the way, leaving just the tip inside the panting brunette. She ran the fingers of her right hand over the silky juice that had been distributed onto the fake cock, feeling the texture, the warmth of it.

“Fuck, B. Please…put it back inside me. I want you inside me.” Faith was breathing so heavily, practically whimpering with her plea.

Buffy grinned, her hand still on the warm erection. “That’s it, tell me what you want, Faith. Tell me.” She pushed the tip of the dildo a little further in, amazed as Faith trembled for her, her body moving back again, willing Buffy to shove the cock into her pussy. “Tell me.”

“I want it in me, B. I want it deep in my pussy. I want you so far inside me, baby. Fuck me…Take me.” She pleaded.

Buffy couldn’t ignore such a heartfelt request, and the fact that the tough, bad girl Slayer was pleading to be taken by her, blew her away. She almost came herself just hearing those words huskily drifting up to her, along with the scent of her cunt.

She pushed back into Faith, slow, still teasing, pulled all the way back out again, and just as Faith was about to protest once again at the lack of movement, Buffy slammed into her pussy, harder and faster than she had done previously.

“Oh, God.” Faith called out, her body reacting to Buffy in ways the older girl had never imagined.

Faith moved one hand up to cover the one Buffy had planted back on the right side of her hip, whilst placing her other hand firmly on the metal of the headboard. She rocked back into Buffy, as hard and fast as the blonde girl was now thrusting into her, as she fucked her.

Every time they crashed together, the bed lurched, the springs screeched in protest, and the soft wet slapping noise of their bodies bouncing off one another filled the room. The sticky slurp of Faith’s pussy taking the entire length and thickness of the dildo, also filled the room.

Buffy could feel herself nearing orgasm just from the sight alone. The beautiful brunette, bent in front of her, legs spread wider now, body trembling as the strap-on plunged in and out of her dripping cunt. The flow of her arousal sliding down the shaft and onto Buffy, as she brought them together with her thrusts.

“Faith…oh, baby. I’m gonna come.” Buffy called out, as her clit throbbed against the stiff and constant rubbing of the fake cock.

Faith moaned louder in response, her hips rolling as Buffy plunged inside her. She was panting now, close to coming for Buffy. Close to spilling all over Buffy.

The blonde Slayer knew what would tip Faith over. Knew what would have her calling out her name the way she wanted Faith to. Slipping her left hand from the younger Slayer’s waist, Buffy glided it round to her slick folds, flicking her fingers over the brunette’s hard clit as she fucked her deep and fast.

That was all it took. Faith shuddered, her pussy gripping onto the full length of the fake cock as Buffy shoved it hard and deep inside her, burying it to the hilt and holding it there to rub up against Faith’s G spot. The action causing her own pussy to convulse and send her spiralling over the edge with Faith.

“Shit, Faith…yes, oh yes.” Buffy quivered as she came.

“Fuck, Buffy…Oh, baby…Oh Buffy…Fuck, you‘re so good.” Faith called out, her loudness interspersed with sighing whimpers as she shook.

Buffy watched as Faith’s cum seeped out around the dildo and dripped down the dark girl’s legs, and onto her. Swirling the erection around inside Faith’s tight hole as she slowed her fingers on her clit, marvelling at the sight of Faith coming for her. Marvelling at the sound of Faith whimpering out her name, as she held the stiff phallus up inside her.

“That’s so beautiful, Faith. You’re so beautiful.” Buffy could feel tears rolling down her cheeks. Could feel herself falling further and further in love.

She then felt Faith go limp, her body finally releasing the dildo still in her pussy. Buffy pulled it out slowly, causing the well fucked Slayer to groan then fall forward, as Buffy let go of her to take off the strap-on.

Once she had slipped it to the floor, Buffy crawled up beside Faith, placing her hand on the younger girl’s back, unsure of what to say with the silence now settling over them in the heat of the room as they caught their breaths. That’s when she felt a little shudder run through Faith, like a quiet sob.

“Faith, are you ok? Did I hurt you?” Buffy leaned up on her elbow, on the left side of the girl still lying on her stomach facing away from her. “Faith, please…” Buffy was worried she had done something wrong. That she had made some kind of mistake.

Faith turned to face her, pulling the older girl into a hug tighter than she had ever experienced. She managed to pull back a little though, and noticed the tears on the dark Slayer’s face. Now she really was worried.

“Hey, baby. What’s wrong?” Her own eyes filled to the brim with emotion, but Faith just smiled at her.

It was the biggest, happiest smile she had ever seen on Faith, and it took every bit of strength she had not to hope that maybe Faith felt the same about her. That Faith was in love with her too. She daren’t hope, she daren’t even begin to allow her heart to search for that from Faith. But there was something in the way the other Slayer was looking at her. Right at her. Almost straight into the deepest parts of her, that split her in two and left her wide open, and then she knew…she could feel it, without Faith saying a word, she could feel that the younger girl loved her.

She could feel the power of it. The passion and the need in it. Shaking with the revelation, Buffy brought her lips to Faith’s, kissing her with all her heart and soul, hoping that Faith could feel how much she was loved and adored. How she had changed Buffy. How she had given her everything she had hoped for in a first time. In their first time.

They didn’t speak, just kissed, held each other, felt their hearts entwining as they embraced. It was more perfect than Buffy could ever have wished for, and it was still early yet.

*It’s just light enough to see, so I thought I’d just remind myself that I’m the luckiest Slayer that ever lived. I know Faith will probably contest that, and say that she is, but she’s just the argumentative type. She’s also the gorgeous, sexy, beautiful…(ok, you get the idea) type. She’s also in love with me. I feel like exploding I’m so happy right now. She said she’d felt something from me when she came, when we came together. She said it felt like an overwhelming emotion and that she wasn’t sure what it meant straight away. Then she said she’d just let herself go, and suddenly knew it was love. She felt my love for her. Like the way I’d felt it from her when she looked deep into my eyes. I’ll never forget that feeling. Like everything just made sense. That we were meant to be right there, right then, together. Perfect. I told her how I feel, and she told me. We know it’s not going to be easy, but I don’t think either of us cares. I can’t not be with her. I’m so in love with her.

She’s sleeping now, snoring lightly. So cute. I should be asleep too. We only stopped making love half an hour ago and it’s nearly dawn now. I’m glad we carried on though. I got to taste her. I got to do a lot of things, and I can’t wait to do them all again. She’s incredible, and she’s all mine.*

“Hey, baby…put that down and get your cute ass back to bed.” Faith drawled, half asleep.

*Jesus, that voice sends shivers down my spine every time. I’d better go. I can’t stay away from that sexy body, that sexy smile…the whole of her sexiness, for long. And for once, I’m glad she’s bad enough and rude enough to go stealing my diary, cos this would never have happened if she hadn’t, and I would never have forgiven myself for missing out on this. On her. I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m not gonna miss out on anything when it comes to Faith. No matter what, we belong with each other, and that’s exactly the way it’s going to be from now on.*

Buffy placed the diary on the bedside table and slid back under the covers, instantly finding Faith’s arms around her. She snuggled into the dark girl and drifted off to sleep with her smell engulfing her, her soft breath against her face, and the feeling that nothing would break them from each other.

Well, apart from the fact that Buffy had promised her mother to be up within a few hours to go to school, but even then, the cute blonde fully intended to drag Faith, kicking and whining, with her. She wasn’t planning on ever letting her go now that she was hers.

The End