Have A Little Faith
by Dylan
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These people don’t belong to me, I just can’t put them down. Unfortunately they are the property of Joss Whedon, and mutant enemy and all that.
Timeline: Season three. Little bit of an alternate timeline. My own take on things when Faith comes to the hellmouth.
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PART ONE: They Meet

Faith stood outside the gates of Sunnydale High and took a deep breath. Running a hand through her long dark hair, she looked down at herself. She was thinking maybe the tight black leather pants and low cut top were not the best things to be wearing, for what was hopefully going to be her first meeting with the infamous Buffy Summers.

But then she realised, turning up in something more conservative just wouldn’t be her. Besides, right now she didn’t have much of a choice, as her wardrobe was a little light in actual clothing at present. Everything she owned was in one small duffel bag, which was slung in the corner of the sparse Motel room the dark eyed girl had rented earlier.

After giving it some thought, and not being able to come up with a better idea, Faith had decided when she arrived in Sunnydale, that the best place to begin looking for her fellow Slayer would be the town’s high school. She figured Buffy, unlike her, was most likely the kind of girl to actually attend school. Faith had never seen the attraction, but then she lived by her wits, not by textbooks.

The dark Slayer had no idea where else to look for the other girl, and to make matters worse, she didn’t even know what she looked like. All she knew for sure was that the legendary Slayer lived by the hellmouth, right here in Sunnydale. She also knew Buffy was one hell of a Slayer.

Faith’s Watcher had told the brunette about Buffy, how she was one of the best, a truly great chosen one. Faith had been told to be more like her, in the way she slayed, in the way she lived. She sounded a little dull to Faith however, who just did her own thing regardless. She couldn’t change who she was, no matter how much the council wanted it. She didn’t really give a damn about the council anyway.

It still pained Faith to think of her now dead Watcher though. For all her pompousness, she had given the young woman hope and direction, in her otherwise pointless life. At least she had the knowledge that the bastard that had taken her Watcher was dead. She had seen to that one herself, revelling in driving the stake through his undead heart.

But then Faith had found herself at a loss for what to do, after exacting her revenge. She had no idea how to contact the Council herself, not that she really wanted to. But with no Watcher to guide her, she was unsure of what she should actually be doing.

It had come to her one night, in the midst of a particularly hard slay. She wasn’t alone. There was another Slayer out there. Another Watcher who just might know what to do about her predicament. So she made her way to California, and Sunnydale, the very next day. She was looking forward to meeting somebody that understood what it felt like to be a Slayer, to have this destiny thrust upon them.

But Faith was also a little nervous. She wasn’t sure how her arrival would be received. Most of all, she didn’t want to be seen as just a spare part. A problem to be dealt with and forgotten. She had lived most of her young life that way.

Faith wiped her moist palms down her denim jacket, and confidently strode up to the main doors of the school. She was nervous alright, but she was also a master at hiding her emotions. Faith was a bad ass, she had to be. It was the only thing that had got her through a decidedly rough childhood. She had her shield well and truly in place. Nothing and no one got through it. Not even her Watcher would have guessed how upset Faith had been at her loss.

The school corridors were quiet, just the hushed tones of various teachers reaching the dark girl's sensitive hearing. Faith made her way to reception. She didn’t really have a plan, but she knew she had to find Buffy. When her shield failed her now and again and slipped, she could admit she was tired of being alone.

It had taken six months to track down her Watcher's killer, Kakistos. She had felt so isolated, with nobody to share her burden. Even a bad ass needs reassurance now and again, it wasn’t something Faith liked to admit to herself too often, but it was true.

The middle aged woman behind the desk at reception, eyed Faith suspiciously from behind her glasses. Maybe all the black and leather was a mistake after all. Faith flashed her most charming smile at the receptionist, showing off her perfect white teeth, and highlighting her dimples.

“Can I help you?” The receptionist didn’t smile back, it was obviously too much trouble.

Faith ignored the look of disdain she was being given, and moved towards the desk.

“Hi. I’m looking for someone who goes to this school, Buffy Summers. She here?” The dark Slayer thought it best to just get to the point.

The woman tapped a few buttons on her computer then frowned, creasing her brow up before turning back to Faith.

“Who are you? I can’t just give out information to anybody you know?” Faith rolled her eyes, apparently the woman thought she was at the head of some secret agency or something.

“I’m…her sister.”

“Oh! Do you have proof?” The receptionist gave Faith a sceptical look.

“No, I don’t have proof. Look, I’m here to give her something.” Faith knew she had to try her best with this, not knowing what Buffy looked like meant she couldn’t just wait around for her. This was the only way.

She leant lazily on the desk, holding the woman’s gaze, hopefully intimidating her slightly. She didn’t want to be asked what it was she was supposed to be giving to Buffy, her brain hadn’t given her the courtesy of letting her think that far ahead.

The thin mist of tension cleared as the phone rang, causing the receptionist to tut before answering it. Whoever it was on the other end was doing a good job of annoying the woman, as she snapped out answers to seemingly irritating questions.

Faith tapped her black painted fingernails on the desk, drawing attention to herself. It elicited a sigh from the other side, and the receptionist rapped on her computer keyboard again. She then wrote something on a scrap of paper, which she shoved towards Faith, all the while continuing her conversation on the phone. The brunette Slayer looked down at the note, it simply said, room 13-History. Faith winked at the woman before turning to make her way to room 13.

She rounded the corridors, hunting for the room which held the other Slayer. With every step Faith grew more and more apprehensive. Just knowing there was somebody nearby with the same power she had, the same destiny. It was more than strange. It unnerved her in one respect, and excited her in another.

Room 13. Faith stood outside the door, calming her breathing to something akin to regular. She adjusted her denim jacket slightly and put up her shield. She ran a strong hand through her wavy hair, then knocked assuredly.



This was it, the meeting of two chosen, magical beings. Faith grasped the doorknob and pushed. The class was quiet, most people busy scribbling in their books, only a few looked up to see who was interrupting their lesson.

“What can I do for you?” The smartly dressed young teacher who stood in front of the class rigidly asked.

Faith cleared her throat slightly before answering.

“I’m here for…” Before she could finish Faith caught the eye of a pretty blonde girl sat near the back of the class, who seemed to be studying her intently.

She appeared to be smaller in stature than Faith, with slightly shorter, silky looking hair. Her sparkling eyes were catching the brilliance of the afternoon sun, even with her perfect Slayer eyesight, Faith couldn’t quite make out if they were green or hazel. Maybe a combination. Whatever colour they were, the brunette instantly thought they were beautiful.

Then she felt it. A tingling sensation like no other she had ever felt before. It was close to the one she would get in the presence of a vampire, but distinctly more pleasant.

“…Buffy Summers” The blonde girl looked puzzled now.

“You’re looking for Buffy?”

Faith couldn’t tear her eyes away from the small blonde girl, currently sending tingles up and down her spine. So she just nodded and vaguely added.


Faith knew it, before the teacher pointed her out. The cute girl at the back of the class was Buffy Summers. The Slayer. It seemed like Buffy was having a hard time looking away from Faith too. Their eyes remained locked on each other. Faith’s pupils dilated even further than they were already, as Buffy subconsciously licked her lips. The younger girl had never imagined the legendary Buffy to be so damn cute. She knew she had to stop staring at her, it was kinda becoming obvious.

“Can I have a word with her?” Faith snapped her chocolate brown eyes towards the teacher, he must have been taken aback by the sheer intensity of her gaze, still filled with dark desire. He stuttered out his reply, motioning for Buffy to leave the class.

Faith left the room and waited for the other Slayer. She was trying her best to clear her mind of lascivious thoughts. She knew she would have to keep a lid on her instant attraction to the chosen one. It had literally hit her like a sledge hammer, taking her by surprise.

The troubled Slayer didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot however. Faith knew, by all accounts, Buffy was straight. She had a boyfriend, so he was a vampire, but they were still together. It was the one flaw her Watcher had said Buffy had…Angel.

Faith nonchalantly leant against the wall, beating down her raging libido as Buffy closed the classroom door behind her and walked towards the younger girl.

Buffy glanced up and down the hall, making sure there were no students lurking nearby.

“You’re a Slayer, right? Either that, or my vamp sensors need fixing.”

Faith couldn’t help thinking that the petite Slayer sounded just as cute as she looked.

“Yeah, I’m a Slayer. Faith.” The nervous brunette extended her hand for Buffy to shake. Trying her best not to look nervous at all.

The little blonde took Faith’s hand in hers, the reaction for both of them was instant. Faith could only liken it to shaking hands with a tiny bolt of lightning. It wasn’t painful, just unexpected.

“Fuck, are you hooked up to the fucking mains?” Faith couldn’t help herself, it wasn’t exactly everyday you feel something like that just from touching somebody.

“I was gonna ask you the same question, except possibly without the expletives.” Buffy smiled sweetly.

“Sorry. It just…I mean…weird.” It wasn’t often that words failed the dark Slayer, but now was definitely one of those rare occasions that called for idiot mode to kick in.

“Yeah.” Apparently Buffy was a sufferer too.

They just stood, staring at each other again. This was fast becoming a habit. Faith remembered her ‘let no fucker know what you’re thinking’ training, and let it take hold. She was supposed to be a bad ass after all.

“So, this is the hellmouth.” It wasn’t so much a question as a statement.

“Yeah, welcome to all things nasty and evil.”

“Great, I’ll fit right in.” Buffy smiled but she looked a tad confused. They both fell silent for several seconds.

Faith didn’t know what to say, where to begin. She was just luxuriating in the tingling sensations still making their way up and down her spine. It wasn’t quite as intense now, but it was still there. Buffy finally broke the silence.

“So, not that it isn’t nice meeting a fellow Slayer and all, but…what are you doing here?” Buffy actually sounded worried, not drastically so, but it was there, under the surface.

“Well, it’s kinda difficult to explain. And I’d rather not, ya know, standing around a corridor and all.” Faith hadn’t actually taken the time to think about what she was going to say to Buffy once she found her. She really felt like giving herself a good kicking sometimes.

“Right…my lesson is nearly over. Umm! Wait here for me?”

“It’s not like I have anything better to do, blondie.” Faith’s bad ass persona was taking over, it came naturally to her, especially whenever she felt uneasy. And Buffy definitely made her uneasy. She wasn’t entirely sure why, there was just something about her, maybe it was the Slayer thing, she didn’t know.

Buffy turned to look at Faith just before re entering the room, she was about to say something but stopped mid breath. Faith was grinning at the older girl, she tried her best for it not to be a sexy grin, but she didn’t quite pull it off. Faith knew she looked hot when she smiled like that, it always got her what she wanted. And it was more than likely the reason Buffy’s mind had just zoned out, making her forget what she was about to say. At least that’s what it had looked like to Faith. But then she realised, that maybe it was just wishful thinking on her part.

The dark Slayer watched as Buffy closed the door, letting out a sigh as the cute blonde disappeared from view. She had never envisioned coming to Sunnydale and finding out the famed Buffy Summers was a fox. She had always pictured her as prissy and plain.

Faith shook her head, marvelling at the basic level her brain worked. Sex. Often it was all she could think about. Guys or girls, it didn’t really make a difference to Faith. Although she would have to admit, even with her limited experience, having only ever slept with two girls before, fucking with the fairer sex was a hell of a lot hotter.

She attempted to wipe her mind clean. Realising that lusting after your fellow Slayer, mere seconds after first laying eyes on her, was probably not cool. And Faith really didn’t want to mess this up. She was hoping for this to be her second chance. After losing her Watcher, the tormented Slayer had began to lose her way a little, living on nothing but the need to take revenge. She was floundering now, and as much as she liked being a free spirit, Faith knew she had a destiny to fulfil.

The brunette slid down the wall, opposite the door to Buffy’s class, and waited. She didn’t have to wait long thankfully. The school bell rang out through the stark corridors, and students began filtering out into the hall. Faith kept her position on the floor, daring anyone to get too close. Nobody did, like she had an invisible force field or something, or maybe it was just the wild look in her eyes. She wasn’t the kind of girl that looked like she could be messed with.

Faith felt the tingles again. Buffy was getting closer, hanging behind the crowd coming out of her room. Faith glanced up through hooded eyes as the blonde girl made her way across the hall.


“Comfortable?” Buffy extended her hand in a gesture to help Faith up. The dark Slayer was about to take hold of the offered hand but pulled back and pushed herself off the floor.

She didn’t really think it would assist in the ‘no thinking of Buffy in your bed’ rule she had just given herself. Especially if she felt that tingle of electricity between them again. Buffy appeared to be a little upset at the knock back of her helping hand, but said nothing.

“I should be going to an English class right now, but what the hey. I doubt I’ll be missed.” Faith bit her tongue.

She doubted very much that anyone could just overlook this girl.

“Do you want to walk and talk?” Buffy had a cute smile spread across her lips. Faith tried her best not to notice.

Shrugging, the dark Slayer hardened her eyes as all her defences went into over drive. She knew it was for the best. There was no way she was going to allow herself to want Buffy. Straight Buffy, who has a boyfriend. She told herself again that she was not about to fuck this up. She needed a base, a purpose. A friend who could understand her. It was just too much to even contemplate risking. She knew it would be hard. She may have just met the other Slayer, but Faith could tell her resolve was going to be tested in the biggest way.

“Lead the way.” Faith dug her hands into her pockets, as the two girls made their way out of the high school.

“I didn’t think you’d be the kinda girl to skip class.” Faith kept her eyes focused ahead.

“Why? I mean, has someone been talking about me?” Buffy seemed genuinely confused.

“You were all my Watcher could talk about.” There was no malice in the younger girl’s voice, what she had been told only made her in awe of Buffy, not jealous. Well, maybe just a little jealous.

“I didn’t realise I would be an exciting topic of conversation.”

“Hey, I never said what I was told was exciting, detailed, but never exciting.” Faith just couldn’t help being sarcastic sometimes, yet another defence mechanism.

“Wait.” Buffy stopped walking. “All your Watcher could talk about?” Faith understood the unasked question.

“Yeah. She was killed, vampire. I got the bastard for it though.” The dark Slayer couldn’t hold back the venom in her voice.

Buffy reached out to touch the younger girl’s arm, but Faith set off walking again, out of reach. The brunette was still dealing with the pain of losing her Watcher, and she didn’t want Buffy seeing it. She hated looking weak. The cute blonde trailed after her.

“Is that why you’re here?”

“Uh huh! Didn’t know what else to do. I’ve been slaying and shit, but I thought I’d better…I don’t know, check in with someone, ya know?”

“Didn’t anyone come to replace her?”

“I didn’t stick around long enough to find out. I had to get the bastard that killed her, you understand right?” Buffy nodded ever so slightly.

The two girls had made their way down the school steps and out into a park not far from the school. They headed for a bench just ahead of them.

“After I killed him, I went back to her house. There was no one around. No replacement Watcher, nothing. So I came here. Figured your guy could help me out.” They sat down on the park bench.

“Giles. Yeah, he’d know what to do…you could maybe even stay here or something.” Buffy sounded almost thrilled at the prospect. Faith knew that was probably down to the fact she could share the load.

“I hadn’t thought that far ahead…Anyway, enough about me. Tell me about you, the unedited ‘Buffy is a legend’ version.” The small Slayer visibly blushed. It was the cutest thing Faith had ever seen, so she quickly looked away, ignoring it.

“Well, I’m no legend Faith.” The sound of her name coming from those enticing lips almost caused Faith to tremble.

She knew she had to get a grip, she was never the type of girl to be bowled over by someone so easily. It was usually the other way round in her experience. She was always the one being lusted after. The younger Slayer tried convincing herself that Buffy wasn’t even that attractive. She realised she was kidding herself. Buffy was that attractive to her.

“So I hear you’re boinking the undead.” Faith was never one for subtlety, and she needed reassurance that Buffy was indeed, off limits.

“W-where did you, I mean, who told you that?” The cute blonde was evidently shaken by the question.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’m not gonna judge you. Whatever floats your boat, girlfriend.”

“Well, it’s really none of your business. Or anyone else’s for that matter.” She’d clearly hit on a sore point with the older girl.

“Hey, I’m sorry. Jesus.” Faith looked away as Buffy stood up, slinging her small rucksack over her shoulder.

“We should go see Giles. Let him know you’re here and well, let him figure out what to do.” With that said Buffy began briskly walking back towards the school.

Faith slapped the palm of her hand against her forehead, cursing herself for being such a dumbass. She bounded off the bench and caught up with the irate Slayer.

“Look, I didn’t mean to put my foot in it. I’m just an idiot. Hey, I once kissed a zombie by mistake.” Buffy looked at her like she had two heads. “For real. He jumped me, I was drunk and thought it was someone else. Ya see, the guy I was dating at the time had about as much life in him as your average zombie. I got confused.” Buffy stopped walking and began to laugh. Faith decided right then and there, she really liked it when Buffy laughed.

“Faith. You’re weird.”

“Complements will get you everywhere.” Faith couldn’t resist wiggling her eyebrows suggestively, she was just no good at holding back when it came to sexual innuendoes and flirting.

Buffy didn’t seem perturbed by the vaguely flirtatious gesture, in fact it just made her smile even more. Until her brain must have kicked into gear, eliciting a small frown before she set off walking again. Faith kept stride beside her fellow Slayer, as they made their way to see Giles.

PART TWO: Just A Problem

Faith hadn’t expected Buffy’s Watcher to be the school librarian. But then again, tweedy English guys were probably more suited to the job than anyone. He was a little surprised by the new Slayer’s arrival. His flustered performance of ‘remove glasses, clean glasses, rinse and repeat’ couldn’t hide the fact. But he was all business like and supportive. Or at least, that’s what came across.

He got on the phone straight away to the council, assuring Faith he would find out what they intended to do about the situation. Faith wasn’t sure she wanted them to do anything. She just needed to find her place in the world. The prospect of a new Watcher, with rules and regulations, didn’t really appeal to the brunette. She had rarely done anything her last Watcher told her.

Buffy slumped down into a creaky wooden chair in the middle of the library as Faith shuffled about, trying not to feel uncomfortable, out of place, and down right edgy. She looked around, taking in her surroundings, rather than the cute little blonde, who was at present rummaging through her rucksack.

The various shelves were filled with old books, they were probably never read by anyone, at least, not anyone with a life. But they made the place seem old and impressive. As she glanced around, Faith noticed a strange pattern on the floor. It was like some kind of big circle or something. Without really needing to ask Faith blurted out.

“Shit, is that it? The hellmouth?” Faith stood where she perceived the evil portal to be.

“Yep, that’s it. Source of demon thingies and the like. That’s why Giles is here really. To keep an eye on it.”

“Fuck. That’s freaky.”

“You certainly have a way of putting things, Faith.” Buffy moved her bag from the table as Faith sat down in a chair beside her.

“I just tell it like it is, B.” The dark Slayer lifted her feet onto the nearby table, clunking down her heavy boots on the already scratched surface.

Buffy gave her a quizzical look, possibly wondering about the apparent new nickname she had just received, but before she could put voice to her puzzlement Giles came back out of his office.

“Well Faith, it seems the council had been er…classing you as a rogue Slayer. As they had no idea about what had happened to you or your Watcher. I’ve explained the circumstances of your departure, and they are going to get back to me with regards their plans. It seems they’re a little bit at a loss with what to do with you now.”

“Thanks, G man.”

“Excuse me?” He looked equally as puzzled as Buffy had.

“It’s ok Giles. Seems Faith likes giving people nicknames.”

“Oh! Right, anyway…it would be best for you to stay in Sunnydale until the council come to some kind of decision.”

Faith looked down at the floor, doing her best to hide any sign of emotion. She was being treated like a problem again, something to fix. When she had been called, the troubled youth had really believed things would change for her, improve. But things never really changed, they just shifted locations. She stood up, smoothing down her leather pants and standing tall.

“I’ll let you know the number of the motel I’m staying at. Thanks again.” Faith headed towards the door, not wanting to stick around the stuffy library.

Suddenly she felt the overwhelming desire to get out in the open, to get away. Giles just nodded and made his way back into his office. The dark Slayer didn’t turn around to look at Buffy, or say goodbye before she left.

She didn’t want to wait around like a spare part. And right now that’s exactly what she felt like. She was the Slayer, but Buffy was still the chosen one. Faith hadn’t realised she was going to feel like this once she had found her fellow Slayer. It was pissing her off now. Just once she had wanted to feel needed, but apparently she wasn’t high on anyone’s list of priorities. She didn’t count. No, things never really changed.

Faith left the school building as quickly as she could, she was seriously thinking of just leaving Sunnydale altogether. If she wasn’t needed, then what the fuck was the point in hanging around? She didn’t know the answer to that one. She did know that she wasn’t just going to sit back, while somebody thousands of miles away decided how to stick a square peg into a round hole.

“Faith. Wait.” It was Buffy, jogging to catch up with her.

The younger Slayer spun around, unable to clear the anger in her eyes.

“Wait for what, Christmas?”

“Giles didn’t mean for it to come out like that.” Obviously Buffy had picked up on the same vibe Faith had.

“It doesn’t matter how it came out, B. It doesn’t change the fact that I just don’t fucking count. I mean, why should I? They’ve got you.” Faith started off walking again.

“Hey. You do count. You’re the Slayer Faith. I’ve just been doing it longer that’s all. Forget about the council. What do they know about anything anyway, right? They’re just a bunch of tweeds living halfway across the world, with no clue about what it’s really like to be a Slayer.” Buffy also sounded pissed off.

Faith stopped walking again and closed her eyes, trying to get control of her anger.

Maybe she had made the right decision in coming here after all. Buffy had basically voiced Faith’s own opinion of the council. And the small blonde was the only person who understood what it meant to be chosen. Faith turned to face Buffy.

“I’m sorry, it just got me pissed off.” She didn’t know what else to say, her emotions were running high. Faith found herself dealing with just too much.

“It’s ok, I understand. Well, some of it. The whole ‘you’re the chosen one, deal with it’, and then your Watcher getting killed. I know how it feels.” Buffy reached out to Faith, touching the younger girl's arm gently.

Instead of pulling away this time, Faith allowed the contact. Looking up into Buffy’s shimmering eyes, what the small blonde had just said registered.

“You mean…you lost a Watcher? I didn’t know, I wasn’t told that. I’m sorry.” Buffy let her hand slip from Faith’s arm and turned away slightly, eyes staring at the cracks in the pavement, distant pain resurfacing a little.

Faith didn’t allow Buffy to turn too far however, and before she had time to think about it, she grasped the older girl's hand in her own. Buffy didn’t attempt to pull away, which Faith was grateful for. Not one for grand tactile gestures, this was new to the dark Slayer.

Faith fought to ignore the hot tingling sensation arising from their embracing hands. It wasn’t too hard. What was harder to ignore was the sensation between her thighs, currently screaming for attention. And the fluttering in her stomach. It was intense, just standing there, holding onto Buffy’s hand. Faith didn’t want to move, but she knew she had to, it wasn’t fair on the other girl, she was well aware of that.

Buffy looked deep into chocolate brown eyes, her lips slightly parted, as if she were waiting for something to happen, anything. Faith clenched her jaw and let go. Not permitting herself to even dare think about what Buffy had been waiting for. She took a cleansing breath and fixed her shield back into place.

“Hey, screw it. You wanna grab a drink?” Buffy blinked a little at Faith’s sudden change. She appeared to be a little baffled. Maybe she had felt the tingles too, in more than just her hand.

“Yeah, I’ll buy. I know a good coffee place.”

“Cool, cos I don’t have any money.” Faith smiled broadly, lifting the tension and causing Buffy to smile right back at her.

Faith was fairly confident, that no matter what the Watchers council decided, or what she was going to do from here on in, she had done the right thing finding the cute little Slayer currently walking beside her.

The two girls made their way to a nearby coffee shop, and spent over an hour talking about their lives. Well, it was mainly Buffy telling Faith about how she came to Sunnydale, and the existence of the Scooby gang and such. The dark Slayer had not said much, or anything really, about her life before being chosen. She didn’t want to bore Buffy with the details of her shitty youth after all. Faith liked keeping her cards close to her chest. People couldn’t mess with you if they didn’t know what buttons to press. So she made sure nobody found out what her particular buttons where.

Although, during the conversation, Faith found herself wanting Buffy to push various other buttons of hers. Try as she might, the younger Slayer couldn’t help but be enthralled by the witty blonde. She found Buffy could be pretty funny, if a little prudish and uptight. But Faith didn’t think it would take much for her blonde counter part to loosen up. And even though the younger girl kept telling herself not to think of Buffy as being anything other than a possible friend, she couldn’t help herself.

It seemed Buffy must have found something likeable in Faith also, as she invited the dark Slayer to join her and the Scooby gang out to a club called the Bronze that night. Of course Faith accepted, even though getting chatty with what seemed to be a bunch of nerds wasn’t really her thing, Buffy would be there, and that was good enough. Besides, she thought, it might just be a good place to pick someone up. She was suddenly itching to get laid.


It hadn’t taken Faith long to decide what to wear for the evening. It’s not like she had a great deal of choice. She stuck with the trademark leather pants, but went for an even more revealing top, it was dark red and seemed to boost her cleavage, and basically it said ‘I look hot and I know how to give you a good time’. Which was true. She made sure she smelled nice, and spent longer on her makeup than usual. She wanted to look good, and nobody could deny that she did.

She had arranged to meet Buffy in the club at around 8. It was now 8:30. Faith always did like to make an entrance, and being late would ensure that to some extent she would. The sultry Slayer made her way into the darkness of the Bronze, surreptitiously exploring the crowd with her deep dark gaze, for the little blonde she had put so much effort into getting ready for. As she turned to walk over to the bar Faith spotted Buffy in amongst the other revellers. She was dancing. And Faith was now rooted to the spot.

Around the older Slayer was a red haired girl and some geeky looking guy, but Faith’s attention was firmly on Buffy. The chosen one was wearing extremely tight black jeans that hung low on her hips. Her top also looked to be fairly tight, in fact there wasn't really much of it to speak of. The silky white fabric covered the front snugly, but left most of the Slayer’s back exposed.

Faith decided it wasn’t going to be an easy night. She would have to work exceptionally hard in order to hide her attraction to the older girl. It crossed her mind to just turn around and walk back out, and maybe go and take her frustrations out on some unsuspecting vamps.

That idea was erased from her mind as she noticed how Buffy was scanning the throng outside the circle of dancers. She was looking for somebody. Faith suspected, with a jolt of jealousy, that it was probably Angel the little blonde was searching for. She suspected it, then instantly forgot what it was she was thinking about as Buffy locked eyes with her.

The broad smile that erupted on the blonde girl’s face brought out an almost equally broad smile on Faith's. But then she remembered who she was and it ended in more of a sexy grin. There was no way she was going to get away with not being naturally flirty tonight, try as she may.

Buffy fought her way off the dance floor, dragging two puzzled Scoobs along with her, as Faith made her way towards them. The two Slayers barely broke eye contact as the tingling sensation from earlier shot along Faith’s spine. She practically groaned with how good it felt, like when you sneeze, but more so. Kind of a mini orgasm. She was definitely liking it, even though she knew it would wear off a little after a while.

They reached each other by the bar, neither one of the Slayers appeared to know exactly what to say. Even ‘hello’ seemed to elude the husky tones of the younger girl. She was too busy being lost in those green eyes, Faith had decided that they were definitely more that colour than hazel. Buffy was looking a little lost too.

“Ummm, hi. I’m Willow. You must be Faith.” The nerdy red head extended a nervous hand towards Faith, who, at first didn’t quite register what she had said until she mentally kicked herself into gear.

“Yeah. I’m second string Slayer.” She said that with a tad more rancour than was probably called for.

Buffy gave her a funny look. They had spoken about how Faith was more than just a back up Slayer earlier. But Faith couldn’t quite get away from the feeling. She shrugged her shoulders a little and resolved to be a nice girl for the night. Or at least try to be. After all, from the sounds of it, Buffy’s friends were very important to her. So if she pissed them off she would be pissing Buffy off, and she didn’t want to do that.

“I’m Xander.” The guy had the goofiest grin plastered on his face that Faith had ever seen. It was obvious what was going through his mind. Her, naked. Buffy slapped him on the arm causing him to wince a little.

The dark Slayer shook both their hands, then she remembered that there was another one of them she hadn’t met yet.

“So where’s what’s her name, Cordelia?” It was Faith’s attempt at being polite, and interested.

“She’s doing some kind of cheerleader thing tonight.” Buffy answered.

Faith’s eyebrow shot up at the mention of a cheerleader being part of the gang, not knowing that Buffy had also tried her hand at that particular pastime. The thought of girls jiggling about in very short skirts landed Faith’s mind firmly in ‘foot in mouth’ mode.

“So, does she wear the skimpy duds out dusting vamps?” The suggestive inflection of her voice, and mischievous grin and eyebrow twitch spoke volumes. She so wished she could have taken it back, but it was too late.

Xander’s bottom jaw practically bounced off the floor, and Willow’s face decided to emulate the colour of her hair perfectly. Buffy turned a little pink and busied herself looking for a table, pretending not to hear, or understand.

“We should go sit down…there’s a table over that way. Guys?” She pointed over to an empty table and began making her way over to it.

Faith thought it was probably best not to dig herself a deeper hole by repeating the ignored question, or even acknowledging to herself that she had asked it. She was meant to be trying to fit in, not freaking them out. And with the exception of Xander, who just looked like he was picturing things best kept to himself, they did look freaked. Another slap to Xander’s arm warned him not to delve into the cheerleader comment. Faith was grateful.

As Buffy and the other two made their way to sit down Faith made for the bar. She needed a drink. In fact, she needed several. It wasn’t that she was unduly bothered about them knowing she liked girls just as much as guys, or more so if truth be told, she was just worried that it would distance Buffy from her. Faith really didn’t want that to happen.

With her drink in her hand the dark Slayer situated herself at the table with her new found friends. They were busy talking about a particularly difficult slay the blonde girl had had recently. Some hellish demon or other it seemed. Without recalling that placing her foot in her mouth was not a sensible thing to do Faith chimed in.

“Isn’t it crazy how slaying just always makes you hungry and horny?”

Xander half coughed and half spluttered as he and Willow looked over to Buffy for confirmation.

“Well…sometimes I crave a…non fat yoghurt afterwards.” Faith couldn’t hide the smirk she knew was plastered on her face.

She shook her head slightly as Buffy tried to give her a menacing stare as a warning not to take it further. The brunette took a long drink and dropped the matter, for now at least. Obviously there were things Buffy kept hidden from the Scooby gang, either that or Faith thought maybe it was just her that suffered that particular trait.

Faith made a promise to herself not to say anything else stupid and settled on relaying a few slaying stories of her own, and commenting on various loser boyfriends she had once had. To throw the scent off them thinking she was a raving lesbian. Not that she was ashamed of being attracted to women, especially the cute blonde she was having trouble keeping her eyes off. She hoped Buffy hadn’t noticed her interest though.


It wasn’t long before Willow was forcing Xander back on to the dance floor, leaving the two Slayers alone together. Faith would have loved to have joined them in their revelling, but she was finding it far more pleasant sat next to Buffy. She realised this was a good time to bring up a couple of things with her fellow Slayer, not least the whole hungry and horny business.

“So…this whole tingling thing I’m feeling around you, are you getting it too?” Faith hoped that had made more sense than she thought.

“Yeah, it’s kinda weird. I mean, not in a bad weird way, but definitely not ya know, normal.”

Faith could almost feel the heat coming from Buffy. She wasn’t sure why the little Slayer seemed so nervous. It was something to hold onto though.

“Did you get that with the other chick…Kendra?” The brunette was genuinely interested, having never met another Slayer before.

“No…well, not really.” The desirable little blonde glanced from Faith to the dance floor, and back.

“Huh?” Faith’s playful smile and puzzled frown wasn’t hard to miss.

“It was different with Kendra, a lot less…intense. It was more like your standard ‘something not quite normal is near by’ feeling. Not so, nice I guess. What does it feel like to you?”

“Nice would be one way to describe it I suppose.” She didn’t want to confess to it bordering on turning her on. Just in case Buffy thought she was some kind of nut. Instead, she continued with her questions.

“And what about the electric shock therapy when we touch?” Faith looked away quickly, as she imagined touching the small blonde in more than just a platonic way.

“I…can’t ever remember actual physical contact between me and Kendra. Ya see, she was a little uptight. You could say she was quite possibly the complete opposite of you.” Buffy’s glinting eyes caught her fellow Slayer into them once again. “So Faith…as we’re in question and answer mode, and we’re both Slayers and all. Practically cosmically joined, hence all the tingling and stuff. Are you…you don’t have to answer but I just thought I’d ask in case I say something out of turn or something.” Buffy was babbling, fairly obviously. Although Faith stupidly didn’t have a clue what was going to be asked until Buffy finally spat it out, and the younger girl almost choked on her drink. “Are you gay? I mean…the cheerleader comment. I was going to ignore it, but hey, it’s best to be honest right? I just don’t want to presume anything, or…not.” Buffy was blushing at her own forward question, although by the end of it she seemed a little less convinced about whether or not she should have asked it.

Faith attempted to swallow the gulp of her drink that was currently doing its best to end her short life. She managed, just about, and tried to compose herself. She didn’t want to lie to the other Slayer. She had lived by lies in the past and knew nothing good ever came of it. Honesty was the best policy. Well, in most situations that is. She surmised that this was one of those situations. It had to be if she was to gain the trust of Buffy, and her friends. And she really didn’t want to lie to the sweet blonde. Faith sighed a little before turning to her fellow Slayer.

“No…” Buffy was about to interject but didn’t get the chance. “I’m…fuck, I don’t know. You could say I was Bi or something I guess, if you have to put a label on me that is. But I don’t much care for labels and shit.” Faith tried her best for it not to seem like a big deal. The thing was, she was scared of pushing Buffy away. Even though she hardly knew her, Faith wanted to be in the loop.

“Ok, cool.” Buffy shrugged.

Faith smiled broadly at Buffy, she couldn’t help but. She just hadn’t expected the infamous Slayer to be bothered so little about what she had just disclosed.

“What?” Buffy was looking a little confused at Faith’s toothy smile.

The brunette shook her head, then decided to slip in one more question before the two scoobies returned.

“So anyway, Twinkie…Are you telling me you don’t get just a little hungry and horny after a slay?” Faith lent forward ever so slightly, her body language unable to mask her interest.

“I never quite said I didn’t, Faith” Buffy took a sip of her drink, acting as coy as she possibly could.

“So you’re tellin' me you do? Come on B, spill.” The dark Slayer eyed her new friend with intensity.

“Ok, maybe a little.” Buffy allowed her gaze into Faith’s eyes to stay just a little longer than necessary. It wasn’t lost on the brunette, and she couldn’t help but feel happy about it.

“So I guess soul boy helps you out with that.” She couldn’t help herself, it just slipped out. Faith realised she was already feeling jealous about Buffy’s relationship.

The little blonde looked away into the crowd, avoiding the statement. She suddenly seemed deflated, down. Instantly Faith regretted saying anything about Buffy’s lover.

“Sorry, B. Me and my big mouth, just ignore me. It’s non of my business.”

As if deciding then and there that she knew the sultry Slayer well enough to open up to her, Buffy turned her sad eyes to Faith and told her something she didn’t want to hear. Faith didn’t want to hear it because it meant there were fewer restrictions to her attraction to the older girl.

“I’m not with Angel anymore. We split up last week. Nobody knows, well, except you now.” Faith wasn’t sure whether to feel honoured at the gesture of friendship. She had no idea why Buffy would tell her something like that and not the Scoobies.


“It’s ok. It was for the best. I mean, we didn’t really have a future together, and things had been falling apart for awhile.”

Faith could see however that Buffy wasn’t exactly ok with it.

Without thinking about it, Faith reached over and gently squeezed her fellow Slayer’s hand. The tingles didn’t deter her from allowing the touch to linger, and Buffy made no move to shy away from the contact. Until that was, Willow and Xander returned from their dancing.

“Hey guys, I think I’ve finally worn Xander out.”

Faith bit her tongue, but not hard enough.

“What, you're telling me I missed out on all the action? What am I gonna do now?” All eyes were on her but she just smiled, figuring they would eventually get used to her innuendoes and such. Although, to be truthful, most people didn’t. But Faith wasn’t about to go changing any time soon.

PART THREE: Introducing The ‘Dale

The two Slayers stayed at the Bronze for another couple of hours before Buffy decided she should show Faith the sights of Sunnydale. Or to put it another way, she was going to take her around the many cemeteries. The little Slayer wanted Faith to join her for her patrol. It was fine with Faith, she was all worked up and needed some kind of release. Dusting a few vamps would do the trick.

But then there would be the post slayage hungry and hornys to work off. She decided to cross that particular bridge when she came to it. So they left the two Scoobies at the Bronze as they made their way out for some Slayer type fun.

It was a clear night, the moon just big enough to see by. There was warmth in the air, trapped from the heat of the day. Faith removed her jacket, tying it around her hips. Buffy kept hers on, as the tiny top she was wearing left her completely exposed to any breeze that happened by.

“So this is the main cemetery. As you can see, suitably spooky.” Buffy glanced about her, keeping a look out for any vamps in the area.

Faith hopped up onto a large tombstone and lit a cigarette. It was obviously not to Buffy’s liking, judging by the look on her face. Faith thought it was weird how quickly she was getting to know the other girl’s expressions. But then they were the chosen two. It might just be the way it was.

“Sorry. Bad habit I know.” Faith flicked the cigarette far into the distance. She certainly didn’t want to irritate the blonde Slayer.

“You didn’t have to do that for me.”

“I know, but I wanted to.”

Buffy gave Faith a slightly puzzled look. Like she was questioning the dark girl’s motives without actually saying anything.

The smaller girl leant lazily on a nearby headstone as they waited for the prowling undead to come to them. They had had a fruitless search so far. The heat in the air no doubt discouraging too much vamp action.

Faith thought it would be a good idea to attempt to put her mind off the fact that Buffy was looking really good right now. The moonlight bathed her in silver, almost making her glow like some kind of angel. Faith shook her head slightly at how disgustingly goofy she sounded to herself.

“What?” Buffy had noticed Faith’s wry grin.

“Nothing, just throwing myself for a loop here. So anyway, what’s it like living by a hellmouth?”

“Oh you know, vamps, demons, an apocalypse here and there. It can be pretty busy I guess.”

The younger girl couldn’t help but laugh at how nonchalant Buffy was about all the life and death situations she must have been through.

“What? Why are you laughing?” Buffy looked genuinely at a loss. She had the sweetest pout going on.

“Damn, you’re cute.” It had slipped, no leapt, out of Faith’s mouth before she could stop it. The rogue Slayer fidgeted a little and looked away, running a hand through her luscious hair. Waiting for some kind of ‘get the hell away from me’ comeback.

“Thanks.” Buffy answered her shyly with a slight blush to her face.

Thankfully, before things got too awkward, two Vampires decided to make their presence known.

“Looks like we’re up, girlfriend.” Faith jumped down from her perch and settled instantly into a fighting stance, Buffy instinctively did the same.

They moved in unison as they rounded the doomed Vampires. Faith got the first hit in, sending her unlucky challenger reeling.

“Shit, she’s a Slayer too.”

“Ya got that right dust boy.” The brunette traded blows just as much as banter as she made short work of her opponent.

Buffy however, was having a harder time of it. Her guy was obviously older and stronger. They were knocking each other around quite a bit. Faith wasn’t too worried about the smaller girl's ability to dust her Vampire though, she knew Buffy was an awesome fighter.

Faith finished off her foe with the minimum of effort before turning her attention to the battle going on in front of her. She was in awe of the other Slayer. Buffy moved with such grace considering she was beating the hell out of a dead guy.

But then the Vampire seemed to get the upper hand as he slammed the small Slayer to the ground causing her to drop her stake. Faith was loath to help Buffy out, not wanting to piss her off, or steal her kill. As the robust Vampire straddled the blonde girl however, Faith decided to make a move. She rushed towards the pair just before white fangs got dangerously close to their target.

The sexy Slayer slammed her stake into the waiting back, then promptly fell forward onto Buffy, as her momentum carried her through the dust left behind. She ended up sprawled on top of the slighter girl. Her leather clad body lying salaciously between Buffy’s thighs. They both just lay there, seemingly unable to move. Faith looked deep into the other girl’s eyes. She was sure she saw something akin to desire, but not sure enough.

Faith pushed herself up off the ground slightly pressing into Buffy as she did so. She knew she heard the smaller Slayer take a sharp breath, it was unmistakable. But she didn’t want to go ahead and make some kind of huge mistake and act on her own attraction to Buffy. So she stood up, brushing Vampire grime off herself.

“Sorry about that.”

“It’s ok.” Buffy took Faith’s helping hand, and pulled herself up.

She made no move to distance herself from the younger Slayer. So there they stood, practically toe to toe. Eyes questioning. Tension charging between them. Until Faith took the initiative, and turned away. She bent down to retrieve Buffy’s stake, wondering just what had passed between them, if anything.

“So you wanna go get something to eat, B? I’m wicked hungry.”

“Yeah, sure.” The older girl had a distant look on her face, but Faith thought better than to push it.

The two Slayers left the vamp dust settling, as they made their way to the nearest place to eat, it was a bit of a dump, a cheap café. But it would do.

They ate their fill, then Faith offered to walk Buffy home. At first the smaller Slayer turned her down, but Faith wouldn’t take no for an answer. Already she was feeling the need to protect the other girl, to keep her safe. It was unsettling.

She knew she was attracted to Buffy, she knew she already wanted her in a big way. But actually giving a damn about anything else was new to the troubled girl. It was always about the sex to her. She slapped down any other thought, and just concentrated on the overwhelming urge to get into Buffy’s pants, at least she understood that feeling.

But then of course there was the need to keep her on side, in as platonic a way as possible. That latter part she knew was going to be difficult, especially with the post slaying itch running through her.

As they reached the little Slayer’s front door Faith became fidgety, running her hand through her hair the way she always would when she felt that way, and generally seeming unnerved. If Buffy had noticed however, she hadn’t let on.

“Do you want to come in?” Faith could swear Buffy actually looked nervous.

It was sweet, and incredibly enticing, but she knew it was best to turn the older Slayer down. She was far too worked up already.

“Nah…think I’m just gonna head back to the Motel, get some sleep. Thanx anyway.” She smiled genuinely at Buffy before turning to leave.

“Faith…I…um, guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” Buffy must have caught the confused look in the brunette’s dark eyes.

She hadn’t really expected Buffy to want to hang out with her again or anything. Faith wanted to, but her solid defence mechanism hadn’t allowed for the possibility.

“I mean, if you want to meet up or something…maybe for lunch?” The cute blonde awaited Faith’s reply with her usual gentle smile.

“Sure.” It was all the younger girl could think to say, she didn’t want to seem over eager after all.

“Cool. You can meet me at the library if you want, about 12…Oh! And if anyone asks what you’re doing there, just tell them you know Giles.” The cheerful exuberance of meeting Faith for lunch the next day was obvious.

It took the rogue Slayer a little by surprise. But then she realised that Buffy seemed to approach everything that way. It probably wasn’t anything to do with Faith and their plans for tomorrow. It was just who Buffy was.

Faith nodded in agreement, then made her way back to the street. She turned to check that the little blonde was safely in her house, only to find that Buffy was watching her departure. The chosen one even offered Faith a little wave goodbye. And despite her cool exterior persona, Faith found herself waving back.

It was puzzling to say the least. Never before had the dark girl thought of herself as the ‘waving sweetly’ type. It just wasn’t something she did. But around Buffy, well, around her new found friend she was different. In more ways than she could describe. Or explain.


Over the course of the following week, Faith spent more and more time with Buffy and the Scoobies. But mainly with Buffy. They had begun to train together, after Giles had insisted. They were still waiting to hear from the council, who were dragging their feet over what to do with Faith.

There really was nothing for Faith to do but train and patrol with her fellow Slayer. She spent most days waiting around to meet the gang for lunch, and most evenings hoping Buffy would want to hang with her after slaying whatever unfortunate vamp or demon crossed their paths.

The chosen two were an awesome fighting team. They seemed to be able to read each other’s moves, and time their attacks perfectly. It certainly made for interesting sparring. They were well matched, although Buffy did tend to get the upper hand now and again.

Faith busied herself with tidying her motel room, which was pretty sparse so didn’t take long. It was a Saturday, and she was waiting for a call or visit from Buffy. At least she hoped the other girl would want to do something with her involved. She tried not to get her hopes up, after all, Buffy did have a life before her arrival. She had friends and a family to spend time with.

Just as Faith reached the conclusion that Buffy probably didn’t have the time or inclination to spend any of her weekend with her, she heard a soft knock on the door. Folding the last of her clean laundry, Faith straightened out her white tank top and answered the intrusion.

“Hey.” It was Buffy.

Faith attempted to kick her brain into gear and say hello to the little Slayer, but she couldn’t get past the thought that Buffy looked especially beautiful standing there bathed in the summer sunshine.

“Faith? Are you ok?…I’m disturbing you aren’t I. Sorry, I should have called.”

The rogue Slayer snapped herself out of her reverie, blinking away the thought of Buffy naked, and hers.

“No, it’s fine. I wasn’t busy.” Faith stood aside a little way in a gesture for Buffy to enter, which she did. “Sorry, it’s pretty shitty in here.” The taller girl felt the need to excuse the pitiful room.

Buffy just smiled at her cheerfully and made her way to sit on the double bed.

“It’s not so bad…Do you want to do something today?…I mean, with me.”

Faith resisted the temptation to say what had sprung into her mind. She would like to do something with the older girl all right, especially with her sat demurely on her bed. She swallowed any lascivious comment down.

“Yeah, sure.” She couldn’t hide the wide smile on her face though, at being asked so invitingly by the other Slayer to spend time with her.

She was almost positive Buffy had blushed a little as she too allowed her lips to curl up into a smile at being accepted. But the blonde Slayer looked away before Faith could be sure.

“Do you wanna go grab something to eat?” Faith picked her denim jacket up from its place on the chair and headed for the door.

“Is there no point that you’re not hungry, Faith?” Buffy couldn’t help but laugh it seemed.

The brunette shook her head, laughing along side her friend. It was true after all, she was almost impossible to fill up.

The two Slayers made their way into town. Between the companionable silences they mainly just made small talk. Faith didn’t think she had ever felt so comfortable with somebody she barely knew before. Especially considering the fact that she was becoming ever more attracted to the older girl.

After having breakfast, and lunch, at one sitting, Faith decided she was full. Buffy suggested that they go to the beach, which wasn’t too far out of town. It was a particularly nice day after all.

After stopping off at Buffy’s house to pick up swimwear for them both. Faith needing to borrow something of the smaller Slayer’s, the chosen two made their way, after slipping on their bikini’s under their clothing. Buffy had been given permission to use her mom’s jeep, and Faith decided as soon as they got out, never to get back in it again with Buffy behind the wheel.

The older Slayer luckily knew of a fairly secluded spot that most people didn’t bother trekking to. It was further away from the main road, and less child friendly. Most residents knew of the scattered rocks that were closer to shore than at the more popular beaches, but it suited the two girls just fine.

They arranged themselves at the far end of the beach, far enough away from the handful of people further down. It certainly seemed ideal to Faith. She didn’t like the idea of too many guys ogling her cute little blonde friend. She wanted her all to herself. As stupid as she knew that sounded, it was the truth.

The sun was beating down on the little bay, bathing it in luxurious warmth, and glinting off the gently rolling sea. Being from Boston, the California sun was a nice treat for the dark Slayer. She loved the heat. Especially right now, because it was causing Buffy to strip down to her bikini. Faith almost felt like looking up to the clear blue sky, and thanking however had sent the sun that day.

The little blonde was wearing a skimpy white bikini, with thin ties at the sides of her bottoms, keeping them on. The younger girl was finding it extremely hard not to just pull on one to see what happened. Her temperature was on the rise, without any help from the sun.

Her own bikini was a red one she had borrowed from her fellow Slayer. And even skimpier than Buffy’s, due to the fact she was taller than the other girl, and more blessed in the breast department. As she pulled her tee shirt over her head to reveal the small item of clothing barely covering her, Faith could have sworn the manner of Buffy’s gaze was one of obvious attraction.

She wasn’t naïve of the effect her body could have on people. Granted, most of her admirers were men, and they were useless at hiding their approval, but she was still pretty sure when someone was checking her out. And if she wasn’t so sure that Buffy was straight, the dark girl would have staked her favourite leather pants on the fact the other girl was doing that very thing. Checking her out.

She threw the unwarranted tee shirt to the sand as her full round breasts seemed to swell with the knowledge that Buffy was staring at them. Faith didn’t know whether or not she should say something, she was biting her tongue so much it felt like her head might explode. She couldn’t hold it in. Not when Buffy was doing such a crappy job at being subtle.

“Like what ya see, girlfriend?” Faith lifted her arms in a pose, instantly causing Buffy to blush.

“I…er, you have a great body…I wish I looked as good as you.” She had so obviously thrown that last comment in to disguise the less than platonic undertones of her admiration.

“I wouldn’t worry about that, B. You look just fine to me.” Faith put particular emphasise on the ‘fine’, cos she meant it.

She openly looked Buffy up and down, an unchecked wicked grin playing on her lips. Faith loved Buffy’s cute little body. It was strong and toned, slim, but soft looking in all the right places. She would like nothing more than to get better acquainted with it. But she couldn’t, and she knew she should stop flirting.

For the past week Faith had done her best not to flirt openly with her fellow Slayer. But it was hard. Not only because she was so attracted to Buffy. But also because it was just who she was, always pushing, daring for reactions.

So far, Buffy seemed to be taking it in her stride. Either just smiling coyly at the dark Slayer, or just plain ignoring it. Faith could see though, that it wasn’t grossing her new friend out at all, which was certainly encouragement for her one-track mind.

Before Buffy could grow uncomfortable with her little display however, Faith laid out her towel and proceeded to lay back under the scorching sun. Settling down to enrich the colour of her already fairly naturally tanned skin.

Buffy did the same beside her, closer than was probably necessary, given the fact they were virtually alone on the beach. It only served to keep the little spark of hope inside Faith to keep burning. She knew it was stupid of her to have any hope at all that she might one day be more than Buffy’s friend, but she just couldn’t help herself. She surmised it was better to have some hope and be a loser. Than just be a loser with no hope.

PART FOUR: Once Bitten

As Faith relaxed into the warmth of the day, soaking in the relaxing atmosphere of the secluded beach, she allowed her eyes to wander over Buffy’s silky looking skin. The smaller Slayer was busy applying sun tan lotion to it, gliding her powerful hands over her delicately toned arms and legs, ensuring all the cream had been thoroughly rubbed in.

Faith couldn’t take her eyes off the girl sat beside her. It seemed to the rogue Slayer that Buffy was taking her time intentionally. Her actions almost sensuously slow and deliberate, as every drop of lotion was worked into her fit body.

“Faith, could you…?” Buffy turned to face the captivated brunette giving her sun tan lotion bottle a shake, catching her gazing at her for certain, Faith supposed.

Somewhere inside the dark girl’s mind a small voice squeaked for her not to do it. Telling her not to take that bottle and lay her hands on Buffy’s nicely defined slender back. Not to take the risk. It squeaked and squeaked, but was ignored.

“Sure…You wanna lie down?” Her brain was exploding with possible sexually explicit answers to that simple question. Every one of them causing her voice to get just that little bit huskier, betraying her desire for the smaller Slayer. She really hoped Buffy hadn’t noticed.

“Thanx.” Buffy smiled up at Faith as she lay down on her stomach awaiting the dark girl to rub the lotion into her back.

Faith could almost have leapt around the beach screaming ‘go me’. She knew for sure that she was going to enjoy this immensely. The younger Slayer hadn’t had much of a chance or an excuse to touch Buffy in this way before now. Their time spent sparring didn’t really call for them to be gentle with each other. Although, Faith had to admit, even the violent kind of touching turned her on.

She gazed down at Buffy, the smaller girl’s slim body waiting for her hands to glide over it. The brunette licked her lips and leant over the prone Slayer. Without asking for permission, sure that she probably wouldn’t be granted it, Faith unhooked Buffy’s bikini top.


“You don’t wanna get tan lines do ya?” Faith pushed the offending article of clothing from the slight girl’s shoulders, ignoring the flimsy protest.

The sexy Slayer squirted some lotion onto her palm, rubbing it into her hands a little before placing them on Buffy’s back. The blonde girl flinched at the coolness of the lotion, but as soon as Faith began sliding her palms over her, she relaxed.

Faith took her time rubbing the sunscreen into the blonde girl’s back. She was enjoying the silky feel of Buffy’s skin through the lotion. Taking in every dip and curve with her finger tips. Pushing in a little where the muscles were tense.

In fact, she was really no longer rubbing lotion in at all. It was becoming more of a massage, but Buffy certainly wasn’t objecting. The small Slayer was too busy enjoying the attention. Soft sighs of appreciation coming from her, as Faith abandoned the hope of stopping any time soon, with the butterflies tumbling around in her stomach every time Buffy groaned. She had never been the butterfly type of girl before, so this was all new to the younger Slayer.

Faith decided, as Buffy so obviously liked what she was doing, to step things up a little. Without warning, she lifted her leg over the content girl, perching on her backside, but not putting too much of her weight on her. This way she could better massage Buffy, although it also just became a far more intimate position.

“Faith…you don’t have to…”

“Relax, B. You’re all tense.” Faith’s voice was now pouring from her throat like liquid sex.

She was sure Buffy must have caught on to the fact she was getting turned on by this. She wasn’t stupid after all, and knew that Faith was into girls as well as guys. The older Slayer said nothing however.

Oiling her hands with more of the lotion, Faith set to work on really getting Buffy to loosen up. She had noticeably stiffened when the brunette had shifted positions. Using her thumbs to tease out the knots around Buffy’s shoulder blades and lower back, she felt the smaller girl give into her somewhat. Sighing again as Faith hit all the right places.

The teasing of Buffy’s overworked muscles eventually gave way to teasing of another kind, although the shift had been subtle. The petite blonde remained where she was, with Faith on top of her, more of her weight now resting on the other girl’s firm ass. Her sparkling green eyes were shut, but she wasn’t snoozing.

Faith could tell Buffy was feeling everything she was doing to her. Replenishing the lotion now and again on her palms, Faith slowly but firmly stroked up and down the blonde Slayer. She was inching further down towards her backside every time, nudging at the material there with her thumbs, then sweeping her skilful hands up Buffy’s sides.

The brunette was loving being allowed to touch the other girl in this way. She had to restrain herself quite a bit, trying her best not to let her weight cause her already wet sex to rub up against Buffy’s pert butt. It certainly was no easy task. The groans and sighs coming from the blonde Slayer doing nothing to dampen her burning desire.

As she swept her hands up Buffy’s sides once again, Faith permitted her fingertips to stray a little further up, brushing the soft outer curve of the small girl’s breasts. Buffy visibly shuddered at the touch, her hips raising slightly and causing her ass to push up into Faith. The brunette involuntarily rocked forward, her now slick pussy moistening her bikini briefs.

She vaulted off the cute blonde, standing, before she started literally humping the girl’s backside. Buffy turned, probably to see what was wrong, her hand clutching her bikini. The effort to hide her chest however all but failed, and Faith was having a hard time lifting her eyes from the erect nipple on display to her.

The dark Slayer wanted to leap on Buffy and take the little pink nub into her mouth. She wanted to slide her fingers into the older girl and lick her sticky cum from her pussy, but she couldn’t. She was sure things would never develop in that way with her, so Faith forced her breathing to slow and swept her hand through her hair, regaining her composure.

Both girls just stared at each other. Neither of them seemed to know what to say. Faith realised the older girl must have had an inkling, at least, about her attraction to her now. She knew her pupils must have been huge. And she was aware that she was still looking at Buffy in more than a friendly way. But she just couldn’t stop herself.

Mainly due to the fact Buffy was also looking at her differently. Her green eyes penetrating her own dark ones, questioning and telling her things all at once. It was confusing for the Brunette because she couldn’t quite tell exactly what was going on under the surface.

So rather than stay and face it, and maybe ask what the other girl was thinking. Faith decided her best course of action was to dissolve the situation.

“I’m gonna go for a swim.” With that, she left Buffy looking visibly perplexed on the sand, as she went to cool off in the ocean.

The chosen two spent the rest of the day avoiding physical contact, and anything relating to what was going on between them on the beach. After spending a few hours sunbathing they made their way back to Buffy’s house to eat.

Faith then went home to shower, masturbate, relax, eat some more, masturbate some more, and eventually get ready for patrolling for the night. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about touching Buffy all day, hence the excessive amount of masturbating. Faith just hoped she could make it through the night without injuring herself.


The two girls met outside Buffy’s house. Faith having met the other girl there every night since her arrival. She both loved and hated the walk over to Revello Drive. She looked forward to their nightly patrol, but also knew it would piss her off immensely later when she had to make her own way home, alone.

Sure, she could have done what she used to do, go to a bar and pick up some guy to screw. They were always easier to fuck and dump than girls, but Faith didn’t want that. She wanted Buffy, and it was beginning to show. Even with trying her best to avoid too much eye contact, or avoid anything too physical, she just couldn’t help herself. Her wandering hands at the beach could testify to that.

“Faith?…Hey. Little Miss attention span.” Buffy was waving her hand in front of the dark girl’s face.

She had zoned out thinking about how soft Buffy’s skin had been. How the scent of the sun lotion had done nothing to mask the uniquely sweet smell of the other girl. Faith’s heightened senses easily distinguishing it from anything else. She wanted to discover the more intimate scent of Buffy, and that thought alone had caused her to miss whatever it was the petite Slayer had been chattering about, as they walked to the nearest cemetery.

“Sorry…I was…” Faith rummaged around in her head for an excuse, but came up blank.

“You were completely ignoring me. I could have been saying something important.” The two girls entered the gates of one of many graveyards in Sunnydale.

“What important thing would you be saying, Twinkie, unless it was something about shoes?” Faith grinned at Buffy knowing the comment would hit the spot.

The Slayers had begun to develop something of a strange bantering double act over the past week. It baffled the Scoobies, who thought they were arguing most days. But Faith, for her part, loved it. And so did Buffy it seemed.

It was obvious to Faith that there was some unresolved tension between them. She knew it to be sexual as far as she was concerned. But she was unsure why Buffy also got a kick out of their sarcastic bickering. She hoped it was for a similar reason, but would never question Buffy about it. At least, not just yet.

“I don’t just talk about shoes. I can have meaningful conversations.” Buffy was pouting now, which always drove Faith on because she liked it so much.

“Yeah?” Faith pulled a sceptical face, and busied herself with looking around the cemetery for vamps.

“I can…” Bigger pout and whiny voice.

Faith was doing her best not to just break down laughing at the look on Buffy’s face. The little Slayer hated her intellect being questioned. It wasn’t that the brunette thought her new friend was in any way less intelligent than anybody else, although she had to concede that Buffy did come out with the dumbest comments sometimes. It was just that Faith loved winding her up.

Buffy would get all feisty and flustered. Her eyes all serious, but the cute little sulky face would just throw it all out of sync. She just looked too damn sweet to be menacing.

“I talk about…” Buffy bit her lip in concentration.

“Slaying?” Faith slid her stake out of her waistband to play with it.


“School?” She picked at her nails with the sharp end of the wood, as they sauntered around the gravestones.



“Yea…no.” Buffy stopped and did her best to look threatening.

“Don’t worry about it, babe. It’s not like I hang around with ya for the scintillating convo.” Faith knew all too well why she hung around with Buffy so much. She was beginning to wonder if Buffy knew why too, especially after the day they had just spent together.

“Hey…I can be scinti..scilli…ated?” Buffy looked baffled at herself.

Faith couldn’t help but laugh. The other Slayer just kept getting cuter and cuter as far as she was concerned. The overwhelming urge to just pick Buffy up, and kiss her pouting lips, was almost unbearable. She had to fight with her self-control, keeping it in check.

“I know I’ve said it before, but…you are one cute chick.” She couldn’t hold it in any longer.

The older girl looked up at Faith. Standing right in front of the taller girl, she licked her lips, causing Faith to stop laughing in an instant.

“Faith?…” Buffy’s sincere eyes pierced Faith’s, who was busy holding her breath for the comeback. Good, or bad, Buffy looked serious.

“….Vampire.” The smaller Slayer shoved Faith out of the way as she kicked out at the vamp behind her.

When Faith regained her balance from the shove, she joined the fight, catching the flying vampire as Buffy hit him with a particularly powerful spinning kick.

“Well would you look at that, Vampires can fly. And here I was just thinking that was a myth.” Buffy sauntered over to the captured foe, cocky and sure of herself.

“Fuck, I love it when you tease them, B.” Faith pushed the terrified bloodsucker towards her fellow Slayer.

Buffy wasted no time in staking the unfortunate dead man, leaving his ashes blowing away in the breeze. The cemetery fell quiet again. Only the shadows whispering in the stifling darkness.

“Aww! You shoulda teased him some more, girlfriend. You’re good at it.” Faith meant more than she was actually saying, but wasn’t sure if Buffy realised.

“Come on, let’s make our way to the next one.” The older girl gave her stake a twirl before replacing it back in her waistband.

Faith didn’t argue, or stop the girl and ravish her like she wanted. She just shrugged and set off walking next to the smaller Slayer, not minding in the least that Buffy always chose when and where they slayed. It was her territory after all. And Faith wouldn’t fool herself into believing she could do anything other than exactly what Buffy wanted.


The two girls reached the next cemetery still indulging in a little banter with each other. Buffy remaining prickled about the previous insinuations about her intellect. Faith had told her she hadn’t meant anything serious by it, but the small Slayer wouldn’t let it drop.

They stopped to wait for a fresh grave to spew its vampire from the earth. Faith leant on a nearby gravestone as Buffy perched herself on a nearby handy bench. The night was a dark one, not much moon to speak of, and rolling clouds dampening its attempt at illumination.

For anybody else, anybody less used to such things, it would have been a creepy night. The breeze causing the trees to murmur and hiss. Shadows shifting as the clouds displaced what light there was.

“It’s not like you ever talk about anything important…like you for instance.” Faith almost missed what Buffy had said as the other girl practically muttered the sentence.

“I talk about me.” Faith knew she didn’t.

“No you don’t. I’ve known you for a week, or however long it’s been, and I don’t really know who you are. I mean, I feel like I know you. Like we’re already close. But I don’t know about you. I want to.” Buffy had spoken quietly, softly.

Faith couldn’t help but feel like a bit of a shit for not sharing anything about herself with the other Slayer. After all, Buffy had opened up to her from the very first day they met. But the rogue Slayer had never been one to just dish the dirt on her life. She hadn’t liked her life, up until now, so talking about it never really seemed like a good thing to do.

She looked down at her scuffed boots. She wanted to tell Buffy about herself. Well, more than just about the bad ass she was. Buffy knew her whole philosophy of ‘want, take, have’, and her ‘get some, get gone’ catch phrase for life. She also knew that she was Bi, and had lost her Watcher. But it was really all just surface stuff. She took a deep breath. She didn’t want to hide herself from this girl. Ok, maybe some things, but not everything.

“What do ya wanna know, B?” Faith raised her chocolate brown eyes to Buffy.

“I don’t know…Just stuff I guess. Like…is there any special guy…or girl in your life?” Faith certainly hadn’t expected Buffy to ask her that.

If it were somebody else she would probably been thinking they were trying to find out if they had a chance with her. But this was Buffy, so that was out of the question. She was about to answer but the blonde girl was apparently on a roll.

“I mean…I’ve seen the way you dance, and you have plenty of admirers. I guess you get asked out a lot.” Buffy was avoiding eye contact and fiddling with a splinter in the bench.

The whole ‘Buffy isn’t interested’ vibe was definitely dwindling. Faith didn’t quite know whether to go with her instincts, telling her that the cute Slayer was testing the water, and trying to discover if Faith would be interested in her. Or if she should just stick to what she knew as reality. That the other girl was just being ‘friendly’. Faith took the leap of her life. She had to know.

“There is someone special…well, kinda. But I’m pretty sure they’re not interested.” Faith did her best to keep eye contact with the little blonde and not fidget too much, finding it harder than she had ever done before. The very real probability of a let down screaming in her ears.

Buffy seemed to mentally ask herself something before taking a bigger breath than was needed.

But before either girl had a chance to find out what was going on between them, the newbie vamp hauled himself out of the dirt with a howl. The dark girl span around, being closer she thought she might as well get to it and dust him. Not sure whether to be grateful for his arrival, or extremely pissed about it. Faith jumped towards the muddy vampire, but he vaulted out of the way of her boot.

“What the…?” Faith was definitely pissed off now.

She lunged for him again, this time hitting him with a solid blow to the head with her fist. As he bent slightly, unbalanced, she span and kicked him in the chest. He reeled to the ground looking panicked. Faith leapt on the downed bloodsucker, striking him in the chest, sending particles of him into the air. He was gone.

She turned around to witness Buffy being attacked by some dog like creature, the fight with her foe having distracted her enough for Buffy to be struggling alone with it, whatever it was. It was definitely a demon. But one she had never seen before.

“Fuck, B.” She rushed towards her fellow Slayer.

Aiming a kick at the demon's side, Faith managed to throw the fight in favour of Buffy, who threw an uppercut into the creature’s jaw. It howled in pain then lurched towards the blonde girl, biting her viciously on the hand.

“You fucking…little…poodle.” Buffy smacked it on the head with the butt of her stake attempting to make it let go, Faith kicking it ineffectively in the ribs at the same time.

It did eventually let go. Almost as if somebody had blown some demonic dog whistle. The dark Slayer tried to grab hold of it but the demon charged off into the night, howling on its way.

“What the fuck was that?” Faith turned to look at Buffy.

“I have no idea, but I do know…I’m gonna…faint.” With that, Buffy’s legs gave way. Faith caught her before she hit the ground.

“B…hey. Stop fucking around…Shit.” She stroked Buffy’s cheek tenderly, then picked the smaller girl up.

She could see Buffy was still breathing, but was worried nonetheless. Cradling the blonde in her arms, Faith briskly started making her way to Giles’. Whatever had happened she hoped he could fix it. She didn’t want to lose her cute Slayer now.

PART FIVE: What A Difference A Night Makes

Faith got to Giles’ apartment as fast as she could. The little blonde not waking the entire time. She had been mumbling, making the dark Slayer aware that she was at least still with her, but other than that, Buffy was still out of it. Being gently cradled in the strong girl’s arms.

The rogue Slayer banged on the door with her foot when she finally reached her goal, the sound resonating around the small courtyard. Buffy’s Watcher could be heard at the other side of the door, Faith realised he was busy looking through the spy hole. She waited.

Giles opened the heavy door without hesitation as soon as he must have seen who, or what was banging loud enough to wake the dead, no pun intended. He looked understandably worried as he stood looking at the limp blond in Faith’s arms.

“What happened, Faith?” Giles stood aside.

The dark girl entered the apartment and placed Buffy gently down on the English man’s couch.

“It was a demon. It fucking bit her, then…” She indicated Buffy’s unconscious state with a sweep of her hand.

“What did this demon look like?” Giles bent down and looked over the Slayer, checking her for injuries other than the bite. He then examined her now swollen right hand.

“A fucking big dog. But not like a werewolf. Man, this thing had scales.” Faith remained close to Buffy as the Watcher checked her pulse. Trying her best to stay calm, and not so obviously anxious. “Is she gonna be alright? Maybe we should take her to the hospital.” She really wasn’t doing a good job at hiding her feelings, running her hand through her hair and approaching the verge of panic.

Giles stepped back, away from the couch, and removed his glasses. He also couldn’t hide how much he cared for the stricken Slayer, although he did seem more composed than Faith. As they stood contemplating what should be done next, Buffy began to stir. Faith was knelt beside her in the blink of an eye.

“B? Hey girlfriend, you ok?” She brushed an errant strand of hair from the small Slayer’s brow.

“Well, I guess I was right…I fainted. Didn’t I?” She looked up groggily at the relieved brunette.

“Are you ok, Buffy?” Giles hovered next to the prone girl.

“I feel a little strange, but…alive.” Buffy shifted herself a little, so she was sitting up more, propped against the armrest and leaving room for Faith to perch on the edge of the couch, which she did.

“You were totally out of it, B.” The worry was clear in Faith’s tone, even though she was doing her best to disguise it, as she placed her hand on the back of the couch and faced the older girl.

Giles disappeared into the kitchen for a moment and returned carrying a first aid box. He placed it on the coffee table and proceeded to rummage through its contents, placing his chosen items on the polished wooden surface.

“How did we get here?” Buffy kept her eyes locked on the other girl.

“Faith carried you it seems, Buffy.” Giles adjusted his spectacles, then soaked a wad of cotton wool with some antiseptic.

“Thank you, Faith.” The injured Slayer almost whispered her gratitude. Placing her good hand gently on the brunette’s thigh, closest to her.

“No problem.” The usually selfish girl knew right then and there that she would do anything for the little blonde. She knew she would do it without even thinking. Although she didn’t quite understand what that could indicate, as she had never really cared for anybody before.

Giles moved towards the two girls with an antiseptic wipe in his hand.

“I’m afraid I’m going to need to clean that.” Giles looked at the bloodied bite.

Faith shifted in order to get up and make room for the Watcher, but Buffy kept her hand firmly on her thigh, halting her movement. Looking into Faith’s eyes, Buffy didn’t need to speak for the brunette to know she didn’t want her to move away from her. Faith smiled a little, and remained seated as the injured girl twisted on the couch and presented her hand to Giles.

“Do you really need to do that? It’s gonna hurt.” She was frowning and pouting in anticipation.

“I’m afraid so, Buffy. The wound has to be cleaned.” He took hold of the blonde’s wrist and was about to wipe at the small amount of damage. But Buffy flinched and pulled her hand away again.

“Jesus, B. For a fucking Slayer you’re such a baby.” She couldn’t help but laugh at how silly the other girl was being, as sweet as it was.

“Hey…just because I can take the pain, it doesn’t mean I want it, or look forward to it in some kinky way.” She eyed Faith, implicating something with her expression. Faith just grinned, and winked at her little friend.

“If you wanna keep it dirty, Twinkie, go ahead. But I’m not too sure the hygiene habits of your average dog, demon or not, is all that good. I mean, you gotta remember where those things can get their tongues.” Faith raised her eyebrows, knowing she had to convince Buffy to have the bite cleaned properly.

The realisation of what Faith was referring to became obvious on the older girl’s face.

“Ewww! That’s disgusting. Oh my God…don’t bother cleaning it. Chop it off.” Buffy waved the now offending hand in front of Giles.

“Err! B? I think you’d better hang on to it. Never know when it might come in handy.” She couldn’t hide her grin at the pun, and its undertones.

“Yeah…well. Clean it good.” Buffy scrunched her eyes shut as Giles again took her by the wrist. “Wait.” The soft Slayer flinched away again.

“Buffy, will you please let me do this. It’s not like you’ve not been injured before, worse than this.” The normally patient English man was coming to the end of his tether.

“Ok, ok…Faith, will you do it?” Buffy looked up at her through her eyelashes, all girlie and sweet.

Faith had to remind herself how to breathe, and that the blonde girl wasn’t flirting, that she couldn’t possibly be. Even though they had been close to something earlier, it was just too implausible in these circumstances. Especially given the fact that Giles was hovering close by. She couldn’t refuse the smaller Slayer however.

“Sure. If that’s what you want.” Faith hoped she hadn’t revealed too much in that small statement.

She took the cotton wool from Giles as he set to work getting a bandage ready. Turning to face Buffy more fully, Faith lay the small, injured hand in her own. Placing it carefully on her palm. She looked into the older girl’s eyes, saying nothing, but trying to convey to her that she would never intentionally hurt her, in any way.

Faith curled her full lips in a gentle smile, as she dabbed at the puncture wounds, removing the blood, and any residual saliva the demon may have left behind. The chosen one winced a tad at the stinging pain, but kept her hand in contact with Faith’s. Allowing the younger girl to take care of her injury, and never once taking her green eyes from her.

“All done, girlfriend.” Faith slowly lowered Buffy’s hand. Doing her best to ignore how the tension between them had just about intensified tenfold.


She turned her dark eyes from Buffy, pretending to watch Giles prepare the gauze he was going to use on the other girl, who allowed her hand to settle on Faith’s strong thigh. The truth was though, she could no longer gaze into that penetrating look she was being given, and not act on it. Her heart was racing, and she had no clue why. All she had done was clean the other girl’s injury.

But then she realised. Buffy had wanted her to do it. Not the Watcher that had been there for the blonde girl for years, standing by her, taking care of her. But her. The small Slayer had trusted Faith not to hurt her too much, to do something for her. Something that had suddenly seemed so much more intimate than it should have felt, as Faith had performed her task.

“Right, let’s get that covered.” Giles broke the stifling tension that had clouded the air between the two Slayers.

Buffy prepared herself to be bandaged, but as Faith and Giles looked down at the wound, they realised it was hardly even a scratch now. The nasty bite having transformed into nothing more than some red marks where the puncture wounds had been.

“What the fuck?” Faith had always been good at expressing herself.

“Whoa! What was in that antiseptic? That’s quick healing, even for me.” Buffy flexed her fingers and thumb, apparently not feeling any discomfort.

“Well, I must say. That is strange. I think you’re both going to have to describe this…demon dog to me, in as much detail as you can. This needs looking into.” Giles had already gone into Watcher mode.

Feeling better, Buffy sat up and offered her version of events and her description of the demon, along with Faith’s account. It took a while to get it all down. Giles making sure no detail was missed. If his Slayer was in any danger, he wasn’t going to slack any, that was obvious to Faith.

After eventually being satisfied that he had got as much information as he was going to get out of the two Slayers, and that he was sure Buffy would be ok at home for the night, Giles offered to take the girls back to their respective homes.

He told Buffy to get in touch with him if anything happened. Even if she didn’t think it's important. He wanted to make sure there were going to be no side effects to her bite. After all, this was the hellmouth, and all manner of things could go wrong.

Faith wanted to tell Buffy to also let her know if she wasn’t feeling well, or if she was worried about the bite and how quickly it had healed. But she didn’t get the chance, what with Giles busy fussing over her.

They squeezed into the back of the librarian’s old car, Faith doing her best not to sit too close the other girl, she was on edge enough. The palpable tension between her and Buffy more glaringly obvious than ever. Probably due to their earlier conversation.

Thankfully Giles hadn’t seemed to notice the furtive glances they were giving each other, or the fact neither of them seemed to know what to say. They sat in silence as Giles drove Faith to her motel room.

He was preoccupied with Buffy’s encounter with the demon. And Faith was preoccupied with the way Buffy seemed to be leaning into her at every opportunity. She didn’t say anything about it, but took note of it, along with any other clue she had been given today about Buffy’s interest in her.

“Here we are, Faith.” Giles stopped the car outside the grotty motel.

“Thanks…” She looked over at Buffy. There was a look in the older girl’s eyes she couldn’t quite place.

It almost looked as if the blonde girl wanted to stay with Faith. Kind of a look of longing. Faith dismissed that thought as ridiculous. After all, she really didn’t have much of a basis for thinking it. She edged out of the car, turning to shut the door without saying anything. Knowing she would probably mess up and say something out of turn to Buffy.

“Faith…” Buffy put her hand on the car door, stopping Faith from shutting it. “…I, I’ll see you tomorrow. Be careful.” She smiled innocently at the dark girl, who was wondering why Buffy would ask her to be careful. She had never said that to her before after all.

“Yeah…you too, Slayer.” She winked at Buffy subconsciously, then closed the door.

She clomped up the stairs to her room in her heavy boots, turning to watch as the car drove off with Buffy looking out of the window at her. She sighed heavily as she entered her sparse room, not knowing how much more she could take of wanting Buffy so much, but not knowing what the hell was going on in the other girl’s head.

It had been clear they were close to a breakthrough earlier. But fate had intervened and fucked up the moment. Faith just hoped they would get another chance. That maybe she would get a chance to find out what Buffy wanted from her, if indeed she wanted anything other than just her friendship.


Morning came along quicker than Faith had really wanted, or expected it to. The summer sun, coupled with her persistent alarm, woke her from the delightful dream she had been having about her fellow Slayer.

“Fuck…just when it was getting good.” She stretched her arms out above her head, then let her hand drop down onto the alarm, knocking it off.

The warm morning sun poked through the sagging curtains at her, calling for her to get up and face another day of craving somebody she was sure would never want her back in the same way. Despite the handful of signals telling her otherwise.

Faith just didn’t want to get her hopes up to be let down. And she enjoyed Buffy’s company far too much to risk losing her friendship. Before eventually getting to sleep, Faith had decided she wouldn’t risk telling the blonde Slayer how she felt, like she had almost done before the demon had attacked. At least, not for some time. She would just have to see how things went between them, clock up the signals before jumping in with both feet.

Faith was up earlier than usual because she wanted to meet Buffy before she made her way to school to do her Sunday study, it was something Willow had practically forced her into, thinking Buffy needed the extra tutorial time.

It wasn’t usually until lunchtime that the two Slayers would see each other, but today she felt the need to make sure the other girl was ok. That nothing had happened to her because of the bite, and her little fainting episode.

After getting ready as quickly as she could, Faith made her way round to Buffy’s house. She was planning to walk the little Slayer to school. The very idea seemed beyond sickly sweet to the normally rough and ready brunette, but she just couldn’t help herself. No matter how silly it might make her look.

It was again, a lovely day. No doubt about it. Like the sun was just shining for Faith as she approached Revello drive. It made her feel warm inside. But then again…the warm feeling seemed to grow as she got closer to Buffy’s house. The brunette ignored the implication of that particular feeling, and continued on.

Buffy was just closing her house door behind her as Faith turned onto the path leading to it. She had no hope of controlling the size of her dimpled smile when Buffy span to see what it was causing the tingles up and down her spine. Faith knew the other girl would be feeling them just as much as her.

“Hey, B. How ya feelin'?” She ignored the slightly puzzled look coming from Buffy.

“I’m, um! Ok…” She stepped towards Faith. Fussing with her rucksack that looked to be full of books.

“Here. I’ll get that.” The dark Slayer had no idea what had just possessed her to offer to carry the older girl’s bag. It wasn’t like Buffy was going to have any trouble with it. Still, the little blonde handed it to her with a smile.

“Thanks.” Buffy fell in step with Faith as they began to make their way to the high school.

“So…how’s the hand?”

“It’s, err! Fine.” Buffy fidgeted about, putting her hands in the pockets of her light jacket. But Faith had caught a look at the injury first. She no longer had it bandaged as there was hardly even a mark on it.

“You sure, girlfriend?” Faith eyed her little friend suspiciously.

“Yes…why wouldn’t it be?” Buffy sighed, sounding somewhat pissed off. “What are you doing here this early anyway, Faith? Don’t you usually rise with the Vampires?” Buffy was definitely sounding pissed off, like she hadn’t had enough sleep or something.

“No need to get all snotty, B. I just wanted to see if you were alright. Fuck, I won’t bother next time.” She stopped, looking squarely at Buffy with her dangerous dark eyes.

“I…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap. I’m just tired. Really, I’m glad you came round this morning…it's nice.” She reached out and gently touched Faith on the arm. Lingering, as she let her fingers slip down the soft denim of the brunette’s jacket, but then pulling back before reaching her hand. “Come on, or I’ll be late for study, and Will might turn me into a frog or something.” Buffy set of walking, leaving Faith wondering about a few things behind her.

She smiled as she caught up with her fellow Slayer. It was nice that Buffy had said it was…nice. Faith patted herself on the back for doing something right for once. Although, around Buffy, she hadn’t really done anything wrong, yet. She had to throw in the yet because she knew herself too well. And screwing up was definitely her forte.

They got to the school with little fuss, although Buffy did seem to be a tad distracted, fidgeting with her clothes and generally seeming a little wired. Faith had pointed it out, but the shorter girl had said again that it was just because she was tired. Faith couldn’t put the many glances her way to that though. She was beginning to wonder if she had done something wrong.

She didn’t have time to clarify it though as they reached a crossroads in the corridor of the school. Faith taking one way, to the library, and Buffy going to class the other way. She handed the small Slayer her bag.

“Now you be a good girl, Twinkie. I wouldn’t wanna have to spank ya.” Faith had only been joking, but Buffy had reddened considerably, and seemed to be thinking about it a little too long. “Hey…I didn’t mean it.” Faith thought she had better play safe.

“I know…I was just. I…you’d…no, I’d…better go to class.” Buffy was practically stammering now, and fidgeting even more. It wasn’t really something Faith had seen the other Slayer do before.

“Buffy…are you positive you’re feeling ok?” At the moment Faith had said Buffy’s full name, said girl broke out into a full smile.

“I like it when you say my full name…not that I don’t like you calling me B. It’s just…I dunno.” The jittery Slayer looked like Faith had just hit her with some of her best flirting moves, but she hadn’t. It was unnerving to say the least.

“Right. Err! B, you’d better get to class.” She didn’t know how to handle Buffy like this. She wanted the blonde girl to be flirty and things with her. But it was kinda out of the blue. Even after the ‘almost’ revelation that night.

“Ok…Faith? I’ll see you for lunch right?” Buffy tucked her hair behind her ear in a classic ‘look at how delicious looking my neck is’ move.

“Yeah…sure.” Just as Faith was about to turn to head for the library to help Giles with the research, Buffy reached out to her, and pulled her into a tight hug.

Buffy pressed herself up against the younger girl, who couldn’t do anything but allow the almost fierce embrace. She did her best not to feel anything other than what she supposed must have been gratitude at how Faith had helped her out, after she had fainted. But it was extremely difficult, given the fact Buffy had her face buried in her neck, and seemed to be breathing in the dark Slayer’s scent.

Faith had to force her mind out of the gutter as Buffy clung to her. She wanted to push her away, but couldn’t find the strength right now. She was becoming more aware of the fact the smaller girl was virtually pushing her hips towards her as she held her. She had to push her off. Buffy obviously had no idea what her innocent, if that’s what you could call it, embrace was doing to Faith.

“B…hey. You’re gonna be late. I don’t think I’d like you much as a frog.” She gently eased the blonde girl off her.

“Yeah…I guess. Wait…you wouldn’t like me as a frog? So, you like me now?” Buffy looked up demurely through her long eyelashes.

What could Faith say? She couldn’t very well tell Buffy she didn’t like her. Even if there was more to it than just a ‘friendship’ thing for the dark girl. She still liked the cute blonde for who she was, not just because she wanted to get up close and personal with her.

“Of course I like ya, girlfriend. Why the fuck would I hang out with you if I didn’t?” She had hoped that had sounded like a purely platonic remark. Even if Buffy’s demeanour was hinting that she was wanting Faith to mean something more by it, the brunette didn’t want to grasp at straws. “Now scoot…get to class before I do spank you.” She couldn’t help it. It had just fallen out of her mouth.

Buffy grinned, then blushed, then frowned, and turned to go.

“God Faith…don’t you ever think about anything other than sex?” Buffy continued her way down the corridor, leaving behind a perplexed Slayer.

Faith just shook her head. Something was definitely off with Buffy today, even taking into account her usual quirkiness, she seemed a little weird. The confused Slayer took a deep breath and headed towards the library, thinking maybe that Giles had found out the demon dog had a bite that turned you crazy. There had to be something to explain why Buffy had been all over the place with her.

“Fuck, I certainly know how to pick em.”

PART SIX: Didn’t You Used To Be Buffy?

Faith strolled into the school library, knowing Giles would already be there in research mode.

“Ah! Faith. Is it dinner time so soon?” The English Watcher looked up from the book he currently had his bespectacled head stuck in.

Well, not literally stuck in. Even though they were just above the hellmouth, he hadn’t actually been genetically spliced with the book or anything else equally as weird. He was just obviously engrossed.

“Hey, what is this? Pick on Faith day?” The brunette threw her hands in the air, growing tired of people thinking she was incapable of getting up before noon.

Fair enough, she wasn’t generally an early riser. But then there really was no reason to get up at the crack of dawn. She was always up late slaying, and didn’t usually meet Buffy until lunch. So she would show her face then, and not before. Some days called for an extra effort however. Like today, because she wanted to see Buffy early.

She walked across the library to the table Giles currently had covered in old books. He was meticulously trawling through his ancient texts. The thick dusty records of demons and occult happenings, scattered in front of him. Some were open at various pages, while others sat awaiting inspection. Peering over the Watcher’s shoulder, Faith shook her head. The book he was reading was a jumble of strange and lost forgotten languages.

“Found anything on that dog thing?” The Slayer moved around the table to the other side, sitting in the chair there.

“No, no luck so far. There are more ‘dog things’, as you say, than one might think.” He pinched the bridge of his nose above the glasses perched on the end.

It looked like the guy had been up at sunrise researching. He would never complain though, Faith knew that much already. He was there for Buffy, no matter what. She had to respect the guy’s commitment, and devotion to the blonde Slayer. Faith found herself wondering what things would be like if he was her Watcher too. Even though she detested authority, she didn’t find the idea entirely objectionable. Especially considering the fact that the Council still didn’t know what to do about her.

Faith slid down in her seat, relaxing in the quiet atmosphere, and clomping her feet up onto the desk. She grinned at Giles’ disapproving look, despite her respect for the guy. He had pretty much given up on asking her to refrain from putting her feet on his table now anyway, probably because she would never comply for long.

“Have you seen Buffy this morning?” Giles questioned Faith.

“Yeah…” For some reason Faith felt a little awkward talking to Giles about Buffy. She hoped that he couldn’t detect just how much she liked the other Slayer. He was a ‘Watcher’ after all.

“How was the injury Buffy sustained? Not causing her any problems I hope.” Giles seemed to be getting at something, but Faith didn’t quite know what.

She thought about telling him how strange Buffy had been acting towards her that morning, but decided against it. After all, she hadn’t really known the other girl for that long. For all she knew, Buffy could have been well known for being a tad strange now and again. She was already aware that the other girl could be somewhat quirky.

Faith was thinking that maybe Buffy’s weird mood had something to do with the way they had been with each other, especially over the last two days. It was obvious there was some kind of tension between them, and the brunette doubted it had just passed Buffy by. She was fairly sure the smaller Slayer had to have been feeling that there was ‘something’ going on, whether Buffy was happy about it or not, or even fully aware of what it meant.

Faith ran her hand through her thick wavy hair, sighing a little. Unable to wrap her head around what was going on. She had no idea what Buffy really felt about her, if anything. Plus, she wasn’t positive what she was feeling either.

“Faith?” Giles took his glasses off and looked directly at the dark girl. She had wandered off into her own world.

“Sorry G man, rough night. You were saying?” She knew exactly what Giles had asked, but she wanted to buy a little more time, still deciding whether or not to say anything about Buffy’s possible ‘crazy’ behaviour.

“I was asking you about Buffy…Was she alright this morning? There was nothing out of the ordinary or anything?” He waited for an answer.

“Err! No, not as far as I could tell.” She would keep her slight doubt about Buffy to herself for now. There was no need to go worrying the caring Watcher without reason.

Faith stood up, not liking the whole sitting around thing too much. Research and books wasn’t her favourite pastime. She would much rather do something more active, and keep her body moving. The Slayer in her not willing to rest for too long. She was aware that Buffy also had the same kind of reaction when she was sat idle. Although the brunette had concluded, she was generally more restless than the older girl.

“Do ya mind if I practice a few moves?” She needed to stretch herself out and get her muscles working. Hoping maybe some kind of exercise would help ease the tension within her.

“Of course not, Faith. It’s always good to train. You need to keep in top shape.” He smiled gently at her, then buried his head back in the current book he was looking through.

The dark Slayer removed her denim jacket, throwing it onto the library counter near the door. She stretched her tight muscles, preparing them for her fast and accurate movements as she ran through some fighting moves.

Faith spent the next two hours or so working out her frustration with some technical flips, rotations, punches and kicks. Her abilities being tested as she moved through various fighting styles. She moved with a powerful grace, looking almost like a lethal killing machine doing the tango. The brunette’s toned body reacted on instinct, remembering moves much quicker than her brain ever could. After all, it was meant to come naturally, and it did.

Her style differed to Buffy. Although they were similar in strength and ability, Faith tended to rely more on power. Buffy preferred to use quicker less obvious moves. Sometimes Faith would be captivated by her whilst she slayed, or even when just training.

She would get caught up in the movement of the other girl, unable to take her eyes from the delicate body as it performed its job as a Slayer. Faith loved the way Buffy looked whilst she was in full flow, she would get hypnotised by her whenever she took the time to watch her.

As the young Slayer slowed her movements to a stop, finally feeling some semblance of fatigue overcoming her, and regaining control of her racing heart. She turned to notice Buffy standing in the doorway, watching her every move.

There was a look in the older girl’s eyes that Faith couldn’t quite place. She had never seen the blonde Slayer look at her in such a way before. If it were anybody else, she would have to say it was a look of pure lust. But it was Buffy, and she had never, and probably would never look at her in such an open and obvious way. Or at least, that’s what the brunette thought. The few and far between signals she had received from the other girl, had never been so glaringly obvious.

“Hey, B.” She felt the need to break the silence as she stood on the middle of the library, feeling like she was being glued to the spot by Buffy’s sparkling eyes.

Giles got out of his seat at the desk behind her, but she couldn’t move. Faith was willing herself to pull her eyes away from Buffy, knowing she must have looked more than a little silly just stood there with her arms hanging limply at her sides.

“Buffy…I’m glad you came in. I was wanting to take a look at your hand.” The English man walked towards Buffy, causing the small Slayer to break eye contact with Faith.

“Huh?” Buffy raised her gaze, a puzzled look crossing her face.

“Your hand, Buffy. The bite.” He stood waiting for the blonde girl to show him her injury.

Faith, released from Buffy’s penetrating gaze, moved over to the counter nearby, and jumped up. Hoping she could stop her mind from running in confused circles. Hoping she hadn’t looked exactly how she felt.

She had no clue why she had frozen on the spot the way she had. She thought maybe it was just the fact that she was feeling pumped from her workout, or that it was the adrenaline coursing through her veins, coupled with the inexplicable and unexpected look the other girl had given her. Whatever it was, it had stopped her dead.

All she had been able to think about, in what must only have been a matter of 30 seconds or so, was how sexy the blonde Slayer had looked. Sexy, and horny. That was it, she realised…Buffy had definitely looked like she was horny, in a big way. She had been leering at Faith. Not much doubt about that. Faith wasn’t sure whether to smile at the fact or get the hell out of there. Her friendship with Buffy was the chief reason for thinking of running. She didn’t want to fuck it up.

As Buffy made her way to sit down at the table covered with books, she clearly composed herself. Avoiding glancing over at Faith.

“The bite…right. No need to look, it’s fine. Slayer healing.” She waved off Giles as he went to check her hand. Her composure was obviously not fully intact.

“Are you sure, Buffy?” He seemed to be a little concerned. Maybe because he wasn’t used to Buffy being quite so uncooperative.

“Yeah, B. I mean, it was a pretty nasty bite. Even if it kinda all but disappeared last night.” Faith jumped down from the counter and walked towards the other girl.

“Ok…fine.” Buffy thrust her hand out in the direction of Giles and Faith, waving it about in the air as if it were the most annoying request she had ever received. She then stood abruptly, pushing the chair back so it scraped loudly across the floor. “I’m hungry…come on.” Buffy grabbed the dark Slayer by the arm, not giving her any time to protest at being manhandled. “We’ll see you later, Giles.” The slender girl tugged on Faith, hurrying them away from her Watcher.

“B, slow down…fuck.” She grabbed her jacket from the counter just in time, before being pulled out of the library into the empty corridor. She just managed to look back to see the baffled look on Giles’ face.


They left the school in a hurry, Buffy not letting go of Faith as they reached the steps outside. The younger girl was beginning to grow a little tired of being pulled along. Not only because she felt ridiculous, but also because the blonde Slayer was not being entirely gentle in her actions.

“Hey, wait.” Faith tugged her arm away from her counterpart. But Buffy just span around to face her, getting closer than was probably necessary.

She was mere inches away from Faith, right inside her personal space. Her blonde hair falling almost wildly around her face, as her eyes took on one of the most menacing looks Faith had ever seen Buffy use. The dark girl had two urges going on. One to pull Buffy closer, and one to step back, away from the girl in front of her. Buffy was oozing with pure unadulterated sensuality, and the younger Slayer was captivated.

Buffy licked her lips looking everywhere but Faith’s eyes. In fact, she was looking down, fairly obviously at the younger girl’s cleavage.

Standing in front of the town high school, the early noon sun heating the concrete and brick, and the warmth whispering in waves around them, Faith found that she didn’t know how to react. She was caught up in the look of intense longing Buffy was giving her. The blonde Slayer appeared about ready to pounce on her. To devour her right then and there. And Faith didn’t dare move as her lungs practically begged for more air.

Buffy slowly raised her dreamy eyes up from Faith’s chest area to her face, taking her time to hungrily gaze at her neck. The sexy brunette would have been worried for her life if Buffy had been a creature of the night because she lingered that long, glaring at the pulse in her throat.

Eventually their eyes met, and the usually cool dark Slayer felt herself drowning in the hunger she was presented with. All her body wanted to do was respond, to grab onto Buffy and crush her lips to hers. But her mind was being sensible, annoyingly so.

It was telling her that Buffy had never shown her this amount of interest before. So she had better not make a move, no matter how sure she was of the way the blonde girl seemed to be sizing her up right now.

Ok, so the signals had been there before, if somewhat subtle. The tension had definitely been growing, and curiosity tipping in her favour. Faith could tell that much. But the rogue Slayer’s mind was still fighting it, making her believe that she didn’t know quite what she wanted.

As they stood stock still however, Buffy seemed to know exactly what she wanted. It was written all over her.

In the way her body leaned towards Faith. In the charged look in her eyes. The restrained flexing of supernaturally strong muscle, and the rapid rise and fall of the blonde girl’s chest. It was most obvious in the extreme nature of the wave of tingles scratching up and down the brunette’s spine. The sensation was much more intense than even their first meeting, and it was all but causing Faith to want to drop to her knees because it felt so good.

They both stood, gazing at each other. Neither of them moving to break the rapidly growing compulsion to just give in to whatever it was that had been growing between them. Faith wanted to give in, desperately. It seemed like the older girl was thinking the same thing now. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. Maybe with Buffy. She didn’t want to take the risk.

Thankfully, before Faith could do it herself, Buffy broke eye contact. Noise from the school corridors filtering out into the open air to hit them with a slap of reality. More students were beginning to make their way out. It sliced through the chemistry that was so blatantly pulling them together and holding them there.

Buffy shook her head, as if waking herself from some kind of dream.

“I’m starving…Faith, are you hungry? Cos I really am, so lets go.” Without another word Buffy tugged on Faith once more, practically dragging her down the remainder of the school steps.

After a minute of walking, Faith eventually freed herself from the blonde Slayer’s grasp. They made their way to get something to eat in unusual silence. The two Slayers would normally enjoy bantering with each other, or just making small talk. But Buffy didn’t seem to be in the mood. And Faith, well, she was just too busy wondering what the hell was up with her friend.

Deciding against asking Buffy what had got into her, Faith bided her time. She wanted to be sure there really was something funny going on before maybe talking to Giles about it. She would just leave the smaller girl to it, and see what transpired. Although to be truthful, the dark girl was also wondering how much more obvious the other Slayer was going to be in her appreciation for her looks.

The two girls entered their chosen place to eat, and made their way over to a small booth in the corner of the room. The place wasn’t too busy so they sat down to wait for the waitress to spot them and take their order.

Faith slid into one side of the booth, facing the door as she hated not being able to keep her eyes on things. Taking the younger girl a little by surprise, Buffy slid in right next to her, ignoring the perfectly adequate seat opposite. And she didn’t exactly keep her distance either, practically sitting on Faith’s knee.

“Err! B?...Don’t ya think maybe it would be better if you sat there?” She pointed at the empty seat, raising her eyebrows in question.

“There? Oh! I…yeah.” Buffy got up and moved around to the other side of the table. “Better?” She smiled nervously at the brunette, who was barely able to contain the laugh threatening to burst out of her.

She had never seen Buffy act in such a way. It was beyond cute, and she was having a hard time controlling herself. In more ways than one. Faith already thought the blonde was adorable, but this whole shy flirting, coupled with the obvious leering, was sending her gaga. If Buffy was still attempting to be subtle about her apparent attraction to Faith, it so wasn’t working. Whether that was due to some kind of supernatural interference or not, she had no clue.

They ordered some food with minimal fuss, the slender Slayer apparently knowing exactly what she craved, and lots of it. She ordered practically more than her own weight in greasy food.

It had taken the brunette some time to actually believe Buffy would eat the vast amount she had ordered. But watching her friend practically devour everything put in front of her, she had to marvel at the suspect appetite of the other girl. It was usually her that ate like a pig, not Buffy.

“Full yet, girlfriend?” Faith sat back grinning at the still munching blonde.

“Huh? Yeah…I think.” Buffy also sat back, resting her hands on her stomach, finally sated.

Buffy had been fidgeting the entire time they were there. Shuffling about in her seat and darting her eyes about the restaurant. That was when they weren’t boring into Faith of course.

She had done her level best not to notice the way Buffy was eyeing her up, but it was hard. Especially every time the small Slayer had ‘accidentally’ brushed her leg against her. It was no accident as far as Faith could tell though. Not when every time she did it Buffy would look up to see if the dark girl had noticed.

“So…what do ya wanna do now?” Faith shoved her plate away and placed her elbows on the table, leaning towards the other girl.

As soon as she had asked the question Buffy’s eyes had grown wide, her pupils almost threatening to push out any hint of green. She looked directly at Faith’s cleavage and licked her lips in the most alluring way the brunette could imagine possible. She was pretty sure her own eyes would now be a hell of a lot darker than usual too.

“I wanna fuck.” Buffy looked back into Faith’s chocolate pools as she answered.

There was an unmistakable wave of desire surging from Buffy towards her. It hit Faith full on, almost knocking her back into her seat. She fell right into the petite girl’s eyes as she fought to regain her senses. Racking her brain in an attempt to figure out if the usually shy and innocent Buffy had just said what she was sure she heard.

“You wanna…what now?” Faith did her best to breath normally, it wasn’t really working however.

“Can I get you two girls anything else?” The waitress that had taken their order earlier loomed over the table.

Both girls looked up in surprise, their Slayer senses having eluded them temporarily. Faith couldn’t make her mouth work to answer. She was dumbstruck by the blatant show of sexuality coming from Buffy. It had knocked her for six, because she was left in no doubt, just from the way the blonde girl was looking at her, that it was Faith Buffy was thinking about when she had said what she had.

“No, thank you…we’re fine.” Buffy managed to make the waitress disappear. But Faith’s mind was still reeling.

They sat for a minute or two, trying but mostly failing to avoid eye contact. The rogue Slayer had no idea why she wasn’t jumping on the chance to offer Buffy exactly what she wanted. Maybe a week ago she wouldn’t have even hesitated, and would have dragged her to her motel room without a second thought. But now, things were different. Buffy was different. She didn’t want to just screw her. That wouldn’t be enough, and she had just realised it.

Not only that. She had come to the conclusion that there was something definitely off with Buffy right now. It was just too implausible that the blonde girl had gone from timidly glancing at Faith, and trying her best to hide any evidence of attraction. To full on checking her out, and virtually asking her to fuck her. Things weren’t right.

“B?...I think we should go see Giles.” Faith lifted herself from the booth seat, doing her best not to notice that she was now wet with the way Buffy had been flirting with her.

“Giles? Why?...Did you need to see him for something? I mean…you’re not…planning on leaving are you?” There was a look of panic on Buffy’s face.

“No…I’m not going anywhere.” And for once, Faith meant it. She couldn’t imagine herself being away from the cute blonde for longer than, well…at all.

It was a scary thought, but right now she didn’t have time to dwell on it. Buffy was her main priority. She had to find out what was causing the drastic change in character.

“Come on, girlfriend. Lets go.”

PART SEVEN: Dazed And Confused

They paid and made their way back to the library. Buffy was fidgeting again beside Faith, looking like she didn’t know what to do with her hands as she continuously took them in and out of her pockets, then fiddled with her bag. Played with her hair. Adjusted her pants.

“You ok there, girlfriend?” The brunette looked over at Buffy, sensing some kind of struggle going on inside her friend.

“Me? Yeah…Well, um! No. Can I hold your hand?” Buffy looked up coyly at Faith.

“You wanna hold my hand?” The younger girl stopped and raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow. She hadn’t expected such a request. Not in the slightest.

She was wondering if at some point in the night she had slipped into some kind of topsy-turvy dimension, where everything she knew to be normal had gone off on a road trip and left her behind to deal with the mix up left of her life.

She was becoming more convinced that something was definitely wrong now, and that the appeal from the older girl to hold her hand was a facet of whatever it was that was going on. So because she didn’t want to antagonise Buffy or upset her in any way, Faith agreed.

She reached down and entwined her fingers with Buffy’s, doing her level best not to get distracted by the hot tingles dancing over her palm. Strangely though, it felt entirely natural to be holding the blonde Slayer’s hand. Like they had been doing it forever.

“Better?” She encouraged Buffy to walk closer to her, which she did.

“Thank you, Faith.” Buffy squeezed the hand grasped in hers and smiled gratefully at the dark girl.

It didn’t take them long to get back to the library. But once again the two Slayers had hardly spoken, and it was almost surreal how they were just strolling along the street hand in hand. Faith had never been the kind of girl to do such a thing, but somehow it felt comfortable, nice even. Great in fact. As she allowed herself to lower some of her walls.

She liked the way people watched them as they passed, whispering under their breaths at the shameless display. Faith felt nothing but proud however, to just be in Buffy’s company let alone to be walking alongside her looking like they were more than just friends, but lovers.

The thought caused a shiver to run down the dark girl’s spine, joining the tingles that Buffy was causing without even trying. She would like nothing more than to be Buffy’s lover. To be known as Buffy’s lover. Whispered about and envied, but not caring because it was so good. She shook her head to stop herself thinking about something that she was still certain would never really happen.

The two Slayers boldly made their way the short distance they needed to go, without hindrance, despite the handful of people staring at them. It wasn’t exactly a usual sight in Sunnydale though. Two very attractive girls acting as if they wanted the world to know they were giving each other a good time every night. Most guys would undoubtedly be extremely jealous, and their muffled voices backed that very fact up. Faith ignored them and Buffy didn’t seem to notice.

Faith realised, as they approached the school, that it probably wasn’t fair on the other girl to allow the intimate contact to continue. Even though it had been at Buffy’s request, she knew the blonde Slayer normally wouldn’t put on such a show of unabashed affection for another girl. Especially not somebody that was comfortable and open about their own sexuality. Somebody that looked like the very meaning of the word sex.

“Hey, we’d better…let go.” The dark Slayer tried to untangle her fingers from Buffy’s grip.

“Oh! Ok.” Buffy reluctantly let go, as if doing so was actually painful for her. She pouted and turned her sad eyes ahead.

Faith told herself to be strong, and not to just reach out again to catch the small Slayer’s hand in her firm grip. It was just too risky for Buffy, who she didn’t want to piss off by having the school think she was doing the nasty with her.

They reached the doors of the library and entered. As they did so, Faith noticed that Buffy tensed up. Her muscles flexing slightly in a subtle defensive move. She had also slowed right down. Delaying the talk with Giles, Faith supposed.

They pushed through the heavy doors, making their way into the book sanctuary that the scoobies knew better than most other areas of the building. The library wasn’t big, certainly for the size of the school. And it wasn’t really heavy in the book department either. Most being old and for reference only, it wasn’t a place many students spent their free time. Well, apart from Willow maybe.

The Watcher was still perched at his cluttered desk in the middle of the room. He had a mask of concentration on his face, and only noticed the two girls when Faith cleared her throat for attention.

“Oh! You startled me…” He looked up at the Slayers, then muttered more to himself. “I must be more vigilant…silly old sod.”

Faith raised her eyebrow but said nothing. Buffy just stood looking uncomfortable, and like she wanted to bolt back out of the doors.

“Hey G.” Faith moved closer to the desk.

“Is everything ok?” Giles looked over at Buffy.

Buffy looked out of place suddenly. Almost as if she didn’t come into the library every day. As if she didn’t really know who the English guy standing in front of her was. Her body was tense, and her eyes were looking everywhere but at Giles. But mostly they roamed over Faith, no matter how much the brunette was trying to ignore it, if Buffy wasn’t staring at the floor or the wall, she was staring at her.

“No…I don’t think everything is ok.” Faith furrowed her brow and looked over at Buffy. Giles got the message. He’s a clever man after all.

“Do you want to talk to me…in the office, Faith?” He asked, removing his spectacles and doing all he could not to look worried.

“Yeah…that would be good. B, do ya mind?” She knew Buffy wouldn’t say anything to stop her, or at least not the ‘normal’ Buffy.

“Do you…have to?” The fidgety blonde looked like she wanted to grab hold of the dark Slayer and keep her right where she was.

“I’ll be right back out, Buffy. Promise.” She smiled at Buffy, her one hundred watt ‘knock em dead’ dimpled smile. Buffy reddened a little and looked away nodding.

The Watcher and Faith made their way into the small office behind the counter, closing the door a tad behind them.

“So, Faith. What’s the problem? Buffy?” He perched his backside on the small desk, and placed the end of his spectacles into his mouth, obviously nervous about what Faith might say next.

The dark girl looked around her, attempting to find a way to tell Giles that his Slayer had gone a little crazy. As she swept her dark eyes across the clutter of occult ‘ornaments’ and what not, the brunette ran a hand through her waves of hair. She eventually fixed her gaze on the patient librarian.

“I…err! Not quite sure how to put this. I mean, I’m new here. Haven’t really known B for that long. Although I think the whole Slayer thing has kinda got me in tune with her or something…anyway, she seems a little…she’s…acting kinda weird.” The words finally made their way out of her mouth. Even if they didn’t quite make sense, or explain what she was thinking.

“You think maybe it has something to do with the bite she received?” He was smart all right. Faith had no idea how he had got that from her Willow like babbling.

“I dunno. She’s just being really…different.” She didn’t want to have to tell him that Buffy was acting like the gayest girl in the parade on a float of dancing Xena wannabes.

“Different how?” He got up from the desk and began to pace in front of her, thinking as he did so.

“Shit…She’s kinda looking at me different.” Faith didn’t know why she was having such a hard time just coming out and saying that Buffy was acting like she wanted nothing more than a good seeing to by the rogue Slayer.

Maybe because she wanted that very thing to happen, and it might give her away if she stood and drooled at the idea. She felt suddenly uncomfortable. So unlike her, because normally she didn’t care who knew how insatiable she was, how she loved sex, fucking, getting down and dirty, ripping Buffy’s clothes off and spreading her legs and…Her mind was now a blur of lewd images of her and the blonde girl.

“Faith?” Giles stopped and was frowning at her, waiting for her to tell him what was wrong. “What exactly do you mean?”

Faith let out a sigh and looked the Watcher in the eye. He was there for Buffy, to protect her and help her. He was the one who could find out if there was something wrong, and he would know how to fix it…Although Faith wasn’t quite sure if that was a good thing. She liked the way Buffy had been openly showing her interest in her.

“Look, I might be the one that’s going crazy here, I dunno, but she’s acting like she…like she’s really horny or something.” Well, that pretty much summed it up.

“I see…Are you sure?” He replaced his glasses. They had a huge thumbprint on one of the lenses.

He didn’t seem to notice, which was not a regular thing for him to do. Giles was always cleaning his lenses, so Faith had an idea that maybe what she had said had embarrassed the Watcher a tad. It probably wasn’t something he wanted to think about. An ultra horny Buffy.

“Have you, err! Asked her about it?” He moved towards the door and looked out through the crack at Buffy.

“No…I didn’t know if maybe she was just normally like that.”

“Like that you mean?” He practically squeaked out the question as he nodded towards the crack in the door, a definite blush creeping over his features. The Watcher stood out of the way to allow Faith in his place.

Faith looked at him puzzled, but made her way to peak through the small gap. What she saw got her extremely hot and bothered, not to mention wet.

Buffy was sat on one of the chairs at the table, facing the office. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted as she lightly bit on the lower one. Her hand was somewhere in the region of her groin area. Faith couldn’t see what the blonde girl’s hand was doing, it being hidden by the books on the desk, but she could tell, whatever was going on Buffy was enjoying it. Her deep breathing was a dead give away.

“Fuck…yeah. That’s what I mean.” Faith could barely get the words out, and she knew for sure that the tone of her voice would give her arousal away. It had dropped to an even huskier rasp than usual.

“Well, I can assure you. Buffy is not usually like that.” He put his hand on the back of his neck and just stood there like he had no clue what to do now.


Faith couldn’t take her eyes from the breathless blonde, her actions completely captivating the sexy Slayer, and turning her on. Giles cleared his throat softly in the background.

“So…has she been acting like that since this morning?” His voice was still more of a squeak.

“Um! Yeah, pretty much. Although, that’s more extreme than what she’s been doing around me.” She still couldn’t tear her eyes away from Buffy.

“Faith…Faith, maybe you should…go out and stop her.” The English man was skulking at the back of his office, a look almost of pain crossing his face.

“Me? Why me? Why don’t you do it? You’re her Watcher G.” Her own voice was a little squeaky now, turning to look pleadingly at Giles before laying her dark eyes back on her blonde friend.

The dark beauty really wasn’t enthralled by the idea of going out and getting a closer look at what Buffy was doing. Her pants were wet enough.

“Well, we can’t just leave her. And…you’re her friend. It wouldn’t be as embarrassing for her.” He wasn’t moving.

“I doubt that.” Faith stated under her breath.

She doubted very much that Buffy would be less embarrassed if it were her that interrupted the older girl’s obvious pleasure. Plus, Faith was enjoying the show too much to want to move. Or stop it anytime soon.

Buffy was busy doing herself in the stuffy library, and Faith was having a hard time believing it. The blonde’s hand was between her legs, her hair flowing wildly about her shoulders as her head tilted back slightly. She was trying her best not to make a sound, and getting flushed doing it. Buffy wasn’t the only one getting flushed. Faith was heating up at an alarming rate because she had never seen anything quite so hot.

She couldn’t help but imagine what Buffy’s fingers might be doing, and where they might be. Inside the wet folds of the older girl, spreading her hot pussy juice over her throbbing clit with her eager digits. Slipping around inside her…

“Faith…” Giles interrupted her longing stare and less than pure thoughts.

“Ok, ok.” She knew she couldn’t just leave Buffy to be caught by somebody else. She would never be forgiven.

Clutching the door handle, Faith took a deep, settling breath, and said loudly…

“Well, we better get back in there…to Buffy.” She wanted the cute blonde to hear and hopefully stop what she was doing to herself.

As the dark Slayer opened the door more fully, she saw that Buffy had indeed been shocked out of her little game. She looked up into Faith’s brown eyes as she entered, the green of her own betraying her lust and need. Buffy licked her lips unashamedly at the brunette, almost in invitation.

The normally impetuous Slayer looked away for fear she would leap over the table onto Buffy, knocking books and papers flying in her haste to get at the smaller girl and lay siege to her pouting lips. She calmed her nerves as best she could.

“Hey, B. You ok?” Faith sauntered over to the chair next to Buffy. Acting as if she hadn’t just witnessed her counterpart virtually getting herself off for all to see.

“Yeah, of course…nothing wrong here.” The petite Slayer shuffled about in her seat as Faith sat down.

Giles came back into the room, still looking a bit shaken up. His brow creased in worry and trepidation. Faith could totally sympathise with the guy.

“Err! Buffy, Faith has brought something to my attention. About you. She…well, she thinks that you are acting…out of sorts. And I must say, I’m inclined to agree.” He slowly paced the space at the other side of the desk, avoiding too much eye contact with the small Slayer.

“W-what? I’m fine…really.” Buffy said the last part with much less enthusiasm. No doubt realising she must be doing a crappy job at hiding her predicament.

Faith nonchalantly glanced over at Buffy, attempting to see if the blonde girl’s pants were undone or not. The buttons were all intact, so the brunette guessed that Buffy had just been rubbing herself over the top of her jeans. Thankfully nobody seemed to notice that she was squirming around in her soaked panties just as much as Buffy now.

“Buffy, we can tell there is something wrong. I need to know what it is, in case…In case it has repercussions beyond what’s happening now.” Giles came to a rest in front of the two Slayers.

“I…I know.” Buffy looked down and appeared to be questioning herself.

“Alright, fine…I’m not ok. Pretty fucking far from ok.” She glanced between Faith and Giles, a shameful look on her normally serene face.

Faith raised her eyebrows at the language Buffy had used in front of her Watcher. In the short time she had know her, Faith realised that the older girl wasn’t one to swear for no good reason. Giles also seemed a little surprised. But then, considering what they had just witnessed Buffy doing whilst they were in the other room, it really was no big deal.

“Can you tell me what’s wrong? Did, whatever it is, start after you got bitten by the demon?” Giles slipped back into Watcher mode as he questioned Buffy, sitting down in front of his research once more. Faith kept quiet.

“Yeah, pretty much. Once I realised it was more than usual.” Buffy did her best not to look at Giles, while she fiddled with the corner of the chair and occasionally ran her hand through her silky locks.

“What exactly do you mean?” Giles probed.

“I…it’s just…” Buffy was squirming more than ever now.

“Fuck, B. Spit it out already.” Faith never did have much in the way of patience. And right now all she could think about, all she wanted to do, was to go and take care of the urge that Buffy’s strange behaviour had brought about.

“Fine…I’m horny, ok! Really, really…horny.” She looked down at the floor, suddenly finding the shiny surface fascinating.

“Right, well…err!” Giles shuffled some papers on the desk in front of him, then proceeded to ask some more questions.

They eventually discovered that Buffy had begun to feel strange after she had come round from her small feinting episode. She couldn’t quite describe the feeling, but knew it wasn’t right. It wasn’t until later that night that she knew for sure that she had been affected by something.

She told them that she had just had an overwhelming urge to have sex. It washed over her in a commanding way, and she couldn’t shake the feeling, or the need.

“So…have you…um! Been dealing with the problem yourself?” Giles removed his glasses for about the tenth time during the uncomfortable conversation. He must have decided it didn’t feel right, so replaced them quickly.

“What do you mean?” Buffy was avoiding the subject, maybe thinking she had already told them enough.

Faith, who had remained mostly silent at Buffy’s confession at being practically on heat, knew what Giles was getting at. And she knew that Buffy did too, her blush telling her as much.

“B, have you gotten a little finger friendly with yourself?” She looked directly at Buffy, unable to curb her naturally wicked side.

She was feeling a tad pissed off now too, knowing the only reason that Buffy seemed to be paying her more attention, in a sexual nature, was because of some kind of outside influence. She knew it had been too good to be true.

“God, Faith…do you mind?” Buffy snapped.

“Not in the least, Twinkie.” Faith snapped back. The sexual tension in the room thick enough to cut with a blunt instrument.

“Buffy, if I’m to find out what is happening to you, I need to know everything.” He looked all business like and serious now. Making it clear there would be no place for embarrassment if the blonde Slayer was in danger in any way.

“Ok…I did, last night. But it made it worse. So I did it again…and again it made me feel worse. So I did it four more times, and by the time I’d finished I was about ready to go out and grab the first person I saw. I was so…horny.” Buffy blurted it out all in one breath.

The fire in the smaller girl’s eyes left Faith in no doubt that she was telling the truth. She knew what it felt like to be so horny you could burst. Buffy had made her feel like that from the start. The brunette bit her lip before saying something about really wishing she had been passing Buffy’s house at the critical point that night. She would have been an extremely willing aid.

“So, we know that…masturbation doesn’t help. Which is good to know…I mean, not good, but um! Helpful.” Giles was doing his best not to get too flustered, and he wasn’t doing too badly either, but the strain was starting to show.

“No, it doesn’t work. Makes me…need…” Buffy glanced over at Faith and got lost in whatever it was she was about to share with them. Probably due to the sexy Slayer’s flirty smirk.

She just couldn’t help herself. It came entirely naturally to Faith when somebody was checking her out. It was an instinct, and Buffy had just played victim to it. The blonde girl looked away again quickly. But left Faith knowing she was thinking of the dark girl in much more than a friendly way.

Faith realised it was more than likely due to whatever was going on with Buffy, but also was aware that the older girl had been demonstrating her increasing interest before now. It had been a hell of a lot subtler, but the brunette’s experience had picked up on it.

She wasn’t as sure of the other girl’s willingness to actually do anything about the way she might be feeling. It was looking more likely with the whole incredible ‘horny’ thing going on, but Faith wasn’t positive she could take advantage of it. In fact, she was fairly certain she couldn’t risk her friendship by playing things in her favour. As much as she wanted the cute blonde, she also valued her friendship, and her own life.

She decided to just play things by ear, and see what transpired. And hope she could stop thinking about Buffy with her fingers sliding around her slick little pussy, masturbating in front of her, for her. It was a hell of a lot harder to do now she had practically seen it for real. Faith had an idea that her resolve was certainly about to be tested to extremes.

PART EIGHT: You’re Not Thinking What I’m Thinking?

Notes: Ok, so not an entirely original idea. But I couldn’t resist.

The library was awash with an uncomfortable air. Buffy’s embarrassment was obvious and putting her on edge. Giles wasn’t doing too much better either. The dark Slayer wasn’t so much embarrassed as highly aware of the need emanating from Buffy.

She was sure she could smell a hint of the blonde girl’s arousal in the air. Tasting it with every breath. It was sending her silly, and causing her own desire to seep out of her neatly cropped sex. She realised that if she could smell Buffy, then maybe Buffy could smell her. It did nothing to settle her pounding heart, or cool the heat in her pants.

“Well, assuming it was the bite that triggered this, it does narrow down the research I have already done. I suggest we call the others to come and help out though. That way we can resolve this as soon as possible.” Giles pushed himself up out of his chair.

“NO…you can’t…call them. I don’t want anybody else knowing.” Buffy was close to tears, and Faith fought back the uncharacteristic urge to reach out to her and hold her.

“But, Buffy…” Giles looked on concerned.

“NO.” She was practically yelling now.

“Look, G man, we can do this ourselves if that’s what Buffy wants.” She knew already that she would do exactly what the blonde girl wanted, no questions asked. Or not many at least.

Giles sighed and gazed over the heap of books in front of him, then back at the two Slayers. One was fidgeting because she was all hot and needy, and the other one looked serene and relaxed but her eyes gave away the fact that she too was hot and needy.

“Fine…here, try to find out any information on the demon you came across.” He handed the girls two very large old books. The covers were worn and frayed, with gold lettering marking the front in some uncommon language or other.

“Wait, you know I don’t do the research thing. Faith can do it…research I mean, not …me…Oh my God, I’m turning into you.” She waved in the direction of Faith, who wiggled her eyebrows and flashed her dimpled smile.

“Hey, I never get any complaints.” She was talking about her personality of course. Although she was aware a lot of people did have complaints about that.

“I bet you don’t.” Buffy muttered to herself, causing the dark girl to wonder exactly what she meant. As if it wasn’t obvious.

“Buffy, if you don’t want the others involved then I’m afraid you’re both going to have to help out. There are a lot of possible reasons for your current…err! condition, and not many of them are intended to give you an easy time. You’re a Slayer, and we can’t have you wandering the streets looking to satisfy your needs willy nilly. Plus there’s Angel to think about…he, well, he mustn’t come near you whilst you’re like this. We don’t want a repeat of what happened after your last encounter.” The Watcher looked directly at Buffy, almost daring for her to defy him or argue. She didn’t do either. And didn’t mention the fact that she was no longer with Angel.

The two Slayers both reached for the books at the same time. Their hands brushed against each other and before Faith could react, Buffy landed on the floor with a thud, right on her backside. She had literally leapt out of her chair at the contact.

“I meant to do that…was just testing your reflexes.” Buffy stood up warily and brushed herself off. “You were supposed to catch me.” She pouted at Faith, then sat back down, snatching her book and looking away before the dark girl could say anything in her defence.

Faith grinned, trying not to laugh, she decided to keep quiet. Buffy was irritated enough, and she didn’t want to make things worse. She was doing her best to stay in Buffy’s good books after all. Faith was enjoying being her friend too much to throw it away with her usual sarcastic nature.

The blonde Slayer said nothing more either as she opened her large book with a disgruntled sigh. Faith did the same, feeling ever more uncomfortable and on edge with the fact she was sitting next to an ultra horny Buffy, and unable to do anything about it.

They researched for about an hour, but Buffy was growing more and more irritated and jittery. She couldn’t sit still, and kept sighing heavily, almost groaning in her quandary. It was rubbing off on Faith. She couldn’t keep still now either. The combination of staying inactive and going back and forth between wanting to ‘help’ her fellow Slayer out, and wanting to run from the situation, testing her patience and nerve.

It was abundantly clear that Buffy was having a hard time keeping her need under wraps. Now and again Faith noticed that the blonde girl was moving in a way that suggested she was getting some kind of friction from the seam in her jeans. Her eyes would close for a second and she appeared to forget where she was.

Giles hadn’t seemed to notice, or at least he didn’t indicate that he did. But the brunette was having a hard time concentrating on the text in front of her. She couldn’t stop herself from watching the way the other girl was moving, slowly and sensually, in a world of her own. Rubbing her mound into the solid surface of the chair in an attempt to find some kind of relief.

“God…I can’t take this.” Buffy stood abruptly and began pacing the floor. “I’m…shit. You must have some idea how to stop me feeling like this.” The blonde girl stopped close to Faith, questioning Giles with her hands on her hips.

“Because we don’t know the cause Buffy, I’m afraid not. Until we find out why this has happened then the only way to ease the symptoms would be to…well, err!…” He didn’t seem to want to finish his sentence so Faith did it for him.

“You’ll have to go pull yourself a stud, B.” She smiled up at Buffy, finding the whole situation quite funny given the normal prudishness of the other Slayer.

“I’m not going to go and sleep with a random stranger…that would be…ewww! We’re not all like you, Faith.” Buffy slumped back into her chair again, pushing the book to one side.

The comment hurt a little coming from Buffy, even if it was fairly true. Faith didn’t want her friend thinking of her as some kind of slut, especially not now. Now that she was growing closer to the cute Slayer, and wanting her for more than just a one night stand, or a quick fuck.

“Hey, don’t knock it ‘till ya try it, Twinkie.” Her eyes narrowed at the smaller Slayer, conveying the slight anger inside her.

“Sorry. I’m just…ahhh!” The blonde girl banged her head down onto the table. Giles furrowed his brow, his mind working overtime to find some way to ease Buffy’s discomfort.

“I really don’t know what to suggest, Buffy. Obviously I’m not one to encourage promiscuity, or…casual sex. Maybe you’re just going to have to do your best to ignore it until we find the reason, and then hopefully the cure.” The Watcher lowered his eyes back down to his book.

“Hopefully?” Buffy raised her head to look imploringly at Giles.

“Yes, hopefully.” He said no more, moving onto the next book in a long line of them.

Faith ran her hand through her luscious hair, trying to think of some way that she could help, other than ‘taking’ the small Slayer herself. It was something she would love to do, but definitely under different circumstances.

She really didn’t think Buffy would go for the idea anyway. She was too straight, and far too worried about what other people thought, even if some of her actions that day had suggested that maybe she wasn’t so bothered right now.

She looked Buffy over, and then an idea sprang to mind.


“What about Xander? He’s not a stranger, and at least…well, you know that ya can trust him.” Faith tried her best not to make it sound like she was taking the piss, and that it was no more than an effort to help.

Buffy stared at her with a bewildered look, as if she was absolutely crazy for suggesting such a ludicrous thing. In fact, she said as much.

“Are you crazy? Xander?…That’s just…that’s…I don’t know what that is but it’s never going to happen. God, can you imagine how he’d be afterwards? He’s bad enough now.” She rolled her eyes at Faith and slumped further into her chair.

“Hey, it was just a suggestion, girlfriend. No need to bite my fucking head off.” Faith got up out of her chair and wandered over to the counter, stretching her legs and distancing herself from the horny Slayer.

“Ahem! As crazy as it might seem Buffy, I have to agree with Faith. If it takes a while to find a cure for this, and it starts impeding on your slaying abilities, therefore rendering you an easy target, then…well, you might want to think twice about dismissing the idea so quickly.” Giles was ever the concerned and responsible Watcher, thinking more about the safety of Buffy than her chastity.

“But Xander?…I don’t think I could.” Buffy appeared close to tears now, her discomfort no doubt growing with every passing hour.

“If ya don’t want Xander to help out…what about…Will?” Faith thought that it would be a decent suggestion. They were best friends after all. Unfortunately Buffy nearly fell off her chair again, and salty tears began creeping down her cheeks.

“I can’t have sex with Willow…It would be so…awkward.” She sobbed as tears now streamed down her face.

Giles stood and moved around the desk to Buffy, placing a hand on her shoulder. He looked uncomfortable, not knowing how to console Buffy as she buried her face in her hands.

Faith took a few steps forwards, but then stopped. She too had no idea how to console Buffy. She wasn’t used to being supportive, or close to anybody to do such a thing. She had never really had a friend like the small blonde before.

She looked down at the floor, trying to get things straight in her head. Trying to work out how she should react. As she thought about it, something flashed across her mind. Buffy hadn’t been totally grossed out by the idea of sleeping with Willow…she had just said it would be awkward. Shaking her head to attempt to ignore the implications, Faith decided to take the perplexed Watchers place.

She strolled over to where Buffy was sat. Giles moved away, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. The dark Slayer pulled her chair closer to the blonde girl's, and took one of her hands from her sodden face, keeping it gently in hers.

“Hey, girlfriend, it’ll be ok. We’ll find out what’s going on and fix it. With me on the case things’ll be five by five in no time.” She smiled at her friend, looking into her teary green eyes. Her own obsidian pools conveying how much she already cared for her friend.

Buffy raised her sorrow filled eyes to hers, and something clearly crossed her mind. She blushed a little, then licked her lips. If Faith hadn’t been too busy thinking about the tingles in her hand, and the effect Buffy had just had on her by wetting her lips, she would have guessed what was coming next.

“Maybe…that’s it. I mean, to help me out until we can cure this.” She looked demurely at Faith.

“I’m not getting you…what’s it?” Faith had an inkling about what Buffy was talking about. But she wanted to be hit over the head with it, repeatedly.

“You, like you said…on the case.” Buffy bit her lip.

“Whoa there, Twinkie. I…that’s…” She couldn’t spit out what she wanted to say. Possibly because she didn’t know what she wanted to say. She leant back, letting go of Buffy’s hand.

It was being handed to her on a plate. Buffy on a plate with all the yummy trimmings. Faith was stuck between wanting to leap around the room, and hoping the hellmouth would take this opportunity to swallow her whole. It didn’t, and now she had to come up with an answer to Buffy’s request.

“Buffy, that’s not such a great idea. I mean, we hardly know each other. That’s why I thought Will would be better suited.” She was trying to talk Buffy out of it, but wanting it too much to sound convincing.

“That’s just it, I’ve known Willow too long. We’re too close. And you’re, well, you’re a Slayer. And you…like girls. Unless…you’re totally grossed out by me, or it's…Giles? Tell her it's part of her duty.” The blonde Slayer whined, almost frantic now. She had found her way out of feeling increasingly horny, and didn’t seem to care about the ramifications of it.

“Buffy, I can’t force Faith into doing such a thing, and neither should you. It’s entirely up to her. Although, I have to say, thinking about it, maybe waiting a while longer before jumping into something you might possibly regret would be a wiser choice. You have only been suffering this since last night.” Giles had on his ‘I know best’ wise face.

“But…you don’t understand how hard this is. I need…I need you Faith.” Buffy pouted up at the rogue Slayer, all but completely crushing her resolve.

She never thought for a second that she would ever hear Buffy utter such words to her. It sent butterflies tumbling around in her stomach, and her heart pounding like thunder in her ears. She was close to just leaping on the blonde and dragging her home with her. And not in order just to relieve Buffy. But to relieve herself of the monumental desire that had been building within her for the cute Slayer.

She glanced over at Giles, who was now making his way up to the bookshelves, murmuring to himself. Faith was glad he wouldn’t be in earshot. She wasn’t too keen on him knowing how much she really did like Buffy.

She wasn’t sure why, but thought that maybe if he saw her as some kind of a threat to the older girl’s ‘normal’ straight life, he might be inclined to suggest to the council that she should be relocated.

“Fuck…that’s not fair, B. I don’t wanna mess up our friendship. You know I’d do it…you far from gross me out. Surely you can tell that. I know I’ve done a wicked crappy job at hiding it.” She did her best to keep eye contact with Buffy, but was worried that telling her how she felt might completely screw things up between them.

“Faith, I…” Buffy’s chest was rising and falling quicker than what it normally would, and she was leaning towards Faith ever so slightly.

“Buffy, let me just…say this.” The brunette took a breath before continuing. “The reason I don’t think it’s a good idea for it to be me helping you out with this…Is because…I’m attracted to you, I like you…so it wouldn’t be fair on you. It’d be like taking advantage. And, here’s where I’m freaking myself out, I don’t want to take advantage of you, B. I want more than that.” She hadn’t meant to say quite so much, but once she had started, the younger girl hadn’t been able to stop.

Buffy seemed to be lost in Faith’s dark eyes. She just sat staring into them, her breathing coming harder and faster. They were gazing at each other, waves of desire passing between them. Coming from Buffy because of whatever influence she was under. And coming from Faith because she had never wanted anybody as much as she wanted the other girl right now.

“Fuck…this is too much. I can’t be around you when you’re like this, B. It’s too fucking tempting.” The sultry Slayer rose from her seat, Buffy’s eyes following her every move.

Faith couldn’t risk her new friendship. She couldn’t risk messing up her chance at actually settling somewhere. Somewhere she already felt needed, and appreciated. It was too much to throw away for a fuck. Even if it was with the girl that had overwhelmed her every thought from the moment they had met.

Faith hurriedly made her way out of the library, without protest. Buffy was obviously too busy trying to comprehend what the younger girl had just told her. She watched as Faith strode out.

The brunette caught the look of longing and wonder on Buffy’s face, as she allowed the heavy doors to swing shut on her. She had to distance herself from the cute Slayer. At least until she got a grip on her own desire. Which was going to be harder than she could ever imagine.

She sighed heavily and left the tingling sensation of Buffy’s presence behind, making her way to the nearest bar to order herself a little something to calm her nerves. She could only hope that Giles could find a cure for Buffy, as soon as possible.

Before she gave in to temptation.

PART NINE: I’m Right There With Ya

Faith paced up and down the worn carpet of her motel room, the dusky light streaming through the dirty windows from the moon outside, the only illumination highlighting her striking features as she furrowed her brow, annoyed at how much she was confusing herself.

The few drinks she had downed had done nothing to ease the tension within her, or halt the thoughts she was having about Buffy. It wasn’t that she couldn’t handle the ‘dirty’ thoughts. She couldn’t handle the idea of not leaping at the chance to be with the other girl with no strings attached.

She didn’t want to be used though. And she certainly didn’t want to play Buffy’s suffering for her own satisfaction. Even if she did feel like she was about ready to climb the walls. Buffy wasn’t the only one having problems in the horny department right now.

But that wasn’t the only thing on her mind, because now she could only see one thing happening after telling Buffy how she felt about her. Things would get awkward. Once the small Slayer had got over her predicament, she knew their relationship would change, for the worse. Even if Buffy was attracted to her in some way, she was under no illusion that anything would ever happen between them under normal circumstances.

Faith was in danger of slipping into her usual reflexive ‘defence mode’ of getting the fuck out of there. Away from Sunnydale, and her increasing feelings for the other girl.

She was completely unused to having any kind of feeling for somebody, the way she was fairly sure she was beginning to feel for Buffy.

Everything was new to her. Different. It was frightening in a way she couldn’t defend herself against. The dark haired beauty looked over to the old duffel bag that she had slung in the corner of her sparse motel room.

She sat down heavily on the creaky bed, battling against the instinct to run. The brunette didn’t want to run, but didn’t know if she could deal with the possibility of Buffy pushing her away for liking her as more than just a friend. For wanting her and dreaming of her. For hoping they could be together, for more than just a temporary ‘cure’ for the blonde Slayer.

As Faith buried her head in her hands, feeling defeated by her needs, the sharp ring of the phone pierced the heavy atmosphere of the room. Pushing herself up off the bed sighing, she picked up the receiver.

“Yeah?” She wasn’t in the mood for any bullshit from anybody.

“Faith…it’s Giles.” He sounded distracted, and on edge.

“Hey.” The dark Slayer sat back down on the bed, wondering why the hell he was calling her, now.

“I’m glad I was able to get hold of you…we err! have a slight problem. It’s Buffy, she…how can I put this?” He didn’t seem to know the best way forward.

“Just put it G man, getting bored here.” Faith was already worried about what Giles was about to say, but didn’t want to show it.

She really didn’t want to clue Giles in on how much she cared for his Slayer, and how she was starting to feel the rise of panic inside her in case anything had happened to her friend. Something that maybe she could have prevented if she hadn’t stormed out like a brat.

“Well, we eventually found out some more about the demon um! dog…and well, it has an owner, of sorts, who uses the dog’s bite to cast a kind of spell over its victim. So anyway, I was able to do a locating spell to find out where they are… located…Once we were sure about its whereabouts…um!…” He was doing his best to keep it short but his obvious edginess was blowing it.

“Just get to the point, Giles. Where’s Buffy?” Faith was definitely uneasy now. Giles stuttering away was not a recipe for calm contented thoughts.

“Yes, sorry…Buffy has gone to find the two demons, and hopefully find a cure. She’s alone, Faith. And in no fit state to…well, she is being distracted after all.” He didn’t need to say anymore.

“Where exactly is she?” Faith reached over for her jacket, slipping it on over her tight tee shirt.

The Watcher told Faith where he believed the demons to be, and therefore where Buffy had headed. The blonde girl had about a fifteen minute head start on the rogue Slayer, but she wasn’t going to dwell on it. Instead focusing on getting to Buffy before anything bad happened.

Faith raced around to the cemetery as fast as her legs would take her. She had picked up her nastiest ‘bad ass’ knife, and hoped for their sakes that the demons hadn’t done anything to hurt her little Slayer. If they had, she would introduce them to a world of pain beyond anything most people could even imagine.

The night was still, and heavy with humidity. Not helping the dark Slayer to keep cool and calm, as she dashed towards her goal. She reached the dark pathways of the empty graveyard, the air rushing to a halt around her as she stopped to figure out which way to go.

She couldn’t yet sense Buffy, so hoped, with the stillness of the atmosphere, to be able to hear anything that might pinpoint where the petite blonde was. She cocked her head and let her Slayer senses do their work.

Faith picked up what sounded like a scuffle somewhere at the edge of her hearing range.

“I’m coming, girlfriend.” She said to herself, and the muggy night air that was clinging to her fit body.

Faith ran to where she perceived Buffy to be.

As she made her way further into the depths of the cemetery, Faith knew she had gone the right way. She could feel Buffy now. And she could also sense the presence of something else, the demons. Shivers ran up and down her spine.

Rounding a tree lined corner, past some run down crypts, Faith finally spotted Buffy. There was the unmistakable body of the ‘dog demon’ that had started the whole thing, just ahead of her. It was lying in a pool of its own blood, devoid of its head. She ran to a halt, taking in the sight.

Buffy was busy fighting with a particularly ugly demon. He was practically naked, wearing nothing more than a loincloth to cover his paled skin, which seemed to shimmer in the moonlight. He was doing a good job of defending himself despite his skinny appearance. In fact, Buffy looked to be having a little trouble with him and he was managing to get the upper hand. Faith stepped forward.

“Hey, girlfriend. Having fun without me?” The demon stopped his assault on the smaller Slayer, flicking his red eyes between the two girls.

The blonde took the opportunity to slam into him with her fist, sending him reeling back somewhat. Buffy then span to look at the brunette. She was obviously tired, and a little beaten up, but she still had a determined and independent grace about her.

“I can deal with this myself, Faith.” The older girl did her best menacing look on Faith, but it didn’t work.

They stood staring each other down, Buffy allowing her eyes to hungrily roam over Faith’s taught body. Then the blonde dropped her arms, entirely focused on the taller girl in front of her. Faith also couldn’t hide her appreciation of the dishevelled Slayer. She always got turned on when Buffy fought.

They were both caught up in some kind of trance, and it was just the opportunity the demon had been looking for. He rushed forwards, straight at Buffy who didn’t react. Thankfully Faith was able to pull herself round, and instinctively she leapt and raised her arm out to defend the smaller Slayer.

She had the knife in her hand, and it embedded itself deep into the creature’s neck. He fell to the muddy ground, coughing and spluttering up blood, grasping at the shaft of the knife in the vain attempt to free it from his throat.

“Shit…Faith I hadn’t asked him what the cure is.” Buffy fell to her knees in front of the struggling demon. She grabbed his shoulders. “What is it? What’s the cure?” The frantic Slayer shook the dying fiend, causing him to fall forwards.

“You…you will never find out now, and my plan will…it will succeed. Once… Angel gives in to the temptation. My master will be pleased.” The demon lurched forward, and with a gurgle collapsed completely to the floor, dead. The knife having been plunged in far enough to sever most of his spinal cord.

“What? Hey, I didn’t say you could die.” Buffy rose to her feet and absently kicked the creature, causing its head to snap off and roll away. “Eww! Gross.” She turned her eyes to Faith looking about ready to explode, her nostrils flaring and her shoulders tense. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” The blonde Slayer covered her face with her hand, sighing in frustration.

Faith knew she had screwed up, and that Buffy would be more than pissed at her. But she hadn’t meant to kill the demon. It had been an accident in her eagerness to defend the other Slayer. She was not only concerned about screwing up though, she was also worried that maybe Buffy had been injured in the heat of the fight.

She stepped in front of the blonde and reached out to touch her shoulder.

“Hey, you ok?” She rested her hand on the tight muscle at the top of Buffy’s left arm. Checking the other girl over with her eyes, looking for injuries.

“No…I’m not. And will you please stop looking so damn…hot.” The pouting girl turned away from Faith, who dropped her hand from the Slayer.

Faith didn’t know what to say. Instead of being angry with her because she had messed up, Buffy was mad because the brunette ‘looked good’. She didn’t think she could be more confused right now with the way her blonde friend was acting. She was completely unsure of whether or not Buffy was just saying what she was because she didn’t have a choice in the matter. It didn’t help that the slay was beginning to get her hornies going too.

“Sorry.” It was all Faith could manage to say.

The older girl slowly turned around to face the dark Slayer. They were standing close, invading each other’s personal space. The air suddenly seemed even warmer as it hung stiffly around the chosen two. Faith realised she should move away, but she was discovering it was hard enough to even think about, let alone do.

Buffy tentatively reached out her hand and placed her palm across Faith’s cheek, instantly sending tingles across it. She brushed her fingers delicately down the brunette's jaw line to the dimple in her chin, before moving up to the full, glossed lips. Her twinkling green eyes following what she was doing.

Faith couldn’t move. She had never felt such a soft caress before, and she was savouring the Slayer connection between them, which gave the touch a sensual intimacy that she was finding hard to comprehend. The fact that it was Buffy making her weak at the knees made it even more impossible to resist the sweet caress.

“B…” She didn’t get the rest of her words out. She didn’t have them there in her mind anyway.

Buffy ran her thumb across Faith’s full lower lip, paying particular attention to the cleft in the middle. Her eyes were wide and full of lust. But there was also a gentle curiosity within the dark pools of her pupils. Right then, Faith knew for sure that she was in trouble. She was going to fall for Buffy.

Just as the shorter Slayer leaned her body towards the brunette, raising her soft looking lips to meet hers, Faith pulled back. Her lungs were fighting to suck in the humid air and her heart was pounding. But she didn’t want to be with Buffy because of some spell. She didn’t want to be used for the soul purpose of just helping the other girl out.

“Buffy, we should go tell Giles what happened. With the demon. Ya know, what he said.” She pried her enigmatic dark eyes from the cute Slayer and turned to go.

“Wait, Faith…I know this is pretty weird, and that you’re thinking…well, that I’m just going to be all ‘user girl’, but…”

Faith didn’t let her finish.

“Let’s just get back to Giles. We can talk about this later.” She had no intention of talking about it.

She didn’t want to be a quick fix. And she realised that Buffy would probably say anything to get her way right now. Faith didn’t want to put their relationship under any more strain than it was.


They made their way back to the library with Buffy fidgeting the whole way again. It was almost like she was feeling uncomfortable in her skin, like she wanted stripping of it. Or maybe it was just her clothes she wanted stripping from. Faith pushed the thought of a naked Buffy as far as she could to the back of her head, but it wouldn’t go away.

She more than appreciated the blonde girl's looks. She liked every bit of her. All petite and toned. Cute and alluring. Hot and…She shook her head but watched Buffy’s ass as she made her way into the library ahead of her.

“Fuck, this is hard.” She had never been tested like this before. Usually she would just go out and get whatever she wanted. She would take what was on offer. As simple as that.

“Ah! Glad to see you both back, unharmed.” Giles made his way from behind the counter. “Did you find the demons?”

“Yep, found and slayed.” Buffy smiled, then winked at Faith, who had the uncharacteristic urge to blush.

“Did you find out the cure?” The Watcher removed his glasses and waited for the answer from the two girls.

“Um! Well, no…but he did say something interesting.” The cute Slayer looked up sheepishly at the English guy.

“Buffy…what have I told you about getting information first.” He sighed.

“It wasn’t Buffy’s fault. I did it.” She narrowed her eyes at the Watcher in challenge. She hated being judged on her slaying. Buffy reached out to touch Faith, who was probably standing closer than was prudent, but couldn’t help herself.

The blonde girl placed her left hand on the taller girl’s lower back, just resting it there lightly. Faith didn’t pull away or attempt to remove the hand. She didn’t want to bring the gesture to Giles’ attention, as he was busy clearing away his earlier spell and hadn’t seemed to notice.

“You should be more careful next time, Faith. You never know when you might miss a vital piece of information. Now we’ll have to find out for ourselves how to deal with this.” He moved back and forth from his office as he spoke.

“Giles, if Faith hadn’t acted the way she did, then I might just be a little pile of Buffy goo right now. I was distracted and she stopped him attacking me.” She moved her fingers over Faith’s back, teasing her through the thin tee shirt.

“Yes, well…good call then Faith.” He nodded at Faith before continuing his blustering about. “So…what did you find out?”

The two Slayers remained standing next to the counter. Faith realised it would make more sense for them to go and sit down, but the warm hand gently playing with her back was discouraging her from moving an inch.

“Before he…” Buffy slipped her fingers closer to the top of Faith’s backside. “…ran into Faith’s knife, which she looked…really…good with, Um! He said something about Angel, giving into temptation.” Her fingers finally made their way into the brunette’s waistband.

Faith lurched forwards, unable to take anymore teasing from the penetrating warmth of Buffy’s fingers. She moved further away from her tormentor, glancing around the library to distract herself.

“Yeah, the guy said his plan would succeed or something.” Faith trailed off and stood a little way from Buffy, facing her.

“Plan…Hmm! Maybe a plan to capture Angelus. Yes, that’s it, it must be…But now we have to find the cure in case, well, it does succeed.” He was talking more to himself than anything, and Buffy seemed more interested in Faith than telling Giles that she wasn’t about to go leap into bed with Angel.

The Watcher made his way back into his office with an armful of ancient books.

Faith was doing her best not to stare at Buffy as the blonde girl seemed to slip into her own world again, shutting her eyelids and thinking of something that was definitely turning her on. It wasn’t that she was busy humping the woodwork again, but Faith caught the overwhelming scent of the other Slayer’s arousal, stronger than ever.

She closed her eyes and willed herself not to imagine what Buffy would taste like spread over her eager lips. She could tell she would be quite sweet from the smell alone. The dark Slayer flicked her tongue over the cleft in her lip that the slender girl had been captivated with earlier. She was worked up, and after slaying, just itching to fuck.

“I’m hungry, and tired so…I’m gonna head out.” Faith felt like she had to get away.

The two girls looked at each other, fire roaring between them almost visibly. Their eyes locked in an intense pull they both seemed to be playing victim to. Giles broke the sudden silence and the tension.

“Yes, you’re probably right. You should both go home and get some rest. I’ll drop you both off.” He picked up his keys from his desk then headed to the doors with the Slayers following.

As they pulled up to Faith’s motel Buffy stopped the brunette from just jumping straight out of the car.

“Faith, can I…come in?” She smiled sexily at the rogue Slayer. It was not something she was used to Buffy doing, but she clenched her jaw and grasped the door handle.

“I think you should go home and get some rest, girlfriend.” She smiled at Buffy and suddenly found herself pushing a stray strand of hair back behind the blonde girl’s ear.

Buffy leaned into the touch, and Faith knew instantly that she had done the wrong thing if she was going to leave the car anytime soon, without causing Giles to redden any more than he was. She felt soft lips brush against her palm, sending a sweet shiver running down her spine across her ass, and straight to her sex.

“Fuck…Buffy, what are you doing to me?” It was a rhetorical question and she hadn’t really meant to say it aloud. It came out as a husky whisper, which really wasn’t going to stop Buffy from wanting her.

“Faith, please…” The cute Slayer kissed Faith’s palm once more.

The world felt like it just upped and disappeared for Faith. They were the only ones that existed…until Giles made it abundantly clear they were not alone. He cleared his throat loudly.

Faith took a deep breath.

“I…I have to go. I’ll see ya tomorrow.” The worked up Slayer got out of the car as fast as she could, racing up the steps and slumping against the door as she closed it behind her.

She couldn’t work out the look Buffy had had in her eyes, throughout most of the day. It was obvious they were telling her that Buffy desired her and wanted her, that she could put down to the bite. But there was something else there, something deeper, but she didn’t know what exactly, or wasn’t confident enough to interpret it.


Faith showered and relaxed herself a little, and fell into bed exhausted. Not physically so, but emotionally. She had never had to deal with anything like the way she felt about Buffy. She did her best not to admit to herself that she was falling in love with the other girl. But it was the last thing on her mind before she fell asleep.

She must have been out for no longer than an hour or so before the shrill tone of the phone by her bed woke her.

“Fuck…” She pulled herself up out of the covers and felt about in the dark for the receiver. “Who is it?” She breathed out her question, her voice throaty with the remnants of sleep.

“Hey…” It was Buffy’s quiet little girlie voice whispering in her ear. So not what she needed.

“What’s wrong, girlfriend?” She moved a little further up in her bed, giving Buffy all her attention.

“Nothing’s wrong…really. I just…” Her soft voice floated down the phone to Faith, who wanted to slam the receiver down and ignore the effect it was having on her. She didn’t of course.

“You just what, B?” As much as she wanted to end the call and go back to sleep, she didn’t have the will power.

“I…I just wanted to hear your voice.” Buffy actually sounded like she was blushing, but continued. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” Her tone was hushed, and deeper than Faith had ever heard it. It was pretty hot. “I can’t stop thinking about how much I want you.”

Faith rubbed the heel of her hand over her forehead. She didn’t want to hear Buffy’s pleas to relieve her, just because she was the only slut she knew.

“You’re…” She was about to say how Buffy was only saying the things she was, due to the strain the spell had put her under, but she didn’t get it out. Her Slayer hearing had picked up on a soft rustling sound in the background, coming from Buffy’s end. It sounded like the shifting of sheets.

“Talk to me Faith…I want to hear your voice.” The blonde Slayer’s breathing was getting heavier.

“Buffy…what are you doing?” She had a fair idea, but she just had to ask.

“I want you, Faith. If this is the only way, then it’s better than nothing…Are you in bed?” There was more rustling in the background, and Faith had the impression that Buffy was busy shuffling around, and maybe removing her clothes.

“Shit…this is a really bad idea.” Faith ran a hand through her hair, but didn’t sound too convincing, even to herself. She was heating up rapidly imagining what Buffy was doing.

“I bet you’re wondering where my hand is right now.” The small Slayer’s breath hitched as she spoke.

Faith couldn’t stop how she was feeling now. Her naturally sexual nature was willing itself forward, ignoring her brain and its incessant ramblings to keep control. She just couldn’t. She was horny beyond belief. She wanted Buffy, and she wanted this.

The dark Slayer leaned back into the headboard and casually allowed her hand to blaze a trail of heat down across her bare stomach, to the waistband of her already damp panties.

“Talk to me…Tell me what you want to do to me, Faith. Where you want your fingers.” Buffy moaned down the telephone, leaving the younger girl in no doubt now about what she was doing to herself.

“B…I thought doing that made you feel worse.” She of course realised that getting herself off would only serve to make her hornier too. But she couldn’t stop now.

She was wet and needed to slide her fingers over herself. So she did. Slowly, Faith pushed her hand inside her black lace panties, and slicked her fingers with her warm need. Moaning quietly as she did so.

“I can’t help it, Faith…And you can’t tell me you don’t want to fuck me right now. That you don’t want to tell me what you want to do to me. I can here you…fuck.” Buffy was breathing heavily now, bathing Faith’s ear in the sound of her hot lust.

“Damn…B, you know I wanna get ya all wet for me. That I wanna fuck you.” Buffy groaned at Faith’s words, and now the sultry Slayer had no hope of turning back, no matter what the consequences were.

She slid her fingers over her erect clit, swirling around it, toying with it in the sticky juice of her pussy. Rocking her hips up to meet her own teasing, and shivering at the contact and the sounds coming from the other end of the phone.

“What are ya doing right now, girlfriend?” Faith asked in a deep and sexy tone, as if she didn’t know already what Buffy was doing. But she wanted to hear it from her fellow Slayer. She wanted the other girl to tell her.

“I’m sliding my fingers over my pussy, imagining it’s you doing it. Touching me.”

Faith moaned huskily, causing an equally aroused groan to come from Buffy. They were turning each other on with obvious motivation. Pushing the limits of their friendship over the edge to that uncertain place that Faith was sure Buffy didn’t really want to go. But she threw caution out of the window, because now she could hear Buffy’s fingers slipping around in her evidently sopping cunt.

“Jesus, girlfriend. I can hear how wet you are. I can hear how much your pussy wants me…Does it want me, baby?” Her own fingers worked inside her glistening folds, searching for release.

“It wants you, Faith. I want you…inside me. Tasting me. And I want to do the same to you…I have since I first laid eyes on you.” Buffy gasped, a sexy little squeak coming from her, and Faith could tell the phone the small Slayer was gripping would be close to being crushed. “Oh God…Fuck, Faith.” Buffy came, breathing heavily into Faith’s hot ear.

“That was so fucking sexy, B.” She couldn’t quite believe that Buffy had just cum with her listening.

She was trying to compute everything that was going on. What the older girl had said to her. All the signals she had passed off or disbelieved, thinking she was just being hopeful. She sat listening to Buffy gather herself before speaking again. Her own need forgotten for the time being.

“B…Buffy, did you mean what you just said? Or did you say it to get what you want? A quick fix.” Faith wanted to shut herself up, but couldn’t, because now she had feelings for Buffy above and beyond just sex.

“Faith…Fuck, I’m so horny now…look, I understand your doubt, and if this thing hadn’t happened then I probably wouldn’t have told you anything. At least not for a long time. But this…this has just showed me, forced me, to accept the way you make me feel.” Buffy’s voice was shaky now. She took a breath and continued. “You’re gorgeous Faith and I want you. I’ve been trying so hard to hide it and not react to you, but you made it so fucking difficult. Every time you touched me, looked at me, I wanted you more…” The blonde girl sighed, doing her best to convince Faith that she was telling her the truth.

“But…I don’t wanna wreck our friendship if this is just down to the spell, B.” She wanted to accept what Buffy was saying, but still wasn’t certain.

“I promise you this won’t wreck anything. Even if you don’t believe me…I do need you, Faith. I want to be with you. I want to have sex with you.” Buffy sounded close to tears now and despite her doubts Faith’s resolve had gone.

She just couldn’t hold out. She didn’t have the will power even if it meant getting hurt, used, told to disappear afterwards. She was powerless to stop herself.

“B…I’ll come and pick you up. Sneak out and I’ll meet ya by your house.”

Faith was about to risk everything she had so recently found, but she just couldn’t resist Buffy any longer….

PART TEN: Once Is Never Enough

Faith stood waiting outside the large house on Revello Drive. She had her hands pushed deep into the pockets of her leather pants, feeling a chill to the air that she was sure hadn’t been there earlier. Maybe it was the anticipation, or maybe just the dread that she was doing completely the wrong thing. She stopped thinking when she saw Buffy slink around the side of the house to meet her.

She was wearing some loose fitting sweats that only served to make the blonde girl look even cuter than usual. Buffy glanced back at her house, then made her way over to the darkness by the trees where Faith was waiting.

They looked at each other, differently than they had ever done before. Faith couldn’t quite place what the difference was. Maybe it was the knowledge that things were about to change between them. That things were going to change completely for Buffy, as she had never so much as kissed another girl before.

Neither Slayer spoke as Buffy closed the distance between them. Faith took her hands out of her pockets, her palms moist from something more than the lack of air. She tried to smile, but found she couldn’t. She tried to move, but her legs were refusing to obey.

The smaller Slayer finally reached her. Her long blonde hair was loose and giving away the slight breeze that had found its way back into Sunnydale. Her eyes were shimmering somewhere between green and hazel, captivating the younger girl that had found herself already falling for Buffy.

Buffy reached up and gently ran her right hand through Faith’s soft dark hair, sighing as she stepped closer, so they were almost touching. The smaller girl looked up into Faith’s whisky brown eyes and slowly leaned up to brush her lips against the brunette's.

Faith closed her eyes, tumbling into the delicate touch of Buffy’s mouth against her own. They kissed gently. Soft lips sliding against each other in a moment of calm, before Buffy moaned as Faith stroked the tip of her tongue over the blonde Slayer’s lower lip, then into her accepting mouth.

Their tongues twirled around each other’s as their mouths pressed more firmly together, wanting more contact, more taste. Faith raised both her hands up into Buffy’s silky locks, groaning quietly as the petite girl pulled her closer, crushing their fit young bodies together as the passion grew between them.

Faith had never felt something quite so erotic. It was sweet and gentle but also about the hottest kiss she had ever participated in. There was just something there between them that was sending sparks flying all over the place. She hoped it wasn’t literally happening, as she didn’t want to attract attention to them. And sizzling sparks would surely do that.

As she melted into the overwhelming feeling of kissing Buffy Summers, Faith shut out the fact that they should really move away from where they currently were. She was having an incredibly hard time focusing on anything but Buffy. The Slayer tingles that usually came along with the other girl were washing over her in delicious waves. Her lips were almost twitching from the contact, and that wasn’t even close to what the rest of her body was doing in every place that it pressed against the shorter Slayer's.

Eventually they broke away for air, both girls licking their lips, and breathing heavily.

“God, Faith you’re an amazing kisser.” Buffy let her hand fall from Faith’s hair, but only as far as her neck, resting it just above the taller girl’s collarbone.

Faith couldn’t currently find her voice. The realisation that this was actually happening, ramming itself home into her brain. She wanted to take the blonde Slayer right then and there, on the grass outside her quaint suburban home. She wanted to rip the clothes off her and fuck her in every way she knew how.

They had to make their way to her motel room before she lost herself completely, and followed through on what she was thinking. Especially as, from the look in Buffy’s eyes, she was feeling the exact same way.

“Faith, I…” Buffy roamed her eyes over the dark girl. Spending a long time practically drooling over her cleavage.

“Come on…we’d better get to mine. I don’t want your mom coming out and spoiling our fun.” She did a good job of hiding the tremble in her voice and turned with Buffy to make their way to the bad side of town.

Buffy smiled up at Faith nodding, then took the younger girl’s hand in her own as they set off walking, briskly.

It didn’t take them long to reach their destination. They hadn’t said much, if anything at all, but had never once released the other’s hand. It was as if they both needed the contact. Solid proof that they were making their way to indulge in something incredibly intimate, something deep that only they would ever understand.

Faith was fully aware that given normal circumstances, what they were about to share would be immensely important, significant and meaningful to the older girl. She wasn’t known for sleeping around. There had only ever been Angel, and that had only been what you could call sex the one time. The brunette was carrying a lot more responsibility here than she was used to. If she was screwing up, it was going to be a huge one.

The chosen two reached the door to Faith’s motel room. The dark Slayer stopped in front of the cracked and peeling paint adorning the wood, and looked down at Buffy’s hand grasped tightly in her own. The smaller girl squeezed and moved closer to Faith.

“It’s ok, Faith. I want this.” She let go of Faith’s hand, and encouraged the younger girl’s face towards her own with it.

She kissed Faith softly, pulling seductively on her lower lip as she pulled away to smile reassuringly at the younger Slayer.

“Are ya sure? It’s not something you can take back after it’s happened. And I doubt it’s something we could just…get over if…” Faith was stopped mid sentence by Buffy’s lips on her own again.

The small Slayer wrapped her arms around Faith, pulling her tight against her so she could practically feel her heartbeat. The brunette was caught up in the kiss and the feel of Buffy pressed so close, only noticing that the blonde girl had relieved the pocket of her leathers of her keys, when Buffy began pushing the door open.


“Shh! Faith, come inside and show me how much you want me.” Buffy walked backwards into the sparse room, Faith following.

The brunette closed and locked the door behind her. When she turned around Buffy was sitting on the edge of the bed looking invitingly up at her. Throwing her keys on the nearby dresser, Faith moved towards the table lamp and turned it on, giving the room a soft hue.

She was nervous, which was so completely unlike her it was almost scary. Sex was something she usually excelled at. It was something she knew how to do, how to take command with, but right now she felt as inexperienced as Buffy looked.

Faith stood in front of the older girl, noting the deep rise and fall of her chest, and the flush to her cheeks. As naïve as Buffy was when it came to sex, it was obvious she wanted this. It eased the rogue Slayer’s mind some way.

Remembering what Buffy had said to her over the phone, Faith moved closer to the petite Slayer, finding her confidence again as she felt the need to have sex with the blonde rise within her just as strong as it had ever been.

“B, I really want you. So if this fucks us up, I just want you to know…I didn’t have a choice. I can’t resist you.” Faith pulled Buffy up to her feet so they were almost nose to nose, then she captured the smaller girl’s mouth with her own, kissing her passionately.

Buffy moaned into her mouth, yielding to Faith’s demanding tongue. Her hands gripped onto the dark Slayer around her back. Faith’s strong fingers delved into soft blonde hair as she held Buffy to her, swirling her tongue around her mouth and across her lips, tasting every bit of her she could. As she pulled away, feeling the sharpness of Buffy’s small canine teeth, Faith realised neither of them was about to turn back now.

She knew she was going to have to take most of the control in this, being more experienced and naturally inclined to be controlling. So if Buffy wanted her, then it was going to be on her terms, and it was going to blow the older girl away. That much she was positive about. Faith wasn’t shy when it came to sex, and she knew how to get, and give, what she wanted.

Wasting no more time, Faith slipped Buffy’s jacket from her shoulders, throwing it onto a nearby chair. She did the same with her own, smirking at the blonde, who looked about ready to burn up she was that horny.

The dark girl backed up and leant against the dresser, leaving Buffy stood in front of her by the bed. She glanced up and down the blonde Slayer, finally able to just look at her without worrying what the other girl would think or say.

“As cute as you look in those sweats, B. I wanna see you out of em. So strip.” Yeah, her confidence was coming back all right, and something told her that Buffy would get even more turned on if she was fairly dominant with her. She licked her lips in anticipation of what was to follow.

Buffy’s pupils darkened noticeably in the soft glow of the lamplight. Smiling demurely at Faith, she began to slowly undress, her embarrassment evidently being stripped away with every article of clothing.

First to go was her tee shirt. She threw it to the floor, keeping her eyes locked with Faith's. She wasn’t wearing a bra and the dark Slayer had to resist the urge to reach out and touch the soft young breasts that were tantalisingly just in front of her.

Buffy’s pink nipples were already erect under the scrutiny of her dark gaze, and she wanted them in her mouth. But denying the exquisite temptation to take her counterpart as soon as she could, was turning Faith on more than she thought possible.

Buffy continued undressing as she slid her loose fitting pants down her legs to the floor, shaking them from her feet along with her sneakers. Her underwear was pink, but still managed to look sexy on the small Slayer. Faith could feel herself getting wet at the thought of what was hidden in those girlie panties. She was about to be allowed exclusive rights to have access to Buffy’s most intimate body parts, and the images flashing through her head would have made Satan blush.

Something crossed Faith’s mind causing her to grin wickedly. She knew exactly what she wanted Buffy to do. If this was going to be her one and only opportunity with the cute blonde, she wanted to indulge at least one fantasy.

“Take your panties off and get on the bed.” Faith’s husky voice gave away her desire, as she waited for Buffy to do as she had been told.

The blonde Slayer did indeed seem to enjoy being told what to do. Her breath rate was increasing as she obeyed, slipping out of her underwear before the brunette. She stood, discarding the panties and revealing her almost completely shaved pussy. The smallest strip of short light hair already glistening with her need.

“Fuck, B. You look good.” It was no word of a lie.

Buffy was perfect to her. She loved the petite frame of the other girl. The hidden strength in her lithe limbs. The sexy slenderness that called to Faith to adore it with her own body. And the blonde’s practically bald little pussy was making her mouth water.

“I thought you’d like it like that.” Buffy couldn’t have mistaken the expression on the rogue Slayer’s face when she had removed her panties, as anything other than obvious approval. “I did it just for you.”

Faith ran her tongue over the cleft in her lush lower lip, and took a deep breath.

“You know what else I want ya to do for me, Twinkie? I want you to get on the bed and touch yourself for me.” The younger girl practically growled when Buffy sat on the bed and pushed herself up so she was leaning on the pillows that were slightly propped against the headboard.

She had done it without any sign of objection. Obeying Faith without hesitation or even the slightest sign that she would be unhappy doing it.


Faith moved round to the bottom of the bed, and knelt on the mattress in front of Buffy. She had removed her boots but nothing else. Gazing hungrily over the prone Slayer, Faith sat back on her heels.

“Tell me what you want, Faith. Talk to me.” Buffy was getting increasingly worked up, her heaving breasts mesmerising the other girl as the blonde brushed her own hand over her hard pink nipple.

“Yeah, that’s it B. Touch yourself. Squeeze those hot little titties for me.”

Buffy complied, grasping both breasts in her hands. Rolling her palms over her sensitive nipples. She kept her eyes locked on Faith, as the dark Slayer watched her fondle her own breasts.

Faith had had fantasies about Buffy touching herself in front of her before. The little show the small Slayer had put on in the library had only served to make the younger girl more eager to actually witness it for real. And here she was, sitting in front of the usually demure girl, watching her play with herself. She had to have more. She had to see more.

“Spread your legs, girlfriend. I wanna see you.” Her heart rate was sky high, and her panties were bearing the brunt of her slick need.

Buffy spread her legs for Faith, her knees bent, and thighs open for the Slayer to see as much of the blonde girl’s wet pussy as she could from where she was sitting. It was clear how turned on Buffy was. Her pussy lips were glistening with her desire. The sweet pink folds begging to be touched, but Faith held back.

She wanted to taste the cute Slayer so badly, and the intoxicating smell of sweet desire washing over her from Buffy’s sopping twat was doing nothing to help the situation. She did her best to steady her breathing and just watch.

She was getting too hot to be wearing so many clothes, so Faith pulled her tee shirt over her head, allowing her soft round breasts to bounce out into the heated atmosphere of the small room. Buffy’s eyes immediately grew wide, and her right hand instinctively began to make its way lower.

“God Faith, you’re beautiful. Please, take off your pants, I want to see you too.” The little Slayer sounded close to begging and Faith was powerless to refuse.

So she stood in order to remove her tight leather pants, taking down her black lace underwear with them. She settled back on the bed in front of Buffy just as the blonde Slayer slipped her fingers into her own dripping pussy, groaning as she did so. Faith watched as Buffy spread her folds for her, to be left in no doubt about how wet she was.

“Fuck…that’s so sexy, B. Finger your hot pussy for me, baby.” Faith was doing her best not to touch herself at the sight before her, but she didn’t want to be distracted from watching everything the older girl was doing.

Buffy coated her digits in her hot liquid, and spread it over her clit, biting her lip as she did. Her breathing hitched with every pass over her swollen nub, little moans escaping as she looked hungrily over every part of Faith she could. The small Slayer was already close to orgasm.

“Put a finger inside yourself, B.” Faith was subconsciously leaning closer now to the prone girl, her hands on the bed close to Buffy’s feet. She didn’t know how much longer she could hold back from touching the blonde’s quivering wet cunt herself.

“Faith…are you trying to kill me?” She did as she was told however. Buffy slid a finger into her slick tunnel, groaning right along with Faith.

Faith moved forwards toward Buffy, her bronzed nakedness now tentatively close to touching the smaller girl’s own flushed skin, as she watched the blonde Slayer’s finger slide in and out of herself.

“You’re getting me so wet, baby.” Faith hovered above Buffy between her spread thighs, as she masturbated for the dark beauty.

“Faith, please…touch me.” She slipped her finger from her pussy one last time, and grabbed onto the sultry Slayer, pulling her down on top of her.

Their overheated bodies came together in a delicious embrace as they crushed their lips to one another, kissing greedily. The feeling was intense. Not only because they had been craving each other since they first met, teasing each other with their timid flirting. But also because their Slayer connection had just shot powerful tingles through their bodies, and down their spines. Everywhere they touched was on fire. Faith knew Buffy was feeling the same as her, she could just sense it.

Faith pushed her sopping pussy into Buffy’s and they both cried out at the contact. Pulling the smaller Slayer into more of a horizontal position, Faith stole her lips away from the hungry girl and started making her way to her breasts. Licking and nipping her way over them until she took a solid little nipple into her mouth, and sucked.

She realised she was being fairly rough with the other girl, but she couldn’t help herself, she had been wanting this so much. She couldn’t hold back now. And it wasn’t as if Buffy was protesting, her thrusting hips and groans ensured that Faith was doing the right thing.

“God, Faith that feels so good.”

Faith moved from one nipple to the other, sucking and biting as her hips pushed down into Buffy, sliding their wet pussies against each other. The brunette could feel their juices mixing as they coated each other in their lust. The hot smell of sex filled the room along with their moans of pleasure.

Buffy was panting heavily now, her overwhelming need taking over and forcing Faith to go quicker than she really wanted to. The younger girl travelled down to Buffy’s flat stomach, only one destination on her mind. The small Slayer must have had the same idea.

“Faith…go down on me. Please, eat my pussy.”

Faith growled in the back of her throat, her inner Slayer roused by Buffy’s hot request. She grinned up at her lover, her dimples flashing across her cheeks as she lowered her head to the sweet offering on complete show to her. She looked down at the flushed pink flesh of Buffy’s twat, breathing in the scent of the other girl’s arousal, memorising how pretty it was, all trimmed and wet.

Slowly she trailed her eager tongue along the dripping slit, gathering the silky fluid to drink down with a satisfied smile on her face. Buffy moaned in appreciation, her hips raising to Faith’s mouth, encouraging her to continue.

“Fuck me…Please Faith, I need you to fuck me.”

The dark Slayer dove into Buffy’s spread pussy with her tongue, pushing it as deep as she could go, up inside her hot tight hole. She fucked the trembling girl, flicking her thumb over the engorged clit, causing Buffy to squeal in delight before giving in to just about managing to whimper as Faith thoroughly tongued the inside of her twat.

“Oh God…” Buffy was close to the edge, her ultra horny state taking her there faster than probably either Slayer wanted.

Feeling the blonde girl approaching orgasm, Faith shifted positions. Flicking her tongue out over Buffy’s clit, and quickly burying two fingers deep inside her pussy. She marvelled at the sexy sound of her fingers thrusting in and out of the other Slayer, loving the feeling of the older girl’s tight entrance encasing her, pulling her deeper.

She fucked Buffy’s dripping cunt, faster and harder, keeping rhythm with her pumping hips, wanting her to explode all over her. Curling her digits up over the thrusting Slayer’s G spot, Faith felt a sudden gush of cum seep out all over her hand as Buffy screamed her name over and over into the night.

“Faith…oh God, Faith…” She trembled under the expert touch of the dark girl, crashing back down into the mattress as her lungs fought for air.

Faith reluctantly removed her soaked fingers from Buffy, and crawled her way up her sweat covered body. She didn’t want it to end just yet, but something told her that the older girl had just come harder than she ever had before. As she lay down beside the still trembling girl, her leg protectively draped over Buffy, Faith could see that she was crying. Tears were slowly making their way down towards the pillow beneath her.

“You ok, B?” Faith propped herself up next to the tearful girl, looking down on her with concern.

“Faith…I’m…so much more than ok. That was beautiful.” She pulled the brunette down into a heart-stopping kiss.

Faith had never had somebody say that to her before. It was just another thing that made her fall even further for Buffy. Another quirk of the other girl that made her heart skip a beat. She leaned back and smiled at the cute blonde, noticing that she looked well and truly out of it.

“Hey…you going to sleep on me, Twinkie?” She wanted more time with Buffy. She wanted to show her all the ways she could make her feel good in case she never got the chance to again.

“Mmm! Tired…I’ll just sleep for a little while. I… I wanna make you come too. Just…give me…” Buffy’s eyes slid shut, and Faith couldn’t bring herself to attempt to keep the other Slayer awake. She just looked too cute all snoozy and satisfied.

Faith didn’t know if she’d cured Buffy. But she was pretty sure she had done her job as far as making her feel better. At least the little Slayer was able to sleep now, without her constant need for sex keeping her awake.

“Damn, girlfriend. I don’t care if you never speak to me again. I loved every minute of that.” She pulled the covers up over them both and settled in beside the sleeping Slayer.

Of course, she realised she would be more than gutted if Buffy never spoke to her again, but somehow, something deep inside her told Faith…that that wouldn’t happen.

But then…things always had a way of turning around and biting her in the ass.

PART ELEVEN: A Great Way To Start The Day

Faith stretched her stiff legs out in the warm bed, sighing at the unusually relaxed feeling sweeping over her as her sleepy eyes opened to the soft light piercing the dusty curtains. She rolled over, not quite expecting anything to be different than usual until she looked over at the crumpled empty space beside her.

Then it all came back to her and she groaned. The last thing she remembered was Buffy rolling almost completely on top of her as she fell asleep. The blonde girl’s arms holding her possessively as she lightly snored away on her chest. She recalled feeling safer and more content than she had ever really felt before.

Faith had had one of the soundest sleeps of her young life. But now Buffy was gone, and she felt used and rejected, just like so many people she had done the same to. Just like she knew she would of if she gave into Buffy’s flirting the way she did.

She lifted her hand up to her hair as she sat up in the bed, the sheets falling off her upper body, and pooling around her waist. Revealing her full round breasts to the warmth of the gloomy apartment.

The dark girl looked around the cheap motel room. She narrowed her eyes and furrowed her brow in confusion, noticing Buffy’s clothes were still strewn around where they had fallen as she’d taken them off.

“Hey sexy. I thought you’d never wake up.” Buffy was leaning on the doorframe to the bathroom, smiling at Faith’s sleepy and bewildered state.

Faith glanced over at Buffy, and was wondering why she hadn’t felt the tingles she usually got around her counterpart, but then she realised that they were there, but just not as strong because of how close they’d been all night. The thought brought her out of her temporary daze.

“Shit, you’ve been here all night, B. Your mom’ll be frantic.”

“It’s ok, I left a note. And that’s pretty much the last thing I would have expected you to say in a situation like this. I mean, here I am in your room, with only a tee shirt on, after a night in which you blew me away you were so good. I’d have expected more than one crude remark, or excessive amounts of grinning at least.” Buffy slowly made her way back over to the bed, her eyes never leaving Faith's.

“Is that my tee shirt, girlfriend?” Faith came back down from the cloud she had been busy lounging around on, and smiled sexily at Buffy.

“Yes it is. Do you mind me wearing it?” The blonde girl reached the side of the bed closest to the bathroom, casting her eyes over Faith’s exposed torso.

“Yeah I do…So I think you should take it off. Right now.” Faith’s already sleep husky voice became even thicker with her usual morning randyness.

Buffy standing around in a baggy tee shirt short enough to give Faith an eyeful if the blonde Slayer were to raise her arms slightly, was doing nothing to cool her ardour. And Faith was really hoping she hadn’t cured Buffy of her problem.

“I guess I should take it off then. Shame, because it smells of you, and I really like the way you smell. But if you want it…off it goes.” Buffy was dancing between cute and girlie and seductive temptress, and Faith was getting all kinds of hot.

The blonde girl pulled the dark blue tee shirt off over her head, revealing her pert little breasts, along with the rest of her cute and slender body. Faith was beginning to breathe heavy, her sleepiness giving way to raging hormones. After all, it was only Buffy that had ‘got off’ the night before, so the brunette was about ready to pop.

“Get over here, B. I think I should teach you some manners about taking things that aren’t yours.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and pulled back the covers to reveal just how naked she was too.

“God you’re gorgeous, Faith. And so, so tempting. But I gotta go to school, and I need a shower.” She looked Faith up and down, her green eyes a sea of desire. Then she turned to head for the bathroom.

Faith wrinkled her brow, bewildered. Either Buffy was now cured of her horniness and had finished using her. Or she was cured, still interested but tormenting her. Or she wasn’t cured at all and was just being a bitch of a pussy tease.

Buffy wandering around her room wearing nothing but a smile, was heating her blood to boiling point, and turning her on ridiculously easily. She looked up at the ceiling and mentally wished for…

“Are you coming, or not?” Buffy looked over her shoulder sexily at Faith and sauntered into the bathroom.

Faith moved so quickly that the bed shifted across the floor at least a meter. She followed the very naked Buffy into the other room, still no wiser as to what was going on with the older girl.

Buffy leaned over the bath and turned on the taps for the shower, smiling as Faith moved up behind her and pulled her close. The dark Slayer wrapped her arms around the shorter girl and rubbed up against her pert backside, pushing her neatly trimmed mound into Buffy’s firm body, causing them both to groan at the contact.

As they listened to the pipes gurgling and clanking, waiting for the water to run hot, Faith trailed her fingertips lightly down Buffy’s sides, then up over her slim stomach and to her exposed breasts. Making Buffy shiver a little as she delighted in the softness of her skin.

She had noticed how soft it was whilst they were on the beach. Now she didn’t just know the feel of it, she knew the taste, of all of the cute blonde. And she couldn’t stop herself thinking how she could get quickly addicted to it, and to Buffy. How she would like nothing more than to wake up with her every day and show her just how much she loved the way she tasted.

It was certainly a sobering thought for somebody who’s sex life had mainly constituted a ‘get some, get gone’ attitude. But with the fit, very naked, and very hot Slayer pressed up close to her, she just didn’t care about anything other than what she was feeling right then. To hell with her bad girl image.

At the same moment as slipping her fingers over the blonde’s erect, pink nipples, Faith lowered her mouth, and nipped at Buffy’s neck. Softly sucking at the tender flesh there.

Buffy moaned and cocked her head to the side, exposing more of her neck, obviously enjoying the attention the brunette was giving her. Especially now that Faith was busy slowly and surely grinding her pussy into her firm ass and pushing her soft round breasts against her.

“Faith…you should stop. I don’t wanna be late for class.” Buffy’s actions weren’t backing up her words however.

The small Slayer snaked her left hand up into Faith’s dishevelled hair and placed the other one on the younger Slayer’s solid butt cheek, more or less encouraging her to keep doing exactly what she was.

Faith continued kissing Buffy’s neck. She was getting wet, really wet. Her hot sex wanting friction, wanting Buffy. She shifted her position behind the smaller girl a little, moving her legs further apart and rolling her hips into her, spreading her slick need on the older Slayer’s ass.

Her actions caused the blonde to bend forward slightly, effectively giving her more friction on her pussy. Buffy placed the hand that had been gripping her ass, onto the side of the bath, holding onto it as Faith spread her glistening cunt lips over her.

“Fuck, B. You’ve got such a tight little ass. I wanna cum all over it.” Faith increased the speed of her hips, rubbing harder into Buffy.

She trailed her right hand down over Buffy’s stomach to the top of her pussy, licking her way up the blonde girl’s neck to her ear and taking her soft earlobe between her teeth. Then she whispered into the blonde girl’s ear, blowing hot air over it and causing Buffy to push back into her more.

“If you really like the way I smell I’m gonna rub my pussy all over ya, B. Make you smell of nothing but my cum.” She dipped her fingertips into Buffy’s almost hairless pussy.

“Oh God, Faith. I wanna fuck you…” Buffy turned around suddenly and caught Faith in a blistering kiss, holding their hot bodies together. “…but, I need to shower.”

The small blonde slipped from Faith’s grasp, and she groaned in annoyance. She was so turned on, needing release, and soon. Watching as Buffy stepped under the warm cascade of water in the shower, the rogue Slayer slid a finger through her soaked folds, catching the tip of her swollen and erect clit. She lightly circled it with her eyes fixed on the cute little tease busy soaping her hair with shampoo.

She watched as the soapy water tumbled down the blonde’s back and over her sexy butt. Licking her full lips as the white foam travelled downwards to pool at her feet, Faith slipped a solitary finger inside herself, imagining what it would feel like if it were Buffy’s finger delving into her silky pussy. She groaned at the thought.

Buffy looked over at Faith, following the small movements of the dark girl’s hand with her eyes. She smiled knowingly, bent forward and took the hand from Faith’s pussy, pulling her towards her. Faith stepped into the shower behind the cute Slayer.

“That’s my job, Faith. So no touching.” She kissed the dark beauty softly before placing the shampoo in her previously occupied hand.

Faith raised an eyebrow but said nothing. If Buffy wanted to do it, then she wasn’t going to stop her. She just hoped she would get some loving soon because she was hot and wet, and that wasn’t from the water Buffy had just pulled her under.

They spent a few minutes soaping each other up and washing each other down. Faith relented to the hard stream of hot water pulsing over her strong shoulders and shapely back. She closed her eyes as Buffy slipped her gentle hands over her, not quite touching her where the brunette wanted her to, but turning her on all the same.

“You’re such a fucking tease.” Faith breathed out into the steam of the small room.

“I’m not teasing, Faith. I want to touch you but I’m just a little scared. I’ve never touched another girl before like the way I want to touch you.”

Faith opened her eyes, not quite believing what the blonde girl was saying, not after what had happened that night. But Buffy did indeed look a little frightened, so the younger Slayer kissed her softly but passionately, and placed her hands around the smaller girl’s wrists.


Smiling at Buffy to ease her trepidation, Faith moved her hands up with the cute girl, guiding her up over her compact stomach and towards her full breasts. She was breathing hard in her anticipation of the contact. And in the knowledge that the sexually reserved Slayer was looking at her body in open appreciation and lust.

As Buffy’s hands finally slipped over her breasts and aching nipples, Faith moaned in the back of her throat. It sounded more like a growl and seemed to make the blonde girl bolder, as she shook off Faith’s own hands from her wrists and gently squeezed the dark girl’s breasts.

“Hmm! That’s good.” Faith arched into the caress.

Buffy was obviously lost in the sensation of touching another woman that way. Already hooked on the soft sounds escaping Faith’s parted lips. She rolled over the dusky nipples with her palms before brushing her fingertips over them, instantly causing them to become even harder.

It was almost painfully slow the way Buffy was teasing her breasts. Faith had her back to the showerhead, one hand placed on the blonde girl’s hip and the other now gripping the shower curtain. Her mind was a torrent of wanting and needing, and as Buffy pulled on her nipples roughly the dark Slayer fell back into the cold tiles behind her.

“Fuck, Buffy.” The blonde was still teasing, but Faith was loving it.

The shorter girl moved closer to Faith and kissed her, still toying with her nipples between her fingers. Circling the hard nubs and flicking her thumbs over them, pressing and pulling until Faith thought she was going to come from just that.

“Faith…you’ve got gorgeous tits. I could do this all day.” The older girl was having as much trouble breathing as Faith, kissing down her slender neck towards where her fingers were playing.

The muscles in the brunette’s stomach were jumping in expectation of the warm mouth making its way over her soft mounds and approaching her dark nipples. She groaned and gripped Buffy tighter as soon as she felt the tip of Buffy’s tongue flick over her sensitive right nipple. She was in heaven and the cute Slayer had barely even touched her yet.

“Jesus…Buffy, suck on me.” Faith watched as Buffy smiled wickedly, like she was enjoying giving Faith pleasure just as much as she had taken it from the dark girl.

The blonde obeyed, vigorously. Sucking the hard nub into her mouth and pulling on it, using her teeth now and then to cause Faith to gasp out sharply. She subjected the other breast to the same delicious torment, and before Faith realised just how bold the other girl was getting, Buffy slipped her fingers into her hot wet pussy.

“Fuck.” Faith rolled her hips towards the probing fingers currently exploring and sliding around in her sopping cunt.

Buffy licked her way up to her throat as she circled the brunette’s clit, gently and slowly rubbing over it as Faith practically trembled against the cool tiles behind her. She could feel Buffy pushing the hood of her erect bundle of nerves back, exposing it to her eager fingers, which she now flicked quickly across it.

Faith was fast becoming a quivering wreck, almost whimpering with how good it felt to have Buffy playing with her clit. Rubbing it and sliding around it. She was beginning to feel the build up of exquisite tension through her entire body, but she didn’t want to come too soon. Enjoying the attentions of the petite Slayer far too much to ever want it to end.

“B…God, go inside me baby.” She spread her legs further apart for Buffy, in the confines of the bath. “I want your fingers in me.”

Buffy moaned against her neck and slowly swirled her finger down to Faith’s dripping entrance, toying with the soft pink opening. Seemingly taking in the sight, the smell, and the sticky sound of Faith’s sweet flowing arousal, before plunging in with two fingers. Faith cried out into the moist air, gripping onto Buffy and the shower curtain as her legs began to buckle from the onslaught.

“Shit…Oh yeah.”

The small Slayer held her up and fucked her slowly. Pulling her fingers in and out in a torturous tease. Faith was lost to it. Her chest heaving up against Buffy as she whimpered out her gratitude.

She began to thrust her drenched pussy onto Buffy’s fingers as the other girl pushed deeper and harder. Penetrating her tight cunt as much as she could. Impaling her as she slipped another finger inside her.

“God, Faith. I love the way you feel inside. You’re so hot and wet…and sexy.” Buffy fucked her faster now, and rubbed her fingertips up into Faith’s G spot.

“Fuck…Oh yeah. That’s it baby. I love what you’re doing to me. I fucking love it.”

For a second Faith had thought she’d made the huge mistake of telling Buffy she loved her, because the blonde girl seemed to still her motions a little, but then her fingers picked up pace again. Faster and harder, as she pumped her fingers in and out of the sexy Slayer. The hot wet sound of her pussy being filled and fucked causing them both to writhe against each other.

“Oh baby…I need more…more of you.” Faith opened her legs as wide as she could, placing most of her weight on the other girl and the shower curtain.

Buffy pressed her body into Faith, and shoved a fourth finger up inside her grasping pussy hole. She penetrated her fast and hard as the brunette threw her head back and rode her hand with debauched abandon. Buffy was using her Slayer strength to give Faith exactly what she needed deep inside her. Deep into the hot pink twat, open and sucking at her fingers.

Then Buffy flicked her fingertips quickly over the dark Slayer’s G spot in a circling motion that was causing her to moan loudly for the girl fucking her. She was on the edge. A flood of cum just waiting to spill out of her and all over Buffy.

“Oh yeah…Oh fuck…” Faith arched up and into the small Slayer, pulling her fingers deep inside her as she came, hard. “Buffy…fuck, baby.” She practically screamed her name and pulled hard on the shower curtain trembling as her pussy walls convulsed around Buffy’s buried hand up inside her.

Before either girl had time to react, the pole holding the shower curtain up came crashing down, bringing half the wall with it due to the force Faith had pulled on it. As her legs were busy trembling beneath her, she was unable to steady herself or Buffy as she was left with nothing but the smaller girl holding her up.

They both tumbled out of the bath, crashing onto the floor in a heap with the curtain and bits of wall and tile covering them. With Faith still trembling from her orgasm, they looked up at the large hole and falling bits of plaster, then at each other, and burst out laughing. The easy and comfortable feeling of being so close, and now lovers, washing over them both.

Buffy kissed Faith as soon as they finally stopped giggling, devouring the dark girl’s mouth with her own with intensity, and filling the rogue Slayer with so much feeling and hope. Even though she knew that Buffy was only there because she ‘needed’ to be, she didn’t care, because she was so into the other girl.

Faith gently pushed at the blonde, moving her back so she could look deep into her compassionate green eyes.

“You’re amazing, ya know. I mean…that was fucking amazing.” She pushed her lips to Buffy’s again and ran her hands down to her backside, avoiding the remnants of wall, pulling the blonde against her still oozing pussy and wanting nothing more than to keep doing whatever they could to each other, to make them both feel good.

The blonde girl groaned. But not in a good way.

“Fuck…I have to get to school.” She raked her eyes over the prone brunette, looking like she wanted to eat her alive, right there in the now dusty bathroom. “Why is life so unfair?” She sighed.

Faith was thinking the exact same thing.

PART TWELVE: Say That Again

Buffy stopped outside the heavy doors to the library, causing Faith to bump into the back of her.

“Watch it, Slayer. You’ll give a girl ideas getting that close.” Faith winked at the smaller girl, as she looked up smiling at the dark beauty like a schoolgirl with a crush.

Well, Buffy had taken things way past crush status, but she was a schoolgirl, as Faith had been unceremoniously reminded about earlier. The two Slayers had rushed about Faith’s small motel room getting ready to see Giles before Buffy had her first class, picking pieces of plaster, and flakes of paint out of their hair, and off each other’s bodies. Which of course took a lot longer than was probably necessary.

They hadn’t spoken much about the recent turn of events, but Faith had noticed that Buffy was being extremely ‘touchy feely’ with her, and hanging on her every word, of which there were few.

She still didn’t know if Buffy was cured or not, or even if the little blonde was bothered about it, but Faith really didn’t want to rock the boat. She was too busy basking in the afterglow, and revelling in the hope that she got far more chances to ‘be’ with Buffy again. She was on a tentative high, and risking the possibility of a huge drop.

“You ok, B?” Faith brushed her hand intimately across Buffy’s back as the older girl stood staring at the library doors.

“Yeah…” Buffy took a deep breath.

Faith didn’t know exactly why Buffy was so anxious. But then, she didn’t know what was going on inside the blonde Slayer’s head. She hadn’t asked Buffy what she was going in to tell Giles, if anything.

Faith pushed the library door open, and gestured for Buffy to go in. She caught the delicious scent of the small Slayer as she swept past, licking her lips at the memory of the tastes that came with the smell. She realised she was in big trouble if Buffy didn’t want anything more to do with her in a sexual way, because she was already hooked.

As soon as the dark Slayer entered the sombre room, she felt it…Tingles, not of the nice Buffy kind, but the scratchy, stiffening kind that meant one thing. Vampire.

Instantly both girls became super aware, with their muscles twitching and ready to respond. They looked at each other, then towards the source of the alert to their senses. Giles’ office.

Signalling for Faith to stay back, Buffy quickly and stealthily moved forwards to the small room. The brunette frowned and shook her head behind the small Slayer, catching up with her despite the other girl’s instructions, so they were virtually side by side.

Faith wasn’t about to let Buffy just charge into something on her own. Not because she thought the blonde girl would have trouble dealing with whatever was currently behind the closed door. But because she didn’t want her ‘lover’ to put herself in any danger alone. Not now that Faith was falling for her, and gave a damn whether or not she would get hurt.

The door to the office opened quietly, and both Slayers reacted in unison, pouncing as their reflexes took over from their brain cells. Everything happened in a rush and a blur, and the chosen two came out on top.

“What the bloody hell?” Giles was pulled forcefully out of the way as Faith charged into the office.

“Got it, B.” The dark girl rushed towards the vampire, pinning her catch down with her knee in its chest and her hands firmly grasping its flailing arms. “You got a stake, girlfriend?” Faith had left hers behind, not expecting vampires to be roaming the school early in the morning.

“Hey, if you wanted to get up close and personal, you only had to ask.” The dark, well built vampire that Faith was holding onto, looked her up and down.

“Get your fucking dead eyes off me, worm feed.” Faith pushed her knee harder into his chest, really wishing she had a hard wooden pointy thing to hand.

“Angel?” Buffy rushed into the office, ignoring the fact that Giles was doing his level best to stay upright and compose himself.

“This is soul boy?” Faith looked down with a jealous glare at the vampire under her, making no move to allow him to get up. Then she noticed his appearance and raised an eyebrow. “Do you just have a thing for dark and broody, B?” The comment wasn’t lost on Buffy, who blushed as she looked from Angel to Faith.

Then Buffy placed her hand gently on Faith’s shoulder.

“You can let him up…unless. Giles, is he evil?”

“No, Buffy. He is most certainly not evil. And he’s here because I asked him to come.” Giles picked up the handful of things that had flown off his usually tidy desk in the ruckus.

Buffy squeezed Faith’s shoulder again, and the brunette slowly eased her grip off the vampire. As she stood, Faith made sure she dug her knee into Angel’s chest with as much force behind it as she dared. After all, the guy had supposedly been the love of Buffy’s life, so she was bound to feel a little jealous.

Faith backed off, whilst glaring at him with her dangerous ‘Slayer’ eyes, that were darker than usual and basically telling anything in her way, to get the fuck out of it.

“So I guess you’re Faith.” The broody looking vampire rose to his feet, dusting himself down. He extended his hand to Faith in greeting.

“Yeah.” She didn’t take the hand. Not wanting contact with something her whole body was screaming at her to kill.

They all stood in the stuffy office looking uncomfortable. Buffy was looking at Faith, probably noticing the twitching of her muscles under the denim jacket as she stared at Angel, who stared back with feigned disinterest.

“So what’s going on? Why’s he here?” Buffy pointed at the frowning vampire, the dissatisfaction clear in her tone.

“I…er! Asked him to come, like I said. Shall we make our way out of my office?” The cramped confines of the small room had them all feeling uneasy.

They made their way into the main room. Faith waited behind for Angel to go first, not wanting to show her back to him. She knew he was supposed to be good, but she didn’t trust anything that was technically dead when it came right down to it.

“Ok, so explain.” Buffy wasted no time in getting straight to the point.

The two Slayers stood together with their backs to the door, in an unspoken gesture of solidarity. Angel was looking broody by the counter, and Giles was behind it, no doubt sensing the tension on the other side. Most of it was coming from Faith, and pointed directly at Angel.

“Yes right, well, I looked more into the er!…the spell you’ve been put under…causing you to crave sex.”

“Giles!” Buffy blushed a little and wrinkled her brow, looking over at Angel.

“It’s ok Buffy, he knows. As I was saying…I worked out the cure.” He shuffled around with a large book and some notes on his counter.

“But…” Buffy tried to interrupt, but Giles was on a roll.

“Apparently the only way to alleviate you from the effects of the spell, is to erm, have sex with the one you most desire. That’s why I called Angel…”

“But Giles I…” He ignored her again and carried on.

“Now I know you can’t technically have sex with Angel, because of the curse, but there is a loophole to the spell you are under…We can overcome this demon’s plan as long as Angel is careful, because I’m pretty sure that’s what the spell was designed for. To capture Angelus again.”

“Giles, I’m already cured, I…” Her plea again fell on deaf ears. Only Faith caught it.

And it meant that, after what the watcher had told them about Buffy needing to be with the one she ‘most desired’, Faith was the one. She had cured Buffy, so the blonde girl had meant it when she had told her she really did want to be with her.

“As I understand it though, you don’t need to er! Well, have full penetrative sex with Angel.” Buffy blushed a lovely shade of red at her watcher’s words. “He just needs to bring you to orgasm. And so…provided he can control himself, you have your cure. So…”

“Giles!” Buffy was almost shouting now, trying to get her point across.

“Buffy you…” He continued yet again, his obvious embarrassment causing him to want to rush through his explanation.

“I’m trying to tell you…I’m already cured.” Buffy leaned on the counter in front of Giles, so he had no option but to hear her.

“But, how? I, I mean…” He stuttered, trying to work out where he’d gone wrong in his research.

Faith kept uncharacteristically quiet. Not only because she was stunned at the fact that, if Giles’ research was right it meant she was the one Buffy most desired, but also because the blonde girl had to be the one to tell him. Not to mention Angel, who was still leaning on the counter with some painful looking brooding going on.

“…you couldn’t have…” The English librarian shuffled around his papers.

“I’m cured Giles…I had sex with Faith.” The room fell deathly quiet, and even for a library it was eerie.

If Angel had had any air in him to exhale it would have come out in a rush. He looked like he’d just been punched in the stomach by the biggest, baddest demon this side of the hellmouth.

“You…excuse me?” Giles stopped his blustering about and gaped at Buffy, then at the rogue Slayer, who couldn’t help but look a little sheepish.

“I had sex with Faith.” Buffy said it loudly, tired of having to repeat herself.

“B…Buffy?” The sound of Willow's voice from the door behind the Slayers sliced through the thick atmosphere. Buffy spun around.


“Will…I, er!”

The Scoobs all stood by the library entrance in shock. Willow, Xander and Cordelia.

“W…what?…You…” Willow was stammering, and bright red with an inescapable expression of shock on her face.

Xander looked like his jaw had been surgically removed and reattached to his knee, and was also covering his groin area with the book he had in his hand. Cordelia, well, she disinterestedly checked her nails over for chips and yawned.

“Oh God” Buffy planted her hand on her forehead and closed her eyes.

“Look, why don’t we all sit down and we, well, B can explain what’s been happening. Ya see it was a spell, nothing more to it, and it didn’t mean anything to her. She had no choice.” Faith hated thinking that was all it had been about, and she hated saying it even more, but she didn’t think Buffy would want them all knowing the truth of it. If indeed it was true. Faith was still a little shaky about it all.

“No…that’s not entirely true.” Buffy sighed. “I do think you should all sit down though. You too Angel.” She caught him trying to skulk off.

They all sat down as they had been asked to. Willow still looked flustered and down right scared. Probably due to the fact she was attempting to work out what the hell was going on with her best friend, who had just practically shouted that she had slept with the skanky new threat to her friendship with Buffy.

Xander just picked up his jaw and shuffled uncomfortably and awkwardly to the table. He looked like he was trying to make up his mind about whether or not to cry, or to run off to a dark room with a family sized bottle of hand cream. Faith couldn’t help but want to snigger at how he seemed to be suffering.

Cordelia still looked like she didn’t care what the hell was going on, but the dark Slayer could see the cogs turning in her head, working out how she could use the situation to her advantage.

Faith wasn’t sure what Buffy was planning to tell them all. She doubted that it was that she had pursued Faith until she had no choice but to react to her outrageous flirting and teasing, and that they had enjoyed mind blowing sex together with the almost definite possibility of wanting more, much more.

But then again, with Buffy, she just didn’t know anything for definite. She was still learning the various traits of her distinct personality. Which wasn’t easy. The blonde girl was baffling at the best of times.

Angel remained standing as everyone but the two Slayers settled in their seats around the large library table. The dark vampire hung in the background looking pensive and more and more like he just didn’t want to hear whatever was coming next.

Faith was feeling a little apprehensive too. She wasn’t keen on the evil glare she was getting from the trainee witch. And that was nothing compared to the look on Xander’s face heading her way, well, when he could decide between angry and horny.

The dark Slayer stood away from the table, glancing towards the door with the natural instinct to run. Buffy must have sensed what she was thinking because she reached out towards Faith and took her hand in hers. She pulled the brunette closer and held onto her, not giving her any chance to disappear.

“Right, well, I guess I’d better start with telling you about the spell I’ve been under and work from there.” She took a look at Faith’s anxious expression and smiled gently before turning back to the gang. “Ok, short version. I got bitten by a demon, which made me horny because of some kinda spell. I couldn’t cope with it and it was putting me in danger, and in the end it would have put the whole town in danger. Anyway, I slept with Faith, and she cured me.”

“Oh…” Willow was wide eyed.

Faith thought that that was the end of Buffy’s speech, and hadn’t expected anymore. She certainly didn’t expect the blonde Slayer to say anything about her being the one Buffy most desired or how much she had enjoyed being with her.

Willow opened her mouth to speak again.

“But that’s not quite it. Because…the only reason she broke me from the spell, according to Giles, was…is, because she’s the one I most desire. I hope you can all understand this, and not hate me for it because I love you guys. But…I’m falling in love with Faith…So anyway, there it is.” Buffy looked down at the floor, then up at Faith as the brunette squeezed her hand.

Faith had almost fallen over at the confession of the blonde Slayer. She hadn’t even been confident in the fact that Buffy was attracted to her, so to hear her say she was falling in love with her was…she couldn’t put into words how it made her feel.

She had never felt love before. Not like the kind Buffy was offering her. She had never before believed that she deserved to be loved, and certainly not by somebody as special as the little Slayer. It filled her with confidence and a new sense of self. Buffy was falling for her, and she realised, she was already in love with the smaller girl.

So whatever happened, she knew she would be able to hold onto that, deep inside. And know that what they had shared so far had been real. It hadn’t just been about getting some and getting gone, for either of them.

“You…you’re falling…in love with her? But she…I mean…girl. And…” Willow was almost hyperventilating. “What about Angel? Y…you love Angel…And you’re…straight, at least that’s what I thought, but…”

“Willow. Buffy and me haven’t been together for a while now. I guess she didn’t tell you that. Just like she didn’t tell me what was happening between her and Faith.” Angel’s tone was less than friendly, and the way he was looking at the dark Slayer made her hairs stand on end. Her senses were screaming ‘kill it, kill it’ again.

“Hey big guy, she doesn’t have to tell you fuck all. It’s her life.” She let go of the blonde girl’s hand and stepped towards the vampire menacingly.

“Faith…it’s ok.” Buffy smiled at Faith and placed her hand on her shoulder, halting the advance, but didn’t even bother gracing Angel with so much as a look in his direction. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys about Angel, but…I didn’t want to deal with all the questions about it. And as far as this thing with Faith…” She took the sexy Slayer’s hand once again. “I’m sure you can understand why I didn’t run around shouting about it.”

“So…you liked her from the start? I mean, is it just this spell thing and you’ll get back to being all straight and guy liking Buff again?” Xander leaned forward in his chair.

Faith didn’t like the way they all seemed to be looking at Buffy like she was on trail or something. As far as she was concerned what Buffy did, or who Buffy did, was entirely up to her. But then, she had never had friends as close as the blonde girl did, so she wasn’t aware of all the stuff that came along with that. Stuff like sharing, and being honest with them.

“I liked Faith from the start…and it confused the hell out of me.” She reddened slightly and started fiddling with the zip on her jacket. “I tried to ignore it, but it was too hard. I mean, she’s just…beautiful.” Buffy got lost in a little daze as she gazed at Faith.

“Well, I guess some people are easily impressed.” Cordelia shrugged and shook her head.

“I…I won't hate you for this Buffy. I never could. It’s a little strange and well, I don’t really get it. But I love you so I’ll always be your friend.” Willow blushed but smiled weakly at Buffy.

“Thank you Will. I know you don’t really know Faith, but I’m sure you’ll get to like her just as much as me. Well, not exactly as much as me, or in the same way but…”

“NO…I’m not…I mean, she’s pretty but…I…” The redhead was more flushed than ever and Faith couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hey, don’t worry Red, there’s just one girl for me in this room.” She removed her hand from Buffy’s and slapped her gently on the backside, instantly causing the smaller Slayer to narrow her eyes at her in mock annoyance.

The brunette kept her hand on Buffy’s lower back in a subconscious possessive gesture as Angel walked around the table.

“Look, I’d better get back to the mansion now that you don’t need me. I’ve got a car waiting outside.” He nodded at Giles and made his way out of the library.

“Should you just let him leave like that?” Willow looked up anxiously at Buffy.

“He’ll be fine Will. I’ll talk to him later.”

“Well, if we’re all done with the whole ‘Buffy jumping out of the closet’ deal, I’ve gotta go.” Cordelia scraped her chair back on the shiny floor. “Xander?”

“Err! Yeah, right. Um! Buff? Can we maybe talk about this later? Ya know, guy to guy kinda thing. I mean, Faith’s quite a catch…” He scuffled around in front of the two Slayers doing his best not to look at the exact point that Faith was touching Buffy.

“Xander, I’m not going to tell you what Faith is like in bed.” She looked over at Cordelia’s obvious disapproval at Xander’s comment and smirked, then turned back to Xander. “Except to say…there are things she can do, that could make a girl pass out.” She winked as Cordelia tutted and yanked on Xander’s arm.

“Come on geek. Move it.” The tall cheerleader pulled a dazed Xander out of the room.

“I…I guess I’d better get going to…to class too. I’ll catch up with you later Buffy.” Willow rushed out behind the rest of the gang, leaving just the Slayers and Giles in the library.


“Well, that seemed to go ok.” Giles straightened up and adjusted his glasses.

“What do you mean? You knew?” Buffy had caught the suggestion just as Faith had.

“No, I wouldn’t say I knew exactly, but I’ve been around long enough to notice these things Buffy. And, for what it’s worth, I’ll support you in this if it is truly what you want.” He stood and leant on the table in front of the chosen two.

“I’m not too sure your friends are gonna be that supportive, B.” Faith tucked her hands into her pockets, unable to stop feeling a little guilty that she was going to cause the blonde girl more trouble than she probably wanted.

“Sure it’ll take time for them to take it all in, but…they’re good people, well, maybe not Cordelia, but they’ll understand in time. And I’m not about to let you go just because they might be a little creeped out by it.” She swept her hand through Faith’s dark locks, looking her straight in the eye. “I meant what I said, I’m falling for you, and nothings going to change that.”

“Err! I um, have things to do, so I guess I’ll leave you to it. Don’t be late for class Buffy.” He smiled at the two Slayers gently before making his way into the office, leaving the door ajar.

They stood in the middle of the silent library, the tension and stress of the last couple of days finally falling from them. Gazing into each other’s eyes and just taking it all in, the Slayers slowly moved together and kissed softly, brushing their lips delicately over each other.

There was obvious feeling in the kiss, and Faith could sense how much Buffy had come to care for her. It was in the soft touch of lips and the gentle caress of the other girl’s hand in her hair and now on her neck, moving towards her cleavage.

“Hey, girlfriend. If ya keep that up, you’re not gonna get to class at all, cos I’ll take ya behind that bookcase over there and teach you a few things.” She winked as Buffy’s cheeks flushed.

“Actually, that sounds like fun.” Buffy kissed Faith’s jaw then up to a gorgeous dimple as the dark girl smiled.

“Hmm! You’re a bad girl under all that pastel pink aren’t ya? I like that.” She caught Buffy into a passionate embrace, crushing her mouth to the smaller girl's.

Buffy pulled Faith as close as she could, rubbing herself up against the brunette’s firm body. She ran a strong hand down Faith’s back, and grasped her backside. Biting lightly on her lower lip at the same time.

“I can be bad Faith. Especially with you, because I can’t think of anything other than licking you all over, and making you scream my name as you come in my mouth.” She whispered into Faith’s ear.

“Fuck…Don’t tell me you have to go now and leave me all wet for you.” She kissed Buffy’s neck, nipping a little around her pulse point.

“You’ll just have to look forward to tonight. My moms away for the night so…I can stay with you again, or you can come round to mine.” Buffy placed her arms around Faith’s neck, looking up into the dark pools of chocolate brown.

“I think we should stay at yours considering my place looks like a building site right now.” They both grinned at the memory.

“Can I ask you something, Faith?”

“Sure.” Faith kissed the blonde girl on the end of her cute nose. Smiling to herself at how she was so lucky to be able to do it now without worrying about the consequences.

“You’re not gonna get spooked out because I’m falling for you are you? I mean, you said…well, I think it more ‘slipped out’ this morning, that you loved me. But…”

Faith’s face fell. She had been certain she hadn’t let that out earlier. Or at least she had been hoping it had been a figment of her imagination. Now though, it looked like she would have to face up to lowering her walls, and letting Buffy know exactly how she felt. The thing was, she wasn’t all that sure she understood it all herself.

“I…I didn’t think I’d actually said it, I…” Faith stared down at the floor. She really didn’t want Buffy to think she was some mushy lovesick teenager who fell in love at the drop of a hat.

“Are you telling me you don’t feel that way?…The same as me I mean.” Buffy appeared worried now and she started to pull away from the taller girl.

“No, wait. I do…feel the same. I just…” Faith took Buffy’s hands in her own. “I’ve never felt something like that before, let alone said it. I’ve fallen in love with ya, B. And I’m still falling, and probably will be for…well, for as long as ya want me. If ya want me.” Faith watched as Buffy smiled at her sweetly.

“I want you Faith. And I feel the same. I’m in love with you but I know I’m still falling too. You make me…you make me so happy.” She moved forwards and kissed Faith, pulling away to continue close to her ear. “And…you’re hot as hell, and great in bed. So I’m not planning on letting you go anytime soon.”

Faith could feel her heart pounding with how full it felt. How special Buffy had just made her feel. And how she hoped nothing would come between them, because she wanted to explore this new relationship as thoroughly as possible. In as many ways they could.

“Ahem! Faith, can I have a word?” It was Giles, lingering by the door to his office.

“Sure.” Faith turned around, but Buffy kept hold of her hand.

“I’ve just had word from the council.” Both Slayers gripped each other’s hands, praying they weren’t about to be forced apart by a bunch of tweeds in another country.

“Lay it on me, Giles.” Faith prepared herself for the worst, knowing that’s the way her life usually went.

“They’ve informed me that you can stay here for the time being, and I’ll act as your watcher, unless of course it gets to be too much and…”

The rest of what he said was lost, as the chosen two embraced, giving in completely to each other and the promise of deep, passionate and overwhelming love. Faith pushed her hands into Buffy’s hair as the smaller girl did the same to her, and they kissed with all their want and need for each other spilling over them both in a wash of relief. Faith fed off the love and desire crashing out of Buffy into her.

She knew right then, that all she had gone through in her short life was worth it, because it had lead her to Buffy. It had shown her the way to her other half, and she knew, from the power of the kiss and the emotion in it, that the blonde Slayer felt the same. They were the balance to each other, the hope and the passion. They were the chosen two, the lucky two.

And as Giles disappeared quietly back into his office, leaving the Slayers to crush closer together, it was obvious that they were both as into each other as two people could be. The heat coming from them would have fuelled a small town, and the love would conquer any challenge to their hearts hold on each other.

“Fuck, Buffy…you’re gonna have to get your mom to give you a sick note, cos you’re coming home with me. I want you. I wanna show you how much you mean to me. I wanna make love to you.” She whispered in Buffy’s ear.

It was something the young Slayer had never said before, but she meant it. She didn’t just want to fuck Buffy. She wanted to really show her what she felt for her.

“Faith…I, God you make me weak at the knees. Please, take me home and make love to me.” She kissed Faith softly on the lips and allowed the dark Slayer to lead her out of the library, and back to her motel room.

They walked down the school steps together hand in hand, with huge smiles on their faces, ignoring the strange looks and stares their way. Faith didn’t give a fuck what anybody thought, and it didn’t seem that Buffy did either.

They were more than proud to walk through the crowds as lovers and not just friends. Because that’s what they were, and were on their way to confirm that to each other. As loudly and as vigorously as possible. Again and again and well…you get the idea. The walls were gonna be shaken down this time.

The End