Sleeping Beauty - Beauty Falling
by Xavier
Rating: R

Disclaimer: We all know the drill.. I know I’m just being lazy. Oh yeah and it’s uber.


Once upon a time in a land far away there was a country at the very edge of the known land name Sunnydale, the rulers of the land were King Hankart and Queen Joyceious. Over a hundred years ago Sunnydale was a rich country, being on the port all the merchants would have to come through their harbors to be able to get to the main land. The country was prosper under the rule of their just king and queen. The dark was not something the citizen of Sunnydale fear.

Then one stormy night a lone ship came from far away land brought darkness and dead as she came through the blinding rain. Unbeknown to anyone, a master vampire came. A large cargo holder floated in like it was any other night, no one suspect that anything was amiss, the ship was rather beaten up and weathered, but darkness that covered her hid the truth from everyone’s eyes. The night hidden her torn black sails, her lack of crew at all. And they allowed her to dock.

Within the night he slaughtered the entire crew of dock’s workers and made them his minions. His very first soldiers.

And from then on the country was overrun by the things that lived in nightmares; the undead roamed the night as if the land belonged to them and only them. The good citizens of Sunnydale lived in fear of the undead, so much so that they spend the day worrying about the incoming night.

No one ventured out into the dark if they could help it, but even so more and more people fallen victims to the undead. The vampire did not live in cave and underground, but in a large castle ground situated outside the land, the castle of the Nosfa.

But even with the fear that all the people of Sunnydale lived with everyday, there was still a silver lining in their stormy cloud, their one and only protector against the dark creatures, Princess Elizabeth.

Their one and only Princess, whom destined for the throne after King and Queen was the Chosen one, the Slayer. And every night she would bring out the best squadron in the land and battled with the vampire. The Princess often traveled all over their small country, and she had done much to rid them of the plague that was the undead.

Elizabeth, or Buffy to those that she chose to be her friends was rather young for one carried such destiny upon fragile shoulders, many thought of her as a tall, strong woman with many, many battle wounds to show for all that she accomplished, but they would be sorely mistaken in their assumption. Princess Elizabeth was neither of those things, she was petite, with skin as pale as moonlight, and on a dark night when she was prowling, looking to make the hunters become the hunted she glowed as if there was a source of light inside her and it lit up to glorify her in her beauty. Her hair the color of spun gold strand of silk, her emerald green eyes were sharp, and there was nothing in the night or day could escape her watchful eyes.

But even with such beauty, she hardly ever went out during the day light, rarely she ever graced anyone with her presence, or let the sun kiss her pale skin. To hunt the vampire she had live in the night, like them.

Once night fall she would be up and readied herself for more fighting, more saving of lives.

This was like any other night more vampires came into the town, taking the people left and right, most were their food, some became their minions. Just as one more town folk being dragged out of their home, the Princess spotted them, she held up her crossbow, took a well practice aim and shot the offending creature just as it faced her way. Right between its eyes her arrow went and then there was nothing but dust floating in the air.

Buffy stepped forward to help up the unfortunate soul and found that it was a woman, a girl really. “Get inside your house, now.” She commanded, it wasn’t as if she was being harsh and she felt bad as soon as she saw the girl’s tearful face, but vampire did not hunt alone, not in the last several hundreds years and she couldn’t afford to think that this one was an exception.

She was right to not take too much time on the girl for the next vamp came in with a wide punch aiming for her head, but her first lieutenant was quick with his crossbow as an arrow struck and turned the vampire to dust right in front of her. And not for the first time she was glad that all the weapon or whatever struck the undead while it turned to dust also turned to dust right with them, otherwise she could just see the scenario in her head right now, with her lying down with an arrow stuck right in the middle of her chest, since the wooden projectile had not lost its velocity as it tore into the dead flesh.

It took her a split second to unsheathe her sword and swung herself around to behead another undead.

“We got all of them, m’lady.” One of the troops announced while the other made sure that the girl they saved weren’t still fallen dead when their heads’ all turned.

The girl was safely inside, she was peeking out the small crack of a curtain, her eyes showed terror, and as soon as the Chosen eyes met with hers she quickly closed the curtain and put out the light.

“Why was she even outside?” She looked around, “I don’t think there’s anyone in this town that would take a midnight stroll, but apparently I was wrong.”

“There’s no one else around, Princess.”

“Good, I’d hate to think that a little violent incident right outside their homes would interrupt their sleep.” The Princess groused sarcastically, the increasing number of dead was getting to her this night. There should not be anyone walking around to become the undead’s food, but there were people dying everyday.

“Could it possibly be that the vampires found a way to lure these people outside their homes?” Selena, a brunette whom had been standing back while the fighting was going on, her pale hand gripped tight to the grey cloak as the wind picked up slightly. In every battle she was stand back and concentrated, fighting wasn’t what she does; she was here to make sure that no one would get injured. She was one of their protections other than their own shield and armors, the willowy female was a practitioner, a strong witch.

“Possible, that might explain why there are more dead lately.” Major Harris spoke up as he cleaned some dust off of himself. “Might be magic.”

“Or just a parlor trick, we’ll need to look into this.” The witch agreed as she moved forward busily looking over all the soldiers and see if any of them sustain any injuries, luckily there were nothing more than a few minor scratches and cuts, they would heal just fine on their own without any help from her. “And find a way to prevent it, since we cannot effort any of it.” They all looked at each other and imagined if it was a magic that lured people out of their homes against their will and what would happen in that case.

At last she moved away after she examined all of them to her satisfaction, all except one, the most difficult one, the Princess. Selena made a move to get to their leader but was waved away instantly, the Witch frowned however she obeyed without protest, there would be time when Buffy would be calmer and allowed some poke and prod from the royal physician. Right now she would just leave her be, especially there was no visible injuries that she could see.

“Let’s get back.” Buffy muttered with a pout, shaking the dust loose of her cloak, she hated how vampire dust made her hair smell. She took one look around her people and knew that it was a good decision, seeing how they were all sweating, despite the coolness of the air around them, all of them spotted bruises that she could see, she also knew without a doubt that there were more where she couldn’t. It was time for them to go back and recuperate. Other things would have to wait till they all got the rest they deserved.

It’d been a long night, it seemed that in the last year or so the undead became even more aggressive in their recruits, and as a result more people fallen victims to their hunt. More vampires meant more dead, and more dead equal more ghouls. Tonight alone they’ve slain more than five vampires and twice as many ghouls.

Buffy was tired. Taking the reign that someone handed to her, she mounted the horse and took off knowing that her men would be right behind her, cloak billowing in the wind as she headed for the castle, headed for home. be continued...