The Open Door
by Dylan
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These people don’t belong to me but I can’t put them down. Big up to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy and all that, blah blah.
Timeline/Spoilers: Set in season 7. Faith doesn’t allow Buffy just to wander off on her own at the end of ‘Dirty Girls’. If you’ve seen seasons 3 and 4 you’ll know what’s going on between the chosen two.
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“Hey B, wait up.” Faith casually jogged to catch up with the blonde Slayer.

“Leave me alone Faith, I’m not in the mood.” Buffy continued making her way down Revello Drive.

Away from the tearful potentials currently consoling each other in her house. She really wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be dealing with the rogue Slayer. She had had her fill tonight, of everything. She was losing grip on everything and she knew it.

“B, I just wanna talk to ya.” Still the cute blonde kept walking.

“I don’t want to talk to you, Faith.” The dark girl finally caught up enough to catch Buffy cautiously by the arm, tugging gently.

“Don’t shut me out.” She kept her hand wrapped around the tense arm.

Buffy stopped in her tracks, not quite believing what Faith had said. After all that had happened. After all the fighting and confusion between them, Faith just had to say that.

“You’re telling me, not to shut you out? That’s rich coming from you.” The chosen two stood toe to toe, in silence. Years of tension between them.

Buffy really didn’t want to fight with Faith, not anymore. Not with everything else that was going on. But then she realised even if ‘the First’ hadn’t appeared, to fuck with the world, she no longer wanted to battle against the rogue Slayer.

It had taken some of her soul away the first time. Ripped it out and stuck it back in with some missing, some spoilt at having fought the closest person to her. Not close in a friendship way, but close nonetheless. In a way maybe neither of them understood.

“Look, just give me some time. I can’t deal with this right now.” Although she wanted to, the blonde girl didn’t move. She stayed where she was, with Faith still holding onto her. She knew the other girl could see the sorrow in her eyes, it was pointless trying to hide it. Years of losing hope, dealing with death, on many levels. Adjusting to more than most people could ever imagine dealing with. She couldn’t…she just couldn’t.

“You can’t deal with what, B? Tell me.” It was fairly obvious that Faith just wasn’t going to let up.

The thing was, Buffy didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She really didn’t want to open the door on all their past confrontations, that was for sure.

It had been one hell of a shock when Faith turned up with Willow. She felt happy, and sad, on so many levels, about the return of her one time nemesis. She just couldn’t pin it down to one feeling. Not yet. She had everything else to think about.

Part of her wanted to run, to get away from the guilt of the night’s disaster. But an even bigger, previously ignored part, wanted to let Faith in for once. It wanted to look into the taller girl’s dark eyes and give in, to everything it had ever felt for her.

“I can’t deal with any of this.” Buffy lowered her head, and with tears welling up in her eyes, she allowed her defences to tumble at the look of pure concern on her counterpart’s face. She was done for. Had lost her fight. “I can’t deal with being in charge, or with having to be strong and ‘together’ all the time. I can’t deal with knowing I convinced those girls to go to their deaths, and that I got Xander hurt…Spike thinking he’s in love with me...And Faith, I can’t deal with the way you make me feel anymore.” The tears finally fell from her eyes, soaking her cheeks.

She hadn’t meant to say so much. Buffy didn’t want to give the other girl any ammunition in her vulnerable state, but it was too late now. She waited for the inevitable sarcastic response.

But Faith didn’t respond that way. She made no attempt to free Buffy’s arm, and in fact did something the blonde Slayer would never have imagined the old Faith doing. She pulled Buffy into a tight hug.

Without thinking of the implications, Buffy wrapped her arms around the dark Slayer and closed her eyes against the world. As she gently shook, sorrow and exhaustion easing out of her, the smaller girl realised that she hadn’t felt so enveloped in warmth and security for a long time. Or if she were being totally honest with herself, she would have to go as far as to say she had never felt so sheltered by just a simple embrace.

It felt nice, right, but yet so wrong considering their history. Buffy tried to pull away, but Faith just held tighter, like she might be feeling the same things.

“Buffy, don’t.” It was more a husky plea than a demand.

Buffy pushed all reason to the back of her mind and buried herself deeper into the dark beauty’s embrace. They just stood there, wrapped in the night, and each other.

As Buffy allowed herself to relax, the tension that had built up in her over the last few weeks seemed to retreat slightly. She allowed herself to feel. To finally enjoy being so close to Faith without it being a fight. She was finding comfort in the younger girl’s affection, as Faith slowly swept her strong hand up and down her back, occasionally running fingers through silky blonde hair.

She knew this was something she had wanted to do a long time ago. She had denied it to herself, or passed it off as wanting to care for the troubled Slayer in a sisterly way. But now, with the imminent possibility of the end of the world as they knew it, she let her mind actually listen to what her heart was telling her. Feeling so vulnerable and dejected, her need for Faith refused to be ignored. It was like being hit by a thunderbolt of truth.

She had always loved Faith, and still did. She knew right then and there that she was going to fall for her all over again. It was raw emotion. Needy and desperate. It scared the hell out of her, because this time she doubted that she had the strength to fight it. This time, it wanted to revel in Faith’s flirting, her beauty and energy. It wanted to be held close and loved back. Buffy wanted to be loved back.

After everything that had happened between them, and since ‘the First’s’ appearance, it was just too much to take. She knew Faith would never love her back. So the disheartened Slayer sobbed into Faith’s neck, damping her skin and soft dark hair.

“Shhh! It’s ok B. I’ve got ya. I’ll help you through this, I promise. I’m not going to let you down again.” Leaning back slightly, Faith slowly brushed a stray hair from the smaller Slayer’s brow, and kissed her there.

Her lips were so soft and tender, Buffy did all she could to resist the urge to enjoy them with her own. She wasn’t at all confident in the hope that Faith was even attracted to her, despite the past flirting and apparent sexual tension that surrounded them.

Instead, she lifted her head to look deep into Faith’s soulful eyes and fought back her desires, once again. She needed Faith right now, and didn’t want to do anything to distance the younger girl from her.

Smiling sweetly, Buffy unwrapped her arms from around her counterpart and backed up, sighing as she did so. Neither of them spoke. There were no words to fit the intensity of the moment. She was willing herself not to fall any further into the brunette’s dark eyes. It was extremely hard considering the beaming smile she was currently receiving from Faith. Her exquisite dimples only making her all the more beautiful, and downright sexy.

It was something Buffy had always noticed about Faith. Just how effortlessly sexy she could be. It was only now that she could admit to herself that it was more than just an observation. It was more like a feeling, deep within her. She was definitely sexually attracted to Faith.

“Hey, B. Why don’t we go back?” Buffy’s face must have shown just how much she really didn’t want to go back and deal with it all.

She was exhausted. Her friends were in danger. Her sister, and all the potentials. Faith. She felt like it was her responsibility alone to keep them safe. Not only them, but also the rest of the world. It was a big weight for such slender shoulders.

“It’s ok. You go in and lie down and I’ll deal.” The blonde girl opened her mouth to protest, to take responsibility, but she was tired of it.

She wasn’t the only Slayer. She wasn’t the only one who could take the weight. After talking extensively with Angel on the phone, she knew she could trust Faith now. According to him, the once troubled Slayer had changed an immeasurable amount. Her willingness to help him, to come back to Sunnydale, the source of so much pain for the younger girl, told Buffy so much more than the dark girl probably ever could herself about how different she was now.

She had grown up. Her burden of guilt had bolstered her personality. She was more than just the cocky tough girl that Buffy had fallen for the first time. She was still sure of herself, still had the attitude. But it was less so, more refined, and as far as Buffy was concerned, far more appealing. The older Slayer knew she was going to find it far harder this time to stop, or ignore the way she felt about Faith.

“Ok, thank you Faith” Faith reached out for Buffy’s hand, taking it reassuringly in her own. They made their way back to the house.

Faith’s new tactile gestures were baffling to the little Slayer, but not unwelcome. As they made their way slowly, Buffy found herself loving the way it felt just to be holding the other girl’s hand. She felt truly safe with her. Something she never imagined she would ever feel around the younger girl again.

They stopped at the front door. Still holding on to each other.

“I’ll talk to the girls, B” Buffy nodded, resigned to the fact that tonight, she just couldn’t deal with the responsibility that had always been thrust upon her.

“Come up and let me know how things are. Tell them…I’m sorry.”

Faith squeezed the smaller Slayer’s hand before releasing it, and pushing open the door.

Buffy made her way up to her room. She was tired and sick of the overwhelming pressure. As she glumly ascended the stairs the weary Slayer couldn’t help but feel glad that Faith was back. That she was there to support her and not fight against her. With a heavy heart, the chosen one showered. Washing away some of the pain of their meeting with Calab. Once she was clean and in her sleeping shorts and tee shirt, Buffy lay down on her bed and closed her eyes. Enjoying the quiet, the solitude, before the girls sharing her room piled in.

She drifted slowly into a fitful snooze.


A little while later, Buffy opened her eyes, squinting in the dim light from the bedside lamp. She had been covered by a blanket, so surmised that she must have fallen asleep waiting for Faith to come and tell her how things were.

As she stretched her legs out Buffy noticed she was not alone on the bed. The room was devoid of potentials, thankfully. But her bed was being occupied by someone, other than just her.

Before she even turned around to check, Buffy knew it was Faith. She could tell by the slight tingles that she usually got from the other girl, some kind of Slayer sense. And also, she could place Faith’s scent anywhere. The dark girl’s personal aroma, mixed with lavender and a hint of leather.

She turned hesitantly towards the younger girl, not wanting to wake her if she was asleep, which she soon discovered she was. Faith was lying on her side facing Buffy, on top of the blanket, fully clothed. Her luscious dark hair splayed out behind her, with just a few strands daring to tumble across her striking features.

Buffy lay as quiet as she could, studying the sultry Slayer. She no longer felt the need to deny to herself that she thought Faith was incredibly beautiful, and the few years they had been apart had only improved the younger girl’s looks. The chosen one just loved slyly looking at Faith, she always had, especially when she smiled. She couldn’t get enough of those dimples. And she was so happy right now that she could just take a little time to allow her eyes to roam over the object of her adoration, whilst she was asleep and unaware.

Buffy imagined kissing the dark girl all over her face. Taking time to worship her expressive eyebrows. The eyelids that hide Faith’s dark demanding eyes. The perfectly sculpted nose. And those lips, so full, so delicious looking. Like soft pillows of red just longing for her to lick them, taste them.

But it wasn’t only Faith’s face that Buffy thought was beautiful. She was well aware of the other girl’s extremely hot body. She could no longer stop herself from wanting to touch every part of it. Experience the power and gracefulness of it, unclothed and close to her. Wrapped around her.

The more she thought about it, the more turned on she got. And Buffy would have given pretty much anything right then to know whether or not Faith wanted her too. She was having a hard time restraining herself.

Gently, without wishing to disturb the sleeping Slayer, Buffy reached out her right hand to brush away a stray lock of dark hair, that had dared to encroach upon Faith’s fine features. Her hand refused to move back, so she allowed it to lightly caress the younger girl’s cheek. Touching where she knew the sexy dimple would be in other circumstances.

The dark Slayer’s skin was so soft and irresistible, she couldn’t find it in her to remove her hand. Until Faith opened her intense eyes, causing a slight blush to creep over the blonde girl’s cheeks. Buffy pulled her hand away quickly. Faith just smiled, maybe not noticing what Buffy had been doing.

“Sorry, B. Didn’t mean to fall asleep.” Faith shifted her position, stretching as she did so, preparing to get up from the soft bed.

“Faith…” Buffy didn’t really want Faith to move. She wanted to keep her close. “You don’t have to go.”

The brunette lay back, on top of the blanket, resting her head lazily on her hand.

“The girls are ok. Still a little freaked, but they’ll be fine. I thought you could use some time on your own up here, so I made sure they all slept some place else, it was a tight squeeze in some places but we managed. I didn’t want them to disturb you. Give you some quiet time…Then I go and spoil it by falling asleep on your bed.” Faith was obviously feeling a little uncomfortable, or something. She didn’t usually babble so much. Unless it was about sex, or killing vamps. Or both. Buffy yawned, unable to cover her tiredness, and feeling entirely at ease in the company of the other girl. She liked this. Lying on her bed, next to the gorgeous girl beside her, just feeling close to her. Feeling like they could be so much more to each other.

It was easier than she had thought it ever could be. There wasn’t really any residual animosity from their earlier days together. They had both just seemed to accept it and move on. They had thrown out all the hurt and pain, the jealousy and envy, mistrust and mixed signals. Buffy was ready to start again. She just hoped Faith felt the same.

“I don’t mind that you fell asleep…in fact, if you want, you can sleep in here with me, in the bed. I mean, it’s got to be better than the floor downstairs.” Buffy attempted to make it sound like it wasn’t a big deal, but it was, and from the look in Faith’s eyes it wasn’t just her that thought so.

Faith looked genuinely touched that Buffy would offer to share her bed with her. It really was something, considering how many times they had battled against each other. It was a declaration of trust, of friendship. Buffy could tell that Faith got that.

“You sure, B? I don’t mind the floor…if you want to be alone.” That was just it. Buffy didn’t want to be alone. Not any more.

She wanted more than the violent trysts she used to have with Spike. She wanted more than just memories of her days with Angel, or Riley. She wanted more, she wanted Faith. Even if she just had to make do with her friendship.

“Stay with me, Faith.” Buffy was well aware of how softly she uttered that, of how it could be taken to mean more than what it did on the surface.

Faith looked down, hesitating for a beat, before nodding her head in confirmation. If she had understood the deeper meaning to Buffy’s plea, she didn’t say.

“I’ll go get a shower and stuff. Don’t want to be all stinky next to ya.” Faith grinned.

Buffy bit her lip before she could say something stupid like ‘I love the way you smell right now’.

It was true though. The other girl’s rich scent filled her nostrils. There was just something about the adrenaline fuelled sweat of Faith that she couldn’t get enough of. It was a sensual smell, fresh and full of promises of luxurious tastes. The smaller Slayer permitted her mind to indulge in fantasies of the dark girl as she sauntered out of the room. Her eyes took in every move of Faith’s pert little backside. Clad in leather, it was almost calling for her to follow it to the bathroom, and run soapy wet hands over it until Faith could do nothing but press her body close to hers.

Buffy slipped under her duvet and awaited the rogue Slayer’s return. She was so glad Faith had agreed to sleep with her. Even though it was going to be extremely hard to keep her distance from the taller girl, she knew that after the day she had just had, it was going to help ease a little bit of the pain just to have her there.

The dark girl was taking her time in the shower. Probably washing away the blood of the night’s activities, just as Buffy had done herself. The blonde girl relaxed, unable to stop her mind from wandering to thoughts of Faith under the hot deluge of water that would currently be cascading down her glorious figure.

She couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to shower with the gorgeous Slayer. Buffy imagined tasting water droplets that trickled between Faith’s cleavage. Licking her way over to the succulent looking nipples that hardened under her gaze. Pulling one of them between her lips, sucking on the little nub as Faith pushed more of herself into her mouth.

She knew the brunette would love her breasts being sucked and licked. They just looked like they were built for it. The soft curves were crying out for Buffy’s mouth and lips to taste them. To tease them.

Buffy’s need for the other girl crowded her thoughts as she gave in to her desires. She slowly brought a hand down between her thighs and pressed up into her already wet sex. She rubbed gently over the top of her shorts, but it wasn’t enough, she had to feel more.

Imagining it was Faith’s hand and not her own, Buffy slid her fingers under her waistband, and into her tiny panties. She parted her wet folds, breathing heavier now, and slowly began to stroke herself to thoughts of the beautiful brunette. Sliding around in the moist confines of her most intimate place.

Buffy was fondling her eager clit with practised skill. Rubbing over it harder and faster, wanting to feel some kind of release, some kind of break from her strangled life. With her slick need coating her fingers, she brought herself closer to relieving some of the night’s tension.

Her little whimpers were becoming more frequent, louder. She didn’t mean to, but couldn’t stop herself from whispering Faith’s name, as her wet pussy indulged itself with her digits. Begging her to liberate the surge of cum readying itself to spill out of her silky folds.

Buffy pushed the duvet down a short way, cooling her skin. With one hand between her legs, and the other one now grasping the sheet in the empty space beside her, the Slayer abandoned herself to her fantasy of Faith.

In her mind’s eye she could see herself sucking on Faith’s breasts, as the younger girl flicked her fingertips over and around her clit. She could see the desire in the dark eyes that had always haunted her. The red lips smiling down at her, the sexy grin she loved, turning her on ever more.

It was Faith making her feel so good, causing her creamy fluids to spill out of her heated hole, down across her other tight entrance to the bed sheet below. It was Faith sliding her delicate finger tips over and across her as she shook, calling out softly as she peered over the edge of her approaching orgasm.

And it was Faith that now stood in the doorway to her room, unable to take her eyes from the trembling blonde currently fingering her soaked pussy.


The instant Buffy realised she was being watched, she whipped her hand out from under the duvet and pulled the cover up to her chin, hiding her shame. She lay there, wide eyed, terrified at the thought of just how much the younger girl had seen, and heard. Nothing came into her head, no excuse. No pretence that Faith had not just witnessed her fingering herself whilst calling the dark Slayer’s name.

She lay there stunned. She lay there waiting. Waiting for Faith to do something, say something. Throw something.

The usually cocky girl said nothing, as she turned around and ensured the door was properly closed behind her, then walked towards the bed. That’s when Buffy noticed Faith had only a towel wrapped around her. Even in her vast state of embarrassment, she couldn’t take her eyes off the exquisite brunette.

The dark girl reached the end of the bed. Her breathing seemed quicker than usual, the rise and fall of her chest giving her away. Chocolate brown eyes were driving into Buffy’s, as Faith sensuously licked her lips.

The older girl was enthralled, her embarrassment slowly giving away again to desire. She wasn’t quite sure what was going on. At least not until the point that Faith dropped the towel she had wrapped around her athletic form, to the floor. Allowing it to crumple at her feet.

Faith stood before Buffy. Her skin glistening in the soft light of the table lamp. Small rivulets of water, dripping from her damp hair, making their way provocatively down between her perfect breasts. Down across the flat plain of her toned stomach. And finally reaching the most intimate part of her breathtaking body.

The droplets of water disappeared, into the thin strip of dark closely shaven hair, that barely covered the other girl’s sex.

Buffy had subconsciously released the duvet and sat up onto her elbows, as soon as the towel had hit the floor. Her green eyes were dark with desire. Her lips slightly parted as if waiting, praying, for the moment Faith would save them from obscurity with her own.

She looked over every part of the younger girl that she could see, realising that her fantasies came nowhere near to the real thing. Faith was amazingly beautiful. The hidden power within her body was clear in the sleek outline of slender muscle.

She looked like a dark angel. Dangerous and destructive. Her beauty was like a siren of sensuous promises. A raging fire, ready to scorch and burn all that touched it. And right now, Faith was burning for her. For Buffy. The desire in Faith’s eyes matching her own exactly.

Buffy knew right then and there that Faith felt for her what she felt for Faith. Need, longing, lust, and love. As if their Slayer senses were picking up on everything that wasn’t being said between them, it was obvious they both felt it.

The captivated blonde threw back the duvet cover in invitation to the other Slayer. She held her breath, just waiting for whatever came next. Just waiting for something to finally pull them both together, the way they always should have been.

Buffy didn’t have to wait long. With a wicked grin Faith began to crawl, panther like, up the bed towards her prone form. She looked for all the world like a hunter, closing in on her prey. The hungry look in her eyes almost scared Buffy.

But the blonde Slayer also saw a small amount of fear in those chocolate orbs. Faith was probably not quite sure what Buffy’s reaction would be. As the dark girl crawled her way up, Buffy lay still, just basking in how incredibly sexy Faith looked.

As the brunette came to a halt above her, Buffy took in the sensational sight. Faith was on all fours, hovering above her sensitised body, her lithe legs resting either side of the prone Slayer. The dark girl’s full round breasts were mere inches from her own. Her cropped pussy tantalisingly just out of reach. And her luxurious dark hair, damp from the shower, was hanging down in luscious twirls, tickling the smaller girl’s shoulders.

Buffy couldn’t quite take it all in, her mind was in overdrive. And her pussy was getting slicker with every passing second, her inner walls twitching with their need to have Faith rub up against them, deep inside her.

Faith’s eyes were shyly questioning her now. Her lips slightly parted, as if waiting for Buffy to make the next move. In fact, Buffy realised, that was what Faith was doing. She was awaiting her reaction.

The chosen one reached a hand out and pushed some of the dark hair behind Faith’s left ear. She decided that she could no longer be so close to Faith’s delectable lips without tasting them. So she shifted her hand, placing it commandingly on the other girl’s neck. Then she coaxed the dark Slayer’s face towards her own.

Their lips met in the softest of kisses. As if they were both just waiting for the spell to be broken. Neither girl dared to do anything but just feel. They were more breathing each other’s air than kissing. The moment was just too intense to move on from it seemed.

But then Buffy decided she had waited far too long for this to let it linger in the awkward stage. She pushed up against Faith with her mouth, deepening the kiss. Introducing their lips to each other fully.

Buffy was finally tasting the dark beauty. Soft lips sliding against each other. Their tongues now duelling in an erotic dance of lust. The kiss was mind numbing. Wet, and all consuming. Neither girl could stop themselves moaning into each other’s mouths as they gave in to a need greater than their reluctant nervousness.

The blonde Slayer could feel herself getting so wet, so ready for Faith. Her trepidation slowly ebbed away under the skilful demands of the rogue Slayer’s succulent lips. Slipping her tongue deep into the willing girl’s mouth, Buffy allowed herself to take solace in her fellow Slayer.

As soon as they broke for oxygen, both girls licked their lips, clearly demonstrating their pleasure at finally tasting what they had both craved for so long. For her part, Buffy had subconsciously, then secretly, desired to do that ever since the night of their first meeting. Faith’s lips had always commanded her attention.

The chosen two stopped all movement, just looking deep into each other’s eyes. Buffy knew for sure she wanted more. After all, Faith was hovering above her, naked. Those wonderfully soft looking breasts, so close, begging for her to touch them. Her previous attempt at relief had been interrupted and now she needed Faith, as soon as possible, before she came all over with just the site of the younger girl’s legs spread above her.

“Faith, I want you.” The younger girl’s eyes seemed to grow even darker at that.

“I know, I can feel it…can you? Feel how much I want you, I mean.” Buffy wasn’t entirely sure if she could feel it, or if it was just wishful thinking. She even thought that maybe it was her own need, outweighing everything else.

“I think so.” Her uncertainty was evident.

Faith smiled radiantly at Buffy before delicately kissing the older girl. Then she dispersed most of Buffy’s fears by clarifying her affection.

“I want you, Buffy. Always have.” Ignoring any further implications of the outcome of this night, Buffy couldn’t help feeling glad that they both wanted the same thing. That they were both heading in the same direction for once. It showed on her face, in her eyes.

Faith sat up, taking Buffy a little by surprise, mainly because now, Faith’s naked body was in definite contact with her as she rested her weight on the smaller Slayer. Faith sat straddling her, in all her glory. It was certainly one of those moments Buffy wanted to capture and paste into her imaginary scrapbook of ‘wow’ images, as Faith sat studying her.

Faith’s wonderful body was just there, awaiting her hands to touch it, her mouth to taste it, her tongue to lick as much of it as she could. And her pussy was right there in front of her, slightly spread before her. It took Buffy’s breath away. She could make out the faint glistening of Faith’s arousal coating the small amount of pretty pink girl flesh she could see. Her own tight sopping cunt convulsed at the thought of her fingers sliding in and out of Faith, fucking her, up inside her hot little hole. She had to fight back a moan, biting her lip in the process.

Then her thoughts were interrupted, or rather, bulldozed by the fact that she just realised that if she were also naked, the position of Faith on top of her now, would be far more intimate. Their dripping pussies would be seeping into each other. Without realising she had even willed herself to do it, Buffy pushed her hips up a little way, craving more contact with her fellow Slayer.

Faith groaned huskily, mirroring Buffy’s action, pushing her weight down onto the smaller girl, scenting Buffy’s shorts with her creamy juices. They both seemed lost in the thought and idea of how intimate an act it could be, if only…

“B, take your fucking clothes off. You’re driving me crazy looking at me like that.” Her voice sounded like sex. Like hard, hot fucking. It was deep and full of need and desire.

The taller girl moved to the side of Buffy, giving her room to manoeuvre out of her sleepwear. The older Slayer wanted to feel Faith against her as soon as possible, so she stripped as quickly as she could. Her whole body was tingling in anticipation, as Faith looked on. Her eyes roaming hungrily over Buffy’s smaller frame.

Now undressed and exposed, the older girl couldn’t help but feel a little inadequate next to the glorious Slayer beside her. She had never been one to be naked in front of people willy nilly. But her fears were soon destroyed by Faith’s obvious approval.

“You’re beautiful, Buffy. I wanna just…taste you all over.” They smiled broadly at each other, trying their best to ease each other’s nervousness.

Although, it didn’t seem like Faith was quite so nervous now, as she swung her leg back over Buffy and reinstated herself on top of the smaller girl. As soon as they made contact, the chosen two groaned approval. Their wet pussies were hot against each other.

Faith pressed down and forward slightly, spreading her dripping cunt right into Buffy’s. It somehow just felt right to be doing it, to the smaller Slayer. It was like stating to each other their trust, and ultimately their overwhelming desire to be as close as they could.

The blonde Slayer could feel the delicate kiss of Faith’s wet sex with every inch of her own. She could only describe it as the most intimate thing she had ever felt. Maybe because it was Faith, or maybe because it was another girl. She didn’t know why, she just felt it. The trickling desire of the other girl dripping into her, mixing with her own juices made her hungry for more.

Buffy pushed up against the younger Slayer, tentatively engaging herself in a slow, sensual rhythm with Faith. Their creamy wet holes attempting to swallow each other. She almost lost all coherent thought when their clits collided, intensifying the moaning emanating from both girls.

Faith looked absolutely stunning right now to Buffy, well she did most of the time. But right now, sat on top of her, riding her pussy, she looked so sexy, the blonde girl was having trouble forming coherent thoughts.

Faith’s long luxurious hair cascaded damply about her shoulders and down her back. Her dark, almost agonisingly beautiful eyes, were filled with lust. Her full lips parted slightly in wanton invitation.

An invitation Buffy could no longer allow to just pass her by. She sat up and pulled Faith back down with her, into a searing kiss. Their lips were almost bruising each other. Their tongues seeking out one another in unbearable longing.

The two Slayers, revelling in each other’s nakedness, slid over each other. Breasts touching, hips banging together. Faith’s slick pussy was close to Buffy’s, slicking her pubic hair and stomach with her need. They were sucking in air between kissing and tonguing each other’s mouths hungrily.

The dark Slayer lifted herself slightly from Buffy, to look down on her soon to be lover…

“Fuck…Buffy, you’re an incredible kisser.” Neither girl could hide their emotions. They were both smiling broadly. Full of rising expectancy at what would hopefully follow.

But then Faith’s demeanour changed a little. She looked almost apprehensive, as a thought must have crossed her mind.

“What’s wrong, Faith.” Buffy gently caressed Faith’s cheek with one hand, whilst resting the other on the younger girl's lower back. She was hoping her one time enemy wasn’t planning on changing her mind about this any time soon.

“Are you sure about this, B? I mean, it’s a big deal. It’s us…ya know?”

“I know…I’m sure. I want to make love to you Faith. I need to.” Buffy had obviously said the right thing, as Faith lowered herself back down with a smile.

They kissed more softly this time. As Faith repositioned herself between Buffy’s legs, the blonde Slayer wrapped her arms around her counterpart, pulling them tight together in an erotic embrace.

They kissed tenderly, Faith working her lips all over Buffy’s face and neck. The smaller girl couldn’t help but think it was more than just sex to her counterpart too. Faith was being so gentle with her.

The dark Slayer’s hands began to roam Buffy’s body. She glided her strong hand up and down the older girl’s side, trailing her fingers over her taught stomach and lean leg. Then she began to mover her lips down, wet kisses seeking out Buffy’s breasts.

The blonde Slayer arched up into Faith’s mouth as the taller girl eventually reached her objective. She languidly circled Buffy’s right breast with her tongue, before flicking it over the already hard nipple. Taking the offered nub into her mouth, Faith sucked, pulling upwards in an exquisite tease between pleasure and pain.

“Faith…” Buffy just wanted to say the word, the name that she had wanted to utter in such circumstances for so long. Faith moved to her left breast and subjected it to just as much teasing and sucking. Rolling round the nipple with her tongue, and taking it between her teeth causing Buffy to whimper with her growing need.

The little Slayer was pushing up into Faith, her hot pussy wanting nothing but the dark girl’s attention. She was so wet now it was spread all over the brunette.

Faith seemed to be reading her mind as she began making her way down, licking and biting softly at Buffy, finally reaching the juncture between her strong legs. She placed kisses close to but not on the older Slayer’s pussy, tickling the sensitive insides of her thighs.

Buffy looked down just as Faith ran the tip of her tongue along her dripping slit. She had never seen something so sexy before. The dark beauty with eyes sometimes so menacing it scared Buffy, now softly exploring her wet folds with delicate caresses, she couldn’t help the pleasurable moan that escaped her lips.

Faith skilfully flicked her tongue over Buffy’s clit, instantly getting a reaction. The blonde girl was so turned on, so ready for Faith to make all the pain go away and claim her, if only for a short time. She groaned when the delicate caresses became something more definite, designed to take her to the edge. Which she was already.

Faith’s tongue dipped lower in the blonde girl's sopping cunt, hesitating at the brink of her saturated entrance. Then without warning Faith plunged into Buffy, as deep as she could go. The brunette’s face was buried in Buffy’s twat, her tongue hot and warm inside her. Fucking her.

“God, Faith…ahh!” Buffy moved her hips in time with Faith’s thrusting, pulling as much of her in as she could. She could quite truthfully say, she had never felt so worshipped, so fully aware of what was being done to her. Faith was snaking her way inside Buffy, spilling the smaller girl’s excitement all over her face and chin.

But Buffy wanted to participate more. She also wanted to worship Faith, show her how much she wanted her and needed her.

“Faith…turn around, I want to taste you.” It was obvious what she meant, or at least thankfully it was to Faith, who did as she was told.

Leaving Buffy’s excited cunt for a second, she turned around, lifting her leg over the cute Slayer so now she was straddling her, her sweet pink pussy mere inches from Buffy’s face.

Buffy had never been so close to another girl’s sex before, the sight of it, mainly because it was Faith, made her mouth water. She ran her smooth hands over the other girl’s firm backside and encouraged Faith down to her waiting lips and tongue, as Faith resumed her assault on her own sticky hole. Although now she was going a little slower, waiting for Buffy to catch up.

Buffy slid her hands further down towards Faith’s almost bare pussy, allowing her thumbs to reach the outer limits of the desirable offering. She gently spread the other girl’s wet lips, opening her up to her, allowing her to take in every glistening fold and recess.

She took a little time just to look at Faith. The slick flow of sweet pussy juice oozing out of Faith literally made Buffy thirsty for it. She breathed in the delicious scent coming from her counterpart and knew she would taste incredible. Faith was breathing raggedly now, her tongue continuing to slowly lap at her fellow Slayer.

Buffy could wait no longer, lifting her head slightly, she ran the tip of her tongue from one end of Faith’s spread slit to the other, like she was licking an ice lolly. She licked right up and over her anus, wanting to taste all of her. Then she did the same again, only this time a little harder, dipping her tongue into Faith’s hot pink opening on the way, then up over her tighter hole, distributing the dark girl’s creamy offering as far as she could. Faith shivered.

“Jesus…B. Fuck me, please.” Buffy didn’t really need the request, she had never wanted to do something so much her entire life.

She rammed her tongue into Faith, keeping the slick pink hole open with her thumbs. Buffy wanted to be deep inside her new lover, she wanted to drink her in. And she was. Shoving her tongue in and out of the taller girl, Buffy was rewarded with now constant moaning, vibrating across her own pussy, which was being equally as stimulated.

Both girls thrust into each other, whimpering and moaning. Unable to contain their delight in the other’s skilfulness. Faith tasted so good, her constant flow of silky excitement oozing into Buffy’s mouth. They were both getting closer to the edge, closer to finally being together. As one.

Faith removed her tongue from Buffy’s damp opening causing the smaller girl to lament the loss before crying out as the dark girl pushed two fingers up, deep inside her as she took her clit between her lips and sucked.

“Oh…fuck, Faith.” She slipped her thumb down to Faith’s own clit and began stroking with abandon, wanting the younger girl to explode in her mouth.

They were lost in each other, in taste, touch and sensation. Years of hurt drifting out of their trembling bodies, dripping away with the sweat and silent tears. Buffy wasn’t concerned about the noise they were making, she was too busy enjoying the younger girl and being thoroughly fucked in the process. Her tight walls expanding to Faith’s demanding fingers as they drove in and out of her.

“Oh! Fuuuck, B…I’m gonna come.” Faith clamped her mouth onto Buffy, sucking and flicking her tongue over her clit. She wasn’t the only one about to come.

“Shit…Faith. Oh God.” Both Slayers quivered for one last time, spurting girl cum all over each other as they came, taking each other to the heights of passion more than once, as the waves of pleasure raced through them both.

Buffy licked at the profuse amount of Faith’s essence pouring from her pussy, now running down her throat. She was high on creamy girl cum, high on Faith. Her dark Slayer.

Faith finally collapsed down onto her counterpart, the last spasm shivering through her. She somehow managed to move back around and lie next to Buffy, swiping at her fallen tears.

“You ok, B?” Faith looked full of concern, her dark chocolate eyes sweeping over Buffy’s face.

“Faith, I’m more than ok. Thank you…you’re…” Buffy couldn’t find the words to finish as she noticed gold flecks dancing in the rogue Slayer’s eyes.

She fell even further in love with Faith, right then and there. Her heart skipping a beat at the love she finally found in those beautiful eyes, and the sensuous smile she was now receiving. Words would never express how she felt right now, so Buffy enveloped the other girl in her powerful arms and kissed her. Attempting to relay her feelings, her heart.

The chosen two continued to kiss and caress each other. Not wanting the moment to pass. Buffy was afraid if she were to fall asleep, she would wake to find it had all been a dream. She wanted it to be real, no matter what the outcome. She wanted to know they had moved passed all the pain they once caused each other. She was happy, despite everything, in Faith’s arms. She was happy, and fast falling asleep along with her breathtaking new lover. Snuggled in close to Faith, breathing her in, the remnants of their lust coating them both, Buffy finally found some peace.

The End