by Tania
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: They all belong to Joss. Nothing belongs to me, I'm just twisting them for my own sick entertainment purposes.
Spoilers/Timeline: None. Set in S4 "Who Are You?" with a slightly different turn of events.
Author's Notes: So I got to thinking how weird would it be if Buffy & Faith got it on while they were body-swapped… I’m sure it’s been done before but yeah. I thought I’d give it a shot. Rest to follow soon.
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There was a jolt and Buffy looked up to find herself looking at her. What the hell has she done? she thought, fighting back a wave of rage. Faith grinned as she looked at herself, looking confused. One thought ran through her self-indulgent mind. Damn, I really am hot! She took a swing at Buffy, hoping to catch her off-guard, but she’d regained her sense of place a lot quicker than Faith gave her credit for an easily ducked the punch.

"It’s been a blast but I gotta run. Later girlfriend!" Faith turned and fled out the door of the Summers' house.

"Oh no you don’t!" Buffy took off after her, ignoring Joyce’s questions on the way past. Sirens echoed in the distance. She followed the figure into an alley.

"You’re never gonna catch me B!" Faith yelled. Weirdness, Buffy thought, Faith-ism’s coming out in Buffy-voice. Faith leapt up and scrambled up a fire escape with Buffy close on her tail. Her foot slipped on a railing and by the time she hit the landing Buffy had grabbed her ankle and pulled her down, front first onto the cold metal. She sprung to her feet as Buffy pulled herself up onto the landing and darted toward the next set of stairs, only to be met with a flying tackle they crashed them both through the fire door. The warehouse was old and falling apart, so it was no surprise to either of them that the floor caved into when they landed on it, launching them both on a freefall back to the ground floor. Buffy landed heavily on top of Faith.

"Okay… there’s a lotta ouch happening now" Buffy hauled herself up, marvelling at how her words sounded with Faith’s voice. How did she do that? Buffy’s thoughts were confused, and endless. She looked down at her body, knocked out from the fall, probably with cracked ribs. A large bruise was forming on her cheek. Trust Faith to damage me. She felt anger seething within her and hauled Faith up and into a pile of rubble.

"Fuck… you wanna try not using me to break your fall next time" Faith mumbled quietly. Buffy glared at her.

"I don’t know how you did it, but what’s with the switch? How do we fix it?" Buffy demanded angrily.

"Thought I’d take your ass to Mexico" Faith grinned. She looked herself up and down. Fuck Buffy has a hot body…can’t wait to get it alone!

"You might wanna re-think that" Buffy continued to glare. "And you can take your ass to jail. I can’t believe you went after my mother!" Buffy’s words hit Faith hard. Why had she gone after Joyce? It had just seemed like the perfect way to get at Buffy, but now it just seemed like a really awful thing to. Just one of the many huh? Faith thought bitterly to herself.

"I don’t know B. You tell me, why would I go after your mother? Considering she’s like perfect, not that you’d know, been all busy with your perfect little friends, and your perfect college beefcake and your perfect, perfect life" Faith spat at Buffy. She smiled. "Except now, it’s mine. It’s my perfect life."

"And you’d just let me get thrown in jail?" Buffy felt hurt. It was no secret that Faith was crazy in love with her. She’d tried to ignore it since Willow had mentioned it to her. She wasn’t sure why. What she’d felt for Faith, sometimes she’d been so close to thinking maybe she loved Faith a little bit too, but mostly it was just contempt and disgust. It hurt like hell to know that despite being head over feet for her, Faith would still let her take the fall for what she’d done.

"Why not? What reason have you given me to do something different B? You look at me like I’m shit you stepped in on the sidewalk" Faith looked like she was about to crack. Buffy realised with a pang that Faith was right. She did look down on Faith. She took a deep breath remembering an earlier thought she’d had in different circumstance this could have been me.

"What do you want from me Faith?" Buffy looked into her own green eyes, which were filled with rage and regret.

"I just want you. I want you. I want to be you. I want to know what it’s like for you" she said quietly.

"Well, you kinda got that" Buffy said just as quietly. "Here I am trapped in your body, looking at myself. One freaky mind trip."

"I know. You feel weird" Faith said with a small smile, sensing that the immediate danger of Buffy killing her had faded.

"Don’t even get me started on you" Buffy poked Faith’s thigh. "Are you this…" she faltered for the right word before turning red. "Are you always this horny?" Faith laughed.

"I know it’s a bitch huh?" she answered. "I know what I have to do Buffy. Can we just have… can we have tonight?" Her eyes met Buffy’s, pleading with her to say. To give her this one thing she wanted more than anything. Buffy was a little stunned.

"Like this? I mean I’m not feeling… myself" she blushed again. Faith stepped closer.

"You wanna tell me what our other options are? The presto-chango thing is still on your living room floor… we can’t go back for it. We may not even be safe here" Faith pleaded.

"What do you want me do?" Buffy looked concerned. Surely Faith wasn’t talking about… and why wasn’t she completely ew-ing out at the thought?

"Whatever you want B" Faith looked at her, something sad and broken in her eyes. Buffy leaned forward and captured Faith’s lips with her own. Or her own with Faith’s. Whatever. The whole scenario was a head trip and a half. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Faith. This was completely wigged. But deep inside she felt desire stirring and knew that weird or not, it was the right thing to do. Faith kissed back eagerly, excited at finally getting Buffy, intrigued at what her own lips felt like to kiss.

"That was kinda … not so bad" Buffy said breathlessly when they finally broke the kiss.

"A head-fuck and a half" Faith remarked. "But I’d take you anyway I can." Buffy blushed yet again. She hadn’t known Faith could make her want to throw her on the ground and find out what she was like in bed with just a few words.

"What do you want Faith?" Buffy asked. "Do want me or do you want my body? Cause I don’t know how this gonna work…"

"It’ll work B. Just let me lead okay?" Faith looked around and found a piece of reasonably clean looking canvas. Sweeping an area clean of rubble with her foot, she laid out the canvas and sat down. Buffy nervously sat beside her. Faith knelt in front of Buffy and kissed her with surprising softness, sliding further forward so that she was straddling Buffy’s legs. Buffy let out a small moan when she felt Faith climb onto her. Faith ran her fingers through hair that she was accustomed to not paying much attention to.

"This is really fucking weird" Faith said sliding her hands down Buffy’s face.

"I know. Does my mouth always do that when I kiss?" Buffy said with a pout.

"On the total upside, I guess we’d know exactly where to touch huh?" Faith smirked.


"Way to weird me out completely Faith" Buffy looked nervous. This is beyond strange.

"What? It’s true! It’ll be just like masturbating but… not" Faith grinned. Buffy looked away. "Aww come B… don’t get all shy!"

"It’s wrong on SO many levels seeing my face, hearing my voice and knowing that you are behind it" Buffy leapt up, throwing Faith to the ground.

"Because it’s wrong" Faith mimicked. She stood up and glared at Buffy, before breaking into a grin again. "Damn I look cute when I pissed off" she commented.

"Oh god." Buffy couldn’t contain a small grin of her own. "You are so conceited."

"What? I’m admiring the merchandise!" Faith stepped closer to Buffy again. She ran her hand down Buffy’s arm, watching as a line of goosebumps appeared following her touch. Buffy gasped. "You look good in my skin B." Faith bit gently at Buffy’s neck, finding the spot she knew sent shivers down her spine.

"This isn’t fair… you know what makes you hot" Buffy whined. Faith licked up Buffy’s neck. So this is what I taste like? Salty! she thought with a grin. Buffy tried to contain herself, but Faith’s body, it didn’t seem to work like hers. She was hot, felt like her bloody was on fire, wave after wave of heat spread through her generating from between her thighs. Her eyes met Faith’s. Faith had a huge grin on her face, probably aware of exactly what Buffy was feeling. She had to do something. This was driving her crazy. She broke off the eye contact by lunging at Faith, knocking her to the ground and retaining her position on top of her.

"Whoa… B.. never picked you as a top" Faith joked but her laughter was cut short by the onslaught of Buffy’s lips on hers, her tongue demanding entrance into the other Slayer’s mouth. The kiss was hot, filled with desperation. Faith was surprised at how Buffy’s body reacted to it. She was used to being all charged and ready to pop from the get-go but Buffy’s body was having none of that. It started like an ache, a longing for something, anything and crept across her like a slow burn before she realised it was arousal. Mentally she’d been ready from the moment she’d noticed her own dark eyes looking at her with something less than contempt, but physically, Buffy’s body was something else. She was only just getting into it now, but the need and desire had been shining in Buffy’s eyes since the chase here.

"Things change Faith. Since I’m running on your hormones now" Buffy looked slightly crazed. Like she was about to seriously cut loose on Faith. Faith couldn’t wait.

"Yeah about that? Do you even have any?" Faith grinned, knowing the verbal jab would only serve to wind Buffy up even further. Buffy smiled devilishly.

"You just gotta know what buttons to push" Buffy leaned down and grabbed her hand. She looked at it, resting on Faith’s hand. My hands are so small, she thought looking at it comparison to the other Slayer’s. She brought Faith’s hand up, and licked along the length of it before sliding it into her mouth. At least I know my fingernails are clean, she thought jokingly. Faith stifled a moan. Buffy, in her body, sucking on her finger, was probably the sexiest thing she’d ever seen. It was like watching a porno of herself within the added bonus of sensation. The slow burn heated up slightly and she squirmed a little. Buffy gasped and looked slightly panic-stricken.

"What’s up? You okay B?" Faith asked in concern. Buffy took a deep breath and looked down.

"God, you are just… just don’t wiggle okay? Friction is not my friend" she was a little breathless.

"What like this?" Faith rolled her hips under Buffy, making sure to grind right into her. Buffy flushed and let out a strangled yelp, her breathing coming in shallow gasps as shudders ran through her body. She leaned over Faith for a moment, regaining her composure. As her breathing slowed, Faith smirked.

"Was it good for you B?" she asked, running her fingers up Buffy’s thigh.

"Ugh… that’s never happened before… well it has, but not that… quickly" Buffy said quietly. "You’re like a teenage boy!"

"Uh B? Coma! Unlike you, I haven’t been screwing myself senseless for the last few months" Faith remarked. Buffy shook her head. That had been weird. She’d been turned on before sure, but never like that, never like she’d burst if she’d get some release. And then when Faith had squirmed under her touch, it had just crept up on her and hit her like a thunderclap with blinding intensity. Finally getting her breath back, she turned her attention back to Faith, lifting her shirt and letting her tongue dance over her skin, surprised at how this body that wasn’t hers was warming up for round two already.

Faith was surprised at how much watching Buffy get off had shot jolts of arousal through her. This is a wicked learning experience, Faith thought, sighing a little as Buffy ran her tongue over her stomach. She’d never been one to take much pleasure in someone else’s pleasure but apparently it was different with Buffy. Or Buffy’s body. Whatever.

"Whatcha doing B?" Faith asked as she felt the warmth of Buffy’s tongue leave her navel.

"Mrphuma yug guhts" Buffy mumbled from somewhere below Faith’s waist. She triumphantly sat up a moment later and walked her fingers over the newly exposed skin. "You think you’re the only one with tricks Faith?" Fuck, Faith thought, Buffy can undo pants with her teeth. Wicked!

"Guess not" Faith grunted a little as Buffy let her tongue trail down over Faith’s skin again. It was strange not being in control, and not wanting to let loose. Really strange. Buffy tugged impatiently at Faith’s pants, wanting them off.

"Wanna get naked? It might save time later?" Buffy suggested with a grin.

"Okay hormones clearly affecting the stick up your ass" Faith grinned and started to take off her clothes, watching as Buffy did the same. There it was, the body she’d looked at her whole life, but it was like seeing it for the first time. She noticed Buffy checking out what she was doing too. "Checking yourself out B? And you say I’m conceited?"

"It’s weird. It’s like seeing myself from a whole different angle. And I know that if I do this" Buffy lent down and blew gently on the back of Faith’s knee. "You’ll go crazy. In the good way."

Faith grunted and fought to keep her footing. Whoa! That was something she hadn’t expected, a flood of desire filled her suddenly, making her feel like she was back in her own skin. "Consider me loopy" she said shakily sitting back down. Buffy took the opportunity to pounce on her, running her tongue over her nipples and biting just hard enough that there was a slight twinge of pain, sending Faith into a long, low moan. Buffy let her mouth wander back up and in for another blindly kiss. She was surprised as Faith sucked on her bottom lip, at the tremors threatening to shake her again. She broke the kiss, ignoring Faith’s whine at the loss of contact and slid down. Really feeling the smooth texture of skin she unthinking touched all the time. Slid down so that her mouth was level with Faith’s pussy. She took a deep breath. It can’t be that bad, it’s me, she thought to herself before plunging her tongue in. Faith arched her back at the contact and let out a pleased groan. That’s gotta be weird for her, Faith thought, as wave upon wave of pleasure settled over her. She wrapped her hands around Buffy’s head and pulled her down harder, grinding herself up against Buffy’s face. The sensations continued to build, deliciously slow, into what proved to be a truly mind-blowing orgasm that rendered her useless for a good few minutes afterwards.

"I can’t feel my legs B" Faith complained happily, stretching lazily on the canvas.

"They are still there. Trust me" Buffy wrapped her legs around Faith, and climbed onto her, leaning down for a small chaste kiss.

"You know, I might take ya up on that" Faith trailed a hand over Buffy’s breast. She makes me look beautiful, Faith thought quietly. Buffy grabbed the hand and squeezed it tight. Faith looked up into the dark eyes that so often stared back at her in the mirror. They didn’t look haunted like they usually did. They were filled with something else, something more alive and innocent. Buffy released her grip on Faith’s hand and watched in anticipation as it run slowly down and over the taunt stomach and dark curls before teasing her gently.

"Up for a second round?" Faith asked with a small grin. Buffy smiled back.

"Apparently" she grunted, as one finger swept over the wetness between her legs. Faith let the finger traced over and around her clit, in a pattern that was familiar to her from lonely nights in her motel room. Buffy’s breathing before more laboured, and broken with moans. A tremor ran through Buffy, and Faith let her finger slid down, still circling slowly before she allowed another finger to join and plunged it deep into the warmth. Speed and angle were not difficult to judge and in a matter of minutes Buffy’s orgasmic yelps filled the space, before she fell onto Faith. Faith ran her hands through the dark hair she’d never paid much attention to and held Buffy close, surprised to find a tear leaking from her eye.

"Mmmm… you’ve done that a few times before right?" Buffy looked up. "What’s wrong?"

"B… I’m.. this has been so nice and now all that’s left is…" she paused unsure of what to say next.

"I know. We need to switch back. And then you have to go" Buffy looked sad to. "Are you scared?"

"No" Faith lied badly. Buffy gave small smile.

"I don’t lie well Faith. My eyes go all flickey" she reminded the other Slayer.

"Okay fine. You got me B. I’m shit scared" she admitted. She looked into Buffy’s eyes, knowing that they were hers, but amazed at how different they looked with Buffy inside them. "B?"


"I think I finally found something I like about myself."

"I thought you did like yourself Faith. You obviously think you are the shit" Buffy looked down and saw fear in the sparkling green eyes.

"See that’s the difference between you and me. I lie well" Faith admitted, looking away. A heavy silence sat between them.

"What is it?" Buffy finally asked.

"What?" Faith’s eyes met hers again.

"You said you found something you liked about yourself" Buffy reminded her. Faith swallowed hard.

"Yeah. But it’ll be gone tomorrow so it doesn’t matter" she said sadly.

"Tell me anyway" Buffy asked.

"You. Will you write to me.. when I’m in jail?" Faith looked nervous.

"Count on it" Buffy assured her, laying her head on Faith’s chest.

The End