Time To Heal
by Dylan
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy and all that.
Timeline/Spoilers: Post coma. Season four. Some things are a little different than in the series, just the odd little thing though really.
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I’ve been out of the coma now for two weeks. Two fucking weeks of sitting around in this stinking motel room, not knowing what the fuck I’m gonna do. I mean, what does a person do after fucking up their life? I’m a little lacking in plausible options right now. Is that why I’m still here in Sunnyhell? No.

The cops aren’t looking for me, thank God. They couldn’t pin a thing on me, probably due to the Mayor's connections. Fuck, he was the only one in this hellhole that actually appreciated me for who I was. I didn’t have to pretend to be someone else, I didn’t have to pretend to be more like her. Buffy Summers.

He thought I was cool just as I was. He made me feel worth something, made my life seem worth something. Willow was right, I did make a choice. I made the choice to be wanted, needed. It was the only choice I was capable of making back then.

I wanted to please the Mayor after he’d helped me out an all. I wanted to please him and piss B off in the process. I thought she might finally see me for once, she might actually look at me like I was a person and not just ‘the mistake Slayer’. And a killer. I didn’t mean for things to go so far though. I really thought I could back out of it all before it was too late. Dumbass.

The more into the Mayor’s plan I got, the more lost I became. It got to the point that I knew I couldn’t turn back. I’d fucked up big time, cos not only had I messed with her, I’d messed with her nearest and dearest.

Why had I acted the way I did after I killed the Deputy Mayor? I should have dealt with that a whole lot better than I did. Fair enough, she was eager to dump all the blame on me, and act like I’d just blown half the world away. But I should have opened up to her and told her how bad I felt. If I had, maybe she would have gone easier on me. But I had to be the fucking ‘don’t give a shit’ tough girl.

I did a good job of convincing her I didn’t care. Hell, I did a good job of convincing myself. Too bad all the fear of total rejection turned me psycho. I regret the whole disaster, more than I thought it was possible to regret anything. I went so far over the edge. Trying to hurt everyone I possibly could, just to get to her. To make her feel as bad as I did. How am I gonna get past what I did? How do you make up for shit like that?

I tried to put some of it right when I helped her defeat the Mayor. I couldn’t just let him go ahead with his plans. I couldn’t allow him to hurt her. I’d done that enough already.

So now I’m alone. In a flea pit motel room, always seem to wind up in one of these. Waiting. I don’t have a fucking clue what I’m waiting for now, but it seems like a good idea.

When I woke up from the coma I just felt sad, for me. Sad that it all got out of hand, that I got out of hand. I had just wanted to count. Way to get yourself noticed by someone you’re in love with. Threaten her friends, her boyfriend, her. And the entire fucking world. Can’t say I do things by halves.

I got the fuck out of the hospital as soon as I could. I was pretty spaced out for a couple of days, just wandered around like I was lost or something. I eventually stopped hiding in the gutters and went to my apartment. The cops had left most of my shit there. Clothes and stuff. And I had some money hidden away, not much, but enough to pay for a motel room for a while. I couldn’t stay at the apartment. Too many bad memories I guess.

I still feel like shit because of the coma. I don’t think even Slayer healing can deal with eight months of unconsciousness like it was the flu or something. I feel so fragile, and my senses are like, muffled. It’s pretty weird. I’m weak and practically defenceless. Easy pray for vamps, or Buffy, if she finds out I’m awake and still here.

I’ve kept myself out of sight just to stay safe. To stay alive. A weak Slayer is a vulnerable Slayer, and I know how much the local vamps would love to get a piece of me. Literally.

I’m not so willing to risk being gutted by B again either. I don’t blame her for doing it the first time, I was asking for it. And if she did it again, I still wouldn’t blame her for it. It’s probably still what I deserve. She’s the ‘good’, and I’m the ‘bad’. And isn’t good always supposed to win, against evil? Fuck, as Slayers we know that better than anyone.


Faith looks up abruptly from the piece of carpet she had been staring at, for the past hour. There was a knock at the door, and it brought her melancholic reflections to an abrupt halt. Shaking her head clear, the rouge Slayer stood wearily and turned towards the door.

She wasn’t sure, but had a feeling it would be the manager asking her for the three days rent she owed. She was really hoping it wasn’t, as she had no money left and didn’t even want to contemplate having to pay him in kind. Faith had always been told that she was a whore by her father, but she was sick of proving him right.

She slowly made her way over to the door but stopped mere inches from it. Her senses may have been pretty fucked up, but she knew that tingling sensation anywhere. She couldn’t tell though, if it was some vampire come to claim her as his prize, or if it was the other Slayer.

*Oh well, whichever one it is. This is probably it for me. I may as well get it over and done with.* She was sick of running.

Faith took a deep breath and opened the door to meet her fate.



*Shit, what do I do?* The dark girl stood stock still at the sight of the chosen one. She looked just as beautiful as ever, maybe a little tired. But just as beautiful. So many emotions rushed through Faith all at once, but the main one was fear, and it showed in her eyes.

“I’m not here to fight with you, Faith.”

The younger Slayer couldn’t find her voice. She was unsure of what to do, what to say. She wanted so much to explain everything, to apologise for it all, but she had no idea where to start.

*God, why did I screw it all up so bad?*

“Can I come in? I don’t really want to stand out here all night.” Faith stood out of Buffy’s way, opening the door wide for her to enter.

“Yeah, sure.” She subconsciously looked around into the night, unsure of whether or not the blonde girl had come alone. She really hoped Angel wasn’t lurking around in the shadows somewhere.

“I’m alone, Faith. No one knows I’m here, and no one else knows that you’re here.”

Faith closed the door and faced the little Slayer. Buffy had her back to her, her hands hanging limply by her sides.

Faith couldn’t believe Buffy was really here, in her room, alone no less.

*Shit, if I wanted her dead it would be so easy right now.* She was confused, worried. But Faith also felt all those old emotions that were attached to the other girl, come rushing back over her. Longing, need.

“Why?” Why was she here? Why wasn’t she finishing what she’d started?

“Why what, Faith?” Buffy’s voice sounded so small. She didn’t sound angry or hurt anymore, she just sounded exhausted. Almost sad.

Faith just stood and watched as Buffy raised her right hand up to her face, wiping away stray tears that had begun to fall. Without thinking, the younger girl crossed the carpet towards the crying blonde. She wrapped her arms around Buffy from behind, pulling her tightly against her body in an effort to comfort.

Buffy didn’t try to pull away or stop Faith from holding her, in fact she relaxed into the embrace as her tears flowed freely.

“Don’t cry B, please.” Faith was having a hard job not weeping herself now, the odd splash of a tear escaping her control.

“I missed you, Faith.” *What?* “I tried to forget you, I tried to hate you and get on with my life. I tried it all, but I still missed you.” Buffy made her declaration through her sobs.

Faith was speechless, for the first time she could remember. She just held onto Buffy, hoping beyond hope that she wasn’t dreaming. Buffy continued.

“I thought I could carry on, pretend like you never came to Sunnydale. But I couldn’t Faith. After the dreams we shared...well, I’ve waited eight months, just to see you, to tell you how sorry I am. To find out if you could forgive me, and give me another chance…I’ve been lying to my friends, my mom, Riley. Agreeing with them that what I did was right, that it was all for the best. It wasn’t Faith, cos I wanted you back.” Her speech came to a halt, as fresh tears tumbled from her eyes causing her to shake with the sheer emotional intensity.

Faith could no longer hold back her own feelings, as she joined her blonde counterpart in her sobbing. Leaning into Buffy, her face buried in soft blonde hair. She was in awe at what Buffy had said. She hadn’t been expecting apologies. Fighting and harsh words were what she had prepared herself for.

The little blonde slowly turned round in Faith’s arms. Looking into the dark girl’s eyes like she was searching for something, she lifted a hand to brush away some of the tears on Faith’s cheek.

“Faith. I need to know. Do you still hate me? Do you still want to hurt me?”

Faith knew that she had to make a choice now. Whether to continue running from responsibility or face her demons and open up to the other Slayer. She had made so many bad decisions in her life, but she was determined not to make this one the biggest. She had to let go, she had to trust herself to be able to deal with whatever happened next.

“I don’t want to hurt you, B. And I never hated you…you’re not gonna believe me, after everything I did to you but…I...love you, Buffy. I fell for you the minute I first laid eyes on you.” There it was, out in the open, her heart. She didn’t know what to expect, she didn’t know what Buffy would say or do. But at least it was said. No more skirting around the edges.

Buffy looked deep into Faith’s dark eyes, reading the truth in them. The chosen one stepped back a little way, out of the arms that encircled her. Faith looked down, feeling ashamed of her love for the girl before her. She knew she could never hope to be loved back by Buffy. She knew it was a fruitless state she was in. Buffy was Straight. Buffy had Angel. And fuck, she thought, Buffy wasn’t crazy.

The blonde Slayer blinked away the last of her tears, and gently lifted Faith’s chin up with a shaky finger. Wanting the younger girl to look at her.

“You love me?” Those three words made her sound so small and vulnerable.

“I love you, B. And I’m so sorry, for everything. I want you to believe me. I didn’t mean for things to get that bad. I was fucked up…I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too.” *Sorry for what? Not loving me back? Trying to kill me? God, I’m so confused.*

Faith was awash with so many emotions. She wasn’t sure what she should do anymore. She wasn’t in control of this, and she hated not being in control.

Buffy seemed to sense the need to clear the air even further. She slowly looked around the room, then made her way to the bed to sit down. The older girl patted the space next to her and Faith joined her on the bed. Buffy turned slightly to face the brunette.

Faith felt about ready to hear anything from her one time enemy. She wouldn’t have been surprised if Buffy told her to leave Sunnydale, and she wouldn’t be surprised if she asked for them to put everything behind them and start again. The girl sat in front of her now could pretty much say anything and Faith knew she’d accept it. She was too weak, in every way, to fight.

“I want to tell you how sorry I am Faith…Let me do this.” Buffy waved away any objections from the dark Slayer. “I’m sorry I let you get so lost. I should have been there for you, right from the start. I should have been with you.”

*Hold on. What exactly is she saying here? No, don’t go there Faith.*

“B, you didn’t screw up, I did.” Faith made sure Buffy could see she meant that from the look in her eyes. She knew Buffy could have handled things better, and made her feel like she was worth a damn. But ultimately it was all her own doing, she had kept Buffy at arms length knowing the chosen one would never want her as anything other than a fellow Slayer. She had made the choice to switch sides, it had been easier at the time. Easier than dealing with rejection. And dealing with the pain of what she had done.

“Can we…start again Faith? I liked you, and I want to know you better, I want to take the time to understand you now. I want us to be friends.” *There you go Faith. She just wants to be friends with you. Fuck, I can live with that, right?*

“I want that too, B.” Faith wasn’t sure if she could handle being so in love with Buffy and just be her friend, but she was willing to give it a try this time. She hoped the blonde Slayer would actually make the effort to get to know her, and not just try to mould her into something she wasn’t, like before. She hoped she had made the right choice this time.

The older girl gave Faith a sweet smile and received one right back. They knew this was make or break. And it was important to do things right this time. They were after all the chosen two. The only two people on the planet that could understand exactly what it meant to be a Slayer.


Faith closed her eyes and sighed deeply, it looked like she was shedding the weight of the world. As she lifted a hand to idly run through her hair Buffy looked her up and down. The little blonde had an expression of pure concern on her face.

“Faith, you don’t look too good.”

“Thanks, B. You really know how to charm a girl.” *Ok, this feels good. A little bit of light banter. I really missed that.*

“I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, you don’t look well. How are you feeling?”

“After being stuck on my back in a coma for eight months? I feel just great, B. What do you think?” Faith was hoping that didn’t sound as harsh to Buffy as it did to her. She hadn’t meant it in that way. From the downcast look Buffy was giving her though, she knew the petite blonde had taken that comment personally. “B, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just tired. I want to forget about all that shit. We both did and said things we shouldn’t have, and I want to move on.”

Buffy took the younger girl by surprise as she pulled her into a tight hug. Both girls just held on to each other, easing away all the hurt and pain. Buffy ran a hand up the brunette's back and into her dark hair, tangling her fingers in its softness.

Faith was lost in the intimacy of the touch. Her back was tingling from the hand that had swept its way up it, and her senses were reeling at the feeling of Buffy’s fingers entwined in her hair. She tried her best to remind herself that Buffy was only holding her in a friendly way, but it felt so good. She couldn’t help herself as she turned her head slightly, bringing her lips mere millimetres from Buffy’s neck.

Faith inhaled deeply, forcing as much of Buffy’s scent into her lungs as possible. As she did so, the little blonde shivered almost unnoticeably. Faith would have missed it if she hadn’t been so close to Buffy. But she did feel it, and it sent her heart into overdrive, it was beating so hard.

Then ever so cautiously, Buffy brought her face closer to Faith, brushing her cheek against the younger girl. Faith could have sworn the world had just slowed down. Then just as Buffy was pulling away slightly, to do or say who knows what, the door to the motel room crashed open.

Splinters of wood flew past the two girls as they moved apart quickly, looking up to find out what was happening. They both saw the two vampires rushing towards them, and dove out of the way of their advancing fangs.

“There she is. The weak Slayer. I can smell it, she’s ripe for the picking.”

Faith hadn’t been able to move as quickly as Buffy had, and got caught by a vicious right hook to the face. She flew across the bed and slammed into the bedside table, smashing the lamp on the way.

“Faith.” Buffy composed herself, whipping out her stake from under her jacket, she aimed it at the vampire that was on his way towards the brunette. Throwing it as hard and as accurately as she could, Buffy let go of the stake. It hit its mark, sending dust cascading to the floor, and all over the downed Slayer.

Buffy didn’t stop, she spun round to take care of the other vampire. But he was gone, just as quickly as he had arrived.

“Shit.” The blonde Slayer looked out of the door, hoping to see the bloodsucker, but he had vanished.

She shook her head then rushed over to Faith, who was groaning about the dust and the lamp, and life in general.

“You ok, Faith?” Buffy knelt down beside the dark beauty and began picking bits of broken lamp off her.

“Yeah, I’m just peachy. Fuck, I’m glad you were here. I’d have been lunch for some fucking vamp.” Faith was more than discouraged at being beaten so easily, even though she knew it was down to the coma she hadn’t yet recovered from.

The older girl helped Faith to her feet, propping her up slightly as they moved back to the bed. Faith was pretty shaky now. She hadn’t eaten properly for a couple of days and that knock to the head hadn’t helped. Buffy frowned as she noticed how weak Faith really was right now.

“Right, you’re not staying here on your own. You’re coming home with me.”

“B, what are you talking about? I can’t go anywhere with you. I mean, the Scoobs, your mom...”

“I won’t take no for an answer Faith. You’re not strong enough to defend yourself right now. And I’m not gonna take the chance at losing you again.” A tiny little tear trickled down her cheek as she said that, and Faith knew she couldn’t argue with Buffy’s plea. “We’ll take care of the gang tomorrow, and my mom. Shit, we’ll have to stay there, cos I can’t take you back to the dorm. Riley is out of the question. Hmmm! Ok, lets get going before any more vamps show up.”

Faith was a little lost now, she had obviously missed out on a few things during her prolonged sleep. One question stood out from the rest however.

“Who’s Riley?” Buffy turned away from Faith slightly, looking down at her hands.

“He’s…my boyfriend.” *Huh?*

“What about?…what happened to Angel?” Panic gripped the younger girl as memories of poisoning the vampire took her over. She hid her face in her hands and began to shake, thinking she must have killed him.

Buffy rushed over to where Faith was sitting and grasped the brunette’s hands in her own.

“No Faith, you didn’t kill him. He’s ok, I promise.” Faith fought back the tears that threatened to fall as she gazed into Buffy’s concerned eyes.

“Then…what happened?”

“We broke up.” The blonde Slayer lowered her eyes with the obviously painful recollection of their split.

Faith didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t believe they had broken up. After everything that had happened. She shook her head, fighting back the urge to ask why. Forcing herself not to get angry, at Buffy, Angel, or her own jealousy. And now, not only did she have to contend with the memory of Buffy’s so called soulmate, she had to contend with this new guy she was with.

*Fuck, I just never catch a break do I?* Faith couldn’t help but laugh, it was so beyond unfunny, but she had to let it out.

Buffy just looked at her quizzically, almost afraid for Faith’s sanity.

“Faith? We’ll talk about this later, right now I think we should get to my moms’.”

“Sure, whatever Twinkie.” Faith did her best to stop laughing at the irony of it all, and pull herself together.

She picked up the few items of clothing and stuff she had, and threw them in a bag. Looking around the room once more before deciding she had everything, Faith turned to her one time enemy and gestured towards the broken door.

“After you.” Buffy smiled at the apparent casual demeanour of the dark girl and made her way out into the night. Faith following behind her.


They arrived at Buffy’s house with little fuss, and no surprises from the local vamps. The two Slayers hadn’t spoken much on the way. Buffy told Faith about being at college, and explained a little about Angel and Riley, but she hadn’t gone into too much detail. Faith was grateful, as she really didn’t want think too much about Buffy’s love life. The fact that she wasn’t part of it still being too painful to dwell on.

Buffy’s mom was already in bed asleep, so they didn’t have to worry about explaining what Faith was doing there. The brunette was tired from the walk, her frailty becoming more and more obvious as they went. She just wanted to sleep now, the tension of the past two weeks catching up with her.

The older Slayer convinced Faith she needed to eat something before going to bed, and even though she wasn’t particularly hungry, having gone way past that stage, Faith agreed. So Buffy set about making her sandwiches, as the brunette sat on the kitchen counter.

Faith was still getting used to the fact that Buffy wasn’t going to turn around and kick her ass at any moment. It was all just too weird really. But then, they were both Slayers, she thought. Maybe they could get over just about anything. Together.

“What are you thinking, Faith?” *What?*

Faith glanced up to find two beautiful green eyes studying her. The dark girl couldn’t stop the contented feeling that lifted her full lips into a sweet smile. Right at this minute she felt like they truly could move on from everything bad that had gone on before. Seeing Buffy making food for her, and looking up at her so compassionately, she was filled with hope.

Buffy was obviously thrown off guard by Faith’s overtly pleased smile. She looked away quickly, smiling through the slight blush that had settled uninvited on her cheeks. That just made the younger girl’s grin even wider, and before she knew what she was saying she opened her mouth and the words just fell out.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” The blonde Slayer was blushing more than ever now. And Faith mentally slapped herself for being so foolish.

*Fuck, how many times do I need it beaten into me? She’s fucking straight, not interested, dumbass.*

“I’m sorry, B. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I know you don’t like me like that…I’m sorry…”

“Hey, it’s ok. You don’t make me feel uncomfortable, Faith…Here, eat this.”

Before she could slip up and say anything else stupid, Faith stuck the sandwich in her mouth. Trying to hide the fact that she felt encouraged that Buffy didn’t feel uncomfortable with knowing how she felt about her.

“Come on, lets go to bed…I mean…to sleep.” *Ok, so maybe I shouldn’t be too encouraged. She obviously does feel a little awkward.*

Faith jumped down from the counter stumbling as she did so, her weariness really taking its toll now. Buffy managed to steady her before she fell, catching the younger girl round the waist. Faith placed her hands on the blonde Slayer’s strong shoulders, mumbling a few profanities at her own clumsiness. Buffy just gave her a small smile, and began leading Faith up to her room.

Faith sat down on the bed as Buffy busied herself finding something for the brunette to wear. The younger girl had tried to explain that she never wore anything to bed, but Buffy had just given her a funny look and said that Faith would be more comfortable if she wore something. The dark Slayer didn’t see the logic in that, but couldn’t be bothered to argue.

Eventually Buffy dug out some shorts and a tee shirt for Faith to wear, instructing her to change as she disappeared into the bathroom. Faith looked at the size of the garments the older Slayer had given her and shrugged her shoulders. They were small to say the least.

She stretched out her stiff muscles and changed for bed. Just as she thought, the shorts were very short and the tee shirt, well, it was certainly leaving nothing to the imagination. If she didn’t know better, Faith would have been thinking that Buffy had given her the small items of clothing on purpose, maybe hoping to eye her up or something. Faith quickly shook that idea out of her head as nonsense.

Buffy came back into the room wearing her own shorts and tee shirt, unlike Faith’s sleeping attire, they actually fit her. As the rouge Slayer made her way to the bathroom she was almost sure Buffy’s eyes had followed her retreating backside.

*I must be delirious or something. I mean, I’ve told her I’m in love with her, and she hasn’t really said anything about it, so I’m seeing things, right?*

Faith put her previous thoughts down to wishful thinking and washed up for the night.

She made her way back into the bedroom, stopping dead at the sight of the older girl curled up on the bed, asleep, on top of the covers. Faith realised that the blonde Slayer was probably just as relieved as she was that they had resolved some of their misdeeds. Buffy appeared to be almost as worn out as she was from the whole ordeal.

Faith moved quietly into the room, smiling broadly at how peaceful and beautiful Buffy looked. A small tear escaped as she reached the side of the bed. She really couldn’t believe this was happening. In all her wildest dreams she had never dared to hope that they could be close again, closer than before even.

The brunette eased herself under the covers, trying not to wake Buffy as she gently raised the older girl slightly, in order to cover them both. She just about managed it, getting a mumbled groan from Buffy in the process.

As she turned to switch the lamp off beside the bed, Faith suddenly found herself wrapped under an arm of the blonde Slayer. Buffy had scooted up behind her in the small bed, and thrown her left arm over Faith, pulling the bemused girl towards her at the same time.

“Buffy? You awake?” Faith whispered her question over her shoulder. There was no answer.

*Right, I can do this. She’s asleep, and in no way coming on to you. Just relax.*

Faith sighed deeply and closed her eyes, attempting to ignore the warmth of the girl pressed up behind her. Luckily she was too tired to contemplate much more than going to sleep. Faith drifted off feeling safe and happy, any thoughts about what hurdles were to come paled into insignificance, with Buffy holding her so close.


Faith cautiously opened her eyes, feeling the sun warming her face. Something else was warming the rest of her. As she looked down she realised that Buffy was practically lying on top of her. The blonde girl’s left leg was thrown over her, holding her tight. Buffy’s arm was also wrapped around her, and her head had settled cosily on Faith’s chest. The younger Slayer’s own arms were holding Buffy close to her.

Faith had never woken up feeling so safe and warm. She let out a quiet sigh, not wanting to wake the sleeping beauty lying in her embrace. Gently she began to trace patterns on the older girl’s back. She wanted so much for the material of Buffy’s top to just disappear.

The blonde Slayer shifted slightly, she was waking up. Her left arm squeezed tighter to Faith as her eyes fluttered open. Faith didn’t know what she should do. She really didn’t want to move. But laying like this, with Buffy draped over her, was giving her ideas she knew Buffy would not appreciate.

“Faith?” *Ok, she’s gonna be pissed if she thinks I’ve been awake, and not moved out from under her.*

“Mmm hmm.” Faith relaxed her breathing as much as she could, not wanting to arouse suspicion in Buffy.

“You awake?” The rouge Slayer realised that Buffy was making no attempt to move.

“Yeah.” *Shit, shit, shit. Please don’t move.*

Faith wanted this moment to go on forever. She could never have imagined being this close to the glorious Slayer, even before the shit had hit the fan. Not that she hadn’t had her fantasies about Buffy, but she never for one minute believed any of them would come true. It was far too implausible.

Buffy didn’t move though, in fact, she pulled herself even closer to the dark girl. Faith really wished she could tell what was going on in the cute blonde’s head right now. This wasn’t supposed to happen. None of it. Buffy was meant to kick her ass, give her the easy way out by telling her to fuck off out of her life forever. This was not in the script. Faith was having a hard time coping with Buffy being so close now, as fucked up and afflicted as she was, it was still turning her on.

“B, do you want me to move?” Faith wasn’t sure whether it was yes or no she wanted to hear. She was burning with need for Buffy, and trying her hardest not to notice the fact that she could feel the heat coming from between Buffy’s thighs.

“Do you want to move, Faith?” *That is so not fair.*

Faith swallowed hard, trying not to move against the girl in her arms. She knew if she was just to push her left leg up slightly, she would be able to feel Buffy right against her. She would be able to tell if the blonde girl was anywhere near as wet as she was. Faith’s breathing was giving away her need, she knew it, but could do nothing about it. This was wrong, this was too easy. This was exactly what she wanted, but not enough.

Faith pulled away from the sleepy blonde and leapt out of bed, desire clearly filling her eyes. She knew her pupils would be huge, and she wasn’t expecting Buffy’s to be just as big, but they were. She ran a shaky hand through her dark tresses and sat back down on the bed, facing away from her tormentor.

“You ok, Faith?” Buffy reached out her hand to Faith’s shoulder. The dark girl jumped at the contact.

“B, what are you doing? I mean, I don’t understand.” She had her head in her hands now.

Buffy moved up behind her, not touching the younger Slayer, but getting as close as she could. Faith was confused, worried, happy. Fuck, she didn’t know what to feel. It was all too much right now. She didn’t want to jump to conclusions and she didn’t want to make a huge mistake, again.

“Faith, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you out. It just felt so nice…I haven’t felt that comfortable, or that…content, in a long time. If ever.” *What the fuck? I’m really lost now.*

Faith lowered her hands to her knees and closed her eyes. She was willing herself to wake up, because this was surely some kind of sick dream. Sick, because it was messing with her head.

“Faith?” The brunette realised Buffy wanted her to acknowledge what she had just said to her. She didn’t know how to though. How do you respond to something like that, when it means everything to you? How do you fit the pieces back together after they have been scattered around so much?

“Buffy, you know how I feel about you.” Faith turned around to face the petite blonde more fully. “You know how much I like you, how much I want you.” Now was not the time to pull any punches.

Faith realised if they were really going to make a go of it, even just in friendship, then everything had to be out in the open. It was the secrets and lies that destroyed them last time. Amongst other things of course. Buffy was looking up at the dark girl, her green eyes open and expectant, hazel flecks dancing in them from the morning sun.

“I don’t know what it is you feel for me, B. I want you to tell me, good or bad, I need to know.” Faith knew she could be stepping into a world of hurt here, but she was done with running, hiding from pain that would catch up with her in the end anyway.

“Faith, I…” Buffy looked so small, so fragile right at that moment. A horde of emotions were raging through her, it was clear in her eyes, in her voice. “I’m not sure what it is I feel. I mean, I don’t know if I can put words to it right now, I don’t know if I even should. I don’t want to do that to Riley. I need to sort things out with him. I just, you’re just…”

“Ok B, kinda confusing me more here.” Faith couldn’t help but smile at the flustered blonde.

She was so in love with Buffy, she knew she would except pretty much anything she said. But it was fairly evident that the chosen one was struggling to deal with her feelings, and the consequences of them. Faith knew from the look in the other girl’s eyes that she did feel something for the dark Slayer. Something akin to love, even if it was just the fact that they were both Slayers.

“Look, I don’t want to start this out the wrong way. If we’re gonna be friends, if we’re gonna trust each other, I just thought you should know how I feel, that’s all. If you don’t see me as anything more than just a friend, or just a…fellow Slayer even. Then tell me. No more mixed signals B. What do you want?” Faith knew she was pushing now, but it was important for her to know which way they were headed, now more than ever. If this was her last chance, she didn’t want to blow it.

Buffy looked away, studying the stuffed animals adorning her dresser. She furrowed her brow, then turned back to face the dark beauty sat in front of her. Before Faith had a chance to react, move or faint. Buffy closed the distance between them and brushed her lips to Faith's.

She gently kissed the brunette, moving her soft lips over the stunned girl’s mouth. Faith had closed her eyes and stopped breathing. *Now I know I’m dreaming, but what the fuck.*

The younger girl slowly began to respond to the kiss, not wanting to make any kind of mistake. She had wanted this for so long, she forced herself to just concentrate on how good it felt. Questions could come later.

The two Slayers cautiously began to kiss, testing the softness of each other’s lips. A quiet moan slipped from Buffy’s throat, causing Faith to grow a little bolder. She brought her hands up to place them into silky blonde hair. Her tongue gently asked permission to taste the sweetness that was Buffy, as she ran it seductively over the smaller girl’s lower lip.

Both their breathes hitched when their tongues made contact. Buffy’s arms had wrapped themselves around Faith, bringing her closer. They were lost in the kiss entirely, all thought, all fear, had gone out of the window. There was only need and hope left.

The kiss was less exploratory now, there was more passion rising to the surface. Both girls were breathing heavier, losing themselves in each other. As their lips and tongues drank in each other’s sweetness, neither one of them heard the bedroom door open until it was too late.


“Buffy, what’s going on?”

The two girls leapt apart, causing Faith to land on the floor. She jumped up again just as quickly, blushing profusely. But not half as much as Buffy was.

“Mom…I, umm. I’ll talk to you downstairs.”

“You’d better have a good explanation for this Elizabeth.” Mrs Summers left, closing the door behind her.

The two slayers didn’t move. They were frozen as they listened to Buffy’s mom descend the stairs.

The blonde girl finally broke the spell as she puffed out a deep breath and ran her hands through her hair. She looked up at Faith and smiled faintly. Faith let out a short chuckle, out of nervousness more than anything. Although she just knew this was going to be something they would both laugh about later, much later.

“Sorry.” Buffy looked so sweet, apologising for them being caught, like it was her fault.

“It’s ok, B. You should go explain to her…actually, I think I need it explaining too. Not that I didn’t enjoy it…kissing you, cos I did, I mean wow, that was like, but…I’m gonna shut up.” She sat down heavily on the bed.

Buffy swung her legs out of bed and sat beside Faith, she rested her hand on the brunette’s thigh, looking deep into her eyes.

“Faith, I’m not entirely sure where we’re going to go from here, but I really liked that. Kissing you I mean. All I know is, I want to do it again.”

Faith couldn’t hide her smile, it was wide and showed Buffy exactly how much she really did love her. Buffy leant forward and captured Faith’s lips with her own again. The younger girl just relaxed, delighting in the softness of the caress. She knew she shouldn’t, but Faith dared herself to hope that just maybe things would go her way for once. There was the small matter of Buffy’s mom however.

Before either girl could get carried away kissing each other, Faith pulled away. Instantly Buffy groaned at the loss of contact. *Hmmm! She really likes doing that.*

“B, as much as I’d love to do this all day, your mom’s waiting downstairs.”


“Exactly.” Faith brushed a stray strand of hair behind Buffy’s ear, and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. Buffy looked lost in thought as she stared into Faith’s deep dark eyes.

“This feel so right Faith…This is how it should have been the first time round. I’m sorry I screwed up...”

“Shh! We can talk about this later, go talk to your mom.” Buffy nodded, then stood and made her way to the door. The little blonde stopped before leaving the room.

“Don’t go anywhere.”

“I’ll be right here, gorgeous.” The older Slayer smiled then made her way downstairs.

*Fuck…Did all that just happen? Am I still in a fucking coma or something?*

Faith tried to calm herself down, from the after effects of the kiss, and the fact that Buffy’s mom had caught them. She straightened the bed sheets out, sighing at remembering how they had woken up together. Looking down at the bed, she couldn’t resist lying down on top of the covers. She was still tired, emotionally and physically, she curled up on her side and drifted off to sleep.

The next thing she knew, Faith was aware of something warm beside her, and someone gently running their fingernails up and down her outer thigh. As she became more conscious, she could sense that it was Buffy. Even though her Slayer perception was still out of sorts, she could smell the distinctive aroma of the other girl.

She grinned at the tingling sensations Buffy’s fingers were causing. As she felt the blonde girl’s palm stroke her thigh, she couldn’t help but react. Opening her eyes Faith found herself face to face with the delightful Slayer, who also had a sweet grin on her lips.

“You trying to cop a feel while I’m asleep?” Faith raised a shapely eyebrow.

“Didn’t think you’d mind. And you looked so cute asleep, I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“Me, cute? I don’t think so, Twinkie.” It felt so good to Faith to be talking like this with Buffy, they hadn’t been able to be like this with each other for so long.

“You are cute.” Buffy brought her lips to Faith's. The two Slayers kissed, it wasn’t passion filled or explosive, just gentle and caring. To Faith it felt like a little piece of heaven.

After a minute or two Faith remembered where they were, and what had happened previously. She reluctantly moved away from Buffy.

“B, what about your mom?” The little Slayer moved closer into Faith as the brunette wrapped her arms around her.

“I told my mom we’ve forgiven each other. She knows we’ve got a long way to go, but she said she’d support my decision. She doesn’t really know everything that happened before anyway, I kinda left some details out back then.” The older girl didn’t continue.

“Umm, B? What about what she saw, you and me, ya know…”

“She…said it was up to me to decide how to live my life, as long as I was sure, and happy. She said it’s not as bad as the whole vampire thing. But she isn’t too keen on you staying here though. I told her we wouldn’t do anything, you know, too…embarrassing, or anything.” *Shit, has she even thought about that? Having sex with me. I so hope she has.* “You can stay here though, until you feel better she said.” Faith thought she could live with that, she wanted to stay close to the other Slayer, not just to keep safe, but because it felt so good.

“Thanks, B.” She kissed Buffy on her forehead then pulled away as she stretched her stiff muscles.

Buffy plainly couldn’t resist looking Faith up and down as she strained against the tight tee shirt and shorts. Faith noticed and played up to it by prolonging her stretch, arching her back slightly. Buffy’s eyes wandered to her breasts as she did so. If Faith had any doubt that Buffy was attracted physically to her before, it dissipated as she saw the look of pure lust in the older girl’s eyes.

“You checking me out, B?” The cute blonde blushed but didn’t stop gazing over the rouge Slayer’s body.

“You’re beautiful Faith. I’ve wanted to tell you that so many times, I was just too scared before. I’m not going to make that mistake again…You get me so horny.” It was Faith’s turn to blush now as Buffy’s green eyes looked deep into her complex soul.

“Fuck, that’s something I never thought I’d hear you say.” Buffy was just full of surprises it seemed as she captured the younger girl’s lips with her own.

This time there was nothing but passion in the kiss. Their tongues entwining with each other, their lips bruising. Faith rolled over to lie half on and half off Buffy. Her toned thigh rested between the blonde girl’s legs as they kissed deeply. Buffy moaned her approval of Faith’s position and held on tight to the sexy Slayer.

The heat between them was almost unbearable as they kissed away all the pain and the conflicts of the past. Finally relinquishing to their need for one another. Faith moved her kisses along Buffy’s jaw and down to the blonde girl’s neck, sucking gently on her beating pulse.

Faith almost growled as Buffy raised her hips slightly, causing her hot centre to brush against the brunette’s thigh. They effortlessly fell into a rhythm when Buffy found her thigh also being rocked on by the younger girl.

Their breathing was heavy and fast as they pushed into each other. Faith just couldn’t stop, she knew she should. This was too soon, and going against Mrs S’s wishes. It just felt so good though. She could feel Buffy’s need coating her thigh, the thin cotton of her shorts doing nothing to keep in how wet the older girl was.

“Fuck, B. You’re so wet.” Buffy pulled her into a searing kiss.

Regardless of the fact both girls were still clothed, they were both fast approaching climax. Their need for each other driving them on. Buffy was whimpering now as Faith pushed her thigh harder into her pussy.

“Oh God, Buffy.” Faith was close now. The smell of Buffy’s arousal filling her nostrils, exciting her even more.

“Faith, I…I’m gonna…” Before she could say it, or reach it however, Faith jumped up and off the bed.

“What the…?” Buffy’s eyes were full of confusion but then she must have suddenly heard what it was that Faith had. Her mom coming up the stairs.

Faith straightened herself out just in case Joyce came into the bedroom. Buffy also stood, trying to make herself look respectable. And not like she had just almost been brought to orgasm by the dark beauty who was standing around awkwardly in her room.

They both looked at each other and burst out laughing. It just seemed to be the only rational thing to do given the circumstances.


Joyce made her way past the bedroom door and into her own room, presumably to get dressed for work. Faith wiped away the tears of laughter that had trickled from her eyes.

“Shit, that was close.” She looked over at Buffy who still seemed to be out of breath and a fraction bewildered. “I’m sorry, B. I shouldn’t have done that.” Faith ran a nervous hand through her hair and bit her bottom lip.

“I hope you don’t mean that, F. I kinda liked it.” *Fuck, she just winked at me. I could get used to that.*

Faith walked seductively over to Buffy and wrapped her arms around the smaller girl. She could still smell the blonde’s arousal and knew if they didn’t get showered and dressed soon, there was no way they were going to keep from pissing off Buffy’s mom.

Buffy wasn’t making it easy for the dark Slayer to move away however, as she softly kissed her way up Faith’s neck to her ear. She could feel herself getting turned on again, as Buffy pulled her earlobe into her mouth and sucked ever so sensually. It was a particularly sensitive spot for the taller girl, and she couldn’t help but moan her appreciation.

“Do you like that, Faith?” Buffy was whispering in her ear now, sending shivers up and down Faith’s spine. “Does it get you hot?…You get me hot Faith. You nearly made me come, and you didn’t even touch me. God, nobody has ever made me feel so good.” Faith swallowed hard, willing herself to keep from throwing Buffy on the bed and taking her right there and then.

“B? I think we should get a cold shower…I mean, separately, now.” The cute blonde smiled up at Faith, everything from pure desire to tranquillity resting in her gentle eyes.

Faith gave Buffy a quick kiss, not trusting herself to be able to keep her hands off the other Slayer. Everything was going so fast, yet not fast enough. She had to calm herself down, for both their sakes.

“Come on beautiful, you have college to go to right?” Buffy pulled a face and nodded.

They both eventually got showered and dressed. Avoiding touching each other, or looking at each other for too long. Joyce had left for work but Faith still didn’t want to rush Buffy into anything. She knew she shouldn’t have let things get so far before, even if she was checking she hadn’t gone insane for thinking that.

They had breakfast together, not really talking about anything too deep. And not mentioning what had happened. Faith was just so glad that there weren’t any bad feelings in the air. Everything seemed fairly tension free. Until that was, Riley turned up, to give Buffy a lift to college.

He strode into the house without so much as a knock, or calling out. Faith leapt from her chair as he entered the dining room, and instinctively dropped into a defensive posture. Buffy spun around to see what had caused the rouge Slayer to react that way.

“Faith, it’s ok. That’s Riley.” *Fuck.*

Buffy moved between Faith and Riley as realisation hit him as to who the dark eyed girl was.

“Faith?…What the fuck is she doing here? You ok Buffy?” He protectively drew her to him. Faith couldn’t help the flash of jealousy cross her eyes.

“It’s ok Riley. We’re working through things.” Buffy tried to pull out of the beefstick’s grasp slightly, but he was having none of it. Faith thought maybe he could detect the envy in her eyes, so she averted her gaze and sat back down.

“She’s a killer Buffy. We should call the cops. You go do it and I’ll keep an eye on the bitch.” *Ok, I’m not taking that kinda crap from him.*

“Hey, fuck you asshole, you want a piece of me?” Faith slammed her chair back into the wall as she stood up, she grinned as Riley practically cowered behind Buffy.

“Faith, it’s ok, I’ll sort this out. Riley stop being an idiot, go in there.” Buffy pointed towards the living room.

“But…” Buffy just continued to point until he got the message.

As he made his way to the living room Riley looked at Faith, disgust settling on his face, until he ran his eyes over her body, and the look turned to something else. Faith knew exactly what was entering his head. She’d seen it a thousand times. He wanted to fuck her, simple as that. Luckily Buffy hadn’t caught it. She turned to Faith once he had left.

“I’m sorry Faith. I’ll deal with him. You ok?” *Yeah sure, your boyfriend's a sleaze ball, and I’m praying like crazy right now that you don’t choose him over me.*

“Yeah, just fine B.” Faith couldn’t hide the tension and darkness in her voice.

Buffy closed the distance between them, taking Faith’s hands in hers.

“This isn’t going to change what happened this morning. I’ll sort him out. I want to be with you Faith. Just give me some time ok, I need to do this right.” She leaned in to kiss Faith, lightly sucking on the younger girl’s full bottom lip, in a secret promise of things to come. Buffy hesitantly pulled away. “Trust me Faith.” It was said almost as a question, and they both knew that’s exactly what it was.

It was the million-dollar question. Could Faith put her trust in Buffy, not to break her heart again by rejecting her? She looked down at the floor, searching her mind for the answer. She would do anything for Buffy. And she would do it right this time.

Faith realised that the hunger they both felt for each other this morning was not just going to go away, it had always been there, but this time it seemed Buffy was ready to deal with it. Ready to accept it, and actually be with Faith. That’s what she had said she wanted after all. That, and time.

“I trust you, Buffy.” She also wanted to tell the little blonde that she did truly love her. After all, Buffy already knew she did, it just didn’t seem right to say it again right now though. Not until Riley was out of the picture at least.

Buffy hugged Faith and kissed her on the cheek, before making her way into the living room after Riley.


After Buffy had placated Riley, she persuaded Faith to stay at her mom’s house. Thinking it would be safer for her there than anywhere else. Buffy had a couple of classes to attend and couldn’t be around to protect Faith.

The younger girl had tried her best to convince Buffy that she would be fine. She hated feeling so defenceless, but she didn’t really have a choice. Buffy made her promise she would keep safe until she came back at lunchtime. Riley was hanging around them so Faith couldn’t kiss Buffy goodbye or anything, and the dark Slayer wasn’t too happy about that, but she let it slide. She truly hoped Buffy did want to be with her and not him. Faith had already taken a dislike to the guy.

The brunette spent the time she had on her own testing out her muscles, doing a few sit ups and push ups. She was going to need a lot of training to get back into peak condition. Everyday she felt a little stronger and surer though, that was encouraging at least.

Lunchtime was getting closer and Faith couldn’t help but feel the butterflies in her stomach, knowing Buffy would be with her soon. She hoped Riley wasn’t trailing along with her. Anymore lecherous looks from him and she would have to wipe the stupid grin off his face. At least Angel had an interesting past, this guy was just a boring moron.

Faith felt Buffy come in before she saw her, her senses were picking up again. The dark Slayer switched the T.V off and turned to be greeted by a beautiful smile. It took her breath away. There was no doubt in her mind, she was totally in love. Her own huge goofy grin was testament to that.

“Hey.” Faith stood up, looking behind Buffy.

“Hey, gorgeous…Don’t worry, I’m alone Faith.”

“Right, sorry. It’s just that…” *I don’t like the guy you’re with, cos you should be with me.*

“I know. You been ok? No problems, vamps or anything?”

“Nah, just a fight with the dishwasher, but I won.” It had taken her ten minutes to figure out how it worked.

They both stood looking at each other awkwardly for a moment, neither one of them sure what they should do. Faith couldn’t take the butterflies anymore so she reached towards Buffy and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Thankfully Buffy returned the kiss with just as much as she was receiving. They just stood wrapped around each other kissing, for several minutes, until Buffy seemed to be going weak at the knees.

“God Faith, you’re so good at that.” They were both breathless and flushed.

“You just make me want you so much.” It was true, Faith had never wanted anyone as much, and she knew she would never want anyone else the way she wanted the little Slayer.

Buffy didn’t move away from the embrace and began kissing Faith’s neck and chin. Faith closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of Buffy’s lips on her skin and her hands on her back.

“Umm, B? You should stop, or I’m gonna…”

“Maybe I want you to Faith. There’s nobody else in the house.” Buffy was breathing in Faith’s ear, sending her crazy.

“B. We can’t do that yet, remember…Riley.” She really didn’t know why she was reminding Buffy that they couldn’t sleep together yet, and that she had a boyfriend. It was totally out of character for her.

Buffy grumbled but pulled away, sighing as she did so. She looked like a spoilt child who’s favourite toy had been taken away, the pout was just too divine. Faith couldn’t resist the urge to pull the other girl’s lower lip into her mouth. It elicited a groan from the slim blonde. Which in turn caused Faith to moan into Buffy’s mouth as they began to kiss passionately again, forgetting about Riley, forgetting about everything.

Faith ran her hands up Buffy’s sides, grazing the outer curve of her breasts as she did so. Buffy grabbed onto the younger Slayer’s hands and brought them round to the front of her body, pressing them against her chest.

Faith almost melted when her palms felt the hardness of Buffy’s nipples. She hadn’t touched her breasts earlier and was thoroughly regretting that now, as there was just too much material between her and Buffy.

“You feel so good, B.”

She gently rubbed her thumbs over the blonde girl’s nipples as Buffy arched further into the touch, kissing Faith deeper. Buffy’s hands were lazily making their way to Faith’s breasts now, teasing their way up her taught stomach. It was like blissful torture. Just before they reached their destination however, some evil God or other decided to break their fun up, again.

“Jesus, Buffy…What the?…Get away from her Faith, you bitch.” Before Faith had time to register what was going on, she was flying backwards through the air.

As she hit the wall with a thud Faith saw Willow and Xander enter the front room. She slid down to the floor leaving a small trail of blood behind her. Then she promptly passed out.

Faith’s first thought was to get up, defend herself. Her second thought was *Fuck, ouch, that hurts.*

She lifted her hand to the back of her head, only to have it swatted away before she could check the damage.

“Don’t touch Faith, I’ve put a dressing on it.” It was Buffy’s voice, that much she could tell. Everything else was a little hazy.

She slowly opened her eyes to find the cute Slayer sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at her, concern in her eyes. It looked like she had been crying too. Faith raised her hand again, this time to caress Buffy’s cheek tenderly.

“You ok, B?”

“Am I ok? God Faith, you’ve been unconscious for almost an hour. I was just about to call the hospital.”

“No need for that, I’m five by five.” Faith tried sitting up but a wave of nausea washed over her and she thought better of it.

“Don’t move baby, you hit your head pretty hard.” Faith just looked up at Buffy grinning from ear to ear. “What?”

“B, you just called me baby.” Buffy blushed a little, then leant down to kiss Faith lightly on the lips.

They were both smiling sickeningly at each other now, caught up in each other’s eyes, in the knowledge that no matter what happened next, they would be together. Willow cautiously entering the bedroom broke the spell they were both in. Faith’s first reaction was to back up on the bed. It was clear to her that this witch had become pretty fucking powerful.

“It’s ok Faith, she’s not going to hurt you again.” Buffy held her hand out to Faith, who just looked at her unsure of what to do. As if sensing this, Buffy took hold of the younger girl’s hand and helped her back into a more comfortable position.

Willow made her way closer to the bed, she looked stuck between feeling sorry for hurting Faith and actually wanting to do it again, repeatedly. Faith really couldn’t blame her for that, she’d treated the redhead pretty badly.

“I’m…sorry, Faith…for hurting you, I just got the wrong idea when I came in…anyways, sorry.” That must have been really hard for the witch. It was obvious what she still thought about the dark Slayer, and those weren’t nice, flowery thoughts.

“Hey, it’s ok. I would have thought the same. No big.” Faith gave Willow one of her most sincere smiles. She really wanted to patch things up with the Scoobs for what she’d done.

Buffy squeezed Faith’s hand, letting her know she was there for her, and that she was going to help her through the whole Scooby ordeal when it came.


Faith didn’t know what Buffy had said to Willow and Xander while she was out of it. The fact that Buffy was holding her hand though gave her a clue, that at least they knew the chosen two were well on their way to fixing things between themselves.

Xander entered the room, sticking his head round the door first. Buffy told him he could come in and he stood by the doorway gazing at his feet. There was a minute or two of awkward silence, before Faith’s thick head told her that maybe this was a good opportunity to start the apology ball rolling.

She sat up on the bed a little more keeping her grip on Buffy’s hand, she needed that right now, and wasn’t going to let it go. Faith winced in pain from the bump on her head, then cleared her throat attracting everyone’s attention.

“I don’t really know where to start with this. I fucked up so badly, well you know, you were both there. Anyway, I’m sorry, for everything. I know it doesn’t make it better, doesn’t change what I did…Especially for the people I killed.” Faith looked down at her hands, tears in her eyes. She fought them back, not wanting to show how weak she could be. Old habits die hard after all. “I’m gonna live with the guilt of what I did for the rest of my life, and believe me, it hurts…I want to make it up to you guys, to Buffy.” The older Slayer squeezed Faith’s hand a little tighter. “If you give me a chance, I promise I won’t fuck up this time.” Faith was pretty proud of her little speech, and she meant every word of it.

Buffy just smiled at her, she knew she already had the blonde girl’s forgiveness. Willow was the first to speak. She moved closer to the bed, behind Buffy.

“It’s not going to come easy Faith, forgiveness, trust. But if you’re willing to try, I mean really try, then I will too.” Faith couldn’t stop the tear that escaped, losing the battle to keep her emotions under lock and key.

“Thank you, Will.” Faith’s voice almost cracked under the strain. She knew how important it was to regain Willow’s trust. She was Buffy’s best friend, it would be almost impossible to get anywhere with the other Slayer without Willow’s support.

“Umm, I’ll try too, ya know, the whole forgiveness thing. I mean, if Buffy can do it after everything you did to her then, I can…try.” Xander didn’t look Faith in the eyes when he said that, but she knew he meant it. They would all follow Buffy into anything. Faith just hoped they weren’t hollow words.

She guessed their willingness to forgive would be tested, when they found out about the full extent of her relationship with Buffy. That is, if they were heading that way. Faith looked up at Buffy, the pain of her recent head injury showing in her chocolate brown eyes. She was feeling a little woozy again, her eyes closing against the nausea. *Fuck, this is so not good.*

“Hey guys, why don’t you go downstairs? I’ll be down in a bit.” Willow and Xander nodded and left.

“Thanks B. I didn’t really want to puke on them.”

“You feel sick?” Buffy gently held a damp cloth up to Faith’s brow, easing the throbbing a tad.

“I’ll be ok. Just don’t jump up and down, not that I mind you doing that in general, I mean, the whole jiggling thing is kinda nice, but…I’m gonna puke.” Buffy leapt out of the way as Faith quickly staggered to the toilette.

She made it just in time, with Buffy following just behind. The blonde girl rubbed on Faith’s back, trying to ease the whole yuckiness of it. She helped the younger Slayer clean herself up afterwards and assisted her back to bed.

“You should be in hospital Faith.” The brunette looked up at Buffy with her best puppy dog look.

“Please don’t take me there, B. I had eight months of that place. Honestly, I’ll be fine, I’ve come through worse.” Buffy stroked the rouge Slayer’s brow and kissed her on the nose.

“Alright, but if you get worse, I’m taking you. Ok baby?” Faith’s eyes lit up at being called that again, she had been thinking maybe it was a slip up before.

“I like that.”

“What?” Buffy looked slightly confused.

“You calling me baby. It makes me feel good.” Faith really was having a hard time hiding her feelings from the older girl this time around. She was glad though.

“You make me feel good Faith. I’m just sorry I didn’t realise that before.”

Faith took Buffy’s hand in hers and kissed the blonde girl’s knuckles, before pulling her down onto the bed. She wrapped her arms around the smaller Slayer, holding her close, breathing her in and just delighting in the soft embrace.

Buffy buried her head into the younger girl’s neck, kissing her gently there. Faith closed her eyes at how tender Buffy’s lips were on her throat. The teasing caresses were causing her breath to come quicker. Faith whispered softly into Buffy’s ear.

“God, do you know how much I want to touch you, B? I want to show you how much you mean to me. How much I need you. I want you so much.”

Buffy was finding it hard to catch her own breath now, Faith’s husky voice, whispering in her ear, arousing her. She lifted herself up slightly, resting on her elbow, and looked deep into Faith’s eyes. She smiled at the younger girl, and brushed a stray strand of dark hair from the rouge Slayer’s forehead.

“I want you too Faith. You…I…I never wanted anyone as much as I want you.” Buffy closed the slight distance between them, and caught Faith’s lips with hers.

Faith rested her head back, ignoring the pain as she melted into the blonde girl’s kiss. But as much as Faith wanted to continue kissing Buffy, and more, she couldn’t keep from feeling sleepy. Her lips curved up into a contented smile as she realised just how safe, and how happy she felt right now, drifting off to sleep in Buffy’s arms and tasting the older girl on her lips. Her smile caused Buffy to pull away, and look down on her injured counterpart.

“You’re tired, you should sleep. I’ll go down stairs, talk to the others some more. If you need me call, ok?” Buffy covered Faith up as her eyes closed, and her breathing evened out. The exhausted Slayer was almost asleep, but she caught the end of what Buffy said to her in a soft whisper. “You are so beautiful Faith…I love you.” Faith thought it best not to react to hearing the three words that she had always wanted to hear from Buffy.

Faith didn’t want to back the other girl into any corners, as she had obviously said it thinking she was already asleep. So the battered brunette lay as still as she could, holding back the smile that wanted to brighten up the room, and keeping her heart from actually bursting with joy. *I love you too, B.*


Faith had been asleep for the rest of the afternoon, waking up finally around dinnertime. The smell of food cooking, rousing her from her dreams. The rouge Slayer rubbed her eyes, then tentatively tested how sore her head was. It wasn’t too bad. Nothing more than a little lump now. At least she wasn’t feeling sick anymore.

The radiant brunette sat up, stretching out her muscles before swinging her legs out of bed. She looked around Buffy’s room, smiling at just how girlie it was. She would have expected no less from her fellow Slayer. She was cuteness wrapped in ribbons to Faith.

The door opened softly just as Faith stood to find her clothes. Buffy had removed them after her run in with Willow, they were a little worse for wear, and blood.

“Hey, what are you doing up?” Buffy made her way over to the brunette.

“Can’t stay in bed all day, princess. Not when I can smell cooking.” The dark Slayer wiggled her eyebrows. They both knew just how much Faith could eat.

“I took your clothes down for the wash, you’ll have to wear something of mine.”

“Well, I guess that’s one way of getting in your pants.” Buffy shook her head but couldn’t help smiling.

“I can tell you feel better, Faith. Here.” She handed the brunette a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt.


As Faith busied herself getting changed, she couldn’t help but notice that Buffy was surreptitiously watching her. It was so sweet, the way she pretended to be straightening the bed and stuff. Faith just grinned to herself, more than happy in the knowledge that Buffy really did like her. *We would so make a hot couple.*

“Come here.” Faith cocked her head at the older girl as she finished off dressing.

Buffy padded over to her, catching Faith’s hand in her own. They kissed briefly before Buffy pulled away and motioned with her head towards the door.

“We should go downstairs and get you something to eat. You’ve lost weight Faith.” Buffy ran her eyes over Faith’s now thinner body.

“You still want me though.”

“Without a doubt…now at least.” Buffy gave the younger girl a sweet smile then tugged on her hand, pulling her with her towards the door.

“Wait. Is your mom down there?” Faith wasn’t exactly looking forward to facing Buffy’s mother. In fact, as tough as she was, she was dreading it.

“It’ll be ok Faith. Well, it might be a little awkward, but don’t worry. We’ll just eat and come back up here. Oh, Giles said not to worry about patrolling tonight, so I don’t have to go anywhere.” At least that made Faith brighten up. The prospect of having the cute Slayer with her all night, even if they couldn’t do anything, was enough to settle her nerves a little.

After a nice, filling meal and a couple of hours or so being polite and respectable around Buffy’s mom, Faith really felt the need to disappear back upstairs with the little blonde. Not that she wanted to get all up close and personal with Buffy, but she was still getting used to the fact she was going to be part of her life. It just felt strange.

As if reading her mind Buffy stretched and yawned, indicating that she was tired. She excused herself and Faith, and they made their way up to bed. Just before they reached the bottom of the stairs however, Joyce cleared her throat.

“Umm! Buffy? Remember what we talked about earlier.” Buffy blushed a little but nodded.

When they had arrived in the chosen one's bedroom, Faith thought she should clarify just what Buffy’s mother had meant.

“She didn’t mean what I think she did, did she?” *Ok, so not big on putting sensible questions together.*

“If you mean…we have to be good girls while you’re here, yes.” Buffy busied herself brushing her hair, not looking the younger girl in the eyes.

Faith was in no doubt they were both going to find it hard to keep their hands off one another. There had always been a great deal of sexual tension between them, and now that they had accepted their feelings, it was going to be very hard not to act on them.

All in all the night had gone ok. Faith had been as pleasant and grateful as she could with Joyce. And the cute Slayer’s mom did seem to actually accept her back as one of Buffy’s friends. Nothing had been said about any other type of relationship she might be heading for with her daughter, but things had seemed to go in her favour. She so didn’t want to screw it up now. Any of it.

The dark eyed girl removed her borrowed clothing and slipped into the sleeping attire she had worn the previous night. Still just as tight. As she made her way to the bathroom she realised Buffy was looking at her via the mirror, with nothing but hunger in those green pools. She must have been watching the sultry Slayer change.

Faith stood behind the other girl, placing her hands lightly on strong shoulders, and locking her eyes with the reflected ones of the blonde Slayer. They both were clearly suffering the effects of their need to be with on another, it was plain to see in the size of their pupils.

And it seemed that they were both lost for words. Neither of them could find any relic of their usual witty banter or defensive commentary. What they felt for each other now was too strong to be glossed over or plain ignored. *I didn’t know it was possible to just keep falling for someone.*

The younger girl purposefully squeezed Buffy’s tense muscles. Pushing her thumbs into willing shoulder blades. The blonde Slayer lowered her head a little, encouraging Faith in her ministrations. She couldn’t resist sweeping Buffy’s hair away from her alluring neck, and bending down to kiss her there. Faith did this a few times until Buffy must have found some way to fight the exquisite tenderness of the moment.

“Faith, stop. I…I need to get ready for bed.” With that the older girl stood, forcing herself not to look at Faith as she grabbed her things and made for the bathroom.

The dark Slayer willed her heart to stop thumping its way out of her chest. She wanted Buffy so much, even the slightest touch it seemed was enough to get her fire burning. Raging, out of control, and eager to take Buffy with it. She had to calm herself. Wait for things to settle down, for Buffy to break up with Riley, for…shit, she really didn’t want to wait.

The two Slayers got themselves ready for bed, neither of them really talking. There was the familiar tension between them. But this time, instead of it pushing them apart, it was bringing them together.

They settled into bed, facing each other and trying desperately not to touch, anywhere. The light from the moon was just enough for them to see each other. So they just lay there, drowning in each other’s eyes. Faith subconsciously ran her tongue across her luscious lower lip and before she had time to stop her, Buffy was on top of the startled brunette, kissing her greedily. *I could get used to this really quickly.*

Faith pulled the smaller girl into her, feasting on lips she had always longed for. She wrapped her arms around Buffy, as the chosen one did the same. The heat being generated between them from just their kissing was incredible. Neither girl dared to move their hips, not whilst Buffy was resting in between Faith’s slender thighs. Because they knew, once they started down that road, they wouldn’t be able to stop.

Faith pushed Buffy softly, away from her mouth. Doing everything in her power to get control of the situation, of her own raging desire.

“Buffy…we need to stop.” She was well aware of how stupid that sounded to herself. It was the last thing she really wanted to do.

“I know, Faith. But I want you so bad. I don’t think I can wait, I don’t want to wait anymore.” Her eyes were almost pleading with Faith, but she knew it would be a mistake to go any further so soon.

“I don’t want to wait either, but we have to. Your mom could come up any minute…and anyway, I don’t think I could be quiet enough for her not to hear us, even from down stairs.” Buffy couldn’t help but grin at that. Lascivious thoughts so obviously doing the Congo in her head.

“So, you’re going to be loud for me?” Faith instantly regretted saying it now. But she knew it to be true, and she was on a whole new truth trip it seemed.

“Yeah.” Neither girl shifted their positions, as they slowed their breathing to somewhere close to normal.

Then Buffy’s whole demeanour changed. She looked almost depressed as she finally moved to the side of the younger Slayer, but keeping in contact with her. *Shit, what the hell happened?*

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Faith lifted her arm and pulled the cute blonde closer to her, allowing Buffy to rest her head on her shoulder as she caught the downcast look in her eyes.

“What if I…can’t, you know?…I mean, I’ve never been with a girl, and I’m not exactly what you could call experienced.” Faith realised what it was Buffy was getting at.

“Are you worried that you won’t be able to get me off, B?” No reply. She had guessed right.

Faith turned to face Buffy and wrapped a leg around the older girl, being as intimate with her as she could, without taking things too far.

“Buffy, believe me, you’re gonna have no problem with that. You get me so turned on.” She ran her hand down Buffy’s cheek, then down her slender neck. Stopping, before she got too far and made it harder for herself to resist the cute blonde. “Anyway, we’re gonna be putting plenty of practice in as soon as we can…I mean, if that’s what you want?” Faith had to be sure.

“God, Faith. Of course that’s what I want. I haven’t been able to think of anything else all day. It’s like someone’s opened the floodgates now we’ve made up and all, and I just want to be with you so much it hurts…” Faith couldn’t stifle her laugh, Buffy in babble mood was just too cute. And she’d certainly answered her question. “Hey.” Buffy slapped Faith’s arm, annoyed at being laughed at presumably.

Faith leant forward and kissed the pouting girl. She kept it as tender as she could, anything more would have just got them both worked up again. Before the heat between her thighs made its presence felt, the younger Slayer pulled back and settled down to sleep, ensuring Buffy was comfortably nestled into her. Which it seemed she was, as they both relaxed in each other’s embrace.

“Night, baby.” Faith smiled in her drifting state.

“Night, beautiful.” A soft warm hand made its way under Faith’s top, settling on the small of her back. She kissed Buffy on the forehead and then they both gave in to the pull of the sandman.


Faith once again woke up with her fellow Slayer draped over most of her body. But instead of being utterly confused this time, she was overjoyed. She squeezed her arm tighter around Buffy. But as she relayed recent events, she couldn’t help wonder if all this was just too good, too easy.

She had never had what you could call an easy life. Things had always been a struggle, a battle to survive. From an early age her resolve had been tested. She had walked both paths, good and bad. Right now however, she knew the only path she wanted to walk was the one by Buffy’s side.

The little blonde stirred in her sleep, pushing her hand further up, under Faith’s top. She hadn’t removed her hand all night it seemed. And now it was dangerously close to being in contact with one of Faith’s ample breasts. *Oh boy.*

The dark Slayer couldn’t help herself as she brought her own hand down and pushed Buffy’s up the short distance it so obviously wanted to go.

Maybe it was because she was still half asleep. Maybe it was because she wasn’t sure if all this was truly happening to her. Or maybe it was just because Buffy had the ability to get her so hot, and she had to do something about it. Whatever it was, Faith placed the other girl’s hand on her breast, instantly feeling the hot flood between her legs.

She arched up slightly into the touch. Her breath becoming ragged with her need. Looking down at the sleeping blonde, Faith manipulated the hand beneath hers, squeezing herself ever so gently with it.

She knew she had to stop. Faith had no idea what Buffy would do if she realised what was going on. Even though she was sure of the older girl’s attraction, and desire for her, this was probably not a great idea. But Buffy’s warm palm, teasing her hard and yearning nipple, was too tempting to pull away from.

She licked her full lips at the thought of what they would be doing to each other, as soon as they got the chance. She knew it was going to be incredible, even given both their lack of experience with their own sex. Although Faith had done some fumbling and kissing with girls, she’d never really gone all the way. But the two Slayers were practically melting the paint from the walls when they just kissed, so what was sure to follow would be explosive.

As Faith imagined how unbelievably sexy it would be to feel the smaller girl’s skin all over hers, she could feel her determination to stop what she was doing disappear. Her mind raced with possible tastes and smells. She was so turned on. After all, she was naturally a sexual person, and yesterday’s events had taken its toll on her. She had to relieve some tension.

Checking that the blonde Slayer was still deep in the land of nod, Faith deftly slid her hand down her toned stomach, and under the waistband of her shorts. To her delight Buffy’s hand remained on her breast of its own accord. She bit her lip as her fingers came in contact with her slick need. She was glad at this point that she knew she could do this with little noise or motion. She was so horny for the little Slayer that she was sure it wasn’t going to take much.

Her hips rolled forward slightly as she dipped into the waiting wetness, spreading it over the rest of the sensitive area. *Fuck* Faith was fighting to keep her breathing under control as she aimed straight for her clit. *Hell, yeah.* Sliding over it with practised skill. She kept her eyes locked on her sleeping beauty, spreading her legs a little more as she felt herself closing in on her goal.

She was totally lost in the moment now, thoughts of Buffy crashing through her mind as she began to shake with her impending release. She halted all her actions however, as she realised Buffy’s hand was moving on her breast. In fact the smaller girl was definitely feeling her up. Circling her palm over the hard nipple beneath it.

“Don’t stop, Faith.” The dark Slayer almost jumped out of her skin. *Fuck, fuck, fuck. How long has she been awake?*

Without making eye contact, Buffy removed her hand from Faith’s aching nipple and held the younger girl's arm in place, in her shorts.

“Don’t stop, please.” Faith swallowed down any embarrassment or apprehension, and resumed what she had been doing.

Buffy began to nibble on Faith’s neck, her fingers playing with the rouge Slayer’s sensitive nipple. It took all of Faith’s will power not to ask the other girl to fuck her. She needed her so badly. But that wasn’t supposed to be happening yet. She knew that, and she knew Buffy did too. Which was probably why the other girl was allowing her to do this in front of her.

She pushed all thought, other than Buffy’s hot body, out of her mind, and allowed herself to let go of her frustration. She arched into the feel of Buffy’s fingers and lips. It was certainly better than nothing. Faith felt herself reaching the brink once more.

“Fuck, B.” She tried to keep as quite as she could, and was doing surprisingly well, considering how close the object of her desire was. And not only that, she could smell Buffy’s own need tainting the air. It was delicious.

The dark Slayer’s fingers stroked her wet pussy up and down, quickening her pace, rubbing harder with each caress, as she felt herself tumble towards release. Faith wanted nothing more than it to be Buffy doing this to her, but given the circumstances, she was still going to come pretty hard.

She gripped the smaller Slayer with her other arm as she shook, climaxing under her own touch. Faith felt Buffy place her own hand over the one currently located over her sensitive clit. She let out a muffled moan, biting her lip, as she rode out her orgasm with both of their hands entwined on her.

The dark girl slowly regained her sense.

“B, you really should move your hand.” She was fighting not to become even more aroused. If they stayed like this, Faith knew she would be either giving a repeat performance, or throwing caution and all sense to the wind and just taking the blonde now.

“Sorry, I just…Faith, I really want to fuck you.” That was it, Faith leapt out of bed, distancing herself from her tormentor. She couldn’t risk it.

“Jesus, Buffy. You shouldn’t have let me do that. I shouldn’t have…Fuck.” The younger girl began to pace up and down the small room, running a shaky hand through her hair.

Instead of relieving her frustration, she had only made it worse. She wanted Buffy more than ever now. Recalling the other girl’s hand on her breast, the obvious increase in her breathing, and her smell, as she watched Faith get herself off. She stopped in her tracks. Buffy had encouraged her to continue. The taller girl turned, and smirked at the dazed blonde.

“Did that turn you on, princess?” Even in her heightened state of arousal, she couldn’t resist teasing the normally coy girl.

“No…I mean…I…” She couldn’t hide the blush on her cheeks, or the hunger in her eyes. It had turned her on. The sexy Slayer just smiled and shook her head slightly. It was certainly a useful piece of information she had just discovered.

Faith made her way back over to the bed, sliding back under the covers. She was determined not to get too ‘touchy’ with the other Slayer, but she didn’t really want to get up just yet. It was Saturday after all.

They immediately climbed into each other’s arms, like they were just meant to be that way. No questions asked. Faith blocked all dirty thoughts from taking over her mind, but not without difficulty. *God, I can’t believe I did that with her right there.*

“I’m sorry, B. I really shouldn’t have done that. I just couldn’t help myself.” She wasn’t so much embarrassed than angry at herself for risking freaking the coy girl out.

“It’s ok, I understand. That’s why I didn’t want you to stop. You obviously needed to…And, you were right…you looked so hot doing it.” Buffy lowered her gaze a little way, not used to being so open about anything sexual, especially with Faith.

The dark Slayer lifted Buffy’s head back up with her finger, so she could look into the eyes she loved so much.

“Yeah?” She stole a quick kiss.

“Yeah.” They began to kiss, savouring each other in a sensual embrace.

Faith didn’t attempt to take things any further, she had a feeling Buffy’s mom would be up and about soon. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy just making out with the captivating blonde, until it was time for them to get up too at least.


The sound of Buffy’s mother making her way around the house was the Slayers cue to stop what they were doing. It wasn’t only out of respect, Faith was aware that Buffy would feel awkward being intimate with her when Joyce could hear. It would be more than embarrassing to say the least.

So the chosen two reluctantly pulled away from each other, missing the contact straight away. They really did need each other now. It wasn’t just a sexual thing either. Faith knew what that felt like, and this was so much more intense.

They showered and dressed before eventually making their way down to breakfast. Faith had found a pair of Buffy’s jeans that fit, and a shirt that would pass for being her kind of thing. It was tight on her at least.

She knew she dressed a little slutty, but it made her feel good. It certainly got people's attention. Which she wasn’t averse to. Faith had rooted around in Buffy’s makeup bag until she had found a shade of lipstick dark enough for her, she had also taken the time to darken her eyes with eyeliner. She was beginning to look like the old Faith. Sexy, sultry, and just damn desirable. Thankfully it had got Buffy’s attention as soon as she laid eyes on her.

“Faith, I wish you wouldn’t dress like that.” The brunette looked down at herself with a puzzled look.

“Why?” She knew the answer she wanted to hear, but with Joyce not too far away in the kitchen, she didn’t think she would.

“Because I’m finding it hard enough to keep my hands off you as it is.” Faith was grinning that sexy little grin she did. She raised her eyebrow, knowing how much Buffy liked it when she did it.

“Do you like what you see? Do you want what you see?” She was teasing the older girl, just like old times it seemed. Only this time she knew Buffy really did want her.

“God, Faith…be quite.” Buffy gestured towards the kitchen. Faith knew she was being a bad girl, but that’s just the way she was. And right now, she was feeling good, so she couldn’t help herself. The dazzling smile she was giving Buffy was testament to that.

Buffy moved towards her, a look of pure love in her eyes that took Faith a little by surprise. The blonde girl must have forgotten where they were for an instant, as she tenderly stroked the dark girl’s cheek, running a finger down one of Faith’s delectable dimples. The love between them was palpable. It was there, in their eyes. Then in the kiss that Buffy placed on Faith’s glossed lips.

They stood in the middle of the dinning room, kissing. Buffy was unmistakably just enjoying how soft Faith’s lips were. So much so that she hadn’t realised Joyce had entered the room. Faith was the first to spot her as she stood, kinda looking in shock. The taller girl quickly ripped her mouth away from Buffy.

“Faith, what….” Faith grabbed the blonde’s shoulders and span her round just as Joyce exited back into the kitchen.

“Shit, not again.” Buffy slapped a hand to her forehead.

Neither girl moved, totally lost for what to do now. They didn’t have to do anything in the end, when Joyce returned into the dinning room, as if nothing had happened.

“I need to go to the Gallery for a couple of hours girls. There’s things out for your breakfast.” She walked passed the two silent girls gesturing in the direction of the kitchen.

Faith realised she still had her hands on Buffy’s shoulders. And the smaller Slayer had not yet removed her palm from her forehead. She broke the spell they were both under as soon as she lightly shoved Buffy away from her. *She’s too fucking close for me to be able to keep off her.*

“Is there anything either of you want from the store? I’ll call in on the way home.” Joyce continued, putting on her jacket and picking up her car keys.

“Umm! No…I don’t think there’s anything we need…Faith?” The cute blonde glanced in the brunette’s direction, but didn’t allow her gaze to linger.

“No…I’m fine…Thanks anyway Mrs S.”

“Ok. Well, I’ll see you both later.” With that, Joyce made her way out.

The two girls didn’t move. They weren’t sure how to it seemed. Faith was aware that Buffy’s mom was a little uncomfortable with the nature of her relationship with the older girl. But judging by the total lack of admonishment they had just received for getting all loved up in the dinning room, she had hope for things to be less fraught with tension as she might have first guessed.

“Well, that wasn’t so bad.” Faith swept a hand through her dark tresses. Letting out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding.

“Yeah…not so bad.” They both cracked up laughing. They were well aware of the fact that they must have looked like two dorks, just stood there with their mouths open, waiting for Joyce to say something, or do something.

Faith slid an arm around her fellow Slayer, dusting a small kiss on her head.

“So…how about some breakfast, girlfriend?” Her stomach was no longer prepared to wait around.

They filled themselves on cereal and juice, chatting about nothing and everything. Just enjoying being around each other. They tried not to get too close, or say anything that could be twisted into something sexual. Which was more difficult than one might imagine, especially around Faith.

Buffy had the day all planned out it seemed. She wanted Faith to go with her to the magic shop. Talk to Giles. Apologise. The dark Slayer was ok with that, she knew it had to be done sooner rather than later. She wanted to get back into training, into Slaying. Getting on Giles’ right side would be a good starting point.

So, apologies were made and accepted, with certain requirements of course. She had to promise to train everyday, and re read the Slayer handbook. She thought it best not to tell him she had never even looked at the thing before. But then it wasn’t as if Buffy had ever finished reading it.

Faith thought it was probably just a good idea to nod and agree to any terms and conditions laid down for her. She wanted to fit in a little more this time. Be there when she was needed, and participate in all that went along with the Slayer gig. She was hopeful that this time Buffy, and the Scoobs, would include her a lot more.

Over the course of the following week, Faith got back in to the routine of training. If Buffy was at college, she’d go to the magic shop on her own and train. Otherwise she would spar with her fellow Slayer. Although when they did spar, it would generally get a little too hot for them to handle. The heat, sweat, and colliding body parts did nothing to quell the sexual tension between them.

The nights together were becoming almost unbearable. They would kiss, extensively, but before things raged out of control they would pull back. It was getting more and more difficult everytime. Nothing more beyond simple making out had gone on between them since the morning Faith had taken matters into her own hands.

The blonde Slayer had not yet told Riley, even though now she spent absolutely no time with him. Faith was sure the guy must be stupid not to think something was going on. Willow had guessed that there was something deeper between the chosen two. It was pretty hard to hide all the longing looks and wandering hands. Thankfully it seemed Xander was not yet aware of anything that might have caused his hormones to freefall.

But despite the obvious pressure building up between them, Buffy and Faith were getting along just fine. They had small banter matches when they sparred. And When Buffy had forced the younger girl to the mall with her to replenish her wardrobe, the brunette had grumbled. Although Faith was grateful that she now had another pair of hot looking leather pants, and a couple of tight as you like tee shirts.

They were really getting to know each other this time. Making the effort to understand where they were both coming from. Like it should have been the first time around. The only thing, apart from the lack of sex, that was getting on Faith’s nerves, and royally pissing her off, was Riley. She wanted him gone, and she wanted Buffy all to herself as soon as possible.


“Faith, I don’t want you going slaying yet. You’re not ready.” Buffy was doing her best impression of an uptight schoolmarm. It wasn’t impressing the younger girl at all.

“I’m itching to slay, B. You know how that is. I’ll be ok if you’re with me.” Faith felt so much stronger now, she had been training almost solidly for nearly two weeks, she thought she was more than ready to go and dust herself some of the fang gang.

All the pent up energy and sexual tension inside her was screaming to get out. She had to find release somehow, and it didn’t look like her and Buffy would be getting together any time soon. The other Slayer hadn’t even broken things off with her boyfriend yet. Faith had to let off steam, before it boiled her alive.

They were downstairs in the living room. Buffy had just put her jacket on to make her way out to patrol, and Faith had decided it was high time she went with. But the older girl wasn’t having any of it. She flat out refused to let Faith tag along with her. Much to Faith’s annoyance. *I’m not some dumb kid.*

“Look, B. You can stop backseat mothering, I know you care, but I’ll be ok.” It was as if she were talking to thin air.

“No.” Now Faith was more than annoyed. As much as she loved Buffy, she didn’t feel the need to be ordered around by her.

“You know what? Fuck this. I don’t have to stand here and be bossed around by you, B. I’m bursting here, I need to slay, I need to let it out…I need to fuck you. But hell, you ain’t even spoken to farm boy yet so I guess that’s out…What is it with you and him anyway? Are you still screwing him?” The slap came out of nowhere. If she were to stop and think about it, Faith would have expected it, but right then she hadn’t.

Holding her stinging cheek, Faith held back the natural urge to retaliate. Instead, she just threw up some familiar defences and turned to leave.

“Gee, I guess some things never change, girlfriend.” She strode past the shocked blonde and out the front door. She didn’t stop to grab her jacket, or listen to whatever Buffy would say.

“Wait, Faith…I’m…” The sentence was lost in the evening air, as the dark Slayer ran as fast as she could away from the little blonde.

Faith wasn’t aware of how fast she had been going, or for how long. She just knew she couldn’t stop. And the harder she ran, the more her thoughts crashed around in her head.

She knew she shouldn’t have snapped at Buffy. And she knew the other girl was only worried about her wellbeing. But it still hurt to be thought of as useless. She had been to that particular dark place before, and had no desire to return.

Even though she was sorry for losing her temper, she wasn’t sorry for letting Buffy know just how she felt about the Riley situation. He was pretty much the only thing standing between her and the other girl.

Faith gradually began to slow down, not so much because she wanted to, but because she was tiring quickly. The rogue Slayer realised that maybe she wasn’t yet as strong as she thought she was. Her lungs were burning, starving for oxygen. And her legs now felt like lead. She stopped, slumping against a nearby fence.

*Jesus, where the fuck have my lungs gone?*

Crouching over to regain her composure, Faith took in her surroundings. She was outside one of Sunnydale’s biggest cemeteries. She had made it almost right across town. It was no wonder she was feeling worn out now.

The dark haired Slayer looked around her, then proceeded to climb the fence into the cemetery. She couldn’t think of a better place to be right now. Faith was well aware that she might just have messed things up with the other Slayer once again.

It was a clear night, but with no moon to speak of, the hostile darkness wrapped itself around the sultry Slayer. She dug her hands deep into the pockets of her leather pants. Kicking the odd stone around, Faith strolled around the graves unsure of how to fix this latest breakdown in her relationship with Buffy.

She really had thought things could be different this time. They had been getting on so well, but just like last time there was something in the way. It had been Angel before. Now it was Riley. The dark girl was so sick of feeling like she could never be good enough for the chosen one. Even though she had heard Buffy say that she loved her, even though they had shared some surprisingly intimate moments, her doubts were all she could think of. With her mind so occupied, Faith hadn’t noticed the two hungry vampires currently preparing to rush her.

“Shit…where the hell?…” The leading vamp leapt onto Faith’s back, causing her to stumble to her knees. She did her best to throw him off. He hit a nearby gravestone with a resounding thud.

Before she had chance to take advantage, the smaller vampire landed a series of hard blows to the girl's ribs and head. Faith just wasn’t reacting the way she knew she should. She shook her mind clear and switched to automatic. *You ain’t gonna get me, sucker.*

The rogue Slayer was only really able to defend herself. She just couldn’t get the upper hand, and the fact that her stake was in her jacket at Buffy’s house didn’t help matters. Faith struck the shorter vamp hard enough to daze him, but the other one wasn’t quite as easy to impress upon, and he was winning this particular battle.

As Faith thought back to Buffy telling her how she wasn’t yet strong enough to slay, the big ugly vamp knocked her down and leapt on top of her prone body. She was too weak to push him off, too weak to fight. He smiled a sickly grin as he lowered his fangs to her waiting throat. He never had the chance to discover just how good she tasted, as he burst into a cloud of dust.

“Faith.” Buffy looked the younger girl over before turning her attention to the now retreating vampire. She dusted him also, before returning to Faith’s side.

The brunette lay in the dirt, propped up on her elbows as she watched her fellow Slayer. She was grateful, she was scared, and she was in awe of the girl now leaning over her.

“Are you ok?…Faith, I’m so sorry…I shouldn’t have let you run off…I shouldn’t have hit you…I…” Buffy was clearly upset, she had been crying, and tears were beginning to fall now.

“Hey, B. It’s ok.” The downed Slayer grabbed onto Buffy’s jacket, pulling her close. She gave the smaller girl an impassioned kiss.

She was so glad the other Slayer was there. Thankful that not only had Buffy just saved her life, yet again, but that the blonde girl had sought her out at all, after what she had said to her.

When the two Slayers eventually broke apart for oxygen, Buffy pulled the younger girl into a fierce hug. Which was gratefully accepted and returned, until Faith realised that sitting in the dirt wasn’t doing much good for her image.

“Help me up, Twinkie. I’m kinda being crawled on by things here.” Buffy stood and offered her hand to Faith, and with a slight wince at the new pain in her ribs, Faith stood to face the blonde girl.

“How badly are you hurt, baby?” The older Slayer wiped some of the blood away from Faith’s forehead, revealing a small cut. Then she ran her hands down her torso, apologising when she hit a sore spot.

“I think he might have broken a few ribs. But I’m ok…or at least I will be if you keep those hands moving.” Faith couldn’t help it. She had just been in a fight. And worse still, she hadn’t got the kill. It always left her even more horny than when she had actually done a little dusting.

“Hey, you’re injured, behave.” The tone of Buffy’s voice, coupled with the fact she had made no move to remove her hands from Faith's abdomen, spoke volumes to the other girl.

Buffy had just dusted two vamps, and no matter how hard she might try to deny it, Faith knew the cute blonde got worked up after slaying. She lent closer to the shorter girl, piercing her eyes with her own. Buffy was caught in those dark and dangerous pools now, with no escape.


Faith brought her full red lips down to tease Buffy’s neck. Nibbling lightly up to her delicate ear.

“I want you so much, B. You drive me crazy.” The huskiness of her voice made Buffy shiver. Pulling the younger Slayer even closer to her, she captured her lips.

Buffy delighted in the passionate dance their tongues were involved in. Her little groans certainly weren’t lost on Faith as she sucked gently on the blonde girl’s lower lip, biting a little in her desire.

Neither girl seemed able, or willing to hold back now. There need for one another spilling out as they pushed illicitly against each other, trying to find a way to fulfil their lusts. Faith pushed Buffy up against a nearby wall, not allowing their lips to part as she slipped her hands under the other girl’s flimsy top. They were both breathing heavily, the chill in the night air doing nothing to cool them as the heat between the two girls intensified.

Buffy moaned as the dark Slayer’s fingers began to tease her already hard nipples. Encouraged by her own need, the older girl rubbed her palms over Faith’s supple breasts, on top of the tee shirt she no doubt wanted to rip off the brunette. Faith arched into the touch and slid a strong thigh between Buffy's. Without hesitation, both girls began to rhythmically push into each other. Practically humping each amongst the headstones.

“God, Faith.”

Faith was getting so wet for her fellow Slayer, as their powerful bodies danced in the sexual embrace. Buffy threw her head back a little way as the brunette put more weight behind the thigh the smaller girl was busy rubbing her hot pussy against.

Faith began to trail kisses up and down Buffy’s slender neck, occasionally biting and sucking on the smaller Slayer as she enjoyed the soft groans emanating from her. She wanted more, she needed more. To touch, to taste. She had never wanted anyone this much before.

Faith steadily slid her right hand down the other girl’s toned stomach, she wanted to feel just how wet she knew the blonde Slayer would be. Faith wanted to possess the chosen one with her fingers. Inside and out.

The fact that they were out in the open, exposed to any prying eyes, just didn’t bother her. She wanted to know what it would feel like to fuck the chosen one to a crashing orgasm. *I’ve gotta have her.* But as she began to undo Buffy’s jeans the cute Slayer stilled her actions with her own hand.

“Wait, Faith…” Faith quickly took a step back removing her hand from Buffy’s breast. She knew she had been allowing herself to get carried away in the moment, but it was just so hard to resist.

“Shit, I’m sorry, B. I didn’t mean to…” Buffy gently placed a finger over Faith’s seductive lips, effectively stopping the girl continuing.

“It’s ok baby, I don’t want you to stop. I just need to tell you something.” The two Slayers stood toe to toe, Faith’s right hand still resting on Buffy’s waistband. “After you ran out, I called Riley.” Faith wasn’t aware that she had done it, but her demeanour must have changed. She knew she felt about ready to hear the inevitable ‘I’m staying with him’ line, Buffy must have guessed. “Don’t worry, it isn’t what you think. I called Riley to break it off with him…I didn’t explain why, it’s probably best I do that face to face. But it’s over.” Faith hadn’t really caught much passed the fact that Buffy had finally broken up with the G.I. joke.

She couldn’t help but smile, even though she knew Buffy had really liked the guy at some point and would be just a little upset about the split. Her obvious joy at the news just couldn’t be hidden. Not only did it mean their relationship could hopefully move onto a more intimate and sexual level. But it meant they could actually embark on a relationship. Or at least that’s what Faith was hopeful of.

“So…we…” Faith didn’t quite know how to ask the other Slayer if they could be together.

“Yes Faith, it does mean we can be together…and I don’t just mean like this.” The older girl indicated their current closeness, and the obvious implications of it.

“Does that mean I get to be your girlfriend?…girlfriend.” They both chuckled away some of the tension before happy eyes locked on each other once again.

“If that’s what you want Faith. I know it’s what I want, but I’ll understand if…” Faith never allowed Buffy to finish her sentence.

Instead, the headstrong girl slammed Buffy back into the wall as she crushed her lips and body in to her.

“Fuck…” Buffy looked a little taken aback, but the fire in her eyes was even stronger now. She kissed Faith back with just as much need.

The taller Slayer replaced her hand on Buffy’s breast, as she drew her short fingernails of the other one down the blonde’s stomach. Buffy’s groans of appreciation encouraged Faith to slide the older girl’s top and bra up, just far enough for her to dip her head and take one of Buffy’s nipples in her mouth. Both girls moaned at the sweet contact.

The dark beauty tasted as much of Buffy’s breasts as she could. Delighting not only in the taste and feel of them in her mouth and on her tongue, but also in the reaction it was getting out of the smaller Slayer.

Faith sucked on one of the hard nipples as Buffy pushed more of herself towards the rouge Slayer. Then they continued to lewdly ride each other’s thighs. The blonde girl pushed her hands under Faith’s tee shirt, being unexpectedly, but delightfully rough with the girl.

“Fuck, B…You’re getting me so hot.” *I’m so into her. Like, crazy for her.*

She knew what she wanted to do, she was pretty sure it was what Buffy wanted too. But Faith had never really thought of Buffy as being the kind of girl who would have sex outdoors.

“Buffy, can I…touch you? I need to feel you.” Faith’s sexy voice caused a sigh to come from her fellow Slayer. They were both so worked up now.

“Please Faith, take me.” It was exactly what Faith had wanted to hear.

She ripped the buttons of Buffy’s jeans open, and abruptly pulled them down, along with the blonde’s tiny panties. She left Buffy with nothing on her lower half as she helped her out of the offending garments.

Faith took a little bit of time to just look at her soon to be lover. The other girl’s need was now visible between her legs, and Faith had to fight back the urge to throw her on the ground and thrust her tongue into the enticing juice. But she knew that could wait for a time when they were in more comfortable surroundings.

Instead Faith slowly stood before her breathless counterpart, trailing her fingernails along the outside of Buffy’s thighs as she went. The rouge Slayer looked deep into Buffy’s desire filled eyes as she cupped her wet pussy in her right hand.

“Are you sure?” There was no way Faith was going to risk messing up this time. She had to be totally sure, although she could feel just how much Buffy wanted her as the heat from her pussy practically dripped into her palm.


“Fuck me, Faith. I want to feel you inside me.” The dark Slayer kissed Buffy with as much feeling as she could, trying to convey just how deeply she cared for her.

Then gently, Faith slipped a finger into the delicious folds of the smaller girl’s sex. They both groaned at the contact. She covered her finger with Buffy’s wetness, and slowly began stroking it up and down, sliding tantalisingly over the blonde Slayer’s clit.

Buffy was whimpering softly with every stroke, biting on her lip, her eyes hooded in desire. Faith loved the way the other girl looked right now. It was so sexy. She wanted to possess the older girl, give her the best orgasm she could ever imagine having. The taller Slayer removed her hand from Buffy’s pussy.

“Faith?” The almost desperate plea in Buffy’s voice brought a wicked grin from the brunette.

But before Buffy could say anything more, Faith pulled the blonde’s legs up to wrap round her waist. She kissed Buffy deeply, sliding her hand down between them again, she entered the chosen one’s hot wet hole with a solitary finger.

“Oh! God…Faith…” The dark girl moved her finger in and out, slowly at first, teasingly. Not wanting to finish this too quickly.

Buffy’s juices were slicking the younger Slayer’s stomach as she pushed forward in time with Faith’s movements. She was so wet.

“Faith…oooh!…” Faith grinned wickedly as she entered Buffy with another finger and began to truly fuck the older girl now.

She groaned at how good it felt to have her fingers buried inside her lover. It was a feeling she couldn’t even begin to describe. But all thoughts flew out of her head as she concentrated on how delicious Buffy looked right now, thrusting against her, causing her to fuck her deeper and harder.

*I’m gonna love getting to do this to her again and again.*

Buffy was riding her fingers, moaning loudly at every stroke as Faith nibbled on her exposed neck. The sensuous noises and heavy breathing in the brunette’s ear was such a turn on. And with her legs wrapped around the dark Slayer, and pushed up against the wall, Buffy was erotically totally exposed to the other girl. Faith was loving it.

*God, I’m actually doing this with Buffy Summers. She’s fucking my fingers, and I’m so deep in her hot pussy…It’s dripping all over me.*

She could feel how wet Buffy was, her hand was coated. She could hear how wet Buffy was, every time she entered her. And she could smell how wet the blonde girl was, it was sending her silly.

“Fuck me…Oh!….Faith….!” Buffy was getting closer to exploding all over Faith. The rogue Slayer could feel it as the smaller girl began to shake.

So she thrusted ever harder and faster, allowing the tips of her fingers to rub against Buffy’s G spot. That little trick actually caused her fellow Slayer to scream out. As Faith felt Buffy about ready to come, she lowered her left hand down to Buffy’s wet pussy, and swirled her nimble fingers over her sensitive clit.

That was all Buffy could take. She pushed hard into Faith, pulling the brunette’s fingers deep inside her as she came all over Faith’s hand and stomach.

“Oh God!…Faith…Fuck!…” Buffy let out a carnal moan as she came, falling forward into Faith’s arms.

The strong Slayer just held Buffy, turning to rest against the wall with the smaller girl wrapped round her as she took her time to return to something resembling normal.

“You ok, B?” Faith rained kisses on Buffy’s upturned face. The huge smile on it should have been a clue to the brunette that she was so much more than just ok.

“Faith, I love you. That was…beautiful.” Tears had begun to taint the blonde girl's flushed cheeks as the sheer emotional intensity of the moment washed over them both.

Faith felt herself welling up, but she was more in the ‘deliriously grinning like a lovesick puppy’ stage. She had everything she wanted right now, in her arms. It was like a dream come true.

“I love you too, B. So much…I wanna take you home and make love to you all night.” Buffy broke out into a huge smile. “What?” Faith furrowed her brow a little in her question.

“Well…we can, baby. My mom’s away. All night.” Faith just about smiled as widely as was humanly possible.

“What are we standing round here for then, girlfriend? Lets go…I’m wicked hungry.” The sultry Slayer licked her lips as she lowered her lover to the ground. She was going to enjoy tonight. She was going to enjoy Buffy, in every way she could possibly think of.

As the chosen two made there way out of the cemetery, Buffy reached out and took Faith’s hand in her own. She stopped, causing the taller girl to turn around. Faith could almost feel herself blushing under Buffy’s lustful gaze. Green eyes were devouring her body.

“Faith, I just thought I should warn you…When we get back, I’m going to fuck you all over. I want to get you so hot and wet. And I want to lick every part of that delicious body…I want to taste you…and feel your pussy rubbing into mine as you drip right into me.” Faith was doing her best not to come right there and then, just from the way Buffy was looking at her and talking to her. She had never heard the other girl’s voice sounding so hot. *Jesus.*

“B, what are you trying to do to me? If you keep that up we’ll never get home. I’ll fuck you again right here and now.” Buffy just grinned at her.

“Not a chance, Faithy. It’s my turn now.” With that the smaller girl tugged on Faith’s hand as they hurried towards Revello Drive. Eager to begin their night of passion.

“God, I’ve created a monster.” Faith couldn’t help but chuckle at the prospect of an insatiable Buffy. She would never have guessed the older girl could be just as hungry and horny as her.

She was sure though, that from this night on, they were going to be happier than either of them had ever been. They were madly in love with each other. They were close, finally. And Faith knew that they had had enough of the bad times in their relationship. Now it was all going to be good…Oh so good.

The End